StFSHello, I seem to be having some problems with my mouse after upgrading to 12.04. The mouse seems to double (or more) click even if I only click it once...00:17
DorkVaderis there a kubuntu package for dropbox?  Or should I download it directly?00:17
StFSanyone familiar with this problem?00:17
StFSDorkVader: there is something called kfilebox I think... I used to use it but I think I remember correctly that it needs the actual dropbox binary anyways... and in the end I gave up on it and just use the official dropbox client00:18
StFSwtf? what happened to xorg.conf? It contains almost nothing... is that normal? Where did all that stuff go?00:23
DorkVaderStFS: ok, thanks00:25
DragnslcrStFS- I think a lot of the settings that were in xorg.conf are autodetected now00:27
StFSDragnslcr: yeah... looks like it...00:30
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lethuhello, is it possible to upgrade kde without moving to precise (12.04)?00:34
DorkVaderlethu: that is a good question, I do not know00:34
StFSlethu: maybe you can try this https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports00:38
lethuStFS, thank you I will try00:39
StFSoh yeah... 11.10 is oneiric... this ppa only seems to have packages for that though00:40
StFSoh no... they have ports for more distros... but only oneiric is visible on that page... their repo has more though it seems00:41
licensedanyone haves problem with firefox and kubuntu 12.04? i can't open my downloaded files 2-clicking00:53
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DorkVaderyo. I run 3 virtual machines, the virtual disk images of these machines live on windows/NTFS/Raid partitions that I normally start using dolphin01:15
DorkVaderany suggestions as to how I should go about automounting these drives and auto starting the virtualbox VMS?01:15
grafthi, how do i make kde respect the version of ruby (and the gems) i select with rvm?02:05
brambleclawokso how do i move music files from my hard drive to my usb drive?02:29
brambleclawok so how do i move music files from my hard drive to my usb drive?02:31
brambleclawok so how do i move music files from my hard drive to my usb drive?02:39
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.03:14
fabick1BluesKaj: hey I'm here with designbybeck, he's helping me out with updating my software sources in Kubuntu. We have a problem with duplicate sources.http://www.pasteall.org/3149903:30
artaofresh install of kubuntu 12.04 here. went GREAT =D  ...... ....... ..... wondering tho ... using Muon Software Center, is there a way to show all pending installs???03:54
artaoused to Synaptic. never used Muon before03:55
JontheEchidnaartao: If you're used to Synaptic, you may prefer the Muon Package Manager, in the system menu03:55
artaoyeah. using muon ... see question above ^^^03:56
artaooh wait. i see03:56
artaostill tho, CAN i view pending downloads / installs in Software Center?03:56
JontheEchidnanot in the version in 12.0403:57
JontheEchidnabut it'll be there for 12.1003:57
artaocrap! i just missed a bunch of Avengers. gotta rewind lolz03:58
artaoi c. k thx =D03:58
artaoand since 12.04 is LTS, it'll just auto-update at the appropriate time, eh?03:59
artaohere's another question04:02
artaoi installed kubuntu 12.04 on a fresh 500gig HD .... my 80gig drive with my previous linux install is still on it and available via grub04:02
artaoi use firefox ... as such, is there a way i can transfer my full firefox setup FROM my prior linux install TO my fresh install ??04:03
licensedartao, 2 ways04:03
artaoi'm not seeing "transfer settings" anywhere04:04
licensed1 - you can copy the ~/.mozilla path to new hd04:04
licensed2 - you can use firefox sync04:04
artaoi'm not particularly familiar with sync. i'll try the former first =D04:05
licensedaracele, sync it's easy to do. you can keep 1 more computers on sync04:09
licensedaracele, but you can try to copy .mozilla folder on /home04:09
artaoBAM!! i've got my firefox back by copying ~/.mozilla =D THX =D04:22
licensedartao, u're welcome =D04:24
ybitdunno how it happened but i managed to delete several widgets05:00
* ybit will fix and report05:00
ybitkind of just guessed kde-plasma-desktop kdeplasma-addons plasma-widgets-addons plasma-widgets-workspace05:07
ybitone of those fixed it05:07
ybitcouldn't live without notes and weather forecasts!05:08
