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seaLneanyone here using owncloud over https in precise? mirall dosen't work on 2 precise installs for me but does on natty and oneric10:29
seaLnei know this is a bit OT but i've already been discussing it on #owncloud and this seemed a good place to ask for other potential precise users :)10:30
RiddellseaLne: hmm no I haven't and I don't think I even know what mirall is10:35
seaLnethe file sync tool10:36
seaLnedragotin wrote it10:37
seaLneit makes owncloud an awfull lot more usefull now10:37
seaLnedeb http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/isv:ownCloud:devel/xUbuntu_12.04/ /10:37
Riddelloh aye, not looked it yet, that's on the things to be discussed at UDS list10:39
RiddellseaLne: you've tried asking Blizzz?10:57
BluesKaj'morning folks ... ran the upgrade to 4.8.3 .. I now have no X server...chatting thru irssi . Error message just m, no X11 ...anyone else encounter this ?11:19
BluesKajyofel? ^11:20
Tm_TBluesKaj: you did upgrade, and then restarted?11:20
BluesKajTm_T:  yes . rebooted and also did a halt and boot11:21
BluesKajwonder if I need to reinstall my graphics driver , let me check11:23
yofelBluesKaj: can you check your /var/log/Xorg.0.log?11:23
BluesKajyofel:  is that juat a folder , because I have to use nano and I'm not getting any text ..it's just blank11:31
yofelBluesKaj: that's your X log file which should have the error if X fails to start11:32
BluesKajyofel:  there's no error listed , there's nothing11:32
yofelBluesKaj: can you please run 'sudo service kdm restart' (or start) and see if the file is there?11:33
seaLneRiddell: no i hadn't but dragotin was looking at it11:36
Riddelldragotin, he's your man11:40
BluesKajyofel , x10 fatal IO error x11 (resource temporarily unavailable) on x server ":o"11:41
BluesKajlooks to me like X is failing alright :)11:42
BluesKajI have 3 shells open so I'll be back , one is frozen in limbo11:49
BluesKajok , yofel , fixed , had some partial upgrades to kubuntu-desktop that needed some help installing with the recovery kernel ..all seems fine now 12:03
BluesKajhehr :)12:03
* yofel gone for a while12:03
Mamarokgosh, what did that guy in bug 992262 not understand?13:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 992262 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu Precise) "sound indicator not working after amarok close" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99226213:16
imbrandonmorning all13:17
ScottKHello imbrandon.13:18
imbrandonheya ScottK 13:18
BluesKaj'morning imbrandon13:18
BluesKajodd , during the 4.8.3 upgrade , I ended up with some partial upgrades to kubuntu-desktop that prevented X from loading 13:21
BluesKajhad to use the recovery kernel 'repair broken packages" dialog to finish the install 13:23
BluesKajyeah , aword to the wisw and all that :)13:26
BluesKajand those who can decipher my spelling 13:26
BluesKajMamarok, is amarok still installing without mp3 capability on 12.04?  had a question about it this morning13:28
Mamarokno idea13:29
Mamarokthat depends on the package whether it asks for codecs to be installed, and I am no packager13:30
Mamaroksomethig you don't need if you use the phonon-backend-vlc13:31
Riddellwe have installed with mp3 capability, that issue is 7 years old13:32
imbrandonheh yea13:32
imbrandoni was gonna say thats quite old13:33
BluesKajyeah , I've been using it for a while since my main media player is VLC and the DTS and DD audio streams are independent of the audio player itself , which I feed to a DAC rather than analog 13:34
BluesKajstill see the amarok mp3 issue sometimes ...dunno why tho13:35
ulysseswill be 4.8.3 packaged for oneiric,14:35
KRFhow can i find out what git revision of Qt the libqt4-* packages are using on ubuntu?14:47
KRFstill having trouble how to do that14:47
ScottKWe use Qt releases, not git snapshots.14:50
ScottKYou can use rmadison $PACKAGENAME to see what versions are in what Ubuntu releases.14:51
KRFScottK: okay. doesn't really help but thanks :)15:01
ScottKYou should be able to look in Qt's git and figure out which revisons correlate to the releases.15:02
