aguitelxubuntu 12.04 are using lightdm ?00:39
Optichipdid a package just get released that prompts for all apt-get packages if they are not signed?01:39
wabHow's it going?01:45
aquafinaam upgrading to 12.0401:45
aquafinaso watching things download :)01:46
wabhaha I kind of like watching things download01:46
wabI just installed 12.04 as well. At first I tried to migrate from Ubuntu 10.10 or something, but my system was a mess.01:46
wabDoes anyone have a second to answer some questions about the GUI in Xubuntu? I'm still confused about what the desktop environment program is, window manager, file browser, etc.01:48
aquafinathunar is the file manager01:48
wabthunar is the file browser, right?01:48
bazhangxfce4  4.801:48
wabok and xfce4 is the desktop environment01:48
wabfile browser = file manager?01:48
bazhang4.10 is released but not in 12.0401:49
aquafinai am not sure what you mean by "file browser"01:49
wabI suppose I'm using the wrong word. It sounds like it's just called a file manager.01:49
bazhangyep thats right01:49
bazhangyou browse through you r files with it01:50
wabOK cool. So you know the shortcut key that gets underlined when you hold ALT in most window menus? I've heard of that as being called mnemonics.01:50
wabMy question is if I can have those shown all the time.01:51
wab(i.e. without pressing ALT)01:51
bazhangwhats the end goal01:55
wabAlways have menu shortcuts underlined01:57
wabIt is an option in Windows01:57
wabAlso if it isn't a simple option to change somewhere, I thought it might be a good learning adventure to try and modify the program to be able to do this.01:58
aquafinawhy do you want them shown all the time? so you can see what shortcut to use to activate a menu item?01:58
t0rx__can anyone help me with changing my graphics card driver? I have a Intel GMA3600 and I'm trying to get Compiz working.01:59
wabIt's one of those "not that useful, but should be able to do it" sort of things.02:00
aquafinadont think that is available as an option02:00
aquafinato turn on in all apps02:00
aquafinaanyway. need to go grab something for breakfast.02:00
wabAnd thanks for the help02:00
babababassshi folks03:33
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bmk1189Hi. I'm using xubuntu 12.04 and I would like to know if there is a way to see multiple files properties with thunar. The "Properties" option is disabled when two or more files are selected04:37
Unit193Not that I know of, but don't use it all *that* much.04:40
bmk1189Mmm... thanks.04:41
cem____anybody can help05:10
Unit193Nope, we can't read minds.05:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:10
cem____chromium download page http://i46.tinypic.com/2cp9u28.png05:13
cem____xubuntu 12.04 new os new browser and new user05:14
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xubuntu540hi, I'm experiencing strange issue with xubuntu: when I use thunar to browse files, free space and used space sums is bigger than the whole partition, by some dzen of GB. this caused me to run out of disc space. what's happening? the disc is on, partition check fine too, nautilus on maverick (I used that before) showe correct values.06:45
xubuntu540ca someone please help me?06:46
mihuHi. I have two PCs side-by-side with their monitors. The monitors are identical and run with the same resolution. One  system runs Ubuntu 10.10, the other Xubuntu 12.04. In both terminal applications, I have selected "Monospace 10" as the font, but they are shown differently. The Xubuntu 12.04 display looks a little thin and vertically squashed. The anti-aliasing is ok and I different fonts look ok as well, it's just that it does not07:00
mihuHm, now that I look closer, "Monspace 10" is totally not like "Monospace 10" on the other. Individual characters like the "small g" look totally different.07:02
xubuntu540have you tried to change the kind of antialiasing used on the xubuntu?07:03
xubuntu540like changing hinting and sub-pixel order07:06
xubuntu540also, check the dpi and resolutions, must be the same07:06
mihuI have accidently changed Menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Appearance -> Fonts -> Default Font, but cannot remember the original font used. Can anybody please tell me the "Default Font" for Xubuntu?07:29
mihuOk, forget it. It depends on the "Style", so I just changed the style to something other and then back to "Greybird"07:30
