lolzerhi can i share my wifi connection on my laptop which is running ubuntu to my desktop (running windows xp) via ethernet cable??06:01
Double-IPAI was worried that Ubuntu lost it with 11.10 but I can admit that I'm reassured with 12.04.  phew!06:41
Double-IPAreally my only gripe right now is that unity is hard to configure06:43
Double-IPAthere's options but they are limited06:43
gnomefreakand here goes update to Quantal :)07:51
gnomefreakmy launcher bar is not working :( i cant launch anything from bar, but Dash works fine08:08
gnomefreakyay launcher works again08:34
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nischayn22HI, could anyone please answer to this Question http://askubuntu.com/questions/124119/has-the-ubuntu-heating-problem-for-sony-vaio-users-been-solved14:11
BluesKajnischayn22, this not the chat to ask that question , try #kubuntu14:19
BluesKajor #ubuntu , nischayn2214:23
bobweaveranyone want to help debug ?15:11
bobweaverI have no gui as of this morrining :)15:11
BluesKajbobweaver, no desktop ?15:22
bobweaverno desktop :(15:25
bobweaverit is fun thou \o/15:25
BluesKajstill on 12.10 right ?15:27
bobweaverBluesKaj:  yes well kinda15:29
bobweaverit is a fonts that are messing things up I think at least that is what /var/log/Xorg.0.log says15:31
BluesKajdo you have a recovery kernel? , might be a partial install and "repair broken packages" can finish the install15:32
bobweaverthat was fun too paste that :)15:32
ikoniabobweaver: why did you post that in #ubuntu too ?15:32
ikoniabobweaver: I did warn you about not asking for help with 12.10 before you started15:33
bobweaveryes but I am not complaining15:33
bobweaverI am simply testing15:33
ikoniaI told you it wasn't supported, so don't complain when it doesn't work15:33
ikoniayet I now see you asking for help with it in #ubuntu despite me giving you multiple warnings about not doing that before you started trying it15:34
bobweaverikonia:  not sure what you are getting at 1st I dont really  care 2nd I should tell people correct .... 3 who cares15:35
ikoniabobweaver: I warned you that 12.10 is not supported and hadn't really even started being put together,15:35
ikoniabobweaver: you're asking for a non-existant development product support in #ubuntu - when I told you not to15:35
ikoniaactually bobweaver I can't be bothered explaining this15:36
MrChrisDruif<offtopic-comment>Hurray, it's back</offtopic-comment>20:53
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