chorgoxcool is working now, my task bar is looking funny i wonder if the applets that installed for unity are messing00:01
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CTtechguyhas anyone been having an issue with  flash crashing?02:09
stlsaintCTtechguy: what release you on? (me no i have not)02:10
CTtechguychrome and firefox02:10
stlsaintCTtechguy: can you pinpoint what is happening when flash crashes?02:11
Unit193What one do you have installed? dpkg -l |grep flash02:11
CTtechguyadobe-flash-properties-gtk                             GTK+ control panel for Adobe Flash Player plugin version 1102:12
CTtechguyii  adobe-flashplugin                                      Adobe Flash Player plugin version 1102:12
CTtechguyseems like every time I try to play embedded video02:13
stlsaintis that the latest flash release?02:15
CTtechguyI beleive so I installed it a day or 2 ago02:16
Unit193http://youtube.com/html5 for one thing02:17
stlsaintCTtechguy: the one in repos does not constitute a up to date package02:18
CTtechguyyep but hulu.com always crashes02:18
CTtechguyI installed tarball from adobe02:18
Unit193stlsaint: He's using the one in -partner, it's at least a little better. :/02:18
Unit193You could always try "Pepper"flash. :/02:21
CTtechguywell if I cant resolve I'll for format and and install 12.04 fresh02:26
rolandbhow do I add a desktop shortcut, or an app I downloaded (TOR) to a panel in LXDE?03:27
Unit193Both in here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides03:28
pibarnasrolandb: right click the panel and select add/remove item to a panel, select apps bar. I think it's a good way.03:30
rolandbno i have to put it in the applications menu first03:30
pibarnasrolandb: maybe the names are slightly different. my system isn't in english.03:30
Unit193There isn't a good menu editor for LXDE yet in the repo, but there is a good canidate last I knew, hope that'll get in sooner than later.03:31
pibarnasrolandb: well, I think it's not necessary. You *want* to put there, you mean?03:32
rolandbUnit193, do i have to logout or something for the .desktop file to show up in the start menu?03:33
Unit193I don't remember, but wouldn't hurt.03:34
rolandbpibarnas, apps bar only works for stuff that is also in /usr/share/applications...03:34
exxtremeIs Gimp Shop available in Lubuntu 12.04 ? (I'm not running Lubuntu right now).06:20
exxtremeor. is there another decent alternative to photoshop?06:20
KM0201exxtreme: well, there's obviously gimp06:22
KM0201but as for gimpshop....06:22
KM0201no, doesn't look like it06:23
KM0201however, i think its fairly easy to install06:23
exxtremeok..I installed gimp.  Would you agree that Gimp is the best photoshop alternative for Linux?06:24
KM0201IMO, yes.06:24
KM0201but i don't mess w/ "gimpshop"..06:24
KM0201so i couldn't tell you how that works (yes i know its just window dressing)06:24
KM0201hmm, all the instructions i find for gimpshop are for 8.04.06:25
Unit193In the next release, there should be Gimp 2.8 which is windowed.06:25
exxtremethanks...gimp will do for now.06:26
KM0201Unit193: yeah, i've heard that, but there's a repository for gimp 2.8 now06:26
KM0201it's a PPA06:26
KM0201cuz 2.8 just went final.06:26
Unit193Not official, supported or that jazz.06:27
KM0201i know, just saying, its available06:27
exxtremeanyone used photoshop in wine/Lubuntu ?06:28
KM0201exxtreme: why on earth would you do that? (my understanding, it gives mixed results)06:29
exxtremesomeone asked me if they can run photoshop..i need to let them know06:29
exxtremethe wine wiki says it's possible, but i'd like to hear 'first hand' reports06:29
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KM0201you can *try*.. but my experience with photoshop and wine, is it's very mixed.06:30
KM0201it's easier to just learn gimp... no point having a $400 program inside wine, and some of the features not working or getting frequent errors06:30
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ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:30
Unit193That'll have the best info o it.06:31
exxtremeis cinepaint in the lubuntu repos?06:40
Unit193!info cinepaint06:40
ubottuPackage cinepaint does not exist in precise06:40
kanliot!info of manure06:45
ubottu'manure' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, stable, testing, unstable06:45
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Silverlionany supporter here for helping me to file a possible bug?11:18
icerootSilverlion: sure, have a look first here11:21
iceroot!bug | Silverlion11:21
ubottuSilverlion: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.11:21
icerootSilverlion: any open questions are very welcome here11:21
Silverlioniceroot i am not sure if it is a bug11:22
Silverlioni am sitting at an installation routine since yesterday night11:22
icerootSilverlion: give us some input about the issue please11:23
Silverlioniceroot: sure but not sure about what input you need11:23
Silverlionhardware from 2003 x86 installing a lubuntu live installation cd burned from lubuntu.ned11:24
icerootSilverlion: what are you trying to do, what is not working, which version11:24
