ibeardsleeordered your zatab yet?01:29
hadsibeardslee: Still considering. Don't want to pay NZ Post $100 for customs clearance.02:33
ibeardsleecoudl be worth waiting for the local shop to be setup02:40
* ajmitch probably will02:41
ibeardsleeit'd be a nice 'toy' to have02:41
ibeardsleebut can't really justify another02:41
ibeardsleeand selling off my Psion Series 5 and Nokia N800 ain't going to get me the fund02:42
kcjPsion 5?02:44
* ibeardslee has one02:44
* kcj nudges ibeardslee.02:44
ibeardsleeit's the 5 not the 5mx02:44
kcjI have a Siena.02:45
ibeardsleegot the time wrong with both the Series 5 / 5mx and the Nokia N800/N81002:45
ibeardsleedo you still actively use it?02:46
* ojwb looks suspiciously at a reference count of 1677721602:46
kcjibeardslee, I got it a few months ago with a bunch of Palms.02:48
kcjSo not really.02:48
ibeardsleeahh right02:48
kcjI like it though.02:48
ibeardsleethe Psion 5 was a nice thing, slightly ahead of it's time .. not like a 286, seriously outdated in terms of technology now02:53
kcjibeardslee, That keyboard on the 5 looks touch-typeable.02:54
ibeardsleea bit tight, but it was usable for touch typing02:55
kcjibeardslee, Are you able to change the layout?02:57
* kcj uses Dvorak.02:58
hadsI have a Nook Color that I should probably get rid of if I get a ZaTab...03:01
ibeardsleehads: I hadn't thought of also offloading my nook color03:31
ibeardsleekcj: don't know, probably .. never had the need to use some weird layout ;)03:31
kcjIt's not weird. :)03:32
ibeardsleeok .. well it's not normal03:33
chiltsibeardslee: I still have a Psion 5 ... they were the shizzle! :)04:51
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