diverdudeHow can i merge all pdf's in a dir into a single pdf?00:00
violinapprenwhoever: how did you install virtualbox?00:01
killswitch_I'm wanting to change the box predefined text: [username] to something like [agent] at my login screen in ubuntu 12.04. how would I do this? anyone?00:01
ring0diverdude, pdftk i suppose00:01
whoeverviolinappren: the vbox interface launches, i get the erroor when i try to start a vm00:01
violinapprenwhoever: it seems to have been renamed to: /etc/init.d/virtualbox00:02
meganerddiverdude: gs00:02
easypiedoes the line in this syslog w/ a number 10 represent error on line 10?  init: /etc/init/amacharms.conf:10: Unknown stanza00:03
alankilaeasypie: yeah, file:line is normal convention00:03
diverdudering0: when i do pdftk *.pdf i get error00:03
whoeverviolinappren: thx prob solved00:03
alankilawhether line 10 is accurate is another matter because parsing errors may happen early and be detected only much later00:03
whoeverit was restart not setup00:03
killswitch_come on.... why does no one help me?00:04
killswitch_I mean seriously.00:04
_Marcuskillswitch_: What is the problem that you are having?00:05
killswitch_I'm wanting to change the box predefined text: [username] to something like [agent] at my login screen in ubuntu 12.04. how would I do this? anyone?00:05
wylde!patience | killswitch_00:05
ubottukillswitch_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:05
killswitch_that is my issue00:05
meganerdkillswitch_: you have not been very specific, GUI login (which one, kdm, gdm, lightdm), or console?00:05
violinapprentrailblazerz11: try: sudo apt-get autoremove --force-depends libqt4-designer00:05
violinapprenwhoever: np00:06
shapeHello, I ran the command apport-collect and in the window "Send problem report to the developers" it freezes and only the loading star/ as if it's loading, appears. Should I click send anyway?00:06
killswitch_Marcus_ Lightdm.... and I have tried searching the forums...00:06
meganerdkillswitch_: OK, can't really help because I don't use it00:06
_Marcuskillswitch_: I don't use it either, sorry :(00:06
ring0diverdude, you need to use coreect syntax00:06
trismdiverdude: pdftk *.pdf output combined_name.pdf00:06
killswitch_well, how would you do it?00:07
violinapprenshape: wait on it for a bit?00:07
killswitch_and what login are you using?00:07
trent_I think ubunto hate me lol00:07
meganerdkillswitch_: I would start by googling customize lightdm00:07
trailblazerz11violinappren: returns not understood. enter that as one line right?00:07
killswitch_(maybe I can find a way to.... work around it, using how you would do it?00:07
ring0trism, no cat? :)00:07
shapeviolinappren, It's been 5 minutes already, how long should I wait?00:07
Resistancetrent_:  did you enable the universe repository?00:07
shapeviolinappren, it looks like it's frozen and nothing is happening in system monitor00:07
killswitch_thx meganerd00:08
Resistancetrent_:  ia32-libs-multiarch, the package which installs 32bit libraries on a 64bit system, exists in the universe repository00:08
trent_Resistance i dont think so ive never heard of it00:08
meganerdkillswitch_: you probably want to create a theme.  I did this with kdm a long time ago00:08
violinapprenshape: hmm00:08
killswitch_all I get is customize appearance, backgrounds, etc.... um,00:09
trent_Resistance how do i di that?00:09
trismring0: I think cat is assumed when you don't specify00:09
killswitch_I changed the wallpaper of the bg00:09
Resistancetrent_:  one sec00:09
trent_thanks man00:09
killswitch_and turned the auto wallpaper trasitioning off,00:09
violinapprentrailblazerz11: dpkg --purge --force-depends libqt4-designer:i38600:09
killswitch_and turned off the guest acct.00:09
killswitch_and turned off the users list.00:09
violinapprentrailblazerz11: with sudo00:09
zippy314Hi.  Where do I find the error log for the unity launcher (12.04) i.e. I have an icon that when clicked on doesn't launch the app, and I'd like to see the log file to diagnose the problem.00:09
meganerdkillswitch_: background is probably a good start.  I am not sure how lightdm does it, but I seem to remember putting it in a background image00:10
aguitelhow upgrade 10.04 to 12.04 in command line ?00:10
Brustofski-FanIs this a gnome-player problem or all mplayer frontends.. Multimedia keys.. And Keyboard short cut keys N and V not working ?00:10
ring0trism, alright00:10
Ben64aguitel: sudo do-release-upgrade00:10
killswitch_meganerd light dm usually takes the wall paper from the desktop and throws it into the login screen. I disabled something in the photo I'm using for my bg,00:10
shapeviolinappren, It seems like it worked "as in, it uploaded the log00:10
aguitelBen64, it say: no upgrade found00:11
killswitch_meganered then I used ubuntu tweak to change the wall paper, and had to edit the lightdm.conf file to turn off the guest and user list.00:11
violinapprenshape: ok then, check the bug?00:11
killswitch_as far as changing the pre-defined text.... I've searched forums, google, and come up with blanks..00:11
aguitelBen64, it say: No new release found00:12
trailblazerz11violinappren: think that worked, took a couple off the unmet dependecies, just do it again with others?00:12
Ben64aguitel: i guess the upgrade isn't recommended yet. you can still do it with sudo do-release-upgrade -d00:12
meganerdfrom the little I saw, /etc/lightdm/unity-greeter.conf might be useful depending on the version of Ubuntu.00:12
violinapprentrailblazerz11: what remains?00:13
aguitelBen64, it works00:13
diverdudeIs there some way to replace h with hk in all files in a directory?00:13
killswitch_12.04 lts00:13
meganerdkillswitch_: if you are unlucky then it is coded into the app.00:13
trailblazerz11violinappren: libqt4-qt3support:i38600:13
violinappren!sed | diverdude00:13
ubottudiverdude: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:13
diverdudeviolinappren: haha sure00:13
killswitch_unity greeter does not exist in /etc/lightdm00:14
diverdudeviolinappren: and the terminal has 100000000000000000 commands00:14
Resistanceso what's gnome-shell show up as in the sessions list at the login screen?00:14
meganerdkillswitch_: the page I saw was for 11.1000:14
violinapprendiverdude: my bad, i thought it would be more specific, check http://www.brunolinux.com/02-The_Terminal/Find_and%20Replace_with_Sed.html00:14
violinapprendiverdude: sed is a unix tool00:15
killswitch_this is my light dm .conf (after modifications mentioned above: [SeatDefaults]00:15
FloodBot1killswitch_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:15
Resistance!pastebin | killswitch_00:15
ubottukillswitch_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:15
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wizonesolutionsAnyone know a forum post or what have you I could read to solve the issue where I can't install the updated fglrx drivers00:16
trismkillswitch_: you would need to recompile unity-greeter to change that text00:16
killswitch_is there an easier way to do this trism?00:16
wizonesolutionsI got this in 11.10 too00:17
wizonesolutionsAMD graphics card00:17
trailblazerz11violinappren: Did the same thing with that and ran apt-get install -f  and im fine now. thank you very much!!00:17
violinapprentrailblazerz11: you're welcome :)00:17
hdpbI can no longer get skype video using "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype" in 64-bit. any solutions?00:17
Resistancetrent_:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=179  except where it says 'warty' in what you need to change, replace 'warty' with 'precise'00:18
Resistancetrent_:  that'll enable the universe repository, then you can install ia32-libs-multiarch00:18
violinapprenhdpb: does it exist? check the output of: file /usr/lib32/libv4l/v4l1compat.so00:18
wizonesolutionswhooooa warty, that brings back memories00:19
Resistanceand after that, run that original command you stated, if it doesn't work, lemme know i can help you get the 32bit packages for certain versions of certain packages00:19
trent_Resistance thank you so much ill give it a try00:19
Resistancetrent_:  and sorry for the delay, i'm active right now in about 10 other channels :P00:19
trent_Resistance no worries about that you rock man00:20
trismkillswitch_: you would need to change the _("Username:") strings in src/unity-greeter.vala in the unity-greeter source and rebuild it (and/or change it in the po file for your locale, but I think it is easier the other way)00:20
violinapprenhdpb: and btw, there are 64 bit version of skype, just enable the partner repository and install with apt-get00:20
romulobrhi, I'm having trouble with rails authentication on postsgre on ubuntu, is this the right place to ask for help?00:21
killswitch_where is /src00:21
violinapprenromulobr: nope00:21
violinapprenkillswitch_: no such a thing, what are you looking for?00:21
trismkillswitch_: apt-get source unity-greeter;00:21
killswitch_quoted text: killswitch_: you would need to change the _("Username:") strings in src/unity-greeter.vala in the unity-greeter source and rebuild it ; where is /src?00:22
Vuthmonkeydust ext 3 or ext4 is better00:22
jrib!source | killswitch_00:22
ubottukillswitch_: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html00:22
bitplanehi all, Skype install has messed up apt-get, something to do with i386 qt4 libraries on my x64 system00:23
violinapprenkillswitch_:  its not a directory stemming from root, it will be the source code files downloaded with apt-get source00:23
killswitch_okay, got the unity greeter with sudo... now what?00:23
wyldekillswitch_: it's not really that hard. you just make a idrectory in your /home for the source like oo maybe /home/$USER/source , cd ~/source ,  apt-get source unity-greeter; sudo apt-get install build-essential; sudo apt-get build-dep unity-greeter; make your edits and re-compile.00:23
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violinapprenbitplane: how did you install it?00:23
bitplanehas anyone else seen this problem? the bug report says it's fixed, but my package manager is borked00:23
bitplaneviolinappren: from the deb package on their website00:23
violinapprenbitplane: uninstall it, enable partner repository in software sources and install using apt-get00:24
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bitplaneit isn't installed. I have tons of broken i386 libs that are crying whenever I try to install anything00:24
vicatcuhi folks, I'm trying like hell to replace the openjdk of 12.04 with the sunjdk using these instruction00:25
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killswitch_so just so I'm clear, this will make /home/user/src unity greeter.vola or whatever it is....00:25
killswitch_then I open with text editor, make edit,00:25
EvilResistancevicatcu:  so what's the issue?00:25
Vuthhttp://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/05/04/manual-disk-partitioning-guide-for-ubuntu-11-04/  please why do they have 2 ext4 drives and 1 ext2 drives? why not make them all ext4? isnt ext4 better? but on the ubuntu help website it asks u to ext3 instead00:25
EvilResistance!java | vicatcu00:25
ubottuvicatcu: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.00:25
killswitch_then run sudo make00:25
killswitch_and sudo make install?00:25
violinapprenbitplane: pastebin00:26
trismkillswitch_: no00:26
EvilResistancevicatcu:  i'd trust the community documentation over a random blog.00:26
trent_Resistance i dont see anything like that00:26
escottVuth, ext4 is not necessary for small drives00:26
trent_ deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS _Lucid Lynx_ - Release i386 (20120214.2)]/ luci$ # See http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for how to upgrade to # newer versions of the distribution.  deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid main restricted deb-src http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid main restricted  ## Major bug fix updates produced after the final release of the ## distribution. deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/00:26
zippy314Hi.  Where do I find the error log for the unity launcher (12.04) i.e. I have an icon that when clicked on doesn't launch the app, and I'd like to see the log file to diagnose the problem.00:26
Vuthhow about ext3? is ext4 better?00:26
escottVuth, in general terms ext3=ext3+journal and ext4=ext3+extents (efficient storage of large files)00:27
EvilResistancetrent_:  pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list00:27
killswitch_okay found the unity greeter, now what?00:27
vicatcuEvilResistance: the "random blog" *is* the recommendation from the link you posted00:27
trismkillswitch_: after running wylde's commands, and making your edits, rebuild the package with: debuild -uc -us -b; (you will also need devscripts and fakeroot)00:27
escottVuth, so /boot has no real advantage to being ext3 or ext4 because you (a) cant recover it because you havent booted and (b) you have no large files00:27
hdpbviolinappren: I grabbed it from partner, but I still didn't have webcam vid so I tried the fix I had to use on Oneiric00:28
violinapprenzippy314: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/FilingBugs00:28
wizonesolutionsbtrfs is pretty much not ready yet yeah?00:28
vicatcuEvilResistance: i.e. https://github.com/flexiondotorg/oab-java6/blob/master/README.rst00:28
bitplaneI might have fixed it, I just removed all the qt*:i386 stuff00:28
gp5st1is there anyway to have a package that requires "ruby" to install ruby 1.9 instead of 1.8?00:28
Vuththanks escott00:28
killswitch_okay trism.... and if I login to my ubuntu distro as root user?00:28
violinapprenhdpb: what was the output of the file command?00:28
EvilResistancevicatcu:  have you actually followed what it says?  if all else fails, do the "do it yourself" method00:28
EvilResistanceor use Java 700:28
vicatcuEvilResistance: anyway, when I run the script it crashes with a build error00:28
wyldekillswitch_: you may find some useful inof at the following bot factoid00:29
trismkillswitch_: no comments on that, besides it isn't a good idea00:29
tarelerulzDo any of you run xbmc?00:29
violinapprenviolinappren: you probably need to use the 64 but version of that library00:29
wylde!compile | killswitch_00:29
ubottukillswitch_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall00:29
vicatcuEvilResistance, no i  didn't try the do it yourself method, I guess I'll try that00:29
hdpbviolinappren: no such file...00:29
zippy314violinappren: thanks00:29
reCAPTCHAHey all... so, it used to be that you could select places > connect to server in ubuntu to FTP. How do you do this now?00:29
wyldekillswitch_: you don't need root to compile packages, and logging into ubuuntu as root is frowned upon at any rate.00:30
killswitch_which file do I need to edit?00:30
bitplanetarelerulz: yes I do00:30
loconuthello, I upgraded to Precise and my Bluetooth indicator icon is missing on my account but is present when logged into other accounts00:30
EvilResistancevicatcu:  i'm not certain you need the JRE if you just get the JDK, but you might need them both (if you need the JDK and a JRE, just get the JDK first)00:30
loconutany ideas how to get it back?00:30
killswitch_I understand that but.... sometimes I need root for some things, and very very very seldom do I use it00:30
vicatcuEvilResistance, yea i like to get the JDK00:31
violinapprenhdpb:  try with /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libv4l/v4l1compat.so00:31
wyldekillswitch_: that's what sudo and  sudo -i are for :)00:31
vicatcuwhy does oracle have to suck00:31
EvilResistancevicatcu:  then use the second part of the do it yourself method00:31
tarelerulzbitplane ,how to do you like it?00:31
EvilResistancevicatcu:  that's a discussion for #ubuntu-offtopic or somewhere other than this channel.00:31
violinapprenzippy314: you're welcome00:31
killswitch_I know wylde.... but I need root very seldom for gui stuffs00:31
wyldekillswitch_: ahh then you start your gui apps with gksu :) hehe00:32
killswitch_what file do I need to edit in unity?00:32
john38How do you enable login sound00:32
violinapprenreCAPTCHA: in file manager? ...00:32
john38on Precise00:32
wyldekillswitch_: now I'm just being faceitious, there's ways to do all those tasks with out a root password is all I'm saying :)00:32
killswitch_I know....00:33
violinapprenvicatcu:  EvilResistance: you don't need a JRE if you have a JDK00:33
killswitch_anyway... what file do I need to edit in unity?00:33
hdpbviolinappren: "cannot be preloaded"00:33
violinapprenhdpb: what's the output of: uname -a00:33
EvilResistanceviolinappren:  last i checked, no you dont, but i ran into a glitch where the JDK JRE never worked, so i had to install the JRE alongside00:33
EvilResistance(a while ago, but still)00:33
DropkickMurphyIs brasero  bluetooth burn ready?00:33
DJ_XCONJust installed Gnome Shell 12.04LTS on an EEE PC and for some reason the Min, Max, Close buttons do not show when windows are full screen (maximized), but when they are scaled down, the buttons show....what gives?00:34
wyldekillswitch_:  hmm I think trism had said src/unity-greeter.vala00:34
trent_EvilResistance is this something i can use drop box? ive never used paste bin there are 2 files in there00:34
escottjohn38, http://maketecheasier.com/disable-login-sound-in-ubuntu-oneiric-quick-tips/2011/09/1500:34
EvilResistance!pastebin | trent_00:34
ubottutrent_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:34
shadykhanon xfce my mic isnt working any idea why?00:34
hdpbviolinappren:  3.2.0-24-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 25 08:43:22 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:34
wyldekillswitch_: the "username" strings or.... bah, I'll scroll back.00:34
violinapprenshadykhan: check if it's unmuted?00:34
Jordan_UDJ_XCON: Bring your cursor to the top left of the screen.00:35
shadykhanits not muted00:35
EvilResistancetrent_:  /etc/apt/sources.list is the file i need the contents of, otherwise your  next question to the IRC channel is "How do I enable the Universe repository?"00:35
violinapprenhdpb: what's the full message you got00:35
wylde<trism> killswitch_: you would need to change the _("Username:") strings in src/unity-greeter.vala in the unity-greeter source and rebuild it (and/or change it in the po file for your locale, but I think it is easier the other way)00:35
EvilResistance(I don't use Precise yet, so i cant help you with that part via the GUI_00:35
killswitch_all "username" strings?00:35
wyldeif'd have finished my irc logs script I could have grepped that from the irc logs online heh. >.<00:35
hdpbviolinappren: only thing I chopped was the computer ID00:36
wyldekillswitch_: You'll have to examine it a see what lines correspond to what you're doing. I don't have a copy of the source here in front of me.00:36
trent_<EvilResistance there is 2 folders in there ferramroberto-java-lucid.list and ferramroberto-java-lucid.list.save00:36
violinapprenhdpb: huh? i meant, whats the full error message you got when trying to use that .so file00:36
killswitch_      if (text == "Password: ")00:37
killswitch_            text = _("Password:");00:37
killswitch_        if (text == "login:")00:37
killswitch_            text = _("Username:"); like that part there?00:37
FloodBot1killswitch_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:37
hdpbviolinappren: oopsss.....00:37
john38escott, thats that disable sound..but i tried that webpage already it didnt work00:37
escottjohn38, didnt work in what way00:37
trismkillswitch_: there are two instances you should change, but yes that is one (and use pastebin)00:37
killswitch_what's the other?00:37
wyldekillswitch_:  .... hang on I'll grab the source, or trism knows! :P00:38
hdpbviolinappren: "ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libv4l/v4l1compat.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored."00:38
trismkillswitch_: it is further down in the file, but it looks just like that one00:38
john38escott, i edited that file then went to startup applications it was checked already i unchecked it but still no sound when entering desktop00:38
violinapprenhdpb: does it exist? try: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libv4l/v4l1compat.so00:39
escottjohn38, well checked means it would play the sound00:39
urlwolfI have lost my virtual terminals00:39
urlwolfctrl alt F1-F6 does nothing00:39
urlwolfany idea why?00:39
wyldeurlwolf: have you changed any key bondings?00:39
killswitch_so, like this trism?00:40
urlwolfin fact it's not possible00:40
shadykhanso i tested my mic out in unity it works on xfce it doesnt any ideas?00:40
urlwolfI'm running kde, and nope, syssettings doesn't allow me to use ctrl alt F1 as shortcut00:40
john38escott, should i leave the file at True instead of False00:40
violinapprenhdpb: sorry, use 'file' before the path00:40
hdpbviolinappren: It does. looking @ it in nautilus...00:40
trismkillswitch_: yep00:40
killswitch_okay and the other line.... can't seem to find it....00:41
escottjohn38, if it is unchecked it is definitely not going to play. you can check the file that you edited and try to figure out what sound file it is supposed to play00:41
john38escott, ok00:41
killswitch_trism: this is my entire file (after that first edit) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/963626/00:42
killswitch_can you show me the other line to edit, please?00:42
trismkillswitch_: line 53000:42
killswitch_*Starts counting.... 1, 2, 3 , 4....;*00:43
trismkillswitch_: it shows the numbers in the pastebin00:43
violinapprenhdpb: whats the output of: file /usr/bin/skype00:43
john38escott, im not very good at conf files ...should i change...NoDisplay=false to True00:43
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john38escott, and X-GNOME-Autostart-enabled=false to True00:44
killswitch_do I need to edit another line for the password as well?00:44
escottjohn38, no the nodisplay thing is to make it not show up in gnome-session-properties. but that file should list a sound it is supposed to play00:44
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wyldekillswitch_: if you're using gedit you can turn on line numbers in preferences.00:44
trismkillswitch_: no, unless you wanted to say something else00:44
killswitch_I do00:44
OY1Rwhat can i do to speed up document viewer, it's slow, very slow.00:45
tux___does anyone know how to check the executable bit in wine?00:46
DJ_XCONJordan_U: sorry didnt see your post, but yeah the top left only allows me to close the window00:46
Vuthi installed ubuntu alopngside windows and it wont boot up to ubuntu..i am on windows right now. am i able to find the ubuntu installation?00:46
hdpbviolinappren: "ERROR: cannot open `usr/bin/skype' (No such file or directory)" but it is there...00:46
violinapprenhdpb: you're missing the initial /00:46
violinapprenhdpb: it's: /usr/bin/skype00:46
DJ_XCONJordan_U: sorta hoping to see the buttons on the window when the window is maximized. Whats odd is that my desktop shows the buttons on maximized windows no problem!00:46
trent_EvilResistance> sorry it took so long00:47
Hooloovooheya, anyone know what i should set my DISPLAY to in a terminal to connect to the x server i'm running?00:47
killswitch_show_prompt_cb (_("Password:") is this the line I need to edit?00:47
trent_hope thats what you want00:47
Hooloovoowell, what i wanna know if how to find out the address of my local x server.00:47
killswitch_awwweeee crap00:47
Jordan_UDJ_XCON: Can you provide a screenshot illustrating the problem?00:47
killswitch_access denied saving....00:47
EvilResistancetrent_:  that wasnt what i asked you for.00:47
Jordan_U!screenshot | DJ_XCON00:47
ubottuDJ_XCON: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.00:47
hdpbviolinappren: "ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.8, stripped"00:48
EvilResistancetrent_:  the *FILE* I want is /etc/apt/sources.list00:48
EvilResistancetrent_:  it IS a file00:48
EvilResistancethere is also a sources.list.d directory, but it is not what i want00:48
violinapprenhdpb: well it's 32 bit .. so try /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libv4l/v4l1compat.so00:48
pepeeurlwolf, tell people about the graphics driver00:48
EvilResistancetrent_:  someone else may have to help you get universe enabled, i've got to run.00:48
wyldekillswitch_: you got the source using sudo didn't you. heh. Save your edit elsewhere for now.00:48
wyldekillswitch_: save that to your home directory or somewhere you can write00:49
DJ_XCONJordan_U: will try....just a minute00:49
urlwolfI lost access to VTs (ctrl alt F1-F6) since changing to nvidia drivers00:49
killswitch_too late now wylde00:49
killswitch_I x-ed it out, thinking I had copied it...00:49
tux___Hooloovoo: you could use nmap and look for anything responding on port 2200:50
hdpbviolinappren: THANK YOU!!!! (for your patience and help!)00:50
wyldekillswitch_: doh! For future reference, just apt-get source <packagename> :) , well at least you have a good idea where to look to find those lines again :)00:50
urlwolfpepee: thanks for your help so far, I think I'n giving up and going to bed00:51
Hooloovootux___: i'll explain a bit more in detail what i'm doing instead. could be that i'm doing it all is some craazy way. i've got a python script that uses webkitgtk. i need to give that script access to a z-server somehow so i installed it on my server.00:51
Hooloovootux___: x-server*00:51
killswitch_damn it .... using gksu nautilus00:51
pepeeurlwolf, ahh k, gn8 :)00:51
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maxonedoes mce remote work in ubuntu?00:52
trent_EvilResistance thank man pastebin is killing me00:52
killswitch_grrrr this is angering me....00:53
DJ_XCONJordan_U: when i click prnt scrn, the screen blinks but the program to save the image never pops up00:53
vicsarHello i am runing sudo apt-get upgrade and get this error; dpkg: parse error, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 9309 package 'libpam0g-dev':  missing version E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)00:53
trent_can anyone help me get universe enabled,00:53
vicsarCan anyone point me to a solution... never seen thta before00:53
tux___Hooloovoo: ssh -XC {user}@{host} will allow X11 forwarding over ssh.  That's a bash command though.  You can call it from your python script.00:54
vicsarruning 10.0400:54
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wyldekillswitch_:  hehe well once you redo your edits, you can either sudo chown youruser:youruser /path/to/the/sourcefiles, then run debuild -us -uc or you'll have to use sudo to build.00:54
Vuthhow do i uninstall ubuntu if i installed it alongside windows7??00:54
Jordan_UDJ_XCON: Odd, the same is happening with me.00:55
wyldebe back in a bit, I needs me some coffee! :)00:55
Hooloovootux___: so i can do something like execute ssh -XC username@localhost at the top of my script?00:55
tux___Does anyone know how to set wine to check the executable bit rather than just running anything?00:55
killswitch_so it should now look like this, right? >> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/963645/00:56
DJ_XCONJordan_U: Just imagined the nautilus window maximized without the min, max, closed buttons showing. Then you make that same window half the size, and the buttons suddenly show up.00:57
adantehow do i start the control center in admin mode?00:57
adanteor how do i make it so i can edit my network connections? the button is greyed out?00:57
adantei'm trying to follow this guidehttp://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/03/configure-permanent-static-ip-addresses-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal/00:57
Jordan_UDJ_XCON: "gnome-screenshot -i" should work. (though IMHO so should gnome-screenshot without -i, I'm investigating that now).00:57
wyldekillswitch_: I only looked at the one instance but yeah, I saw the one at line 385-38800:57
DJ_XCONJordan_U: there is no setting for "hiding the buttons" on maximize00:57
killswitch_thought it was line 530?00:58
tux___Hooloovoo: I think so, I've never done this from within python though.  that will certainly give you access to X11 software in your OS.  You'll have to set up a new terminal window with xterm if you want to run a display manager like gnome or kde through it though.00:58
trismkillswitch_: looks good to me00:58
killswitch_awesome. now what?00:58
Hooloovootux___: i really don't care what shows up on the screen. the script just open a window, pulls some text then closes it.00:58
killswitch_debuild -us -uc as sudo?00:59
vicsarHello i am runing sudo apt-get upgrade and get this error; dpkg: parse error, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 9309 package 'libpam0g-dev':  missing version E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)01:01
vicsarruning 10.0401:01
vicsarCan anyone point me to a solution... never seen thta before01:01
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Hooloovootux___: aww, still won't let me connect.01:02
killswitch_now I would do sudo chown username:username /home/username/unity-greeter-0.2.8/src ?01:02
killswitch_then use debuild?01:02
ring0how do i remove the 'for purchase' category in software-center, so that i don't see the commercial programs anymore?01:02
trismkillswitch_: would be better to fix the permissions and do it without sudo (you may also want to run: dch -i; and enter a changelog message so the deb isn't replaced when you upgrade)01:02
Hooloovootux___: if i log in to the server using the -XC flag the DISPLAY var is still not set01:03
trismkillswitch_: you would have to include -R in the chown command01:03
killswitch_so how do I do this trism?01:03
killswitch_oh great01:03
killswitch_invalid operation --r01:03
DJ_XCONJordan_U: here is what I want it to look like: http://imagebin.org/21072501:03
trismkillswitch_: uppercase and only 1 -01:03
killswitch_??okay got it....01:03
killswitch_now that I did that... what?01:04
DJ_XCONJordan_U: on the EEE PC, the buttons on the right, are gone....the title bar just extends the full width01:04
tux___Hooloovoo: This might help you http://jessenoller.com/2009/02/05/ssh-programming-with-paramiko-completely-different/.  Alternatively if you do something like: f = open  'ls src/python', mode 'r'01:04
thisisjethello, If i download a library which I will compile from source, where is the standard directory to save to source to? (from a .deb package point of view, where would most libwhatever-dev packages reside once installed?)01:04
tux___* open ssh user@host if you can make do with just text01:04
Jordan_UDJ_XCON: I can't reproduce that here using GNOME3 on a Desktop system with Ubuntu 12.04.01:05
=== len is now known as Guest43460
trismkillswitch_: actually, the chown command should have been for /home/username/unity-greeter-0.2.8/01:05
Hooloovootux___: thanks =)01:05
killswitch_okay... sec01:05
killswitch_now run debuild?01:05
trismkillswitch_: now make sure you are in that directory and run: debuild -uc -us -b01:05
killswitch_will that harm my current config?01:05
DJ_XCONJordan_U: Yeah, it's like the system knows its a netbook and so it tries to preserve screen real estate by hiding the buttons01:06
=== beowulf is now known as hilarie
DJ_XCONJordan_U: thanks for trying....01:06
trismkillswitch_: that will just build the package and deposit it in /home/username/01:06
tux___Hooloovoo: you're welcome01:06
killswitch_okay.... installing devscripts....01:06
Brustofski-FanHow do i go to videos folder on dev/sb01:06
killswitch_and after it's built then I restart?01:06
killswitch_or do I have to do sudo make and sudo make install?01:07
escott!checkinstall | killswitch_01:07
ubottukillswitch_: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!01:07
trismkillswitch_: after you build the package, install it with: sudo dpkg -i package.deb01:07
trismkillswitch_: don't use checkinstall, this source is already packaged01:07
Brustofski-FanTrying to mplayer -playlist video.pls on dev/sdb01:08
killswitch_so after sudo debuild -uc -us -b i run sudo dpkg -i package.deb?01:09
trismkillswitch_: no sudo01:09
NFisherHi all! My Adobe flash-plugin crashes everytime i try to use it. Any suggestions (Ubuntu lucid newest versions of FF and FP)01:09
trismkillswitch_: well sudo on the dpkg -i command, not debuild01:09
killswitch_okay.... and the package has it's own name or named package?01:09
trismkillswitch_: it will be just like the unity-greeter package from the repos, except with your 4 changes01:09
JayWalker_so what happens on the LTS point releases (eg. 12.04.1)? bug fixes and solutions for common problems?01:10
uBUXUBuNFisher, have you triedchromium?01:10
BlackAngelPRi still had mounting problems :P01:10
sk1specialanyone want to help me make the people in my online sreaming youtube vids not look like smurfs?01:11
NFisheruBUXUBu, no01:11
killswitch_so dpkg -i with sudo?01:11
trismkillswitch_: did you already build the package?01:11
NFisheruBUXUBu, it should work with FF as well01:11
uBUXUBuNFisher, yes, just an option01:11
vicsarHello i am runing sudo apt-get upgrade and get this error; dpkg: parse error, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 9309 package 'libpam0g-dev':  missing version E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)01:11
vicsarCan anyone point me to a solution... never seen thta before01:11
vicsarruning 10.0401:12
trismkillswitch_: then cd ..; and sudo dpkg -i unity-greeter*.deb;01:12
NFisheruBUXUBu, yeah, thx anyways.01:12
NFisheruBUXUBu, yeah, thx anyways...01:12
killswitch_cd to the Home folder, right?01:12
BlackAngelPRits best to do a fresh install in your case ,,, at least my sincere opinion01:12
trismkillswitch_: yes01:12
Dav1dMRCsk1special, try to disable the hardware acceleration right clicking the flash video and clicking on the configuration button.01:12
smw_Hi all, does anyone know if it is possible to make pulse audio mute all programs unless I specifically give them sound?01:12
quidnuncDisk utilization is very high for a process on my machine. How can I tell which files it is accessing?01:12
smw_I can control sound per program, but I have yet to figure out how to automute them01:13
uBUXUBuNFisher, what os-version are you on? is ff up to date? is the os up to date?01:13
NFisheruBUXUBu, (crashes in Google Chrome too)01:13
killswitch_and now after that?01:13
tucemiuxis it worth the upgrade? anyone here upgraded yet?01:14
NFisheruBUXUBu, everything latest versions and updated .. imm on 10.4 LTS01:14
sk1special@ david. its not even letting me click anywhere on that box01:14
BlackAngelPRi had upgrade it and so far it is running way more faster01:14
BlackAngelPRi like it01:14
tux___vicsar: will it allow you to install anything at all?01:14
oldskoolubuntuHello everyone! I'm currently using 10.04 LTS. What's the real benefit to upgrading to 12.04?? What features am I missing that you guys find useful?01:14
sk1special( the flash player settings box)01:14
killswitch_now I reboot Trism?01:14
JayWalker_tucemiux, depends on a lot really. some people have great success, some (myself included) are having lots of problems01:15
BlackAngelPRLTS 5 Years updates01:15
spartan2276How can I enable the config buttons that I set for my Wacom tablet?01:15
BlackAngelPRmain reason Oldsloll ...01:15
spartan2276I mean I set the buttons through the GUI but it does not seem to work, I'm I missing something?01:15
Dav1dMRCsk1special, that happens, try to switch to unity 2d, here that allowed me to click on the check box.01:15
escottoldskoolubuntu, unity01:15
trismkillswitch_: you don't have to reboot, you can logout, ctrl+alt+f1 login and run: sudo restart lightdm;01:15
trismkillswitch_: actually01:15
sk1specialcan i then switch back? and how do i do that?01:15
trismkillswitch_: you may just need to logout01:15
tucemiuxJayWalker_, well basically - what is it that you like about the upgrade the most? and what is it you dont like??  the last upgrade broke my startup and ubuntu cries about configuring the network card when booting up01:16
uBUXUBuNFisher, i ssume your hardware is up to spec?01:16
oldskoolubuntuescott, what is the real benefit to unity besides the "look"?01:16
BlackAngelPR5 year support = stable stable and more secure01:17
escottoldskoolubuntu, its a completely different environment01:17
JayWalker_tucemiux, the installer is nice. beyond that, I can't get nvidia drivers working properly for 3d acceleration, and wifi doesn't work either. so I haven't really gotten a chance to "experience" it in a good light01:17
BlackAngelPRyou still can use the old look if you want01:17
xanguaoldskoolubuntu: latest kernel, programs, security updates https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuDesktop01:17
tucemiuxJayWalker_, what nvidia card youve got?01:17
NFisheruBUXUBu, what does 'up to spec' mean?01:17
JayWalker_tucemiux, Geforce go 6150. It's in my laptop.01:17
tucemiuxJayWalker_, ok that's not the laptop I've got, im going to be adventerous and go for the upgrade then01:18
Brustofski-Fan? how do i point terminal to /dev/sdb01:18
uBUXUBuwell do you have enough resources cpu, graphics, ram...are you light on any of that?01:18
killswitch_trism.... you're amazing01:18
escottBrustofski-Fan, that doesn't even make sense01:18
JayWalker_tucemiux, just remember to back up all your dataz :p01:18
Dav1dMRCsk1special, sure, just click on the button on the superior right corner at the top bar and then click on the "close session"(sorry my ubuntu is brazilian portuguese, but is something like that) then on the login screen there is a button right next your login to change the desktop, select unity 2d change the flash player and then repeat the process to go back to unity 3d01:19
trismkillswitch_: so it is all working?01:19
trismkillswitch_: excellent01:19
killswitch_thank you so much01:19
trismkillswitch_: no problem01:19
tucemiuxJayWalker_, thanks for the info01:19
killswitch_see, I have an fbi image for a bg login pic01:19
uBUXUBuwow i cant scroll my screen back01:19
tucemiuxis it normal nowadays to the updates without putting your password?01:19
killswitch_so, I'm trying to make it look as official as possible.... that way, no one will mess with my computer.01:20
hangingclownsi have a general unix question. Is there anyway to stop files from changing owners/groups when they are newly created inside of a directory?01:20
trismkillswitch_: nifty01:20
Brustofski-Fanescott, trying to command line mplayer...player -playlist videos.pls my videos and playlist are on my usb drive01:20
