mandelmorning all!08:02
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ryemandel: mornings!10:44
mandelrye, morning !10:44
mandelrye, how did the holidays go?10:44
ryemandel: :-D10:45
ryemandel: pretty well, thank you, refreshing :)10:46
failure_hmm, isnt secure by visa working as a payment method @ ubuntuone ?11:15
failure_used: 451% not nice :)11:16
gatoxgood morning11:20
ryevds: morning, bug #98915711:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 989157 in Ubuntu One Servers "updown OAuth may fail with valid credentials" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98915711:41
ryefailure_: at the moment, no, we are working to switch to Ubuntu Pay infrastructure which supports paypal which in turn supports visa 3D security11:42
mandelgatox, morning!11:42
gatoxmandel, hi11:42
mandelgatox, can you do give me a hand and run the stupid tests for this: lp:~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/use-unix-domain/ in you evil win machine11:43
mandelgatox, there should be only one failing11:44
gatoxmandel, ok11:44
gatoxmandel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/964475/11:52
mandelgatox, sweet, just what I wanted!11:55
mandelgatox, can you pull and run it again, it should pass ok now on windows (I have an issue on linux.. bloody twisted)12:13
gatoxmandel, yes12:13
gatoxmandel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/964521/12:16
vdsrye, thx!12:16
mandelgatox, fuuu!12:17
failure_rye: ETA ?12:23
ryewebm0nk3y: ^ ?12:26
ryealso, joshuahoover ^12:26
vdsrye, what is ./oauth_sign in the comment of the bug?12:26
webm0nk3yrye: is there a question?12:28
mandelgatox, I think I've fixed it, please pull and take a look (and add a +1 if you want too :) )12:36
mandelgatox, would be nice to test sso on mac os x, linux and windows just in case but everything should wok12:37
mandelnow, lunch :)12:37
* mandel lunch12:37
gatoxmandel, no problem.... i'll run the tests everywhere12:37
mandelgatox, also IRL would be nice, I've done so, but double check12:37
gatoxmandel, ack12:37
ryewebm0nk3y: i recall we were to migrate to Ubuntu Pay, the question was about ota12:51
ryevds: http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/us/oauth-sign, described @ http://rtg.in.ua/blog/2012/03/upload-to-ubuntu-one-using-curl/12:52
vdsrye, thx! you rock! :)12:52
ralsinagood morning!12:55
gatoxralsina, hi12:58
ralsinahola gatox!12:58
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ralsinagatox: my son wants to see the Avengers movie too (big fan of the cartoons) so I may have to see it in spanish (yech)12:59
ralsinaaloha dobey12:59
gatoxmandel, all the tests are ok (windows/linux/mac)..... but i'm not being able to login or create an account in mac12:59
ralsinagatox: or is it too violent for a 5 year old?12:59
gatoxralsina, naaaaa.... it's awesome! and really funny too12:59
ralsinagatox: and you don't mind seeing it in spanish this time?12:59
* gatox thinks.... :P13:00
ralsinagatox: then I'm inviting and paying for the popcorn13:00
gatoxralsina, i think i can live with it13:00
gatoxralsina, naaa.... no problem!13:00
ralsinagatox: awesome, buying tickets13:01
gatoxralsina, a friend of mine will come to the cinema too13:01
gatoxralsina, you meet him at the pycon last yea13:01
ralsinagatox: cool13:02
ralsinagatox: so 4 tickets?13:02
gatoxralsina, yes please :D13:03
ralsinagatox: is coming to zona norte a problem?13:03
gatoxralsina, i don't know anything in bsas...... but lets say no..... we are going to be just paseando :P.... so we can go everywhere13:04
gatoxmas para pasear13:04
ralsinagatox: cool13:04
gatoxit's been a longgggg time since i went to bsas to really enjoy being a turist :P13:04
ralsinagatox: it's here: http://www.todoshowcase.com/index.php?option=com_showcase&view=cine&slug=showcase-norte&c=cine&Itemid=17113:05
gatoxralsina, ack13:06
gatoxbrb..... need to buy some cat food across the street :P13:06
ralsinagatox: there, 4 tickets at the DOT (closer to downtown) friday 7PM13:10
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gatoxralsina, awesome!13:26
joshuahooverrye: ubuntu pay won't support 3dsecure - yet13:33
ryevds: your personal message- was it before I added the trace of curl to the ticket or after?13:33
ryejoshuahoover: i know, but paypal will, i heard that13:33
ryejoshuahoover: right?13:33
ryeand paypal can be a backend for ubuntu pay13:34
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joshuahooverrye: maybe, in a round about sort of way...you still need a paypal account and you'd need to associate your card with your paypal account13:34
vdsrye, after13:35
vdsrye, why?13:35
ralsinadobey, ,gatox: any reviews needed?13:35
dobeynot at the moment13:36
gatoxralsina, nop... working on filesystem watcher for mac here.... i'm going to be busy for a while13:36
ralsinagatox: cool13:36
ralsinagatox: try to get mmcc involved :-)13:36
dobeyneed to get some RAM back though, so brb. :)13:36
gatoxralsina, roger that13:36
ryevds: ah, then i'll test this with dev env13:38
