* benji needs some coffee.11:30
gary_posterbac benji call in 212:08
benjiwell, I'm now able to change the code for that stored procedure, but I can't get any debugging info out of it13:45
gary_posterWe have another new test failure (seemingly not a test isolation error this time).  Which is, you know, just so gosh darn dispiriting that I think the company really ought to support me going over to the local IMAX theater to watch the Avengers this afternoon, just to, you know, buck up my spirits.13:55
gary_posterhuh, that failure happened again: bug 99460214:14
_mup_Bug #994602: lib/lp/services/webapp/tests/cookie-authentication.txt fails rarely/intermittently in tests <paralleltest> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/994602 >14:15
gary_postercan't dupe locally14:15
gary_posterwgrant says 994602 is his fault14:45
gary_posterwe also have an instance of "the wrong number of tests are reported" to investigate14:45
gary_posterI definitely got the subunit output this time14:46
benjiinteresting, if I isolate just the test that fails, it doesn't; there is some sort of intra-test isolation problem going on15:00
benjigary_poster: I just submitted my April EC2 expenses (just under $100)15:09
gary_posterapproved benji15:29
gary_posterbenji, fun with PG 9.1, eh? :-)16:02
gary_posterbenji, here's something interesting (and unrelated yo your current work): take a glance at http://ec2-184-73-44-105.compute-1.amazonaws.com:8010/builders/lucid_lp/builds/0 .  The number of tests run is low.  Click on the worker-2 log to see why.  (I don't know why that happened.)16:35
benjigary_poster: that's interesting16:36
benjigary_poster: the "subunit" log has no entries for worker-216:37
gary_posterexactle benji16:37
gary_posterthe string "worker-2" is not in the subunit log16:37
gary_posterbenji, ah-ha16:38
gary_posternear the top16:39
gary_postereverything seems to be going fine, with 8 lxc-start-ephemerals16:39
gary_posterbut then "could not get IP address - aborting."16:39
gary_posterand "Stopping lxc"16:39
benji"could not get IP address - aborting.16:39
gary_posterlxcip may help with that16:39
gary_posteror maybe we just need a bigger timeout16:40
benjifeels race-y16:40
gary_posterI'm not sure we are racing anything16:40
gary_posterjust things too longer than expected16:40
benjiit's a timed race ;)16:42
gary_posterbenji, look at "less `which lxc-start-ephemeral`" (or choose your voibng poison of course) and search for ""could not get IP address - aborting."16:42
benjiIf only I knew what the heck "[ 0 -eq $? -a -n "$IP_ADDRESS" ]" means.16:43
gary_poster"the last exit code was 0 and we have an ip address"16:45
gary_posterso the line before that if statement failed16:45
gary_posterwe should retry that16:46
gary_posterrather than just giving up immediately16:46
gary_posterideally we'd have lxcip16:46
gary_postersince that does everything for us in a nicer way16:46
benjiso we're loosing a race with $LEASES being populated, retrying seems eminently reasonable16:47
gary_posterI'll talk to hallyn about it16:48
* benji (long) lunches.17:01
gmbgary_poster, Can we schedule our annual review call for Monday or Wednesday next week? I have free time in the mornings, and it seems to make sense to get it done next week rather than taking up hacking time with it.17:33
gary_posterhey gmb.  +1.  Monday would be slightly easier but Wed is fine too.  Choose a time that's not too late, you west coaster you. :-)17:34
gary_postergmb, just put it on the Google calendar?17:35
gmbgary_poster, Yep, I will do. Monday is fine.17:35
gary_postercool, thank you17:36
gmbgary_poster, Done.17:37
gary_posteraccepted, gmb17:38
gary_posterbenji, out of morbid, look-at-the-crash-on-the-side-of-the-road curiosity, have you managed to get postgres 9.1 working?19:43
benjigary_poster: I gave up trying to upgrade (a clone of) my lxc lucid container (which in hindsight wasn't a good idea anyway) and am building a new precise container now19:44
gary_posterbenji, a precise container?  postgres 9.1 won't work in lucid?19:45
benjigary_poster: it might but I exceeded my self-imposed timebox without getting it to work19:46
gary_posterI see19:46
gary_posterswitching to precise introduces so many other variables though...19:46
gary_posterand if you get it working there we have to figure out how to get it working in lucid anyway19:46
benjigary_poster: do you think it won't work out of the box?19:47
gary_posterbenji, what is "it" in that sentence? :-)19:47
benjigary_poster: Everything!!  :P19:47
benji(LP on precise)19:48
benji(LP on precise with postgres 9.1)19:48
benjiI was under the (apparently wrong) impression that precise was the best bet for a working LP.  I get the feeling that lucid would be better.19:49
gary_posterbenji, so you are asking if I think LP will work on Precise?  wgrant recently closed a bug for getting LP to run on precise, so I suspect it will.19:49
gary_posterit has only been working in precise for a week or two at most19:49
gary_posterand we are still running LP on Lucid19:49
benjiI regret my decision.19:49
gary_posterrunning LP on Lucid in production I mean19:50
benjiI'm goign to kill the precise setuplxc and start a new lucid one in the hope that it will a) work, and b) install postgres 9.1 by default (which I think it will)19:51
gary_posterbenji, since you've already gone down that road it might still be interesting; however, we'll need to get it working in Lucid anyway if this actually fixes anything.  (Or we have to switch production and our whole lxc setup in containers to Precise)19:51
gary_posterbut that sounds like a good plan too19:51
gary_posterI mean, ugh19:52
gary_posterI like voice dictation :-P19:52
gary_posterYou *could* keep trying the precise road; might be interesting.  However the Lucid plan does sound better to me.19:52
gary_posterThere we go.19:53
benjiyou need a stenographer19:53
gary_posterI'll hire one posthastee19:53
gary_posterI've heard the whole stenographer biz has changed a lot just in the past year or so19:54
benjibeen reading the stenographer trade mags again?19:54
gary_postercomputerized voice recognition has changed the stenographer's job to being more like an editor19:54
gary_posterno, a mom at the elementary school does that part time and was talking about it :-)19:55
benjigary_poster: well, with this running I have some time if you're wanting to do the yearly review call19:59
gary_posterbenji, sure.  4:05?  That will give me a chance to prepare.  By which I mean, uh, preparing.  Uh, never mind.  $:-5?20:00
benjiheh, sure20:00
gary_posterbenji, https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/_/extras/canonical.com/goldenhordeoneonone awaits20:06
bachave a good weekend gentlemens21:20
gary_posteryou too21:54

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