jcastrobkerensa: is nathan williams one of yours?00:15
jcastrosaw some incoming charms from him00:15
bkerensajcastro: one of mine... yes he is00:16
bkerensaHe is a Oregonian00:16
bkerensajcastro: so we now have Me, Adam_G, Kees and nathwill00:16
cjohnstonjcastro: if your with jono, could you ask him if we are going to do community round tables please00:19
cjohnstonjcastro: is http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/meeting/20401/community-q-juju-training-events/ supposed to be scheduled twice?00:21
jcastrohuh weird00:21
jcastrojust once00:21
jcastropick one and delete pls00:21
JoseeAntonioRHi, is jcastro around?03:32
paultagJoseeAntonioR: I doubt it, it's 23:35 in his timezone03:35
paultagif you stick around, he'll show up in a few hours03:35
JoseeAntonioRpaultag: Hmm, well, thanks. I'll send him an email, then, it's also late over here.03:36
mhall119paultag: it's not quite that late, but he's probably at the bar05:05
mhall119paultag: jcastro and I are in San Fran already, so we're PDT05:06
dholbachgood morning06:42
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nothingspecialhello czajkowski09:06
czajkowskidholbach: you're amazing!!10:39
czajkowskithank you10:39
dholbachde nada10:40
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czajkowskiI seem to have landed myself into charing the womens flossie pannel, charing another discussion and giving a sepeate talk. at a confernece in May in London12:21
MrChrisDruifProps to you?12:23
Tm_Tczajkowski: volunteered without realising to what you volunteered? (:12:24
czajkowskino I agreed to give a talk12:24
czajkowskinow doing 3 sessions12:24
czajkowskistill it'll be fun 2 day event12:24
czajkowskiand it's in London so no travelling12:24
* Tm_T tends to volunteer himself too easily in time to time12:25
cprofittcongrats czajkowski12:29
cjohnstonczajkowski: ping12:59
czajkowskiugh pong13:00
cjohnstonczajkowski: it looks like gmb made BPs for the clinic... and you made meetings.. is there a reason to have the BPs?13:01
czajkowskiI don't know13:01
czajkowskiI dont think so tbh13:01
cjohnstonshould it be verified prior to getting rid of them?13:02
czajkowskiwe can create a bp if needed on the day13:03
czajkowskielse stick with my ones as I've bloged and linked them internally13:03
czajkowskicjohnston: I'm down as mandatry 2 things on at the same time13:37
czajkowskiwhat happens13:37
DJonesGrr, wrong channel13:38
cprofittDJones: We always welcome smiles :-)13:39
DJonesHeh, trouble is, the smile was meant for a chat with my wife on pidgin, not irc with irssi13:40
DJonesSo not just wrong window, wrong app13:40
cprofittwell... I hope she got her smile13:40
DJonesEventually, although the smile could be because she said she was going out for the night13:41
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dholbachalright my friends17:00
dholbachsee you sunday afternoon17:00
dholbachbig hugs17:00
jcastromhall119: ping17:05
jcastroIS would like to have a cool monitoring thing for the icecast streams17:05
jcastrobut need help with it17:05
jcastroit's not like a formal request or anything important, they're just wondering if someone can look at it and make it work17:06
mhall119jcastro: make that code work?17:06
jcastro"once the IS folks have icecast running, you should find some kind of gtk/gstreamer ninja and persuade them to figure out why http://paste.ubuntu.com/967332/ doesn't work"17:06
mhall119so I'm happy to help, but I'm going to need more information that that to know what I can do17:10
cjohnstonczajkowski: what two meetings17:11
mhall119jcastro: who's working on that app?17:19
jcastromhall119: Chris Jones, Ng on irc17:27
AlanBellhi jcastro17:33
jcastrowhat's up17:33
AlanBellhttp://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/meeting/20397/community-q-irc-workshops/ what is that?17:34
jcastroopenweek, developerweek, etc.17:34
AlanBellah right ok17:34
AlanBellI will propose a different one for the IRCC/IRC team plan for bots and stuff17:34
AlanBellso when proposing a meeting these days do I have to make the blueprint then propose it on summit, or just propose it on summit?17:43
jcastroBP please17:45
jcastrothen jono approves17:46
jcastrocjohnston: hey so IS is confused with the room names, different on summit vs. the IRC rooms, etc.17:46
