theGrgthe latest Ubuntu release is not "11.10"16:10
ArmageddonI guess it's been a while :p16:14
rapacitythe latest version we're willing to acknowledge16:19
Armageddonrapacity, good one ! :p16:26
Armageddonunfortunately that would be the 11.04 I Guess16:26
Armageddonwhen did they move to the stupid shell thingy ?16:27
ArmageddonI think it was 10.0416:28
Armageddon10.10 was the end of it all16:31
theGrgSo, yeah, the latest release of Ubuntu is not "11.10"16:40
Armageddon10.10 was the end of it all16:46
Armageddonthat's the latest me and rapacity are willing to acknowledge16:46
ArmageddontheGrg, ever heard of plan 9 ?16:46
Armageddonno ? :o16:47
Armageddonthe horror !16:47
Armageddonit's a UNIX that went open source because no one bought it :p16:48
Armageddonit still has no sound after 30 years of development :p16:48
theGrghttp://plan9.bell-labs.com/plan9/about.html ?16:48
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ArmageddonI mean sa7ten16:51
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Armageddonriji3 theGrg17:55
theGrgthe place I ate at was using LCD monitors as frames for menu posters.17:57
Armageddonso ?17:58
theGrgActual cardboard posters... taped onto monitors...17:58
theGrga whole row of them...17:58
Armageddonok so ?18:04

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