cem____anybody can help05:10
micahg\o/ gimp 2.8.0 released (waiting for it to trickle into Debian)06:55
ochosimicahg: yay!09:17
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mips1911Anyone know what the cause of the bug is that causes your title bars and window borders to disappear?17:11
ochosimips1911: i guess otherwise it'd be fixed17:25
ochosimips1911: does it happen in 12.04 as well?17:25
mips1911ochosi, no idea, I only had it happen to me once or twice in 11.10, currently only have xubuntu base install + openbox installed, waiting for 4.10 ppa17:28
ochosimips1911: so you mean the bug happens with openbox?17:29
mips1911ochosi, weren't the devs gonna add some code to autostart it once it crashed, recall somehting like that17:29
ochosithat should happen anyway (session manager takes care of that)17:29
mips1911oh ok17:30
pleia2added to reviews http://linuxblog.darkduck.com/2012/05/xubuntu-1204-dont-fix-what-is-not.html21:13
Unit193dont-fix-what-is-not.html, I had to finish it. :/21:16
pleia2oh :)21:17
mips1911Merci beaucoup monsieur pouit ;)22:01
mips1911I see the PPA is live22:01
mips1911mr_pouit, getting unmet dependencies for the ppa, http://paste.ubuntu.com/965704/22:15
mips1911mr_pouit, never mind I see things are still in waiting to build status, will check back in the morning22:25
ochosiwas just about to say that...22:26
mips1911I got all excited and never checked the status and just went ahead with the install. Hopefully when I wake up in the morning I will have a present waiting for me.22:30
ochosinot unlikely, mostly depends on what else the buildservers have on their plate22:31
mips1911g'night, 00:30 here sso i'm off to bed22:34

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