jcastroso I told them to make a canonical list of the room names17:46
jcastroand we'll just go with that17:46
AlanBellthey are not different!17:47
AlanBellthey are the slug names from the rooms17:47
jcastrooh ok, well, whatever is user visible17:47
jcastroanyway, just a heads up17:48
jcastroif they publish the list and it's the same then woo17:48
cjohnstonjcastro: its always been #ubuntu-uds-roomname17:48
AlanBelland the slugs are all lower case and - replaces space17:48
* AlanBell was very careful17:48
* jcastro nods17:48
jcastrocjohnston: their concern was the "roomname" part17:49
AlanBellfor which room?17:49
jcastrohe wasn't specific17:49
jcastrohe's Sciri on IRC though if you wanna ping him17:49
* jcastro is off to do cloud stuff now17:49
cjohnstonno cloud for you17:49
AlanBellthanks jcastro17:50
mhall119AlanBell: FYI, marianna had to change the rooms some17:50
mhall119moved some public ones to private, and some private ones to public17:50
AlanBellok, looks like junior ballroom 3 and room 212 have been removed17:53
mhall119AlanBell: yeah, those are both for private meetings only now17:57
AlanBellok, well removing rooms isn't a problem really, I am mainly worried about people ending up in the wrong place, extra rooms with nothing visible scheduled in them are harmless17:59
cjohnstonAlanBell: #canonical-sysadmin please18:03
czajkowskicjohnston: meant to be 2 one tuesda and one thursday18:15
cjohnstonczajkowski: ?18:15
cjohnstoni dont understand18:15
czajkowskicjohnston: going by your comment above18:16
cjohnstonczajkowski: I think your talking about the clinics (sorry, im in 7 conversations right now).. I haven't had a change to fix the blueprint ones yet...18:17
bkerensaAlanBell: Are you in UK still?18:20
AlanBellleaving tomorrow18:22
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cjohnstonczajkowski: the two blueprint created meetings have been deleted19:17
czajkowskicjohnston: cheers19:21
jcastrohey I forgot, that qt session19:31
jcastrodid we ever get it back?19:32
cjohnstonyou arent talking to me are you19:35
mhall119jcastro: the bof?19:38
mhall119doesn't look like it19:38
bkerensayay Cloudfront19:58
* AlanBell wonders if there is a theme for the UDS end party20:10
pleia2california dreamin'20:10
pleia2"UDS closing party -- California dreamin' beach party!"20:11
greg-gI dare anyone to go swiming in the ocean20:11
czajkowskiok me and my back are now offically not talking20:11
AlanBellhmm, so we have to dress like we are not expecting it to rain. Might be tricky for the brits.20:11
czajkowskiI may crawl from sf airport to hotel and collapse tomorrow20:11
pleia2greg-g: I'd like to see them try from "West Hall" in a Marriot  in Oakland :)20:11
pleia2czajkowski: aww :(20:12
greg-gpleia2: oh right, well, go over to the Oakland Port20:12
greg-gpleia2: though, if the cops saw a big mass of people walking towards the Oakland Port again....20:12
pleia2bay party? :)20:12
czajkowskiAlanBell: handkerchief  as a hat for starters in 4 corners. oh sandles and socks, and red face from being burnt20:12
pleia2no no, you don't wear the socks when you go to the beach20:12
pleia2you wear the socks everywhere else :)20:13
czajkowskino no ou do if you're british!20:13
greg-g"Ubuntu Developers Attempt to Disrupt International Commerce by Taking Over Oakland Port"20:13
czajkowskigreg-g: there shall be no 'attempt' only full control20:13
czajkowskiokease UDS folks always do things 100000%20:13
czajkowskinon of this attempt lark20:14
czajkowskipizza or chinese for dinner20:14
czajkowskiso not budging from the couch so anything that delivers really20:14
czajkowskiI'm thinking dominios20:14
pleia2we have chinese*1000 here20:14
czajkowskiI need their garlic dip20:14
greg-gpizza always wins in my book20:14
AlanBellmight have to go shopping in SF for some beach stuff :)20:15
bkerensaAlanBell: A beach ball at the very least21:30
bkerensamhall119: uds.ubuntu.com registration is "OpenID discovery error: Error fetching XRDS document: (60, 'server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt')"21:34
bkerensaapparently its being doing that for a day or two21:35
mhall119bkerensa: ugh, ping IS, I don't think that's us21:38
