JoseeAntonioRakgraner: hey, busy atm?02:36
akgranerJoseeAntonioR, just walked back in the door03:15
JoseeAntonioRno problem03:15
akgranerJoseeAntonioR, I'll CC you on the email that will go out tomorrow03:16
JoseeAntonioRakgraner: great, I'll be here at night, around 10pm your time03:16
akgranerJoseeAntonioR, what day do you get in again? Sunday or Saturday?03:17
JoseeAntonioRhmm, I'll try to be here saturday morning, but I'll be flying since saturday afternoon, until sunday morning, pretty early03:17
akgranerok then Sunday once you get settled we can go over stuff as well03:18
JoseeAntonioRthat's perfect03:18
akgranerAlso on Monday, once I make sure the summit displays are good  - I'll introduce you to some more people etc - it will all work out :-)03:20
JoseeAntonioRyay, I'm pretty excited about all of this03:20
akgranerJoseeAntonioR, I'm glad - the Novacut folks are awesome and I've already prepped them that there will be some community helping with a few of the interviews03:25
akgranerso they are excited as well03:25
JoseeAntonioRgreat, so everything's ready now03:25
akgranerjust about03:26
JoseeAntonioRakgraner: just one offtopic question: what can I do in case my session hasn't been scheduled yet?03:30
akgranerping jcastro and ask him about it or email him and ask him about it03:31
JoseeAntonioRgreat, thanks!03:31
akgraneror just ask in the #ubuntu-community-team channel03:31
dholbachgood morning06:42
JoseeAntonioRgood morning, dholbach!14:11
dholbachhi JoseeAntonioR14:12
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: how's it going? getting ready for UDS?14:12
dholbachyeah :-)14:14
dholbachhow about you? how are you doing?14:14
JoseeAntonioRI'm fine too, getting ready to fly in about 24 hours, I've got a surprise for you ;)14:15
JoseeAntonioRJust a clue: it's Peruvian14:16
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, oh? what is it? :)15:38
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, sorry I missed the message earlier :)15:38
bkerensadholbach: you in-route yet?15:40
dholbachbkerensa, I'll arrive Sunday afternoon15:41
bkerensagood journeys15:41
dholbachthanks a lot15:41
dholbachto you too15:41
AlanBellhi all21:07
AlanBellthe IRCC has just issued a call for operators http://ubottu.com/ircc/2012/05/04/call-for-irc-operators/21:07
* pleia2 adds link to UWN21:44
pleia2AlanBell: want it to be x-posted to fridge? (it won't go to planet again)21:44
AlanBellyes please21:46
pleia2there we go :) http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2012/05/04/call-for-irc-operators/21:51
=== Unit193 is now known as TheMaster

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