* killswitch_ hugs trism01:20
killswitch_thank yoiu01:20
tux___Brustofski-Fan: you need to mount the drive first01:20
sk1special@ david. allright ill try it thank ya01:21
hangingclownsWhen I do a bzr update, it changes the files to me as an owner and my group, but I want it to keep the original group and file permissions01:21
Dav1dMRCsk1special, ;)01:21
uBUXUBuNFisher, are you using proprietary drivers or open source?01:21
Brustofski-Fanit's mounted when you can open it right01:21
tux___Brustofski-Fan: try: mount -vfat /dev/sdb1 /mnt  then you can access everything on it at /mnt01:21
NFisheruBUXUBu, nah, hardware is just fine.. i never ahd a problem with flash until recent updates from adobe01:22
Brustofski-Fantux___, isn't mounted when it shows up all the time in nautilus01:22
NFisheruBUXUBu, prop.01:22
jblpDoes anyone else find ati proprietary drivers performance horribly slugish?01:22
innovmon_Hi, I am using upstart with the rails Foreman gem - https://gist.github.com/2582347 here is the error. Permission denied - /etc/init/my-app.conf (Errno::EACCES)01:22
killswitch_and how do I force my ubuntu to lock an account if the password is entered wrong too many times?01:22
tux___Brusofski-Fan: not exactly.  Mounted means the contents of the drive is accessable by your operating system.  That includes the terminal.01:23
scottamungaHey everybody.  I just wanted to ask if anybody has noticed visual glitches with precise? I have a compaq presario cq60615DX with precise 64 bit.  No proprietary drivers in use; integrated graphics is intel GMA 4500m.01:23
scottamungaI get visual glitches after logging in, and I'm getting them now while using the latest version of playonlinux01:24
BlackAngelPRplayonlinux use wine to emulate windows if you have an integrated graphic verify your installed drivers :P01:24
vectory__hi, having 10.04 and firefox ppa since 0.6 i guess, im having troubles with flash now. it just disappeared after the last ff update to 12.0 :O does that still quallify for support?01:24
uBUXUBuNFisher, usually i install the proprietaryati driver on my machine but this time...since 1110 and even 1204 it wont install..so im using all open source and i cannot tell the difference visually so far.01:25
L3topI would install i965-va-driver if I were you scottamunga01:25
NFisheruBUXUBu, yeah, i can ;)01:25
OY1Rq: how can i link Master PCM and LFE audio to one slider so i can use the volume controll on the inspiron 9400 ?01:25
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scottamungaL3top, thanks so much! I was searching online, and I read somewhere that Intel released an opensource driver for my card, and I assumed that that's what I was using.01:26
Brustofski-Fantux___, it's an ntfs drive... so replace vfat with ntfs01:26
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest43396
tucemiuxall the settings are gone, how do i upgrade?? o.O01:26
OY1Ras is the volume control controls the master volume linear but the PCM and LFE are either on or of01:26
L3topscottamunga: the driver you are likely using is xserver-xorg-video-intel... that one, however opens up accelleration. It is a compliment, not a replacement01:27
BlackAngelPRtucemiux if you had 10.0X  could you try fresh install01:27
tucemiuxBlackAngelPR, you mean i cant upgrade?01:27
tucemiuxive got onoeiric01:28
tux___Brustofski-Fan: ntfs or ntfs-3g, depending on whic you have installed01:28
Brustofski-Fantux___, what ever got installed by default01:28
L3topI don't see why you couldnt upgrade01:29
tucemiuxhow do i upgrade nowdays? the upgrade button is gonee!01:30
killswitch_how do I set my account lockout policy in ubuntu 12.04?01:30
padhuL3top: I installed ubuntu 11.10 & now graphics driver was installed. Thank you01:30
vectory__tucemiux: there is an option to hide the button, did you activate it and forgot?01:30
L3topnp padhu. Glad to hear01:30
tucemiuxvectory__, i didnt hide anything, it's gone along with a bunch of stuff, my software sources doesnt have it anymore01:31
vectory__tucemiux: doesnt have what anymore?01:31
vectory__the ubuntu repos?01:31
NFisherIs there an easy way to cut off the last 10 seconds of a mp3-file using the terminal?!01:32
tucemiuxvectory__,  the "upgrade" button01:32
tensorpuddingNFisher, maybe using sox01:32
padhuL3top: :-D01:33
quidnuncNFisher: Maybe look at docs for lame01:33
BlackAngelPR*Anyone had take any ubuntu official training and had a recommended one (^_^)01:33
bazhang!ot | BlackAngelPR01:33
ubottuBlackAngelPR: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:33
tensorpuddingNFisher, http://sox.sourceforge.net/01:33
vectory__tucemiux: that button and the oprion can be found in the update app, not the software sources app01:33
Jordan_UNFisher: What is your end goal? Do you have a lot of mp3s with 10 seconds of silence at the end?01:34
vectory__NFisher: using mencode or ffmpeg, but beware that are no light tools to get into01:34
NFisherJordan_U, no i just derived an mp3 from a YT-Video which has some jingle-sound at the end01:34
Jordan_UNFisher: Then it's proabably much easier to use a GUI app like Audacity rather than trying to do this via the terminal.01:35
NFisher..which i want to cut out obviously01:35
sk1special@david. that worked.. thank ya thank ya. but do i not want accelerated graphics  on because..theyre accelerated?01:35
vectory__NFisher: learn to google, it will tell you a ton of different ways to do that01:35
NFisherJordan_U, ok ill do that then, thx01:35
Jordan_UNFisher: You're welcome.01:35
sk1speciallike is having that off gonna make my videos look way shittier01:36
vectory__Jordan_U: just wanted to mention audacity ;D01:36
Dav1dMRCsk1special, flash on linux is a very wild animal, sometimes just sucks, ok  most of the times ahahaha01:36
NFishervectory__, thought there was an easy quick fix, sry01:36
xangua!language | sk1special01:36
ubottusk1special: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:36
L3toptucemiux: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install update-manager-core sudo do-release-upgrade -d        someone correct me if that is not accurate, I always do fresh installs.01:37
L3toptucemiux: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install update-manager-core; sudo do-release-upgrade -d someone correct me if that is not accurate, I always do fresh installs.01:37
L3topSorry tucemiux, I was missing a semicolon01:37
sk1specialyeah...nvidia is to from what i gathered getting my video card to work in the beginning . thanks tho.. im out . later01:37
ntr0pywhich are the langugage metapackets for gnome/unity/shell01:38
Dav1dMRCsk1special, no, doesn't change anything on the video: read this: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/fplayer10_1_hardware_acceleration.html01:38
tucemiuxi have to start the upgrade-manager from the command line, omg01:38
ntr0pythere are tons of language packets, which are most toplevel metapackets?01:39
tucemiuxmy /etc/x11 is already borked, lets see what happens after an upgrade o.O01:39
friskdHey guys, question about deploy single code base to 10+ servers. I have a bunch of cloud servers, every day i want to deploy code to them. The server #'s grow daily. Whats a nice way for me to deploy updates to all of them simultaneously01:39
Optichipwas there an update today that changed the way apt-get install works by prompting for installation of non-signed packages?01:40
wabWould this be the place to ask Xubuntu questions?01:40
Jordan_Ufriskd: Is this code packages as .deb files?01:40
ntr0pyhow do i set language from terminal?01:40
Optichipexport it in your .bashrc or whatever shell configuration you're using ntr0py01:41
Jordan_UOptichip: It's a common problem. "sudo apt-get update" should cause the error to go away.01:41
renderohow do i play listen2myradio videos in linux ?01:41
killswitch_can someone please tell me how to set up an account lockout on bad password entry x times?01:41
OptichipThanks Jordan01:41
killswitch_in lightdm?01:41
ntr0pyOptichip, which are the required toplevel meta-lang-packets for gnome?01:42
anders_how do i install ubuntu?01:44
wabmy bad, found the xubuntu support chan01:44
bazhang!install > anders_01:44
ubottuanders_, please see my private message01:44
anders_ubotto thanks!01:45
hashwhats going on people01:45
oldskoolubuntuhash, ubuntu01:45
oldskoolubuntukillswitch, what?01:46
hashwhats the deal with compiz every time i log out or let my screen lock it reverts it back to the orignal settings01:47
BlackAngelPRbye all01:47
BlackAngelPRgood luck to everyone01:47
Fyodorovnahash, you might try #compiz as well to get answers never seen that happen personally or heard any mention of this proble,01:50
hashdoes anyone know01:50
hashoh hahaha01:50
hashdid not know there was a compiz room01:51
shiroi|yaibaHi, does anyone know how to make youtube play videos in html5 through the URL? I do not want to keep cookies.01:51
hashthanks fyodorovna01:51
ntr0pyAccording to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MetaPackages there should be a language meta package called "222language-support-de2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222201:52
EvilResistancewhats with all the 2s01:52
Fyodorovnahash, no problem hope you get it figured out. :)01:52
FloodBot1killswitch_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:53
ntr0pyAccording to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MetaPackages there should be a top language meta package called language-support-de, well there is NONE such package in precise !01:53
sarahHoping to get to some help with a wireless card in a HP mini 110.  BCM4312, pci.id 14e4:431501:53
Guest17469hi all01:53
killswitch_where is pam_tally I can't find in ubuntu01:53
L3top!info language-support-de01:53
ubottuPackage language-support-de does not exist in precise01:53
bazhang!broadcom | sarah have a read01:53
ubottusarah have a read: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:53
EvilResistancentr0py:  make sure that doesn't require an additional repository or something to be included01:53
sarahthank you01:54
killswitch_someone please tell me how to get pam_tally....01:55
bazhangkillswitch_, why do you need it01:56
EvilResistance!patience | killswitch_01:56
ubottukillswitch_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:56
EvilResistancejust for the record ;P01:56
killswitch_bazhang so I can enable my lockout policy in 12.0401:56
L3top!info language-pack-de | ntr0py01:57
ubottuntr0py: language-pack-de (source: language-pack-de): translation updates for language German. In component main, is optional. Version 1:12.04+20120417 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 30 kB01:57
bazhanglibpam-doc, libpam-modules, libpam-modules-bin    <---- killswitch_01:57
EvilResistancentr0py:  did you try sudo apt-get update, and then do sudo apt-get install language-pack-de01:57
ntr0pyEvilResistance, L3top, http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/language-support-de seems to be discontinued?01:58
ntr0pyEvilResistance, aah its called language-PACK-de now?01:59
EvilResistancentr0py:  i believe so, yes01:59
killswitch_still can't find pam_tally01:59
escapeplanExcuse me everyone, I'm looking for someone who has great skills in Jack Audio and VSTs in ubuntu02:00
t0rx__can anyone help me with changing my graphics card driver? I have a Intel GMA3600 and I'm trying to get Compiz working02:01
bazhangt0rx__, using a PPA?02:01
wyldekillswitch_: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man8/pam_tally.8.html02:01
bazhangkillswitch_, I told you where to find it02:02
L3topt0rx__: what version ubuntu02:02
t0rx__bazhang, I'm not now but can.02:02
killswitch_I did the sudo apt-get install but it's still missing bazhang...02:02
killswitch_thx wylde02:02
SuperNoeManhey I'm on ubuntu 12.04, just upgraded from 11.1002:02
wyldekillswitch_: it's provided by another package/s02:02
SuperNoeManI was using lxde, and I switched to gnome to set something02:02
SuperNoeMani can't see the panels,02:02
SuperNoeManhow can I start them?02:03
t0rx__L3top.  12.04.  I upgraded the kernel to 3.3.4 because I read it had GMA3600 support02:03
killswitch_do you know where I can get it wylde?02:03
wyldekillswitch_: did you open that link i posted?02:03
killswitch_I did02:03
wyldekillswitch_: it's in the top 2 lines....02:03
L3topt0rx__: sudo apt-get install i965-va-driver02:03
killswitch_okay... thx...02:03
wyldekillswitch_: Provided By:02:03
t0rx__L3top, bzhang.  Currently it is using vesa and inxi reports I could use fbdev or intel. However they both hang X02:04
killswitch_I don't see any loc in the top 2 lines wylde02:04
quidnuncHow do I get the progress of a running dpkg command?02:04
t0rx__L3top, do I need to make a customized xorg.conf after installing i965 or will a reboot detect it?02:05
killswitch_ohhh okay02:05
killswitch_thx wylde02:05
wyldekillswitch_: did you actually read anything on the page?02:05
killswitch_(sorry, a little slow today)02:05
killswitch_I did Name: Synopsis... Descript...02:05
L3topt0rx__: I expect you will have to switch your Driver             "vesa" to intel, and confirm that apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-intel | grep Installed returns a version02:06
wyldekillswitch_: the reverse I think, slow down and read :) I don't mind helping but all my children are grown and on their own. I don't have to spoon feed anyone anymore! :P lol02:06
t0rx__L3top, will that version come back after it is installed or once graphics are running with the intel driver?02:07
L3topt0rx__: the i965 is a graphics accelleration compliment, not a replacement driver.02:07
t0rx__L3top, ok I get this currently: Installed: 2:2.17.0-1ubuntu4 (still running vesa right now)02:08
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Chris6692Hi, can somebody help me? I'm in the process of upgrading to 12.04, but it's been stuck at the installation phase for over a day now. Would it be a bad idea to cancel the upgrade at this point?02:09
killswitch_so, wylde, do I have to get all of the built files or...?02:09
L3topt0rx__: that is what I would expect to see. I would install the i965, switch the driver to intel and reboot. This assumes you have an xorg.conf already to edit.02:09
killswitch_Chris6692: did you enable the networking, and select it to download the updates as it installs?02:09
wyldekillswitch_: it's provided by the libpam-modules package. That is what you need to install.02:09
killswitch_okay, thank you wylde02:10
L3topChris6692: What is it stuck on?02:10
t0rx__L3top, none to edit but would it be as simple as: X -configure and then changing "vesa" to "intel".  Or do I need to develop that config futher.02:10
Chris6692I did not. It's stuck on "Preparing libc6."02:10
L3topI would expect that to be it t0rx__02:10
Chris6692Also, I can't open applications or files, so the computer is pretty much unusable.02:10
L3topwell... and copying it to the correct directory/name t0rx__02:10
killswitch_do I reboot after install wylde?02:11
wyldekillswitch_: then read the man file or maybe have a search on the forums for how to configure it. I've never done it so I'll be little help there.02:11
wyldekillswitch_: only if it tells you to. Which most don't, if unsure a logout alone might be enough.02:11
t0rx__L3top, right.  Do I need a full reboot or just virtual term, kill lightdm, config update and start x again?02:12
L3topt0rx__: I reboot, but because I am lazy.02:12
t0rx__L3top, hehe, ok thanks.  I'm trying it now.  I'll report back.  Thanks for the help.02:13
Chris6692L3top: whoops, forgot to include your name. It's stuck on "Preparing libc6"02:14
L3topChris6692: I believe you will have to interrupt it, regardless at this point. I would also backup my /home dir if it is not on another partition already.02:15
L3topChris6692: can you ctrl alt f2 and use terminal or is it completely hung?02:16
Jordan_UChris6692: Don't cancel the upgrade yet. First I would check what specific command is hung, hopefully determine why, and either fix it or kill that command and hope that the rest of the upgrade continues afterward.02:17
killswitch_my /etc/pam.d/system-auth is missing still02:19
L3topChris6692: what Jordan_U said. I was going to tell you to ps aux | grep dpkg     there will probably be a process with a long string of stuff in it. Killing that process may stop the hang and continue the upgrade. Once it is finished you may have other steps to take, and another apt-get upgrade would probably be a good idea.02:19
frankcox767I installed ubuntu 12.04 and I cannot log in - it worked a few times02:19
killswitch_i have etc/pam.d but system-auth file isn't there wyle.02:19
Chris6692L3top and Jordan_U: Thanks02:20
Jordan_UChris6692: You're welcome.02:20
Jordan_UChris6692: L3top: I would avoid killing dpkg itself also, I would first simply look for the command using the most CPU (infinite loops tend to do that) and kill it. Don't kill it until you've checked with us here though.02:22
frankcox767can anyone tell me why ubuntu 12.04 would stop letting me log in02:22
t0rx__L3top, no dice.  X crashes when "intel" replaces "vesa"02:22
t0rx__L3top, Any other ideas?  here's the Xorg.0.log  http://paste.ubuntu.com/96375002:23
megabitdragonin 12.04 I move my home folder on a new partition but now the home directory is owned by root. I try to change the owner both as the current user and in recovery mode without any success. Any suggestions?02:23
sfearsmegabitdragon: "sudo chown username:username /path/to/file02:25
megabitdragonsfears, I tried that without any effect02:25
chris__when I lig out in 12.04 the desktop wallpaper is supposed to show up on the log in screen it worked once but doesnt now never change anything.  Anyone else having this problem?02:25
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dice12.04   yeah~02:26
luckybunnyhi folks. I uninstalled my nvidia driver (obtained from their site) a while ago, and opted for the jockey version... however, ever since doing so, I've had no GLX at all. I think the previous driver left some of itself behind. How can I fix this?02:27
chris__ when I lig out in 12.04 the desktop wallpaper is supposed to show up on the log in screen it worked once but doesnt now02:27
chris__                 never change anything.  Anyone else having this problem?02:27
chris__log out not lig out02:28
dicelag out02:29
Chris6692Jordan_U: I can't open terminal or any other applications02:29
twoten210Hello - I just upgraded to Xubuntu 12.04 and lost wireless on my laptop's Broadcom 4311, I have installed various drivers like STA and fwcutter, it's not blacklisted or blocked but still no blue light - how can I start my wireless?02:29
twoten210I wish my network connections dialog has a Start Now button02:30
L3topchecking now t0rx__ we are having some weather02:31
t0rx__L3top, thanks02:31
zFmy 2nd hard drive did not mount for some reason02:31
zFhow can I mount it02:31
pepeetwoten210, there is a package called b43-fwcutter, is it installed?02:31
bazhang!blkid | zF02:31
ubottuzF: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)02:31
frankcox767no matter what I do I cannot log on except as guest02:31
twoten210pepee: yes02:31
user3141592I don't know what to do next, if I nslookup or dig a hostname it resolves, but no apps seem to be able to02:31
zFwill check out, thanks02:31
L3topt0rx__: please give me the output of lspci -nn | grep VGA02:32
bazhangzF, pu t in fstab?02:32
bazhangsimplew, hi02:32
pepeetwoten210, run sudo iwconfig, it should show you the wireless interfaces02:32
luckybunnyhi folks. I uninstalled my nvidia driver (obtained from their site) a while ago, and opted for the jockey version... however, ever since doing so, I've had no GLX at all. I think the previous driver left some of itself behind. How can I fix this?02:32
gfomI've got an updated lucid install.  What's the best way to get to precise?02:32
bazhang!upgrade | gfom02:32
ubottugfom: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:32
t0rx__L3top, here you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/96376102:32
gfomdo-release-upgrade -d ?02:33
Onixsubuntu own torrent is bad02:33
bazhangOnixs, no its not02:33
zFif I am using the mount command02:33
Onixsim getting 128f0c16f4734c420b0185a492d92e52 md502:33
L3topinteresting... t0rx__ please run update-pciids and do that again please.02:33
zFdo I put the /dev/sda1 then the mount folder?02:33
bazhang!hashes | Onixs02:33
ubottuOnixs: See http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs/12.04/MD5SUMS for the md5sums of the latest Ubuntu release02:33
luckybunnyprecise is LTS, shouldn't need the update-manager -d02:33
twoten210pepee: yes it says Access point: not associated plus some other stuff02:34
luckybunnybut still02:34
Chris6692L3top: I can't access terminal02:34
luckybunnythat's how02:34
L3topChris6692: thats kinda bad... can you ssh?02:34
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Chris6692L3top: what's that?02:34
Onixsso my md5 is legit then bazhang02:34
pepeetwoten210, well, wifi is working, the problem is not the driver, but the network manager...02:34
twoten210pepee: Yes!02:35
bazhang!hu | pomeisl02:35
ubottupomeisl: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál02:35
L3top!ssh | Chris669202:35
ubottuChris6692: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)02:35
Onixstried mounting the iso02:35
wyldeOnixs: 128f0c16f4734c420b0185a492d92e52 *ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso <--- yep02:35
Onixscant mount it02:35
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* luckybunny wonders if his words are making it to this channel02:35
simplewwhats the installer that support root encryption?02:35
L3topyes luckybunny02:35
nina666hi, which channel should i join to ask my networking questions? (i.e setting up a whole network) sry to ask here, i really could not find the appropriate channel...02:35
t0rx__L3top, still the same after update-pciids.  When I ran the update it printed: Downloaded daily snapshot dated 2012-04-09 03:15:0202:35
twoten210pepee: I still have an orange led where it should be blue02:35
pomeisli know, thx02:35
bazhangsimplew, alternate cd, aka debian-installer if you mean lvm02:36
L3topsame lspci t0rx__?02:36
pepeetwoten210, yeah, I know. try removing NetworkManager and installing wicd02:36
wyldeOnixs: how did you try to mount it?02:36
luckybunnyany ideas on the nvidia thing?02:36
ludkillerhii all02:36
Onixswylde : osx02:36
t0rx__L3top, yes, the same02:36
twoten210pepee: okay I'm on it02:36
bazhangnina666, ##networking02:36
user3141592Onixs: sounds like an osx issue, as the checksum is good02:36
simplewbazhang: url?02:37
Onixsuser3141592 : make sense02:37
wyldeOnixs: ahh alrighty, I can't help you there. Are you planning on installing it to HD? Virtual Machine? Making a boot cd/usb?02:37
bazhang!alternate | simplew here you are02:37
ubottusimplew here you are: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal02:37
twoten210pepee: hmm, network manager is gnome and I'm on xfce02:37
user3141592luckybunny: have you used lsmod to see what modules get installed?02:38
Onixswylde : HD.  i used my Mac to download it. tried mounting but failed. md5 is correct though… just have to burn and install it02:38
pepeetwoten210, install wicd02:38
luckybunnyuser3141592: I'd get an NVIDIA module anyway, since I'm still using NVIDIA drivers, just no longer ones direct from their site02:39
wyldeOnixs: yep I was going to suggest either burning it to disk or usb and seeing if it worked there since the md5 is fine.02:39
OnixsAlright… Thanks for the assistance :)02:39
nina666bazhang: thanks02:40
simplewbazhang: the one from torrent?02:40
user3141592luckybunny: ld can be used to see what it a program is linking to, check the GL file timestamps for an older one02:41
patgizzy_hey so i have a quick question.i just installed ubuntu and thereafter installed windows 7 and after a series of restarts , my computer suddenly lost power and when i got to power up my machine , i can't see anything.all i see is a blank screen02:41
twoten210pepee: okay it says the wicd daemon is running, now do I reboot?02:41
bazhangsimplew, you want a torrent link? is that the nature of your query?02:41
pepeetwoten210, nah. do you see a new icon somewhere? (the  wicd icon)02:42
simplewbazhang: no i want to download the intall to allow root encryption02:42
bazhangsimplew, so use the alternate cd02:43
ghost_how every one02:43
twoten210pepee: nope02:43
pepeetwoten210, press alt+f2, type wicd-client02:44
simplewthe alternates are: Text based isntaller, bittorrent and dvd02:44
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bazhangsimplew, no thats not correct02:44
L3topt0rx__: at this point I would look at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates/+packages add that ppa, and run through their toys. Specifically the xserver-xorg-video-intel   the mesa and libva stuff... it doesn't look like intel-gpu-tools will be available... but I would check02:45
simplewso i cant find it02:45
bazhangsimplew, the choices are alternate cd, live cd, minimal iso   ; from either http or torrent02:45
mohdI have just done an Upgrade to 12.04 , and apt-get update shows  http://paste.ubuntu.com/963776/02:45
neyder_hi there02:45
L3topt0rx__: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/ubuntu-x-swat02:45
bazhanghttp://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969     <------ simplew02:46
neyder_i put do-release-upgrade, or update-manager -c -d, but both tells me that there is no new version02:46
simplewbazhang: where? url?02:46
neyder_i'm with 11.1002:46
bazhangsimplew, I just showed you02:46
L3topt0rx__: I am a bit confused as to why it won't even load though...02:46
simplewbazhang: but from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads isnt possible to access that02:47
L3topneyder_: do-release-upgrade -d02:48
twoten210pepee: I have the wicd tray icon, scan for wlan is grayed out and I still have an orange light on the hardware02:48
bazhangsimplew, to access the torrent? or what. that link works fine for me02:48
mohdneyder_: have you checked the release notes02:48
t0rx__L3top, thanks.  So is the problem that my video driver ("intel") isn't working right?02:48
bazhangL3top, why the -d switch02:48
pepeetwoten210, is a laptop, isn't it?02:48
neyder_L3mce, i'll try02:48
neyder_mohd, not yet, i'll do too02:49
L3topI am not sure why t0rx__... I would expect you to be working, if not working well.02:49
bazhangL3top, precise is already released02:49
simplewbazhang: and thats precise release? and yes i did said was a torrent02:49
twoten210pepee: yes a Compaq V600002:49
pepeetwoten210, does it have a button to enable wifi?02:49
twoten210pepee: yes, right next to an led02:49
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120402:49
t0rx__L3top, thanks I'll check out these links02:49
bazhang!torrents | simplew02:49
ubottusimplew: Precise can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/precise/desktop/ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/precise/server/ubuntu-12.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696902:49
L3topbazhang: he said he could not find a release, so I assumed he was on 1004, precise will not show up till there is  a point releace02:49
pepeetwoten210, it should have two, actually... that one + the fn button02:49
pepeetwoten210, press it02:50
Num83rGuyKDE's network manager will not auto-connect to my vpn on login or when there is a loss of network connection or loss of VPN connection. Does anyone know how to make my VPN connection stay on at all times?02:50
simplewbazhang: thats not the alternate isntall that allow root encryption02:50
twoten210pepee: fn button, what's that? I slide the switch back and forth but always orange never blue02:50
pepeetwoten210, ahh k. press the wifi button02:51
zFi am trying to copy a file to windows and after chmod -R 0777 folder linux returns: chmod: Read-only file system02:51
zFPlease help I am trying to remove lock on file02:51
zFtime sensative02:51
pepeetwoten210, then go to wicd again and press refresh02:51
simplewwhat a confusion02:51
bazhangsimplew, no, I gave you the correct links02:52
simplewcan anyone please tell me whats the install i need to download to allow /root encryption?02:52
zFhow can I make a file open to all users02:52
neyder_L3top, doesn't work02:52
zFI need to copy to windows02:52
neyder_mohd, i've installed oneric-updates always , i'm 64 bit but ot doesn't work02:53
TripplerHey. I want to install kubuntu but am having a few issues. When I have booed the installer and press "Try kubuntu" the loading screen comes up and shows all icons loading but once they start fading it stops (75%ish faded) and hangs. The same thing happens when I try to do anything in the disk partitioning part of the installer (if I use any of the options the box that is supposed to be there...02:53
Trippler...comes up with correct size but it hangs before it shows any content in the box). Anyone able to help? Thanks02:53
pepeetwoten210, does it work?02:54
L3topzF: it seems as though windows was not properly shutdown. How are you connecting to the drive.02:54
zFL3top: makes sense02:54
zFI used the mount command02:54
zFL3top: I gave windows regular shutdown proecedure02:54
simplewbazhang: i thank your help but so far i still didnt understand whats the isntall i should get to allow root encryption02:54
zFL3top: I am just trying to remove the lock from a file02:54
zFso I can drag and drop it to windows like other files02:55
zFnon protected02:55
zFany suggesstions before I log?02:55
twoten210pepee: not yet, but I have to recreate a connection profile so I'm syncing the wicd client to my wl router02:55
ryanrhee90hey guys02:55
Num83rGuysimplew: This link has deatails on full disk encryption for 11.04 should be the same for newer versions as well.02:55
neyder_nop, it's not the error, my system doesn't recognize any uprade or new versión02:56
simplewNum83rGuy: what link02:56
L3topzF: I am assuming that the drive you are copying to is throwing the error... can you please paste the exact error if it is one line, or pastebin if it is more?02:56
Num83rGuysimplew: oops hold on.02:56
ryanrhee90i'm trying to uprade python on my ubuntu server02:57
ryanrhee90i recently updated to 12.04 when this started happening02:57
Num83rGuysimplew: http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/05/09/home-directory-and-full-disk-encryption-in-ubuntu-11-04/02:57
ryanrhee90it complains that it can't find the package "setuptools" eventhough apt says it's already installed"02:57
ryanrhee90so i think maybe it's b/c my python version is 2.5 but setuptools is a higher version?02:57
mohdneyder_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/125825/upgrading-lts-to-lts-server-why-wait-for-the-first-point-release02:57
ryanrhee90but when i do apt-get install python02:57
L3top!enter | ryanrhee9002:57
ubotturyanrhee90: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:57
ryanrhee90i get this: libglib2.0-0: Breaks: gvfs (< 1.8) but 1.6.1-0ubuntu1build1 is to be installed02:58
neyder_mohd, i'm on my laptop, it's oneiric02:58
ryanrhee90L3mce: sorry haha02:58
ryanrhee90L3top: ._. oops. anyway. sorry.02:58
simplewNum83rGuy: i still dont know whats the install i should download02:59
L3top!info gvfs02:59
ubottugvfs (source: gvfs): userspace virtual filesystem - GIO module. In component main, is optional. Version 1.12.1-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 98 kB, installed size 405 kB02:59
mohdneyder_: Ah, then check the release type in Update Manager > Settings .03:00
twoten210pewee: nope , no luck, I think I'm going to reboot03:00
ryanrhee90L3top: i tried uninstalling gvfs via apt-get, but it won't let me do it without installing python 2.7 with it03:00
Num83rGuysimplew: Let me find the link for the ISO03:00
ryanrhee90L3top: and i can't install python 2.7 b/c of gvfs03:00
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L3topryanrhee90: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade    does what?03:00
ryanrhee90just lists 220 packages that have been kept back03:01
pepeetwoten210, wait03:01
neyder_strange it was in LTS, so the error that you mention is riht03:01
twoten210pepee: ok03:01
neyder_my system was waiting fo 12.04.103:01
pepeetwoten210, in the konsole type rfkill list03:01
Num83rGuysimplew: What CPU do you have?03:01
neyder_thanks mohd03:02
L3topryanrhee90: you have something caught in the wayback machine preventing things from upgrading... I would try and figure out what. Something is pinned or something.03:02
neyder_ //i don't remeber when i changed this conf. :s03:02
simplewNum83rGuy: 64bits03:02
simplewi want a x86_64 iso03:02
neyder_so wainting for tomorrow, I have a local mirror03:03
neyder_in the work ... :)03:03
ryanrhee90L3top can you explain what you mean by "wayback machine" a little?03:03
twoten210pepee: I get hpwifi both soft and hard unblocked, and phy0 soft and hard unblocked - there's 2, should there be only one?03:03
pepeetwoten210, no, it's all ok03:03
pepeetwoten210, it should be working now :/03:04
twoten210pepee: oh03:04
Num83rGuysimplew: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads  Use the "alternate" ISO it has a text based installer. This is the one that allows full disk encryption.03:04
L3topryanrhee90: I knew as soon as I hit enter that I shouldn't make up terms trying to give people support. I mean only what I explained afterwords... something is held in depends at a specific old version, which is preventing a lot of things from upgrading so as to not break it.03:04
twoten210pepee: I'll reboot and see if it comes up03:04
pepeetwoten210, the hardware is recognized, and running fine. the problem is the software or your connection03:04
simplewNum83rGuy: ah i didnt knew that was the text based isntalled, i was already in that url, thanks :)03:04
pepeetwoten210, ok03:05
twoten210pepee: gotcha! thanks so much!03:05
Num83rGuySo no one knows why openVPN will not auto connect?03:06
ghost_i just ugrade ubuntu 12.4 i tryed to use the vm wear for some reson it no working can you help03:06
bazhangghost_, #vmware03:06
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
ryanrhee90L3top ah okay. would you know how to ask apt for a list of things that are pinned? I'm not aware of anything that's pinned down like that03:08
bazhangryanrhee90, dist-upgrade would release those03:08
b0otI'm going to be traveling internationally where there are heavily censored internets, are there any free tools here where I can setup a free vpn so I could get unrestricted internet abroad?03:09
bazhang!dist-upgrade | ryanrhee9003:09
ubotturyanrhee90: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.03:09
bazhangb0ot, thats not an ubuntu issue03:09
ryanrhee90bazhang: E: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'python2.7-minimal'.Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)03:09
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
bazhangryanrhee90, context?03:10
L3topryanrhee90: for fun, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:10
ryanrhee90Sure. It asks me if I want to do: "219 upgraded, 213 newly installed, 14 to remove and 1 not upgraded." and then right as i hit "y", I get that error.03:10
Num83rGuyb0ot: I don't know about a free VPN but I know about a cheap one.03:10
ryanrhee90L3top: just did it. :/03:10
ryanrhee90L3top: I get " E: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'python2.7-minimal'.Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)"03:11
L3topah... lol I see bazhang is ahead of me as usual03:11
cg2916I have tried 2 methods of creating a live USB (LiLi and Universal USB Installer) but both get stuck right at the beginning of booting03:11
bazhangcg2916, and unetbootin?03:12
ryanrhee90I've even tried doing "sudo apt-get remove gvfs", but I still get "E: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'python2.7-minimal'.Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)"03:12
cg2916bazhang, good idea...03:12
oobilozLol, I was gonna say unet too, works for me03:12
wile-nileecg2916, is stuck a black screen?03:12
ryanrhee90I've tried taking that advice, and tried this: "sudo apt-get install -o APT::Immediate-Configure=apt python2.7-minimal" but I get this error: "The following packages have unmet dependencies:03:12
ryanrhee90  libglib2.0-0: Breaks: gvfs (< 1.8) but 1.6.1-0ubuntu1build1 is to be installed"03:12
ryanrhee90 03:13
cg2916wile-nilee, mostly black with the SYSLINUX "credits" header03:13
plustax_I have a quick question. I went into user accounts and changed password to none to give my laptop to a friend. Now when I try to go su or unlock the user accounts area neither my password or no password at all works anymore. What can I do?03:14
plustax_on 11.1003:14
vexaxvhey i have a question for you guys03:15
wile-nileecg2916, hmm at times there are graphic card drivers that are not there and nomodeset is chosen from a f6 prompt at the try or install memory check gui, not sure that is your problem but thought it might help to know.03:15
killswitch_does anyone know how to set an extra password for login in 12.04?03:15
vexaxvthe fps has a noticeable difference from windows too linux no matter what gpu (is what ive come to understand) and im guessing its the drivers so whats up with this03:16
HickeroarHey all. I have a 640GB drive running windows 7. I'd like to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu. If I resize my windows (C) partition, and run the liveCD and install 12.04, will the installer detect window 7 and set me up a bootloader so I can choose OSs?03:16
L3topWell... ryanrhee90 what would be the harm in removing python2.7-minimal? I mean... at this point I would start uninstalling broken things until I could dist upgrade, making note of what I removed... I am not sure it is the best advice, so I keep hesitating to give it.03:16
Hickeroaror do I need to do that manually?03:16
vexaxvHickeroar, it will but u have to do it manually03:16
vexaxvHickeroar, just choose custom when you do partitioning on ubuntu03:16
tLtplustax_: bingoogle for 'linux root password recovery'03:16
ludkilleraint that linux uses an ext file system03:16
vexaxvHickeroar, then set it up03:16
ludkillermaybe u should allocate some space03:17
vexaxvcan someone help me figure out why the drivers cause such a fps drop from windows to ubuntu?03:17
Hickeroarvexaxv: So it is relatively straight forward as far as the bootloader goes?03:17