bkerensamhall119: will do21:39
jbichabummer, the UDS register link isn't working https://forms.canonical.com/udsreg/21:45
mhall119jbicha: looks like we're having some all-over SSO errors21:54
mhall119bkerensa: what did IS say?21:54
bkerensamhall119: I just RT'ed22:06
bkerensamhall119: should I ping directly?22:06
jonojcastro, I think there may be some issues with LP auto scheduling23:12
jonomy accomplishments sessions have not appeared in summit23:12
jonomhall119, ^23:12
jonocjohnston, ^23:12
cjohnstonjono: link?23:13
jonocjohnston, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-q-ubuntu-accomplishments-development-planning23:13
jonoand https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-q-growing-ubuntu-community-accomplishments23:14
cjohnstonjono: your definitions are wrong23:15
cjohnstonjono: new23:15
cjohnstonjcastro: see.. you said that the track leads should fix stuff23:15
jcastroI'm still missing the qt-bof one too23:15
cjohnstonjcastro: link23:15
cjohnstonjcastro: I'm removing LP support for uds-r23:16
jonocjohnston, which definition?23:16
cjohnstonjono: on the BPs you have "Definition" approved23:16
jcastro^^^ this one has to be on monday23:16
jonocjohnston, right, oh so it needs to be new?23:16
cjohnstonjcastro: you don't know how to do them either23:16
jcastrooh, me too23:16
jonocjohnston, why does it not allow approved definitions to be accepted?23:16
jcastroI totally forgot about that23:16
cjohnstonjono: new discussion or drafting23:16
cjohnstonjcastro: ya.. totally removing LP support for next UDS23:17
jonothanks cjohnston23:17
* jcastro fixes his23:17
jcastrohow long is the import cron right now?23:17
jonoremoving LP support for what?23:17
jcastrocjohnston: ^23:17
cjohnstoni think still 2023:17
jcastrojono: ok so fix the definition, wait 20 minutes or so, and then check again23:18
cjohnstonjono: creating meetings from blueprints.. its WAY too error prone23:18
jonothanks cjohnston23:18
* jcastro does the same23:18
jonocjohnston, well it is how we do UDS23:18
jonoso we need that functionality23:18
jonoit might be error prone but it is efficient in the wider scope of Ubuntu23:18
jonowe need that support in summit23:18
cjohnstoni guess it depends on how much time is spent fixing errors23:18
cjohnstonthere are serious flaws that we need to fix.. and the fix is creating a meeting and linking a blueprint to it, not creating a blueprint and the meeting being made from it23:19
cjohnstonblueprints are not designed for the functionality that they are being used for23:21
jcastroI know what you mean, I'll explain it to jono IRL23:21
jonocjohnston, jcastro lets discuss this next week23:22
jonoI personally think that the amount of errors we have with the current situation is so small as to justify moving to manually adding meetings and manually associating blueprints23:22
jonobut I agree it is valuable for us to have a discussion23:22
cjohnstonjono: to you, sure.. to me.. no.. jono in the first page of meetings in the summit admin, a total of 100.. 17 of them are named wrong.. you just gave me two with errors, jcastro one, thats 20.. skaet gave us about 6 earlier, and slangasek has had a handful of them too... thats 30 or so... that I have already been approached to fix..23:25
jcastroI can explain it!23:26
cjohnstoni have no idea how many more exist, but I'm fairly certain there are more23:26
jcastroI know what you mean, once I explain it to jono he'll know what you mean23:26
jonocjohnston, right, so lets discuss this next week and evaluate how much of an issue this is23:26
jcastrosince it's hard to explain on IRC23:26
jonoI agree with jcastro, let's discuss it next week23:27
jonomy primary responsibility is to ensure that summit meets the needs of UDS, and I think we should have a discussion to balance out these needs with the practicality of summit and how people use it23:27
jcastrojono: hey where you located right now?23:29
cjohnstonjono: mark you both required for the summit session or do you want one specifically for this discussion?23:30
jonocjohnston, I think just a one on one meeting makes sense23:30
jonojcastro, I am in a plenary23:30
bkerensajcastro: have you had any Cancun yet?23:49

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