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Lindon-WyntaBy the way, Pathscale Compiler (EkoPath), is now free under GPL :)07:40
Lindon-WyntaAs version 407:40
Lindon-WyntaYou mention the other night that it started at $1,70007:40
jaddi27evening all11:10
Lindon-WyntaHello jaddi27 11:16
jaddi27Hi Lindon-Wynta11:16
jaddi27did you sort out your offline repo?11:16
Lindon-WyntaNot yet, jaddi27 11:21
Lindon-WyntaAlmost pulled openSUSE11:21
Lindon-WyntaDoing the last of it now11:21
Lindon-WyntaDone over 100 repos for SUSE11:21
jaddi27that would be a fair bit then11:21
Lindon-Wyntajaddi27, Then I will finish the Ubuntu Precise repo11:21
Lindon-WyntaYeah it is a lot11:21
jaddi27what are you planning to do with all of it? install a lot of computers?11:22
Lindon-WyntaIt's for offline use. I'm moving soon and it's quite possible that there will be no DSL there, since the area is a bit bad for DSL.11:22
jaddi27ah, ok11:23
Lindon-WyntaThat, and since I'll be using openSUSE 12.1 (despit not being LTS) and Ubuntu 12.04 for years, I'd like a local copy11:23
jaddi27That makes more sense. If it was just to have an offline copy, I couldn't see the point, but I can understand it11:23
Lindon-WyntaFigure I got 6TB of hard drive space, more with my new system I'm building... so.....11:23
jaddi27You could set up your own server soon11:24
Lindon-WyntaIf I was going to just use openSUSE 12.1 and Ubuntu 12.04 for 6 months or so, I wound't bother11:24
Lindon-WyntaBut since I plan on years out of it....11:25
jaddi27That is one good thing about Ubuntu - the LTS releases11:25
Lindon-WyntaWith openSUSE, they actually take all the repos offline after the support period ends for that release, which is 18 months. openSUSE 12.1 came out in November last year....11:25
Lindon-WyntaSo even with DSL, I'll need a copy of the SUSE repos if I intend on staying with that release11:26
Lindon-WyntaSUSE in total so far is 113 GB11:27
Lindon-WyntaWith still some more to do11:27
jaddi27That is a bit annoying. I would have thought it would stay around for longer, but I guess it forces people to update11:28
jaddi27The Ubuntu one would be a bit smaller, wouldn't it?11:28
Lindon-WyntaYeah, the problem is that SUSE does have an LTS, but it's not free.11:28
Lindon-WyntaUbuntu repo is 99GB11:28
Lindon-WyntaBut, that's not including some of the PPA's I'll grab11:28
Lindon-WyntaSUSE repo system is different - just about everything is in another repo11:29
jaddi27It is a while since I last tried SUSE, so I don't remember what it was like. Do you find the Ubuntu or SUSE package system easier?11:30
Lindon-WyntaSUSE, by far11:30
Lindon-WyntaCreating a "local repo", like on a hard disk, on Debian based systems isn't hard, but it's not as easy as SUSE.11:31
Lindon-Wynta2 secs11:31
Lindon-WyntaOk so,....11:32
Lindon-WyntaIn SUSE, if I want too add a local repo, say on a hard disk, I enter.... zypper ar my/dir/with/rpms local11:32
Lindon-WyntaAnd that it's11:32
Lindon-Wynta*That's it11:32
jaddi27yes, that is a bit different11:33
Lindon-WyntaYou can add a plain RPM directory, where you can literally dump any RPM in there, and it's still treated as a repo11:33
Lindon-WyntaOr, you can add a proper repo, with the keys etc11:33
Lindon-WyntaEven ISO images as repos11:34
Lindon-WyntaMany options11:34
Lindon-WyntaZypper is much smarter too11:34
jaddi27Yes, certainly are11:34
dns53ubuntu is currently 485G11:34
jaddi27might have to download SUSE and see how it is now11:35
Lindon-Wyntadns53, That's probably for every release?11:35
dns53Lindon-Wynta yes and that is excluding the iso's11:35
Lindon-WyntaAhh yeah11:35
Lindon-WyntaI'm only going to be running Precise, as far as Ubuntu goes11:36
Lindon-WyntaI love it so much too11:36
jaddi27so Gnome 3 or Unity for you?11:36
Lindon-WyntaI do somewhat prefer KDE over Unity tho11:36
Lindon-WyntaBut I do love Unity11:36
jaddi27So do you use KDE on SUSE?11:37
Lindon-WyntaAlthough, there is a Unity repo for SUSE, it's apparently buggy and incomplete11:38
Lindon-WyntaI must try Snapper sometime too11:38
jaddi27I didn't realise there was a port of Unity for SUSE. Would be interesting to see it11:39
jaddi27Snapper sounds interesting11:39
Lindon-WyntaSnapper, is an openSUSE tool for BTRFS. It's fully integrated into the release11:39
Lindon-WyntaYou can go and undo any file / update changes, graphically11:39
Lindon-Wyntavia YAST11:39
Lindon-WyntaAnd CLI, of course11:39
Lindon-WyntaSince all of Yast fully works in CLI11:40
