fwereade_morning wrtp08:28
wrtpfwereade_: hiya08:31
* wrtp is somewhat grazed08:31
fwereade_wrtp, bike ride complications?08:34
wrtpfwereade_: yeah, coming down hill, did a spectacular slide on a bend.08:35
fwereade_wrtp, heh, at least it was spectacular, I suppose ;)08:40
wrtpfwereade_: yeah, as is the scrape on my hip!08:40
fwereade_wrtp, ouch :(08:41
wrtpfwereade_: at least the bike's ok too08:44
fwereade_wrtp, jolly good08:45
fwereade_wrtp, when I was commuting by bike it surprised me how much the various associated expenses added up08:45
wrtpfwereade_: yeah. i think i'm going to cheat and leave it at a shop to be serviced this week...08:46
wrtpfwereade_: when are you arriving at UDS BTW?08:46
fwereade_wrtp, er, lunchtime-ish on sunday08:46
fwereade_wrtp, and you?08:46
wrtpfwereade_: sat afternoon08:46
fwereade_wrtp, ah, nice08:47
wrtpfwereade_: got the new phone yesterday afternoon. it *is* shiny.08:50
fwereade_wrtp, cool08:50
fwereade_wrtp, I'm vaguely hoping to hold off on new phones until I can get one with ubuntu for android08:51
fwereade_wrtp, but, well, my current one is hanging by a thread08:51
fwereade_wrtp, we'll see how long it lasts :)08:52
wrtpfwereade_: that would be quite cool.08:53
wrtpfwereade_: you could probably do that on this one if you jailbroke it08:53
fwereade_wrtp, probably not on an iphone08:53
fwereade_wrtp, well, ok, probably it's *possible*, but it strikes me as hte sort of monstrous horror-project that is not worth the bragging rights ;)08:54
fwereade_oo, breakfast :)09:00
wrtpTheMue: hi!09:17
TheMuewrtp: Hi09:18
TheMueHmm, the San Francisco photo walk would be nice, but we have our team dinner on Wednesday.09:21
fwereade_wrtp, TheMue: I'm trying to figure out what the best thing to do next is09:48
fwereade_wrtp, TheMue: it seems to me that it might have to be constraints09:49
TheMuefwereade_: Wouldn't conflict with me. I'm currently doing relations in topology.09:50
fwereade_wrtp, TheMue: because that's needed for bootstrap/PA parity09:50
fwereade_TheMue, ok, cool -- I guess we'll both be messing around in state for that at some stage but I can certainly start off without conflicts09:51
fwereade_wrtp, TheMue: *however* I suspect that conversations at UDS will affect precisely how we go ahead with it09:51
TheMuefwereade_: Yes, think so too.09:52
fwereade_wrtp, TheMue: so I'm open to, and sl. in favour of, other suggestions as well09:52
wrtpfwereade_: i wondering if constraints is quite close to what i'm on currently09:55
wrtpfwereade_: i'm thinking that agent stuff might be a better area09:56
wrtpfwereade_: because i'm soon to have go stuff running on the server side and we can't do anything without agents09:56
wrtpfwereade_: although i have to say i was probably going to move on to the provisioning agent next09:57
fwereade_wrtp, hmm, ok, the PA is definitely the first one we need09:57
fwereade_wrtp, do we have any upstart-conf-generating stuff yet?09:58
wrtpfwereade_: nope09:58
fwereade_wrtp, that should hopefully be quite self-contained then, I'll take a look at that09:58
wrtpfwereade_: is that done by the machine agent?09:58
fwereade_wrtp, it's done by and for several things -- MA will create them for UA, PA will I think create them for the MA and send them over in cloud-init09:59
fwereade_wrtp, bootstrap should do so for the PA (plus the MA)09:59
fwereade_wrtp, it's not strictly necessary in any of those cases, we did fine for a while just starting the processes10:00
wrtpfwereade_: interesting, i hadn't seen any of that (perhaps upstart stuff was added after i ported the basic provider cloudinit stuff?)10:00
fwereade_wrtp, but dropping them in shouldn't be too painful10:00
fwereade_wrtp, quite possible, it was "done" back in oct/nov but I'm not sure it actually went in until jan :/10:00
wrtpfwereade_: so the purpose of using upstart is... to restart things when they fall over?10:01
fwereade_wrtp, yeah, and when the machine reboots, etc10:01
wrtpfwereade_: of course. do we reboot machines now?10:01
fwereade_wrtp, we should be able to, yeah, nobody's complained about it not working10:02
mthaddonhi there, I'm interesting in finding out where I would find the most up to date version of a particular charm - haproxy in this case - would that just be lp:~charmers/charms/precise/haproxy/trunk ?11:07
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fwereade_haha, cute: "There are 16 methods of Regexp that match a regular expression and identify the matched text. Their names are matched by this regular expression: "11:22
wrtpfwereade_: :-)12:22
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=== TheMue_ is now known as TheMue
fwereade_wrtp, would you consider `func (s *Service) pid() int`, in which -1 signals an error, to be evil? (when none of the clients care what the error is, and (int, err) therefore ends up feeling somewhat redundant)12:36
wrtpfwereade_: i don't mind it, but it's possible gustavo might...12:37
wrtpfwereade_: i don't mind in-band errors when reasonable12:37
wrtpfwereade_: and that seems fine to me.12:38
wrtpfwereade_: strings.Index is another example12:38
fwereade_wrtp, cool, we'll see how it flies :)12:38
fwereade_wrtp, in-band is ok if it's out-of-domain, as it were12:39
wrtpnot sure i get that... out-of-domain?12:39
fwereade_wrtp, hm, I should probably have said "range", been a long time since I did maths ;)12:52
wrtpfwereade_: ah, yeah.12:53
wrtpfwereade_: out of range and no other information added12:53
TheMueHa! state has now 100 tests. Yeah.15:18
wrtpi *thought* the time was earlier than i expected... then i looked at a phone and found out that the clock at the top of my desktop has been stopped for 4 hours!15:33
* wrtp steels himself to factory-wipe his old phone15:34
TheMuewrtp: Hehe. You've got to show me on Monday.15:36
wrtpTheMue: new one is really quite nice15:37
wrtpTheMue: only real downer is i can't plug in extra SD card memory15:37
* TheMue waves, we'll see on Monday. Today Carmen and I have a dinner, tomorrow is our 23rd wedding day.15:37
wrtpTheMue: when do you arrive in Oakland?15:38
TheMuewrtp: Sunday at about 12:20.15:38
TheMuewrtp: Eh, that's SFO. I think it will be about 14:00 at the hotel.15:38
wrtpi wonder where those "chunk mismatch" errors come from15:39
TheMuewrtp: We should talk about our workflow. Perhaps you have a different order or other steps that you do.15:40
wrtpTheMue: i haven't managed to work out any common factors15:40
wrtpTheMue: i only get that error very occasionally15:40
TheMuewrtp: Strange, indeed.15:41
wrtpTheMue: and the diffs have uploaded fine15:41
TheMuewrtp: When will you arrive? Early enough for Marks talk?15:42
wrtpTheMue: saturday afternoon.15:42
wrtpTheMue: early enough to go to Jono's heavy metal gig :-)15:42
TheMuewrtp: Ah, hehe, have fun. And we'll meet at the talk.15:43
wrtpTheMue: deffo15:44
TheMuewrtp: I'm off now for a fine Steak. Yeah.15:44
fwereadeneed to be off for now; see you all in oakland :)16:21
wrtpfwereade: see you soon!16:39
wrtpright, i'm off. next stop UDS! look forward to seeing everyone again.17:21

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