ryeduanedesign: joshuahoover - mint12 comes with u1 client 2.0.0 with bug #869920 - when we get it to -updates, it will work in oneiric as well as in mint 1213:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 869920 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Files in new UDFs are not uploaded due to filtering" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86992013:43
joshuahooverrye: ah, ok, thanks13:43
ryeumm, verification-done, anything else needed?13:44
dobeyrye: there are other bugs in the update13:44
ryedobey: i don't see any verification-needed tags on ubuntuone package13:45
ryecontrol panel bug13:48
ryei see13:48
ryehuh? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-control-panel/+bugs?field.tag=verification-needed13:48
dobeywell, protocol, sso, and the timestamp bug13:49
ryei guess it uses Fix released as a filter and fix is released on one distro13:49
mandelgatox, ok, let me see if I can13:49
ryedobey: erm... ubuntuone-control-panel does not seem to have a proposed branch attached for bug #69259713:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 692597 in Ubuntu One Client stable-1-6 "If the user has the date/time/timezone wrong, connection fails (Expired timestamp error)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69259713:53
ryeso oneiric still fails13:53
dobeyrye: indeed. why are you looking for control-panel?13:53
ryedobey: because ubuntuone-control-panel also suffers from that bug13:54
dobeyrye: yes, and we don't have a fix for it yet for the version in oneiric13:55
ryedobey: and we don't have it in proposed, it is hard to say verification-done if syncdaemon works but control panel does not13:55
mandelgatox, I have no problem in login in or creating a new account13:55
dobeyrye: well when control-panel gets SRUed, it will go back to verification-needed13:55
ryedobey: oh, ok13:55
dobeyrye: but for now, one needs to check that ubuntuone-storage-protocol, ubuntu-sso-client, and ubuntuone-client all work in that respect13:55
ryedobey: so, syncdaemon works (connects -storageprotocl and publishes files - rest api in sd)13:57
ryeok, i will verify it13:57
dobeyrye: also, there is bug #82536613:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 825366 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Syncdaemon not running (ValuerError: mmap offset is greater than file size)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82536613:57
gatoxmandel, weird13:58
dobeyralsina: btw, i will need to leave the meeting a little early today, for an appointment. about 10 mins early.13:59
ralsinadobey: np, I'll make you talk first13:59
briancurtinralsina: good valicert post :)13:59
ralsinabriancurtin: thanks, I am like, wtf at them.13:59
ralsinabriancurtin: and we still don't know where that certificate came from anyway14:00
mandelgatox, how did you launch it?14:00
briancurtinit came from cloud-based value-rich enterprise services14:01
briancurtinwith extra enterprise14:01
gatoxmandel, python bin/ubuntu-sso-login-qt --app_name="u2" (with and without) --login_only14:01
mandelgatox, set U1_DEBUG=1 and see what it outputs14:03
mandelralsina, wtf is with our cert?14:03
mandelralsina, just read the post..14:03
ralsinamandel: we have a user who is getting a cert from valicert on login.ubuntu.com14:04
ralsinamandel: let me find the log14:04
ralsinamandel: https://pastebin.canonical.com/65401/14:05
gatoxmandel, in the ui says: "canot import name backend"14:05
gatoxmandel, also in the outputs14:06
mandelgatox, have you forgotten to set the python path?14:06
ralsinamandel: good news are, SSL checks do what they are supposed to do.14:06
mandelralsina, so is not a bug \o/14:07
ralsinamandel: well, we may be catching the wrong certificate14:07
ralsinamandel: supposing there is a SSL tunnel to a router or something. But I don't see how that may happen.14:07
gatoxmandel, pythonpath to u1-client? sso shouldn't need that or am i wrong?14:07
alecuhello, all!14:08
gatoxalecu, hi14:08
ralsinahello alecu!14:08
mandelgatox, try to run PYTHONPATH=. U1_DEBUG=1 python bin/ubuntu-sso-login-qt --app_name hola --login_only14:08
ralsinaalecu: How's the back?14:08
mandelalecu, buenas!14:08
alecuralsina, a bit better.14:09
ralsinaalecu: good to hear14:09
alecu"a user who is getting a cert from valicert".... awesome!14:09
mandelralsina, it would be interesting to know how is the network set up14:10
alecuI mean, not so good that it's a wrong certificate. But good to see that we are catching that.14:10
mandelalecu, yeah, ralsinas last post is very interesting14:10
gatoxmandel, nop14:10
ralsinamandel: yes14:10
ralsinagatox: no por llevarte la contraria ;-)14:10
gatoxralsina, jeje estaba respondiendo otra cosa yo14:11
ralsinamandel: the post is not really about our problem but about the state of CAs but, really, yesterday was a pile of weirdness.14:11
ralsinarmcbride has a VM where SD fails auth and u1cp doesn't14:11
gatoxmandel, it has the same problem :S14:11
dobeyralsina: the "share this post" box on your blog, covers things14:12
mandelgatox, pastebin please :)14:12
ralsinadobey: make the window wider14:12
ralsinadobey: but yes, known bug :-/14:12
mandelralsina, you have to pay dobey as a QA for you css ;)14:12
ralsinamandel: I need to pay someone who knows CSS for my CSS ;-)14:12
gatox_macmandel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/964720/14:12