Marzatait is Droid Sans07:31
mihuMarzata: Yes, thanks.07:31
Jonne_is there a way of getting xfce 4.10 on 12.04 without compiling it yourself?07:59
Jonne_from what i can find online, a ppa should be available any minute now08:02
Jonne_guess i'll wait a couple of days and try the ppa08:02
mips1911Jonne_, mrpouit said yester day that he woulp have uploaded the stuff to the server and then it still had to build. Dunno if that happened.08:03
mips1911Jonne_, also waiting for 4.10, I'm currently sitting with a minimal install + openbox so I can do a clean install of 4.10 without any 4.8 stuff on my system. Waiting is killing me.08:04
Jonne_i guess if it needs to build on launchpad it could take a while, i imagine everyone's building new packages right after a release08:05
mips1911Yeah, I have no idea how long the building process takes on launchpad servers08:06
mips1911Anybody out there know how long it takes to build packages on launchpad?08:06
Jonne_there's actually one annoying bug in 4.8 that i can't find out whether it's fixed or not08:07
mips1911which one?08:07
Jonne_in dual-screen mode it shows the wrong open windows in one of my window lists right after startup08:07
Jonne_both window lists show the windows that are on screen 208:08
mips1911have not noticed that08:08
mips1911wait, I think i did see that in 11.1008:08
Jonne_if i rightclick the one that shows the wrong windows, and check 'show windows from all monitors' and uncheck it again, it works correctly08:08
Jonne_really small bug, but annoying to do this every morning ;-)08:09
Jonne_i found a bug report on this a while ago, and there was a patch, but i don't know if it actually made it in08:09
mips1911we'll find out soon enough :)08:10
boraynimonhello good afternoon09:21
mihuHi. After installing Xubuntu 12.04 I need to manually do a "service tftpd-hpa start" after boot to get my tftp-server starting properly. What is the right way to make this happen automatically?10:43
ochosimihu: have you tried adding it to the autostarted applications?10:51
ochosisettings-manager > sessions and startup > application autostart10:51
mihuochosi: Thanks for your answer. No. I have not tried anything. Looking at "application autostart" it seems this is for things running on behalf of the user. In contrast, the tftp server is a daemon that should be started on system start, or?10:53
mihuochosi: "sysv-rc-conf" seems to do the trick.10:57
ochosiwell i have no clue what you want to use the tftp server for10:57
ochosiusually services with autostart go into /etc/init.d/10:57
ochosibut this is hardly something you should have to do by hand, most applications should handle that for you10:57
mihuochosi: I have some embedded systems that I can connect to a second ethernet adapter which want to download their kernels, root filesystem etc. via tftp.10:58
ochosimihu: right, that sounds like you should know what you're doing anyway ;)10:59
mihuochosi: Yes, but every time I update my host system to something different (this time: xubuntu 12.04), the way how these system services are started changes. I understood now that (x)Ubuntu still uses upstart and that sysv-rc-conf does the right thing for me.11:01
ochosimihu: yup, i see your point. this was one reason why not to switch to debian on my homeserver, just don't want to manage two different approaches...11:02
mihuochosi: :-)11:03
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martin__since yesterday i have a problem with xfce4-power-manager in precise. it runs but doesn't seem to answer to dbus messages. i can't change the power settings and the panel battery applet doesn't start11:18
martin__it runs twice atm, which is strange enough in itself11:20
martin__and i can only kill them with SIGKILL11:23
go8765hello. after upgrade my x-server dont work. can anybody help me please to fix this?11:32
schrebercan someone tell me why the terminal window in a fresh install of 12.04 is basically gray-on-white as opposed to the normal black-on-white and why it doesn't seem to be changeable/configurable ?12:12
teasame here.12:16
schrebernever mind. I just re-configured the theme. I can't understand why they would set the default theme/colors to gray-on-white when it's always been black-on-white (or whatever white-on-black)12:17
KucuqHi, after updating to the new LTS xubuntu I standby does no longer work for me12:52