lethuis 11.04 going to get kde 4.8?05:28
lethuor is it mandatory to upgrade to 12.04?05:29
lethuin order to update kde I mean05:30
lethunevermind, I figured it out :)05:37
ilaoscan anyone tell me how to change the dm?05:45
ilaosi tried installing slim and it won't boot05:45
artaohai. me again ..... trying to install GIMP 2.8 .... did apt-get install gimp ... as directed on the gimp website .... yet i STILL get GIMP 2.606:06
artaoasked over in #gimp, and they're saying it's a distro issue06:06
ilaoscan anyone help me switch from kdm to slim? if i install slim and dpkg-reconigure slim to be the default the system freezes on boot (the keyboard won't even respond to the lock keys anymore06:27
ilaoscan anyone help me switch from kdm to slim? if i install slim and dpkg-reconigure slim to be the default the system freezes on boot (the keyboard won't even respond to the lock keys anymore06:49
robotdevilum kubuntu keeps trying to use hdmi audio resulting in audio distortion and crackling. How do I make it forget the hdmi card again?06:53
robotdevilactually everything is crackling06:59
robotdevilsince last update to 11.1006:59
robotdevilnot distribution upgrade to 11.10 just the last update for 11.1007:00
artaohai agaiin .... um .... for some reason new windows keep showing up on my 2nd monitor for some reason ... how do i make thum show up on my primary monitor?07:05
ct529hi everyboy .... we have a difficulty here. Kubuntu for some reasons does not produce the upgraded packages for versions that are older than the current one, unlike Fedora, openSUSE and others07:22
ct529the other side of the equation is that as soon as you have finished with update, a new series of packages with important bug fixes come out (see kde 483 today)07:24
ubottuError: KDE bug 483 could not be found07:24
ct529how do you deal with that? I am actually considering moving to a rolling release distribution, or to a distribution that packages updates for at least 2 versions in the past.07:25
ct529or do you always install a distribution as soon as it comes out?07:30
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amichairis it possible to see changelogs before upgrading in the software updates window?07:33
ForgeAushow do I take plasma-device out of my startup for this session and have only plasma desktop instead?08:06
ForgeAusrunning plasma-device --nodesktop is fine08:07
teodihello.. after today's updates of Kubuntu, my youtube screen in Chromium is all blue. Just curious, is this known as kubuntu/chromium problem?08:20
Tm_Tteodi: doesn't happen here08:27
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tdnI have a Kubuntu VM in virtualbox. It has suddenly stopped automatically adjusting the screen resolution when I resize the VM window. I have vboxadditions installed. How do I fix this? Is this a problem that should be addressed in vbox or in KDE?10:02
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natmanI never receive any notification for system updates, i have checked muon settings12:14
Tm_Tnatman: you are on 10.04 now?12:15
natmanTm_T: no im using 12.04, fresh install12:15
Tm_Tnatman: hmm, so what updates you are expecting?12:16
Tm_Tand/or is the issue just the lack of notifications12:17
natmanwell i just opened up muon update manager there, and there was a bunch of system updates for me12:17
natmanTm_T:  its just the lack of notifications12:18
Tm_Thm, strange12:20
Tm_TI keep getting those notifications here12:20
natmandoes it matter that my update server is Ireland and not Main?12:20
BluesKajnatman there's an update to muon in the repos, if you just run one your upgrade manager will be updated12:22
natmanBluesKaj: ok i just did one manually, forget what exactly the updates were, guess there is no way to check its been fixed12:23
natmanHow can i be sure the update checker starts at boot up?12:24
BluesKajnatman,  there aren't many updates/upgrades right now ..I use apt-get rather than the notifier and I can assure you there have been only a few update/upgrades since the OS was released12:24
natmanBluesKaj: ok, i just like seeing the little cog icon, lets me know someone/people out there care :D12:25
BluesKajnatman, well , you can alway run apt-get update and upgrade if you're unsure12:27
natmanBluesKaj: cool, thanks, no doubt ill be back here at some point! either way12:27