mandelgatox_mac, line 39 of what you just gave me14:13
gatox_macmandel, mmm it copy the wrong thing…. i'll show you the other paste… wait a sec14:14
mandelgatox_mac, ok :)14:14
alecuralsina, "a VM where SD fails auth and u1cp doesn't" <- SD fails with SSL issues?14:15
ralsinaalecu: no, AUTH_FAILED14:15
gatox_macmandel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/964725/14:16
alecuralsina, rmcbride: does that VM run windows? has it a proxy configured? perhaps the time is skewed?14:16
mandelgatox_mac, can you do a bzr st or even branch from 0 lp:~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/use-unix-domain ?14:17
gatox_macmandel, ok14:18
mandelgatox_mac, I'm doing the same just to be sure14:18
ralsinaalecu, mandel: a windows user now (the other one was ubuntu): https://pastebin.canonical.com/65460/14:18
ralsinaalecu, mandel: same certificate issue14:18
mandelralsina, so we found the problem!!! hurray! although, this is with qt 4.7.1 right, with 4.8 we get no cert details, is that correct?14:19
mandelgatox, mmcc_away, you guys fancy a catch up chat over mumble after the team meeting?14:20
alecu"Valicert SecureTransport is an enterprise file transfer system -- leading the industry in security, reliability, performance, scalability, and extensibility"14:21
alecuthat's just awesome.14:21
ralsinamandel: this is 4.7.1 yes14:22
alecu"Tumbleweed Communications merged with Axway in 2008"14:22
gatoxmandel, yep14:22
ralsinaalecu: yes, it's an ancient certificate probably14:23
mandelgatox, I have branched from lp and works ok14:23
mandelalecu, got the mac mini around?14:23
alecuralsina, not only that: they make a security suite used by big enterprises and governments.14:24
alecuralsina, """"Tumbleweed products were used to block security threats, protect information, and conduct business online. Tumbleweed provided solutions for inbound and outbound email protection, secure file routing, and identity validation that allow organizations to conduct business over the Internet. Tumbleweed offered these solutions in three product suites: MailGate, SecureTransport, and Validation Authority. MailGate provides protection against spam, v14:24
alecuiruses, and attacks, and enables policy-based message filtering, encryption, and routing. SecureTransport enables customers to safely exchange large files and transactions without proprietary software. Validation Authority determines the validity of digital certificates.14:24
gatoxmandel, i don't know why.... but it's not working here :S14:24
alecuralsina, so, it's very likely that this is happening in an environment where the internet is filtered with this weird security suite.14:25
ralsinaalecu: and they licensed stuf to trendmicro, so it may very well be some fancy gateway thing14:25
gatoxmandel, are you using the environment from the buildout?14:25
ralsinaalecu: right14:25
mandelgatox, no14:25
gatoxmandel, that might be14:25
mandelgatox, but it did work for you last time, right?14:25
gatoxmandel, never create and account.... just get the ui responsive14:26
mandelgatox, hm.. the deal is, that import error is complaining that it cannot find sso.backed which is there, right?14:26
gatoxmandel, yes.....14:27
mandelgatox, so the problem is with your python path somehow14:27
mandelgatox, get in the term anc check if you can import it :)14:27
mandelgatox, we might find some info that way14:27
gatoxmandel, which will be the import?14:27
mandelgatox, let me check14:28
mandelgatox, can you paste the logs from sso-login rather than just the ui ones?14:33
gatox_macmandel, i get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/964760/ when i try to execute ubuntu-sso-login14:36
mandelgatox_mac, launc activity monitor and kill the python process that is already executing14:37
gatox_macmandel, done14:38
mandelgatox_mac, and try again :)14:38
=== mmcc_away is now known as mmcc
gatox_macmandel, same problem14:39
gatox_macmandel, let me check14:39
mandelgatox, what do you mean, already started error?14:39
mandelgatox_mac, ^14:39
mandelgatox_mac, that does not make sense unless you do have another process14:40
gatox_macmandel, now is running… it was blocked somewhere14:40
gatox_macmandel, aja14:41
alecumandel, ralsina: I've found the issue with the certificates. http://ubuntuone.com/6uWF1LvwTWpgnqDQhZzTTF14:42
gatox_macmandel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/964772/ this is what i get from sso-cliemt14:42
alecuralsina, the certificate for one.ubuntu.com is signed by godaddy. And in very old times, the godaddy certificate was signed by valicert.14:42
gatox_macmandel, it seems to be a problem with qtnetwork and unicode.. the last part of the paste14:42
alecuralsina, like in the unpatched ie6 on xp sp0 of the screenshot.14:43
ralsinaalecu: wtf???14:43
alecuralsina, and it seems that new qt is hating being run on old OS where that valicert certificate is still there.14:43
alecuralsina, does that make sense?14:44
ralsinaalecu: maybe, I am a bit out of my depth14:44
ralsinaalecu: but we got this on UBuntu p14:44
alecuralsina, I'll try running the installer in my VM with XP and no service packs.14:44