KRFScottK: sure, i know Git. i was wondering if you use some Git snapshot for ubuntu 12.0415:02
ScottKNo.  It's 4.8.1 plus some patches.15:03
ScottKThe patches may be post-4.8.1 cherry picks.  I haven't checked.15:03
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BluesKajback to the tty yofel  , X doesn't load again , same error, also netbook wants to install , but it errors as well.. even after giving install request a no.16:51
yofelwth. Do you have a network connection so you can pastebinit your full Xorg.0.log ?16:53
shadeslayerKRF: ScottK Re: Qt Version, you can use kde4-config --version as well16:56
shadeslayerah you want git revision16:57
shadeslayerignore my comment16:57
BluesKajyofel http://paste.ubuntu.com/96732117:01
yofelBluesKaj: that looks perfectly fine...17:05
BluesKajwell, I've tried all the "tricks" in my "kit"and still no X 17:10
yofelRiddell: do you remember how large the diff was for oneiric? IIRC it was almost a no-change backport.17:12
yofelwe already cut down the packages that were updated17:13
Riddellyofel: yeah I think it could well have been nothing17:14
Riddellhi ct529 17:16
Riddellct529: see http://jriddell.org/ "Packaging KDE SC in the Cloud "17:16
Riddellmy thinking on automating it would be to use ec2 to do a test compile and get logs for review17:17
Riddellbut the needs someone with some time to do it and knowledge of packaging and ec217:18
Riddellct529: in the mean time what it needs is someone to do the packaging (trivial but repetative) and test compile it locally, review the logs, upload to launchpad, get testing, then move to backports/updates17:20
shadeslayeryofel: you think libiodbc2-dev is a bit screwed up?17:22
yofelit is17:22
shadeslayerdepends on libiodbc2 and iodbc, and iodbc depends on libiodbc217:22
shadeslayercircular deps ftw17:22
yofelshadeslayer: we use something else now17:22
yofelshadeslayer: see what neon does to soprano17:23
ct529Riddell: yes, documentation? I see if we can set up something locally on the server, but cannot promise anything ....17:23
yofelor the release package for that matter17:23
ct529Riddell: I mean documentation about this automation of the process17:24
Riddellct529: there is none17:25
Riddellsince it's just an idea in my head17:25
ct529Riddell: OIC17:25
ct529Riddell: just opening the one about the cloud17:26
shadeslayeryofel: ok, we use unixodbc-dev now17:28
ct529Riddell: I will look into it, but I thought the process was already practically automatised17:29
ct529Riddell: why do you think this rolling release idea is bad? It sounds good but we have not run any tests.17:30
Peace-mm let me understand something about your kubuntu-default settings .... why on control there is only Depends: ${misc:Depends}, python, ttf-ubuntu-font-family, libnewt0.52 (>= 0.52.11-2ubuntu7)17:30
Peace-where i can specify my own dependences ?17:31
Peace-can i 17:31
ScottKPeace-: You're looking in the wrong package.  Look in kubuntu-meta17:31
ct529Riddell: don't you think it would be possible to biuld a rolling release on top of kubuntu?17:31
Peace-ScottK: ah17:31
Ezimct529, rolling release have it +/-17:32
ScottKct529: The Ubuntu release cycle has a definite up and down flow.  It'd be almost impossible to build a rolling release on top of it.17:32
ScottKIf you want rolling, use Debian Testing or Unstable.17:33
ct529I don't know we have been suing kubuntu since 6.0617:34
ct529but it is not completely free of problems either17:34
Peace-ScottK: mm kubuntu-meta? i can locate with apt-get install ? 17:35
Peace-ScottK: it seems no17:35
Peace-can yo point me ?17:35
yofelPeace-: kubuntu-desktop's source is kubuntu-meta17:35
RiddellPeace-: it's a source package17:35
ScottKPeace-: kubuntu-desktop is the binary you're probably looking for.17:35
ScottKThen you'll want to learn about germinate and seeds.17:36
Peace-LOL 17:36
Peace-:) btw i have modified your kubuntu-default-settings 17:36
Peace-and it seems perfect :P17:37
Peace-konqueror just works out of the box now on gmail translator and google+17:37
ScottKPlease file a bug on kubuntu-default-settings and attach your patch so we can get it fixed then.17:40