f1zz3ri installed kubuntu yesterday... at the begginning  i was impressed but 30m later kubuntu make me super furious... the only thing i could install was wine! i tried listen mp3 and amarok cant run mp3 and says : amarok requires additional plugin bla bla. when i search plugin->error. i go to the internet find a way to listen mp3.. all the ways --->>> error.. in muon says that i already have some packs that people says to me to install.........12:35
f1zz3r.. if i try install vlc trough muon -----> error... trough apt-get -> error... install firefox -> cant download the files this is normal12:35
f1zz3rthis is normal?12:36
f1zz3r_could anyone answer me plz? my internet fall :S12:42
Tm_Twhat errors?12:42
Tm_Tjust saying you get error doesn't tell much12:42
f1zz3r_if i want read mp3 what can i do?12:43
BluesKajf1zz3r_, for firefox , open the kmenu>apps>internet>firefox installer12:44
f1zz3r_BluesKaj i already tried do that but says download failded.. could not download packages12:48
f1zz3r_i have the same problem in every thing i want to do in kubuntu12:48
f1zz3r_or cant download, or cant install.... omg12:48
BluesKajf1zz3r_, ok , open a terminal , sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade12:48
f1zz3r_i already have done that :S12:50
f1zz3r_but i have done again12:50
f1zz3r_and firefox dont install12:50
f1zz3r_this is usual or only happening to me? i never installed a kde before.. maybe its my problem12:51
BluesKajf1zz3r_ , reboot , after the bios screen hold down the left shift key until grub appears , then choose , recovery kernel , a dialog will appear "repair broken packages" choose that ...I think you have some partial packages that need to finish installing12:53
f1zz3r_ok. i will try.. thanks12:54
uiooehow can i map Monospace to DejaVu Sans Mono on Kubuntu?13:08
BluesKajf1zz3r, did it work ?...it would be good to know in case the same thing happens to others13:17
f1zz3rnop :(13:18
f1zz3ri will desinstall and install again kubuntu13:19
BluesKajok , have you checked your package manager repositories , make sure they're all enable including canonical partners13:19
citrgreetings BluesKaj, it's designbybeck, I  got the public access computer going again, It was the stupid wirless networkcard! I had to take it out and then everything worked fine! ( I should have tired that first instead of trying to reinstall 5 times)13:43
citrI'm trying to remember the command to block other users on this computer from viewing/browsing others Home DIR?13:44
citrAny Ideas anyone?13:44
f1zz3rBluesKaj u solved my problem :) ty13:46
citrf1zz3r:  he has worked with me on the past with this, I was updating him on the original problem13:47
citrHe's a very helpful contact ;)13:47
citrI just can't remember the command we used to block others from seeing others home folder contents13:48
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BluesKajcitr, open system settings>user management..I'm not real sure how to set that up since I'm the only user and have no experience with blocking user access to /home ...don't the individual users have to set that up ?13:52
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spartan2276How can I run this application kde-config-tablet?15:32
spartan2276How can I run this application kde-config-tablet?15:33
BluesKajspartan2276, what's the file extension ?15:37
BluesKajspartan2276, alt+f2 , kdesudo kde-config-tablet15:38
spartan2276BluesKaj, did not work. I got kde-config-tablet: command not found15:39
BluesKajspartan2276, open a terminal , sudo apt-get install kde-config-tablet15:40
spartan2276kde-config-tablet is already the newest version15:41
BluesKajdid you try the command I posted with alt+F215:42
SunTsuspartan2276: that prolly is a plugin for system settings, look under input15:42
tsimpsonthen you should find the tablet settings in System Settings, and a new Plasma applet15:42
martinphonecan I aske here about k9copy? is there a channel for k9copy?15:42
BluesKajmartinphone, install k9copy from the repos15:42
martinphoneBluesKaj, I know, I have it installed with xubuntu, but I cannot make any copy to mp415:43
martinphoneI need help15:43
martinphonethus, do I ask here or where?15:44
spartan2276SunTsu, no that is GUI to congifure a Wacom Tablet see here http://libregraphicsworld.org/blog/entry/peter-hutterer-on-the-gnome-applet-for-wacom-tablets15:44