mandelgatox_mac, which line?14:44
alecuralsina, but not so much as we get it on windows, right?14:45
gatox_macmandel, last one 10914:45
alecuralsina, are we sure it's P? perhaps it's somebody running nightlies on something older.14:45
ralsinaalecu: yes, on ubuntu, just a couple of users14:45
ralsinaalecu: was P, the nightlies made it show the error14:45
mmccmandel, gatox: mumble after meeting = AOK14:45
alecuralsina, hmmm. Ok.14:46
mandelgatox_mac, so, funny thing is, that is there due to an error getting the timestap, right?14:46
mandelgatox_mac, can you add a print in line 202 of the qtnetwork webclient implementation and show the error and the content14:47
gatox_macmandel, ok14:47
mandelgatox_mac, I wonder why are you getting an error there in the handle_finish14:47
mandelmmcc, superb, I have a number of bugs I think you can help with (starting with some integration with the OS issues) :)14:48
ralsinaalecu, joshuahoover: one possible solution is to install the valicert root cert into the browser but it's scary14:48
mmccmandel: cool. I also want to talk about the packaging plan, I did some poking around and some people say 'pyinstaller' is better than py2app for macosx…14:49
ralsinaalecu: there is at least one FLOSS project that did that (clementine)14:49
mandelmmcc, I think is something we can investigate14:50
ralsinammcc: we could also use pyinstaller on windows, it's supposed to be nicer/easier/less insane14:50
mandelralsina, or tell them to remove old certs!14:50
ralsinamandel: or that, maybe, yes14:50
mandelralsina, mmcc, if someone is willing to do the move from py2exe to pyinstaller I'm all for it (pido no!)14:50
ralsinamandel: which is why we never switched ;-)14:51
joshuahoovermandel: some of the users with this cert issue are using 12.0414:51
mmccralsina, mandel - maybe magic will happen and getting pyinstaller to work on mac will be 90% of the work for windows14:52
* mmcc has never seen magic happen14:52
ralsinammcc: well, if it happens it happens ;-)14:52
ralsinammcc: look, a bunny!14:52
mandelmmcc, oh, can I have you help testing a branch (gatox has problem with it)14:52
gatox_macmandel, jejej this is f14:52
mmccmandel: of course, what platform?14:53
gatox_macmandel, f$%&ing kidding me… i added the print. and now it works…14:53
mandelmmcc, your platform :)14:53
mandelgatox_mac, interesting, remove it and add a pdb ;)14:54
mmccbut mandel, I love all platforms equally. what branch?14:54
dobeywell i think this VM is shot14:54
mmccexcept AIX14:54
mandelmmcc, can you branch lp:~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/use-unix-domain14:54
gatox_macmandel, i remove it.. and now is working… this is weirddd14:55
mandelmmcc, then set up the env and do what gatox was trying here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/964772/14:55
gatox_macmandel, so….. it's working… :P14:55
mandelgatox_mac, so, it could be a problem in your network when we do the ping to the servers to get the date,and we should not have that error14:55
gatox_maci'm testing the create account now14:56
mandelgatox_mac, I'd say, add that as a bug (the error with the encoding) so that next time we get a decent message :)14:56
mandelmmcc, if that works, we might be done with sso on mac except for the bugs I have for you and packaging14:57
gatox_macmandel, ok… everything is working… login and create account14:58
briancurtincall in 2'?14:58
mandelgatox_mac, hurray!14:58
mandelgatox_mac, can you add the bug for the webclient error?14:58
mandelgatox, and do add a +1 to the branch ;)14:59
mmcchas anyone else used mumble on macos? It ships two .apps, and no description of which one I should use :\14:59
ralsinateam, mumble!15:00
mandelmmcc, I use it in mac os x15:00
mandelteam blue!15:00
briancurtinmmcc: on windows it does the same - one is "regular" and one is "backwards compatible"15:01
dobeythisfred: mumble15:02
dobeyalecu: mumble15:02
alecucrap, my laptop is not connecting to mumble right :-(15:05
ryeuh-huh, we used all the mumbles with vd$15:06
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briancurtinjoshuahoover, ralsina: do we need a new RT to get these new binaries signed, or do i use the previous one (51590)15:35
joshuahooverbriancurtin: i was going to send a new request since they did the last one15:36
ralsinabriancurtin: yes, new one15:36
joshuahooverralsina, briancurtin: k, ticket was filed15:37
ralsinajoshuahoover, alecu, mandel: http://forums.anandtech.com/archive/index.php/t-1961729.html15:38
ralsinajoshuahoover: so there is a chance the user can just click on the control panel, search for certificates and fix it as a workaround. I don't have details for it though.15:40
joshuahooverralsina: possibly, for windows...i'm not sure how that works on ubuntu15:42
ralsinajoshuahoover: me neither15:42
ryejoshuahoover: sorry, i got a bit distracted with other things, what do you say about ubuntu - issue confirmed there too?15:42
joshuahooverrye: we're seeing this on both windows and ubuntu (though only turkish users so far on ubuntu for whatever reason): http://paste.ubuntu.com/964896/15:43
briancurtinjoshuahoover: can you add me to RT 52678? it seems i dont have permission to view it in order to upload the binaries to be signed15:51