wile-nileevexaxv, it is other or something other, and a custom install is not needed per say.03:17
ryanrhee90L3top: I don't have python 2.7. I /want/ python 2.7. I tried removing my current python, but it wouldn't let me: https://gist.github.com/3b1adb8f5dd1f33eb56d03:17
vexaxvHickeroar, it used to give u an option to install the bootloader or not but i havent seen it latley just make sure you click anything u see advanced settings and try to find it03:17
vexaxvdoes anyone know whats up with my fps issue?!03:18
Hickeroarvexaxv: Thank you. I've done the whole thing manually a long time ago, but it's been several years, haha. I appreciate the help03:18
L3topryanrhee90: dpkg --configure -a03:18
Hickeroarvexaxv haha apparently they dont support ++ here03:18
vexaxvHickeroar, np  lol03:18
vexaxvHickeroar, :P03:18
ryanrhee90L3top: did it. no output.03:18
vexaxvHickeroar, but yeah it is pretty straight forward its just like installing windows when you do the partitioning so..like i said keep an eye out for the grub bootloader option its a bitch to remove it atleast it was for me03:19
L3topryanrhee90: sudo apt-get -f install03:19
ryanrhee900 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 220 not upgraded.03:19
vexaxvokay come on, you guys blind? anyone in here play games???03:19
L3top!patience | vexaxv03:20
ubottuvexaxv: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:20
Hickeroarvexaxv: roger that. I'll keep my eyes peeled03:20
Hickeroarthanks again03:20
vexaxvHickeroar, k :P03:20
tucemiuxomg it took a hour and a half just to DOWNLOAD the upgrades o.O03:20
vexaxvL3top, sorry im just anxious to figure this out03:20
vexaxvtucemiux, people might still be downloading 12.04, maybe the servers are still a lil loaded? i have no idea lol03:21
tucemiuxwhen did 12.04 got released?03:21
vexaxvtucemiux, err..few days ago i think03:22
wile-nileetucemiux, 4-2603:22
vexaxvso does anyone play games in here??03:22
tucemiuxoff course i do, UrT is for me, it runs on ubuntu03:22
ryanrhee90L3top: oops, didn't reference your username. apt-get -f install returned "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 220 not upgraded."03:22
vexaxvdo u notice an fps drop from windows to ubuntu on the same rig?03:22
L3top!anyone | vexaxv03:22
ubottuvexaxv: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:22
vexaxvl3..no offense but ill ask however i want to ask withought being rude03:23
L3topvexaxv: you will receive less support not following the guidelines.03:23
L3topno offense.03:23
vexaxvL3top, okay..how do i ask then?03:23
ghost_my  vm ware is not working can i get some help03:23
L3top!details | vexaxv03:24
ubottuvexaxv: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:24
bazhang!ot | vexaxv03:24
ubottuvexaxv: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:24
vexaxvookay ill retry03:24
vexaxvim running ubuntu 12.04 and i have ran windows 7 at the same time, when i play games..i notice i get better fps on windows than ubuntu, im guessing because of drivers.03:24
vexaxvdoes anybody know why?03:24
vexaxvhows that?03:25
bazhangvexaxv, using wine?03:25
vexaxvbazhang, no03:25
ayebearvexaxv: running compiz?03:25
vexaxvayebear, yes it comes with 12.0403:25
bazhangvexaxv, which game. exact titles03:25
vexaxvbazhang, second life03:25
ayebearvexaxv: does the game use opengl on both windows and linux?03:25
foobArrris there a general guide for getting hibernate to work?03:25
L3topryanrhee90: You have something in your dependency web that is causing an impossible situation... you are going to have to find it, and remove it, If it tells you it breaks something else, go for it. I would, at this point, go for plymouth. Again keeping in mind  you want to make a note of what you get rid of... and do NOT remove anything that warns you it is a very bad idea to do so.03:25
vexaxvayebear, im pretty sure it does, i think i remember seeying that but feel free to double check me03:26
ayebearvexaxv: what video card do you have? (the brand name)03:26
ryanrhee90L3top: I tried removing plymouth, and here's what i get: https://gist.github.com/b02dc285c3bb25605fe103:26
vexaxvayebear, radeon 420003:26
ryanrhee90that sounds scary. Should I go ahaed and say "Yes, do as I say!"?03:27
=== Guest78254 is now known as Bogdaniel
L3topNo... I explicitly said not to do that03:27
twoten210pepee: I found a good clue, from a console screen I switched the wl slider ON and got this popup: b43-phy0 ERROR: Firmware file "b43/ucode5.fw" not found03:27
ayebearvexaxv: ah it is probably just the drivers... you could try using openbox and see if it improves your FPS.03:27
vexaxvayebear, openbox?03:27
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest21783
ryanrhee90L3top: oh oops, i thought you were talking about this when you said "if it tells you it breaks something else, go for it"03:27
Basstard`vexaxv: Talk to the hardware manufacturer and ask them why they don't provide better support/drivers.03:28
L3topnp ryanrhee90... I just don't want you to break your install because of what I am telling you to do. It would make me sad.03:28
ryanrhee90okay, so removing plymouth isnot an option, and i can't remove gvfs without trying to install python...03:28
L3topvexaxv: lspci | grep VGA03:28
pepeetwoten210, you sure b43-fwcutter is installed? run: dpkg -l | grep b43-fwcutter03:28
j-lo-skihello room03:28
ayebearvexaxv: it is a different window manager. i don't think you could run unity on it, so just try using unity2d which uses metacity. to do this, you could try doing metacity --replace, but it could mess up stuff, so just log off, and log back into "ubuntu 2d" by changing the option before you log in.03:28
vexaxvi have a feeling most game issues on linux come from the drivers03:29
ayebearyeah probably03:29
tucemiuxomg the install is not automatic, it was stuck waiting for me to click on OK o.O grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr03:29
ryanrhee90L3top: okay, then how about this? Is there a way I can tell apt to install python-minimal with the option "-o APT::Immediate-Configure=false", and remove gvfs at the same time?03:29
ayebeari have an nvidia card and games run just as good in linux.03:29
vexaxvayebear, so use unity 2d and it should improve my performce?03:29
tucemiuxwhat a lousy excuse of an upgrade!03:29
vexaxvayebear, that was obvious lol not to be rude i mean i didnt think of it03:29
ryanrhee90L3top: I mean. I'm trying to remove gvfs so i can install python, but removing gvfs is impossible because it tries to install python03:29
twoten210pepee: I get ii  b43-fwcutter                           1:015-9                                 Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware03:29
ayebearit could somewhat but it is probably mostly your drivers. and lol np03:29
tucemiuxunity is an aberration, i choose plain ubuntu with no effects03:30
L3topyour problem is deeper than that ryanrhee90 and has to be resolved first.03:30
L3topvexaxv: lspci | grep VGA03:30
ikt__tucemiux, it's a menu bar and a dock...03:30
vexaxvL3top, i ran it now what03:30
pepeetwoten210, it's installed.03:30
ryanrhee90L3top: OH. i just got something to work03:30
L3topvexaxv: and yes, running 2d will help...03:30
L3topvexaxv: can you paste it here?03:30
ryanrhee90L3top: sudo apt-get remove gvfs -o APT::Immediate-Configure=false03:30
tucemiuxthats all you need03:30
pepeetwoten210, dpkg -l | grep -E 'b43|broadc'03:30
vexaxv01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS880M [Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series]03:31
ryanrhee90L3top: but yes, I totally agree with you, my problem is deeper. I do feel like a lot of these install scripts use setuptool though, and with a broken python, i won't be able to fix much of it, so i feel like this is a first step03:31
vexaxvL3top, 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS880M [Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series]03:31
vexaxvayebear, thanks for your help03:31
ayebearyour welcome03:31
ayebeari need to go now tho, so cya03:31
L3topvexaxv: apt-cache policy fglrx | grep Installed03:32
ryanrhee90L3top: FWIW, it seems like a bug… See here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-defaults/+bug/99074003:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 990740 in python-defaults (Ubuntu) "upgrading from lucid to precise fails" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:32
WhiteKennyi tried upgrading from 11.10 to 12.04 last night but the upgrade has been frozen since last night, can i shut off the PC and reboot w/o causing trouble?03:32
vexaxvL3top, Installed: 2:8.960-0ubuntu103:32
L3topryanrhee90: yes, that does sound like yours03:32
ryanrhee90L3top: okay, I think python is fixed for now. python -c "import setuptools" is working now03:32
ryanrhee90L3top: okay, now I'm going to try re-doing "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade"03:33
vexaxvL3top, yeah fglrx is updated03:33
L3topryanrhee90: I would try to dist-upgrade again03:33
ryanrhee90L3top: ah, good oint03:33
=== shiroi|yaiba is now known as shiroi|yaiba|awa
twoten210pepee: here's the shortened list: ii  b43-fwcutter rc  firmware-b43-installer ii  firmware-b43-lpphy-installer ii  libshout303:33
=== shiroi|yaiba|awa is now known as shiroi|yaibaaway
vexaxvL3top, so unity 2d will help my fps? in 2d mode does it even use compiz?03:33
pepeetwoten210, did you install some of those manually?03:34
L3topvexaxv: Check your fps in 2d, and if not to your liking check out http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/ubuntu-x-swat03:34
ryanrhee90L3top: thanks so much! I think dist-upgrade is going smoothly now. After this, I'll install update-manager-core and do "do-dist-upgrade"03:34
twoten210pepee: yes according to forum threads I read from the last few days03:34
kena43need amarok guru. any takers?03:34
tucemiuxits going to take 6 hours to install the upgrade o.O03:34
vexaxvL3top, k thanks and does it run compiz if your in 2d mode?03:34
L3topnp ryanrhee90... though really YOU figured it out :P03:34
tucemiuxhas someone in here upgraded yet??03:35
L3topI believe so, but is not really my area vexaxv03:35
vexaxvL3top, k well thanks ill go try it, sorry for earlier. cya03:35
pepeetwoten210, using 12.04?03:35
ryanrhee90L3top: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3balePtrN1qhei86.png03:35
L3topno worries vexaxv it is just easier to help folks this way03:35
vexaxvL3top, :)03:36
pepeetwoten210, lsmod | grep -E 'b43|broadc'03:36
twoten210pepee: yes, here's what locate bcm43xx*.fw found: /lib/firmware/brcm/bcm43xx-0.fw03:37
ikt__tucemiux, to what?03:37
tucemiuxwhats the latest release that came out on april 26? o.O03:37
kena43amarok guru?03:37
twoten210pepee: b43                   365785  003:38
twoten210mac80211              506816  1 b4303:38
twoten210cfg80211              205544  2 b43,mac8021103:38
twoten210bcma                   26696  1 b4303:38
twoten210ssb                    52752  1 b4303:38
FloodBot1twoten210: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:38
L3top!details | kena4303:38
ubottukena43: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:38
tucemiuxforget it, im going to hit the sack, hopefully after i come back the upgrade is dun03:39
ikt__tucemiux, 12.04 and yeah was running it since alpha03:39
tucemiuxikt_, ok well im upgrading from the previous version, took me like 2 hours just to download, now its going to take 6 hours to install o.O03:39
yjacketI am trying to setup ssh with authentication keys, using Ubuntu server, and windows (putty suite), and I keep on getting "Server refused our key"...03:39
ikt__tucemiux, got SSD or HDD?03:40
wile-nileetucemiux, you will be asked at some point for some input, make sure your computer does not hibernate or sleep03:40
pepeetwoten210, http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/wireless-internet/188346-b43-requiring-bcma-ssb.html03:41
tucemiuxikt_, ive got a sata hd, i dont have hibernation configured, I hope! but let me check03:41
yjacketI have the public key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys from Puttygen, and I checked sshd_config and there's nothing about authentication keys commented out...03:41
tucemiuxdont think hibernate option is installed on a desktop, thanks for the heads up though, good night!03:42
pepeetwoten210, blacklist ssb and b43, see if it works03:43
kena43llucid 10.04. amarok hides behind agrey screen. nothing shows03:43
twoten210pepee: ok03:43
caf4926libdvdcss2 in 12.04?03:43
cg2916I have tried unetbootin, LiLi, and Universal USB Installer, and they all freeze on the SYSLINUX "intro" screen03:45
L3top!libdvdcss | caf492603:45
ubottucaf4926: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:45
yjacketanother symptom: when I use an encrypted .ppk file, Putty doesn't ask me to decrypt, it just says "Server refused our key" (also when using .ppk with no encryption)03:45
paulus68does anyone know a good pasword recovery tool for rar files?03:46
twoten210pepee: I saved the file, now do I reboot?03:46
pepeetwoten210, yes03:46
=== torm3nt is now known as Oddman
twoten210pepee: see you soon!03:46
L3topyou do not get a "boot:" prompt cg2916?03:47
caf4926ubottu, thank you03:47
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:47
cg2916I have tried unetbootin, LiLi, and Universal USB Installer, but they all freeze on the SYSLINUX "intro" screen03:47
cg2916I have tried unetbootin, LiLi, and Universal USB Installer, but they all freeze on the SYSLINUX "intro" screen03:51
twoten210pepee: still no blue light but rfkill list shows only the hp-wlan device and toggling the hardware switch no longer produces an error about a missing fw file03:51
L3top!patience | cg291603:51
ubottucg2916: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:51
pepeetwoten210, tried connecting?03:53
twoten210pepee: yes, still nothing in the scan list and no blue light03:54
=== shiroi|yaibaaway is now known as shiroi|yaiba
WulRadyansykahad gnome-shell been fixed yet?03:54
WulRadyansykato force people into unity this way is a cheap shot03:54
ikt__what is a cheap shot03:54
bazhang!notunity | WulRadyansyka03:55
ubottuWulRadyansyka: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:55
bazhangWulRadyansyka, got an actual support question?03:55
pepeetwoten210, type iwconfig and paste the output in the pastebin03:56
twoten210pepee: lo no wireless extensions. eth0 no wireless extensions03:57
cg2916I have tried unetbootin, LiLi, and Universal USB Installer, but they all freeze on the SYSLINUX "intro" screen03:58
twoten210WulRadyansyka: try xfce or Xubuntu03:58
L3topcg2916: for the second time, what do you mean "freeze" and do you get a prompt that says "boot:"03:59
pepeetwoten210, ifconfig -a03:59
cg2916L3top, it doesn't go anywhere, and there is no prompt03:59
pepeetwoten210, will show you the interfaces. tell me what names you see (like eth0 lo ...)04:00
L3topwhat is the HW you are attempting to install on cg2916?04:00
WulRadyansykato hell with xfce, I want a normal gnome, like in opensuse or fedora or what ever distro you have04:00
bazhangWulRadyansyka, this is not the complaints channel04:00
WulRadyansykathere is an excuse to package gnome-shell, but it is broken and does not work04:00
bazhangWulRadyansyka, thats enough04:01
twoten210pepee: http://paste.org/4878904:01
WulRadyansykabazhang: my support question is how to make gnome-shell work, which it currently doesn't04:02
cg2916L3top, Acer Aspire 5750-667704:02
ryanrhee90Hey guys, so when you remove a package using apt-get, you can pass the —purge option to remove the config files, right? well is there a way to remove those config files /after/ a package has been deleted?04:02
bazhang!work | WulRadyansyka04:02
ubottuWulRadyansyka: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:02
cg2916L3top, do you need more info?04:02
L3topWulRadyansyka: you do realize it is an open source project right? To imply that the code was purposefully broken as some sort of conspiracy to prevent you from configuring your machine how you want is... obtuse.04:02
WulRadyansykait complains about the missing settings scheme with some junk instead of name and segfaults04:03
L3topI haven't ever had a broken install at that point so I was loading up a vm to take a look cg2916. Have you checked the md5sum of  the image?04:03
bazhangWulRadyansyka, pastebin the errors, file some bugs. complaints are not in this channel however04:03
WulRadyansykaI need solutions04:04
L3top!details | WulRadyansyka04:04
ubottuWulRadyansyka: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:04
yjacketyeah, no matter what I do, I can't get Putty to ssh with rsa keys...04:04
bazhangWulRadyansyka, then ask real questions, with some info. stop complaining04:04
L3topWulRadyansyka: paste the actual error.04:05
pepeetwoten210, install firmware-b43-installer. remove b43 and ssb from the blackllist04:06
WulRadyansykabazhang: I'm not complaining, I told you the truth, I told what the error message is, what kind of info you need?04:06
yjacketDoes anyone have any expirience with setting up ssh authentication keys with puttygen? I have followed like 3 guides, and still get "Server refused our key"04:06
L3topThe actual error, not your interpretation of it WulRadyansyka. You are the first person I have seen who has such an error.04:06
=== wile-nilee is now known as wilee-nilee
bazhangWulRadyansyka, you are. saying the error is some segfault and nothing else wont get any support that is of use04:06
pepeeWulRadyansyka, gnome shell doesn't work with some hardware. do you have ATI/AMD graphics?04:07
WulRadyansykapepee: gnome-shell works on my hardware. in every distro except ubuntu04:08
bazhang!pastebin | WulRadyansyka paste the Exact errors04:08
ubottuWulRadyansyka paste the Exact errors: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:08
twoten210pepee: ok, firmware installed, the firmware-b43-lpphy-installer got removed and no more blacklist on b43 and ssb04:09
pepeetwoten210, reboot04:09
L3topWulRadyansyka: you clearly don't want any resolution, you want to complain. Duly noted. Is that all?04:10
wyldeWulRadyansyka: have you made any bug reports? It's quite easy, 'ubuntu-bug gnome-shell' will start the bug filing process and probably include actually useful information to triagers and developers so it can get fixed.04:10
WulRadyansykaI doń't have ubuntu-bug04:10
pepeeWulRadyansyka, http://phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?70605-AMD-Catalyst-12-4-Linux-Graphics-Driver-Released&p=260834#post26083404:10
digitaljI've never filed a bug in open source software before :(04:10
wyldeWulRadyansyka: oh? what version of ubuntu are you using?04:11
=== truemove is now known as LgL
WulRadyansykaalso I don't have fglrx. I have the plain old radeon driver04:11
JZAppleswylde, isn't it apport-bug?04:11
RangerMauveHey, anyone know what the names of the video codecs that Ubuntu 12.04 installes at the beginning?04:11
WulRadyansykawylde: 12.04 with junk removed, apport included04:12
pepeeWulRadyansyka, ask in #radeon if someone is having problems with it04:12
wyldeJZApples: you can use apport collect if you've already files a bug. 'apport collect bugnumber. But yeah I think you can use apport the same way as ubuntu-bug.04:12
vexaxvim running ubuntu 12.04 with a radeon 4200, im wondering how do i configure opengl to work better with games..i noticed in a game i downloaded the readme says "incorrect opengl settings" how do i edit those. there not talking about the ati catalyst are they?04:12
twoten210pepee: Oh my gawd! I have a blue light, gkrellm shows a wlan chart, and I can see all my neighbors in my wl scan list!04:13
bazhangRangerMauve, for video? mp3?04:13
JZAppleswylde, i don't actually know what i'm talking about, i was just trying to help :)04:13
pepeetwoten210, well, that was the problem: a missing package04:13
RangerMauveFor video, bazhang04:13
bazhangRangerMauve, the gstreamer ugly ones?04:13
RangerMauveNo idea, I just need one that will work with ffmpeg04:14
JZAppleswylde, when i "man ubuntu-bug" it gives me apport-bug04:14
wyldeWulRadyansyka: so, basically you have no interest in providing useful information to help resolve issues within ubuntu.04:14
bazhangRangerMauve, assuming you mean from ubuntu-restricted-extras04:14
RangerMauveI tried installing libx264 but it's not being recognized for some reason.04:14
wyldeJZApples: yep, ubuntu-bug is provided by apport.04:14
RangerMauveThat is a fair assumption04:14
JZAppleswylde, so the same thing, gotcha04:14
bazhang!find h26404:15
ubottuFound: h264enc04:15
WulRadyansykawylde: I'm not installing spyware like apport in my system04:15
bazhangWulRadyansyka, thats not spyware.04:15
bazhangvexaxv, ?04:16
vexaxvsorry was trying to tell someone else something04:16
vexaxvanyone know how to edit opengl settings? im guessing the ati catalyst?04:16
JZAppleswylde, must be the same thing that happens when you report an error through the gui?  i reported one earlier when using qsynth but i should probably just install ubuntu studio.04:16
wyldeWulRadyansyka: regardless, you've been asked to provide useful information so people can help you and yet you've not provided nothing with any sort of detail to allow anyone to provide you any type of support. At any rate enjoy your trolling as long as the ops care to put up with you.04:17
=== bluespdx is now known as blues_pdx
wyldeJZApples: yep :)04:17
WulRadyansykathere is a single error message tagged FATAl: Settings schema 'random junk here' is not installed04:18
RangerMauvebazhang, Any idea what they are, or was that random thing you asked the bot what I am looking for?04:18
JZAppleswulradyansyka, why do you say it's spyware?04:19
bazhangRangerMauve, well what is it you are trying to accomplish, could you provide some more info?04:19
=== shiroi|yaiba is now known as shiroi|yaibaaway
L3topfor the fifth time WulRadyansyka, post the ACTUAL error, not your interpretation of it.04:19
en1gmai think i might buy an OLD sony vaio laptop tomorrow for $25.00 it has 512MB memory and a 1.2ghz cpu so i was wondering if ubuntu 12.04 would start up from a usb stick in test mode/ live mode04:20
wylde 'random junk here' != useful information.04:20
RangerMauveWell I want to stream from my desktop to Justin.tv, I found some random script that uses ffmpeg to accomplish that for me, I tried running it but it said that it couldn't find the encoder specified in the script04:20
aeon-ltden1gma: with those specs i would not run stock ubuntu04:20
aeon-ltden1gma: but yeah it should start unless the processor is pre-i686 iirc04:20
en1gmai can always go back to 10.10 or 10.04 i just need something to test with as he says there is no OS04:20
WulRadyansykarandom junk is literally random bytes, they are different each time04:21
L3topen1gma: I would think adding 512 more memory would make it a lot happier.04:21
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
wyldeRangerMauve: on the receiving end it's through upnp?04:21
en1gmadont own it yet but if i do im sure i would but first need to test hardware...not even sure if the lappy comes with onboard wifi04:21
L3topWulRadyansyka: for the 6th time, please post the ACTUAL error from a console.04:21
Will123456has anyone noticed rhythmbox playing music spontaneously, when it shouldn't be? i think it might be flash player but that's just a guess04:21
wyldeRangerMauve: just asking because I use Mediatomb to stream multimedia to the devices/computers on my network.04:22
RangerMauvewylde, I have no idea really. I'm just blindly goolgling at the moment04:23
RangerMauvehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1953527 This is what I'm using04:23
RangerMauve(The last one)04:23
wyldeRangerMauve: what exacty is Justin.tv?04:23
RangerMauveIt's a service for streaming video from different devices04:24
L3topRangerMauve: check out the good bad and ugly packages.04:24
RangerMauveLike, you make the video, and others watch it04:24
VastleeI've just added a new hard drive. It's already partitioned & formated. How do I get to it in the file manager?04:24
wylderanger ahh ok, I misunderstood what you wanted then.04:24
L3topVastlee: it should just be there... unless something went terribly wrong with the formatting and it cannot be mounted04:25
wyldeRangerMauve: I assume you've tried the configuration list in the last post? With appropriate edits of course?04:26
RangerMauveWell it says that I don't have the video codec when I run it04:27
RangerMauveI tried isntalling it via apt-get but it's still not being recognized04:27
wyldeRangerMauve: do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?04:27
=== Guest21783 is now known as Bogdaniel
RangerMauveI'm pretty sure I do, since I chose to when it was being installe04:28
VastleeMy Home is there, and my 2TB external is showing up fine. My home folder & OS are on /dev/sda. My external is /dev/sdc. The drive in question is /dev/sdb. I am a newb & I do not know how to navigate to that drive in the file manager.04:28
wyldeRangerMauve: ahh ok, moment04:28
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest5122
VastleeIt shows up in GParted fine as well. Though it is NTFS as I pulled it from another windows PC.04:28
VastleeI believe it is there, I just don't know how to navigate to it.04:29
WulRadyansykaVastlee: do you see it in a sidebar? NTFS volumes are usually named after labels or size04:29
VastleeOn my sidebar I see "Home" "FileSystem" & "2TB"04:29
L3topRangerMauve: apt-cache policy gstreamer0.10-plugins-good gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly04:30
wyldeRangerMauve: did it specify which codec you are missing?04:30
WulRadyansykaVastlee: try sudo udisks --mount /dev/sdb104:30
RangerMauveL3top would that be compaible with Justin.tv?04:30
wylde!info libx264-12004:31
ubottulibx264-120 (source: x264): x264 video coding library. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:0.120.2151+gita3f4407-2 (precise), package size 792 kB, installed size 2149 kB04:31
bazhanglibx264-120 is the package RangerMauve04:31
VastleeThank you. I tried & this is the response: Mount failed: Daemon is inhibited04:31
RangerMauveOh sweet, thanks guys. I've tried like two packages so far >.<04:32
wyldeRangerMauve: :)04:32
killswitch_how do I disable control alt delete in Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit?04:32
bazhangRangerMauve, tab completion for package names is often helpful04:33
RangerMauveWell this is strange, it says that it's installed already, but it seems that ffmpeg isn't recognizing it04:33
wyldeRangerMauve: is it specifying a path that it's looking for the file in?04:34
GhostWolfhi all don't know if this is a place or if someone knows of a channel to get help on the program gimp image editor04:34
RangerMauveEr, it's not saying. I bet there's an argument to make it more verbose though04:34
L3topVastlee: is there anything on this drive? Are you still viewing it in gparted?04:35
L3topWhat specifically do you need help with GhostWolf?04:35
VastleeThere is data on the drive yes. And I have it open in GParted. Should I exit & try again?04:36
bazhangGhostWolf, #gimp ?04:36
VastleeOk that worked. It says: Mounted /org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sdb1 at /media/3074F5F674F5BF2204:36
L3topYes, close gparted04:36
L3topVastlee: now it should be in file manager04:37
GhostWolfL3mce, i need help on how to create an image like icon. i don't know if gimp can do it, but i have 2 seperate images that i already scaled down, and im going to have a name in between the images to make an icon04:37
GhostWolfL3top, , i need help on how to create an image like icon. i don't know if gimp can do it, but i have 2 seperate images that i already scaled down, and im going to have a name in between the images to make an icon04:37
RangerMauveGhostWolf: There are online tools for making icon files that you may want to search up04:38
GhostWolfsorry i sent it to the wrong person04:38
L3topthey are both me... lol... I believe gimp CAN do it, but there are better tools to do the job GhostWolf.04:38
killswitch_know how to disable ctrl-alt-del ?04:38
GhostWolfRangerMauve, im doing it for a chat site i am, we call them icons its not really same as alot of icons out there04:38
GhostWolfL3top, oh ok. whats better to do the job? i just want to make this for a friend. first time im trying something04:39
L3topGhostWolf: Then you are going to have to be more specific as to what you are trying to do. If you are not making "normal" icons... what are you making?04:39
=== Gallomimia_ is now known as Gallomimia
SarahsButtCan someone help me out with a small issue?04:40
GhostWolfL3top, they're called icons but they are small cause they have to be a certain size and no bigger. which i don't recall what the max size is. i think its like 20k but i maybe wrong04:40
VastleeI can see it under /media/ but it has a very long name & when I click on it, it says I do not have the necessary permissions.04:41
VastleeCan I rename it? & How do I take control over it?04:41
RangerMauveTry opening you explorer as root04:41
SarahsButtI used Wubi to install ubuntu but I also have a seperate ubuntu partition. So in Grub when I click on Windows 7 it opens up windows boot manager and gives me windows 7 and ubuntu again as options. How do I delete this ubuntu option?04:42
roger_blackwhen i load my ubuntu on a laptop, it boots up and only shows the wallpaper and nothing else, can any one have any idea what may be causing this, this is happning with 11.04,11.10 and 12.0404:42
VastleeI'm not sure how to open the file explorer as root.04:42
Vampyre2007hello... can anyone help me out with a small tweak?04:42
shortdudey123hi, i am running ubuntu 10.04 and i am trying to add JAVA_HOME as a permanent environment variable.  I added it to /etc/environment and also adjusted PATH, however only the adjusted PATH is being picked up.  Any ideas?04:43
wilee-nileeSarahsButt, which grub the one in wubi or the other partitioned install.04:43
Vampyre2007Vastlee gksudo nautilus04:43
SarahsButtI beleive grub is 2.0 but I'm not entirely sure04:43
SarahsButtiot's the old one installed by the old partition04:43
wyldeRangerMauve: have you tried other vcodecs?04:43
RangerMauveI am doing that right now, wylde04:43
SarahsButtI just need to delete ubuntu from the windows boot manager04:43
wyldeRangerMauve: alrighty :)04:44
Vampyre2007can someone please help me with a small issue?04:44
GhostWolfL3top, so what program should i use to make what i want to make?04:44
RangerMauvewylde, I think I have a working video codec now, but now my audio one is complaining. >.< good thing that ffmpeg has a -codecs argument04:44
wyldeRangerMauve: hehe yep :)04:44
Vampyre2007I want to disable control alt delete from logging out of ubuntu.04:45
Vampyre2007how can I do this?04:45
L3topnot sure GhostWolf... looking around04:45
wilee-nileeSarahsButt, do you have a windows recovery or install disc to reload its bootloader if needed?04:45
GhostWolfL3top, ok i thought you knew on top of your head since you mentioned there are other programs that are better lol04:46
jon180i just upgraded to 12.04, how do i switch from unity 2d to unity 3d?04:47
RangerMauveVampyre2007, what versiona re you using?04:47
wilee-nileeSarahsButt, the ubuntu in the windows bootloader boots the wubi.04:47
footvillai need help creating a full image backup of my Ubuntu server04:48
VastleeOk all seems to be working. Is there any way I can rename this drive?04:48
aeon-ltdfootvilla: like a routine or just a one off?04:48
footvillaone off04:48
Vampyre2007RangerMauve: 12.04 Precise04:48
SarahsButtI have no disc of any kind. To be quite frank I don't really understand where the information is even stored. Is it all on the USB drive I used, because it can't be on my windows partitions can it?04:49
aeon-ltdfootvilla: have you heard of clonezilla?04:49
RangerMauveVampyre2007: try this http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man2/reboot.2.html04:49
Garr255clonezilla +104:49
footvillai have a raid 0 2x 128 ssd drives04:49
JZAppleshow good is vino?  is there a recommended alternative for vnc?04:49
SarahsButtI've been looking into bcdedit.exe command in windows04:49
footvillaand i want to back everything up04:49
shortdudey123@footfilla i would 2nd clonezilla04:49
Vampyre2007I downloaded that deb, but it said a later version was already installed, via software center.04:50
nintetnot sure what to download... i have  an intel CPU, but when i start the download from ubuntu.com it said AMD04:50
wyldeJZApples: Just curious, what do you need to do remotely that you want vnc for?04:50
aeon-ltdfootvilla: then you'll need something bigger than/equal to 256gb then. clonezilla can do a full disk or full partition backup04:50
JZAppleswylde, connect to my computers from my touchpad04:50
SarahsButtninet the AMD is just how the 64bit one is labelled04:50
SarahsButthas nothing to do with your processor04:50
bazhangnintet, the amd64 is for intel 64 as well04:50
nintetso it works with intel 64 bit?04:50
bazhangnintet, Yes04:50
wilee-nileeSarahsButt, are you answering me? you can use nics with a tab complete to highlight your answer to theuser nic used.04:51
RangerMauveVampyre2007: How about http://linuxpoison.blogspot.ca/2007/10/how-to-disable-ctrl-alt-del-from.html04:51
wyldeJZApples: ahh ok, I was just wondering because I just use ssh and the sftp it provides. With the -X option I can open graphical applications as well.04:51
JZAppleswylde, i turned uPnP off on my router and haven't opened up any ports04:51
JZAppleswylde, you can have a gui with SSH?!?!?!04:51
jon180will switching to unity 3d from 2d fix the 100% cpu usage issue in 12.04 if i have an nvidia graphics card?04:52
footvillai purchased 4 500 gig WD Ae4 drives04:52
footvillaI want to do a Raid 1004:52
Vampyre2007found the init file, but, don't know what to do there.... just delete the logout command and tell it to echo "ctrl-alt-del is disabled?"04:52
wyldeJZApples: well you CAN get the full desktop, but it's much faster to just launch the individual applications, and their gui opens locally :)04:52
nintetwhy is distro.ibiblio.org/ubuntu/  so confusing???04:52
shortdudey123hi, i am running ubuntu 10.04 and i am trying to add JAVA_HOME as a permanent environment variable.  I added it to /etc/environment and also adjusted PATH, however only the adjusted PATH is being picked up.  Any ideas?04:52
RangerMauveVampyre2007, I think so04:53
aeon-ltdjon180: no guarantees unless this is a reported bug04:53
JZAppleswylde, not sure how that would work with WebOS though04:53
RangerMauveVampyre2007, make sure to back it up first04:53
wyldeJZApples: eg. I ssh into my remote system using ssh -X hostname , then launch nautilus, or gedit filename. :)04:53
aeon-ltdjon180: worth a shot though, what would it cost? about 5 mins04:53
jon180how do i switch to unity 3d?04:54
wilee-nileejon180, at the login is a dropdown icon of a gear.04:54
wyldeJZApples: yeah I don't know. If you can run ssh and have an xserver you can do it. Even on windows using putty and ummm I used to use cygwin for my xserver...mind you that was eons ago :)04:54
Vampyre2007k... sec...04:54
jon180i saw that but did not see options for unity04:54
JZAppleswylde, yeah i can't run those things on the WebOS partition.  I did setup ubuntu and lxde (i think), but decided to stick with WebOS.  TigerVNC is working for me, but i'm not sure about vino on the ubuntu box.  My girlfriend says that messages keep popping up asking permission to connect to the desktop.04:55
wilee-nileejon180, I belive it is ubuntu unity is the ubuntu-desktop04:55
jon180i thought i was using that one04:55
wyldeJZApples: yeah, I honestly have no idea about WebOs. I beleive you can disable those messages from vino.04:56
JZAppleswylde, i don't want to disable them, i want to know why they're popping up while i'm at work, not attempting to connect to it.04:56
wyldeJZApples: ahh ok, that shouldn't be happening then heh.04:57
JZAppleswylde, then again i don't ever see them, so who knows what she's really talking about04:57
jon180it had "ubuntu" and "ubuntu 2d"04:57
wilee-nileejon180, I have not looked close but I think there are 2 ubuntu choices, or at least it escapes me as of now. You might not have 3d access as of now needing a graphic driver is this possible?04:57
jon180i installed the nvidia driver, which worked for me in 10.0404:57
wilee-nileejon180, cool so two choices did you get to the 3d?04:57
jon180i used ubuntu 3d because i assumed ubuntu is 1d, or is that not the case?04:58
jon180i meant 2d04:58
wyldeJZApples: wish I could be more help, I don't actually use vnc for remote connections at all.04:58
jon180i will try selecting "ubuntu"04:58
killswitch_well, edited the control-alt-delete.conf file in init but didn't seem to work04:58
killswitch_any other ideas?04:59
L3toplol@1d... the ubuntu line...04:59
wilee-nileejon180, both, a choice, depends though on the hardware most get it running I think probably.04:59
L3topIt's fast... but hard to use well.04:59
jon180thanks for the help04:59
wilee-nileejon180, not sure I helped but good luck, :)05:00
vivekimsitHii guys! I want a help05:01
wilee-nileevivekimsit, tell us your problem and maybe someone will know.05:02
vivekimsitHow can I create a ad-hoc n/w to connect my tablet with the internet with the help of my laptop!05:02
vivekimsitI am using Ubuntu 10.1005:02
bazhangvivekimsit, ics?05:03
wilee-nileevivekimsit, 10.10 is eol end of release were you aware of this?05:03
JZAppleswylde, yeah thanks dude.  I don't blame you, i've only heard unsecure things about it.  From what she tells me it says "someone is attempting to connect to your computer allow/don't allow" and she either ignores it or clicks don't allow.  i'm gonna check out the router logs05:03
bazhang!ics | vivekimsit you mean this?05:03
ubottuvivekimsit you mean this?: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing05:03
vivekimsitI was reading these docs and I am confused05:03
vivekimsitAnyone which have really done this?05:04
gaelfxvivekimsit: is the laptop connected to the internet via wifi or wired connection?05:04
vivekimsitits connected with the wired n/w05:04
gaelfxvivekimsit: should be a snap then, just follow the link bazhang gave you05:05
vivekimsitYa I am reading it, thanks bazhang :)05:05
yjacketI can no longer ssh to my Ubuntu server, and when I hook it up to a monitor/keyboard, and type "sudo service ssh restart" all I get is: "shift: 28: can't shift that many"... google returned another user with a similar problem, but no replies...05:06