Kucuqwell, the standby does, but after wakeup is thisplay is under "mist"12:53
Kucuqi can use the UI, but it's very dark, i have to log off, and log in again12:53
Kucuqand if i have to restart all my applications i could have used "off" aswell12:54
Kucuqkillall xscreensaver does not work12:54
xubuntu816how does one start the Xubuntu desktop ? when startx does not seem to work ?12:57
Kucuqstarx startxfce4 ?13:17
nachtwolfcan somebody help me set up the wlan-card in mein laptop?13:25
nachtwolfäh in my laptop, sorry, my english is not the best13:27
qwerkushi: is there any workaround for the startup freeze "waiting for network configuration" in latest xubuntu ? Takes foreeeeeever to boot; thanks for help14:16
mips1911qwerkus, use a static config14:20
aquixhi fellow awesome person using xubuntu.14:29
aquixnever ever going to be nice again14:33
momoboyI am sure everyone here is getting questions about xfce 4.10 backported or ppa'd to the current LTE 12.04... any progress?14:36
holsteinmomoboy: you can always build it14:37
holsteinor set up a PPA for others to use :)14:37
momoboyyea i read about that already... but its easier if a much more experienced user does it and does it properly and makes it available for us noobs14:37
qwerkus@mips1911: what do you mean by static config ? No dhcp ?14:38
aquixwhat window decorators are available for us compis users? I compiled emerald, but it's not a long lasting solution.14:39
holsteinemerald is what i used til i ditched compiz in xubuntu14:39
momoboyon a side note, if i do build xfce 4.10 by myself will it replace the current 4.8 or will i have an option the LightDM to select between 4.8 and 4.10?14:39
aquixI'll ditch compiz too when I find something like it's scale plugin. It's to useful to be without.14:41
baizonmomoboy: it will replace 4.814:41
momoboyyea thats what i am kinda worried about, incase i mess up i still want 4.8 there to fall back to it and clean the 4.10 install and wait for a ppa, so is there a way to have it available as an option when i log in to pick between 4.8 and 4.10?14:43
WrigleyPetemomoboy: you can install two xubuntus side by side and experiment in second one all you want... and if everything goes ok, you can build 4.10 in your primary system...14:45
mips1911qwerkus, yes14:45
momoboyoh so can't have two different versions available concurrently on the same system... interesting14:45
mips1911momoboy, just copy all the .deb packages from your cd/iso to /var/cache/apt/archives and reinstall 4.8 or backup your /var/cache/apt/archives befoe you install 4.1014:47
momoboythanks mips191114:47
mips1911momoboy, always handy to have a backup of your cache, I started keeping one since 11.10 and it save a lot of time/bandwidth if you have to reinstall stuff14:49
qwerkus@mips1911, I don't have dhcp; I use a VPN connection over WLAN14:52
mips1911qwerkus, then I don't know, sorry14:54
baizonor just install a virtual machine :D14:54
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nishttal2i notice that each Xscreen has different settings for sound15:30
nishttal2is there a way to make them global15:30
nishttal2so if i set volume on one xscreen.. its set for others15:30
alopezHi, good day... i need some help with this stuff....15:44
mips1911what stuff15:44
alopezhi @mipss191115:45
alopezi have a p4 with 845g graphics, intel 845 board and 1 g of DDR1...15:46
alopezbut the system go very slow15:46
alopezwhat can i do for performance?15:47
alopezi dont have opengl enabled...15:47
mips1911have you disabled compositing?15:48
mips1911You could also try the Intel drivers from the x-swat PPA if they are newer.15:48
mips1911Disable some services you don't need.15:48
alopeznope... is enabling right now, but if i disabled compositing dont changes anything...15:49
mips1911disabling compositing will give you a snappier desktop on a intel gpu15:49
alopezwait... what is x-swat??15:49
mips1911xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.19.0-0ubuntu1~xup115:50
mips1911what exactly is slow?15:50
alopezeverithing goes slow :S15:52
alopezthe web browser, the software updater... video crashes some times..15:52
alopezsorry, everything15:53
mips1911did you upgrade or do a fresh install?15:53
alopezmi english need some practice :S15:53
alopezyes, is a fresh install15:53
mips1911hard for me to say sitting here and not being able to see for myself15:54