Ezimkubuntu rocks (spam) :=)17:41
ct529Riddell: I am afraid I could not make sense of your EC2 automation presentation .... does it have only 8 slides or did I do something wrong?17:41
Peace-ScottK:  :( i am not good on that stuff 17:42
Peace-anyway 17:42
ScottKPeace-: Time to learn17:42
Riddellct529: probably I made the slides with an expectation I'd be giving a talk with them17:43
Peace-ScottK: this is the file even google docs works better  http://wstaw.org/m/2012/05/04/plasma-desktopL12385.png17:44
ct529Riddell: I imagine :-D ....17:47
ct529Riddell: I just wanted to udnerstand whether I had downloaded them all, or wheter it was something missing.17:47
ct529Riddell: Is there a video of you giving the presentation?17:47
* Peace- he thinks he should create a debian for his plasma-panels collection17:48
Riddellbut I want a script to build a package in KDE SC and a master script to control building the packages in the right order and putting them and logs for review17:48
ct529Riddell: it would be nice to start with existing packages for 12.04 and see if it is possible to simply automatise compilation for 11.10.17:53
Riddellct529: yes that could be done, I mostly use bash for scripts when I do it17:55
Riddellbut that still needs someone to keep an eye on it17:55
ct529Riddell: mmmm .... can you send over the scripts you already have?17:55
Riddellct529: I don't have any17:56
Riddelli should have said "bash for loops" above17:57
ct529Riddell: Oh I see17:57
Riddellfor package in *; do debuild; cd ..; done17:57
Riddellthat sort of thing17:57
yofelI have this to offer: http://paste.kde.org/469400/ - which still needs to be run per-package17:59
Riddellyofel: not like using dch? 18:02
yofelwell, I had that piece of code lying around from something else, so didn't bother to look at the dch parameters. which would work too18:03
ct529Riddell: debuild?18:04
BluesKajwell, kde 4.8.3 wiped my nvidia driver , and whatever repos it's packaged in isn't in my sources.list to re-install , or so it seems ..no installation cnadidate for nvidia-current18:05
Riddellct529: I fear you'll need to learn packaging before you can work on automating it18:06
EzimBluesKaj, how can that happend?18:07
Ezimnot even same depend.18:08
yofelBluesKaj: the driver is in the main archive though. try refreshing the cache or use nouveau for now18:08
BluesKajyofel what's the nouveau driver package name?18:09
EzimBluesKaj, do you mean it removed or stopped working? sorry if I got all this wrong.18:09
EzimBluesKaj, nvidia just released new drivers.18:10
BluesKajEzim:  which archive ?18:10
yofelBluesKaj: xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (installed by default unless you removed it)18:10
Ezimif you use x-swat I think you will have tomorrow or so. 18:10
yofelas long as the nvidia driver isn't installed and you don't tell it otherwise in xorg.conf X will use nouveau18:10
ct529Riddell: I normally download the sources and package manually .... what is the problem with that?18:10
ct529Riddell: and use dpkg-build18:11
yofelct529: Launchpad only accepts source packages and builds the binaries itself.18:12
Riddelldebuild is a wrapper around dpkg-buildpackage with some sensible options set18:12
yofelah, for local builds that's ~fine18:12
ct529Riddell: oh, OK .... never used it though18:12
ct529Riddell: does it make a substantial difference?18:12
Riddellit's quicker to type :)18:12
Riddellcheck the man page for details18:12
ct529Riddell: yes, I am installing it now18:13
ct529Riddell: will read the man18:13
RiddellI have a script to start ec2 machines and set up for packaging but of course it'll need a lot more work to get it doing the packaging automated and then the controlling script would be a lot more work again18:16
ct529Riddell: Sorry, I have to go, I will read the man pages and take it from there .... btw can you compile teh kernel with debuild?18:19
BluesKajwhqat's blacklist file path for modules again ...I think nouveau is blacklisted here18:24
Riddellct529: dunno never tried18:25
BluesKajyofel:  ? ^18:27
yofelsome file in /etc/modprobe.d/18:27
BluesKajyeah , that's it  /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf ..I think18:28