spartan2276SunTsu, so it is an application, for both KDE and Gnome. You can see the KDE version further down on that link I gave you15:45
SunTsuspartan2276: Well, I have it installed, too, and it added something under input devices, in system settings. If you don't believe me, well, good luck finding it15:46
spartan2276but for some odd reason I can't get the damn shortcut to it or how to launch it15:46
tsimpsonspartan2276: no, there are 2 different applications. the KDE version is built into system settings15:46
tsimpsonlook there15:46
spartan2276ah ok, thanks15:46
tsimpsonalso look for a new plasma widget for wacom devices15:46
spartan2276plasma widget15:47
BluesKajmartinphone, install kubuntu-restricted-extras15:48
psykatogI'm trying to make a bootable USB using unetbootin, but it keeps telling me my USB isn't mounted.  Any other program (dolphin, kparted) reads it as mounted, any thoughts?16:19
psykatogI *have* tried unplugging it and plugging it back in16:19
barbypsykatog you need a usb key to install kubuntu???16:21
barbyor a simple usb key bootable?16:22
lordievaderpsykatog: Yuo could try mounting it through the terminal.16:22
psykatognot installing kubuntu ;)16:23
psykatoglordievader, how would I do that?16:23
lordievaderpsykatog: First you need to find where it is located, do a sudo fdisk -l (it is probably the last one something like /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdc1, or something)16:24
lordievaderpsykatog: You probably need to make a mount directory, to do that you can do: sudo mkdir /media/USBSTICK (this will make a dir USBSTICK in /media)16:26
lordievaderpsykatog: And then finally to mount it do: sudo mount /dev/sdxx /media/USBSTICK (replace /dev/sdxx with your usbstick and the /media/USBSTICK witht the dir where you want to mount it)16:26
psykatoglordievader - should I cd to media/USBSTICK before mounting?  Also, how do I know if I've got the proper name of the usb drive?16:31
lordievaderNo it does not matter from where you do the mount.16:32
psykatoglordievader: when I run lsusb I just see it as "Sony Corp."16:32
lordievaderpsykatog: You could remove the usbstick run the fdisk command, plug it in and run fdisk again. The new one is your stick.16:33
psykatoglordievader, fdisk lists partition tables, right?  It's not giving me any device identifiers except how many bytes are on the disk16:37
JMichael|worki am having problems getting ia32-libs installed on a system recently upgraded to 12.04. does anyone know what to do about this?16:38
lordievaderpsykatog: True, that is why you do it two times, one without the usbstick plugged in and one with.16:38
psykatoglordievader, right, but what should I be looking for to find the name that you said I should swap for dev/sdxx16:41
lordievaderpsykatog: Yes, you could let me look for it, use !paste for the output of the commands16:42
lordievader!paste > psykatog16:42
ubottupsykatog, please see my private message16:42
psykatoglordievader, http://paste.ubuntu.com/967292/16:46
lordievaderpsykatog: Ah I see why unetbootin complains that it is not mounted, it seems to be formatted as an exFAT16:48
psykatogI want it as an ntfs16:49
lordievaderpsykatog: You'll probably get an error when trying to mount /dev/sdb1 <-- is your usbstick16:49
psykatoglordievader, shame on me, but I'm trying to install windows 7 and then kubuntu 12.04 (dual)16:49
psykatoglordievader, I should be able to fix that in KDE partition editor, right?16:50
lordievaderpsykatog: Why do you want to reformat it as ntfs? exfat is made for external drives like your flash drive16:50
lordievaderpsykatog: If you want to be able to mount an exfat drive follow this guide: http://apcmag.com/how-to-enable-exfat-in-ubuntu.htm16:51
psykatogI found one tutorial that says windows 7 won't work from a usb drive if it's formatted as fat3216:51
lordievaderpsykatog: I'm not sure about 7 but XP never worked on anything usb related (flashdrives, external hdd's)16:52
psykatoglordievader, hmmm.  I might have to suck it up and go buy a DVD-R...16:53
lordievaderpsykatog: What is it exactly that you want to do? Install Windows through a usb stick? Or Ubuntu/Kubuntu/whatever?16:53
psykatogI want to install windows 7, which I've got as an iso.  THEN I want to install kubuntu and dual-boot.  Installing kubuntu isn't my worry though16:54
psykatoglordievader, I'm using a netbook, so I was hoping to be able to do it through a USB like I've been doing for the last 2 years with linux, but windows never makes anything easy..16:55