Silverliontrying to install, after entering the necessary information about TimeZone, Keyboard etc. the installation starts by saying "data is copied" but after several minutes the screen vanishes and leaves a desktop with a circle like the windows sand-clock (and this is lasting now for 3 1/2 hrs now) , version is lubuntu 12.0411:26
kanliotSilverlion, check your syslog, see where ubiquity crashed @11:27
Silverlionkanliot: no idea how11:28
kanliotyou know console?11:29
Silverlionkanliot: and now?11:33
Silverlionsorry but i have now idea :D11:33
kanliotthis command:11:34
kanliotless /var/logs/syslog11:34
kanliotif you hunt around, you will see a call stack when ubiquity crashed11:34
kanliotreally you might as well just report the bug11:36
kanliotit will take a while11:36
Silverlionkanliot: "no such file or directory: /var/logs/syslog11:40
kanliotoops /var/log/syslog11:41
kanlioti'm working from this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingUbiquity11:45
Silverlionkanliot: pastebin.ubuntu.com/96673711:45
kanliotif you paste those you can file the bug easily11:48
kanliotSilverlion, and good job on the paste11:48
kanlioti'm actually curious how you did it from livecd11:48
kanliotand how much ram do you have?11:48
Silverliona) via lx terminal, b) 1gb11:49
kanliothow do you pastebin from the terminaL?  select with mouse?11:49
Silverlionselect with mouse, then edit copy and ctrl+v in chrominum11:56
Silverlionhoi MrChrisDruif12:15
SilverlionMrChrisDruif: struggeling again with install of lubuntu :(12:18
MrChrisDruifThat's too bad12:18
kanliotchris i'm wondering what is coming this week regarding the wiki.  If you could give me a heads up what we can go ahead with12:20
MrChrisDruifI'm not too busy with wiki atm, I only update what is currently already on the pages to more holistic etc.12:26
kanliotMrChrisDruif, can you pm me12:28
ElouinHi, I just installed lubuntu 12.04 on my netbook. When im trying to enter my wlan its always saying wrong password...13:07
KM0201Elouin: are you using wep, wpa, wpa2, etc?13:11
MrChrisDruifKM0201; isn't that the same issue as reported on the mailing-list? Asking for root password?13:19
ElouinIts when im entering the wpa2 pass its says that its wrong13:29
Elouinok i got it.... thx13:33
kanliotsup mi313:48
dove_ganyone can try, pcmanfm crashin almost always when you drag and drop folder to bookmark on left side15:05
dove_gplease try with folders with many folders/files15:05
pmatulis_does anyone know where pcmanfm stores its bookmarks?15:19
pmatulis_the man page says ~/.pcmanfm/bookmarks but that dot directory does not exist15:19
pmatulis_and any grepping i've done has proven fruitless15:20
bodhi_zazenamjjawad ping17:51
bodhi_zazennot sure if you use a different nick on IRC17:51
Unit193Isn't on IRC, except *maybe* for a meeting.17:55
bioterrorbodhi_zazen, you will find him from the forums :D17:55
bodhi_zazenOK, well, then FYI ...17:59
bodhi_zazenamjjawad tried to start a lubuntu support mega-thread on the forums, I jailed it18:00
bodhi_zazenAFIK the forums are willing to support such a thread, but the lubuntu team needs to be willing to back it18:00
bodhi_zazenWithout backing, these sorts of things are messy at best18:01
bodhi_zazenThat thread is over 5,000 strong18:01
bodhi_zazenFC has invited amjjawad, and the entire lubuntu team, to post to FC mailing list or come to FC meeting to discuss collaboration if you all are interested18:02
bodhi_zazenIMO, backing means willing to take tips from such a mega thread -> improve lubuntu wiki pages18:04
bodhi_zazenAs well as moderate / promote such a discussion with ubuntu forums community18:04
bodhi_zazenThank you ;)18:04
smilebye :)18:28
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Guest17383I'm getting the 'missing plugin' message on youtube despite having install lubuntu-restricted-extras, ubuntu-restricted-extras, and ubuntu-restricted-addons.  I'm using 11.04 Lubuntu..18:49
burrito_sorry, I got cut off, I was the guest with the youtube plugins issue.  Guest1738318:56
bioterrorenable partner repository if not enabled18:57
bioterrorand install adobe-flashplugin18:57
bioterrorremove flashplugin-installer before that18:57
burrito_bioterror should I reboot?  it stills shows as plugin missing?19:05
bioterrorrestart your browser19:05
bioterrorno need for reboot19:05
bioterroronly a kernel update requires reboot19:05
burrito_hmm.. still says 'missing plugin'.. I installed the one with the description "Adobe Flash Player plugin version 11"19:07
bioterrorand you quit your chromium and started it again+19:07
burrito_yes.  I had actually done that immediately after the installation was complete.  And repeated a few times since.19:08
burrito_you wouldn't happen to know if there were any bugs associated with this in the initial release do you?  because I just installed this OS and have yet to update.19:09
burrito_well, I have yet to do a complete update that is.19:09
bioterrorsure you should do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"19:10
bioterrorbut I really dont know why that plugin is missing19:11
bioterrorcan you use any other flash siten then?19:11