joshuahooverbriancurtin: i copied you on the ticket request so in theory you should be able to see it...hmmm15:51
ryeok, verification done on oneiric timestmp15:54
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mmccmandel, gatox, here's what I got from the ~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/use-unix-domain branch16:08
mmccmandel, gatox: http://paste.ubuntu.com/964946/16:08
mandelalecu, ralsina:
mandelmmcc, let me take a look16:08
mandelmmcc, kill that guy and try:  python bin/ubuntu-sso-login-qt --app_name="u2"16:09
mandelmmcc, that one shows ui :)16:09
gatoxmmcc, try to execute PYTHONPATH=.:$PYTHONPATH U1_DEBUG=True python_u1 bin/ubuntu-sso-login-qt --app_name="u2" ........ and create a new account to see if it works16:09
gatoxmmcc, and then the same plus: --login_only...... to see if you can login with the account you just created16:10
* gatox lunch16:11
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
mmccgatox, mandel: no good for the UI test:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/964960/16:11
gatox_lunchmmcc, python setup.py build16:11
mmccdid I need to build something first? setup.py?16:11
mandelmmcc, yes, qt things :)16:12
* mmcc is new to qt16:12
mmccOK it shows UI but gets an import error for qt4reactor. hmmm.16:13
mmccOT: does paste.ubuntu.com have an API? I'd like to write a script to autopaste16:14
mmccor drag-to-paste or something16:14
mandelmmcc, so, you need to branch lp:qt4reactor and add it to the path16:15
mandelmmcc, I though the buildbot did that16:15
mmccyeah I thought so too16:16
* ralsina wonders if he can ask his wife's cousin in Istanbul to run a nslookup16:17
mandelralsina, you might not be the first one to ask him lol16:18
mmccmandel, indeed it is in the path for python_u1: >>> [f for f in sys.path if "qt4" in f]   ====>      ['/Users/mmccrack/Documents/Canonical/Source/buildout-env/scripts/devsetup/eggs/qt4reactor-1.0-py2.7.egg']16:18
mmccmandel, and I can import qt4reactor from the prompt16:19
mandelmmcc, maybe you have to do PYTHONPATH=.:$PYTHONPATH, right?16:19
mmccmandel, I am doing that, but even if I don't, if I run just 'python_u1', I can import qt4reactor…16:20
thisfredmmcc: I use pastebinit to post to paste.ubuntu.com16:21
mandelmmcc, are you doing python or python_u1?16:21
mmccthisfred: hooray, thanks.16:21
mandelgatox_lunch, how did you run it ^16:21
ryemmap offset file verified16:21
mmccmandel, I am using python_u1 to run the qt test (as in gatox's last post) and also to do my import test16:22
mandelmmcc, lets try with python only... I wonder what is going on..16:23
mmccI wonder if gatox is still using 'python_u1' . ubuntu-sso-login has #! /usr/bin/env python .16:24
mmccif gatox changed his setup so he has 'python' in his path instead of 'python_u1' that might explain things16:25
mmcca hacky tweak (changed the ubuntu-sso-login hashbang to python_u1) got much further but I'm going to test my theory by renaming python_u1 and changing my PATH16:26
ryeok, looks like i verified the remaining 3 bugs on oneiric-proposed, dobey, should I do anything else or the upload will be performed automatically?16:27
mandelmmcc, ok, I think we might be using python, let me know if it works16:28
mmccmandel btw, what's the significance of the app_name="u2", is that a specific test name or just something arbitrary16:29
mandelmmcc, random 100%16:29
mmccmandel: what's the real app_name?16:30
mmccmandel, neat, I get all the way to captcha and see a PIL decoder error16:31
mmccwhy is it using the x86_64 PIL egg? 64-bitness was something I noticed pyinstaller wasn't well tested with (ie, it's in SVN but not a released version)16:32
mmccmandel, sorry pasted: http://paste.ubuntu.com/965006/16:32
mandelmmcc, so, to fix that you have to do the following, remove PIL16:33
mandelmmcc, then brew install libjpg16:33
mandelmmcc, and reinstall PIL16:33
mandelmmcc, easy_install does not bring the libjpg with if for whatever reason.. no idea why16:34
mmccmandel OK16:34
ryejoshuahoover: ok, if everything is fine, oneiric will get a SRU in 7 days, according to SRU policy. yay!16:35
joshuahooverrye: excellent, thanks!16:35
dobeyrye: should be fine16:36
mandelalecu, may I have that c code you had?16:40
alecumandel, sure, I'll mail you the link16:40
alecumandel, (give me a few minutes, I need to start the macmini and find it)16:40
mandelalecu, sure16:40
mmccalecu, mandel, cc me?16:41
mandelmmcc, I guess that is a yes from alecu :)16:48
mandelmmcc, any luck with the test?16:48
mmccyes, working OK so far. just got a confirmation email16:48
mmccwhere are we putting UI bugs? I see a few picky things already :)16:49
mmccas in, is there a specific tag / asignee, etc16:49
dobeymmcc: for which UI? :)16:50
mmccthis is the qt SSO gui16:50
mmccmandel, I'm seeing a zombie python rocket in my dock, is that something you guys also see?16:51
mandelmmcc, yes, he is working yet I don't want him to be there :)16:51
mandelmmcc, that is one of the bug I wanted to give you16:52
mmccmandel, ok cool16:52
dobeythen against ubuntu-sso-client, and assign to ~ubuntuone-design-ux16:52
mandelmmcc, and add the u1-darwin tag16:52
