superflyMorning all.05:33
nuvolario/ morning superfly 06:00
inetprogood morning superfly, nuvolari and all06:02
inetprosuperfly: interesting challenge and conversations you had last night06:03
nuvolarihello inetpro 06:04
superflyinetpro: lots of fun too06:50
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* superfly must actually save his conversation with tumbleweed from last night somewhere so that he can read it again when he needs to mess with packages again15:33
Langjanhi all, for the first time in a long time I have printer problems again, my 12.04 has lost contact with my hp all-in-one.15:48
superflyHi Langjan15:57
superflyLangjan: did you try removing it and adding it again?15:58
LangjanHi superfly, yes I did, it deleted fine but will not reinstall.16:19
LangjanI also reinstalled hplip and rebooted, no go 16:21
LangjanWhat makes me think there is a conflict is that if I click on the printer icon in the top toolbar, it shows three printers16:22
Kiloshi superfly and other peeps17:36
superflyhi Kilos17:37
Kilospoor maaz got a tail again17:48
Kiloshey zeref wassup17:51
Kilosnight all. sleep tight 17:57
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nuvolarianyone travelling on the N3 often?18:54
Squirmdepends which stretch19:02
Squirm@ nuvolari 19:02
Squirmyou do know it's about 600km long19:02
nuvolariSquirm: tugela toll plaza19:02
Squirmthat's the N219:02
nuvolarier, not19:03
nuvolarin2 is along the coast19:03
nuvolarin3 is from joburg to durban19:03
Squirmwell, Tugela toll plaza isn't on the N3, for sure19:03
Squirmit could be19:03
Squirmit's the only toll I don't use19:03
Squirmbecause I live there19:04
Squirmwhat about it?19:04
nuvolarimy dad got a speeding fine, doing 192km/h in a car with a top speed of 190km/h...19:04
nuvolariwhich I doubt, because you need to slow down for the toll gate19:04
nuvolariand besides, my dad hardly ever goes over 12019:05
nuvolariso just trying to figure out how valid that is19:05
Squirmhmm, sorry, wouldn't know. I live there, so when I hit the Freeway towards durbs I'm 20km away and when I hit it towards jhb it's in Harrismith19:07
nuvolariit's also after a sharpish turn19:08
Squirmyou'll probably have to query it with them19:10
Squirmgoing to hit the shower. still sweaty after squash :P19:12
nuvolarihmm. I wonder if google removes cameras from street view19:22
Banlami can't see them removign speed cameras from google maps19:32
nuvolariBanlam: are you able to confirm a visible speed camera?19:33
nuvolariI don't know exactly where one is to check19:33
* Banlam checks19:33
Banlamthere are a load around here :)19:33
nuvolariah, there's 1 in bloem I know of :P19:34
nuvolariBanlam: thanks a million!19:37
* nuvolari wishes on a star19:42
nuvolariI mean, broadband19:42

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