alopezcan i send you some reports about lspci -vvnn... or something like that?15:55
alopezthroug pastebin?15:55
mips1911Rather post that info in the ubuntu forums and ask for help15:55
mips1911someone might be able to help you out.15:56
alopezok mips, good idea, and i gonna check about x-swat too :)15:58
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martinphonewhat do I use to make dvd copies? no ISO, mp4 or mkv output17:01
recon_lapmartinphone: sort of depends what you tyring to do, many copies of one cd or one cope of many cd's17:09
martinphonerecon_lap, one copy with embedded subtitles (on and off options) in either mp4 or mkv17:10
martinphonethe copy and the option of making a subtitles file17:10
drcmartinphone: So what you really want is NOT a copy of the DVD, you want to rip the dvd (movie) to another format?17:12
aquixinstall mkvtoolnix-gui17:12
recon_lapmartinphone: well I like Acidrip17:12
martinphoneno, no ISO copy, I want to rip the movie to one of those outputs... unless you suggest any other output format17:13
recon_lapmartinphone: acidRip rips movies to lots of formats not just ISO17:14
mips1911handbrake, not sure about subtitles though17:14
martinphonerecon_lap, can I choose the output quality?17:14
aquixfailure of communication I suspect17:14
martinphonewhen I was in ubuntu I used k9copy17:14
recon_lapmartinphone: there are more options that I care to try17:15
martinphonerestart required, brb17:15
aquixk9copy is a kde program ?17:15
drcmartinphone: Just install k9copy from the Software center17:16
recon_lapaquix: is mkvtool good?17:16
aquixrecon_lap, it's good for merging whatever into a single mkv, like youtube flv's17:17
recon_lapaquix: I must be getting old, don't recognise the tla's :)17:18
aquixtla = the last airbender?17:19
aquixalso the lose an*s17:19
recon_lapthree letter abbreviation = tla17:20
aquixsorry, norwegian here, had to search abbreviation17:21
recon_lapok, back to figuring out java paint events ;)17:23
aquixgod luck with that :)17:23
mips1911aquix, where in Norge?17:23
martinphonebrasero and xfburn do the same thing, right? they copy dvds, they dont rip dvds...17:24
mips1911South Africa, nice and warm :)17:24
aquixlucky you17:24
mips1911yeah, i say thanks every day17:24
martinphonelucky for being in a country with 30% rates of aids?17:24
mips1911martinphone, it's actually higher17:25
aquixscrew the right people17:25
mips1911but lets not get into politics.17:25
aquixmartinphone, yeah, xfburn does the job17:26
recon_lapmartinphone: acidRip not up to the task?17:26
aquixAgain. xubuntu 12.04 is such a fine release. my laptop is more silent than a kitten. Awesome release.17:27
ichatjust a small question,  is it really true that  xubuntu precise wil not be supported for the comming 5 years like cononical has prommised... and if so... why is that?17:28
martinphonehelp the noob: rip a dvd = extracting the movie from it to a non ISO format like mp417:28
drcichat: I <think> that the Xubuntu team decided to go with 3 years instead of 5 because that fits better into the xfce scheme of support.  I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.17:29
mips1911martinphone, tried handbrake?17:30
recon_lapjust clicked update on my media box :)17:30
martinphoneill test acidrip...17:30
martinphonewhy mips1911 ? is handbrake better=17:30
recon_lapmartinphone: I'v used acid rip to copy dvd with subs to my hdd in some format or other, avi i think17:30
drcmartinphone: If you are used to k9copy, why not just install that (it's in the Software Center) ?17:30
mips1911it's the only thing I use. but not sure about your subtitle requirements17:31
recon_lapbit shaky on the sub-titles, but remember seeing the options17:31
ichatdrc :( - sounds sad... because all servers require   LTS releases  from policy...  and this would mean i cant install xubuntu desktop on my ltsp server?17:31
martinphonedrc, cause I moved to xubuntu to try lightweight things17:32
recon_lapI moved to xubuntu because I can keep my screen layout.17:33
Unit193Xubuntu is midweight anyway.17:33
drcTrue dat :)17:33
Unit193Did he look at xfburn then?17:33
drcUnit193: He wants a ripper not a copier.17:33
martinphonecan the output be mkv with handbrake mips1911 ?17:34
ochosiichat: drc is right, it's "only" 3 years of support for xubuntu 12.04. but then again: this is the first real LTS for xubuntu17:34
