jk-ogasawara: I've just registered hardware-q-defensive-software; is there any magic I need to do to get it scheduled?02:36
snadgeive tried googling for this.. and i can only seem to find idiot responses so i thought i'd ask in here03:21
snadgei have a pc with 4GB ram total.. and am running 12.04 64bit on it03:21
ohsixit depends on the chipset03:21
snadgeMemTotal:        3044928 kB03:21
ohsix(/me waits for rest of question to see if he's right)03:21
snadgei have checked the onboard graphics settings.. and regardless of what i set it to.. i still have that memtotal03:22
ohsixright, some is reserved for pci devices, you need to flip an option in your bios if you can03:22
snadgei dont have any pci devices.. and my bios is retarded03:22
ohsixonly devices that can do a dual address cycle can be moved out of the lower 4g of physical memory, and that is not all of them03:22
snadgeits an intel motherboard03:22
ohsixall your devices are pci ... some of them, like a gpu have rather large pci areas03:23
snadgeperhaps i need to buy a dedicated graphics card to free up the 1GB?03:23
snadgetheres no options in the bios relating to reserving memory for pci devices03:23
ohsixthe option in your bios may even be called something like "Installed OS:" and the choice is Windows or Other03:23
snadgei can only change the apeture size.. and something called dvt03:23
snadgeso i have set them both to the lowest value of 128mb03:24
ogasawarajk-: looks like it's already approved for uds-q so it should be getting auto-scheduled03:24
jk-ogasawara: awesome, thanks.03:24
ogasawarajk-: lemme know if you want me to try and lock it down to a specific date, time, or room03:24
ohsixwithout EFI you are left with what the bios lets you do, my pc at home doesn't let me do anything, so i'm in the same situation you are :]03:24
snadgei dont remember seeing an installed os option03:24
snadgethere is a UEFI option though03:24
snadgewhich is disabled03:24
ohsixsnadge: what chipset/board is it? some boards deliberately don't allow it03:24
jk-ogasawara: no, should be fine being dynamic.03:25
snadgei think is the motherboard03:25
ohsixsnadge: see if that matches cat /sys/class/dmi/id/board_name03:26
snadgeVersion: AAE34877-405 (from dmidecode)03:27
snadgelooks completely different to the version number that intel offers on their site03:27
snadgedated 12th jan 201103:27
snadgeahh yes thats the one im running by the looks of it03:28
snadgealthough it says 0107 and im apparently running 0096.2009.0903.184503:30
snadgewhich appears to be older03:30
ohsixyou may have to use the uefi boot to get the devices to move ... even then some might not have DAC03:32
ohsixhah there's a bios setting for on board skull backlighting, wicked03:32
snadgeFixed issue where 64-bit operating system runs extremely slow03:34
snadgewith 4 GB memory installed.03:34
snadgei totally need this bios update.. this pc runs like a dog03:34
snadgewith its legs shot off03:34
snadgeFixed issue where BIOS Setup is inconsistent on memory.03:35
snadge*facepalm* thanks intel ;)03:36
RAOF“Fixed issue where system fails to hand off to GRUB roughly half the time” :)03:37
ohsixsnadge: yea i don't see any option that stands out, except the efi thing; getting it to work on an existing install can be a real drag03:45
snadgeMemTotal:        3915828 kB04:41
snadgeyes!!! bios update.. :D04:41
* snadge shakes fist at intel04:41
snadgei had to write freedos to a usb stick.. and flash the bios from DOS.. sigh04:41
snadgethe windows flash tool didnt work04:42
snadgeand the flash tool built into the bios.. also didnt work04:42
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* cking grabs some food11:50
tgardnerapw, doh12:59
apwtgardner, often indeed13:00
tgardnerapw, I wacked on one of your bugs, bug #93135313:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 931353 in linux-base "package linux-tools-common (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/perf', which is also in package linux-base 3.3" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93135313:01
apwtgardner, bah i was going to do that towards my coredev13:01
tgardnerapw, ah, sorry.13:02
* apw wanders out to get some last minute travel bits13:29
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* ogasawara back in 2014:19
hallynsigh, is there a git-am flag to say "offsets are ok"?14:30
tgardnerhallyn, -3 ?14:33
apwhallyn, -C1 perhaps14:34
apw-C1 gives you semantics like patch14:34
hallyntgardner: i'm an ignorant git and never looked up what a 3way really is14:35
hallynapw: hm, -C1 isn't in git-am man page14:35
tgardnerapw, apw is likely more crrect in that you want -C114:35
tgardnerhallyn, its in 'git apply'14:36
tgardner       -C<n>14:36
tgardner           Ensure at least <n> lines of surrounding context match before and after each change. When fewer lines14:36
tgardner           of surrounding context exist they all must match. By default no context is ever ignored.14:36
hallyncool, with 130 patches in the mbox and 40 patches in it may be worth re-trying with that :)14:37
tgardnerthats a lot of patches14:37
hallynhm, -C1 sounds dangerous though :)14:37
hallynI just want it to ignore offsets, not changed context14:38
apwhallyn, it tells you exactly what it relaxed when it did it14:38
apwhallyn, and as i say -C1 makes us only as lax as a normal patch apply14:38
hallynbut if the patch has 3 lines of context, and I say -C3, will it then still ignore offsets?  And is -C3 in that case safer than -C1?14:39
hallynhm, 'context reduced to (1/1)', guess it did need to be C1 :)  thanks apw14:42
apwyep so you need to be wary and eyeball what happened just in case14:44
* smb drops off to enjoy some outside air before leaving early tomorrow...15:15
* cking goes and packs his bags15:19
ckingapw, henrix, seeya at LHR terminal 5 tomorrow16:13
henrixcking: see you there!16:14
* cking goes to sort out final bits and bobs16:14
* henrix needs to start packing as well...16:14
apwyeah time to go pack and all that ... see you all16:15
* tgardner -> pack for UDS17:06
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jjohansenogasawara: when is the next kernel upload for precise planned for? Oh and quantal too?22:23

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