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zmalexbioterror: Hi. I managed to resolve my apt-get problem09:43
zmalexbioterror: This link was very helpful. http://journalxtra.com/linuxsanity/fixing-the-dreaded-errors-were-encountered-while-processing-errors-1495/09:45
zmalexbioterror: Also I suffered from an install that didn't finish correctly due to updatedb being run on a mapped drive in my wm. So it thought that some files were already installed. Removing the mounted drive and runing a updatedb synched the fs and allowed me to do a fresh install of jetty.09:47
zmalexbioterror: Anyway. Thanks for your help and if anyone has the same problems you can tell them how to fix it ;)09:47
tdnI have a Kubuntu VM in virtualbox. It has suddenly stopped automatically adjusting the screen resolution when I resize the VM window. I have vboxadditions installed. How do I fix this? Is this a problem that should be addressed in vbox or in KDE?11:57
Ryoshiaanyone here?14:36
holsteinRyoshia: you can just ask.. its saves time14:37
Ryoshiaok thanks14:37
RyoshiaI am having some issues upgrading from Jaunty Jackalope to the newest version of ubuntu14:37
Ryoshiait's telling me that my repository indexes aren't available anymore14:38
RyoshiaI just turned on this computer in a couple of days, to give Ubuntu another go, after a couple of years of not using it..14:39
holsteinRyoshia: yup14:39
holsteinRyoshia: jaunty is EOL14:40
Ryoshiaso I went and tried to do some updates so I could have it up and running (I.E. Graphics Card drivers and such), and I can't even access those..14:40
holsteinyou would need to go jaunty to karmic to lucid, then to 12.0414:40
holsteinRyoshia: the easiest is to just backup (as you should before doing any major upgrade) and do a fresh install14:40
Ryoshiawhich would require an ISO image and USB thumb drive, or CD (well for this PC a thumb drive)14:41
Ryoshiaor can I do that from the terminal XD14:42
holsteinRyoshia: you'll need to install it.. those are 2 methods14:42
RyoshiaI am a completely new to Ubuntu -_-14:42
holsteinRyoshia: yeah?... jaunty is quite old14:42
Ryoshiawell.. I messed around with it a couple of months while I was in the Navy back in like 201014:42
RyoshiaI was having resolution issues with this netbok14:43
holsteinRyoshia: if you have no data in jaunty, just let that go then, and do a fresh install of 12.0414:43
holsteinyou'll download the iso, and install from CD or USB... is that an issue?14:44
Ryoshianope it isn't..14:44
holsteinRyoshia: thats the best way... upgrading what you have, best case, on really nice internet could take days14:44
RyoshiaI'm just concerned that this PC might not be able to handle 12.04 because it is like a two year old netbook XD14:45
holsteinRyoshia: you can try it live.. you have no data anyways.. so install and see14:45
SidewinderDon't forget to md5sum the ISO, prior to burning/copying.14:45
holsteinRyoshia: i say, you'll be find.. you can try one of the more lean environments, xubuntu lubuntu14:45
holsteinyou just get ubuntu installed, and go from there ... i would expect performance to generally increase14:46
holsteinyou'll be fine*14:47
Ryoshiawhat's MD5sum?14:47
holsteinRyoshia: if you have any issues with the install, you can come and we can help you verify the image you downloaded14:47
RyoshiaI'm downloading it from the official Ubuntu site as we speak.14:48
holsteinif you'd like to research md5 sum checking and verify that before you burn, thats a good step14:48
Sidewinder!md5sum | Ryo14:50
ubot2Ryo: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows14:50
Sidewinder!hashes | Ryoshia14:50
ubot2Ryoshia: See http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs/9.10/MD5SUMS for the md5sums of the latest Ubuntu release14:50
Ryoshiaoh XD14:50
SidewinderHope that helps. :-)14:51
Ryoshianow here's a question... how would I go about getting the Intel video drivers XD14:51
holsteinRyoshia: intel is typically well supported, and "just works"14:51
SidewinderThey should already be there.14:51
Ryoshiaso I can actually get Ubuntu to fit my screen XD14:51
holsteinRyoshia: again, if you have any issues, just come here14:51
Ryoshiabecause right now my desktop is WAAY too big for my screen I can't see everything ><14:52
holsteinRyoshia: thats "resolution" .. you can have the resolution set to something thta is not appropriate for you with *any* driver14:52
Ryoshiawhen I lower it.. it doesn't work either..14:53
holsteinRyoshia: should see a "display" or "monitor" icon somewhere14:53
holsteinRyoshia: cool.. you can report on how that "doesnt work" and we can go from there14:53
holsteinassuming 12.04 is not working for you14:53
Ryoshiait's not the resolution my monitor isn't recognized14:54
Ryoshiait's unknown14:54
Ryoshiathat's the issue I believe Ubuntu doesn't recognize the monitor14:54
holsteinRyoshia: again.. after installin 12.04, we can troubleshoot14:54
holsteinRyoshia: i assure you have have acceptable resolution on several intel netbooks, and have since karmic or so14:55
holsteini have 1024x600 which works quite well right now14:56
holsteinyou could have copied and pasted something at some point to try and "fix" something that is actualy making things worse14:56
holsteinyou could have a kernel that doesnt support your hardware.. best thing is to install 12.04, and we can troubleshoot if needed14:56
SidewinderLooks like he's currently using Pidgin.14:59
x__hi need some help tryin to switch off acpi to do install, getting an error tosh_acpi not  found and install freeze at 87% using natty17:27
holsteinx__: i would refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI , and maybe consider trying 12.04 live17:30
x__holstein: tks for answering, using backbox which is natty17:31
holsteinx__: i would try ubuntu.. could be custom kernels breaking functionality17:33
holsteinor Server : irc.autistici.org Channel : #backbox17:33
x__system is booting live dvd no prob. it is during install that i hit a wall17:34
x__i/m trying to change acpi setting. was told to hit e but not sure when?17:36
bioterrorhit shift17:36
bioterrorand edit grub line with e17:36
x__is this in live system?17:37
x__never mind got it tks17:38
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