ct529hi everyboy .... we have a difficulty here. Kubuntu for some reasons does not produce the upgraded packages for versions that are older than the current one, unlike Fedora, openSUSE an16:56
ct529the other side of the equation is that as soon as you have finished with update, a new series of packages with important bug fixes come out (see kde 483 today)16:56
ubottuError: KDE bug 483 could not be found16:56
ct529how do you deal with that? I am actually considering moving to a rolling release distribution, or to a distribution that packages updates for at least 2 versions in the past.16:56
lordievaderpsykatog: Ah, yes it should be possible, hold on let me see if I can get a guide.16:56
ct529or do you always install a distribution as soon as it comes out?16:56
Riddellct529: why not upgrade to the latest kubuntu?  that's less hassle than using a rolling release distro16:57
lordievaderpsykatog: You should do this on a Windows pc though: http://arstechnica.com/business/news/2009/12/-the-usb-flash-drive.ars16:57
ct529Riddell: because we have production machines, and every time we have upgraded the machines at the same time as the release it was a disaster ....16:57
JMichael|worki am having problems getting ia32-libs installed on a system recently upgraded to 12.04. does anyone know what to do about this?16:57
ct529so we started using a 1 release delay16:57
psykatogFunny thing is I'm using my wife's PC to try it as well, but its default language is Mandarin so it's just as painful a process16:57
lordievaderct529: You could just upgrade to LTS versions of Ubuntu/Kubuntu16:58
Riddellct529: if you want to have well tested stuff then rolling release isn't the way to go16:58
ct529when the new release comes out we install the previous one. For example: when 12.04 comes out we install 11.1016:58
Hounddoggood evening.16:58
lordievaderpsykatog: Yea I can see that that is difficult, but that is the only way (apart from the cd) I know to install Windows with a usbstick.16:59
JMichael|worki work at a small uni that ran on gentoo for years. they started switching to ubuntu a few years ago, but have now largely switched back to gentoo16:59
HounddogI am having a problem with some flash videos that they seem to stutter....16:59
ct529Riddell: we are finding very difficult to follow up, with the fact that support for the previous release is immediately dropped .... Fedora and OpenSUSE support two releases back.16:59
psykatoglordievader, I should be able to burn the iso to a dvd-r, so I'm just going to try that and go from there, thanks16:59
ct529Riddell: pity we haev been using (k)ubuntu for so many years17:00
Hounddogam using bumblebee as i have a optimus card and also started the browser with optirun but does not seem to change anything17:00
lordievaderpsykatog: Sure no problem, good luck.17:00
Riddellct529: shrug, we all have limited resources and have to make choices about what we do17:00
lordievaderct529: LTS releases are now supported for 5 years!17:00
lordievaderct529: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS17:01
ct529Riddell: I know, but we haev to be able to maintain our sanity .... I ahve been using kubuntu since 6.06 i think17:01
ct529lordievader: only in a very side way .... the last time we had an LTS they only provided security fixes but not bug fixes or upgrades, so you ended up that you had to upgrade after a year and a half17:02
Riddellct529: come and help and our resources will be less limited :)17:03
ct529lordievader: it was 10.04 I think17:03
JMichael|workhas anyone else running a 64-bit system run into a problem getting ia32-libs installed, after upgrading to 12.04?17:06
ct529Riddell: I have done OS development, just not on kubuntu or kde.17:08
ct529Riddell: If you need we could do compiling possibly, can ask tech support, maybe in the night. It would be good to have packages compiled for 11.10.17:09
bluefacemonsterHi all. New PC, just loaded 12.04, several issues to ask about... first is horrendous video tearing. Using nvidia-current drivers with on-board GeForce 7025, have tried all googled fixes (changing vsync, compositing, etc) Cannot run desktop effects in OpenGL, only XRender. Any suggestions much appreciated.17:10
