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hanniegodbyk, ping14:11
sagacihi hannie14:23
sagaciit was good that you recovered those notes14:23
nisshhhannie, whats up?14:29
hanniehello nisshh sagaci14:40
hannienisshh, I wanted to know if we can get printed manuals for UDS14:40
hanniehi herat14:40
herathannie: hi14:40
hannieherat, almost finished with your chapter ;)14:41
sagaciI'd only get a couple of manual printed... 140 pages worth a piece!14:42
nisshhhannie, i wouldnt know sorry, thats something only godbyk could answer, my guess would be yes, though it depends on if the current master branch can be compiled into a printable pdf or not14:42
hannieit is ready at lulu, but at such short notice I do not know if we can get them (UDS=May 9th)14:43
hannieon time14:44
hanniegodbyk, is probably still in bed ;)14:44
herathannie: yes. almost finished.14:45
heratI got my copy from lulu after 15 days.14:45
hannieherat, let me know if you need someone to review your chapter soon14:45
herathannie: ok sure.14:46
hannieherat, 15 days! that's longer than I thought. Although UDS is in the US, so maybe we can order them still14:46
heratohh yes. International shipping may be responsible for delay.14:47
hannieDid you guys see my email about UDS and our manual on the mailing list?14:48
herathannie: yes. read notes on pad.14:49
hanniegood. You may add whatever comes to your mind14:50

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