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Lindon-Wyntajaddi27, I forgot to mention....12:34
jaddi27Lindon-Wynta, go ahead12:34
Lindon-WyntaopenSUSE does have "Evergreen" - a community thing that supports discontiuned versions12:35
Lindon-WyntaAnd 'Tumbleeed" - a rolling release, which uses stable, cutting edge packages12:35
jaddi27So evergreen is sort of like a community run version of LTS openSUSE?12:35
Lindon-WyntaPretty much12:35
Lindon-WyntaNot as good as LTS tho12:35
jaddi27Well that is a good thing to have, especially in your circumstances with needing a repo12:36
Lindon-WyntaTumbleweed isn't as bleeding edge as say Arch, but it's more tested.12:36
jaddi27Probably better with a bit more testing anyway12:36
Lindon-WyntaProblem with Evergreen, is that they still don't provide all the repos once they are gone12:37
jaddi27At least it would be better than nothing at all12:37
Lindon-WyntaI'm actually really interested in Ubuntu + the "talks" they are having with EA / Valve, with regards to games12:41
Lindon-WyntaWould be very interesting to see if they can fix the 3D game performance when running Compiz / Unity12:42
Lindon-WyntaEven the whole desktop suffers when running some games + Compiz together :/12:43
jaddi27It would be really good if they bring more games to Ubuntu - it will make it a competitive platform for gaming12:48
jaddi27and would help a lot with convincing some of my friends that Ubuntu is worth using12:48
Lindon-WyntaThey really need to fix Compiz performance on 3D games :/12:53
Lindon-WyntaOtherwise people will run away in droves12:53
Lindon-WyntaOne of the reasons I prefer KDE - the compositor on KDE at least allows me to use my desktop and play games at the same time without much, if any, performance hit. On Unity / Compiz, the entire desktop is sluggish when playing, Minecraft for example, and the game gets low FPS.12:55
Lindon-WyntaBack in the days of Gnome 2, I use to have the applet that allows switching on the fly from Metacity to Compiz, or vice-versa, depending on if I was gaming or not.12:57
Lindon-WyntaIt's that bad, I actually usually just quit my game, even if just looking something up in Firefox for 2 mins12:57
Lindon-WyntaInstead of just switching12:58
jaddi27Yes, that is an issue I have seen, more so with Intel graphics13:01
Lindon-WyntaI have an Nvidia GTS 250 (basically a 9800GTX +) 512MB13:02
Lindon-WyntaShouldn't be an issue13:02
jaddi27There should be something that can be done - and anyone can work on it luckily, so maybe even EA would help out13:02
Lindon-WyntaMy hopes are that they do fix it, before the.... "OMG!!! GAMES ON LINUX!!!!111" rush13:03
Lindon-WyntaThen they go back to Windows and laugh at us more :/13:03
jaddi27Yes, hopefully, though maybe the games on linux rush will force them to act on it quicker13:03
Lindon-WyntaIn my opinion tho, Linux has better quality games anyway13:04
Lindon-WyntaMinecraft etc13:04
Lindon-WyntaBut I know, the masses want Call Of Duty etc13:04
Lindon-WyntaTho I would like TF2, Fortunately, that's coming to Linux :)13:05
Lindon-WyntaI dunno, it's not so much an issue for me, any game I play on Linux I either run native get working thru WINE - even the ones that "don't work on Wine at all"13:05
Lindon-Wynta*or get working13:06
jaddi27I am not into games at all, so don't mind too much. But knowing what my friends are playing, bringing games to linux will only be a good thing13:06
Lindon-WyntaStill love my games13:06
Lindon-WyntaHave over 3,000 DOS games13:07
Lindon-WyntaAnd... lots more others13:07
Lindon-WyntaDosBox works great when compiled under Pathscale compiler13:07
Lindon-Wyntahuge performance gain13:07
jaddi27the dos ones should be fine on linux13:07
Lindon-Wyntathat's one reason why I'm looking at AMD Bulldozer / Piledriver for my next system - even tho some benchmarks aren't as good as Core i5 / i7, it does have loads of nice instructions which I love.13:08
Lindon-WyntaAnd other reasons...13:09
Lindon-WyntaMany people don't think about their CPU instructions, but it's actually quite important13:09
Lindon-WyntaEspecially in the days of virtualization ect13:09
jaddi27Yes, it is. Luckily both families are very similar nowadays13:10
Lindon-WyntaMy systems are built to last 4 - 5 years13:10
Lindon-WyntaWhich is one reason why I consider instructions important13:10
jaddi27Well I will be off for the night. Might see you in here another time Lindon-Wynta13:12
Lindon-WyntaCya jaddi27 13:13
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