mandelmmcc, related to what dobey said16:52
mmccmandel dobey ack16:52
mandelmmcc, ok, so it is working! :)16:53
mmccmandel, yup but the last part of gatox's instructions - use --login-only, ubuntu-sso-login-qt doesn't recognize that…16:54
mmccmandel, oof but it says it should16:54
mandelmmcc, is --login_only16:54
mandelmmcc, probably a typo16:54
mmccmandel, thanks :) no, gatox typed right. it was a read-o16:55
mandelmmcc, :)16:55
mandelmmcc, so, here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+bugs?field.tag=u1-darwin you can find a list of bugs I think you can tackle16:55
mmccmandel, success logging into 'u2' with --login_only16:56
mandelmmcc, superb :)16:56
mmcc\o/ <--- did I do that right16:56
mandellol, yes16:56
mmccmandel, ack on the bugs16:56
mmccbtw, I have a list of merges ready for review. whom do I ping16:57
mandelmmcc, let me check the calendar16:57
mandelmmcc, briancurtin and ralsina have a review day, if you send me a list to my canonical mail, I'll do a review tom morning before you are up :)16:58
ralsinamandel: I have done no code this week, so it's unlikely I will have anything16:58
mmccah, ok. but since we're all up, I should ping those guys?16:58
ralsinamandel: hopefully tomorrow I will hack16:59
briancurtinmmcc: i can review whatever's needed16:59
mandelmmcc, yes :)16:59
mmccbriancurtin, ralsina: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-client/refactor-launcher/+merge/104461 https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-client/cleanup-platform-constants/+merge/104206  https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-client/refactor-platform-event-logging/+merge/10430117:00
ralsinammcc: will do one or two today17:00
briancurtinmmcc: thanks, will look soon17:01
mmccapologies in advance for "My First Merge™" mistakes…17:01
gatox_lunchbrb.... in 15'17:05
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox_away
mandelok, EOD for me, catch you all tom!17:14
mmccbye mandel17:15
* mmcc heads to lunch17:15
=== mmcc is now known as mmcc_lunch
dobeyman installing updates is boring17:20
=== gatox_away is now known as gatox
ralsinadoctor's appointment, will be back in a couple of hours17:24
popeyaaaargh. iphone ubuntu one files client is (again) re-uploading all of the photos in my phone17:36
popeyall 654 of them17:36
beunourbanape, ^17:37
urbanapeDid you move them from the target UDF?17:37
popeyi did nothing since yesteday when photos previous uploaded17:37
popeyi also don't know what UDF means17:37
urbanapethe web folder "Pictures - <name of your device>"17:38
popeyi havent touched it17:38
urbanapeand as I recall, you're running recent iOS version, right? 5.1+?17:38
urbanapeAnything done to the app itself on the device?17:40
urbanapebeuno: do you know if anything's changed with generations in the JSON responses for the Files API?17:43
beunourbanape, nothing should of changed, no17:43
beunothere have also not been any deployments today17:44
urbanapeI know this happens to mattgriffin, because he moves the photos out of the UDF they get uploaded to, and we know we need to update the local CoreData objects to know that they've already been uploaded.17:46
urbanapeBut as it stands, we do check the target resource, and if it exists (with a non-zero generation), we don't upload.17:46
urbanapethis is some sort of bug where the local CoreData cache has been blown away.17:47
urbanapepopey: do you know if you're running low on space on the device?17:47
popeyurbanape: ah, yes I might be17:49
urbanapeSo, as a guess, you were running low on space, and the device wiped out the CoreData cache, which, technically could be rebuilt.17:50
urbanapeHowever, we were mistakenly relying on it to determine whether or not to upload a photo.17:50
Chipacaralsina: ping17:53
Chipacamandel: ping?17:54
gatoxChipaca, mandel is eod..... and ralsina has a doctor appointment17:55
beunourbanape, so there's a bug here needing a fix?17:55
Chipacagatox: i'm getting an import error on resources_rc in ubuntu sso17:55
Chipacagatox: any ideas?17:55
urbanapebeuno: there is. I'm currently looking to see if there's a better way of annotating those photos (besides doing a HEAD on each one, which could also work)17:55
gatoxChipaca, executing from sources? you probably need to execute setup.py build17:56
urbanapebut if we can eliminate it before we get to the queueing stage, uploads will also go much faster17:56
beunourbanape, there's magic uploads and things like that which could be useful17:56
Chipacagatox: build fails with something about wintypes17:56
urbanapeyeah, but if we can recognize earlier, they don't come into the equation at all.17:56
popeyurbanape: thanks, have deleted some old games i don't use anymore17:56
gatoxChipaca, linux? can you show me the trace?17:56
urbanapepopey: really sorry about that.17:56
popeynp, i am at the sprint so not my bandwidth17:57
popeyjust means ages before U1 is back in sync17:57
beunourbanape, and there's no way to make sure iOS doesn't nuke our DB?17:57
Chipacagatox: i'll try, gimme a sec17:57
gatoxChipaca, ack17:57
beunomaybe a sqilite db in the sahpe of steve jobs?17:57
urbanapeWe might be able to annotate the DB to be non-nukable.17:57
