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bobweaverhello there I am having trouble pushing to my branch I keep on getting a permissions error, Like my rsa key is funky I have tried to break the lock and still have gotten no where thanks for your time.02:42
lifelesscan you paste 'bzr info -v' for your local branch and the branch you are pushing to ?02:44
lifelessas well as the url you are pushing too02:44
lifelessand your LP user id.02:44
bobweaversure I have no gui at the moment but I will try02:46
bobweaveruname josephjamesmills02:47
bobweaverlike I said I do not have gui so not sure if that worked thanks again I will make a 2nd paste just in case02:49
lifelessthat paste contains mortgage spam02:50
bobweaverwhat Oo02:51
lifelesshttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/zpanelcp/zpanelcp/ is locked, run `bzr break-lock :push`02:54
bobweaverthis the tick ` ` ?02:54
lifelessjust me quoting what I told you so you know what to copy02:55
lifelessdon't copy the `02:55
bobweaver \o/03:00
bobweaverthanks a ton lifeless03:00
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bullgard4https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/993038 I wonder what does mean »needs-bisect« in "** Tags added: needs-bisect regression-release".06:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 993038 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "[Upstream] Ubuntu 12.04: Embedded HSQLDB is read-only (regression)" [Undecided,Incomplete]06:02
lifelessbullgard4: ask in #ubuntu-bugs06:06
lifelessthey may know06:06
bullgard4lifeless: I will do. Thank you.06:07
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maxbAre some of the PPA amd64 builders much higher / lower spec-ed than others?11:49
maxbI ask because there are some builds that have been building for >24hours, but other similar ones of the same package completed in ~3 to 4 hours11:49
wgrantmaxb: A couple of builders have looked far slower than usual for a couple of days.11:57
wgrantif it continues I'll get someone to have a look11:57
wgrantBut yes, the specs differ wildly.11:57
wgrantVery few machines are the same. They're mostly from the server hardware test farm11:58
wgrantkarkalla is still going11:59
czajkowskiaye during the week some were taking 10+hrs12:22
czajkowskigot them looked at and all reports were fine12:22
wgrantSome of the things were horrifyingly buggy packages crashing launchpad-buildd.12:25
wgrantBut there are at least 3 builders now taking far longer than they should.12:25
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czajkowskiwgrant: poking folks? or want me to do ?12:35
dobeyis there any way to get from the "Bug Comment Added" on a user's +karma, to the actual bug comment it refers to?13:26
wgrantdobey: No. The best you can do is order +commentedbugs by date last updated.13:27
dobeyok, had to do a search to get all the dups/incompletes/etc to show up. thanks13:32
dobeywgrant: since you're here, any idea why ppa:ubuntuone/beta would seem to have a significantly longer wait time for builds, than ppa:ubuntuone/nightlies seems to?13:33
wgrantdobey: Each PPA can have a build score boost applied.13:35
wgrantPerhaps nightlies does, beta does not.13:35
dobeywgrant: that's what i originally thought, but i asked for a build score bump on it the other day, and czajkowski said she applied it. but it's still slow. and the build score looks familiar when i upload something and it's waiting to build13:39
dobeywgrant: can you verify? i don't have enough perms myself to see that info, it seems13:39
czajkowskidobey: ah didnt apply a boost13:40
czajkowskiapplied more space13:40
czajkowski2 tics13:40
czajkowskidobey: doing that now for you13:41
dobeyczajkowski: oh. well that'd explain it then. :)13:41
* czajkowski waits for things to blow up now 13:42
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czajkowskidobey: bonus is now you've a larger ppa13:48
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dupondjebuilding since yesterday now :s14:15
dupondjesame for https://launchpad.net/~yade-pkg/+archive/stable/+build/345880014:16
dupondjeand https://launchpad.net/~yade-pkg/+archive/snapshots/+build/345936414:16
dupondjeczajkowski: ^14:16
czajkowskididnt we have this issue yesterday14:18
czajkowskiin fact wgrant ping14:18
wgrantmthaddon was looking at one of the problematic builders, but nothing was obviously wrong14:18
dupondjeczajkowski: 2 days ago :)14:19
dupondjebut if we have daily build of a package that takes 40h to build :)14:19
dupondjequite a long queue already 337 jobs (16 hours)14:19
wgrantI've canclled the three ancient yade builds14:21
dupondjeok :)14:22
dupondjehttps://launchpad.net/~dupondje/+archive/ppa/+build/3463546 somebody would like to bump the score a bit so it can build ? :)14:50
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WasserDragoonhi i've uploaded a package to my team's ppa but nothing happens... http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/407897/17:05
WasserDragoon"Heimdall has no updates" : https://launchpad.net/~heimdall-packagers/+archive/ppa17:06
WasserDragoonneither any email notification17:08
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WasserDragooni've opened a questions since no one answers here: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/19604717:45
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dobeyand here i thought heimdall was a kerberos implementation17:52
dobeyoh, i guess that was heimdal17:53
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dratonehi all17:58
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pindongahi there, can anyone tell me if launchpad has something called 'account merges' and what it does?18:30
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tsimpsonpindonga: it basically allows someone to merge 2 accounts into 1 account: https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/Merging18:38
pindongatsimpson, thanks18:39
cjohnstongmb: ping19:11
gmbcjohnston, Hi19:11
bobweaverhello again I am having troubles uploading my pgp key to the ubuntu server I have changed the name of the server to the one in the help section on launchpad. I just keep getting error message. Here is a screenshot of sed error message. http://imagebin.org/211007   is there other ways too upload keys to the ubuntu server ?19:35
tsimpsonbobweaver: you want to use keyserver.ubuntu.com not keyserver.pgp.com19:38
bobweavertsimpson,  thanks for your time I am off too try19:39
bobweaversame error I made sure that I was trying for the ubuntu server had it highlighted and also selected from the drop down box but got back same error19:41
bobweaverLike this http://imagebin.org/21100819:44
tsimpsonI use KDE so I can't really help with that, but you could just do it on the command-line easily19:45
bobweaverI have 3 other computers that all have there keys on the server. I am going to try and reboot ?19:45
bobweavertsimpson,  how to do from cli ?19:45
dobeyor you have a firewall configuration blocking the connection19:45
bobweavernope dobey  I looked19:45
bobweaverI will remove all keys but the ubuntu one and try again19:46
tsimpsonbobweaver: use "gpg --list-keys" and find the line that starts with "pub"19:46
bobweavertsimpson,  Thanksa bunch19:47
bobweaverthanks a *19:47
bobweaverI am saving that now19:47
bobweaverI removed all the other keys and it worked thou19:47
tsimpsonyou'll see something like "1024D/XXXXXXXX", copy that second part after the '/' and use "gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send-keys  XXXXXXXX" (replacing with the actual key)19:47
bobweaverI see thanks a ton again19:48
bobweaverI will be using that way from now on out. maybe I should file bug for what just happened ?19:48
bobweaver"that way "   cli19:48
tsimpsonyou could file the bug, but I'm not sure if it is or not, I don't have the application to play with19:49
bobweaverthanks again tsimpson  have a good weekend :)19:51
tsimpsonyou too :)19:51

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