JP_hay alguien ahi??02:31
JP_alguien me podria ayudar02:32
dholbachgood morning06:42
Tm_Thi, did people who received their 12.04 cd pack already some kind of notification of incoming shipit beforehand?09:38
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pleia2BigWhale: you about?17:41
pleia2on Sunday, need to s/grab me on irc/send me email at lyz@ubuntu.com17:42
pleia2I'll be running around the neighborhood all afternoon and email is easier to check :)17:42
BigWhalepleia2, I'm around yes.17:44
pleia2ok, so just drop me an email when you're in the neighborhood17:45
BigWhalepleia2, ok sure!18:05
BigWhalepleia2, I'll arrive on 5th around 1pm, I'll email you when I land.18:06
BigWhaleand get through the customs and stuff ...18:06
BigWhaleimmigration ...18:07
BigWhalehopefully the don't send me back! :>18:07
pleia2BigWhale: hope not! :)18:07
pleia2then just take BART to Montgomery St station, and walk down New Montgomery Street, the Starbucks has wifi :)18:07
BigWhaleI'll remember that.18:08
BigWhaleNow I better start packing ... ... my boss had this great idea that I should deploy new version of software today, a few hours before I leave! ...18:11
pleia2oh geez :)18:12
pleia2good luck18:12
* pleia2 's boss has her on system cleanup mode today, not too stressful18:12
mhall119pleia2: hey, should I pre-fill a BART card before the photo tour on Wednesday?18:28
pleia2mhall119: there are two things on wednesday, photo tour and touristing, should ask czajkowski about transport for photo tour since I don't know their route, for tourism I'll help everyone get tickets sorted but it's going to be either 6.20 for BART round trip, and $2-4 for the street car (depending on how quickly we come back, there is a transfer window of 90 minutes before you pay again)18:30
czajkowskipleia2: gmb needs to poke you re route18:31
pleia2street car is not bart, so you'll either need cash or a clipper card (clipper card covers bart and muni)18:31
mhall119pleia2: I'm going to whichever one will let me get a picture of a cable car18:32
mhall119it's the only thing Quinn has asked for18:32
mhall119pleia2: if you know of anywhere I can get a toy cable car for him, you'd be my favorite person all week 18:32
pleia2the tourism route will see two cable car pickups :)18:33
pleia2California Street and the turn around near Hyde St Pier18:33
mhall119czajkowski: I have a shirt for you, so poke me when you get here18:33
mhall119pleia2: nice, I'm doing that one then18:33
mhall119maybe both18:33
pleia2mhall119: every other shop in SF has toy cable cars :)18:33
pleia2including walgreens18:33
mhall119pleia2: excellent18:33
czajkowskimhall119: do you have old phones for me?18:33
mhall119oh, there's a walgreens down the street from the hotel, I should check there18:33
mhall119czajkowski: no, forgot those :(18:34
mhall119that week before I left got kind of crazy18:34
gmbpleia2, Are you going to be around on Monday? If so can I grab you in person to brainstorm some routes? All the ones I've found so far were designed for people with a love of staircases. Whilst Levi's Plaza to Coit Tower was okay for me, I doubt everyone would feel the same way...18:34
pleia2gmb: sure, for reference this is the tour I'm taking people on: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1619/detail/18:35
czajkowskimhall119: nods 18:36
pleia2pretty standard embarcadero tourist tour :)18:36
czajkowskimhall119: what kinda shirt?18:36
mhall119czajkowski: autism awareness18:36
gmbpleia2, Yeah, that was pretty much my wandering route on Monday before tackling Telegraph Hill.18:37
* pleia2 nods18:37
czajkowskimhall119: ahh cool 18:37
pleia2gmb: did you go to the top of coit tower? there is also north beach in that direction and that can be an adventure :) plus lots of places to eat18:39
pleia2doh, coit tower closes at 5:30pm18:39
PendulumYou can still get a decent view from the pathways (not from the parking lot, but the pathways18:46
* Pendulum was there Tuesday night18:46
gmbpleia2, Yes, I went to the top. Great views. Wasn't terribly sorry that the stairway was closed, mind you :)18:47
gmbNorth beach could be fun, yes. I think the problem is that I'm trying to predict what everyone will want to photograph, which is a bit of a fool's errand.18:47
pleia2gmb: haha, after climbing telegraph hill the elevator is a nice break :)18:47
pleia2it's ashame the golden gate bridge isn't more easily accessible (just buses!)18:48
pleia2anyway, I'll see about grabbing some maps and we'll talk on monday :)18:49
BigWhalepleia2, where do I sign up for photo tour?19:59
pleia2BigWhale: it's happening at the same time as the ubuntu california tourist stuff, but if you want to switch to that you can just add your name to the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/OtherEvents#Photowalk20:00
BigWhaleRats! Now, I have to get bring my cloning tool with me .. :>20:01
pleia2I think we're going to have to have handouts Wednesday night to show people which route is which so everyone ends up going where they want to go :)20:01
BigWhalethis is silly... I made e-reservation, then I got e-ticket, now I have e-boarding-pass ... I just hope I don't end up on an e-flight ... :>20:06
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