action09can someone tell me (url ?) a way to move the unity launcher at the bottom please ?05:07
wilee-nileeaction09, http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/how-to-move-unity-launcher-to-bottom-of.html05:08
yjacketDoes anyone know why I can't restart ssh? This is really weird...05:08
cem____i have a problem05:08
_jon180_i just switched session types to "ubuntu" and things seem a lot faster, but ps still shows unity 2d, how do i tell if i am using 2d or 3d?05:10
cem____anybody can help05:10
_jon180_i ran ps auxx | grep -i unity05:11
killswitch_what is your problem cem______05:11
action09wilee-nilee  thanks !05:11
wilee-nileeaction09, cool, I was not sure if a precise was the same as oneiric with this, I assumed it was.05:12
=== zay is now known as Vladislas
action09wilee-nilee anyway there are some bugs/issues05:14
action09wilee-nilee i do'nt know why it's not a feature initially 0005:14
action09wilee-nilee thanks again   ; )05:15
action09yjacket look your logs ?05:15
Flynsarmyhow do i turn off the grouping in alt tab in 12.04?05:17
vivekimsit1gaelfx: Hi, I tried to follow the "Wireless Ad-Hoc connection sharing scenario" but my device can't find the n/w05:17
linusasus6hi I went to a streaming website and now my cursor moving everywhere How to fix that please05:19
EargasmicGiantso im a new linux convert but im still having problems05:23
EargasmicGiantis this thing on?05:23
SarahsButtHow do I highlight the person i am responding to?05:23
EargasmicGianti dont know im new to irc too05:24
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
SarahsButtCan anyone help me? My birghtness is locked to MAX and I can't reduce it on my lapto05:24
linusasus6you mention his name05:24
gaelfxvivekimsit1: you mean the android device?05:24
bazhangSarahsButt, tab complete their nick: type three letters, then hit the tab key05:24
vivekimsit1gaelfx:I have blackberry playbook05:24
SarahsButtbahzang: bla05:24
SarahsButtdid that work?05:25
EargasmicGiantno i put the new ubantu on my old laptop and its real slow05:25
bazhangSarahsButt, try baz not bah05:25
=== solid is now known as Guest94246
gaelfxEargasmicGiant: the laptop or ubuntu?05:25
SarahsButtbazhang: potato05:25
bazhangEargasmicGiant, try lubuntu yet?05:25
EargasmicGianti found puppy linux05:25
bazhang!lubuntu | EargasmicGiant05:25
ubottuEargasmicGiant: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.05:25
gaelfxvivekimsit1: and what kind of wifi card is on the machine creating the network? what kind of wifi on the Playbook?05:26
EargasmicGiantmy laptop is old it still has stiuckers on it that say windows 98, 200005:26
WulRadyansykaEargasmicGiant: RAM?05:26
gaelfxEargasmicGiant: also CPU?05:26
vivekimsit1gaelfx:  I am using the hp laptop, how to tell the kind of wifi card , I am confused05:26
EargasmicGiantlike its maxed out at 256 x 205:26
linusasus6please how to fix the cursor moving everywhere05:26
=== root is now known as Guest60665
gaelfxvivekimsit1: lspci | grep wireless05:27
EargasmicGiantsomeone put more memory in it to run xp but xp is superslow05:27
WulRadyansykaWindows XP will fly with 512MB RAM05:27
SarahsButtCan anyone help me my brightness on my laptop is stuck on max.05:27
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
gaelfxvivekimsit1: sorry, lspci | grep Wireless05:27
L3topgaelfx: vivekimsit1 lspci | grep -i wireless05:27
EargasmicGiantbut it dont05:27
EargasmicGianti had windows 2000 and it was good so i guess whats an equivelant to windows 200005:28
WulRadyansykaIt did for me with 256MB, even Oblivion was playable on it05:28
vivekimsit1its : 05:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)05:28
=== Guest5122 is now known as Bogdaniel
EargasmicGianti have the ubantu thats for desktops the 700mb iso05:28
EargasmicGiantand its slow to start and choppy05:28
L3top!lubnutu EargasmicGiant second verse, same as the first05:29
ubottuL3top: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:29
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest19965
L3top!lubnutu | EargasmicGiant second verse, same as the first05:29
frybyeSarahsButt: the normal key-combination gives you not control?05:29
EargasmicGiantalrighty tighty05:29
frybyee e e no control?05:30
SarahsButtfrybye: the normal key combination displays the graphic saying the value is changing but the brightness is still stuck on max05:30
gaelfxvivekimsit1: any other devices you could use to check if they see the network?05:30
EargasmicGiantthe person i normally talk to isnt up yet hes in romania lol05:30
EargasmicGianthes the one who converted me to linux lol05:31
L3topci face!05:31
vivekimsit1gaelfx: how can I know my ssid of the ad-hoc n/w?05:31
linusasus6please I really dont like this a cursor gliching05:32
frybyeSarahsButt: and when you go into the system control/brightness and screen-lock department?05:32
SarahsButtfrybye: same issue won't adjust. I've had this issue for about 3 years now, and across the last 4-5 ubuntu releases.05:33
ActionParsniplinusasus6: does it happen in Unity2d session?05:33
linusasus6no I'm on ubuntu lucid05:34
mute_Anyone successfully use dual monitors in 12.04? I can't seem to figure out how to set my primary monitor even after some extensive googling.05:34
frybyeSarahsButt: perhaps it is a bit cheeky of me - but after 3 years it is perhaps about time for a new laptop anyhows or... (buy a different make/model with good ubuntu compatability!)05:34
ActionParsniplinusasus6: ok, then if you use metacity instead of compiz?05:34
EargasmicGiantso is all smartphones based of linux?05:35
linusasus6where I look for that I dont understand your questions05:35
SarahsButtfrybye: 3 years? damn I don't have no money. It's still a good laptop with some good specs. MY windows partition can handle the brightness settings flawlessly. It's not a hardware issue.05:35
frybyeSarahsButt: what does google say about the problem "<make and model of laptop> brightness ubuntu"05:35
ActionParsnipEargasmicGiant: wrong channel dude05:35
L3topEargasmicGiant: this is a support channel. #ubuntu-offtopic is for chitchat05:36
EargasmicGiantit was a question is all jeez05:36
SarahsButtfrybye: seems liek it's a common issue with this laptop05:36
frybyeSarahsButt: I am no real linux wizz - with me it is the use of scanner part of multi-function printer/scanner that never works with ubuntu - my soloution to that is also on a different partition ;=)05:37
SarahsButtfrybye: thanks mate05:38
linusasus6so how to fix the cursor glitching please05:38
frybyeSarahsButt: and nowhere via google is a soloution to be found... that actually works?05:38
ActionParsnipSarahsButt: is it an acer by any chance?05:38
hh#name MOH_tech05:38
SarahsButtfrybye: gateway NV5805:38
SarahsButtActionParsnip: Gateway NV5805:39
simplewits possible to report bugs if runing ubuntu???05:39
simplewits only possible to report bugs if runing ubuntu???05:39
frybyeSarahsButt: ActionParsnip is helping you now - he *is* a linux wizz!05:39
ActionParsniplinusasus6: press ALT+F2 and run:  metacity --replace05:39
ActionParsnipFrybye: hardly :)05:39
frybyeActionParsnip: well a whole lot further on than me...!05:40
ActionParsnipSarahsButt: yeah gateway isn't much better05:40
SarahsButtMY EYES ARE DYING!05:40
linusasus6ActionParsnip no nothing change05:40
=== evac is now known as evacy
ActionParsnipSarahsButt: tried the bootoption: acpi=linux05:41
=== hh is now known as MOH_Tech
and1_can anyone recommend a good pcmcia wifi card that works with linux05:41
SarahsButtActionparsnip: I don't even know what that means05:41
ActionParsniplinusasus6: what is the issue with the pointer exactly?05:41
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | SarahsButt05:42
ubottuSarahsButt: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.05:42
linusasus6is moving everywhere and glitching, I got to use my wireless mouse if I use my mouse pad I cant go anywhere with my cursor05:43
L3toplinusasus6: and this is definitely not a hardware error?05:43
frybyeSarahsButt: I can well imagine that might help you a load - wish you well - I am outa here for a bit now...05:44
ActionParsnipAnd1_: http://linuxhcl.com/browse/search?category=2505:44
SarahsButtfrybye: I hope so. Thanks mate.05:44
linusasus6no it happen just after I visit a streamming website05:44
and1_thank you ActionParsnip05:45
ActionParsniplinusasus6: what make and model mouse? Is it plugged into a USB3 port?05:45
kartooki like to add multiple locations on my ubuntu 12.04 LTS . i used 10 .04 and i cas see on the clock tap locations .i cant find on 12.04 pls help05:45
ActionParsniplinusasus6: sorry, what make and model system (please be a sony vaio)05:46
kartookhow to install ubuntu12.04 classic with graphices05:47
linusasus6it is a synaptic pointer device on my laptop Asus k52jr and my wireless is a lx6 from logitech05:47
bazhang!notunity | kartook05:47
ubottukartook: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic05:47
bazhangkartook, there is no classic. I told you this yesterday05:47
ActionParsnipkartook: do you mean compiz? Desktop effects, as that is default05:47
=== confused is now known as webchat00998
kartooki love to mabuntu transformer pack all the time .. but i its not working on the compiz effects like magiclamp05:48
kartooki love to have magiclamp effct05:48
ActionParsniplinusasus6: are there bugs reported? All I can suggest is the boot option: i8024.reset05:49
linusasus6no bugs reported05:49
ActionParsnipKartook: enable it in ccsm then05:49
L3toplinusasus6: So, if you reboot this persists?05:49
kartooki dod sudo apt-get install compiz*05:50
CheeryI tried to do losetup -P while ago.. but util-linux is too old in ubuntu05:50
Cheerywhen are you going to fix this problem?05:50
Munkyman587hey guys05:50
L3toplinusasus6: I go back to hardware problem. I realize that it occurred while you were at a streaming site, but... hardware doesnt go bad till it does. Can you disable the touchpad and plug in another mouse?05:50
ActionParsnipkartook: then you have ccsm and can use it05:51
Cheeryhi Munkyman58705:51
kartooki fely hard to use this one al lthe time05:51
Munkyman587I run a minecraft server on a 12.04 ubuntu install, and my drive just filled up with .xsession-errors.old05:51
kartooki always use simple-ccsm on oldversions05:51
ActionParsnipCheery: have you reported a bug?05:51
linusasus6how do disable the touchpad05:51
CheeryActionParsnip: I haven't.05:51
Munkyman587I have no idea what to do  =/  I am considering doing a fresh install just to solve it05:51
ActionParsniplinusasus6: keyboard shortcut maybe05:52
CheeryActionParsnip: where to do so?05:52
alusionWhat command is it to add Cairo dock to startup? and how do I find the answer to this myself for future notice?05:52
ActionParsnipCheery: then how do the devs know there is an issue?05:52
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:52
linusasus6dunno what a keyboard shortcut do with a mouse05:53
SarahsButtwhat does "Dependency is not satisfiable: boot-sav (>=3.18)" mean?05:53
EargasmicGiantso anyone know what lubantu iso i should get?05:53
Munkyman587how would I even remove the hidden file .xsession-errors.old ?05:53
CheeryActionParsnip: probably in no way. except is an outdated package a bug?05:53
EargasmicGiantthe iso's are as big as the one i have now 700 mb05:54
ActionParsniplinusasus6: look at the keyboard, there may be a shortcut to disable it, just as you can d05:54
L3topCheery: what exactly are you trying to do?05:54
FyodorovnaEargasmicGiant, what is your goal here?05:54
ActionParsnipDisable other hardware05:54
CheeryL3top: trying to emulate SD-card with loop device.05:54
L3topCheery: and what version of ubuntu are you on?05:54
CheeryL3top: trying to access partitions05:54
bazhangEargasmicGiant, no need for the iso if you have ubuntu already installed, just install the package lubuntu-desktop05:54
EargasmicGiantto put linux on my old laptop that was built for windows 98 200005:54
EargasmicGiantbut its slow and choppy05:55
CheeryL3top: Linux ruttunen 3.0.0-19-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 19 19:05:14 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:55
ActionParsnipCheery: report a bug and it may get updated05:55
Cheerydoes this say?05:55
Cheeryuname -a05:55
bazhangEargasmicGiant, so install the package as I just said05:55
FyodorovnaEargasmicGiant, if you have ubuntu installed.... as suggested you would just add the desktop.05:55
CheeryActionParsnip: thanks. I'll do so.05:55
L3topCheery: -p reads the passphrase from a file descriptor, what is -P supposed to do?05:56
linusasus6no I see a thing to disable it but it dont work I can still move the cursor little bit with the touchad so is not disable05:56
EargasmicGiantno i had windows 2000 on it and i wiped the 30 gb hard drive and installed ubantu05:56
EargasmicGiantand its slow to respond05:56
bazhangEargasmicGiant, install lubuntu-desktop then05:56
CheeryL3top: if the device has partitions, it should create things like /dev/loop0p1, p2, p3, p405:56
EargasmicGiantupdates take hrs05:56
WulRadyansykaEargasmicGiant: what kind of CPU it has?05:57
CheeryL3top: it's a recently added feature05:57
EargasmicGiantidk old05:57
EargasmicGiantit was originally built for windows 98 200005:57
mrecI really wonder why canonical is permanently changing the touchpad mousehandling05:57
mrecnot a single version has consistent handling05:57
L3topI see... Ok then... am just unfamiliar with that. Thanks for the info Cheery05:58
ActionParsnip!info util-linux05:58
ubottuutil-linux (source: util-linux): Miscellaneous system utilities. In component main, is required. Version 2.20.1-1ubuntu3 (precise), package size 578 kB, installed size 1503 kB05:58
EargasmicGianti know ubantu says when i installed it it need 256 memory and thats almost all of the memory on my laptop05:58
=== Guest096 is now known as ubuntoo
domo1how can I grab sun java for my server?05:59
Onixscheck kids doing various covers http://www.youtube.com/user/WeAreMent2BeSomebody?feature=guide05:59
bazhangOnixs, wrong channel05:59
ActionParsnipWikipedia says 2.21 is latest, so not old at all cheery05:59
wylde!ot | Onixs05:59
ubottuOnixs: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:59
CheeryActionParsnip: just enough to not include the -P :)05:59
fernidomo1: from oracle.com05:59
linusasus6I did a scan with clamav theres no virus05:59
EargasmicGiantand when i installed ubantu it took up all my 30 gb hard drive06:00
CheeryActionParsnip: you think I could compile my own package which would replace this one?06:00
ubuntoowhich is more stable 11.10 or 12.04 Please tell if you have tested practically and have used both. Thanx in advance.06:00
CheeryActionParsnip: or find precompiled one somewhere06:00
ActionParsniplinusasus6: i couldve told you that ;-)06:00
EargasmicGiantthats what i have on my laptop is 12.0406:00
CheeryActionParsnip: it avoids me writing one script so it'd be nice.06:00
EargasmicGiantbut i think my laptop sucks its old06:01
fernidomo1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java06:01
linusasus6ActionParsnip theres not a command to fix this bug06:01
EargasmicGiantok so everyones ignoring me?06:01
ActionParsnipCheery: no reason why not, i suggest you run:  ubuntu-bug util-linux   and report the issues06:01
bazhangEargasmicGiant, we told you how to install lubuntu06:01
EargasmicGiantya and its the same as what i got06:02
ActionParsniplinusasus6: no key to disable touchpad?06:02
CheeryActionParsnip: thank you06:02
EargasmicGiantany smaller linux i can use?06:02
linusasus6ya but it doesnt work06:02
bazhangEargasmicGiant, and an install of Ubuntu will not use 30gb unless you direct it to use that much space. so install the package, no need to chat here about it as this is support only06:02
EargasmicGiantor do i just reinstall and use less space on my hdd06:03
trent_anyone know how i can get this " lib32ncurses5-dev "06:03
ActionParsnipEargasmicGiant: lubuntu, slitaz, tinycore, puppy06:03
domo1can I use openjdk in place of the official java safely?06:03
EargasmicGiantpuppy ok i heard of that06:03
domo1or is terrible06:03
bazhangdomo1, sure06:03
ActionParsnipdomo1: sure06:03
EargasmicGianti did tell it to use 30 gb but can i cvhange it or reinstall it06:03
linusasus6the cursor look like he took speed or redbull06:04
ActionParsniplinusasus6: did you try the bootoption I gave?06:04
EargasmicGiantgreat thx for no help06:04
robertzaccoursound is fuzzy when recorded. any suggestions?06:04
robertzaccouris there an app that would "normalize" audio recording?06:05
linusasus6what a boot option do with a cursor explain please06:05
trent_is there a ubunto guru in the house? cant locate  lib32ncurses5-dev06:05
fernitrent_: apt-get install libncurses5-dev:i38606:06
bazhang!info lib32ncurses5-dev | trent_06:06
ubottutrent_: Package lib32ncurses5-dev does not exist in precise06:06
ActionParsniplinusasus6: the boot option tells the kernel to behave differently, the kernel is the access to all hardware06:06
wylde!info lib32ncurses506:06
ubottuPackage lib32ncurses5 does not exist in precise06:06
ActionParsnip!find lib32ncu06:06
ubottuFile lib32ncu found in lib32ncurses5, lib32ncurses5-dev, lib32ncursesw5, lib32ncursesw5-dev06:06
linusasus6so what I do alt+f2 ??? what else06:07
wyldeuhhh, I found it using apt-cache easy enough....who taught ubottu to lie?! :P06:07
ActionParsnip!bootoption | linusasus606:07
ubottulinusasus6: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.06:07
trent_E: Couldn't find package libncurses5-dev:i38606:07
WulRadyansykayou should not recommend puppy. they even managed to break iconv06:07
bazhang!ot | WulRadyansyka06:08
ubottuWulRadyansyka: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:08
ActionParsnipTrent_: try using software centre06:08
rfmrobertzaccour: have you chased down all the analog problems that can affect recording?  Got a good solid common ground between the source and the sound card?06:08
linusasus6nothing pertinent there06:08
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Cheeryhttps://www.google.fi/search?q=ubuntu+util-linux+2.21 <- btw. I feel I smell a phish there.06:09
robertzaccourrfm, I don't even know how.06:09
trent_software center? im a first time user what/where is that?06:09
ubuntoo which is more stable 11.10 or 12.04 Please tell if you have tested practically and have used both. Thanx in advance.06:09
bazhangubuntoo, try livecds of both. no need for polling06:10
ActionParsniplinusasus6: Jesus! Hold shift at boot, when grub shows press E, add the option after the words: quiet splash    Press Enter toco06:10
linusasus6cursor getting worse and worse speedy gonzales is slower06:10
ActionParsnipTo continue the boot06:10
stillhi after /dev/dsp was blacklist, what is the replacement device name in /dev? thanks06:10
rfmrobertzaccour: then you're probably screwed here.#ubuntu can at most deal with software problems, but if you're not sure you have a clean signal into the sound card, software can't help.06:10
vulturesoftware center is like a app store  but it's free.06:10
trent_vulture got a link?06:11
ActionParsnipubuntoo: both identical here as I don't use compiz :-)06:11
ubuntoobazhang:  its good to get opinion before installing, live cd cannot compete with full installation. Its just for new users06:12
linusasus6I cant go anywhere now my cusor is posseded06:12
ActionParsnipubuntoo: i'd go for 12.04 as it is LTS06:12
robertzaccourthere's nothing wrong with my sound card it records fine in windows, but is fuzzy in ubuntu06:13
ActionParsniplinusasus6: you don't need to 'go anywhere' you are manipulating grub which loads before ubuntu06:13
ubuntooActionParsnip:  thanx but just for tag lts?Have u used it06:13
ActionParsniplinusasus6: thats why i said to reboot...06:14
_jon180_in 12.04, how do i switch to unity 3d?06:14
linusasus6but how to restart computer without mouse and what command I enter after holding shift and press e06:15
ActionParsnipubuntoo: Precise? Yes since Alpha106:15
ubuntooActionParsnip:  not alpha, i am talking about stable release06:15
ActionParsniplinusasus6: press ctrl+alt+t  and run: sudo reboot    try06:16
trent_Anyone know how to get this im not seeing it in the software store eighter libncurses5-dev06:16
Cheerythe precise has 2.20.. should I dist-upgrade?06:16
wyldeubuntoo: 12.04 is released, some of us used it during the alpha and beta stages to test and report bugs.06:16
ActionParsnipubuntoo: well, it means I've used it and now have the stable release. Think about it06:16
kamilnadeemNeed some help with Crayon Phyusics06:17
kamilnadeemon 12.0406:17
kamilnadeemthe game isn't launching?06:17
Cheeryokay.. I guess I'll upgrade06:17
CheeryIt'll mess up my system further.. but I guess I'll handle it. .)06:18
ActionParsniplinusasus6: try ungluing your hand from the mouse and use the keyboard and commanine just a little. It will make your life easier06:18
L3topCheery: one moment06:18
ubuntoowylde: ActionParsnip Thanks, but i mean is it worth to upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04? I am seeking stability. Ubuntu is not fully stable on my coreI3 sandybridge desktop. Lot of stability issues06:18
L3top.20 does not understand the -P switch06:18
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: what if you launch it from terminal?06:19
_jon180_how do i enable unity 3d?06:19
kamilnadeemActionParsnip, telling06:19
fidel_ubuntoo: at the end we cant tell you if 11.10 or 12.04 works more stable on your device06:19
ActionParsnipubuntoo: i always clean install new releases06:19
L3topCheery: 2.20 does not understand the -P switch06:19
CheeryL3top: oh okay. well it's still okay for me to upgrade06:20
ActionParsnip_jon180_: setup 3D acceleration and you can choose the 'Ubuntu' option from the login page06:20
wyldeubuntoo: it has run very stable for me ever since a few days into the beta1 stage. With only a few minor hiccups. But that's just my experience on the hardware I have.06:20
L3topCheery: Sure... was just saying if you were worried about problems, and were only doing it for the upgraded package...06:21
_jon180_so "ubuntu" is definitely supposed to be 3d and not 1d, right?06:21
CheeryL3top: but you think I could get 2.21 from somewhere myself? without having to wait for upgrade teams?06:21
ubuntoowylde:  thanx06:21
linusasus6_ok now my touchpad doesnt work anymore an the cursor stop glitching06:21
trent_anyone libncurses5-dev??06:21
kamilnadeemActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/963989/06:21
ubuntootrent_: google it06:21
ActionParsniplinusasus6_: all better now?06:21
trent_Couldn't find package libncurses5-dev:i386  ive been googling it all day06:22
linusasus6_ya no more touchpad he is dead or something06:22
L3topCheery: dpkg-query -s reveals that it is an essential package. I really just wouldn't bother with it, and mount things manually06:22
wylde!find libncurses06:22
ubottuFound: libncurses5, libncurses5-dbg, libncurses5-dev, libncursesw5, libncursesw5-dbg, libncursesw5-dev, libncurses-gst, libncurses-ruby, libncurses-ruby1.8, libncurses-ruby1.9 (and 6 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libncurses&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all06:22
wyldetrent_: drop the :i38606:22
trent_ubottu how do i install it? can you help a new user out?06:23
ubottutrent_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:23
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: you need to install the package providing that file. Try changing directory to the folder containing the binary. The pwd may be important06:23
wyldetrent_: sudo apt-get install  libncurses5-dev06:24
kamilnadeemActionParsnip, ok trying06:24
ActionParsniplinusasus6_: is that the desired outcome?06:24
trent_wylde Couldn't find package06:24
linusasus6_what do youmean06:24
L3topWhat version of ubuntu are you on trent_?06:24
CheeryL3top: okay06:24
linusasus6_the glich is fix but the touchpad dead06:25
ActionParsniplinusasus6_: as I say. Is the current functionality of the touchpad as you want it?06:25
kamilnadeemActionParsnip, I am installing the game again this time from its deb file06:25
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: probably better, deps will be hopefully sorted06:26
kamilnadeem:( still not launching06:26
kamilnadeemlet me check what it says in terminal when I try it from opt06:27
ActionParsniplinusasus6_: if all is well, we can make the option stick06:27
trent_<wylde> holy crap dude i think it finally worked06:27
ubuntookamilnadeem: change desktop resolution. Try native resolution or some low resolution.06:27
linusasus6_I guess is maybe better like that a dead touchpad and a really great mouse06:27
wyldetrent_: good stuff :)06:27
trent_im about to find out ill let you know in a sec06:28
rinzlerhow does one create an alias for bash?06:28
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: you may have to symlink later versions of the libs to fool your app into thinking you have the file it wants06:28
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
kamilnadeemFailed to execute 'crayon'06:29
=== Guest19965 is now known as Bogdaniel
kamilnadeemActionParsnip, how does one do that, also the game ran fine on 11.04 and 11.10 OTB06:29
trent_nope still says Couldn't find package lib32ncurses5-dev06:29
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest65402
ActionParsniprinzler: run:   gedit ~/.bashrc    you will see other aliases defined. Copy the format06:29
rinzlerActionParsnip: cool. Thanks!06:30
z3ro3xIn Ubuntu 12.04 where does Empathy store it's chat logs?  I tried deleting them through Empathy by clicking View -> Previous Conversations -> Edit -> Delete all history -> All accounts -> Clear all.  But they remain in the log window.06:30
linusasus6_thank Idont know what we did and how the touchpad stop working but if it stay like this I guess is good06:30
kamilnadeemActionParsnip, The log http://paste.ubuntu.com/964003/ says some files are missing o.O06:30
restingi installed vsftpd..but hw do i set the user and pwd for the login?06:30
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: it probably had the right numbered lib. Precise probably has a later version using a later number, so the game can't find it06:31
wyldetrent_: I just installed it fine here ... hmm06:31
kamilnadeemActionParsnip, so what should I do to make it work?06:32
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: so what you do is make a link pointing to the newer lib but give the link the name your error gave. The file will be identical but the game will see what it needs06:32
linusasus6_a last question when the upgrade will start for ubuntu 10.04 the 26th of this month?06:33
trent_wylde after i installed it the first time i went back to reinstall some android stuff and it still says not found??06:33
=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
trent_wylde from line #9 http://www.droidforums.net/forum/galaxy-nexus-development/193651-how-build-your-own-custom-rom.html06:34
wyldetrent_: so when you installed it, it definately installed properly?06:34
trent_i think so hang on a sec ill reinstall it and tell you what it said06:34
kamilnadeemActionParsnip, I am sorry brother but I don't know how does one do that?06:34
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: so if you have libjpeg.so.69 in /usr/lib but your game wants libjpeg.so.62  you would run: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libjpeg.so.69 /usr/lib/libjpeg.so.62     and it will f06:35
trent_Reading state information... Done libncurses5-dev is already the newest version.06:35
ActionParsnipWill fool the app06:35
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: obviously this is an EXAMPLE, your filenames and locations may be different06:36
wyldetrent_: ok, well that's all I can assist you with. You should be seeking support from droidforums.06:36
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: i suggest you use locate to find the file to link to06:37
trent_wylde its a common string on several forums thanks thou guess ill just give it a try06:37
wyldetrent_: it's not an official ubuntu project, so it isn't supported here.06:38
pungi-manwhat are the criteria to become developer of Ubuntu??06:39
trent_wylde thank again06:40
wyldepungi-man: http://developer.ubuntu.com/06:40
kamilnadeemI will tryit later06:40
linusasus6_the sound is not in the headphones anymore also, what have we done please06:41
=== lasers` is now known as lasers
lotuspsychjeactivity-log-manager crashed on precise, any bug related?06:46
lotuspsychjekernel: [ 9190.474886] activity-log-ma[12910]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f5134cec7b0 sp 00007fff044fd918 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.3200.1[7f5134cb4000+f2000]06:46
RexHaviKi installed 'prelink' and have initiated the process finally error free, the question is, how do i tell or get an indication that i am infact running in a 'prelinked' mode?06:47
lotuspsychje!info prelink06:50
ubottuprelink (source: prelink): ELF prelinking utility to speed up dynamic linking. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.20090925-1 (precise), package size 619 kB, installed size 892 kB06:50
ghilher...rather weirdly, unity 3D isn't showing anymore. I was trying Gnome-shell, which was really really slow (there's something wrong that's for sure) and when I tried to get back to Unity, the dash and the top bar wouldn't show.06:50
ghilbut unity 2d works really well.06:50
lotuspsychjeRexHaviK: maybe 'man prelink' in terminal?06:50
lotuspsychjeghil: is your pc up to date hardware?06:51
ghilI have an Asus G60jx, so it's rather up to date. Unity 3D was working perfectly before.06:52
bobbyaldolhey guys how to reset the password for mysql06:52
lotuspsychjeghil: on ocelot?06:52
lotuspsychjeghil: no i mean (before=ocelot)?06:53
ghiloh no, fresh install of 12.0406:53
lotuspsychjeghil: is that an ati or nvidia?06:53
ghilnvidia with up to date xorg/drivers.06:53
lotuspsychjeghil:so you installed nvidia-current?06:54
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L3topbobbyaldol: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/resetting-permissions.html#resetting-permissions-unix06:54
ghilI'm on 302.0706:54
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-current06:54
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 295.40-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 32650 kB, installed size 96032 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)06:54
lotuspsychjeghil: try this06:54
ludkillerbobbyaldol try this http://bit.ly/IHpPhV06:54
ghilI'm one more than the current.06:55
ghiland it was working fine all day, until I tried Gnome-shell.06:55
lotuspsychjeghil: ok strange, maybe walk around /var/log/syslog to see some errors06:55
ghilyeah I'll try that.06:55
lotuspsychjeghil:maybe gnome shell changed a conf somewhere06:56
ubuntooghil:  is 12.04 super stable or just normal? I want to know as i am also planning to switch to 12.0406:56
ghilthat's what I'm thinking.06:56
ghilubuntoo: so far, it's rock solid.06:56
lotuspsychjeubuntoo:for me its also running very smooth06:57
ludkillerhey whats the olderst linux based OS06:57
ghilthe oldest distro still active you mean?06:57
ghilor a derivative of linux?06:57
ubuntooghil:  Have you tried 11.10? If yes, which is more stable?06:57
ghil12.04 so far ubuntoo.06:57
ubuntooghil:  thanx06:58
L3top!poll | ubuntoo06:58
ubottuubuntoo: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:58
ludkillerdistro still active and please tell me about the stability of ubntu 12.0406:58
lotuspsychjeludkiller: precise is very stable for me06:58
ghilludkiller: I'd wager it's between Slackware, Debian and Red Hat.06:58
ghilMandrake came pretty early too.06:58
ubuntooubottu:  okay, can u tell what does bots mean. I have heard this word for games too????06:59
ubottuubuntoo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:59
ghilbots are programs.06:59
ghilthey check for triggers and respond to them according to their programmation.06:59
llutz_!ot | ludkiller: slackware it is06:59
ubottuludkiller: slackware it is: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:59
ludkillerk thanks07:00
ghilwell...Unity's not working anymore. I always wanted to try KDE anyhow.07:00
L3topKDE is very stable.07:01
ludkillergnome is good too07:01
linusasus6ok sound fix cursor reglitch maybe it is the linux 3.0 on 2.6 it have no glitch no touchpad on 3.0 touchpad work07:01
ghilI'm an Openbox guy normally.07:01
ludkillerya triggers like hi07:02
ludkilleru can program bots using mIRC i think07:02
APoulosHello all, if someone here is knowledgable about PPAs and can help me with my issue - please mention my name.07:02
L3toplinusasus6: do me a favor... boot to a live disk and tell me if the problem persists. I will say again, this sounds like the HW is the problem.07:02
Kartagis!ask | APoulos07:03
ubottuAPoulos: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:03
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:03
APoulosKartagis: I wanted to give patience to one of the higher up members of the IRC to help me, I wasnt meaning to ask to ask a question07:04
ljsoftnetwhats the command to make fmtools run the fm tuner?07:04
ludkiller!ot APoulos07:04
linusasus6so it may explain why the ntfs partition disapear from the grub07:04
APoulosludkiller: please, its not off topic07:05
ludkillerAPoulos "Trophy Earned: No Offtopic Discussion"07:06
ljsoftnetwhen i turn on fmtools and run fm 99.5 65535 on the terminal, it makes a sound on the station for a split second and turns off its not consistent, how do i make it consistent07:06
L3topAPoulos: you have not asked a question, you are just chatting. Please... state your issue and ask an actual question.07:06
dannyalt tab closes out my opend windows how do i get alt tab to jsut swicth regualary07:06
ghiloh I found my problem. o.O07:06
ghilsomething removed ubuntu-desktop. o.O07:06
lotuspsychjelinusasus6:try pysdm for auto mount ntfs07:07
ubuntooHow to connect mobile with ubuntu? I mean are there any PC suite alternatives?07:07
linusasus6how lotuspsychje07:07
lotuspsychjelinusasus6: sudo apt-get install pysdm07:07
lotuspsychje!info pysdm | linusasus607:08
ubottulinusasus6: pysdm (source: pysdm): Graphical Storage Device Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-0ubuntu3 (precise), package size 28 kB, installed size 292 kB07:08
ljsoftnetwhen i turn on fmtools and run fm 99.5 65535 on the terminal, it makes a sound on the station for a split second and turns off its not consistent, how do i make it consistent07:08
APoulosHere's what ails me.  I used the program Y-PPA-Manager by Webup8team, which backs up my PPAs, the problem I'm having happens when I try to restore them, they don't show up in the software center - so what I did was I manually added them via software center as such "deb blahblahblah/blah/blabla/my_ubuntu_version_here main" which makes them browseable and displayable in the software center but not the ppa manager07:08
linusasus6ok pysdm is install then what07:09
ludkilleri am using 11.XX distro of Ubuntu and getting an Error While running apt-get update07:09
APoulosI asked the guy who manages the launchpad about the issue and he told me to run the following commands "ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ - which only returned 2 repos - not the ppas07:09
APoulosso what I'm not understanding is, whats the difference between adding them as ppas instead of adding them manually to the sources list?07:10
APouloshe said that "I'm adding the PPA's complete deb line instead of the PPA itsself - so what should I do?07:11
llutz_APoulos: "grep -r ppa /etc/apt/source* "07:11
lotuspsychjelinusasus6: open a terminal and type sudo pysdm07:11
FyodorovnaAPoulos, two different places ifn you use the pa install it goes to the list.d07:11
L3topAPoulos: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d07:12
lotuspsychjelinusasus6:then change all ntfs drives to 'mount' and reboot07:12
llutz_APoulos: i guess you added it to /etc/apt/sources.list instead07:12
APoulosL3top Fyodorovna llutz_ so I added the complete deb to the sources list instead of the PPA itsself?07:13
llutz_APoulos: does your sources.list show any ppa-entries?07:13
dannyplz someone point me in the right direrction alt tab is not working it closes my opened ap07:14
APoulosllutz_ can I pastebin the output?07:14
llutz_APoulos: i have no www here, just answer yes/no07:14
APoulosllutz: what does that mean?07:15
APoulosllutz_: are you saying you have no way to browse the net and look?07:15
llutz_APoulos: thats it07:15
llutz_APoulos: "grep -r ppa /etc/apt/source* "   any entries shown in /etc/apt/sources.list?07:16
APoulosllutz_ yes07:16
karthick87I have given this command to restrict users changing wallpapers "gconftool-2 --direct --config-source xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory --type string --set /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename /usr/share/backgrounds/Amitabh.png" But how do i revert back these changes ? Can anyone help me pls ?07:16
llutz_APoulos: remove them, put them into single files for every ppa under sources.list.d/07:16
ljsoftnethow do i use fmtools to play run my fm tuner?07:16
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
zebe42how do you tell what audio driver/deamon is being used. ubuntu 12.0407:17
APoulosllutz_ could you phrase that differently? most of the entries I see here look like this: "/etc/apt/sources.list:deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/webupd8team/y-ppa-manager/ubuntu precise main"07:17
jarcohello, I installed ubuntu. Now I am greeted with a black screen with a mouse pointer (I can move the mouse pointer). How can I make my gui appear?07:18
Fyodorovna!nomodeset | jarco07:18
ubottujarco: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:18
llutz_APoulos: those ppa-entries shouldn't be written to /etc/apt/sources.list. they go to files in /etc/apt-/sources.list.d like07:18
llutz_/etc/apt/sources.list.d/lubuntu-dev-staging-precise.list:deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/lubuntu-dev/staging/ubuntu precise main07:18
ljsoftnethow do i use fmtools to play run my fm tuner?07:19
APoulosllutz_: should I just nuke the source file then, and add them all back from scratch using the ppas?07:19
llutz_APoulos: however you like07:20
jarcoFyodorovna: i ll take a look. Thx07:20
Fyodorovnajarco, cool, no problem. :)07:20
APoulosllutz_: if I sudo rm my sources.list, will all hell break loose?07:20
