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eagles0513875hey guys06:11
eagles0513875i have a question for the 12.10 release what do i need to do to get make bumped up to 3.82 as with libreoffice there is a bug with a multiple core build that canonicals own sweet shark patched, and there is a modified version of make in the libreoffice codebase which would be great for inclusion. either that or from upstream, I am just not sure if his fix made it into upstream yet06:12
micahgeagles0513875: someone will probably pull that in, I'm guessing sweetshark will ask for it06:19
eagles0513875micahg: i hope so :)06:19
eagles0513875how are you btw06:19
micahgeagles0513875: fine, thanks :)06:19
eagles0513875looking forward to getting involved this cycle :)06:20
micahgeagles0513875: you could prepare the merge after asking the person who touched it last an looking for a bug showing someone working on it06:21
micahgand make is probably a topic for -devel06:23
eagles0513875micahg: i know sweetshark submitted a atch upstream to make and he has a bug report i will have to get it from him06:23
eagles0513875micahg: does it matter if its kubuntu-devel channel or ubuntu-devel?06:23
micahgeagles0513875: the patch appears to be in experimental06:23
micahgubuntu-devel for general stuff, kubuntu for kubuntu related06:23
eagles0513875what repos does ubuntu pull from in regards to development of each new release06:24
micahgby general I mean affecting core stuff06:24
micahgeagles0513875: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-April/035154.html06:25
micahgsee that thread06:25
eagles0513875micahg: what about other packages such libreoffice with newer versions and mysql workbench how does that work?06:28
micahgeagles0513875: libreoffice sweetshark handles, if you want to help, contact him (#ubuntu-desktop is a good place to discuss), mysql-workbench, feel free to request syncs after Debian Import Freeze (or sooner if something is broke)06:30
eagles0513875nothing is broken the problem i think we are going to have is that usually when a new release comes out in the workbench channel we usually tell people to upgrade to the latest version06:30
eagles0513875to see if the problem was fixed there06:30
micahgor propose bug fixes if you have them into the sponsorship queue (or push to Debian and request a sync when it's released)06:31
eagles0513875do you know if someone has started a ppa for mysql workbench which will contain all the latest versions so to speak of workbench?06:31
micahgeagles0513875: well, as long as nothing else depends on it, there's always backports, if the one in the release is actually broke, an SRU of some sort could be considered (preferably a targeted fix)06:32
micahgeven if there are dependencies, they just need to be run/install or build/run/install tested06:32
micahgerr..install/run or build/install/run06:32
eagles0513875wouldnt a ppa be better though to have newer versions as they are released for users to use in between releases?06:33
micahgno, backports from oneiric on is on by default (pinned lower so you have to explicitly choose that version), PPAs need to be added to software sources06:33
micahgso, you reach all users in oneiric+ with backports, seems like the best choice assuming you can get the new release into Ubuntu in a timely manner06:34
eagles0513875micahg: so its better to package a newer version and request sponsorship upstream06:35
micahgyeah, push to Debian is always going to be best (occasionally you just need release team coordination)06:35
eagles0513875micahg: the way i understand things its better to get things in the case of ubuntu into upstream debian or is that not always the case06:35
micahg*almost always06:35
eagles0513875what would be reasons to where that wouldnt be the case?06:36
micahgrelease schedule timing06:36
eagles0513875do you mind clarifying what backports repository actually is06:36
micahgeagles0513875: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports06:37
micahgeagles0513875: in precise, we have a nice tool called requestbackport in ubuntu-dev-tools06:38
eagles0513875so micahg i package up the newer release of workbench then request it be backported06:38
eagles0513875then once its backported can it be then moved to the appropriate repository for the next release?06:38
micahgeagles0513875: yeah, I'd suggest chatting with the maintainers listed here: http://packages.qa.debian.org/m/mysql-workbench.html06:39