mips1911yes, it only does mkv and mp4 or whatever it's called, has lots of settings for encoding etc.17:35
ochosiichat: also: the ubuntu-components of xubuntu will have 5 years of support, just xfce will not be supported longer than 3. which makes total sense because a new xfce version will be included in 12.1017:35
martinphonewho will use 12.04 in 3 years time?17:36
ichatmartinphone - me  in an tlsp envirment (hopefully)17:36
martinphonemips1911, did you choose the ppa package? I run a 64 bit xubuntu17:36
drcmartinphone: You'd be surprise how many people either have problems with the normal 6 month upgrades or want longer stability times and decide to stay with the LTS versions17:37
mips1911can't remember, think it was a PPA17:37
mips1911yes, I  used a PPA17:38
mips1911https://launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-releases  but I don't see a 12.-4 package yet17:39
martinphoneme neither...17:40
ichatdrc  we still run windows 2003 as a remote application desktop server,  and we indend to replace that with   ubuntu precise ltsp...    and hopefully i can use xfce for it, as it uses a lot less resources than   unity.. :)17:41
recon_lapI'm still on 10.04 on ubuntu :) some people like stability17:41
ichatanyway thnx for the info17:41
ichatrecon_lap    10.04 xfce on my netbook  runs flawless17:42
aquixrecon_lap, step into the future, xubuntu 12.04 is a great release17:42
recon_lapI will, normally wait a month or so before upgrading, gives everything a chance to settle down17:44
drcDL times are better also :)17:44
ichatdrc  - use the torrents...17:45
drcichat: I do, but it takes time to propagate the torrents17:45
babbleI'm holding off as there's a gtk3.4 vs. Secondlife-everything bug, apparently.17:45
ichati usually try to download it for a mirror just befor the lauch when its still syncing... so  i can seed it once the officiall torrent is release :P  and i have a  70mbit upload17:46
mips1911ichat, I hate you17:46
ichatmips1911 - sorry man17:47
ichatall my friends are like... ok so whats the download and i just give them the torrent17:47
martinphoneI need help with this: https://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/downloads.html#ubuntu17:50
martinphoneI cannot add those 2 lines to my source.list file, I dont have permissions to edit it17:50
martinphoneok, what does conflict with vlc?17:52
drcmartinphone: You mean you don't have sudo permission or you can't add those lines as a <user> ?17:52
martinphoneI cannot add those lines as user17:53
drccan you say "sudo" ?  I thought you could17:53
drcmartinphone: mkvtoolnix/gui is in synaptic17:57
drcyou chouldn't need to add anything to your sources.list17:58
martinphonedrc I dont know what I did: vlc was auto removed17:58
martinphoneI dont know if it has something to do with mkvtool, but I prefer vlc to mkvtool...17:59
drcmartinphone: If you have vlc installed you already have qt (as a dependency)...therefor you should be able to add k9copy without to much additional baggage.18:00
martinphonei see...18:01
drcI won't promise it, I have no idea what k9's dependencies are.  But it makes sense.18:02
aquixk9 pulls down a lot of kde crap18:03
drcaquix: yeah, but qt itself has to be a big part of that crap :)18:04
aquixsure, but no good for a xfce user :)18:04
recon_lapprobably get the dvd riped quicker than installing the app to do it :)18:06
drcaquix: I agree, but if he 1) has vlc installed, he has qt already; 2) he's used to k9copy already, so if he has a big part of the dependencies already installed, it makes sense to me to go with what he already knows/is used to :)18:06
recon_lapmartinphone: did you try acid rip?18:07
drcjust sayin'18:07
aquixdrc,  yeah. and that is the tradigy at hand.  :)18:07
drcme too...tea time....18:08
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martinphonehow do I clean clean apt-cache ?18:11
Unit193sudo apt-get clean? I don't know what exactly you're trying to do.18:12
martinphoneUnit193, restoring a workable vlc, join me in #videolan if you wish18:13
martinphonethere is this vlc-data that is one day ahead than the other files of the ppa18:15
recon_laplol, big opps for someone18:16
martinphonewhat do I do? wait one day to see if the vlc guys update it to the same version?18:17
Unit193Give us the link when you do    apt-cache policy vlc |pastebinit -b http://pastebin.com    and    apt-cache policy vlc-data |pastebinit -b http://pastebin.com18:19