paulus68does anyone know a good program to recover rar passwords07:21
llutz_APoulos: don't do that!07:21
chk`afkpaulus68 - it usually involved bruteforcing the password and is very slow07:21
llutz_APoulos: sources.list holds the main distro-repos. just remove the ppa lines07:21
chk`afkif the password is long/includes special characters you may never "recover" it07:22
paulus68chk`afk: that's not a problem I just need a good program to do this ;)07:22
zebe42I'm trying to get audio working with virtualbox, I'm not sure what host audio driver I am using. Does anyone know how to find this out?07:22
fidel_hi - just reading about fedora17 & a multi-seat function. (english src: http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/multi-seat ) - any idea if that will come to ubuntu as well?07:22
APoulosllutz_ wouldn't it just rebuild?07:22
paulus68chk`afk: do you know such a program?07:23
FyodorovnaAPoulos, I would some what disagree with the help here but if you nuke the source,list you will remove important repos, but these can be generated here. http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/07:23
llutz_APoulos: no it wouldn't (iirc)07:23
fidel_according to the article most likely not that fast07:23
APoulosFyodorovna: could you PM me07:23
* ubuntoo wants users to try mail.com if they want some nice domain names07:24
FyodorovnaAPoulos, I don't PM, sorry.07:24
ljsoftnethow do i use fmtools to play run my fm tuner?07:24
APoulosFyodorovna: then what are your thoughts? I want to hear all courses of action before I select a single one07:24
missusehow to change dns server for my broadban07:25
llutz_APoulos: what's the problem? remove those lines from sources.list, add ppa either by using add-apt-repository or manually creating files under sources.list.d/07:25
missusewhy is it so hard to change even the simple thing like that in ubuntu07:25
zebe42missuse: what version of ubuntu are you running?07:26
FyodorovnaAPoulos, only that the ppa's have to be in the sources.list.d it is easier to see all together there but can be in the regular list afaik  if put in the regular list just lable a line ppa's witha # at the beginning of that line.07:26
scar3crowwhat's the most secure way to log into my computer remotely?07:26
zebe42scar3crow: ssh07:27
jarcoFyodorovna: Awesome Link. I booted into my gui now. Thanks mate07:27
scar3crowzebe42: ty07:27
APoulosllutz_:.... the output of your grep command - I just go through, line after line and search and replace those with nothing using a text editor?07:27
Fyodorovnajarco, cool update the OS and look in additional drivers for any missing drivers.07:27
llutz_APoulos: yes07:27
xgptis anyone an xmpp/jabber user? I'd like to test something...07:28
APoulosFyodorovna: thank you for your link btw, I'll keep that.07:28
APoulosllutz_: now - I must ask you, what is the best way to backup your system?07:28
FyodorovnaAPoulos, I was just concerned over the removal of the sources.list content and that you had a way of geting it, a good resource .07:29
APoulosllutz_: that way I can prevent things from going completely wrong07:29
APoulosFyodorovna: yes, I see your concern as I am still somewhat concerned of doing it myself -07:29
llutz_APoulos: there is no _best_ way. i prefer using rsnapshot to backup /home, /etc/ and parts of /var + a list of actually installed packages07:29
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APoulosllutz_: say I wanted to make my own custom 12.04LTS iso that had everything installed for me that I previously had... what would I use?07:30
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest79704
llutz_APoulos: no idea, you might google for "remaster ubuntu"07:30
lotuspsychje!info remastersys07:31
ubottuPackage remastersys does not exist in precise07:31
APoulosllutz_: tried that, remastersys practically messed up my system07:31
APoulosllutz_: it created a virtual swap of some sort that I couldnt remove07:31
lotuspsychjea fresh install would be good idea07:31
APouloslotuspsychje: ive done about 3 of those this week. but I suppose 1 more wouldn't hurt07:32
llutz_APoulos: idk what remastersys does, i never had the wish to remaster something. i'm doing simple netinstalls and that's it07:32
APoulosAPTonCD doesnt work either, doesnt restore the lib files you need.07:32
APoulosalright. I have to sort this out.07:33
APoulosgoodbye until I'm finished07:33
zebe42I'm trying to get audio working with virtualbox, I'm not sure what host audio driver I am using. I have the choice of Pulse, ALSA, and OSS. I am running ubuntu 12.04 64bit desktop.Does anyone know how to find this out?07:33
APoulosthank you for all the help07:33
lotuspsychje!info reconstructor07:33
ubottuPackage reconstructor does not exist in precise07:33
paulus68chk`afk: Do you know a program like this?07:36
ubuntuhello i nedd help with kernel panic - not syncing out of memory no killale process error at boot up.07:37
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=== aknewhope_ is now known as aknewhope
jayarwhen i know i have a usb drive plugged in, how do i mount it via ssh07:42
jayaror how do i find if its even connected07:42
ubuntuhelp_jaytar, you cannot mount a drive using ssh07:42
jayaryes you can07:42
linuxfreakerHi Guys07:42
ubuntuhelp_jaytar: "lsusb" will list usb drives connected to your machine07:42
llutz_jayar: "fdisk -l"07:42
ubuntuhelp_generally you want to to do something along the lines of "mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb"07:43
ubuntuhelp_you need to determine where your device is located07:43
ubuntuhelp_then mount it07:43
jayarim just tryin to find out where it is07:43
linuxfreakerI am new to UEFI. Any idea how to make dell server to support UEFI boot on Ubuntu v11.407:43
ubuntuhelp_thats easy to determine07:43
jayarjust trin to know which dev/sd its on07:44
testHi folks.07:45
mmlevitttest: hello.07:45
ubuntuhelp_sure one second07:45
ubuntuhelp_ill provide some instruction07:45
jayartest: hello response07:45
ubuntuhelp_jaytar, have you tried the command "dmesg"07:46
kanliotthere will also be a test later07:46
jayarholy crap thats alot of stuff07:46
testWhoops, hadn't realised I forgot to set my username :)07:46
testI'm running 11.10, and I really want to be able to run an application (in this case social media app) as a "locked" sidebar, so that other windows don't overlap it even if they're maximised. Any ideas? Kind of a Holy Grail for me for the last few months :)07:47
ubuntuhelp_jaytar: you need to find out from the output what /dev your device is on07:47
ubuntuhelp_jaytar: i promise the information is there07:47
linuxfreakerAny idea how to make dell server to support UEFI boot on Ubuntu v11.407:47
jayarscsi 6:0:0:0: Direct-Access Flip Video Camcorder PQ: 0 ANSI: 0 CCS07:47
danbeamhello! does anyone have a good recommendation for video capturing software? I'm desperately in need of a good one...07:47
llutz_jayar: "fdisk -l"07:47
jayarllutz: doesnt do anything07:47
testI'm fairly tech-savvy, happy to get into tweaking fairly deep configuration or compiling stuff...07:47
llutz_jayar: use sudo then07:48
ubuntuhelp_llutz: "fdisk -l" will not help him. This only works for mounted drives!07:49
danbeamvideo screen capture specifically for Gnome07:49
androidhello all07:49
=== android is now known as Guest17269
llutz_ubuntuhelp_: nonsense07:49
zebe42Is asking a question a fourth time bad manners?07:50
kanliotgo zebe4207:50
zebe42I'm trying to get audio working with virtualbox, I'm not sure what host audio driver I am using. I have the choice of Pulse, ALSA, and OSS. I am running ubuntu 12.04 64bit desktop.Does anyone know how to find this out?07:50
jayaronly in a row, zebe4207:50
kanliotany should work zebe4207:51
ubuntuhelp_llutz_: he is trying to mount a usb or pci device. fdisk -l is useless. It is used for mounted drives or filesystems only.07:51
JohnnyricoMCand it's fourth, you were right the first time zebe42.07:51
llutz_ubuntuhelp_: nonsense07:51
esaki install ubuntu 12.04. after conneted to wireless internet. show this message when ubuntu is booting for long time." waiting for network configure"07:51
llutz_ubuntuhelp_: you want to read what fdisk is/does before you spread those stupidities07:51
ubuntuhelp_I guess you can't teach the ignorant07:51
ubuntuhelp_llutz_: "man fdisk" thanks.07:52
jayarsudo mount /dev/sdd /media/Flip07:52
jayardoesnt work07:52
kanliotshouldnt' it be sudo fdisk -l07:52
Jordan_Ujayar: Do you know if this camera presents itself as a disk drive?07:53
ubuntuhelp_jayar: the sdd devices are usually numbered. are you sure its not sdd1 or sdd2?07:53
jayaroh sdd107:53
ubuntuhelp_-_- yes07:53
jayarstill says /media/Flip does not exist07:53
ubuntuhelp_go to /mnt07:54
testubuntuhelp_ : Only on mounted disks? You really are a pillock. You should UNMOUNT before using fdisk to avoid file system damage07:54
llutz_jayar: sudo mkdir /media/Flip07:54
ubuntuhelp_create a directory "Flip" using "mkdir Flip07:54
esaki install ubuntu 12.04. after conneted to wireless internet. show this message when ubuntu is booting for long time." waiting for network configure"07:54
ubuntuhelp_then mount it there07:54
ubuntuhelp_does lsusb show the device07:55
jayarhow do i mkdir when its not even mounted..07:55
Jordan_Utest: Name calling is not needed or wanted here. Please don't do it in the future.07:55
=== mrintegrity is now known as Guest87207
danbeamjayar: you're making a directory on your local disk so you can mount it there07:55
ubuntuhelp_you create a pseudo folder in either the /media or /mnt directory07:55
ubuntuhelp_then you mount it to that folder07:55
jayarwell dang07:55
jayarit worked :)07:55
ubuntuhelp_glad i could help07:56
ubuntuhelp_to unmount, you type "unmount /media/Flip"07:56
ubuntuhelp_do this before ejecting07:56
ubuntuhelp_yes umount07:56
danbeamllutz_, ubuntuhelp_ never had to capture your screen in Ubuntu/Gnome?07:56
ubuntuhelp_sorry typo07:56
Jordan_U!who | ubuntuhelp_07:56
ubottuubuntuhelp_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:56
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=== ` is now known as md_5
zebe42kanliot: well its seems to be working in the virtual win764bit. but I am not hearing any sound.07:57
zebe42oksy, trail and error works, pulse audio didn't do it, but ALSA did :P07:57
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:57
llutz_danbeam: nope07:57
danbeamllutz_: damn07:57
kanliotzebe42, trial and error is the offical linux way07:58
kanliotits pro07:59
linuxfreakerAnyone who can suggest me regarding UEFI07:59
llutz_danbeam: if i need to record stuff, i simply use "script"07:59
danbeamllutz_: hehe, that works for text07:59
Jordan_U!anyone | linuxfreaker07:59
ubottulinuxfreaker: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.07:59
zebe42kanliot: true that07:59
kanliotlinuxfreaker, why would you need to config ubuntu for uefi?07:59
linuxfreakerAny idea how to make dell server to support UEFI boot on Ubuntu v11.407:59
Jordan_Ulinuxfreaker: Though the first suggestion I would make would be to avoid UEFI if at all possible.07:59
linuxfreakerkanliot: Due to the requirement for the boot disk size over 3TB and application07:59
robertzaccourwhen editing in Kdenlive whenever I include a title clip, rendering fails. Any suggestions? BTW I know there's #kdenlive but you try getting a response there, especially at this hour.07:59
Jordan_Ulinuxfreaker: You can use GPT with BIOS just fine.08:00
linuxfreakerJordan_U: But how about if with UEFI08:00
kanliotlinuxfreaker, i think you are a bit confused, but i'm not 100% sure08:00
Jordan_Ulinuxfreaker: You can of course use GPT with UEFI, but why do you want to use UEFI?08:01
kanliotyeah why uefi08:01
kanliotnever a reason to use it08:01
linuxfreakerJordan_U: Due to the requirement for the boot disk size over 3TB and application, I want to use UEFI08:01
ghcurious, how to clear the privacy database in 12.04? because clicking "clear all" does not clear it? also disabling the logging does not disable the logging... why?08:02
ubuntuhelp_linuxfreaker: your question is a bit ambiguous, but this may help you: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI-howto08:02
Jordan_Ulinuxfreaker: The requirement of the boot disk size being over 3 TiB can be met without using UEFI. I don't understand what you mean by "and application".08:02
ferniJordan_U: well.. that depends, at least this laptops bios can't handle gpt08:02
ubottuSciottus: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:02
Boothkneed help installing skype and vlc through a proxy via apt-get.08:03
auronandaceBoothk: skype isn't in the repo08:03
=== aknewhope_ is now known as aknewhope
auronandace!skype | Boothk08:04
ubottuBoothk: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga08:04
robertzaccourwhen editing in Kdenlive whenever I include a title clip, rendering fails. Any suggestions? BTW I know there's #kdenlive but you try getting a response there, especially at this hour.08:04
Jordan_Uferni: What makes you think that it can't handle GPT? Booting via BIOS doesn't require the firmware to understand partition tables of any form.08:04
ferniJordan_U: well tried formatting gpt -> did not find any bootable disks08:04
Jordan_Uferni: How did you install grub?08:05
linuxfreakerubuntuhelp_: Thanks for the link. I am little confused..if thats link I need to follow for Dell Poweredge servers to boot ubuntu08:05
linuxfreakerubuntuhelp_: It says EDK II build environment ...what that is for?08:05
linuxfreakerubuntuhelp_: Whats the whole concept here about?08:06
linuxfreakerubuntuhelp_: It seems it covers VM part..08:06
ferniJordan_U: I discovered it when trying out fedora, it defaulted to gpt -> did not work. when i formatted it msdos, it worked. But dont know how fedoras installer installs the grub08:06
Jordan_Uferni: There are some buggy (mostly Intel) BIOS's which do for some reason look at the msdos partition table and check that a partition exists with a boot flag. Luckily all GPT labels also have a protective mbr containing an msdos partition table, so you can still mark the protective partition active and the firmware will happily boot from the disk (loading the bootloader from the mbr, as it should).08:07
zmalexhi. I have a problem repairing my jetty installation. apt-get remove says it's not installed while apt-get install says it is.08:07
zmalexI googled to find a fix but i'm out of luck.08:07
ubuntuhelp_linuxfreaker: EDK II is just the environment and version control system that has been developed for EFI users08:07
ferniJordan_U: havent tried with ubuntu, since this created msdos table. this is samsung 5 series with some phoenix bios / uefi08:08
linuxfreakerubuntuhelp_: Okie fine...so are we going to build custom firmware08:08
Jordan_Uferni: Fedora's installer markes a partition active by default when installing with an msdos label, but not when installing via GPT (because technically it's against spec to have an active partition in the protective msdos label). You can still mark a partition active yourself though and solve the problem.08:08
linuxfreakerubuntuhelp_: and the custom UEFI firmware to be able to support Ubuntu 11.408:08
linuxfreakerubuntuhelp_: Correct?08:08
Boothkauronandace: Thanks, but i already enabled the canonical source. The problem I'm getting is apt-get spewing "407 Proxy authentication required". Problem is, I did authenticate and i can use the internet just fine otherwise08:09
auronandaceBoothk: sorry, i have no experience with proxies08:09
Jordan_Ulinuxfreaker: Please answer, why do you want to use UEFI? (And remember, you do *not* need UEFI to have a 3+ TiB boot disk)08:09
ubuntuhelp_linuxfreaker: thats the idea. your firmware can be ported all the way from 11.04 to 12.0408:10
ghI'm aware it's because of zeitgeist, but removing that does not solve the problem08:10
robertzaccourWhenever I include a title clip in video editing rendering fails. Any suggestions? This is in Kdenlive08:10
ferniJordan_U: oh, well thanks for the info, have play around a bit if i decide to reinstall sometime in future. just though it was a bios, uefi/gpt worked fine08:10
ghit seems unity keeps that somewhere?08:10
ubuntuhelp_linuxfreaker: build instructions for setting up UEFI are on the website08:10
linuxfreakerJordan_U: Thats what I am required to do...please understand08:10
Boothkhelp needed with apt-get via proxy. authentication failing for some reason.08:10
linuxfreakerubuntuhelp_: Okie I went through the link...08:11
wookienzhi, i have two nics. When the second nic omes up it adds a second default route that i dont want. How do i stop this behaviour?08:20
SunTsuwookienz: how do you configure it?08:20
Jordan_Ulinuxfreaker: Since you are using a 3+ TiB disk Ubuntu's installer will use GPT for the disk (and would even on a BIOS based boot). I *think* that if you boot the install CD via UEFI the Ubuntu installer will install grub-efi as well, but that's mostly a guess.08:20
krababbelwookienz: When you give an address to a link, it seems to get a route automatically. You can delete it using 'ip route delete'08:20
linuxfreakerJordan_U: So u guess it will work if installed it with UEFI option08:20
Jordan_Ulinuxfreaker: Correct.08:20
linuxfreakerJordan_U: Let me try out and check it today08:20
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SunTsukrababbel: of course it gets a route, that's how it should be, but it won't get a default route automagically, except you use dhcp or other magic stuff08:21
robertzaccourWhenever I include a title clip in video editing rendering fails. Any suggestions? This is in Kdenlive08:21
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:21
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robertzaccourWhenever I include a title clip in video editing rendering fails. Any suggestions? This is in Kdenlive08:24
robertzaccourWhenever I include a title clip in video editing rendering fails. Any suggestions? This is in Kdenlive08:25
SunTsurobertzaccour: be patient. Asking the same thing twice a minute apart will help you nothing - except if your goal is to annoy people08:26
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robertzaccourSunTsu: I'm waiting a few minutes apart after several people have entered the channel, and I figured surely out of hundreds of people there's kdenlive users that are using 12.04. ya dig?08:27
SunTsurobertzaccour: well, believe me or not, it's up to you, you just made me be even more annoyed, congrats.08:28
NaeblisI'm looking for a alarm/notification software, for scheduling my daily time table. Any good recs?08:28
robertzaccourSunTsu: There is an ignore feature. If you would rather complain about users needing help than feel free to use it. This is a help channel BTW08:29
krababbelSunTsu: Ah, default route.08:29
SunTsurobertzaccour: well, if you beg to be on it: so be it08:29
llutz_robertzaccour: did you ask in #kdenlive ?08:29
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robertzaccourllutz_: of course, and its hard to get a response there at any time of day, especially at this hour.08:29
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robertzaccourSunTsu: Like I said, if you'd rather complain when a user asks for help then it doesn't affect me if I'm on your ignore list. It actually may hurt you if you need my help in the future so think about that.08:31
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vexaxvhey guys, quick question what exactly does the command "sudo apt-get update" do? how come when i use this i get updates sometimes08:32
sburjanvexaxv: this shecks if there are updates for your system. if there, you get the update window08:33
llutz_vexaxv: it updates package information for available packages08:33
SunTsuvexaxv: it updates your package lists - i.e. queries your package repositories for them and they tell you what they have in stock08:33
vexaxvso how come when i get updates say i get 50 updates..i run it and sometimes ill get 51 instead08:33
vexaxvor 5208:33
vexaxvits almosst like i should be running that command before i update08:34
richtroyeI get the idea that in the world of debs there's a two-step procedure for making your system current:  (1) update and then (2) upgrade08:34
SunTsuvexaxv: yes, of course. You need to do that before using apt-get upgrade - or use some graphical package manager to do that for you08:35
isnnnnvexaxv: you need to run update before upgrade08:35
vexaxvso that command updates the lists so i get the right upgrades?08:35
SunTsuvexaxv: exactly08:35
richtroyeSunTsu Which step is the one that does the large downloads if necessary?08:36
vexaxvokay thanks guys08:36
vexaxvone more thing08:36
vexaxvanyone in here play second life? lol08:36
richtroyei haven't figured out what to do with my first life yet08:36
vexaxvplay second life and find out :P08:36
SunTsuvexaxv: this is a support channel. To talk about anything else, please go to #ubuntu-offtopic08:36
richtroyeI'd rather code thanks08:36
vexaxvsame i enjoy programming and k suntsu08:37
vexaxvcya guys thanks for the help08:37
richtroyeSunTsu Which of the steps {update, upgrade} is the step that does the large download, if required?08:37
ndeeI have the output of "pidstat -r" and I want to calculate the average process size. Is it possible with a command to trim all the spaces, so that in max, there is one space as a delimiter?08:37
SunTsurichtroye: packages are downloaded when doing apt-get upgrade08:37
SunTsundee: you don't need to, just tell awk to use multiple (white)spaces as field separators08:38
ndeeSunTsu, ah, I used "cut", gonna take a look at awk08:38
SunTsundee: awk can sum up on it's own, so awk is what you want anyway - or perl ;)08:39
ndeeSunTsu, oh, perl is a beast :D08:39
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u19809hi all, I use pan under kubuntu.  pan uses gnome keyring manager but when I ener my password it requests a password to access the keyring but the one I provide (which is the one used by kwalletmanager) does not seem to work ?08:42
Joyland12Hi all08:50
Joyland12This is the first time I am joining an IRC08:50
psypher246hello all, is there anyone here with some openvpn ssl cert generation experience? I am a bt stuck on something silly that used to work fine before 12.04 and all howtos say the same thing08:51
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SunTsupsypher246: Please, ask what you want to know, straight to the point and with as many details possible08:52
psypher246cool,  I am having some trouble trying to run build-ca and keep getting error: http://pastebin.com/kn4kVBZX re openssl.cnf not being found etc. I have tired several howto's online and fixes for this error and none work08:52
psypher246the one fix is to run source vars as per ubuntu howto https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN08:53
psypher246other fix is to run sudo su firts then . ./vars08:53
Fudgehi,  dont seem to be able to find where 'connect to server' can remember the session to add to bookmarks without editting .gtk-bookmarks08:53
SunTsupsypher246: well, I use tinyca or build certs using openssl directly08:54
psypher246SunTsu: :)08:55
psypher246SunTsu: thank you I will most definietly check that out08:56
gaelfxFudge: what "connect to server" are you talking about?08:58
Fudgegaelfx  from nautilus, connect to server int he file menu where you can select a hostname ssh etc, gnome2 had an option to save the server info and give it a lable which would then be available from the bookmarks menu in nautilus09:01
esakubuntu write message " waiting for network configuration" for long time when booting :( .09:03
gaelfxFudge: can't you just use ctl+D once you connect?09:03
SunTsuesak: it's looking for dhcp. If you don't ned that: turn it off09:04
Fudgegaelfx  what does that do09:04
gaelfxFudge: creates a bookmark09:04
esaksuntsu how turn off it ?09:04
gaelfxFudge: or there's the Bookmarks menu right around the File menu09:04
SunTsuesak: depends on how you configured it. Normally you ned to edit /etc/network/interfaces09:06
Fudgegaelfx  thats very helpful thank you09:06
* nyuszika7h waves09:07
gaelfxFudge: no problem09:07
polishguy94Hello! I've been using 12.04 for two weeks, sound has been working fine but yesterday my soundcard (CA0106) stopped working: it is detected, everything looks fine but It behaves like it was muted (but it isn't!)09:08
esaksuntsu . i open interface white gedit. so how turn off it ?09:08
ThinkT510polishguy94: what does alsamixer reveal?09:09
SunTsuesak: how do you configure your network?09:09
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esaksuntsu im beaginer. i want solve problem. what do now ?09:10
polishguy94ThinkT510 - nothing's muted there09:10
SunTsuesak: well, answering my question qould be a good start. How do you configure the network you use?09:11
ThinkT510polishguy94: ah, so no MM?09:11
polishguy94ThinkT510: no MM09:12
* nikolja Dobar dan09:12
NoFactdobar den09:12
polishguy94I have two soundcards, though, maybe the unused one was switched to default, how to check that?09:12
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esaksuntsu i now used ethernet cable. but wireless isnot in network manager list09:13
ThinkT510polishguy94: might be f6 in alsamixer09:13
SunTsuesak: OK, you use network manager, that's what I wanted to know09:14
ThinkT510polishguy94: should say in the top right of alsamixer09:14
fidel_hi - is there another method then using 'last' to check the last login attempt of each defined user on an ubuntu-box?09:14
polishguy94That's weird09:14
polishguy94Now i realised that when I turn on alsamixer the tray icon says muted09:15
SunTsuesak: I'd use "auto lo" in network/interfaces, nothing more09:15
fernipolishguy94: hmm, what if you open the sound settings and toggle output volume off and on again. I've had couple of times situation similar that everytings seems to be fine but no sound and that solved the ting09:15
ChesterXhey guys, after i installed ibus to tipe chinese all my deadkey (^,´,`, etc...) got killed. is there a way of keeping ibus active and still enable them?09:16
esaksuntsu i use it too. i pase content of interface file here.....auto lo09:16
esakiface lo inet loopback09:16
esakauto dsl-provider09:16
esakiface dsl-provider inet ppp09:16
esakpre-up /sbin/ifconfig wlan0 up # line maintained by pppoeconf09:16
esakprovider dsl-provider09:17
FloodBot1esak: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:17
ThinkT510!paste | esak09:17
ubottuesak: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:17
esakauto wlan009:17
polishguy94ferni: doesn't work09:17
polishguy94I unmuted the tray icon but still broken09:17
polishguy94Is there a way to easily reinstall the sound drivers?09:18
DracoZAQuestion regarding printing, the tab "server settings" has been removed from 12.04 so where do I enable publishing of printers ?09:19
esaksuntsu see content of interface file here .  http://paste.ubuntu.com/964227/09:19
ThinkT510polishguy94: sound drivers are in the kernel, it seems more of a config issue than a driver issue09:19
ThinkT510polishguy94: try reinstalling pulse09:19
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polishguy94ThinkT510: apt doesn't find it09:20
polishguy94Did you mean PulseAudio?09:20
SunTsuesak: there's a auto wlan0, too, that prolly is what takes time09:21
polishguy94Do i need to restart the system before installing again or not necessarily09:21
ThinkT510polishguy94: not sure sorry09:21
SunTsuesak: and why do you use ppp dialin there? You could do that with networkmanager, too09:22
pungi-mandoes anyone know a good site or pdf file to learn python??09:23
ThinkT510pungi-man: #python09:23
esaksuntsu . what shud do now ?? plz help me09:23
pungi-manthanks for the channel but I want to learn python from scratch?? I am familiar with programming!09:24
DracoZACan anyone tell me if there has been a specific change to printer sharing in 12.04, everything was working without much config in 11.x and now nothing works, I cant see or connect to a shared printer09:25
ThinkT510pungi-man: the guys in #python can give great advice on how to accomplish that09:25
SunTsuesak: it does not seem to be dhcp, pppoe setup probably takes some time, and there's no way to speed it up09:26
psypher246pungi-man: udacity.com09:28
steveccchas anyone noticed lots of 550 errors over the last 24 hours - I am having problems sending mails from my google apps account09:28
pungi-manthanks psypher246 !!09:28
psypher246learn to program a search engine from scratch09:28
psypher246in python09:28
psypher246and other advance prograaming courses, all free09:29
psypher246it is awesome@!09:29
pungi-manits really a good site psypher246 !09:29
psypher246it's amazing, i finished that 3 weeks ago, doing web app dev now09:30
esaksuntsu no way !! so bad.09:30
ludkillerya ++ to psypher24609:30
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)09:30
psypher246realy realy realy good, i can't stress it enouhg, if u want to learn to code, doit, just a few weeks at your own pace,09:30
DracoZAI dont know why I bother with Linux in an office environment just creates more work for myself09:31
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SunTsuesak: I'd only use "auto lo" and do the rest using networkmanager09:31
psypher246pungi-man: start it now, you can cath the last 2 weeks up quick09:31
aciculaDracoZA: best to discuss that in -offtopic unless you have a particular support question09:32
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nyuszika7hIs #ubuntu+1 invite-only because there is no newer release than 12.04?09:32
pungi-manyeah I have already started it09:32
DracoZAacicula ive asked a question twice but no response09:32
esaksuntsu my dhcp is on or off ?09:32
richtroyeI have a question.  I just found that on my ubuntu 12.4 with mplayer and smplayer installed, a video plays as a small image which on another machine (fedora 12) is resized to fit the whole window.  Mplayer used there too.09:32
SunTsuesak: it's off, there's no dhcp in your interfaces file09:32
esaksuntsu after i connected wireless internet  it happen.09:33
richtroyeEven when I type 'f' during mplayer play to go fullscreen, and it does go fullscreen, the image is still small and centered in that full screen.09:33
aciculaDracoZA: i doubt anyone here can tell you of a specific change to the printer subsystem09:33
richtroyeVideo in question is captured from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEpFnyDBj8w09:33
esak suntsu before connected wireless internet is was normaly09:33
richtroyeDo you have any suggestions on what I can do to get the 12.4 mplayer to go large-image in this situation?09:34
pungi-manpsypher246, thanks again!!09:34
aciculaDracoZA: except that im sure it still uses cups09:34
psypher246pungi-man: pleasure09:34
ludkillerpsypher246 , any website like this one to learn Objective C and Assembly ?09:34
ludkillertheres one more website like coursera.org where i learn Cryptography09:35
acicularichtroye: you can change the video driver output of mplayer, or tell it to stretch the video. youll have to look in the man page on how to do that though09:35
richtroyeacicula I know about the -aspect option but I haven't tried it.09:35
polishguy94I've reinstalled pulseaudio - there's still no sound and sound icon disappeared from my top bar09:35
richtroyetrying that now09:35
psypher246well not sure but check this: http://www.hardocp.com/news/2012/05/02/harvard_mit_announce_free_online_classes/09:35
richtroyeNo difference09:36
DracoZAacicula certainly there would have been notice of an increase in questions/problems relating to printing, I have done a clean installation and a simple task such as sharing a printer doesnt work, the "server settings" tab under printer properties has vanished but when you go to the printer properties to try and enable publishing you get the message to go to "server settings" to enable publishing09:37
DracoZAwhich is no longer there!09:37
ludkillerthanks i will get updated regularly about that ...... thanks again psypher24609:37
polishguy94fucking linux, nothing can just work, there must always something get broken without doing anything. PIECE OF SHIT09:37
aciculaDracoZA: hmm thats clearly not right09:37
DracoZAacicula thats what I thought09:38
ajay__hey all09:38
ajay__i just found a cool video09:39
ajay__just check this out09:39
ajay__Cool Futuristic Desktop by necopost09:39
ajay__on youtube09:39
ikoniaajay__: please don'tpost in here09:39
FloodBot1ajay__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:39
ikoniaajay__: this is a support channel, we are not interested in videos09:39
ajay__i need to know how to install this09:39
ajay__sure. i know09:39
DracoZAand the worst is I now have the staff in the office giving me crap because they cant print and of course linux gets blamed, it's already an uphill battle trying to implement linux in a MS environment and then to have printing issues...anyway im sure my ramblings are falling on deaf ears.09:40
ajay__could anyone tell whats the error in the program. the author is not available09:40
ikoniaajay__: error in what program ?09:40
ajay__please follow the link09:41
=== linagee_ is now known as linagee
ajay__its on necopost [dot] com09:42
ikoniaajay__: I don't want to watch a video09:42
ikoniaajay__: just tell me the problem you want resolved09:42
ajay__its based on conky09:42
ikoniaajay__: what's the problem you want resolved09:42
ajay__the configuration file has an error09:42
ikoniaajay__: what is the application called09:43
ThinkT510ikonia: like blood out of a stone...09:43
ajay__the name is conky-Tronn.. it is a  Tron like theme09:43
ajay__its on necopost [dot] com09:43
fidel_ajay__: ever considered asking in #conky?09:43
ajay__i tried09:43
ajay__as I'm so excited and want it now09:43
fidel_as it should somehow be morte conky related then ubuntu? just my feeling09:43
ajay__I gave up for a while and came here09:44
richtroyeacicula I found the issue.  I had a second separate mplayer process running.  When I got rid of that, the video I was concerned about full-screened just fine.  Interesting behavior, an mplayer bug evidently.09:44
ikoniaajay__: conky-tron is just image files for conky09:44
ikoniait's just a normal conky install09:44
ajay__I installed conky09:44
fidel_its always a good idea to ask in the matching place - you wouldnt ask a bmw-seller for a benz either. anyway - good luck09:44
acicularichtroye: one mplayer just hogging the video out. you can set it to null explicitly09:44
ajay__and when I try to change the configuration to this file09:45
ajay__That he have posted in the website09:45
Lazikajay__: wa this interface looks good09:45
ikoniaajay__: if you are using someone elses config, you need to talk to that person about his config file09:45
ajay__that program goes into an infinite loop or something09:45
fidel_or troubleshooting that config using comments etc09:46
fidel_anyway -> give #conky a try in addition to here ;)09:46
ajay__I thought you guys may have tried something like this09:46
ikoniaFira: anatole ?09:46
MarKsaitishow do u all find 12.04 LTS so far?09:47
ajay__i never tried unity09:48
ThinkT510MarKsaitis: suprisingly good, need any help?09:48
ajay__its not because i hate it using..09:48
richtroyeMarKsaitis I'm hating it less and less !!09:48
ajay__try cinnamon09:48
MarKsaitisThinkT510, I guess not, I have installed it 2 weeks ago and kept upgrading, I just guess that I am all up to date09:48
ajay__best gnome 2 like gnome 3 interfaec09:48
richtroyeI got my twelve virtual workspaces by hacking a bit, arranged in a 3 x 4 grid in the workspace switcher, and I found how to set focus follows mouse, MarKsaitis -- those are always my two first hurdles.09:50
fidel_!ot > anatole09:50
ubottuanatole, please see my private message09:50
richtroyeIt's so nice to think that in five years this system will still be supported !!!09:51
fgWhat differences between Integrated graphics and embedded graphics?09:51
ludkillerwhich program09:51
somethinginteresHow do I install applications to my SSD? I have a 60GB SSD as my / partition but apps don't seem to install to the SSD? How can I make most of my apps install to the SSD?09:55
ikoniasomethinginteres: apps will go where the package tells them to09:55
alankilasomethinginteres: well where do the applications install if not on /?09:55
DJones!ask | zzz_09:56
ubottuzzz_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:56
somethinginteresalankila: I guess it has to be installing on there... just not seeing any speed increases. Odd.09:56
ThinkT510zzz_: absolutely09:56
ThinkT510zzz_: explain09:56
mrsuchyPL<somethinginteres> ssd is your main disk ? I mean / ??09:57
mrsuchyPLzzz_ ?09:57
somethinginteresmrsuchyPL: SSD is my main disk. It's my / partition.09:57
Imrachow do I add multiple ipv6 addresses to a single interface in /etc/network/interfaces?09:57
somethinginteresmrsuchyPL: booting is very quick. App loading, not really09:58
Myrttisomethinginteres: what other partitions do you have then?09:58
somethinginteresMyrtti: only /home09:58
fgMy graphic card is Radeon HD 4200. In thes page: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx what item should i select? Desktop graphics, embedded graphics or Integrated motherboard graphics?09:58
Myrttisomethinginteres: and only one harddrive, the SSD?09:58
somethinginteresMyrtti: nah, different drive for /home09:59
mrsuchyPLsomethinginteres I dont understand you. App dont install where you set or what ?and what is mean "App loading, not really" ?? :)09:59
mrsuchyPLtak you're time and write a problem10:00
ThinkT510mrsuchyPL: he means booting is quick but loading apps isn't10:00
somethinginteresmrsuchyPL: sorry, I mean that applications install but I am not noticing a fast loading speed from them I'd expect for an SSD10:00
LgLfg: try this one  http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx10:00
mrsuchyPLI see10:00
alkisg32 bit is still the recommented download? I thought in UDS it was decided to switch to 64 bit as the recommented one, does someone have any links to why the opposite was decided?10:00
krababbelsomethinginteres: usually apps will load config from your home directory10:00
somethingintereskrababbel: Ah.. that might be it.10:01
krababbelsomethinginteres: you probably could point ~/.config for instance to a partition on your SSD10:01
airtonixsomethinginteres: really depends what it is...10:01
krababbelI'd guess10:02
airtonixsomethinginteres: mozilla programs like to keep an sqlite database in your home folder10:02
fgLgL: Thanks. which item did you select?10:02