micahgthen you can request a sync to Ubuntu and then once that builds, request a backport to previous releases06:39
eagles0513875ya im already doing that06:39
eagles0513875well it seems like for precise  you have 38 whch is previous release of workbench which is fine and its in debian finally which is a good thing06:40
eagles0513875:) but i will discuss it with them06:40
micahgyeah, you could request a backport to earlier releases if you're willing to install/run test them (and it builds)06:40
micahgor find someone who's willing to install/run test them06:40
eagles0513875micahg: well the workbench devs are already provide their own ubuntu packages06:41
eagles0513875they have on their site packages i believe for 10.04 and 11.0406:41
eagles0513875anywho i gotta run thanks for the info :)06:41
eagles0513875morning dholbach06:41
micahgeagles0513875: I have a backporter hat around here somewhere, let me know if I can help06:42
dholbachhi eagles051387506:42
dholbachgood morning06:42
gesergood morning06:54
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RhondaIsn't #993262 rather a unity bug?10:09
RhondaAnd Bug #937790 also seems to be unity related somehow …10:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937790 in wesnoth-1.10 (Ubuntu) "Problems with fullscreen mode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93779010:10
Rhondaah, is also marked as affecting unity anyway10:11
* eagles0513875 is still debating if i should update to quantal and get my packaging environment finalized10:17
eagles0513875micahg: you said ubuntu-devel would be an ideal place to discuss pushing to bump make up to 3.82 right10:22
eagles0513875micahg: tried to poke sweetshark but it seems like he is MIA10:24
eagles0513875as hes the one that filed the bug :-/ will do some more googling10:25
micahgeagles0513875: huh?  he's in #ubuntu-desktop now :)10:25
* Rhonda wonders … whether a Games session should be done soonish which does cover actual Free games already *included* in Ubuntu … instead of the one recently covering proprietary games that external … %-/10:25
eagles0513875Rhonda: no need go to playdeb.net all debian available games are listed there :D10:25
eagles0513875they have their own repo with all the games10:25
Rhondaeagles0513875: Yes, and with all new bugs and incompatibilities in them.  Hooray!10:25
RhondaThat's still external and from their approach of working totally out of the community.10:26
eagles0513875Rhonda: join the getdeb channel i think it is on here and talk with them about the issues10:26
RhondaBTDT, got the frustration.10:26
RhondaThey aren't interested in integrating or giving back but keep doing their own thing.10:27
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Rhonda… which leads to more obscure bugs that annoy regular package maintainers for the regular universe archive.10:27
eagles0513875Rhonda: would you like me to try and talk to them10:30
Rhondaeagles0513875: http://www.playdeb.net/updates/ubuntu/12.04/?q=wesnoth-1.10 and click on "Changes"10:32
RhondaI'm quite certain that they do *not* include the patch for using the proper font for older releases.10:33
RhondaAnd I gave up because it was frustrating.10:33
RhondaThey do their thing, they are free to, but I am not interested in their buggy approaches.10:33
RhondaAnd given that they aren't interested in communication or integration I stopped caring.10:34
RhondaI can't do other bug discourage using playdeb because of such situations on regular basis.10:36
* micahg would treat it like a PPA and close the bugs !Ubuntu package 10:37
RhondaRight, just wanted to explain to eagles0513875 the background why I don't think bringing up playdeb is a good idea. :)10:39
eagles0513875Rhonda: sry10:39
eagles0513875what would be interesting and im not sure canonical woudl go for and back is a version of ubuntu dedicated to gamers10:39
micahgeagles0513875: you could probably have a game flavour if there was enough support behind it10:41
eagles0513875micahg: seeing in the store games like world of goo released for linux10:41
eagles0513875micahg: i think though it wouldnt work very well with the current release cycle that ubuntu follows it would have to be more along the lines of a rolling release10:42
micahgoh, that..there's already humble bundle and such10:42
