vilahi all06:54
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Xtremeguys, little help needed..14:34
Xtremewell, now my php project is in /home/user/www14:34
Xtremeso i went to www, and did bzr init14:34
Xtremethen bzr add and then commit14:34
Xtremenow if i change any file in it, how to track the changes? and how to keep it as different versions?14:35
Xtremeany one?14:36
jpdsXtreme: Do: bzr commit --show-diff14:53
jpdsXtreme: After making a change.14:53
Xtremejpds:  and how to roll back?14:53
Xtremego to previous status14:53
jpdsXtreme: bzr uncommit; bzr revert --no-backup14:54
mgzreally you want to seperate your deployment from your development, but it's not too important for small things14:59
Xtremeokay so say i have a index.php15:00
Xtremei did some coding and it working file15:00
Xtremeso i add and commit it15:00
Xtremethen say, i fucked up some thing and it got screwed15:00
Xtremeso if i do bzr uncommit, will i get index.php be replaced with working index.php?15:01
jpdsXtreme: Yes.15:01
jpdsXtreme: You should really read: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.5/en/mini-tutorial/index.html15:02
jonoI have a 9 hour old bzr loc16:04
jonobzr break-lock isnt working16:04
jonoany idea how I fix this?16:04
jonoignore me, fixed it :-)16:06
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maxbjelmer: Hi. There's a compilation error in subvertpy trunk's C code. Use of -> where . is intended (left operand is a struct, not a pointer to a struct)18:26
jelmermaxb: fixed, thanks18:36
maxbthanks :-)18:36
thomiQuestion: Is there a way to move files from repo A -> repo B and keep their revision history?21:20
thomiI'm guessing not - but maybe there's a workaround? I'm moving code from one project to another, and I'd like to keep the history.21:20
fullermdNot really.  In concept you could created a similar looking history for them and bring that into the new branch, but...21:27
fullermdFiles don't have history; history has files.21:27
jimisOn one PC I have made a no-trees branch of an lp:project, and have been working on it locally for some time23:28
jimisWhat's the best way to move *everything* on to another PC?23:28
jimisOh, I've been working on it with local checkouts on a separate dir23:29
jimisI'm afraid I'll lose stuff (like shelves) if I just move the notrees repository and recreate a new local checkout23:30
fullermdI don't think there's any way to push shelves around.23:35
jimisfullermd: are they stored in the checkout dir and not in the no-trees repo?23:36
fullermdYes, they're a property of the WT.23:37
jimisbummer :-)23:37
jimisfullermd: anything else I may lose?  (besides uncommitted changes that is...)23:37
fullermdEverything committed would be in the branch/repo.23:38
fullermdRevs, tags, signatures...23:38
jimisalright, so I'll tar this up and only lose shelves23:38
jimisthanks for helping23:38
fullermdYou could always make a temp branch and commit your shelves into it.23:40
jimisfullermd: I'd have to resolve many conflicts as each shelve was created a a different point in history23:41
jimisfullermd: any ideas how I can get the shelves in diff format?23:41
fullermdunshelve --preview?23:42
jimis(btw, until today I thought that shelves were implemented as special light branches...)23:43
fullermdPretty sure shelved changed know what their basis revision was.  Not sure that's exposed anywhere...23:43
fullermdNo, they're really more a transient thing than that.  I can't remember the last time I had anything shelved for more than 5 or 10 minutes.23:44
jimisthis should be really pointed loudly, since it's unexpected to actually lose data like that in a distributed system23:46
jimisI use them all the time for backing off changes and switching to other branches23:46
jimis(I use a single-dir checkout workflow)23:47
jimisfullermd: I'm curious, what's your workflow?23:47
fullermdNothing particularly exciting.  I mostly have branch/WT coincident.23:48
fullermdUsing shelves to back off and "whoops, I probably wanted to make that change in this other branch" is probably fairly common (though often unnecessary since switch will merge over uncommitted stuff)23:49
fullermdBut "let me stick this stuff I don't want to lose on the shelf for a couple weeks" is a bit unexpected.23:50
jimisfullermd: WT?23:50
fullermdWorking Tree.23:51
jimisbtw, the "bzr switch" silent merging was a major headache for me at first23:52
jimismy instict was telling me that uncommitted changes would stay as uncommitted on the same branch for commiting when coming back23:53
fullermdInteresting.  I'd reflexively assume just the opposite.23:53
jimisthat would be an extra merge for me :-)23:56

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