yofelct529: well, the compiling would be done by launchpad. All that's needed it someone to do the backporting. (i.e. upload + Q/A)17:10
yofelnow that takes some time17:10
Riddellct529: it needs some understanding of how packaging works, then using launchpad to put the packages up and then test them and get it into the backports/updates PPA17:10
ct529Riddell: can this process not be automatised? it is after all and existing consolidated platform.17:11
Riddellct529: yes I'd love to automate it, but haven't had the time over the last 6 months to do that17:12
Riddellct529: mind that automating it wouldn't make it zero maintinance to do, it would need reviewing when starting or when an error occurs and it would need more QA (advantage is we'd have more time for the QA)17:13
ct529Riddell: yes, this is what I meant17:14
Riddellct529: can chat in #kubuntu-devel17:16
ct529Riddell: ok17:16
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ybitwhat's the default theme for kubuntu 12.04?17:41
ybitAir just seems so white17:41
ybitI know that's not what the default looks like17:42
lordievaderybit: Oxygen/Air, Oxygen for window decorations Air for desktop theme.17:42
ybitguess it does look fine with the default wallpaper17:43
artaohai. ... .... anyone got any idea why i STILL get GIMP 2.6 when i do apt-get install gimp ... .... gimp 2.8 is out, and those are the install instructions on the GIMP download page ... ... i asked in #gimp, and they say it's a 'distro issue', so I ask here17:58
artaoi mean, gimp 2.6 is goin on 2 yrs old now XD .. <sigh>18:00
bazhangartao, yes18:01
bazhangthe current PPA has some issues18:01
artao'some issues' ??? please clarify18:04
artaoi have added no ppa here .. this is a FRESH install of Kubuntu 12.04. One day old. =D18:04
bazhangartao, the only current way is a PPA. and that is very unstable, breaks things18:05
m4vartao: if you're using kde, you can give krita a try18:05
artaoyeah. i've experience things 'breaking' trying to get gimp 2.7 via ppa18:11
artaoi've got krita, and DO quite like it ... altho it can be sluggish and crashy at times18:11
artaomore and more I'm giving up on GIMP <sigh> ... such SLOW development :(18:11
artaoi used to be a strong proponent of the GIMP. not so much anymore18:11
Ezimartao, new gimp is out.18:12
artaoyeah ... and how do i get it?18:12
artaothat's my problem18:12
Ezimartao, :) ppa.18:12
artaoi am NOT up to compiling ... and after my previous experience attempting to use ppa to get gimp 2.7, i am VERY cautious of trying it again18:13
artaothe install instructions on GIMP download page, for Ubuntu, say "apt-get install gimp" ... this is simply NOT TRUE ... it gives you v2.6, not 2.818:13
Ezimartao, http://www.webupd8.org/2012/05/gimp-28-stable-finally-available-for.html18:13
artaono ppa is mentioned on the gimp dl page18:13
artaoi asked in #gimp, and they say it's a 'distro issue'18:14
Ezimartao, plz read the link I posted.18:14
artaoyeah, i'm lookin18:14
artaohmm .. thx Ezim ... ... however, as i said, my previous experience using a ppa for GIMP led to ... issues18:16
m4vartao: then you will have to wait, packages doesn't make themselves, and 12.04 is LTS, so I don't think new stuff will be put quickly into precise.18:16
artaoi'm VERY skeptical of using the ppa, especially as it's not officially mentioned on the GIMP homepage18:16
Ezimartao, if it goes bad you can go back to older version.18:17
artaoum ... not in my experience18:17
bazhangEzim, thats bad advice18:17
Ezimm4v, I think personally new gimp is important update18:17
Ezimbazhang, why?18:17
m4vEzim: the problem with the gimp ppa is that it might break stuff in your syste,18:17
artaogranted, i was under 11.10 at the time ... but using the ppa led to a BUNCH of dependency issues, and the attempt to resolve them automatically led to me being unable to install ANY version of GIMP ... so i gave up18:18
bazhangEzim, I mentioned it some minutes ago18:18
Ezimm4v, :) then compile.18:18
artaonew GIMP is ESSENTIAL update ... it's been like 3 fricken years!!!18:18
tsimpsonartao: then report a bug18:19
m4voh well, I see this is a case of what I think is important and what I think everyone else should be doing but I can't bother to do it.18:19
artaom4v, exactly!! the gimp ppa borked my previous linux install18:19
artaoreport a bug .. yeah right ...18:19
Ezim:) compile it then18:19
artaolike THAT would get any attention18:19
Ezimlazy people :P18:19