eagles0513875what do you mean10:42
Rhondagoo was in an humble bundle :)10:42
eagles0513875technically if you release games on mac they shouldnt need much more work to get them running on linux since mac uses mostly the same technologies as linux10:43
RhondaErm, … well … no?10:43
RhondaJust because there is SDL and GTK on mac too, but then, that's on windows too?10:44
RhondaDevelopers still don't regularly settle for that.10:45
eagles0513875when i say same technologies i mean such as open gl and all that10:45
Rhonda"open gl and all that" is on windows too10:45
RhondaThat's a rather naive point of view, or I don't get your point.10:45
eagles0513875Rhonda: enlighten me how much more work would getting those games to run on linux require?10:46
RhondaNo idea which of "those games" you mean, I didn't code "those games" neither, so I don't have the insight in how heavily they depend on windows-centric (or OSX centric) code they have in there.10:54
eagles0513875Rhonda: game development has become easy for all platforms except linux sadly in regards to game engines10:55
RhondaAnd still you claim that porting a game from OSX to Linux would be a non-brainer?  :)10:56
eagles0513875Rhonda: yes i could be missing10:56
eagles0513875some things10:56
* eagles0513875 goes about finishing setting up my packaging environment10:57
Rhonda_If_ using the proper frameworks, then yes.  But most games don't.10:57
* eagles0513875 will also upgrade to quantal once i have a bootable pen drive ready :) in case of a reinstall10:58
tumbleweedScottK: wxwidgets2.6 turned out to be fairly easy to kill. olly has already done all the work in Debian. bug 992941 (if you can do removals)11:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 992941 in wxwidgets2.6 (Ubuntu) "Remove wxwidgets2.6" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99294111:43
dupondjemaster tumbleweed ! :)11:51
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tumbleweeddupondje: I eventually figured out xaralx's problem. yay for generic names like jconfig12:05
dupondjeYea I saw :) good catch12:13
ScottKtumbleweed: Cool.12:44
Rhondawx, that reminds me of a required update for pgadmin3 …13:01
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bobweaverHello there all for taking screen shots of program for software center. Do I have to call it in the Meta Data in the control file ? or do I just upload to site. thanks for your time17:50
jcfpbobweaver: iirc those screenshots come from screenshots.debian.net17:55
bobweavercool so I have to submit there when I submit my software but I do not need to call it before build in /debian file is what you are saying. Thanks again for your time17:57
jcfpthey probably only accept those for software already in the repositories, but yeah, it's not a part of the packaging in the debian dir17:59
bobweavercool thanks again !18:00
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tumbleweedbroder, Laney: looks like lynxman is preparing a keysinging party: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/KeySigningParty?action=info19:32
lynxmantumbleweed: indeed :)20:50
tumbleweedlynxman: you found a spot in the schedule yet?20:54
micahgjbicha: you seem to have forgotten -v in your tracker upload :)20:58
dupondjesome motu going to Oakland ?20:59
* broder waves21:00
tumbleweeddupondje: yup21:01
dupondjeyou guys don't have to work ? :p21:02
tumbleweedmicahg: don't see you on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-q-motu-bof21:02
micahgJust saw it now :)21:02
tumbleweeddupondje: my employer is nice. Not quite cool enough to fly me to conferences, but can at least do it on work time.21:03
* micahg will do another blueprint scour sat night21:04
dupondjeyour lucky :)21:04
ajmitchtumbleweed: that's pretty good, I'm doing this on holiday time21:09
micahgajmitch: you're coming to UDS?21:09
ajmitchmicahg: yeah21:10
tumbleweedI asked if I could do debconf too, haven't got a firm response yet :P21:10
* ajmitch had already been to linux.conf.au this yeah, can't complain too much21:11
tumbleweedthose sound like a lot of fun21:11
ajmitchoh that was :)21:11
* dupondje should really work in a more linux minded company21:14
jbichamicahg: you know that I never remember -v :(21:26
lynxmantumbleweed: we got Thursday evening assigned as usual, 6:30pm. Just need to get a free room22:12
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