Myrttialkisg: usage surveys revealed that a bigger percentage of users were on 32-bit than was expected10:02
somethinginteresairtonix: a good e.g. would be VMWare where SSD speed would be nice. I note it does have a .vmware folder in /home10:02
alkisgThank you Myrtti, I also found a ML thread here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-April/035054.html10:03
alankilaMyrtti: you mean, incapable of using 64-bit OS?10:03
airtonixsomethinginteres: not familiar with vmware10:03
somethinginteresairtonix: np10:03
richtroyeI am having much trouble capturing the resize arrows, both corner and side, on a typical window in Ubuntu 12.4.  I'm running it under VMware Workstation 8, but I've never had such trouble with other OSes I run that way.10:03
LgLhd radeon 4xxx... but its same for all radeon10:03
LgLfg: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI10:03
LgLcheck that out and folow it10:04
krababbelsomethinginteres: what do you mean? I guess putting the vm disk on the ssd would help.10:04
richtroyeIs there a way to increase the border width by a pixel or two, maybe, so I can get a better purchase on those resizing arrows?10:04
aviksilI'm having issues with system tray icons in precise. many applications (e.g. xchat) does not show the system tray icon10:04
krababbelsomethinginteres: but you can specifiy the folder for the disk files10:04
airtonixrichtroye: hold alt, middle click then drag10:04
aviksilthis was not the case for oneiric though10:05
airtonixrichtroye: note: no need to aim for edges or corners10:05
bubuzhi guys question. box A cant get through firewall to internet, but can get to box B which can get out to the internet. I need to be able to update and install things on box A. How would I go about an SSH tunnel allowing this?10:05
somethingintereskrababbel: I might try that actually, thanks.10:05
richtroyeairtonix Thanks, and I've just now found that smashing Alt-F8 helps too10:06
Myrttialankila: I can't remember the details, sorry :-|10:06
SunTsububuz: use ssh's socks proxy10:06
airtonixrichtroye: unfortunately gnomes resize and drag keyboard only shortcuts fail in comparison to kde10:06
richtroyeAll the same, those resizing arrows are flaky in the extreme and should be made unflaky either by removing them or fixing them10:06
airtonixbubuz: if you want a gui interface to managing ssh tunnels , try gstm10:07
SunTsububuz: -D10:07
airtonixrichtroye: that's a problem on every single operating system i've come across though10:07
bubuzairtonix, not bothered about that, would rather CLI10:07
airtonixrichtroye: at least linux has lazy grab to  resize and drag with10:07
bubuzSunTsu, please elaborate10:07
richtroyeairtonix I don't know what middle-click is on my laptop, and the couple of things I tried with Alt didn't work10:08
airtonixrichtroye: you can change it to right click instead of middle click with dconf-editor or gsettings10:08
richtroyeairtonix Is that Alt-F8 thing called "lazy grab"?  Sounds apt10:08
alankilahttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-April/035088.html appears to say that 25 % of machines would fall out10:08
alankilaI can not actually believe this is true, but I haven't read the mail yet10:09
richtroyeI guess I'll just remember Alt-F8 for my own personal use10:09
airtonixrichtroye: no the holding alt, then clicking to drag or resize in any of the general quarters of a window is what i refer to as 'lazy resize/drag'10:09
richtroyeairtonix Oh okay.10:09
SunTsububuz: openssh has a socks proxy facility built in. Use -d <port>, put that  into /etc/apt/apt.conf and there you go10:09
airtonixrichtroye: i don't think there is five minutes that pass each day where i'm not using those shortcuts10:10
fgLgL: Thanks. A useful page:). but i want to understand what type my graphic card is?10:10
SunTsuer -D it is, not -d10:10
richtroyeOh by the way, I'm an xchat developer, and I have a patch I'd like to test on 12.4.  Can someone point me to a cookbook on how to get and build a ubuntu source package, so that I can know and perhaps install the build prerequisites for xchat?10:10
alankilarichtroye: apt-get build-dep xchat should get you started10:11
richtroyethansk AlanBell10:11
alankilathe debian packages are typically build by some invocation like "fakeroot debian/rules binary-arch" at the package root10:12
krababbelAny solution to problems in gnome terminal with irssi?10:12
ThinkT510!source | richtroye10:12
ubotturichtroye: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html10:12
richtroyealankila  Wow, that's pretty nifty!10:12
alankilaoh yes, apt-get source xchat downloads and patches the source, too. I somehow forgot to mention that.10:12
Imrachow do I add multiple ipv6 addresses to a single interface in /etc/network/interfaces?10:13
krababbelImrac: tried adding address lines?10:14
Imrackrababbel yes, first thing I tried10:14
krababbelImrac: You can do 'ip addr add' command10:15
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Imrackrababbel That works fine, but doesn't survive reboot. I tried 'up' and 'post-up' with ip addr and ifconfig add and it still wont re-add the ip addresses10:18
Guest67068Good ornig for all.10:18
dubeyi have installed ubuntu 12.04 and trying to connect to my old server. It is now allowing me to login10:18
krababbelImrac: it doesn't survive probably, yes. Sorry, no idea how to tell Ubuntu to do that. Probably a script thing?10:19
Guest67068I update my ubuntu 12.04 now, and the system not working in 3D mode after update, anyone have this problem?10:19
bubuzSunTsu, there is no /etc/apt/apt.conf file10:19
Imrackrababbel, yeah I suppose, just was hopeing for a more elegant solution10:20
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dubeyany hind10:23
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Lazik"It is now allowing me to login" - so what's your problem?10:23
dubeyLazik: sorry, not allowing me to login10:24
dubeygiving Permission Denied error. I am using .pem file to login10:24
krababbelImrac: looks like aliases are also a method. Ubuntu seems to generally only support using network manager also.   http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/create-virtual-network-adapters-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/10:26
bubuzhi guys question. box A cant get through firewall to internet, but can get to box B which can get out to the internet. I need to be able to update and install things on box A. How would I go about an SSH tunnel allowing this?10:26
DropsOfSerenitynvidia's new driver has XrandR support!!! :O This is the best thing to happen for nvidia linux driver in years, i'm so happy.10:27
DropsOfSerenitywoops thought i was in offtopic sorry.10:27
polishguy94Please have a look on my ubuntu log: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=34f9d5e5dcf331463d46a82235978064f81af8ba10:28
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sveinseI'm running Natty and all of the sudden my wlan (iwlagn) does not support ad-hoc mode. iwconfig reports "operation not supported". This worked a few weeks ago...10:33
bubuznoone know the answer to my question?10:37
savrmy dns isn't working with VPN10:37
ikanoborisavr: Be sure to have the VPN push DNS options to clients over DHCP.10:37
ikanoboriLike with dnsmasq or such.10:37
savrikanobori, is that a server setting?10:38
ikanoboriThat is on the server side, yes.10:38
bubuzhi guys question. box A cant get through firewall to internet, but can get to box B which can get out to the internet. I need to be able to update and install things on box A. How would I go about an SSH tunnel allowing this?10:39
savrI'm using pptpd10:39
SunTsububuz: I already told you, nearly an hour ago10:42
NikPUbuntu 12.04 LTS is the best Ubuntu version10:43
ActionParsnipbubuz: if you run:   echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf     is it ok?10:43
esaknikp is not10:44
ActionParsnip!vnc | bubuz shows how to make an SSH tunnel10:44
ubottububuz shows how to make an SSH tunnel: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX10:44
bubuzSunTsu, you didn't tell me you told me "ssh -D" and wouldnt explain further. sorry for cleaqrly being a fucking noob but thats not a full explanation in my book10:44
NikPI'm in school, even there it will use it10:44
NikPesak: Why?10:44
esaki have big problem nikp10:44
fgLgL: ?10:44
SunTsu!language | bubuz10:44
ubottububuz: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.10:44
bubuzActionParsnip, no.10:44
bubuznp, apologies.10:45
NikPesak: which?10:45
esakcanu help to solve problem nikp10:45
esaki connected to  wireless internet. then alwayes i want enter to ubuntu show this message for long time" waiting for network configure" nikp10:46
NikPesak: I have a query with you10:46
SunTsububuz: I told you to use -D <port>, which creates a socks proxy, which you can put into apt.conf. Which part don't you get? Try to read ssh's manpage, read apt.conf's manpage, expedially the proxy part, try that and ask specifically if you run into problems10:46
NikPesak: Are you running Ubuntu on al Live CD?10:47
SunTsuespecially even10:47
esakno  nikp. i install it10:47
fidel_esak: i had that issue as well - unfortunatly i dont remember in detail how i solved it - but i started googling for the 60sec error message and ended up echoing out a line in a config file10:47
bubuzSunTsu, there is no /etc/apt/apt.conf10:48
bubuzfor a start.10:48
SunTsububuz: then create one. There is none by default, if you create one apt will honor it10:48
esakfidel_ can u help more10:48
ActionParsnipbubuz: you can make it, and it will be used10:48
fidel_esak: like re-googling for you? nop10:49
LgLfg: yes im here10:49
fidel_esak: if noone inhere answers - consider feeding your search-engine with the exact wait-message you see while booting10:49
fidel_esak: this will lead you to several forum posts handling that topic10:50
esakyes. plz. i search very . but cant solve this problem10:50
slimcharlescan anyone help me with my proftpd server?10:50
fgLgL: I want to understand what type my graphic card is?10:50
slimcharlesit always goes into passive mode after login, and then diconnnects10:50
ptrkmjisn't there /var/log/messages file in ubuntu?10:51
fidel_ptrkmj: i dont have it either here on 12.0410:52
ptrkmjcause i need to check it's contents but the file doesn't exist10:52
ptrkmjthis should be some kind of system log10:52
ActionParsnipfidel_: try:  dmesg | less10:52
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fidel_ptrkmj: ActionParsnip means you with that ;)10:53
LgLfg: Mobility radeon HD 4xxx series10:53
LgLfor notebook10:53
esakfidel_ i search and do several way. but have problem yet. can u help me10:53
ptrkmjActionParsnip: no, dmesg lists kernel buffer not syslog10:53
fgLgL: Desktop Graphic?10:53
fidel_esak: i told you everything i am able to tell you without doing a search again myself10:53
fidel_so no - i am not willing to search for you at that point10:54
SunTsuesak: http://lmgtfy.com/ has a comprehensive guid on your topic10:55
ThinkT510SunTsu: please don't use that10:55
LgLfg: the driver is a bundle of alot of drivers.10:55
Imracwell if anyone was interested, found this work around to multiple ipv6 per interface http://goo.gl/C9qR510:56
SunTsuThinkT510: why?10:56
ThinkT510SunTsu: it is rude10:56
LgLdo you have a laptop or a desktop?10:56
bubuzSunTsu, ssh -fCND localhost:1080 user@remoteboxthathasaccesstointernet10:56
bubuzthen I set my firefox to use proxy localhost 1080 to connect10:56
bubuzbut i still cant get any pages.. ?10:56
fgLgL: Thanks alot for your help:)10:57
SunTsuThinkT510: so is urging others to search stuff because "you" don't want to10:57
bubuzany ideas?10:58
SunTsububuz: Did you try using an IP address? Maybe your dns server does not resolve everything10:58
esaksuntsu http://lmgtfy.com/?q=waiting+for+network+configuration10:58
SunTsububuz: and: what kind of proxy did you setup in firefox?10:58
ThinkT510esak: don't do that10:58
esakfidel_ i searching this http://lmgtfy.com/?q=waiting+for+network+configuration10:59
LgLfg: no problem10:59
bubuzSunTsu, tried IP, no go. Manual proxy config -> HTTP proxy and us this roxy for all protocols checked10:59
esakthinkt510 do u know my problem ?10:59
ThinkT510esak: no, but lmgtfy.com shouldn't be used here11:00
SunTsububuz: it's no http proxy. It's a socks proxy, I wrote that multiple times already11:00
fgLgL: :)11:00
esakok thinkt51011:01
bubuzok well socks proxy is set to localhost and same port to11:01
bubuzSOCKS 511:01
SunTsububuz: did you configure both proxy types?11:01
sarthor Any one configure shorewall and LSM on Ubuntu-server, I have Ubuntu-server 12.04 installed. but do not know how to configure, Shorewall channel says "there is no .deb pkg, and you can Guess why there is only rpm " Any help please.11:01
bubuzSunTsu, ah ha - i had to clear all other options other than socks511:02
bubuzworking now11:02
szalsarthor: learn iptables11:03
fidel_sarthor: shorewall is in the 12.04 repos11:03
bubuzso in apt.cfg - what would I need to put in there to tell it to use the proxy?11:03
fidel_so i dont see why you would need to dl it from a project page in the first place11:03
SunTsububuz: well, of course, else you end up trying to use the wrong proxy type, which won't work11:03
sarthorfidel_, shorewll installed. but problem with LSM installation11:03
sarthorfidel_, there is no .dep pakge.11:03
bubuzthank you SunTsu and thanks for your patience11:03
szalwhat is LSM?11:04
sarthorszal, http://lsm.foobar.fi/11:04
t0rx__L3top,  still not having any luck with that PPA, do you think I need a more customized xorg.conf than what X -configure puts out?11:04
bubuzSunTsu, how would I set apt.cfg to point to proxy then?11:04
MonkeyDustor Linu Security Modules?11:05
t0rx__L3top, I installed xserver-xorg-video-intel from the ubuntu-x-swat PPA, did an X -configure, replaced "vesa" with "intel" but still get an X crash with "no screens"11:06
fidel_sarthor: so your issue is that shorewall itself is available via apt - but the LinkStatusMonitor not. checked if that additional thing has maybe a ppa somewhere?11:07
SunTsububuz: just read about that, you need to use tsocks: tsocks apt-get update for example. apt doesn't know how to handle socks on it's own11:07
fidel_or considered (never used that function) to transform the .rpm to a .deb? which should be possible in theory11:07
sarthorfidel_, one can not install lsm via that comand. I asked in shorewall chan too11:07
bubuzok thx11:07
bubuzgrrr but I cant apt-get isntall tsocks11:08
fidel_ok i give up ;)11:08
sarthor but John Cena never given up.11:08
SunTsububuz: ob course not. Just download it manually and scp it there11:08
t0rx__Can anyone help me get my GMA3600 card into 3D mode?  / Using a better driver than vesa?11:09
bubuzyeah thats what am doing, thx SunTsu11:09
SunTsububuz: apt-get --print-uris install socks511:10
SunTsuer tsocks is what I mean11:10
SunTsu!de | hoehle11:11
ubottuhoehle: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:11
shapeHello, I just installed Ubuntu and Windows Xp wouldn't load from Grub. I ran Boot-Repair after installing it from the Live CD and now I can't see my windows partition at all and it doesn't appear in Grub.11:12
KM0201shape: you don't see your windows partition at all?11:12
shapeKM0201, correct, using the window manager, however I can see it in fdisk11:13
t0rx__GMA3600 driver help anyone?11:13
qEssenceanyone knows the internal name of gnome-shell? im tryng to call it from .xsession archive.11:13
KM0201shape: open a terminal and sudo update-grub2   and see what happens11:13
ActionParsnipshape: if you run:  sudo update-grub   does it show the XP OS?11:13
martin__since yesterday i have a problem with xfce4-power-manager in precise. it runs but doesn't seem to answer to dbus messages. i can't change the power settings and the panel battery applet doesn't start11:13
shapeKM0201 ok I will do that, I'll be back ActionParsnip thanks as well!11:14
shapeKM0201, it doesn't11:14
MonkeyDust!find gnome-shell| qEssence11:15
ubottuqEssence is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, stable, testing, unstable11:15
MonkeyDust!find gnome-shell | qEssence11:15
ubottuqEssence: Found: gnome-shell, gnome-shell-common, gnome-shell-dbg, gnome-shell-timer11:15
shapeActionParsnip, it doesn't appear there, just  linux image and initrd11:15
shapeand memtest11:16
qEssenceWell MonkeyDustm , thanks, but that does not answer my question :)11:16
=== eric is now known as Guest37796
qEssenceI need the internal name of the session, i.e: gnome-fallback11:16
qEssenceBut the gnome-shell one :)11:17
jribqEssence: why don't you check what the session file for gnome-shell does?11:17
=== jtrucks_ is now known as jtrucks
rawiramdhanI have a problem with parted, someone experience with that?11:18
qEssencejrib: I think i dont know how to do that, im sorry.11:18
jribqEssence: most (all default?) X session files live in /usr/share/xsessions/11:19
hellknighthow does Ubuntu work on the AMD Zacate series processors/APU11:19
qEssencethanks jrib11:19
jribrawiramdhan: you should be more specific11:19
rawiramdhan@jrib, i'm trying to use clonezilla11:20
rawiramdhanduring pxe boot it looks for my partition table11:20
rawiramdhanbut it says : could not stat device /dev/sda11:20
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jrib!helpme | shape11:20
ubottushape: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude11:20
dominikHi everyone. I've got some audio trouble. I have broken Jack3.5 port on my laptop. It's works fine, but it cannot recognize if is jack plugged in or out but it sometimes getting signal if i move a cable. I solved problem by disabling Auto-Mute on alsamixer and i made keybord schortcuts. Now after upgrade to new kernel and entire system (11.10 -> 12.04) Auto-mute option nothing changes. It's disabled but it works. Have someone any idea?11:21
jribshape: can you actually see your windows partition in gparted?11:21
imetallicaany issues when updating from 11.10 to 12.04?11:21
jrib!notes | imetallica11:21
ubottuimetallica: Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) release notes can be found here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.0411:21
hellknightimetallica, no problems11:21
LipuI am here just to inform some solution about the dhcp client11:22
troulouliou_devhi i have nautilus-clamscan installed , but i don't have the scan for virus menu in nautilus context menu , can anybody help ?11:22
MonkeyDustLipu  it helps if you started with a question11:22
imetallicajrib, hellknight: thanks11:22
shapejrib, yes and it's with an exclamation mark and it says unknown11:22
jribshape: can you mount it?11:23
shapejrib, no, it only has "unmount" and it's greyed out11:23
jribshape: what happens when you try to mount it?11:23
shapejrib, I don't have that option.11:23
LipuI was facing some problem few days ago and come here to know the solution but after that I found the problem and the got the solution by own, that was about the the dhcp client cannot getting DNS information automatically11:23
jribshape: use a terminal11:23
shapejrib, okay this might take me some time because I don't know how to do that11:24
ThinkT510!yay | Lipu11:24
ubottuLipu: Glad you made it! :-)11:24
jribshape: pastebin output of « sudo fdisk -l »11:24
shapejrib, okay11:24
DaghdhaHi, i use unity 2d. Is there any way i can move apps from workspace to workspace with the mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts?11:24
DaghdhaPerhaps even a small workspace preview for in the top bar, like there was in the bottom of the old gnome desktop11:25
KM0201Daghdha: right click the window and choose the workspace you want it on11:25
DaghdhaI aske dit few days back too, forgot already11:25
KM0201did i misunderstand what you're asking?11:25
shapejrib, http://pastebin.com/jDhPwVc211:25
DaghdhaNo KM11:26
jribshape: pastebin output of « mount »11:26
DaghdhaIt just doesn't work when the app is maximized. Thanks,11:26
Liputhe problem with the configuration "request" of the /etc/dhcp3/dhcpclient.conf11:26
shapejrib, okay, it might take me a bit because I have to look up how to mount from terminal11:26
DaghdhaI'd still perform oldschool way though, so if there's a way of adding that i'm listening :)11:26
jribshape: no just run « mount »11:26
Daghdhain gnome i just ahd the tiny workspaces in the bar. And i could even drag apps from workspace to workspace there11:27
=== ceebor is now known as Cebor
MonkeyDustLipu  start from the beginning, what have you done and tried before you came here for help - and what is it you want to do11:27
LipuI just add the "domain-name-servers, domain-search, host-name" those line at the request section and the problem is solved then11:27
shapejribm, http://pastebin.com/UMt2qGPC11:27
Liputhat's to every one byeeeeee11:27
ThinkT510MonkeyDust: i think he is explaining how he solved a problem11:28
MonkeyDustoh :)11:28
Lipuyes I am just here to share how I solved the problem11:28
shapejrib, I tried mounting it and it says "The device '/dev/sda1' doesn't seem to have a valid NTFS."11:28
jribshape: out of curiousity, what does « swapon -s » return?11:30
rawiramdhanI guess parted doesnt like my ext4 partition11:31
shapejrib, btw I just noticed in gparted that the partition has a boot flag11:31
shapeswapon -s /dev/sda6                               partition64174040-111:31
jribshape: just « swapon -s »11:31
=== Vlad is now known as renode
shapejrib, yeah that's what I did11:32
shapejrib, and that's what I got back11:32
jribshape: ok11:32
=== Guest25055 is now known as Bogdaniel
zambahow do i launch the system settings from the cli?11:33
zambathe launcher idiot thingy has gone away and there's no way for me to get it back11:33
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest9128
go87652hello. after upgrade my x-server dont work. can anybody help me with this please?11:33
Daghdhatry using the ubuntu button at the top and type settings?11:33
Daghdha^^ Zamba11:33
zambawhat ubuntu button?11:34
jribshape: don't know what you can do at this point11:34
ThinkT510zamba: unity --reset11:34
shapejrib, should I disable the boot flag in gparted for that partition?11:34
zambaThinkT510: didn't work11:34
jribshape: I don't think that will matter11:34
zambaoh yeah, it did.. it crashed the whole X sessiong11:35
Guest17411temba his arms wide11:35
shapejrib, i dont understand how it got so screwed up since I just installed ubuntu :( I think I made a mistake and chose the MBR to be sda1 instead of sda11:35
=== Guest17411 is now known as boson
IdleOneGuest17411: Star Trek references in #ubuntu-offtopic please11:35
shapejrib, and then fixed it with boot-repair11:35
jribshape: maybe...11:35
shapejrib, but how can I fix that then?11:35
jribshape: try testdisk but I do not have any experience with it11:36
shapejrib, I think I know how to do it. I will just uninstall ubuntu and repair the windows mbr, and then reinstall ubuntu11:36
shapejrib, repaid the mbr from the Live CD11:37
jribshape: why do you need to uninstall ubuntu?11:37
blurp.. just reinstall ubuntu and it will reinstall grub on the mbr.11:37
blurpit over-writes the windows mbr when you install grub.11:37
blurpor you can try to repair it if you think you're good enough.11:37
MonkeyDustgood = skilled11:37
shapeokay I will see what I can do! Thanks11:38
shapeI'll be back regardless!11:38
blurpgood luch.11:38
blurpI just had the same problem trying to install vector linux.  It wouldn't install the bootloader correctly for some reason.  I tried putting it in sda1 and sda, and nothing.  I wound up with a windows system that had two ext4 parts on it, and couldn't boot into them.11:39
blurpI couldn't get the installer .iso's to work from usb, and the live version's graphical install was awkward with the mbr part.11:39
afdis it possible to remove keyrings so that they are no longer used and not affect data / file access etc?11:39
blurpI ended up switching to bodhi.11:40
MayazcherquoiHow can I kill all processes that match a given regex pattern?11:40
blurpafd, I think you just uninstall it with your package manager.11:40
afdblurp: really? it's not like the data / apps being accessed when keyrings are used is encrypted or something? you aren't deleting encryption keys...?11:41
jribMayazcherquoi: pkill11:41
Stanley00Mayazcherquoi: maybe pkill or kill `pgrep ...`11:41
Daghdhahttp://www.freeimagehosting.net/bys59  <-- That is what i ment, it used to livein the bottom right corner of my 10.10 desktop: I want this back if it's possible, is ok if it lives at the top from now on but would realy like it back.11:41
Mayazcherquoijrib / Stanley00: Oh okay! Thank you guys! :)11:41
go8765can anybody help me please with x-server pb please? after upgrade it dont start.  how i can install older wersion of xorg?11:42
savryay vpn working with dns11:43
savrdamn slow to resolve dns11:43
savr400-800ms to the vpn11:43
blurpafd, I think uninstalling the programs will get rid of their effecting any data.  They may leave a few undeleted text files behind somewhere that were saved, but I'd bet that removing something that stores info locally would remove the info it stored, too, in most cases.11:44
Daghdhai think it's called a widget, i need a workspace widget for the top toolbar11:45
tarvidAny reason Nautilus would not show files on an external drive that show up with ls?11:45
blurptarvid.. loose usb?11:45
tarvidbrowes fine from the command line11:46
ActionParsniptarvid: close nautilus, then reopen it11:46
blurpOdd. I'm a fan of the more basic file browsers.  I like thunar and File Manager.11:47
tarvidjust restarted but will try11:47
fidel_tarvid: might depend on the configured view options of nautilus. i.e. show hidden files etc. Might that be a possible reason for your case?11:47
blurpMaybe reboot and try again.  My wireless derped out in the middle of a big synaptic pm download.  had to reboot.11:47
tarvidit shows nothing11:48
MonkeyDustwhat's 'derped'?11:49
phibxrMonkeyDust, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=herp%20derp11:49
Daghdhais there any AV for ubunty that's free? I am now scanning my entire ubunty shares from windows machine, it's a tad time consuming :/11:49
jarco_I heard adobe will not support Linux anymore with flash. The article said to use chrome as flash is build in in chrome. I just installed chrome on my fresh ubuntu install and II surfed to grooveshark. The site sais I have no flash installed. How can I enable the flash available in chrome?11:49
thomas001hi, is there a way to set default mount options for btrfs, which are then used by the ubuntu installer and system? there doesn't seem a way to set mount options directly in the installer :-/11:50
phibxrjarco_, did you install Chrome or Chromium? Chrome using the .DEB-file from google.com/chrome contains flash already.11:50
MonkeyDust!virus| Daghdha11:50
ubottuDaghdha: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus11:50
jarco_phibxr: I installed chrome with that deb. Still grooveshark gives the same error11:51
fidel_jarco_: is that problem grooveshark specific?11:51
fidel_so does flash works on other pages for you?11:51
phibxrjarco_, navigate to chrome://plugins/11:51
phibxrjarco_, can you see Flash there?11:52
jarco_seems not so fidel_11:52
jarco_phibxr: no flash there11:52
ActionParsnipjarco_: can you give the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'      use http://pastie.org to host11:53
phibxrjarco_, http://askubuntu.com/questions/129534/problem-flash-player-not-present-in-chrome-on-ubuntu-12-0411:53
phibxrjarco_, are you running 64-bit?11:54
jarco_phibxr: yes11:54
phibxrjarco_, then it's a bug in google chrome. full report here: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=10838111:54
polishguy94Is there a way to refresh the instalation of linux11:54
jarco_ActionParsnip: i ll ssh in to it and paste it here :)11:54
JohnnyricoMC_polishguy94, what do you mean by a refresh?11:54
MonkeyDustpolishguy94  sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade11:55
ActionParsnipjarco_: sweet11:55
JohnnyricoMC_polishguy94, like monkeydust suggested an update of all programs, or a cleanup operation?11:55
polishguy94i've been fighting with sound which suddenly disappeared for last few hours and I've fixed nothing. I'd like to have a fresh installation of core components leaving the user installed untouched11:55
jarco_phibxr: the plugin refered to in the article is a chrome plugin or the flash from adobe?11:55
reynirI have experienced the following twice: After some time X.org seems to ignore the keyboard entirely. I cannot switch to linux terminals, scroll lock light doesn't switch. I still can do ctrl+alt+sys-r subr. Is this a known issue?11:56
blurppolishguy94, if your home and root partitions are separate, you could just reinstall from scratch and keep your /home dir.11:56
blurpautomatic reset.11:56
polishguy94blurp: how about installed programmes?11:56
phibxrjarco_, they bundle adobes plugin, but only in the 32-bit version.11:56
MonkeyDustpolishguy94  aptoncd to backup/recover them11:57
polishguy94and my home and root partitions are not separate, shit11:57
blurpthere are a few distros that will give you the option to keep or delete your programs/options, but I don't think ubuntu is one of them.11:57
polishguy94or maybe you can just help solving my sound issue11:57
ActionParsnippolishguy94: try:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*  wait a few seconds, then try sound11:57
MonkeyDustpolishguy94  in a Terminal, type alsamier, if you see MM (mute), go there and press m11:57
polishguy94alsamixer - nothing is muted11:58
polishguy94i've tried reinstallation of pulseaudio11:58
ActionParsnippolishguy94: did my command work?11:58
jarco_phibxr: I thought they had their ownb version of it, one they updated themselves. I am trying to get that one.11:58
JohnnyricoMC_polishguy94,if you're gonna try a clean install, try dpkg --get-selections. That should give you a list of all packages. With some usage of cut or awk you can then get a nice little list you can feed to apt-get after a clean install.11:58
polishguy94I suppose yes11:58
reynir^ to my earlier message: It seems gajim had a segfault in libgtk-[something] yesterday. It could be related. I suspect it only happens when I run gajim11:59
phibxrIs there any good reasoning behind Ubuntu making all home folders readable for all local users by default? Even Windows restricts access to others home folders on a clean installation.11:59
blurpI'm running ubuntu studio.. I installed 11.1 or 11.04 and upgradedto 12 the other day.  Now jack is being silly and the porting is different.11:59
polishguy94When I go to sound settings, select desired output and click on test button and test left or right channel there's no blue highlight of buttons which used to be there before my problems12:00
blurpI have alsa connections instead of system input and such.12:00
reynirphibxr: I think that's normal for unix systems12:00
ActionParsnippolishguy94: did you try my command at all?12:00
polishguy94also, when I play something, the pulseaudio console shows a bar of sound level which moves according to the loudness of sound I play but nothing is output to my headphones12:00
polishguy94ActionParsnip: yest I did12:01
SunTsuphibxr: it's the first step I take after getting a new account: lock it down to the point I am comfortable with it12:01
polishguy94I've tried playing sounds via alsa alone and via pulseaudio12:01
blurpphibxr, your home folder is your virtual bedroom. Do you keep your bedroom locked all day?  There's usually no need.12:01
=== monotux` is now known as monotux
blurppolishguy94, you may have had a hardware recognition glitch.  Have you rebooted your os?12:02
auronandacepolishguy94: i'm curious, can i see a screenshot of alsamixer?12:02
polishguy94blurp: after each change of settings12:02
polishguy94auronandace: no problem12:02
ActionParsnippolishguy94: did you try the alsa ppa?12:05
polishguy94auronadace: http://imgur.com/6ItbX,y1BcV12:05
polishguy94ActionParsnip: no12:05
polishguy94ActionParsnip: but I have alsa force-reload12:06
auronandacepolishguy94: thats it, just one bar?12:06
=== tidux_ is now known as tidux
ActionParsnippolishguy94: it's listed in the sound troubleshooting procedure doc, have you seen it?12:07
polishguy94ActionParsnip: which one, there is a few?12:07
* auronandace thinks ppas should only ever be a last resort12:08
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.12:09
ActionParsnippolishguy94: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure12:09
auronandacepolishguy94: what options do you get from f6 in alsamixer?12:09
abesQuestion: I need to write a script that removes special characters recursivly from all filenames within given directory and its subdirectories - what's my best approach here? (I need it to do it as soon as the file is uploaded, so I am thinking to add a cronjob at every minute)12:09
shapejrib, Hey, so I reinstalled grub and everything and it still doesn't see the windows partition :(12:10
shapejrib, I guess I'll have to reinstall windows12:10
MonkeyDustshape  windows is still thee, grub just doesnt see it12:11
shapeMonkeyDust, but gparted sees the partition as "unkown" as well. Do you have any suggestions?12:11
polishguy94aurondace: -default (shows pulseaudio) 0 (ati radeon hdmi) 1 (ca0106 - my desired soundcard)12:11
auronandaceMonkeyDust: his ntfs partition isn't recognised in gparted12:11
MonkeyDustmissed that part12:12
auronandacepolishguy94: try changing to 112:12
shapeauronandace, thanks for reading my problems :)12:12
auronandaceshape: no worries12:12
shapeI think boot-repair messed it up, because I did nothing else. Oh and gparted does see it, but the file system is "unkown"12:13
sarthorI want to compile lsm for shorewall on ubnutu-sever 12.04, How to do that, I never compiled anything before.12:13
polishguy94auronandace: nothing12:13
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall12:13
auronandacepolishguy94: how many bars are in that screen?12:13
shapeauronandace, basically if gparted sees the file system as unkown I am screwed right?12:14
MonkeyDustsarthor  ubottu refers to iptables12:14
polishguy94auronandace: look at the second screenshot I've sent you12:14
polishguy94auronandace: http://i.imgur.com/y1BcV.jpg12:15
auronandaceshape: essentially yes, as far as i know12:15
brazbom dia a todos!12:15
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:16
shapeauronandace, Oh well, I'll get to install Windows, but if I install windows wouldn't that ruin grub? I'd have to repair grub again correct?12:16
auronandaceshape: yes, windows will overwrite grub12:16
shapeauronandace, is it hard to repair grub?12:17
zap0how do i set a higher monitor resolution, it currently only shows  1024x768  800x600     my monitor is 1920x120012:17
auronandacepolishguy94: hmm, well i'm perplexed12:17
auronandaceshape: not really12:17
shapeauronandace, nevermind I just found tons of wiki for that12:17
polishguy94auronandace: I've tried even this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168157712:18
ActionParsnippolishguy94: does the PPA help?12:20
=== Aciid_ is now known as Aciid
ActionParsnipzap0: what video chip?12:20
auronandacepolishguy94: hmm, i don't think you'd need that for 12.04 since alsa is already 1.0.2512:20
polishguy94auronandace: but It reinstalls alsa, plus I had .24 driver while the rest of alsa's components were 2512:21
zap0ActionParsnip, its running in virtualbox.      nvidia card.   8800GT i think.12:21
ActionParsnipzap0: if its a virtual stystem then it will use virtual hardware12:22
ActionParsnipzap0: did you install guest additions?12:22
zap0ActionParsnip, yes.12:23
auronandacepolishguy94: i guess you're getting rather desperate (reading the big fat warning at the top of that thread), maybe try what ActionParsnip suggests12:23
polishguy94ActionParsnip: PPA does not help12:23
auronandacepolishguy94: personally i'd go for a reinstall12:24
ActionParsnipzap0: could use: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=777759   just change the res to what you desire12:24
polishguy94auronandace: i am afraid that I might forget to back up something12:24
auronandacepolishguy94: i keep all i need on a seperate storage partition and back it up to an external drive, fresh installs are breeze that way12:25
teabrickso what is discussed in here ?12:26
auronandaceteabrick: support12:26
ikoniateabrick: ubuntu technical support12:26
zap0ActionParsnip, ok.. edit a xorg.conf    im a bit of a noob (to linux), i write software in windows, so im not stupid, just ignorant of where linux stuff is;   where do i find the  xorg.conf  file?12:26
ActionParsnipteabrick: ubuntu supoprt purely12:26
auronandace!topic | teabrick12:26
ubottuteabrick: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic12:26
teabrickokay thank you gents12:26
ActionParsnipzap0: run:   gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf     paste the text there12:27
ActionParsnipzap0: what is the virtual system for?12:27
Gosset_InofensiuHEY I would like to report a bug about gnome-classic, the problem is that the cursor at the top of the screen gets out of the screen, how can i report this?12:27
shape!bugs Gosset_Inofensiu12:27
auronandace!brain | rootnoobtux12:27
ubotturootnoobtux: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots12:27
zap0ActionParsnip, i've written some apps that i test in Wine.12:27
shape!bugs | Gosset_Inofensiu12:27
ubottuGosset_Inofensiu: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.12:27
rootnoobtuxauronandace,  hehehe12:28
ActionParsnipzap0: I see, I wouldn't use your full display size, use something slightly smaller12:28
zambahow can i launch system settings from command?12:29
zap0ActionParsnip, yes.  1024x768 is a bit too small.   i want  1600 x 1024.  i also have multiple monitors ;)        there is no file  /etc/X11/xorg.conf      the command has opened an empty file12:30
zambaand daemons crash all the time12:30
ActionParsnipzap0: yes, Ubuntu doesn't ship with one, but if you make one it will be obeyed12:30
zambalast no was unity-music-daemon12:30
zambais 12.04 really stable?12:30
zambalast now*12:31
auronandacezamba: been fine for me12:31
zambaand how can i rebind keys?12:31
zambathis is stupid.. everything is hidden!12:31
smftreYou guys seen this? http://hsmoore.com/blog/virgin-media-blocks-torrent-sites/12:31
fidel_zamba: should be stable for most of us - while you still should do a backup before upgrading12:31