martinphonehttp://pastebin.com/1AykWWiS and http://pasteb respectivelyn.com/qXaLEifw18:22
martinphonehttp://pastebin.com/1AykWWiS and http://pastebin.com/qXaLEifw18:22
Unit193And how long since you last did sudo apt-get update?18:25
martinphonesudo apt-get update = synaptic reload?18:27
martinphone2 minutes ago18:28
aquixmartinphone, in terminal read        man apt-get               you'll be better for it18:28
Unit193Since it's a daily ppa, that seems like your best action, or switch ppas.18:29
Unit193I personally use the n-muench/vlc one.18:29
recon_lapmartinphone: you could try "sudo apt-get install vlc"18:30
aquixbtw. man pages needs a redoning. I thing they are useful but terrible to read.18:30
Unit193That any better? :P18:31
recon_lapvlc player install fine for me, nothing wrong with repo18:32
aquixin terminal I mean.18:32
* drc wonders how the hundreds/thousands of manpage maintainers are going to be coordinated to fix them ?18:33
recon_lapthats on my ubuntu box18:33
drcActually, one of the other xfce distros (I <think> its salix) has a gui for reading man pages.  It doesn't change them in any way, but it makes them easier to read.18:34
recon_lapI'm off, good luck martinphone doing whatever it is your trying to do18:35
martinphone Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:36
starnhello, i'm looking for web dev tool for xubuntu that functions kinda like dreamweaver.. honestly i just want the built in FTP access like dreamweaver has. any suggestions?18:37
aquixmartinphone, in terminal try this:    sudo apt-get -f install18:38
Unit193I don't recommend those, but kompozer and bluebird are some.18:39
starnUnit193: thanks. trying to avoid kompozer. but i'll look into bluebird.18:40
starnUnit193: did you mean bluefish?18:41
aquixdon't do kompozer. it will bring down the whole kde dependencies. screw that.18:42
Unit193(note, none of these are the best, and I'm not recommending one or the other, just options)18:43
mneptokstarn: Bluefish is not an HTML-mode editor. like others, it can do previews, but it's a text editor.18:44
starnUnit193: alright well thanks. i'm gonna pass on bluegriffon it's to heavily intergrated for firefox. haha i think i found something of use. syntax ftp support and previewer which i don't care for the previewer function just syntax and ftp.18:44
mneptokstarn: take a long look at jEdit.18:45
mneptokstarn: you can use it anywhere Java runs. so Linux, Windows, OSX etc etc.18:45
mneptok!info jedit18:45
ubottujedit (source: jedit): Plugin-based editor for programmers. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.4.2+dfsg-1 (precise), package size 2552 kB, installed size 8907 kB18:45
starnmneptok: does it support ftp?18:46
mneptokstarn: via a plugin, yes. and SFTP and SCP etc etc.18:46
mneptokstarn: install from packages, the app has a plugin manager in the menu system.18:46
mneptokstarn: repeat the same procedure on other OSes. only 1 interface to learn.18:48
starnalright mneptok i'll look into it when i get home for now i gtg. not gonna bother logging outa irc. haha18:48
beylerchromium http://i46.tinypic.com/2cp9u28.png  What is the reason it 12.0418:55
beyleranyone help me?18:57
drccan't open the url18:57
drcah...there it goes18:58
beylerNo problem in downloading18:59
beylerphoto here seems broken18:59
aquixjesus tittiefucking christ....18:59
Unit193!language | aquix19:00
ubottuaquix: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:00
beyleri m from trömsö19:03
aquixsorry. I was wrong.19:05
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xubuntu222i was wondering if i can upgrade from ubuntu 11.10 to xubuntu 12.04....from inside of ubuntu?19:28
Unit193xubuntu222: Note quite, have to install xubuntu-desktop either before or after upgrade.19:33
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »19:33
xubuntu222ok thanks19:35
syddrafWhen attempting to shutdown Xubuntu, it freezes on the shutdown screen. Is there a way to find out what is actually happening and how to stop this from occurring?20:29
manitouhi need help with script im trying to make script to set brightness when is on AC and to change when is on BATTery ! here is http://paste.ubuntu.com/965534/ if some can check , im not good at it , its my first script ! :)20:46
manitouintel_backlight command work .20:46
