warrenghow can i force upstart to forget about a PID and think it's truly stopped?  (the actual process is long gone but upstart just won't give it up)00:02
warrengso far, rebooting seems to be the only way... and even then, it hangs during shutdown on the process and requires a power cycle00:03
innovmonHi, I am using upstart with the rails Foreman gem - https://gist.github.com/2582347 here is the error. Permission denied - /etc/init/my-app.conf (Errno::EACCES) 01:19
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djszapijodh: there ? How could I make sure if there is no upstart job running, then "stop" does not terminate my post install script ? Shall I just check for the return value of "stop" ?12:13
jodhdjszapi: I don't understand your question fully, but does this help: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#creating-a-systemv-service-that-communicates-with-upstart-ubuntu-specific12:54
djszapijodh: was talking about this: http://paste.kde.org/468068/15:53
jodhdjszapi: packages should generally call 'invoke-rc.d restart' which calls /lib/init/upstart-job and that "does the right thing" - only calls stop if the job is actually running.15:56
djszapijodh: I am currently achieving this: http://paste.kde.org/468074/15:58
djszapijodh: why can that postinst script fail ?16:00
djszapijodh: what should I write instead ?16:13
jodhdjszapi: it will immediately exit if 'stop' fails due to the '-e'. See your shells man page.16:47
djszapijodh: so what is the recommended way of doing this ?16:48
jodhdjszapi: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#debugging-a-script-which-appears-to-be-behaving-oddly17:04
djszapijodh: I should not use -e ?17:05
JanCdjszapi: upstart uses "sh -e", nothing you can do about that17:10
JanCbut that paragraph explains how to suppress errors17:11
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