* TheMuso trawls through the US schedule.00:20
pittiGood morning03:29
pittirobert_ancell: I just got it again, had to restart lightdm three times; and that was on very first login attempt right after fresh boot03:30
robert_ancellpitti, after mterrys update?03:30
pittirobert_ancell: for a while now already; I first noticed it last week03:30
robert_ancellpitti, he made a fix today for it03:31
pittioh? Nothing on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+changelog yet03:31
pittiperhaps still sitting in unapproved03:31
pittican't see it on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=103:31
robert_ancellpitti, it's a u-g bug03:32
mterrypitti, I have it in a PPA for testing03:32
mterrypitti, ppa:mterry/ppa203:32
mterrypitti, only i386 is built03:32
robert_ancellmterry, still?03:32
robert_ancellslooow builders03:32
mterrypitti, but let me know if it fixes it for you!  I've had positive feedback so far and was going to SRU tonight03:32
pittiI can't reproduce it at will, but get it quite often03:32
pittimterry: sweet!03:33
pittimterry: bumped build score; now 5 h -> 1 min :)03:33
* RAOF looks up which particular login issue it is, and whether it's the one he's suddenly started seeing.03:34
pittiRAOF: after entering your password it hangs at "authenticating.."03:34
pitti(the string might be different in actual English)03:34
RAOFYeah, that sounds like it.  Except it says "logging in..." for me.03:34
pitti"sudo stop lightdm" doesn't even seem to help, I need sudo pkill -u lightdm03:34
pittiand then restarting03:35
pittiRAOF: yeah, that's it03:35
RAOFMan, how long does it take for launchpad to scrape sid for new packages?  Ah, there it goes.03:35
* TheMuso hasn't seen that bug here... yet03:48
RAOFIf it's the bug I'm seeing then I think it's timing-related; I only see it on the super-fast-ssd ivybridge, not on the fast-ssd sandybridge :)03:51
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone08:22
pittiit's a Chris!08:28
pittihey chrisccoulson08:28
chrisccoulsonhi pitti. how are you?08:28
pittiquite fine, thanks!08:29
pittiapport mostly works with Python 3 now08:29
chrisccoulsonexcellent :)08:31
chrisccoulsonpitti, you're flying tomorrow aren't you?08:31
pittichrisccoulson: yes, I will; arriving at SFO at 16:2008:33
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i fly tomorrow too. although, i arrive at 13.2508:34
chrisccoulsoni still need to pack :)08:34
pittiargh, me too08:34
Sweetsharkpitti: wrt bug 992232. I wondered if it makes sense to have a ppa libreoffice universe and build libreoffice with deps on universe there. e.g. upload a libreoffice version 1:3.5.3-0ubuntu1~universe1 which also builds report-builder. People would still use all their packages from main except the reportbuilder one.08:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 992232 in libreoffice "no libreoffice-report-builder in precise" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99223208:38
pittiSweetshark: that would work, yes; if there is much demand for it08:53
Sweetsharkpitti: well, I would just do it now, and then could see how many people are actually using it09:09
Sweetsharkricotz: by the way that is something you could change for the next backport: reenabling report-builder09:23
Sweetsharkricotz: I just created https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/libreoffice-3-5 could you copy your latest 3.5 backports over to it (see http://sweetshark.livejournal.com/10977.html).09:28
Sweetsharkricotz: ah wait09:29
Sweetsharkricotz: we should do that when the package passed SRUing in precise.09:29
ricotzSweetshark, i see, but i think there was a reason to disable report-builder on lucid at least, so maybe possible on oneiric+09:50
Sweetsharkricotz: yeah, no sweat -- when people are not complaining it is not too much of an issue anyway likely ;)09:51
ricotzSweetshark, i am not really comfortable to duplicate 3.5.x again already, and the ppa needs at least 7gb09:51
ricotzSweetshark, what is the first 3.6.x release you want to upload to quantal?09:52
ricotzok, i am fine with waiting for someone demanding report-builder first ;)09:53
Sweetsharkricotz: I hope to upload a pre-3.6.0 to quantal soonish.09:54
ricotzSweetshark, ok09:56
Sweetsharkricotz: but first I have to rebase and cleanup our diff to debian ;)09:59
ricotzSweetshark, alright10:00
ricotzSweetshark, so what about deleting the maverick packages?10:00
Sweetsharkricotz: i wouldnt mind that. do you have any download stats wrt to maverick hand? I assume them to be very low, but who knows ....10:13
ricotzSweetshark, i pm'ed you with the reason10:14
ricotzmaverick isnt supported anymore10:15
ricotzand we shouldnt encourage people to use it10:15
Sweetsharkricotz: right ;)10:15
ricotzSweetshark, btw, i am not a fan of reducing the languages, i don't think this change should stay10:34
ricotzg2g, bye10:34
Sweetsharkricotz: me neither, Im already homing in the artillery to change this on UDS ...10:42
ricotzSweetshark, i doesnt affect my upload and i also removed it there10:45
ricotznow i am really gone ;)10:45
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pittitime to stop for today; got up early anyway, and still need to pack for UDS12:28
pittiSweetshark: which flight are you on?12:28
pittiSweetshark: I leave from Frankfurt at 14:0012:28