Unit193http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ That doesn't work for you?19:12
burrito_nope, does the same thing..19:13
burrito_i was trying to avoid a distro upgrade but I think it would likely be inevitable.  I've got to have flash.19:13
burrito_okay, I'll just update and upgrade..  it's not a terribly big deal i guess.  I'm just scared of upgrades since I used to use Ubuntu19:14
Unit193I do distupgrade every day, it's just a normal upgrade, but permitted to install new packages.19:14
burrito_well, I've been getting the alert windows to upgrade the distro to 11.10 and I'm familiar with how much of a mess Ubuntu's 11.10 was..  I've been avoiding it since I installed this OS onto this machine..  Well, I'm off to update and upgrade my stuff..  Thanks bioterror and Unit19319:16
Unit193dist-upgrade != Upgrade to 11.10. :/19:17
miro1is there a way to switch the whole theme from the lates lubuntu back to a darker version?20:00
bioterrorMon10:36*<bioterror> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Artwork/Incoming/Oneiric/Ozone20:01
bioterrorremember to change font color of the panel to white too20:04
bioterrorand elementary theme to dark20:04
miro1so, I have to download this ozon2 package, right?20:22
Unit193Should already be on the system, but might not be so extract it into ~/.themes/20:23
miro1when I select the ozon2 theme everything is still very light represented20:23
miro1Unito193: yes, that's what I already did20:23
Unit193Then do you have a "LubuntuDefault"?20:24
miro1yes, I have20:24
laumonierhi im wondering if the 12.4 lubuntu is more reliable than the 11.10 because it was crashing a lot (especialy pcmanfm)20:29
holsteinlaumonier: try it live.. try 12.04 live and see...20:30
laumonierholstein: what an answer....it helps me a lot.....20:31
holsteinlaumonier: maybe its hardware specific... 11.10 was not "crashy" for me20:31
holsteinlaumonier: i really cant say without more information.. but you can just load up the live CD and see for yourself :)20:32
Unit193You could check all the bugs on launchpad and sourceforge, see if whatever may be for you is closed.20:32
dove_gnice, if anyone wants ubuntu look on lubuntu 12.04 here is the fix of grey drop menus20:39
miro1can someone recommend an lightweight alternative to sylpheed?20:41
miro1or lets say a lubuntu compatible mail client20:41
EvilResistancethat's CLI last i checked, Unit19320:43
Unit193EvilResistance: TUI, and it's an alternitive.20:43
miro1but both do not support rich text which I would like to have, that's why I'm looking for alternitives20:47
EvilResistancewell there's sylpheed which is included in lubuntu, there's evolution which usually comes with Ubuntu, but that's not light-weight, there's Thunderbird, also not very light weight...20:48
EvilResistancethere's alpine, which is a TUI20:48
bioterrorwhat's tui?20:48
EvilResistancetextual user interface20:48
Unit193Another name for ncurses.20:49
bioterrorhow about mutt20:49
dove_gwhere are stored icons from Lxapperance under Icon Theme? (path)20:49
bioterroralso re-alpine :D20:50
Unit193!info alpine20:51
ubottualpine (source: alpine): Text-based email client, friendly for novices but powerful. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.02-3.1 (precise), package size 2956 kB, installed size 6679 kB20:51
bioterror!info cone20:51
ubottucone (source: cone): COnsole Newsreader and Emailer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.89-1 (precise), package size 2640 kB, installed size 7752 kB20:51
Unit193Dowh, that's realpine, it just doesn't list it.20:51
dove_gfound it, /usr/share/icons :)20:52
Unit193BestBot over in #ubuntu-bots could also tell you the best client.20:52
ChaosColorspeaking of sylpheed, is there a better way to hide imap folders than removing them from the xml file?20:53
ChaosColorthe imap server I connect to is retarded and lists all files in my account's home directory20:54
JeGueeR94Hello there!21:31
CTtechguyjust as an update I installed the latest flash from the repo and it is working adobe-flashplugin_11.2.202.235-0precise1_i386.deb22:00
Unit193Yeah, not much to say with flash, it works for some and works at time, but not at others. :P22:01
CTtechguythanks for all suggestions22:01
Unit193Glad you have it though, now you can win all those ipads like me.22:01
CTtechguyand help22:01
CTtechguyUnit193: to go along with my iphone22:11
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vandivpeople of lubuntu community. I have two computers with lubuntu, copy & paste configuration (so, it is the same in both of them), both with 11.10, one popup to update to 12.04 and upgraded, the other never did it, even updating, trying to upgrade or do-release-upgrade -d. what could be the problem?22:51
vandivI get it, thanks http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-upgrade-from-ubuntu-1004-1010-1104-to-ubuntu-1110-oneiric-ocelot-desktop-a-server/23:10
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stlsaintTheMaster: master?? really??23:52
TheMaster(This is offtopic, but...) Haven't you seen Doctor Who??23:53
stlsaintTheMaster: i dunno..cant remember23:59

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