jimericksonafter latest update on 12.04 i am getting lots of kernel panics on my pandaboard ES.02:06
infinityjimerickson: -> #ubuntu-kernel02:14
infinityjimerickson: Or, better yet, file a bug.02:14
jimericksoninfinity: thanks will do02:15
infinityjimerickson: Actually, wait.  The kernel hasn't been updated for omap4 since release.02:16
infinityjimerickson: Are you using a non-Ubuntu kernel?  (maybe from the tiomap-dev PPA?)02:16
infinity3.2.0-1412-omap4 #16-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Tue Apr 17 19:38:42 UTC 201202:17
infinity^-- That kernel, then?02:17
jimericksonone minute i will check02:17
infinityIt certainly hasn't panicked for me yet, and I do pretty nasty things to my Panda and PandaES so, yeah, please file a bug if it's that kernel.02:18
TypoNAMsame here, no kernel panics with Ubuntu 12.04 on my pandaboard ES02:18
jimericksonyes it is that kernel. i am on my way to file a bug.02:18
infinityjimerickson: Kay, thanks.  Source package is "linux-ti-omap4"02:19
jimericksonok no problem02:19
infinity(And when you say "panic", you do mean panic, right, not oopses?)02:19
infinityNot that you shouldn't also file oopses.02:20
jimericksonno its a panic02:20
infinityAlrighty.  File away.  Logs and/or pictures (if it's dying before it can sync syslog to disk) please. ;)02:21
infinityAnd man, I haven't looked at dmesg on an ES before (just got mine)... This omap_thermal stuff is nooooooisy.02:22
jimericksoninfinity it will have to be a picture. its dying before anything gets synced to syslog02:22
infinityThink I might see about shutting that up in an SRU.02:22
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ericbuttershi. what is default user/passw for ubuntu-core-11.10-core-armel??13:17
ogra_there is no user13:17
ogra_ubuntu-core is to build your own images on top of it mostly13:18
ogra_or to use it as a chroot13:18
ogra_if you want to use it as a rootfs you need to configure it (add a user, make networking work, set timezone, language etc)13:18
ericbuttersi started a getty on ttySAC2 and got: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=kfv1t4bn13:19
ogra_it obvously doesnt even have a hostname :)13:19
ericbuttersorga_ how to setup if i can not login?13:20
ogra_you have to set it up before or install oem-config in the image and enable it13:20
ogra_it isnt designed to be used as a rootfs as is13:21
ndec_ericbutters: http://omapedia.org/wiki/OMAP_Ubuntu_Core13:21
ericbuttersi downloaded ubuntu-core-11.10-core-armel.tar.gz extracted to folder that is exported via NFS and mounted that from my device13:21
ndec_if you hack /etc/passwd, you can setup a no passwd 'root' account...13:22
ogra_so configure the root on the NFS server13:22
ericbuttersndec_ i see in etc/passwd root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash13:26
ericbutterscould you pls say what should i modify?13:27
ogra_ericbutters, read the url ndec_ gave you13:27
ogra_it tells exactly what to modify :)13:27
ndec_that's the purpose of making wikis, indeed !13:28
ericbuttersyes, i did. i removed '*' from shadow..13:28
ndec_argh... sorry..13:28
ndec_i meants /etc/shadow... it's just my finger that typed /etc/passwd...13:28
ericbuttersno problem :) .. but this has no effect13:30
ericbuttersi started with runlevel 1 .. that worked ;)13:45
ericbuttersmaybe someone knows what could cause that: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=kAuJ4RD013:48
ericbuttersi used a armv7 toolchain..13:48
ogra_well, what kind of board is that ?13:53
ericbuttersit is S5PC100 (samsung) cortex-a813:54
ericbuttersbut i will try an other toolchain right now..13:55
ericbuttersfor my linux kernel..13:55
GrueMasterndec_: Morning.  Did you get your blaze back ok?14:02
GrueMasterGotta run (new job).  Ping me if you got it.14:04
jimericksoninfinity: i filed bug #994368 last night about the kernel panics on pandaboard ES.14:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 994368 in linux-ti-omap4 "linux-ti-omap4 kernel panics on pandaboard ES" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99436814:35
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