Chipacagatox: http://dpaste.org/D2nih/17:58
beunourbanape, can you file the bug?17:58
urbanapeyup, will do17:58
* gatox looking....17:58
Chipacagatox: i might be missing some libraries -- pointers appreciated17:59
gatoxChipaca, :S weird.....17:59
Chipacagatox: where's ubuntuone-devtools?18:00
gatoxChipaca, which version of python?18:00
Chipacagatox: 2.618:00
gatoxChipaca, lp:ubuntuone-dev-tools ........ that's what you mean?18:00
Chipacawas trying without the last hyphen18:00
Chipacawhere's dbus.mainloop.qt from?18:01
Chipacaah, was missing that18:02
dobeyChipaca: do you have nightlies ppa enabled?18:02
Chipacadobey: still failing with the v error, though18:03
Chipacadobey: in lucid?18:03
Chipacadobey: the v error comment was for gatox :)18:03
dobeyChipaca: yeah. build-dep still works; and some of the packages are built on lucid18:03
* Chipaca toddles off to see which18:04
gatoxChipaca, the v error thing is really weird :S..... i don't know what is happening there18:04
dobeylike dirspec and ubuntuone-dev-tools :)18:04
dobeysso is not yet18:04
urbanapebeuno: it's pointed out to me that that db file should just live in Documents, since it's precious, on-device created content.18:04
dobeybecause the gtk+ bits won't work there now18:04
urbanapethat should be a very easy fix18:04
Chipacadobey: i'm branching stable-3-0 of everything :)18:04
Chipacadobey: right, but the qt bits should18:05
urbanapebeuno, popey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-ios-files/+bug/99412618:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 994126 in Ubuntu One Files App for iOS "Important information stored in CoreData can be deleted leading to re-uploaded photos." [Undecided,New]18:05
dobeyright, but ./run-tests tests everything. and fixing the packaging to not package -gtk only on lucid is not trivial :)18:05
urbanapeand with that, I need to run an errand.18:05
Chipacadobey: yup yup18:05
Chipacabriancurtin: any light you can shed on the traceback in http://dpaste.org/D2nih/ ?18:06
briancurtinChipaca: looking18:06
Chipacabriancurtin: (note: 2.6)18:06
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popeythanks urbanape18:10
urbanapeIf you leave off auto-uploads until I can get an interim fix that stores the db in the right place and crawls your asset library, rebuilding that correlation db, it'll save you a minor headache.18:11
dobeypopey: stop breaking things! :)18:12
briancurtinChipaca: very weird...which project are you running that setup.py from?18:13
Chipacabriancurtin: ubuntu-sso-client18:13
Chipacabriancurtin: the stable-3-0 branch18:13
dobeyChipaca: oh oh, i know what that is18:13
dobeyChipaca: you need newer python-distutils-extra18:13
dobeyChipaca: we have a newer version in nightlies for lucid, for exactly this issue :)18:14
Chipacaalso, aaaahh18:14
Chipacaand ah.18:14
Chipacadobey: thank you18:14
popeydobey: you are the second person to say that to me today ☺18:21
dobeypopey: did you break the cake trolley?18:22
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mmcc_awayI was back, now I have to run to the bank, ~30 min.18:38
=== pfibiger` is now known as pfibiger
=== mmcc_away is now known as mmcc
* alecu runs to the doctor.19:42
dobeygatox: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-client/refactor-launcher/+merge/10446119:49
gatoxdobey, yes..... i'm just running the test in linux for that19:49
dobeyok :)19:49
mmccbriancurtin: just saw that your windows tests caught something I missed because I still can't run tests on windows. are you available to help me fix my windows test setup?20:17
briancurtinmmcc: yeah what's up20:17
mmccok cool, let me fire it up and see what the problem was20:17
gatoxeod here..... see you on monday! (i'm not working tomorrow.... swap)20:18
mmccbye gatox, have a great weekend20:19
mmccbriancurtin, is there a way to get more scrollback on the win command prompt?20:19
briancurtinin the top left of the cmd prompt, right click on the icon and go to properties, then layout tab. in the "screen buffer size" height box, just enter 999920:20
ralsinammcc: and do that every time because it doesn't remember (at least here)20:22
mmccthanks! I saw that but it didn't map to "scrollback" in my head20:22
mmccbriancurtin, for your tests do you run with a newer devtools or just use the buildout as-is?20:24
briancurtinafter the recent developments around devtools, i now have a devtools trunk that i inserted into the path. i need to figure out a way to get that into the actual buildout functionality, though20:25
mmccah, ok. I just took another look at my notes from tuesday and I was doing that too...20:25
briancurtinso what i did is just bzr branch lp:ubuntuone-dev-tools $somewhere, then in the bin\python-script.py file, i inserted that path into the sys.path it creates20:26
briancurtins/that path/$somewhere/20:26
briancurtinyou shouldnt have to do that manually, just havent been able to add it into buildout yet20:26
mmccright. I put it in parts/ and just updated my PYTHONPATH env var20:27
mmccbriancurtin: ok, so I get a lot of passing tests, then a few with this error: https://pastebin.canonical.com/6550220:29