artaoi've attempted to compile gimp ... it's dependencies are fricken RIDICULOUS18:19
tsimpsonartao: if you're not interested in listening to anyone in here, then why are you here?18:20
artaoi've read in a few places that GIMP is known for being a PITA to compile18:20
artaobecause #gimp said "it's a distro issue' and I'm using Kubuntu18:20
artaoso #kubuntu18:20
tsimpsonand I've told you how to fix that issue, report it18:20
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:21
artaohow is this a bug tho? it's a lack of current GIMP build, not a bug18:21
m4vcompiling isn't easy, that's why there are packages, but you don't want to wait for those. so... hard to please, aren't you?18:21
tsimpsonartao: the bug is that there are newer versions available which aren't included18:21
Ezimartao, instead of complaing maybe you can help gimp devs out?18:22
swecarpEzim, +118:22
Ezimthis is linux and opensource. if you have the skills you can help. much better for everyone instead of complaining about stuffs18:24
EzimI think gimp devs are few in nr but they are doing great work18:24
Ezimmake donate18:24
artaosry folks18:31
artaoi don't mean to come off as 'just another complainy user'18:31
artaoi guess i'm feeling particularly inexplicable irritable today, and the "gimp issue' is just pushing my buttons18:32
artaoi'll report the lack of gimp 2.8 .. as requested =D18:32
artaopart of my frustration is that the install instructions say "do this" so I do, and it doesn't install 2.8 ..18:33
artaoyou can see how that could be very frustrating to a typical user, no?18:33
artaoespecially after waiting almost 3 yrs for a new 'stable' version18:34
Ezimartao, I understand you. if you use 12.04 the ppa should work without problem.18:35
Ezimread the comments in omgubuntu/webupd818:35
artaofair nuf18:36
tsimpsonfwiw, Ubuntu generally uses whatever Debian has. and Debian ships 2.6 currently18:36
artaoi'll wait. the ppa scares me18:36
artaosooooo ... do i report this to debian or ubuntu? ... debian then i assume18:36
artaoor maybe both, just to cover all the bases18:36
Ezimartao, 12.04 is based on debian testing18:37
Ezimso yeah report it upstream and it will come to ubuntu18:38
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ybitone more problem found after the upgrade: virtualbox not working19:38
ybitthat is, none of my virtual machines will start19:38
ybitVirtualbox - Error in suplibOsInit: Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908). The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv. Please reinstall the kernel module by executing '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'19:39
ybitthere is only /etc/init.d/virtualbox and /etc/init.d/virtualbox-guest-utils though19:40
ybitthere are these directories: /usr/src/virtualbox-4.1.12/vboxdrv/ /var/lib/dkms/virtualbox/4.1.12/build/vboxdrv/19:41
ybiti haven't searched the web yet for a solution..19:41
* ybit searches19:42
ybitwonder if reinstalling virtualbox-ose would remedy the situation19:43
ybitvirtualbox-ose is already the newest version.19:44
dant3ybit: try dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox-ose19:44
|rapidsp|and sure that kernel sources has installed19:45
dant3yep. You can also check if you have virtualbox-dkms installed19:45
ybitdpkg-reconfigure virtualbox-ose -qt -dkms, etc. didn't do anything... at least not by itself19:45
ybitnot sure if i need the headers or image or both19:48
dant3ybit: apt-get install linux-source19:49
dant3then tru dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox-dkms again19:50
tsimpsonerm, unless you're compiling a kernel, you don't need the source19:50
ybittsimpson: oh19:52
ybitinstalling source and reconfiguring virtualbox didn't solve the problem19:53
ybitit didn cause a problem with dpkg-reconfigure though http://paste.kde.org/469490/19:54
ybiti wonder why dkms goofed, at least i'm assuming it goofed19:55
tsimpsonybit: try using "sudo /usr/share/virtualbox/src/vboxhost/do_dkms uninstall" followed by "sudo /usr/share/virtualbox/src/vboxhost/do_dkms install"19:55
ybitsudo: /usr/share/virtualbox/src/vboxhost/do_dkms: command not found19:56
ybit:/usr/share/virtualbox$ find . -iname do_dkms19:56
ybit...yields nothing19:56
ybitsame with locate -i do_dkms19:57
