alkisgYes, ok00:00
alkisgWhy a blank screen then?00:00
alkisgGnome-screensaver doesn't have a lot of screensavers?00:00
cogI couldn't access a GUI interface to Gnome-screensaver outside of the system settings, and it had nothing available but a blank screen.00:01
alkisgHehe I didn't know that, I was using 10.04 last time I checked gnome-screensaver...00:06
alkisg"Just like the previous Ubuntu release, the latest Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't  have a screensaver by default and it uses a blank screen instead (this  is actually an upstream GNOME decision)"!!!00:06
stgraberyeah, we've had a session at the past UDS about re-implementing the missing features of gnome-screensaver, maybe the desktop team will have the time for it this cycle00:07
stgraberthat's one more case where Gnome decided something wasn't "useful" (even though people like it) and just dropped it from gnome300:07
* alkisg has really started wondering if the upstream gnome design team is actually using gnome daily in their pcs... :D00:08
alkisgE.g. default font has no greek glyphs... we had those for decades now!00:09
alkisg(in upstream gnome, not in ubuntu)00:09
cogI say we all go to v2os :|00:09
alkisgDoes that work?00:10
cogThey stopped supporting it ~10 years ago...00:11
alkisgHaha the v2_os.iso in sf is fun :)00:11
alkisg"v2_os hasn't crashed yet, press esc to fix that" :D00:12
* alkisg also liked http://sealsystem.sourceforge.net/screenshots.php00:14
alkisgIt supported a full gui with translucent menus etc with just 1 mb ram00:15
eterminalHello Alkisg are you the guy that installed a lot of schools in Greece00:20
alkisgeterminal: yup00:21
eterminalBecause i want to install the LTSP and a server00:26
alkisg...ok but why does it matter that I did a lot of installations? Why not ask your questions in the #ltsp irc channel to see who is available to help you?00:26
eterminalBut i want to know of you think that a IBM or SUN server is better for a large scale development00:26
alkisgeterminal: we don't have large scale deployments here, only a lot of little ones00:28
alkisgJoin #ltsp and ask there00:28
* alkisg heads to bed, 'night all00:28
eterminalTalking about the support and the performance, cause we can assemble a new computer00:28
eterminalOr buy one for a company.00:28
eterminalI think that IBM offers a special server that supports ubuntu.00:29
kleewyckI just upgraded from 11.10 to edubuntu 12.04 lts and now my LTSP clients no longer have sound. Any ideas?02:23
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zambai love the way my desktop looks when launching edubuntu and the gnome classic profile.. i know this isn't really a edubuntu question, but how do i get the same desktop experience from vanilla ubuntu 12.04?19:31
zambabecause that looks exactly like i remembered ubuntu pre all the stupidness with unity19:31
zambastupidity, rather ;)19:31
stgraberapt-get install gnome-session-fallback19:37
stgraberthen select the gnome session in lightdm19:37
zambathat's all?19:37
stgraberthat's the only extra package we install for the gnome classic profile in Edubuntu. Selecting the option in our installer only makes the default session be gnome-fallback instead of unity19:38
zambaoh yeah!19:39
zambathanks a bunch19:39
zambai've waited months for this19:39
zambai can finally be productive in ubuntu again :)19:39
stgraberit's been there since 11.10 at least ;)19:39
jbichait wasn't as nice in 11.10 though :)19:51
stgraberjbicha: speaking of it being nice, what's the status of the SRU?19:52
jbichawell Cimi merged the light-themes patches; I don't know when he'll do a release though19:53
jbichaI think I'll push the GTK change to quantal & precise-proposed this weekend19:53
stgrabercool, thanks19:54
stgrabercoming at UDS?19:54
jbichastgraber: yes but I won't arrive until Wednesday night19:55
stgraberah, ok19:55
zambano, it sucked in 11.10, that's why i abandoned it :)20:16
zambanow i feel at home in ubuntu again20:16
zambathanks a bunch, edubuntu! :)20:16
stgraberit's mostly jbicha you have to thank on that one, we just ship the package ;)20:17
tbrownI need some help on the education ubuntu is this going to be a good download for me to learn the main terminal20:20

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