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bobweaverwhere do I write a compaint too about abuse of power ?15:38
ikoniabobweaver: if you join #ubuntu-ops you can talk to one of the other operator and I can give you the complaint proces15:38
IdleOneubuntu/member getting banned :/15:55
IdleOnethere is something not right going on15:56
PiciIdleOne: what?16:11
IdleOnePici: bobweaver has been banned from #ubuntu and -+1 because he doesn't understand how to follow simple rules16:12
PiciIdleOne: ah.16:12
IdleOnelike not asking for +1 support in #ubuntu, not telling people to "google it"16:12
IdleOnethis behaviour coming from an ubuntu/member is disappointing16:13
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SidewinderI acuually did a whois; thought some one was impersonating him..16:22
SidewinderBut, he had 'is member cloak on so I assume that it was really him.16:24
AlanBellIdleOne: when you say +1 support, people are asking for quantal??16:24
IdleOneAlanBell: yes16:24
oCeanI NEED IT NOW16:24
bazhangmake it work16:25
oCeanoh, that too16:25
* AlanBell is still having fun with precise16:25
m4vi upgraded to quantal and nothing is working!16:25
* AlanBell has wayland kinda workingish in precise16:27
* popey wonders why you'd do that16:29
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AlanBellwe are doing a call for ops across the channels: http://ubottu.com/ircc/2012/05/04/call-for-irc-operators/20:56
EvilResistanceAlanBell:  which time periods are you guys specifically looking for ops to be around during in the core channels?20:57
AlanBellmidnight to morning UTC20:58
AlanBellas it says in the article :)20:58
* EvilResistance converts 00:00 - 08:00 UTC to UTC-4 and UTC-520:58
EvilResistanceyou mean the article that bugs out halfway down?20:58
* EvilResistance blames firefox20:58
guntbertAlanBell: would it be very tedious to switch backgound/foreground colors?20:58
AlanBellworks for me20:58
AlanBellguntbert: well most people will read it on planet ubuntu which is the other way round20:59
AlanBellI was kind of looking for a green on black consoly geeky theme for it20:59
AlanBellwith a bit of an IRC/irssi feel to it20:59
AlanBelland a fluid layout that behaves itself with ctrl+mousewheel to zoom the text21:00
guntbertAlanBell: I understand the geeky aspect - but older eyes prefer dark on light :-) but nvm - I'm not going to apply anyway  ---    ++ for fluid layout21:02
AlanBellguntbert: some like it light on dark, some dark on light https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/msg09290.html21:03
AlanBellnow that I think about it I kind of like the idea that it is light on dark on the blog itself, and dark on light on planet ubuntu so people have both ways to consume it21:04
AlanBellplus I emailed it to the IRC discussion mailing list21:04
guntbertAlanBell: of course - don't take me too serious - but its nice to have it both ways21:04
Unit193My email is light/mid on dark. (Alpine)21:04
LinuxMonkeyHi all, how's it going?21:48
LinuxMonkeyI was wondering if it was possible to apply to become part of the team. I do have a launchpad account and just resigned a new CoC today with my pgp keys.21:52
IdleOneLinuxMonkey: if you mean become part of the Ubuntu ops team, yes it is. See http://ubottu.com/ircc/2012/05/04/call-for-irc-operators/21:53
LinuxMonkeyok thank you verymuch IdleOne I have lots to read21:59
Tomtiger11IdleOne: How does one do a Wiki page as a requirement for an irc operator in a core channel?22:00
LinuxMonkeyi have wiki dating back to 2006 im scared to see what ill find I havent updated it and had forgotten about it22:01
IdleOneTomtiger11: basically you go to wiki.ubuntu.com/~tomtiger11 and start typing, feel free to copy and then edit someone elses page22:01
IdleOnethe wiki will tell you the page doesn't exist and ask if you want to create it22:02
Tomtiger11Ok, so its the things ive done to help the community?22:02
IdleOneread the links that are listed at http://ubottu.com/ircc/2012/05/04/call-for-irc-operators/22:02
ubottuIf you are interested in joining the Ops team, take a look at both http://www.siltala.net/2010/03/24/ops-teams-applications-announcement/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements for info on the process and requirements.  You can also learn about what the job entails from people in #ubuntu-irc.22:03
IdleOnegotta run...22:03
Tomtiger11I doubt il become an op, allthough my past experience is second to none, im nowhere near as active as you in #ubuntu22:04
Tomtiger11Meh, worth a try22:05
Tomtiger11Id have a bit of trouble with testimonials22:06
AlanBellIdleOne: Tomtiger11: without the ~22:11
IdleOneTomtiger11: quality not quantity is what really matters :)22:33
LinuxMonkeyThanks again for all the hemlp IdleOne :) i've since applied22:47
IdleOnewelcome and good luck22:47
SidewinderI was reading the changes to ubottu regarding 'admingroup'  factiod and while I understand what it says, would anyone care to take a moment to describe the significance of those changes (to the rights, not the factoid) as I will need to upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 in the coming months. Since I am the only user on this system, I assume the changes will have little to no effect on me, but I am curious.22:48
LinuxMonkeyoh thats one of my submission to the bot :) Significance is that group admin shouldnt be used anymore its now sudo. Ive helped a few users fix their sudo but alot of people keep advising of admin group wich should  be sudo now :)22:51
Tomtiger11IdleOne: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/tomtiger1122:56
SidewinderLinuxMonkey, Thanks; like I said I'm the only one on this 'puter so the change should have little effect to what I do. :)22:58
IdleOneTomtiger11: looks good, if you are part of a !LoCo you should put that in there and also try listing any thing (no matter how small) you have done to promote Ubuntu23:00
IdleOneearlier I said quality, not quantity, but it does take some :)23:00
Tomtiger11So putting a link on my fathers website to ubuntu, things like that?23:01
IdleOneTomtiger11: you know what, my suggestions are more for Ubuntu membership.23:01
Tomtiger11Or my own website (if i can be bothered to code it sgain)23:01
IdleOnebut every little bit helps yeah23:01
Tomtiger11Ok, thanks for the tip :)23:02
IdleOneas for the ubuntu op, the IRCC likes people who are helpful and can take a slap in the face. We get tons of them :/23:02
IdleOneas you can see from my slanted smiley :P23:03
LinuxMonkeylol well IdleOne slap me now :) I can take it, I take it all day at work, .lol23:03
Tomtiger11I can take slaps in the face (if a banned user keeps on joining the twister server every 5 seconds, and then making a bot to kill him counts)23:03
LinuxMonkeyHotel Industry ya know we get our fair share of slaps. Plus I told my boss we should change to Ubuntu desktops to run our checkin software23:04
LinuxMonkeylol Tomtiger1123:04
Tomtiger11I told everyone that cpanel sucks since you need centos for it...23:04
Unit193Tomtiger11: You'll also need to register/identify with services/nickserv.23:16
Tomtiger11A bit better, i think!23:18
LinuxMonkeynot bad Tomtiger11 :)23:23
LinuxMonkeyTomtiger11: you in #ubuntu-offtopic ?23:24
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