yofelct529: theoretically yes, but needs some preperation first. There are some guides around the net. Someone else knows more probably.18:37
BluesKaj nouveau isn't working either , yofel  :(  ...and it's not blacklisted18:40
yofelwhy does it fail now?18:41
* BluesKaj wonders if anyone else has repo=rted the same problem , or is this my unique sitauattion18:42
yofelhaven't gotten any PPA bugmail so far today at least.18:43
BluesKajyofel:  dunno , my bootup is behaving exactly the same 18:44
nixternalbah...client wants me to do ipad dev work. don't even feel like researching that. anyone here do ipad or ios dev work?18:45
* nixternal looks at imbrandon 18:45
nixternalwasabi homeskillet18:45
imbrandonsend it my way18:46
BluesKajme searches for 12.04 beta disk18:46
nixternalimbrandon: do you need to have a mac to do ios dev work?18:46
imbrandonnot much man, not much18:46
nixternalwell that sucks18:46
nixternalsend me a mac :D18:46
imbrandonheh brining 2 to uds18:46
nixternalsince when you do mac shit? i never figured you for someone who would go and buy a mac18:46
imbrandoncommin this time ?18:46
nixternali don't do uds anymore18:46
imbrandonheh all i own are macs now18:47
imbrandonand 2 iphones and a ipad :)18:47
nixternalheh. which macs do you have?18:47
imbrandonbut they all run linux :)18:47
nixternali should probably get at least a mac mini. that is cheap18:47
imbrandonnewest mac mini, i7 quad core, 8gb ram 18:47
imbrandonthen a macbook pro, i518:48
imbrandonquad core 8gb ram18:48
yofelBluesKaj: sorry, I'm out of ideas then. nouveau should work as long as anything related to nvidia is removed.18:48
imbrandonthen a older macbook core 2 duo18:48
nixternalitard! :p18:48
imbrandon4gb ram18:48
imbrandonyou can do ios stuff if its just web fairly easy without a mac18:49
imbrandonbut if you want native apps you need a mac + xcode + a ios dev license18:49
imbrandonfor $100 a year18:49
* imbrandon has all of the above18:49
nixternalahh forget that noise18:51
nixternali don't feel like coding for wanna be baristas18:51
imbrandonthey pay extreemly well18:51
imbrandona native ios project normaly starts about $10k before you even say what you want the app to be called18:52
imbrandonand they eat it up18:53
imbrandonassuming you can deliver18:53
nixternalit is such a saturated market. hrmm, though $10k for yet another fart app sounds enticing18:54
nixternali will stick with wonderful world of java18:54
nixternalthat's about as evil as i want to get for the time being18:54
nixternalimbrandon: you still in KC these days?18:55
nixternaldidn't you move down south for a little while? or am i thinking of someone else18:55
imbrandonyea moved to Nashville for a few yrs18:56
imbrandonthen to Reno NV18:56
imbrandonnow back in KC, lookin to move out to Cali maybe18:56
nixternalhrmm, trying to get into country music, then wanted to work the moonlight bunny ranch ey :p18:56
Darkwingnixternal, once i get to Fort Wayne ill be planning a trip to Chicago18:56
nixternal3.5 hours away :)18:57
nixternaland why fort wayne?18:57
Darkwingindiana institute of technology and family18:58
nixternalwhy the hell won't gparted get in my damn live-build18:58
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Ezimhi guys is it only for me or other also. when I try to copy things from libreoffice with mouse it crashes.21:10
ScottKWorks for me.21:13
EzimScottK, are you running 12.04?21:14
ScottKYes.  i386.21:14
EzimI am running latest libreoffice from ppa21:14
Ezimmaybe :) ninja packagers that bugs 21:14
RiddellEzim: we do kde here, libreoffice better in #ubuntu{,-devel}21:14
EzimRiddell, :) I am running kde/kubuntu. 21:15
RiddellEzim: kubuntu is just the kde packages in ubuntu, libreoffice is looked after by the desktop team21:17
Riddellwhich isn't us21:17
EzimRiddell, thx.21:18
BluesKajreinstalled 12.04 / , but I'm not "upgrading" to 4.8.3 again .. so please don't ask , this last 'test" was almost a disaster...managed to get most of my settings etc back , but it was a waste of 5 hrs , just upgrading a point kde . :P21:27
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