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micahgpitti: are you up for some copies?08:34
pittimicahg: bring it on08:34
micahgpitti: thunderbird and enigmail from ubunt-mozilla-security to $RELEASE-security and $RELEASE-updates for lucid, natty, oneiric, and precise, and lightning-extension from that PPA for natty-precise08:35
pitti2012-05-04 08:40:44 ERROR   thunderbird 12.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 in lucid (same version already building in the destination archive for Lucid)08:41
pittinot all built yet?08:41
pittimicahg: ^ indeed, tbird/lucid building now on ia64, sparc, and needsbuild on ppc08:41
pittimicahg: so I can't copy to -security yet (I copied tbird to all -updates releases)08:42
pittimicahg: want me to go ahead with enigmail, or does that need build first, too?08:42
micahgpitti: :(, to -security would've failed quickly ;)08:42
pittioh, does it? does that enforce that all builds are done?08:42
micahgnothing is allowed to build in -security08:43
micahgyeah, you have to copy enigmail and lightning-extension with thunderbird08:43
* pitti starts with -security for enigmail08:43
micahgpitti: no08:44
* pitti ^Cs, but lucid already done08:44
micahgthey should go to the respective pockets together08:44
* pitti cancels everything and waits then08:45
pittienigmail lucid-security is already copied, as I said; how bad is that?08:45
micahgcan you delete and put everything in -updates and recopy when those builds are done?08:45
* pitti copies enigmail to -updates for now, to match thunderbird08:46
pittimicahg: I hope the builds won't take too long to fail08:47
pittimicahg: we can delete enigmail from -security, but that would also kill the previous version08:47
pittiI guess that's not too bad, as it's also in -updates, and it's better to have none than a bad version in -security for an hour?08:47
micahgpitti: that's fine, the idea is that people don't upgrade to the new version with a broken extension08:48
micahgI don't envision many upgrading to 11 right now :)08:48
micahgrmadison also appears to be broke08:49
pittiyeah, just noticed08:49
pittimicahg: enigmail/lucid-security killed08:49
pittiI'm watching the lucid-updates builds, and once they all failed, I'll copy to -security08:52
micahgok, thanks, can you ping me when that's done so I can publish the USN?08:52
pittiyep, of course08:53
micahgpitti: could you also promote the thunderbird-locale-* binaries listed here to main? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/t/thunderbird/08:53
pittimicahg: I promoted the locale packages; but why -mozsymbols?08:57
pittithey've never been in main and it's not seeded08:57
micahgpitti: mozsymbols not08:57
micahgI said specifically thunderbird-locale-* :)08:58
pittioh, so you did, sorry :) so, done08:58
* micahg checks how long the ppc build is08:59
micahg12 minutes, ok, not bad08:59
micahgall should be <30 miun09:00
pittimicahg: sulfur looks almost done as well, so soon we'll have three parallel builds09:03
pittilucid/precise done, waiting on natty/oneiric09:10
pittimicahg: all copied now *phew*09:24
micahgpitti: thanks09:24
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cjwatsonI think the flood has slowed enough by now13:01
ScottKDoe we really need the queuebot?13:14
cjwatsonI find it helpful for keeping routine NEW processing going more smoothly.  You can always /ignore it ...13:16
ScottKIf it's useful, I don't mind.13:18
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skaetcjwatson,   I think there needs to be some wording added on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration to reflect the new use of -proposed for development releases.   Wait until after UDS?  or put a straw man up now for discussion?14:46
skaet(or at least that feels like the best fit I've found, but if you've spotted a better place,  that's cool).14:46
ScottKskaet: Since developers can copy stuff over in the development release, I'm not sure that's the best place for it.14:47
skaetScottK,  thoughts about a better one?14:48
ScottKIt ought to be self-service and not something more for archive admins to deal with.14:48
* skaet was trying to figure out where the documentation of purpose, and setting expectations should go.14:49
cjwatsonskaet: I don't think anything should be added there until such time as the tools are more useful.14:49
cjwatsoni.e. foundations-p-upload-intermediary14:49
cjwatsonOtherwise we encourage people to do lots of stuff we aren't set up to accept yet.14:49
ScottKskaet: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment (and I agree with cjwatson on timing).14:49
cjwatsonAnd agreed, if archive admins have to do this manually we've lost.14:50
ScottKAlso that page looks like it could use some general modernization.14:50
* skaet nods14:50
skaetcjwatson,  ok, post UDS (where post is dependent on tool timing).14:51
* infinity blinks at queuebot's stutter.15:51
seb128^ sorry, messed up with upload here, I rejected the buggy ones...15:51
tumbleweedcleaned up a bunch of bugs we were subscribed to that arnen't in terminal states or Incomplete. not too sure what to do with the rest: http://tinyurl.com/dxn8dve16:15
skaettumbleweed,  take a pass at the ones listed as undecided and if there are ones that fit the high/critical category,  series target to quantal, and for precise decide if SRU target or not.   (some of the cleanups maybe should be)16:31
skaet(and thanks for doing the scrubbing :) )16:31
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