xubuntu089can anyone tell me how to enable num lock in xubuntu please as the num lock button doesn't work?21:10
bramweltWho should I contact about hosting a mirror for xubuntu?21:17
pleia2bramwelt: I'm not sure, but you can sign up for the xubuntu-devel mailing list and ask there21:18
pleia2(don't worry, it's not very busy :))21:19
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors is probably applicable21:20
aquixnot busy at at all a couple of daysa FTER A RELEASE ;)21:21
aquixsorry about the caps21:22
bramweltpleia2: The OSL already hosts an ubuntu mirror for ISOs and Packages. :) The process for xubuntu is the same? Make an account on launchpad and list our mirror on xubuntu?21:22
pleia2bramwelt: I really don't know, I'd suggest asing on xubuntu-devel21:23
pleia2asking too21:23
aquixasing away21:23
bramweltpleia2: Okey dokey! Thanks for the help! :)21:24
aquixbut I helped too :)21:24
bramweltaquix: Haha, thanks to you too! :P21:25
aquixlol :)21:25
irro94ciao gente21:34
babbledoes anyone know what changed from gtk3.2 and 3.4 to cause secondlife clients to crash xorg?21:45
beylerhi folks21:47
tehmolehave a quick question22:02
babbletehmole: go ahead and ask -- somebody will likely have an answer.22:02
tehmolei'm trying to install office 2010 from wine / playonlinux22:03
tehmoleand i'm getting wine install errors22:03
tehmolei read through a bunch of threads and forums22:03
tehmolestill can't solve it22:03
Unit193Do you have the error?22:03
babblelooks like WineHQ only reports "Gold" for Debian Wheezy: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1733622:04
tehmoleit's the generic - invalid parameter received22:04
ignacioya tengo xubuntu 12.04 , se me fue casi odos los bug que tenia en 11.1022:04
drctehmole: You also might want to ask on #winehq22:04
tehmoleoh .. i forgot they had a chan22:05
tehmolethank you22:05
drctehmole: np...I didn't mean not to ask here, but that you'd probably get any answer quicker there.22:06
tehmoleyeah ... just posted on their chan...hopefully it will be answered22:07
tehmolethanks drc22:07
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ichaton a freshly installed xubuntu 12.04 ... how do i swap nuveau for  nvidia non free...  my screen just blanks and it doesn't really seem to want to go into console mode :S22:41
xubuntu327have you tried instalilng via additional drivers option?22:42
ochosiichat: you can either use jockey to install the restricted drivers or use synaptic or ubuntu software center22:42
drctry additional drivers22:42
xubuntu327additional drivers makes it painless22:43
ichatthe problem is... i cant login because of this22:43
xubuntu327so fresh install and you can't even login using the generic video driver?22:43
ochosiin that case you have to "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current"22:43
ochosithat would install the driver22:44
xubuntu327that should work22:44
ichatits ctrl+alt+f6 right?22:44
ochosiichat: for what?22:44
xubuntu327to get to command line i believe f222:44
ochosiichat: usually 1-6 are tty, 7 is X1122:44
xubuntu327different tty though so shouldn't matter22:44
xubuntu327one of those should get you there22:45
ichatno idea why but it wont let me..22:47
ichati will just ignore key press and go into xfce22:47
ichatah i got a root shell via the safemode22:53
ichatwhere what file can i change x to use  vga safe22:54
ichateuh... where is the xorg.conf ?23:02
ochosiichat: /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:03
ichati dont believe this23:05
ichatits not there23:05
ochosiit's not really used much anymore23:06
ichatso how to i set xorg to vga  for the root terminal than23:07
ochosibest to google for it, pasting stuff into here doesn't make much sense (too many lines)23:08
ichathmmm  at least  appending  vga=771 to my grub isn't working... this really becomes anoying  and only just because it ship with disfunct drivers...23:14
user__Gimp 2.8 is official, but apt only shows 2.6. Will this change? Or should I ask in #ubuntu?23:17
babble there are instructions for adding the Gimp 2.8 stable PPA on WebUpd8:23:20
Unit193Remember that PPAs aren't officially supported.23:23
user__that's OK. this is a fresh xubuntu install. if i screw things up, i'll just reinstall.23:24
user__gimp 2.8 install was successful. thanks.23:32

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