auronandacesmftre: this is a support channel only12:31
MonkeyDustsmftre  wrong channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic12:31
imetallicaonly problem i've seen so far with my netbook is using dual monitor with Compiz enabled12:32
nearHello everyone , I will like to auto mount my hard drive in my virtualbox linux host, because every time when I boot to linux I have to type this command to mount the drive :     sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 share ~/host .12:33
zambaand how can i rebind alt+f2?12:33
ActionParsnipzamba: gnome-control-center12:33
nearAny help to automate this process12:33
auronandace!fstab | near12:33
ubottunear: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions12:33
zambaActionParsnip: already there.. under keyboard..12:33
=== Guest9128 is now known as Bogdaniel
zambaActionParsnip: but i see alt+f2 nowhere there12:34
chiliblueanyone familar with ddrescue?12:34
Gosset_Inofensiuanyone uses Gnome-classic? The cursor at the top of the screen gets out of it12:34
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest72136
nearthanks I will have a look to the link below12:34
MonkeyDustGosset_Inofensiu  I do, but what do you mean 'gets out of it'?12:34
ActionParsnipzamba: use the cog icon in the top right12:35
Gosset_InofensiuMonkeyDust, the cursor at the top of the screen gets out of context12:36
zambaActionParsnip: and system settings?12:36
Gosset_Inofensiuif you move the cursor to the top of the screen and click, you get nothing12:36
Gosset_Inofensiuabout maximize close windows i mean12:36
MonkeyDustGosset_Inofensiu  click on what exactly?12:36
zambaActionParsnip: i'm already there.. and then under keyboard.. the problem is that i don't see alt+f2 there12:36
Gosset_Inofensiuon the bar of the windows12:36
Gosset_InofensiuI've tested this on different machines12:37
zambagod damn i hate this12:37
ActionParsnipzamba: search in dash for settings12:37
MonkeyDustGosset_Inofensiu  doenst ring a bell, i placed the buttons are to the left, works fine here12:37
zambaalt+f2 is a global keyboard shortcut that's not possible to change12:37
PATIL1234567Hi, i need application to send/recv data between two zigbee usb devices on ubuntu, if anybdy is having please share12:37
zambaActionParsnip: i'm already there12:37
zambaActionParsnip: i have system settings, but as i've said several times now, it's not possible to rebind alt+f2 there12:38
zambasame goes with alt+f1, that brings out the stupid sidebar12:38
ActionParsnipzamba: are you using desktop effects?12:38
zambaActionParsnip: dunno what i'm using, because it's impossible to see any settings12:38
zambaActionParsnip: where can i check that?12:39
zambathe appearance thingy in system settings only has "look" and "behavior"12:39
ActionParsnipzamba: when you press ALT+TAB do you get a small icon set in the middle or a full and pretty animation?12:39
DanielConvissormorning.  figured out how to enable automatic reboot for unattended upgrades.  but when the reboot happens, it's immediate.  is there a way to make the reboot wait x minutes?12:39
zambaActionParsnip: small icon set12:39
ActionParsnipzamba: ok thats not effects, you are using Unity2D :)12:40
PATIL1234567Hi, anybody having application to send/recv data between two zigbee usb devices on ubuntu12:40
zambathis is just not intuitive no more, i can't believe canonical has gone this way12:40
Gosset_Inofensiubut MonkeyDust , when you got a window maximized, and you move the cursor at the top of the screen to double-click in order demaximize, what do you get? you must move the cursor a little bit down of the top of the screen12:40
zambaActionParsnip: so what do i do?12:40
ActionParsnipPATIL1234567: what is zigbee?12:40
zambaActionParsnip: if i try starting unity 3d i get no system tray12:40
zambaActionParsnip: just a blank screen12:40
ActionParsnipzamba: in ccsm you may be able to set the gnome compatibility there12:41
zambawhere do i start ccsm from?12:41
zambaespecially if i refuses to start12:41
ActionParsnipzamba: alt+f212:41
MonkeyDustGosset_Inofensiu  i have 'no effects'12:42
zambai just started unity (not unity 2d)12:42
zambaand i get a totally blank screen12:42
zambano launcher, no tray, no nothing12:42
chilibluewhat does alt+f2 do, it seemed to bring out the menu bar and then lock me out, i.e. I couldn't type in xchat12:42
zambaluckily i have bound ctrl+alt+t to opening a new terminal, so i'm at least able to do that12:42
Gosset_Inofensiuanyway MonkeyDust , i'll report as abug12:42
ActionParsnipzamba: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/58029512:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 580295 in unity-2d "Unity: Alt-F2 not working" [Critical,Fix released]12:43
sunitHow can I add new user in subversion ?12:43
MonkeyDustGosset_Inofensiu  sounds like compiz to me, i don't use that12:43
=== sipior_ is now known as sipior
dandreI have a working system on ubuntu 11.10, 32 bits. I would like to upgrade to 12.04/64 bits but keep my working system for backup in case of issue in migrating process. What do you recommand?12:43
fidel_sunit: consider asking in #svn12:43
MonkeyDustdandre  fresh install12:43
PATIL1234567<ActionParsnip>: its wireless network for home appliances12:43
zambaActionParsnip: well.. i have a bigger problem now, as unity gives me no widgets or anything12:44
sunitfidel_: ok12:44
ThinkT510dandre: you can't upgrade from 32 to 64bit, you need to fresh install12:44
=== irdxafk is now known as irdx
zambaActionParsnip: what do i do about taht?12:44
zambaswitching between workspaces with alt+f1, f2, f3 and f4 works now, though12:45
dandreok probably I need to dpkg --get-selections and then selection12:45
dandreor is there another way?12:45
MonkeyDustdandre  or aptoncd to backup/recover12:45
MonkeyDustdandre  aptoncd creates an iso12:46
zambaActionParsnip: is the problem that i'm launching gnome-shell istead of unity?12:46
dandrewill it deal with 32 to 64 bit migration?12:48
ActionParsnipzamba: not sure there dude12:48
ikoniadandre: no12:48
ActionParsnipdandre: you'll need to reinstall to change arch12:48
MonkeyDustdandre  no problem, i did it myself12:48
shapecan someone please tell me what is the reverse of this command (i.e. undoing what the command does) "sudo dd if=/usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin of=/dev/sda"12:49
farawayhi. i have a question to upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 form cd. first of all, i have made backups of all data. then i started form cd to do an installation and did "upgrade form 11.10 to 12.04"12:49
faraway then i was asked "how you are?" and i thought ok, i don't wan to create a new user so i stopped the upgrade process which was a bad idea :D is the only way now to do a complete reinstallation. or can i get back to 11.10 ? i only went to the step "How you are?"12:49
auronandaceshape: you can't undo that12:49
MonkeyDustdandre  fresh install *is* required, tho, if you want to go from 32 to 64bit12:49
krababbelIf I move / to another hdd, can I just point grub to that uuid, or do grub and / need to be on the same drive?12:50
auronandaceshape: it overwrites the mbr12:50
ActionParsnipfaraway: could go to liveCD environment, chroot and fix things there12:50
shapeauronandace, yes but what if I put sda2 let's say, it copied the mbr to sda2 correct? how do I remove the mbr from sda212:51
farawayActionParsnip: is there somewhere a tutorial for this ?12:51
_numberssince i upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04 ubuntu server 64-bit, my ~/.bashrc stopped executing12:51
shapeauronandace, even though there was no mbr on sda212:51
auronandaceshape: mbr is always at the beginning of the disk, you can put a bootloader at sda2 but not an mbr12:51
_numbersso i dont have bash completion or aliases12:52
llutz_numbers: "echo $SHELL" says what after login?12:52
_numbers /bin/bash12:52
shapeauronandace, so basically nothing happened then on sda2 correct? the mbr is still on sda12:52
auronandaceshape: mbr is always on sda12:53
fayazhi, what's the /tmp/python.cache_ubuntu for? it's taken up all of my inodes12:54
auronandaceshape: if you ran that command with sda2 instead then you've likely overwritten something on sda212:54
shapeauronandace, I see12:54
auronandaceshape: which may break the partition12:54
polishguy94Guess what!12:55
polishguy94I've fixed my audio12:55
shapeauronandace, is there a way to unbreak it?12:55
alankilafayaz: it's the python circle of friends12:55
alankilafayaz: more seriously, sounds like a bug. No idea, sorry.12:55
auronandaceshape: no, dd is a direct copy12:55
fayazalankila: okay, i'll ask over there12:55
auronandace!yay | polishguy9412:55
ubottupolishguy94: Glad you made it! :-)12:55
MonkeyDustpolishguy94  share your solution with the channel, in one line, for future reference12:55
alankilafayaz: I don't have such a thing here at all.12:56
simonsays1980 My compiler has a problem creating TestFiles during build....this is since the last automatic ubuntu updates. Now I have a permission problem.12:56
auronandaceshape: you'd need to reinstall/reformat (whatever that partition was for)12:56
shapeauronandace, Thanks for the info! I really have to reinstall windows in that case. May I ask how can I become more knowledgeable, just read "man"? Linux books?12:56
krababbelCan GRUB be on one drive MBR, and boot Ubuntu from another?12:56
shapeI'd really want to get going because my ignorance is causing me headaches12:57
polishguy94Uninstall pulseaudio, run ALSA Upgrade Script Redux, set default device in /etc/asound.conf12:57
shapekrababbel, yes12:57
auronandaceshape: practise makes perfect, try messing around with vms if you need a safe practise ground12:57
=== XuMuK|znc is now known as XuMuK
simonsays1980Has anyone a clue after reading this short error message what to do with the permissions? http://pastebin.com/4QTm8gZG12:58
shapeauronandace, vsm = virtual machine? like vmware and virtualbox?12:58
polishguy94I would also like to thank you for support, people.12:58
auronandaceshape: yes, i use virtualbox12:58
mewtierGuten Tag12:58
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:58
mewtierHello motherfuckers12:58
_numbersits weird because if i ssh in and then type `bash` it loads my ~/.bashrc fine12:58
_numbers/etc/password is configured to execute /bin/bash12:59
krababbelshape: thanks12:59
pfoteHi. installed a (k)ubuntu yesterday on a amd64 machine with a existing win7 on a seperate hd, guided installation. worked flawlessly with one exception, the grub did detect win, created a entry for it, but it doesn't work, it creates a error like "efi - file not found". tried to read up on EFI/UEFI but got confused, any advice on what to read to get that solved? i have no clue about these new booting concepts :-/13:00
krababbelshape: you erased windows mbr?13:00
krababbelshape: you can restore that13:00
shapekrababbel, I know, but what I did was somehow break my partition.13:01
serardIs there any way to have a /etc/hosts file writable by user ? Something like ~/.hosts ?13:01
shapekrababbel, gparted sees the windows partition as "unkown file system"13:01
tiduxhow do I get `keychain` to stop using GNOME keyring?13:01
tiduxI've tried just shutting off the gnome-keyring-daemon process with pkill13:01
krababbelshape: oh, I thought you only did it to sda, not sda213:02
tiduxbut then keychain fails entirely, unlike on systems with no GNOME keyring13:02
gaelfxserard: don't think so, the whole point of it being root-owned is so that users can't screw it up13:03
shapekrababbel, The command I posted above is the simplest way to restore the MBR from the Live CD, as Ive done it before. What happened to me was that I seleted the bootloader on a different drive, and when I used that command I typed sda1 instead of sda which made my Windows Partition "unkown file system"13:03
krababbelshape: OK, I see13:03
serardYes but I want my devs to be able to screw it as they want when they create .local websites13:04
serardWhere is this /etc/hosts being used & or configured ?13:04
nearcan someone can have a look on these comands? UUID=286c6677-6c86-4ecc-a4c8-e1cde54d2f6c  /saves  vfat auto rw,users,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=027,fmask=137,utf8  0  013:04
near/dev/sda1 /media/floppy auto rw,noauto,user,sync 0 0 .my target is to automate the mount process13:04
shapekrababbel, gparted doesn't see it, boot-repair can't do anything (tried it 3 times), and ubuntu doesn't see the partition as NTFS. So i'm screwed.13:04
gaelfx!pb | near13:04
ubottunear: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:04
chiliblueok how do you enable unity 3d, my gfx spport it13:05
shapekrababbel, all because I installed the bootloader on sda1 and tried to restore the mbr on sda1.13:05
gaelfxchiliblue: when you login, make sure Ubuntu session is selected13:05
MonkeyDustchiliblue  you can select it in lightdm13:05
krababbelshape: sda1 is a partition of course, sda holds the mbr. The windows loader is on sda1 for instance I think.13:06
shapekrababbel, which is the windows partition, instead of putting it on dev/sda. Careless mistake.13:06
pfotenobody a idea?13:06
DanielConvissorserard: hosts is used by os networking layer.  one possible way to do _something_ along the lines you want for web devs is to use mod_rewrite13:06
shapekrababbel, yes. I didn't pay attention because of fatigue.13:06
DanielConvissorserard: (in apache)13:06
tiduxnever mind, I figured out the --nogui switch to "keychain" and killed a running process13:06
tiduxall fixed13:06
chiliblueI have unity 2d running isn't there an option to switch it on  by default13:06
shapekrababbel, which cost me a fresh install13:06
llutznear:  ... auto,rw,users....    no space after "auto"13:07
nearok ,13:07
DanielConvissorserard: you'd have to think of a scheme for mapping uri's to the paths you desire13:07
krababbelshape: sucks, I deleted a lot of my sister's stuff messing and not paying attention.13:07
MonkeyDustchiliblue  choose Unity 3D in the login menu, it will be selected automatically after that13:07
sandGorgonhow do I configure my VPN route to let everything go through it EXCEPT 10.*.*.* addresses ? basically instead of allowing an ip address, I want to prevent a specific range13:08
MonkeyDustsandGorgon  iptables13:08
jack_BAM DONE13:08
serardDanielConvissor: thanks for the hint, can you tell me more ? Can't see the point using mod_rewrite :o. I have /var/www/sites/my_site1 and in /etc/hosts I add the my_site1.local + the vhost. I want vhosts to separate the debug thing when using localhost/phpmyadin & other localhost/ things. I dont want all .local sites behind localhost/ (locahost/my_site1 for example <= I dont want that)13:08
FloodBot1jack_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:08
SunTsusandGorgon: iptables/netfilter - or route it to
jack_Is there another way of displaying sarcasm?13:09
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jack__maybe i'll start doing this_13:09
chiliblueok MonkeyDust hoping to pass the time play with it while a couple of things ran in terminals... oh well, not sure why I haven't got it by default, machine is up to the job13:09
serardDanielConvissor:  I understand that I need to create a scheme but can't see how create a way with mod_rewrite oO13:09
llutznear: and btw, those are lines from /etc/fstab, not commands13:09
shapeauronandace, last time I used vmware I remember it didn't save settings. Does virtual box save settings/personal settings for the distro?13:09
auronandaceshape: yes, if you install the distro13:10
MonkeyDustchiliblue  with byobu/screen, you can log in and out without interrupting whatever is running in terminal13:10
L3topvirtualbox is just a virtual machine. Whatever is running in the virtual environment should behave just as it would on hardware shape.13:10
auronandaceshape: sound like you just loaded the livecd in it13:10
projektlaborhello does anybody know a programm which likes adobe after affects13:11
=== adjtimex is now known as sig_wall
sandGorgonSunTsu, any way of configuring this using the graphical UI of network manager ?13:11
nearso I need to write both in one lines ?13:11
shapeauronandace, Oh I see, you can actually install it. Cool13:11
projektlaborhello they know if there is one program that is similar to adobe after effects13:12
=== root is now known as Guest73906
MonkeyDust!equivalents| projektlabor13:13
ubottuprojektlabor: A comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant - Try also joining #ubuntu-bots and asking BestBot13:13
llutznear:  "d:\saves" is what you want to mount somewhere?13:14
llutznear: and 286c6677-6c86-4ecc-a4c8-e1cde54d2f6c is the UUID of the filesystem holding windows drive d: ?13:14
nearI want to mount it on linux13:14
SunTsusandGorgon: NetworkManager Config has "routes" tab13:14
nearno is Linux vortualbox drive13:15
nearvirtualbox* sorry13:15
DanielConvissorserard: yes, simplest way is for admin to set up /etc/hosts for the devs in advance.  but if you want devs to be able to do stuff on the fly, rewrite rules can be used to do interesting stuff.  see RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} in http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/mod_rewrite.html13:15
nearIn virtualbox I can't see windows partitions , I don't why so I mount one of the partition when I boot it to use my files13:16
llutznear: you mount filesystems, not directories. so mount your "UUID=286c6677-6c86-4ecc-a4c8-e1cde54d2f6c /media/winD vfat auto,rw,users,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=027,fmask=137,utf8  0  0" and then "/media/winD/saves /media/saves none bind 0 0" if you want to access this directory directly13:16
w3bg33kis there a way to mount a UNC path to a windows server?  ie.  I'd like to mount /mymount to \\server\folder\13:17
shaneohey guys is there a way to see what files are taking up the most room on my hdd i seems to have alot of space used and nothing using it..that i know of13:17
=== thz_nmr is now known as thz_nmr|bnc
MonkeyDustshaneo  du -h13:18
shaneow3bg33k, check out smestorage13:18
L3top!info gdmap | shaneo13:18
ubottushaneo: gdmap (source: gdmap): Tool to visualize diskspace. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-2 (precise), package size 52 kB, installed size 324 kB13:18
serardOk I should trick the http host in the http request but to do so needs specific plugins in firefox I guess13:18
shaneolol tahbk you L313:19
shaneolol tahbk you L3top du -h went on forever13:19
serardDanielConvissor: Hmm well I dont really understand where to go from this :(13:19
nearllutz : for the second process is it correct ? : "/dev/sda1 /media/floppy auto rw,noauto,user,sync"13:19
MonkeyDustshaneo  find / -size +1G -exec ln -s {} ~ \; -- replace 1G by whatever you want13:20
llutznear: i wouldn't use floppy for a non-floppy as mountpoint but its up to you. syntax is ok13:20
L3topshaneo: from cli you could find / -size +50000k             to find files larger than 50Mb for intsance13:20
TonciJukicHi there. Is there anyone ho could help with 12.04 installation: latest release (27th april) just hangs on starting as live and installation. Mouse is crawling and icons are unclickable for 10-20 minutes. After that mouse is fine, but desktop is unusable including dialogs.13:21
L3topor MonkeyDusts answer was more complete13:21
shaneoMonkeyDust, the thing is i dont know if its all large files or a compilation of packages that buikd up space13:21
loganrunpgrade to 10.04 LTS option,13:21
loganrunhas anyone tried the upgrade to LTS option13:21
TonciJukicMachine is: ASUS Rampage MBO, Intel i7-975 and nVidia GTX 58013:21
shaneois .local/share/trash a trash bin ??13:22
loganrundon't want to thrash my machine13:22
shaneocause thats the folder eating all my space13:22
loganrunI tried a distribution upgrade once for fedora, and that didn't work very well13:22
llutzMonkeyDust: why the heck would one create symlinks to all files found?13:22
L3topshaneo: sudo apt-get autoclean   will also remove all package files you do not have installed in /var/cache/apt/archives, and sudo apt-get clean will remove all source packages (as they are installed this will not affect the operation of the programs which came from them)13:23
PATIL1234567Hi, anybody used ZigBee USB devices on ubuntu13:23
shaneoL3top, thanks i know13:23
MonkeyDustllutz  correct, i did it for testing purposes, it's not really needed13:23
megameHi boys :)) Anyone to help me plss? i want to use my linux (slackware 13.1) about router. i have a 2 Lan card. what file need to edin or config for this step.13:23
shaneoL3top, about the .local/share/Trash is it just a trash bin or a necessary folder ?13:23
SunTsumegame: this is noch #slackware13:23
SunTsuer "not"13:24
nearllutz: ok , I will delete this line . http://paste.ubuntu.com/964645/13:24
megameSunTsu, yes but any one may be know for this...13:24
amaroksif I click on dash and type chrome or thundredbird or anything else it wont show any results... looks like is only searching in music folder, a version 12 bug?13:24
nearI have just change vfat to ntfs13:24
simonsays1980My compiler is missing permissions. How can I give him the permissions?13:24
smint^^anyone good with IRC bouncers here?13:25
SunTsumegame: maybe at #ububtu.offtopic, though I doubt it. This ist Ubuntu support only13:25
shaneosmint^^, what you need13:25
megameoks sorry SunTsu13:25
r4yI am having hard drive troubles. Disk Utitlity says it passed. I did the 3 tests it had. It says it has no bad sectors but it says it is not clean. When I try to mount it it never mounts13:25
smint^^shaneo im using Windows, but I cant get ZNC for windows to work13:25
smint^^i cant connect to the bnc13:25
smint^^can you use teamviewer to help me?13:25
shaneooh lol try #windows we dont do ms here13:25
* L3top didn't catch that MonkeyDust was symlinking, though he was ls -l lol I need to wake up a bit it seems13:25
ikanoborimegame: It's almost always /etc/network/interfaces13:25
ikanoboriOr similarly named.13:26
megameoks :)13:26
Lasherwhere is inxi?13:26
shaneosmint^^, pm me13:26
r4yMy hard drive doesn't have init. I want to update grub but I can't seem to13:26
simonsays1980Typing mkdir -p /FolderName results for the compiler in a denied permission. How can I give it the permission?13:26
TonciJukicHi there. Is there anyone who could help with 12.04 installation? Latest release (27th April) just hangs on starting as live or right-away installation. Mouse is crawling and icons are unclickable for 15-20 minutes. After that time mouse is fine, but desktop is unusable including dialogs and icons - can't use or install the system. Machine is: ASUS Rampage MBO, Intel i7-975 and nVidia GTX...13:26
TonciJukic...580 including SSD or HDD, same problems.13:26
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misterbeenhello everyone I am downloading 12.04 and can't seem to find a tutorial how to install os from usb stick,can someone link it to me?13:27
MonkeyDustmisterbeen  boot from the usb stick and follow the instructions - what goes wrong?13:28
amaroksmisterbeen:  on the same page you download ubuntu from has all the instructions you may need13:28
TonciJukicmisterbeen http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows13:28
L3topsimonsays1980: if I understand you correctly, sudo chmod 755 /FolderName13:28
PATIL1234567anybody used ZigBee USB devices on ubuntu? need application to send/recv data beetween13:28
misterbeenhvala tonci citam tpratim tvoje vijesti na bugu :D13:28
MonkeyDustPATIL1234567  what's zigbee?13:29
NoxvilleIts a wireless protocol13:29
fidel_PATIL1234567: i dont know those devices - but as long as they are mounted as everything else - consider using any sync-able sw you might know13:29
TonciJukic[LANG: hr-HR] Oh Misterbeen, hvala tebi :)13:29
projektlabori neda13:29
projektlabori ned a webdesign programm which do you think of these are the best: Screem, bluefish, peacock, quanta, NVU13:30
MonkeyDust!best| projektlabor13:30
ubottuprojektlabor: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.13:30
fidel_nice trigger13:30
Imre_Hy everyone!13:31
Imre_I have a question about Wine. Is there a way to tell Wine, to install Windows programs to a different directory?13:32
projektlaborweis jemand wie zu deutschen chat geht13:32
DJones!de | projektlabor13:32
ubottuprojektlabor: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!13:32
Imre_I have an SSD and want to install Kubuntu on it, but I also have a 320GB HDD. I would like to tell Wine to install all the apps there. Could that work?13:33
TonciJukicSeems that i7 and nVidia are not usable for Ubuntu 12.04 - even install fails: http://askubuntu.com/questions/128772/ubuntu-12-04-x64-installer-freezes-hangs13:33
sledgesis there a command-free way to install Java browser plug-in for firefox/chrome? and not icedtea, but the real java one13:33
ericusOh my. I tweeted about WEP/WPA/WPA2 security and wordlist attacks13:33
r4yWhat is the root partition, extended? or swap?13:34
r4yI want to use this link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7903302&postcount=11 help13:34
ericusNext thing I know ESET Security is following me and says "we're on to you man"13:34
ikoniaericus: not really something this channel wants to hear about13:34
ikoniaericus: this channels for ubuntu technical support discussion13:34
ericusokay, sorry ikonia13:34
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=== netsjanek_ is now known as netsjanek
ikoniaericus: not a problem13:35
sledgesr4y, you can see partition types through `fdisk /dev/sda -l`13:35
ericusThought I was in the offtopic-channel, my bad13:35
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest11034
r4yIt says Cannot open /dev/sda13:35
L3topTonciJukic: There are plenty of folks running i7 and nvidia.13:36
jattis there a way to have execution permissions set automatically for .sh files?13:36
gaelfxImre_: it's quite simple, just partition the SSD as / and the HDD as /home13:36
gaelfxImre_: sorry for saying it like that, what I mean is that it's a very common way to partition drives such as that13:36
gaelfxImre_: it might also be a good idea to make a partition on the HDD for /tmp as well, to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the SSD13:36
jattI don't want to make chmod u+x everytime I create a new .sh file13:37
TonciJukicL3top: would you please comment on my problem (will type now)?13:37
sledgesr4y, what is the question? you have your answer in the paste bin :)13:37
TonciJukicHi there. Is there anyone who could help with 12.04 installation? Latest release (27th April) just hangs on starting as live or right-away installation. Mouse is crawling and icons are unclickable for 15-20 minutes. After that time mouse is fine, but desktop is unusable including dialogs and icons - can't use or install the system. Machine is: ASUS Rampage MBO, Intel i7-975 and nVidia GTX...13:37
TonciJukic...580 including SSD or HDD, same problems.13:37
sledgesLinux, extended, swap :D r4y13:37
TonciJukic@L3top test13:37
L3topTonciJukic: What are you installing from? USB or CD? Have you checked the md5 sum of the image?13:38
TonciJukicUSB. Yes, image seems fine and untouched.13:38
wombatism1I'm not a computer programmer and I'm confused on how to get my wired connection to work for ubuntu 12.0413:38
r4y"/dev/sda5 or /dev/sda2"  to use the advise from this link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7903302&postcount=1113:38
phzbox_Hello! Is there a way to install python2.7 with apt-get? Seems like there's only 2.6 and 313:38
L3topTonciJukic: I would also look through the bios and disable anything not required, like cool n quiet... etc13:39
TonciJukicI've tried resetting BIOS to defaults and turning OFF all onboard devices.13:39
fidel_TonciJukic: have you played with boot-paramters?13:40
fidel_i.e. i wasnt able to install 11.10 on my dell until i started playing with acpi=13:40
r4ysledges which do you mean?13:40
TonciJukicNo @fidel, which you suggest? I presume it has something to do either with USB hub drivers or gfx drivers.13:40
fidel_in case of my dell mobile: acpi=noirq was a saver13:40
auronandacephzbox_: i take it you are using 10.0413:41
sledgesr4y, you need to identify your root partition (guy from link has it as his sda7 "Using sda7 in my examples since that is the root partition of my Ubuntu installation." but yours will be different)13:41
fidel_maybe worth a test - while i am not into that toic myself that deeply13:41
phzbox_auronandace: right13:41
sledgesso if it is not extended, and not swap, you can infer that it is the "Linux" partition as nothing else remains, r4y13:41
gaelfx!info python | phzbox_13:41
ubottuphzbox_: python (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.7.3-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 162 kB, installed size 658 kB13:41
auronandacephzbox_: 2.7 isn't available in the 10.04 repos13:41
phzbox_so should I upgrade ubuntu to a newer version?13:42
=== TonciJukic is now known as TonciJukic_AFK
auronandacephzbox_: if you need 2.7 yes, or you could install it manually (not supported or recommended)13:42
r4yso are you saying "/dev/sda1"?, How do I know? I am sorry about this, TY for trying to help me.13:42
L3topphzbox_: If I were you, I would wait until there is a point release.13:43
phzbox_Ok. It's on a vps.. I guess I should have 11.013:43
sledgesr4y, yes, just trying to teach you, not just tell you :)13:43
MonkeyDustr4y  type sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit -- paste the url here, so the channel can see13:43
=== allen is now known as Guest68191
gaelfxphzbox_: that might be overkill, why not download it yourself and install it that way?13:43
teabrickis there a way to upgrade to the newest ubuntu without using unity ?13:43
jrib!nounity | teabrick13:44
ubottuteabrick: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic13:44
phzbox_gaelfx: well, there's nothing yet on the vps13:44
fidel_teabrick: unity is just a desktop-env13:44
Guest68191hello, everybody13:44
phzbox_should I just apt-get upgrade or reinstall 11.0 from scratch is better?13:44
teabrickjeez I feel like I upset ubottu13:44
fidel_so you'll get it while upgrading - but you arent forced to use it for sure.13:44
chilibluehow is upgrading working out for people? thinking about it but have always fresh installed in the past. NOt much of a risk taker13:44
zambanative sip client that actually works in ubuntu?13:44
fidel_teabrick: its a bot ;)13:45
zambai'm tired of something that doesn't integrate properly13:45
MonkeyDustteabrick  ubottu is a (ro)bot, a script, she cannot be upset13:45
r4yHow do enable universe?13:45
teabrickoh okay13:45
L3topasterisk zamba.13:45
zambaL3top: that's not a sip client13:45
phzbox_bha, I'll just reinstall it, it'll take 10mins13:45
Picizamba: ekiga?13:45
teabrickcan anyone tell me why I shouldn't use debian compared to ubuntu ?13:45
zambathat's a telephony client with sip channel support13:45
fidel_chiliblue: do a backup - and most likely you will end up without big problems13:45
zambaPici: is that native/integrated?13:45
MonkeyDustteabrick  not here, try #ubuntu-offtopic13:46
chilibluefidel my /home is aways on its own partition in anycase13:46
Picizamba: It used to be the default sip client, before empathy came along.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga for more info.13:46
zambaso empathy can do sip?13:46
fidel_chiliblue: i dont care about your setup to be honest - this question is just re-occuring all 10 minutes and the answer is as always: we cant garanty that the update will work your your or any other special case without issues ;)13:47
Picizamba: supposedly.  I have other issues with the way Empathy does things, so I'm not really the right person to ask.13:47
r4ydoes it mean root with the star "/dev/sda1   *"13:47
fidel_but it seems it works pretty ok for most users ;)13:47
polishguy94My 12.04 stucks on login screen after I enter password and confirm it, there's a "logging in" caption which lasts forever13:47
gaelfxphzbox_: vps?13:47
gaelfxteabrick: ubottu is a bot, thus incapable of emotions such as "upset"13:47
gaelfxzamba: what have you tried?13:47
gaelfxteabrick: that's not what this channel is for, sorry13:47
chilibluefidel_, ok, didn't mean to ask an worn out question13:48
sledgesr4y, your root partition is identified as a file node under /dev, so it's full path and name is "/dev/sda1"13:48
polishguy94I can hit Esc and It interrupts logging in but then i cannot enter a password, login screen is useless13:48
sledgesr4y, start denotes an active partition. which 9 out of 10 cases is, but sometimes may not be your root partition13:49
r4yI know that. What I ment was from the pastebin I posted earlier. It has a star next to "/dev/sda1   *" and not the others13:49
sledgesr4y, just answered, and made a typo: not "start" but "star" ;)13:49
jhelblingäh kann jemand deutsch?13:50
r4yI should say I have 1 hard drive connect which I think is an ext4 I believe13:50
Pici!de | jhelbling13:50
ubottujhelbling: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!13:50
gaelfxpolishguy94: well, clearly the world hasn't ended, so it's not "forever" ;) have you tried logging in through terminal? (ctl+alt+f2)13:50
testiEvery time there's a new release of Ubuntu, Compiz appears slower to me on nvidia hardware. It now even uses 40% of the CPU when moving windows, when it should not even use 1%, because the CPU side is entirely trivial for this task.13:50
gaelfxthat's weird, I don't think I've ever had lag before using irssi? is it just me?13:50
=== nyuszika7h is now known as sasl
sledgesr4y, that's irrelevant now13:50
zambalooks like it's working13:50
gaelfxtesti: are you using nvidia drivers?13:50
testigaelfx, yes13:50
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek is happening right now in #ubuntu-classroom13:51
polishguy94:gaelfx: nope13:51
polishguy94i'll give it a shot13:51
MonkeyDustgaelfx  i use irssi and sometimes *do* have lag, seconds, not minutes13:51
=== sasl is now known as nyuszika7h
gaelfxMonkeyDust: I was getting lag 120, now it's more reasonable13:52
zambatoo bad it sucks13:52
r4yI am waiting to enable universe through software sources so I can install pastebinit13:52
cypher-neoJust a quick question. What is the Terminal command that you can type to report problems to Launchpad?13:52
fidel_cypher-neo: ubuntu-bug13:52
fidel_might be part of the apport package13:52
cypher-neofidel_, Thanks. :)13:52
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=== Frozensolid is now known as Frozenball
testigaelfx, it seems a bit weird. I almost have the impression that compiz uses nvidias hardware accelaration so badly that the CPU becomes the better GPU than the GPU. (Because Unity2D is working flawlessly fast)13:53
=== Guest_ is now known as SmasherX
misterbeenum I have 4 GB usb disk,and on step 4 "set persistent file size for storing changes "how much should should I choose ?13:54
sledgesr4y, what do you mean by waiting?13:55
cypher-neofidel_, Is there an easy way to figure out the PID number of a program?13:55
r4yI am now installing pastebinit13:56
fidel_cypher-neo: ps?13:56
alankilacypher-neo: pidof name?13:56
cypher-neofidel_, In my case, I'm trying to report a bug with Appearance preferences, but I can't figure out it's PID.13:56
SmasherXTrying to recover from power out in upgrade from OO to PP can't attach other hdd's and Disk Utility comes up with no disks13:57
gaelfxtesti: check this out, second reply down: http://askubuntu.com/questions/67680/why-does-compiz-use-25-cpu-while-idle13:57
gaelfxmisterbeen: I usually set it to none, since it takes forever if you ask it to make the USB persistent, but it depends on how you plan to use the USB13:57
r4yI need to leave my computer for a little, I will be back in minutes13:57
polishguy94There's something wrong with LightDM13:57
gaelfxr4y: that's probably the smartest thing you'll do today ;)13:57
gaelfxr4y: about pastebinit, not leaving :P13:57
polishguy94i used terminal login then gdm'ed and here I am, using linux13:58
misterbeenok thanx gaelfx13:58
gaelfxpolishguy94: congrats :D13:58
MonkeyDustpolishguy94  whatever works :)13:58
fidel_cypher-neo: i know there is a tool which enables you to click a window and it will tell you all relevant details - but i dont remember the name :/13:58
polishguy94Are there other reasonable DMs?13:59
gaelfxpolishguy94: a lot of people like xubuntu-desktop13:59
fidel_cypher-neo: but ubuntu-bug should NOT only work with pid - but also with package-name13:59
fidel_if that helps14:00
polishguy94gaelfx: Doesn't this one force me to use xfce?14:00
auronandacepolishguy94: xfce is awesome14:00
MayazcherquoiOh yeah, guys, how can I stop Ubuntu from disconnecting my second VGA monitor when I close my laptop lid? :S14:01
fidel_cypher-neo: it might be xprop to get window-details - not really sure14:01
gaelfxpolishguy94: it doesn't force you to use it, it allows you to use it. I thought you were asking about different DM's? (Desktop Managers)14:01
Beelsebobhey, where is the boot menu.lst file stored in 12.04?14:01
alankilaBeelsebob: no such thing, grub2 now14:01
polishguy94gaelfx, I wrongly assumed there's a dependency14:01
fidel_Mayazcherquoi: configure the clamshell close energy -setting i guess14:01
Beelsebobalankila: how do I go about getting it to automatically boot to option 0 with grub2?14:02
Mayazcherquoifidel_: Err, how? :S lol14:02
auronandaceBeelsebob: menu.list is grub1, grub2 uses grub.cfg and config files in /etc/grub.d/14:02
alankilaBeelsebob: no idea. /etc/default/grub might have something14:02
gaelfxpolishguy94: you can have ubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop installed on the same install without issues, just select which one you want when you login14:02
alankilayou aren't supposed to edit the boot config file yourself anyway because it's generated from bunch of scripts14:02
fidel_Mayazcherquoi: guessing here -> system-settings -> energy14:02
mcb_Beelsebob: 12.04 use Grub2, and the is not a menu.lst in grub2. Look in /etc/default/grub.14:02
Mayazcherquoifidel_: Oh, yeah, there's no such setting :(14:02
fidel_i assume your laptop is going to sleep if you close it -> sleep affects your 2nd screen aswell14:03
Mayazcherquoifidel_: No, it isn't.14:03
SultansElephanthey, so the ubuntu live cd can't find my windows installation -- will i be do ok doing it manually?14:03
fidel_Mayazcherquoi: it isnt what?14:03
Mayazcherquoifidel_: It doesn't go to sleep.14:03
MayazcherquoiI've already checked all that :P14:03