briancurtinmmcc: ah, taht is because the path is too long. i got stumped on taht for a while. i just moved everything to C:\u1, but i believe there's an environment variable you can set to tweak path names, let me look for it20:30
dobeyTRIAL_TEMPDIR i think20:31
dobeywill use a different temp dir for the tests20:31
dobeyTRIAL_TEMP_DIR actually20:32
mmcclooks like it's … yep20:32
mmccoh man now ralsina is following me on twitter. no more dumb jokes, gotta be all professional20:36
ralsinammcc have you read *my* tweets20:37
ralsinaor blog20:37
ralsinaor IRC20:37
* ralsina can't complain about others20:37
mmccralsina :)20:38
briancurtindumb jokes > twitter professionalism20:38
mmccbriancurtin: don't you mean dumb jokes = twitter professionalism?20:39
ryelet the madness begin! pushing zipped-python-files-as-a-script to /us/20:39
mmccor professional twitterism20:39
ralsinarye: awesome!20:40
ralsinarye: a new era in friction-free deployment20:41
ryeralsina: joshua and duanne will not be amused20:41
ryeralsina: no, i mean i am convertin all my support scripts to zip files with python scripts in them20:41
ralsinarye: with the trick that lets people execute them?20:42
ryeralsina: well, not really, python $filename is still required20:44
ryejoshuahoover, duanedesign, may I ask you to download and run this - http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/us/bin/ubuntuone-diff20:44
ryeralsina: but a compatibility layer for 3 releases.... it is a nightmare20:45
joshuahooverrye: sure20:45
ralsinarye: no, you can put a shebang in the zipfile20:45
ralsinarye: http://sayspy.blogspot.com.ar/2010/03/various-ways-of-distributing-python.html20:46
ralsinarye: it does require "a" python though20:46
ryeralsina: yes, but that will require chmod +x first20:47
ryejoshuahoover: i really hope it is not exploding. tested on precise and oneiric20:47
joshuahooverrye: i get that one file was not hashed - ~/Documents/Canonical/Diagrams/ubuntu_one_bug_workflow.dia~20:48
ralsinarye: you could zip that zip into a zip, then it will expand with the right permission :-)20:48
ryejoshuahoover: interesting. u1sdtool --info ~/Documents/Canonical/Diagrams/ubuntu_one_bug_workflow.dia~ ?20:49
ryejoshuahoover: i guess you have a rule to ignore this file20:49
ryeralsina: and attach sfx header :)20:50
joshuahooverrye: no special rules, default settings...that command gives a keyerror20:51
ralsinarye: right :-)20:51
ryedid you know that our minimal requirements for ubuntu state ubuntu works on 64Mb of RAM ?20:51
joshuahooverrye: that's with no ui, right? ;)20:51
ryejoshuahoover: with desktop20:51
ryejoshuahoover: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/minimum-hardware-reqts.html20:51
ralsinarye: that's the alternate install, at least20:52
ralsinarye: the regular media doesn't boot in less than 51220:52
ryeralsina: and indeed, it does not20:56
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ralsinarye: you actually went and tried it? :-)21:10
dobeyralsina: precise boots on my laptop with 512M21:18
ralsinadobey: yes, 512 is the lower limit I think. Remember that the install media requires more memory than the final installed product21:19
dobeywell i upgraded it21:20
dobeyno install media21:20
ralsinaI maybe remember not being able to install lucid in 256MB21:20
ryeralsina: sure, i have a vm farm of all supported releases... and a few other things21:32
rye14 virtual machines in kvm, 4 lxc containers21:32
duanedesignrye: restarting  and will run now21:33
dobeyalright, need to go. have a good evening all!21:33
ralsinabye dobey!21:37
ryeduanedesign: thanks22:03
mmccanyone know a convenient command to recursively kill all *.pyc files on windows? (in ubuntuone-client, in case there's a .bat for this already)22:04
briancurtinmmcc: i dont. is there a reason you need it?22:04
mmccbriancurtin: it'd be nice to have. for now I know which ones to remove. I was running the tests on my branch that broke for you, and they didn't break for me, because i had an old .pyc in my branch :\22:05
briancurtinmmcc: there could probably be some way to do "run-tests.bat clean" by adding parameter handling to the batch file, but that will be a pain in the ass. using hte standard windows tools i dont even know how you'd do that22:08
briancurtinfor sure it'd be completely unreadable and usually not work22:08
mmccbriancurtin: ouch. ok, well the right way is probably to start with a clean branch in cases like mine… I'll just make a note22:09
briancurtinmmcc: you could also just turn off python's bytecode generation to never write PYCs, at least while you're running tests22:09
briancurtinperhaps that could even be set in the env.bat file22:10
mmccbriancurtin: huh. I thought there was a way to do that! cool. yeah, might be useful to do that for test sanity...22:10
briancurtini'm heading out of here. see everyone tomorrow22:12
mmccwhat do you mean, configuring Windows updates? the tests were almost done…22:18
* mmcc head --> desk22:19
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mmcctime to go. I guess I have to check on these windows tests later.22:36
=== mmcc is now known as mmcc_gone

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