artaohai again .... curious thing here .... fresh 12.04 install, as in yesterday .... Firefox seems to THINK it's set as the default browser, yet when I click on links (say via Quassel or Muon) ReKonq opens the link instead19:57
ybit...and apt-file search do_dkms19:57
artaohmm ... just occured to me .. i'll check  to see if ReKonq is ALSO trying to be the default browser19:57
ybitwhen i get back from spanish lessons, maybe i'll just reinstall virtualbox19:57
ybitartao: i've got your solution19:58
tsimpsonybit: try using "virtualbox" rather than "virtualbox-ose"19:58
ybitgo to your system settings -> default applications -> web browser19:58
ybitalso.. in system settings, search for the file associations menu19:58
ybittype in htm19:59
ybitmake sure it's firefox if that's what you want19:59
ybitbut i like open source :)19:59
artaoSWEET that did it thx ybit =D19:59
tsimpsonybit: virtualbox-ose is a dummy package that just depens on virtualbox19:59
ybitnp, ^5 artao20:00
ybittsimpson: in that case..20:00
ybitwhere am i supposed to use virtualbox instead of virtualbox-ose?20:00
artaonext one ... my windows seem to always appear on my secondary monitor ... i'd prefer they appear on the monitor my mouse is on ... can't find that setting, but i know it's there somewhere20:00
ybitduring dpkg-reconfigure?20:00
tsimpsonybit: yes, with dpkg-reconfigure20:01
ybitartao: er... default desktop or something20:01
tsimpsonartao: System Settings -> Display and Monitor -> Multiple Monitors20:02
ybitsaves me the trouble of plugging in second mon :)20:03
artaoAHA! D'OH!! also "active screen follows mouse" under window behavior20:03
ybit * No suitable module for running kernel found20:03
ybitinvoke-rc.d: initscript virtualbox, action "restart" failed.20:04
|rapidsp|ybit: simple reinstall vbox?20:04
artaoalso, I see, where YOU said ybit ... thx again =D20:04
ybityeah... probbaly20:04
ybitbut i need to cram real quick for the spanish lesson20:05
|rapidsp|log mast say about problem during install20:05
ybitwill get back if it worked later tonight20:05
ybitk, will check20:05
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Guest40353boa noite21:31
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markburberry32Hi everyone. I need a little help here - I'm confused.  I just installed a file called Blender, using apper - which told me the package was 20.2MB or something small like that.  Now it's installed, it's telling me that the package is well over 50MB. What's going on? :)21:59
lordievadermarkburberry32: Packages you download are compressed, apt-get usually does show you how much it needs to download and how much space it will take up once it has been installed.22:01
toni_hi all22:01
markburberry32ah, so what I saw before was how much it would download, what I see now is the unpacked version, right?22:01
lordievadermarkburberry32: Yes exactly.22:03
markburberry32ok, thanks :)22:03
lordievaderNo problem :)22:03
toni_Може ли на Български? ;)22:04
lordievaderHey toni_ what's wrong?22:04
ubottuопитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently22:05
toni_Ok ...sry22:06
markburberry32no problem :)22:06
MarcoPauhi, since last upgrade to Precise my "open containing folder" button in firefox has not been doing anything. I remember we needed a package for that to work and I had installed it but I can't remember its name.. or maybe it could another issue...  you have any hints? thanks22:12
dbc254when 12.04 boots, I get a "can't find touchpad" error. How can I stop this?22:13
lordievaderMarcoPau: When you do that you get a open with thingie right?22:13
MarcoPaulordievader: nope. not getting anything22:13
lordievaderMarcoPau: Hmm, that is odd, I did get that, and then I just pointed it to Dolphin22:14
MarcoPaulordievader: remember I needed an ubuntu package for the function to work...22:16
lordievaderMarcoPau: I have done a fresh install of 12.04 and I did not need any package to get it to work... But I guess I can't be of any help in this situation.22:18
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JarliHow do I install my audio devices, they've appearently left the building23:16
JarliAnyone there?23:18
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luc4_macHi! Ever since I updated to 12.04 the network manager has stopped working. It reports the cable is unplugged. But if I run dhclient on my interface everything works. Anyone who experienced this?23:40
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