Sweetsharknah, I will leave on sunday 10amish from frankfurt12:29
jbichaI would have thought you guys were already in Oakland, have a good flight!12:30
pittijbicha: thanks! some desktop guys are there for the product team sprint12:33
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seb128mterry, hey16:17
seb128mterry, how are you?16:17
mterryseb128, still sick  :(16:17
seb128mterry, there is a unity-greeter session, should I tell them you will not come?16:18
mterryseb128, I'm talking to achiang now about it, I'll come down16:18
jbichamterry: yay! you could share UbuFlu with us ;)16:33
jbichaI do hope you're feeling better soon, I was sick in January and it was a pain16:33
seb128dobey, hey16:36
dobeyseb128: hi17:02
seb128dobey, how are you?17:04
dobeyseb128: good, you?17:04
seb128dobey, I'm good thanks17:04
seb128dobey, I was looking at the top reported issues by whoopsie on precise17:04
seb128dobey, ubuntu-installer is on the list17:04
dobeyyeah i know. i need to talk to mvo about it when i get to uds17:05
seb128dobey, what do you need from mvo?17:05
seb128seems like a missing depends issue?17:05
seb128 "ubuntuone-control-panel-qt" (No such file or directory)17:05
dobeyno it's a problem with aptdaemon17:05
seb128how so?17:05
dobeyubuntuone-installer is what installs ubuntuone-control-panel-qt17:05
dobeybecause it's not on the cd, because of space17:05
dobeyaptdaemon is sending the finished signal, though there was apparently a problem or something, and the package wasn't installed17:06
seb128dobey, well, it's ubuntuone-installer which trieds to run ubuntuone-control-panel-qt when it's not installed17:06
dobeyseb128: it only runs it when it gets the finished signal from aptdaemon17:06
seb128oh, are you sure that's the case?17:06
seb128pitti, hey, still there?17:07
seb128dobey, ok17:08
seb128slomo_, hey, there?17:11
mvodobey: hm, might it be that there is a check for  exit_status when the signals is deliversed? i.e. if the exit status is success and not some failure mode ?17:36
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dobeymvo: i don't know. don't really have time to look into it today either. figured it would just be faster to bug you in person next week :)17:40
mvodobey: sounds good17:42
slomo_seb128: now i am19:00
slomo_seb128: contentless pings are not very useful ;)19:00
seb128slomo_, hey, yeah sorry19:02
seb128slomo_, I was wondering if you would be interested to ship gstreamer profiles in the debian package19:03
slomo_seb128: sure, you mean the ones in bad that i missed?19:04
seb128slomo_, context is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox/+bug/94598719:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 945987 in rhythmbox "No Settings are available in "Preferred format", only preset defaults are used" [High,In progress]19:04
seb128slomo_, i.e https://launchpadlibrarian.net/102703396/GstLameMP3Enc.prs19:05
seb128and one similar for ogg19:05
seb128slomo_, currently rhythmbox default encoding quality is pretty poor with no ui way to change it19:05
slomo_ah you mean new profiles that are not upstream either? could you file a bug upstream so we can get it fixed there?19:05
slomo_but i'm fine with shipping them in the debian package in the meantime too19:06
seb128slomo_, ok, is upstream shipping any profile atm? I don't know exactly how that works19:08
seb128slomo_, ronoc has been looking at the mp3 quality issue and came with that and a gep file for rhythmbox19:08
slomo_yes, i think there's one for x264 and faac at least19:08
slomo_seb128: ls /usr/share/gstreamer-0.10/presets shows quite some :)19:09
seb128slomo_, ok, so I should open a bug upstream about adding one for mp3?19:10
seb128slomo_, thanks19:11
ronocslomo_, seb128 will do19:11
slomo_seb128: yes19:11
slomo_there is one19:12
seb128slomo_, hum, from where?19:12
seb128slomo_, no such file on my disk19:12
seb128slomo_, http://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=contents&keywords=GstLameMP3Enc.prs&mode=exactfilename&suite=unstable&arch=any19:13
seb128no match19:13
slomo_transmageddon: /usr/share/gstreamer-0.10/presets/GstLameMP3Enc.prs19:14
seb128"transmageddon" was shipping it in "stable"19:14
slomo_ok, yes please file this upstream :)19:14
seb128slomo_, will do ;-)19:14
slomo_seb128: if you have packaging patches i'll accept them too of course :)19:22
slomo_seb128: btw, there are gstreamer1.0 packages on git.debian.org, in case you want to merge them into ubuntu already while they wait in NEW19:22
seb128slomo_, ok; thanks19:24
seb128need to move, bbl19:24
mptseiflotfy, hi20:49
mptYou paged me on Google Docs, but I can't tell when :-)20:49
seiflotfympt: yeah20:50
mptAs you can see, I expanded the "Clear Usage Data" design to include date ranges20:51
seiflotfywhen should we start?20:51
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ronocslomo_, sorry did you get my msg above ?21:36
ronocor question above21:36
slomo_ronoc: no21:37
ronocslomo_, for that mp3 preset bug on bugzilla, do you want me to assign it as part of the plugins ugly package ?21:37
ronocor component of gstreamer21:37
slomo_ronoc: yes please... product gstreamer and component gst-plugins-ugly21:38
slomo_ronoc: if you're unsure... just put it somewhere... someone will correct it :)21:38
ronocslomo_, all good21:39

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