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mlankhorst#5  0x00007f9938311772 in AccelerationDefaultCleanup (dev=0x7f9939230d30) at ../../dix/ptrveloc.c:16610:46
mlankhorstlol found it10:56
mlankhorstUnless I'm mistaken, that means priv->num_active_touches went negative..10:57
mlankhorstand I'm guessing if it went really really negative it would explain the corruption in xi10:58
mlankhorstvalgrind ftw10:59
tjaaltonwhee :)11:15
tjaaltonquantal archive mirroring.. 20% done11:16
tjaaltonmlankhorst: so you were given the "nice" task of lts backports.. guess we still want to discuss whether a separate pocket is better than the renaming mess11:19
mlankhorsttjaalton: was just looking at synaptics corruption, think I found it though11:19
tjaaltonmlankhorst: did you use current upstream code? there were some recent changes11:20
mlankhorsttjaalton: was just looking at reproducing the bug, triggering was easy to isolate11:20
tjaaltoni've not had issues with synaptics myself, so don't know the details.. guess the hardest ones were related to apple hw11:21
mlankhorstbut I'll try upstream, at least I have a clue where the corruption is occuring now.11:22
mlankhorstcnd: Ping?11:41
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cndmlankhorst, pong15:47
Sarvattbryceh: would ya mind trying syncpackage -d sid -r quantal libxfont periodically through the afternoon to fix X in quantal?21:24
Sarvattfor http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.devel.x/10647221:25
brycehSarvatt, ok21:26
Sarvatteveryones crazy and updating to quantal already for UDS apparently :P21:27
Sarvatt(see #ubuntu-desktop)21:27
brycehhmm, I get gnomekeyring.IOError21:27
Sarvattmultiple keys with your signing key not the default one maybe?21:28
Sarvattbryceh: maybe manually run gnome-keyring first?21:31
Sarvattsomeone in one bug with that error saying they get that when they have autologin turned on21:32
Sarvattand manually starting gnome-keyring before it works, but thats a long shot21:32
brycehhmm, auto login is off on this machine21:35

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