Oasaany 1 here14:03
Oasaknows about configuring banshee's clutterflow plugin ?14:04
fidel_Mayazcherquoi: so tell us such things as part of your problem description ;)14:04
fidel_saves times on all sides14:04
LipuOasa: How can I help you/?14:04
testigaelfx, okay thanks. So I'll just wait for the patch, even when it says it only halfs CPU usage. In my opinion it should reduce it to more or less nothing.14:04
gaelfxSultansElephant: do what manually?14:04
Mayazcherquoifidel_: I don't know what else I can say? :S Ubuntu Linux simply disconnects the second monitor (connected via VGA) when I close my laptop lid. No, it does not suspend, it is set to "do nothing".14:05
gaelfxtesti: no problem, sorry it wasn't more helpful14:05
OasaLipu: I am trying to get the clutterflow plugin working but i cant. I understand it require mant prequisites. I installed all except 2. Clutter and Clutter-sharp.14:05
gaelfxmore immediately helpful anyhow14:05
SultansElephantgaelfx: im such a noob that usually to dual boot ubuntu i will use the live cd from a fresh install of windows and just choose side by side14:05
Oasai am having trouble compiling them14:05
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SultansElephantbut its not an option ya14:05
gaelfxSultansElephant: well, if you do it manually, then you can make a separate partition for /home, which I think is very convenient14:06
nishttal2has anyone been able to install adobe air on 64bit 12.04?14:06
wombatism1http://askubuntu.com/questions/126743/internet-access-problem-in-12-04 I checked this and I'm not sure what /etc/network/interfaces should look like when I add info...as in I'm not sure what I'm adding exactly from /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/original14:06
amelneed help with upgarding from 10.4 to 1114:06
gaelfxnishttal2: you said the a-word...that's a no-no14:06
wombatism1This deals with getting my desktop wired connection to work14:06
nishttal2gaelfx, why?14:06
nishttal2gaelfx, is there another way to play pandora?14:07
gaelfxnishttal2: just joking14:07
amelneed help14:07
gaelfxamel: describe your problme14:07
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Oasaamel, how may we help you14:07
amelcannot upgrade from 10.10 to 11,04 says authenticatin problem14:08
amelwhenever i click upgrade in upgrade manager14:08
auronandace!eol | amel14:08
ubottuamel: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:08
MayazcherquoiAhh wells, guess I'll have to try again tomorrow :-)14:08
MayazcherquoiThanks for your support, fidel_ :)14:08
amelit says authentication problem with network or server14:08
veebullanybody else having problems with windows randomly moving partways between desktops in 12.04?14:08
Beelsebobmcb_: interestingly, setting GRUB_TIMEOUT=2 still seems to display the menu permanently… am I hitting a bug here, or PEBKAC?14:09
Oasaamel thats what. It has reached the end of service. Check the second link that ubottu provided14:09
Oasa!eol | amel14:09
ubottuamel: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:09
veebullhad a few problems in 11.10, but its getting really annoying in 12.0414:09
alankilaOasa: did you regenerate the grub.cfg after modifications14:09
Oasaalankila: What is that?14:09
alankilaOasa: run update-grub after you change /etc/default/grub.14:10
OasaI think I compiled clutter. But cant get clutter sharp14:10
alankilaOasa: actually I did not meant that to you. Sorry, confused something in my head.14:10
alankila> Beelsebob ;-)14:10
mcb_Beelsebob:  Also look at  these options: #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 and14:10
Beelsebobalankila: already run14:10
alankilaBeelsebob: okay. Hmm.14:11
Beelsebobmcb_: isn't that meant to be how long it takes before showing the menu?14:11
rolandhi. I updated to 12.04 and tftpd-hpa doesn not work anymore, when trying to get a file, I get "no such file" error14:11
amelhello people?14:11
katspaughHi! Could you recommend a PPA for Node.js releases?14:11
amelwhy does my terminal say no command deb found14:12
mcb_ Beelsebob: I am not sure, but mine is working with those settings and if TIMOUTOUT=10......14:12
alankilaBeelsebob: you may have hit "recordfail" thing also. grub ignores the timeout you set if the recordfail thing evaluates to true14:12
Oasa!deb | amel14:12
ubottuamel: deb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.14:12
gaelfxamel: deb is not a command, perhaps you want dpkg?14:12
jpdskatspaugh: PPAs are unsupported, we never recommend them.14:12
OasaJust double click the file. amel14:12
amelno like i just want to update my 10.414:12
gaelfxamel: then you need to click on the second link in the message ubottu has sent to you14:13
Oasaamel: I suggest you do a clean install as you have reached EOL.14:13
amelclean install?14:13
gaelfx!eol > amel14:13
ubottuamel, please see my private message14:13
katspaughjpds: I didn't realize it's the official channel. Thanks, I'll use the source then.14:13
Beelsebobmcb_: you know why this isn't working… GNU GRUB version 1.99-21ubuntu3 is being used… o.O14:13
r4ygaelfx, it hasn't stopped Unpacking python-configobj14:13
BeelsebobI wonder why...14:13
Oasaamel: Check this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:13
gaelfxr4y: what hasn't stopped unpacking?14:14
cypher-neoThanks for the help fidel_ and alankila. I figured out both the package name and it's PID to send the error report.14:14
jpdskatspaugh: There's a nodejs package in the archives though.14:14
r4yWith installing pastebinit, it hasn't passed this line: "Unpacking python-configobj (from .../python-configobj_4.7.1-1_all.deb) ..."14:14
CJKayL3top: After a complete nightmare toying with recovery mode, drivers and the likes, I have *finally* managed to get ironhide working with my card14:15
gaelfx!info nodejs > katspaugh14:15
wombatism1so what do I do to get my desktop wired connection to work?  I attempted to do the suggestion here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/126743/internet-access-problem-in-12-04 but don't know if I did it right.  I'm assuming I didn't because it still isn't working.14:15
CJKayAlthough I now have a problem with LightDM refusing to log in as anyone that isn't... well... me14:15
CJKayOr, rather the other way round. Can't log in as myself. Only guet14:15
amelhow do i upgrade grub?14:15
gaelfxamel: the easiest way right now would be for you to do a fresh install of an Ubuntu release that is still supported14:16
amelhow do i do that?14:16
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katspaughjpds, gaelfx, yeah, thanks. It's kinda old though.14:16
KSHawkEyeHello, I'm trying to get internet access on my debian machine but I can't seem to. ifconfig shows no eth014:16
ameli downloaded the iso and then tried booting to it to my hardis kwhenevr i try that it says bootloader failed14:16
gaelfxamel: download an iso for 11.04, 11.10 or 12.04 and install it via CD or USB14:17
ameli did try it with my harddisk it says bootloader failed14:17
r4yCan I close the terminal that didn't finish installing pastebinit, and start over14:17
Oasaamel: What do you mean by booting into hardisk ?14:17
amelyes like using the disk creator manager14:17
gaelfxr4y: you said it was hanging on the unpacking?14:18
nyuszika7hamel: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ?14:18
wombatism1to avoid repeating myself, it would be nice if someone could acknowledge that my query will be looked at when someone has the free time.14:18
amelhavent tried this will do thanks14:18
nyuszika7hHmm n14:18
gaelfxnyuszika7h: he's using 10.10, which recently hit EOL14:18
gaelfxr4y: then it should be ok14:18
nishttal2is there a way to add pandora to gmusicbrowser?14:18
amelit says 0 installed 0 upgarded14:19
Oasaamel: Just out the usb or cd and use that as the first boot device from the bios. Then chose Install. and everything should go well.14:19
nyuszika7hThen what the others said...14:19
amelhow do i do that my first time14:19
nyuszika7hWouldn't do-release-upgrade work?14:19
nyuszika7hOr whatever it was called14:20
katspaughhey nyuszika7h!14:20
gaelfxnyuszika7h: fresh installs are usually safer14:20
amel0asa can you guide ne through it14:20
zambawhere's the systray in unity?14:21
zambastuff's supposed to be closed to the systray, but i haven't got that.. stuff just disappears14:21
gaelfxzamba: what's supposed to be closed to the systray?14:23
thomasprAnyone still running Natty here ?14:23
amelcan anybody helpp with me a clean install?14:23
pavanhello guys, using 12.04 64 bit14:23
gaelfxthomaspr: I believe amel is, but it seems he's not having such a good time of it14:24
r4ygaelfx forget pastebinit, I don't need it14:24
zambagaelfx: sflphone14:24
amelno i am still on the 10 :/14:24
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amelwant to upgrade to natty14:24
gaelfxr4y: but it's sooooo great14:24
pavanis ~500 processor wakeups / second normal behavior14:24
gaelfxmy bad14:24
amelneed help with a clean install though my harddisk dsnt seem to do the job14:25
tachyonsAm i slleping?14:25
gaelfxamel: is there any reason you want to update to 11.04 instead of 12.04?14:25
amelbecause i have the 11.04 iso :D14:25
ameland 12.04 i heard has a little issuses?14:26
gaelfxamel: have you checked the md5 of the iso you downloaded?14:26
Beelsebobmcb_: when I do a sudo reboot, it's successfully avoiding the grub menu… but not when I shut down instead… any ideas what it might be setting/not setting to get this to work?14:26
nyuszika7hLTS having "little issues"?14:26
amelno what is that14:26
thomasprI heard itś available NEXT week ?14:26
gaelfx!md5 | amel14:26
ubottuamel: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows14:26
wombatism1I know I'm having issues with 12.04....can't get my desktop internet to work right14:27
thomasprMy trouble comes with New upstream stable release (FIREFOX_12_0_BUILD1)14:27
gaelfxr4y: did you try making apt-get redownload the package you were having trouble with?14:28
thomasprAnyone else who can't update New upstream stable release (FIREFOX_12_0_BUILD1) ???14:29
gaelfx!anyone | thomaspr14:29
ubottuthomaspr: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:29
thomasprNext question is naturally WHY ?14:30
* gaelfx needs to give ubottu a rest14:30
thomasprbut next answers are often: I don't have any troeuble with it ;-)14:30
OerHeksthomaspr, from a PPA ? or standard repo ( it is available now)14:30
gaelfxthomaspr: well, if you told us about the error that you're having, that might help us figure out what's actually wrong14:30
r4yIt's OK, I can just use the online pastebin through Google for now, but I made note of pastebinit for later use14:31
thomasprI'm sorry, but the description I see up here is GERMAN language :-(14:31
gaelfxthomaspr: when you say "it doesn't work," we can't really help with that14:31
thomasprI didn't say "It doesn't ..."14:32
OerHeks!details | thomaspr14:32
ubottuthomaspr: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:32
gaelfxr4y: there are other cli pastebin tools, but I can't remember any others names :/14:32
thomasprIn "Aktualisierungsverwaltung" I can't check this new version  :-(14:32
thomasprI have a problem with New upstream stable release (FIREFOX_12_0_BUILD1)14:33
* gaelfx facepalms14:33
thomasprI'm running 11.0414:33
ikoniathomaspr: then contact upstream14:34
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thomasprWhat's Aktualisierungsverwaltung called in the english versions ?14:34
wombatism1I have a problem with getting my desktop to connect to the internet, I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 When I try to add the information as suggested in the answer to http://askubuntu.com/questions/126743/internet-access-problem-in-12-04 it does not solve my issue.14:34
nyuszika7hgaelfx, r4y: wgetpaste14:34
gaelfxnyuszika7h: nice, thanks :D14:34
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amelneed help with clean install14:34
nyuszika7hYou're welcome :)14:34
nyuszika7hIt uses LodgeIt14:34
wombatism1Here is the solution as offered on the link: I solved the problem by inserting entries for dns-nameserver, dns-domain and dns-search into /etc/network/interfaces. I obtained the values required from /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/original.14:35
gaelfxamel: did you check the md5?14:35
amelno i have no idea how to the site gave me some commands to run but when i do it says no command14:35
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wombatism1when I c/p the info from /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/original to etc/network/interfaces there is no change...I used sudo on gedit to make the changes14:36
gaelfxamel: ok, let's start over. Are you using a CD or a USB?14:36
amelhardisk ntfs formatted14:36
thomasprNew upstream stable release (FIREFOX_12_0_BUILD1) is not part of MAIN or UNIVERSE ???14:37
ikoniathomaspr: no14:37
ameli use the create disk manager but at the end it says bootloader failed downloaded the iso from the official site14:37
gaelfxamel: to do a fresh install, you need to either burn the iso tp a CD or use the USB startup disk creator to copy it to a USB14:37
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ameli did use that it says bootloader failed at the end :(14:38
wombatism1Are my comments appearing here?  I don't seem to of generated a single response to my issue.14:38
Dr_willisid suggest downloiading the iso yourself using torrents14:38
Dr_williswombatism1,  we see you.14:38
thomasprikonia: I unchecked all except MAIN and UNIVERSE to locate the error hmhmhmhm ???14:38
ikoniawhat ?14:38
ameli did download from the offical site14:38
r4ygaelfx I am sorry but I am talking to holstein on the Ubuntu-beginners channel because  asked  there when I came here. I have nothing against you. TY for trying to help me14:38
ikoniathomaspr: where did you install the firefox package form ?14:38
EthekWhats the best way to backup a system and selected apps to auto update from the latest from ppas14:38
gaelfxr4y: no worries14:39
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate14:39
fteumerCan someone help a Ubuntu noob out? I'm trying to install it alongside my windows 7, but when i boot from the disc, instead of getting "Install alongside Windows 7" i get "Install Inside Windows 7", any thoughts? I am trying 12.04 64-bit14:39
Dr_willisEthek,  you want an exact cloned 'image' of your current install?14:39
magic_alhey all, i am trieing to install a programm from a cd under ubuntu 11. evertime the installer tells me he is not able14:39
Dr_willisfteumer,  you sure its booting the cd?  you are getting to the ubuntu desktop?14:39
magic_alto create the folder14:40
Dr_willismagic_al,  what program exactly?14:40
gaelfxamel: did you put the ISO on a CD or USB after you downloaded it?14:40
thomasprikonia: I never did anything handy - used the included in 11.04 from the beginning and let it make all updates via Aktualisierungsverwaltung god, what's the name of it in english ?14:40
ameli put it in my hard disk yes14:40
Dr_willismagic_al,  try copying the installer to the hd perhaps?   could be its trying to install to some system dir and you need to run the installer as root also.14:40
fteumeryes, i have the option to install or try14:41
fteumerand i usually run try14:41
kasiineed a help on this errorhttp://imagebin.org/21080514:41
kasiineed a help on this error      http://imagebin.org/21080514:41
fteumerthen make sure lal my hardware is working, then go to install14:41
gaelfxamel: putting it "in" your hard disk won't do anything, it's needs to be on a CD or USB, otherwise you would be installing it on the same media you're booting it from which causes problems14:41
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Dr_willisfteumer,  you may want to see how your hard drive is partioned. If you allready have 4 primary partions - that can  cause issues.14:41
kasiineed a help on this error      http://imagebin.org/21080514:41
amelgaelfix: i meant in a seprate harddisk14:42
kasiineed a help on this error      http://imagebin.org/21080514:42
momoboyare there any Microsoft sql server management studio alternatives for linux?14:42
fteumerI do, does this mean i should manually make more partitions for Ubuntu using hte "Something else" option?14:42
saxinI get: "dpkg: error processing icaclient:i386 every time I try to install something. How can I remove the installation for this package?14:42
nyuszika7h!repeat | kasii14:42
ubottukasii: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:42
Dr_willisfteumer, i always use 'somthing else' because i know how i want my hds partioned.14:42
gaelfxamel: is this separate hard disk booting before the hard disk on which you want to install? also, you can't put the iso on an NTFS drive, I think it needs to be FAT formatted14:43
Dr_willis'somthign else' - what a vague term to use in the installer.. ;)14:43
resnomy current machine is being deprecated to being a server and no longer a desktop, should i reinstallt the os, or just remove the dekstop applications?14:43
fteumerDr_willis, thank you for your help, I will look into this further14:43
=== ziyadb__ is now known as ziyadb
amelgaelfx: yes i think thats the problem thanks alot :)14:43
amelits ntfs formatted14:43
intorehi, i need to mount a remote fs and i created this script but am not sure is correct. first of all, how do i have to do to have a script that runs at the boot?14:43
tachyonsos_Any indian ubuntu users? :)14:43
bazhang!in | tachyonsos_14:43
ubottutachyonsos_: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India14:43
gaelfxamel: I hope it works out for you14:43
amelgaelfx: when i fat format it what should i do after that?14:44
gaelfxbazhang: that's the first one I've seen that was still in English14:44
thomasprIt's UPDATE-MANAGER telling me something like: Not all updates can be installed14:44
rpage Hello all i am having issues setting up synergy to start before logging for Linuxmint 1214:44
gaelfxamel: use the USB startup disk creator on the drive. You should be able to format it using the startup disk creator14:44
bazhanggaelfx, there are a few like that14:45
amelgaelfx: Thanks alot :)14:45
aethelrickkasii, that error tells you that firefox is offering to give up running a script that is taking too long. The problem is not an Ubuntu one, please see the author of the script in question i.e. the website your on14:45
rpagei am unable to find any off the files mention on online docs14:45
gaelfxamel: no problem14:45
magic_alDr_willis: it tries to install to /usr/bin/matlab... is that a system folder?14:45
rpageany one using synergy14:45
gaelfx!anyone > rpage14:45
Dr_willismagic_al,  anything not in the users home dir - is basically a system directory.. so yes.14:45
ubotturpage, please see my private message14:45
saxinI get: "dpkg: error processing icaclient:i386 every time I try to install something. How can I remove the installation for this package? Tried dpkg --configure -a but still happens14:45
Shanthhello every one14:45
L30n0vhi all14:46
EthekDr_willis,  Cloned image would work, but I was thinking more of an install from factory with a automatic download of preselected apps14:46
anudaasastart upgrade14:46
kasii_aethelrick, how can i know the author of the script14:46
magic_alDr_willis: is there a standard directory for programms like the windows C:/Programms?14:46
Dr_willisrpage,  id say set it up on a per user basis. perhaps check askubuntu.com or the forums for otehrs that have done  your way. and we dont support mint here.14:46
Dr_willismagic_al,  check out the LSB guide I think14:46
ubottuThe Linux Standard Base, or LSB, is a joint project by several Linux distributions under the organizational structure of The Free Standards Group to standardize the internal structure of Linux-based operating systems. The LSB is based on the POSIX specification, the Single UNIX Specification, and several other open standards, but extends them in certain areas.14:46
Ethekjust a way to backup or register which apps are on the system14:46
Shanthuh any one tell me a command line music player that shows timeline and visual effects14:46
Pici!fhs | magic_al14:47
ubottumagic_al: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier14:47
wombatism1Well, it seems I should keep searching for an answer through bug reports Dr_willis do people read backlogs on this channel and give answers or is the traffic a problem for most to want to do this regularly?  Basically, should I ask again later or assume someone will eventually respond if they have an answer?14:47
kasii_aethelrick, how can i know the author of the script14:47
gaelfxShanth: I know there's something in VLC that lets you watch movies in terminal, but I can't remember how to do it14:47
KlejSomeone knows any free barcode online reader ????14:47
kasii_aethelrick, how can i know the author of the script14:48
Shanthgaelfx plz recollect it14:48
gaelfxShanth: very trippy, especiall for movies like the Matrix :D14:48
gaelfxShanth: hang on14:48
Dr_williswombatism1,  im not even clear on what your pproblem was.. i alwyas check askubuntu.com :)14:48
KlejSomeone knows any free barcode online reader ????14:48
Shanthi'm waiting14:48
nyuszika7hEthek: dpkg --get-selections14:48
ActionParsnipKlej: how is that ubuntu related?14:48
Dr_willisgaelfx,  ive seen mplayer have a 'asciiart' video out plugin.14:48
kasii_aethelrick, how can i know the author of the script14:49
gaelfxDr_willis: yeah, it's probably the same thing VLC uses14:49
Ethekthanks nyuszika7h14:49
nyuszika7hYou're welcome :)14:49
Etheknot familiar with dpkg but Ill look into it more14:49
Shanthsyntax for vlc14:49
ActionParsnipgaelfx: Dr_willis http://oreilly.com/pub/h/444114:49
EthekSeems like it should be a feature of Ubuntu software centre and your UbuntuOne account14:49
ActionParsnipShanth: what do you need?14:50
Dr_willisvlc --help   ;)14:50
Shanthto play video in terminal14:50
gaelfxShanth: http://www.tuaw.com/2007/05/20/terminal-tip-ascii-ify-your-videos/14:51
Athanasiushow do I modify the list of directories on the left in the gnome file browser? (Like, there's Pictures, Videos, Movies, Downloads, etc etc and I want to add another)14:51
wombatism1Dr_willis: As do I, but what I did didn't resolve the issue.  Problem is getting 12.04 on desktops to recognize domain names (like for web browsing and software updates).  Because I don't have IP addresses to every site I want to visit, this makes my desktop completely worthless atm14:51
ActionParsnipShanth: vlc my.avi -V caca14:51
ActionParsnipShanth: did you read the man page?14:51
Shanthi'll try thanx gaelfx'14:51
gaelfxShanth: or what ActionParsnip said :P14:51
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misterbeenwell I installed 12.04 and now I have a problem,I can't connect to wifi,on 11.04 It recognizes automatically wifi network,here it isn't case,does know how do I fix this problem ,wifi stick is dlink DWL-G12214:52
AkumaStreakI had some people in a Mac channel trying to tell me that OS X terminal experience is as good as Linux, I had to quit the channel for good, fanboys14:52
gaelfxShanth: it's by far the coolest thing in the history of media player technology: ascii movies :D14:52
buzz_can anyone help me with a grub problem?14:52
ikoniaAkumaStreak: who cares ? it's nothing to do with this channel14:52
ActionParsnipbuzz_: ask and see14:52
ale91vareseciao a tutti14:52
buzz_i was trying to get rid of my windows partition14:52
buzz_i now have /dev/sdb2 (extended) and inside it i have /dev/sdb5 which is where ubuntu is14:53
AkumaStreakikonia: Any chance to pounce, eh? You don't want to talk about Linux, don't reply.14:53
buzz_but grub won't install to /dev/sdb514:53
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120414:53
ActionParsnipmisterbeen: run:  lsusb   and use the 8 character hex id to find guides14:53
buzz_i don't even know why i have sdb5 as a partition14:53
ale91varesequalcuno mi puo dare una mano?14:53
Pici!it | ale91varese14:53
ubottuale91varese: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:53
ThinkT510AkumaStreak: this is for support only14:53
ActionParsnipbuzz_: its the first logical partition in your extended partition14:54
AkumaStreakFirst time here. Didn't know. Thanks.14:54
PiciAkumaStreak: Try #ubuntu-offtopic for chat.14:54
wawoweanyone have any idea what could be taking up space in my encrypted home directory? i woke up today and it's suddenly full, 250gb of something came out of nowhere overnight14:54
AkumaStreakPici: thx14:54
ActionParsnipwawowe: try clearing your browser cache14:54
buzz_how can i get grub to work?14:55
buzz_i really don't want to reformat14:55
ActionParsnipwawowe: how big is your dropbox cache?14:55
SunTsuwawowe: du -sh * | grep G14:55
wawowenot sure where dropbox cache is14:56
ActionParsnipwawowe: do you use dropbox?14:56
roger_padactori installed ubuntu on a compaq presatio but the wire internet doesn't work. in network setting everything looks ok.  Anyone know of any issues?14:56
wawowenot unless kde is using it14:56
ActionParsnipwawowe: makes that easier :), try SunTsu's command :)14:56
Fyodorovnabuzz_, have you checked if the HD is being read differently due to a cd or usb boot?14:57
ActionParsniproger_padactor: can you ping
wawowe3.9G    Videos14:57
wawoweis the only output14:57
ActionParsnipwawowe: try without the grep14:57
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SunTsuwawowe: then do the same with da dot in front of the asterisk: .*14:57
roger_padactorActionParsnip: Nope14:58
wawowethe .* showed it :)14:58
ActionParsniproger_padactor: ok, run:  sudo lshw -C network     what is the product line for the interface?14:58
wawowe.xsession-errors is 263G14:58
ActionParsnipwawowe: yikes14:58
=== Smorbutts is now known as Shojo
gaelfxwhoa...call Guinness?14:59
=== vmesons is now known as vmeson
ActionParsnipwawowe: try:  rm ~/.xsession-errors14:59
gaelfxwawowe: you might wanna take a step back before pressing enter14:59
ActionParsnipMine's 12k here14:59
wawowebunch of kmix errors at the end15:00
wawowedid tail .xsession-errors15:00
roger_padactorActionParsnip: it says PCI (sysfs) that is it15:00
ActionParsniproger_padactor: give it time, your pci bus is slow15:01
roger_padactorActionParsnip: it said something really fast then went back to the command line. but what it did didn't show anything15:01
anudaasawhat is best free linux game ?15:01
kasiiaethelrick, how can i know the author of the script15:01
ActionParsnipanudaasa: there is no best game on any OS15:01
wawowemillions of kde related errors15:02
MonkeyDustanudaasa  whatever you like most15:02
ActionParsniproger_padactor: did you use a capitalized C?15:02
anudaasaok, dosbox :-)15:02
ActionParsniproger_padactor: try:  lspci     see if it tells you there15:03
aethelrickkasii, figure out which web site is causing you the problem.15:03
ActionParsnipanudaasa: dosbox isn't a game15:03
nexiumAnyone know how to troubleshoot things like slow logout times ?15:03
gaelfxanudaasa: I enjoy Planeshift every now and then15:03
kasiiaethelrick, i was using firefox15:03
kasiiaethelrick, mozilla firefox15:03
KucuqHi. I tried to install flrx via jockey. It didn't work and i have no clue why. http://paste.ubuntu.com/964818/15:03
ActionParsnipanudaasa: urbanterror is pretty sweet if you like counterstrike, or the penumbra series (not free, the demo is, very worth the cash)15:03
c[_]http://i.imgur.com/x0dai.png < anyone know how to solve that problem with Compiz Grid so there isnt a space between the windows?15:04
kasiiaethelrick, mozilla firefox15:05
MonkeyDustanudaasa  http://users.skynet.be/gbachot/html/games.html15:05
roger_padactorActionParsnip: lots of Nvidia stuff15:05
gaelfxKucuq: I see a few hundred lines of nothing15:06
thomasprUPDATE-MANAGER doen't let me check -->[]Version 12.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (FIREFOX_12_0_BUILD1)15:08
wawowei removed .xsession-errors with rm but the space hasn't become available yet15:08
wawoweguess something is using the file15:09
Kucuqgaelfx: I can't see errors aswell, but jocky says the installtion failed, and that no driver is installed15:09
jsebeanHey all, my Ubuntu 12.04 notifications (like when I connect to wifi) has turned white instead of the default, how do I fix this?15:09
ActionParsnipwawowe: could run:  lsof | grep xsession15:09
L3topEthek: check out remastersys15:09
ActionParsnipc[_]: i'd ask in #compiz15:09
EthekL3top, Ill do that15:10
wawowelots of kde stuff15:10
ActionParsnipthomaspr: if you run;  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade       are some packages marked as held back. This does happen15:10
roger_padactorActionParsnip: i think i got it.  MCP61 Ethernet ?15:10
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ActionParsniproger_padactor: try:  sudo lshw -C network      it should show the device15:10
thomasprActionParsnip: I'd rather stay with Natty :-)15:11
thomasprNo upgrade15:11
ibrokeitHey guys/gals I need some quick help, I can't log in to unity, I just get a black screen, like xnomad without any configurations15:11
ActionParsniproger_padactor: are there lights flashing around the interface you have the wire in. Is the indicator light on the device you are connecting to showing as connected?15:11
roger_padactorActionParsnip: like i said it runs through them but it does't output anything to the screen that stays15:11
ActionParsnipthomaspr: you will stay with natty15:11
roger_padactorActionParsnip:  yes15:11
MonkeyDust!nomodeset| ibrokeit15:11
ubottuibrokeit: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:11
thomaspreven with upgrade ?15:11
roger_padactorin the setting i even have the correct ip and gateway and everything15:12
ActionParsnipthomaspr: yes, upgrade just upgrades the packages from the repos you have, changing release is a bit more involved15:12
ActionParsniproger_padactor: do you not use DHCP?15:12
roger_padactoryes.  The ethernet is coming from a switch with is connected to the comp I'm talking to you right now on.15:13
wawowedid this: touch .xsession-errors && chmod 444 .xsession-errors15:13
ActionParsnipwawowe: better?15:13
ibrokeittried nomodeset to no avail15:13
wawoweshould be after i kill all those processes :)15:13
jornheyho, i'm getting 406 errors on the german mirrors for the precise/universe amd64 Packages when i try to run update in aptitude15:14
ActionParsnipwawowe: could reboot to root recovery mode if it's not playing :)15:14
jornam i the only one with that problem or should i change the mirrors?15:14
ibrokeitit was working fine, untill i guess flash crashed and cpu shut down15:14
ActionParsnipjorn: can you pastebin the output of:  sudo apt-get update; lsb_release -a15:14
thomasprDie folgenden Pakete sind zurückgehalten worden: HELD BACK -->15:16
thomaspr  firefox firefox-globalmenu15:16
thomasprSomething known about that ?15:16
jornActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/964848/15:16
wombatism1not that it necessarily matters, but the issue is now solved it seems, I just needed to restart after doing my changes.  http://askubuntu.com/questions/126743/internet-access-problem-in-12-04 the answer works after adding the detail info.15:17
skomorokh12.04 blanked grub on me. seems like it undid my nomodeset? i know i just need to hit 'e' but to do it i need a textmode grub. holding shift doesn't work. is there some other key or do i need to boot from cd/usb?15:17
thomaspron upgrade HELD BACK -->15:18
thomasprfirefox firefox-globalmenu15:18
thomasprWho knows ?15:18
thomasprComes with natty & NO UNITY15:18
jsebeanHey all, my Ubuntu 12.04 notifications (like when I connect to wifi) has turned white instead of the default, how do I fix this?15:19
skomorokhso if i can't force grub to text... is it okay to run update-grub from an 11.10 livecd for a 12.04 system?15:19
KucuqI don't want to spam, but i think my question got burried. I tried to install flrx via jockey. It failed with a error and i have no clue why. Here is the log http://paste.ubuntu.com/964818/15:20
KucuqI can't see any errors, but somehow it didn't work15:20
amosekhi there .. have a problem with samsung clx-3185fw printer .. wsince upgrade to 12.04 it has a red stop sign and cant print at all.. scanners gone as well.. any help?15:20
dalehey peeps. running ubuntu 10.10, and want to resize a partition.. so I can use some of this drive as backups for other machines. what could I use to resize it?15:22
Kacodale, gparted?15:22
edwinkcwdale: gparted15:22
jornActionParsnip: any idea? or should i just select another mirror?15:22
wawoweKucuq: i don't know about jockey, but try apt-get install fglrx15:23
r4yThis might be the problem I am having, but I don't know, but this hard drive is ext4 so: http://superuser.com/questions/278864/cant-mount-hard-drive-ubuntu15:24
daleInstalling gparted.. :)15:24
Varsuchiso has everyone upgraded to 12.04?15:24
ActionParsnipjorn: its not catastrophic15:24
ActionParsnipVarsuchi: ages ago :)15:24
thomasprHere's Natty :-)15:25
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mbeierl_Varsuchi, nope15:25
edwinkcwVarsuchi: not yet...still waiting 12.04.115:25
VarsuchiAction - it seems to be much better. I stay away from test os's.15:25
ActionParsnipjorn: could try a different source I guess15:25
thomasprBut Natty has a problem with the ltest firefox, I see :-(15:25
ActionParsnipVarsuchi: 12.04 is released now, not a test OS now15:25
VarsuchiYea i have it installed.15:26
MonkeyDustedwinkcw  that would be in july https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule15:26
edwinkcwMonkeyDust: good to hear that.15:27
edwinkcwI don't mind to wait two more months15:27
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daleAfter i installed gparted, I don't see it in the application list?15:27
gaelfxdale: system->administration15:28
compdocdale, you use unity? should show up in the search15:28
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gaelfxcompdoc: he's on 10.1015:28
daleno, on 10.1015:28
Varsuchijust type gparted from a command line15:29
dalesee if i can get this partition resized without screwing this up :P15:29
gaelfxdale: resizes are usually painless, unless you're resizing NTFS :S15:30
ActionParsnip10.10 is EOL15:30
daleyea, yea. i keep getting a popup about it. i am still debating on upgrading15:31
ActionParsnipdale: i'd clean install Precise15:31
Varsuchidale: Precise is awesome. I would never go back to 10.1015:31
Varsuchidale: and I even like Unity15:31
daleI should. but I got too much crap I don't want to loose.15:32
Varsuchidale: i upgraded an 11.10 server I had and it upgraded without a flaw.15:32
Varsuchidale: laptop too.15:32
gaelfxdale: next time, make a separate /home partition15:32
dalemy home server is on 12.0415:32
dalebut my laptop is still 10.1015:32
davey_anybody tell me how to update my intel drivers in linux?15:32
r4ycan gparted be used on an ext4 hard drive?15:33
gaelfxdavey_: which intel drivers? most of those are updated with the kernel, so whenever you update that, you've probably got the latest15:33
syddrafWhere is the config file that contains the order and other information for GRUB?15:33
gaelfxr4y: yes15:33
Varsuchisyddraf: grub.conf15:33
ubottuFreeman012: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:34
r4yCan it be used to make grub work again?15:34
=== blackdog_ is now known as jgharris
Resistancer4y, gparted isnt grub.15:34
Simkinwhat's wrong with grub r4y?15:34
syddrafVarsuchi: there is no "grub.conf" file on my computer.15:34
r4yNo init15:34
Resistancer4y, depending on the issue you're having with Grub, you may need to reinstall grub via a livecd15:34
alesanhi! how can I install the new gimp 2.8?15:35
r4yHow?, I can't mount this hard drive15:35
ThinkT510Varsuchi: its grub.cfg and shouldn't be edited directly15:35
gaelfxsyddraf: I think it's /boot/grub/grub.cfg15:35
MonkeyDustalesan  software center or sudo apt-get install gimp15:35
gaelfxsyddraf: could be wrong though15:35
KM0201MonkeyDust: i don't think thats gimp 2.815:35
KM0201!info gimp15:35
ubottugimp (source: gimp): The GNU Image Manipulation Program. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.12-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 4611 kB, installed size 12814 kB15:35
alesanMonkeyDust, there is only 2.6 there15:35
eutheriawhen i upgraded to 12.04 the ppa's i had became disabled, when i added back in a number of packages didn't have a 12.04 version yet, so how can i find the packages that are installed that are no longer available ?15:35
ActionParsnipalesan: there is a ppa15:36
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gaelfxsyddraf: definitely wrong, sorry15:36
ActionParsnipalesan: http://www.multimediaboom.com/install-gimp-2-8-ubuntu-12-04-ppa/15:36
alesanActionParsnip, where? Also, PPAs are awful, they come and go, stay unsupported for months, etc etc15:36
=== Guest92888 is now known as Bogdaniel
alesanI was hoping Ubuntu had an official version of 2.8 in their repository, mantained etc15:36
=== jsec[AFK] is now known as jsec
eutheriaadd-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp15:37
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest42215
* ThinkT510 wonders why some people can't live without ppas, don't they realise they are 3rd party unsupported packages (then they wonder why things break)15:37
KM0201is 2.8 stable, or is it still beta?  that might explain why (or why not) 2.8 is not in 12.0415:37
alesanThinkT510, I said, I was hoping the new long-awaited GIMP would be available throught the official long-supported channel15:38
ActionParsnipKM0201: i've used it here for basic stuff, seems ok. Not sure on the status15:38
ThinkT510KM0201: very recently released as stable15:38
PiciKM0201, alesan: 2.8 was an RC last I checked.15:38
alesanKM0201, AFAIK it has been released today15:38
KM0201ActionParsnip: same here.. i'm a fan of gimp(like you, basic stuff)..  2.6 is fine for me15:38
Varsuchisyydraf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub215:38
linuxmonkeyWe are happy to announce immediate availability of GIMP 2.8 — a new stable version of GNU Image Manipulation Program that culminates 3.5 years of exciting work.15:38
Varsuchisyydraf: that should help15:38
Varsuchithey have changed it.15:38
KM0201alesan: well, that explains it.. they're not gonna put a beta in an LTS15:38
alesanKM0201, 2.8 will finally have one window mode15:38
skomorokhThinkT510: one or two flakey PPAs are easier to deal with than Arch, Gentoo or Debian unstable. It's a tradeoff.15:39
alesannot the insane 15 windows thing15:39