fosterdv@thomas What mail daemon are you using?00:00
pedahzurAnyone here work on the Ubuntu Virtualization PPA?  Just went to install a VM on an Ubuntu 10.04 host, and got an error saying 'virt-install: error: no such option: --initrd-inject'  Went to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-virt/+archive/ppa Added the PPA.  Trying to update, I get this error from apt: qemu-common: Depends: vgabios (>= 0.6c-2ubuntu2) but 0.6c-2ubuntu1 is to be installed. Also, it looks like the packages are old:00:00
pedahzurvirtinst is at version 0.500 from a year ago. The CentOS 6.2 box I'm on has a virtinst package of 0.600.00:00
thomasfosterdv, I'm assuming you mean sendmail. I'm a bit green just trying to do some leg work for my engineer00:00
fosterdvYeah, :)00:01
fosterdvAre you using mbox or maildir?00:01
fosterdvmbox = mailboxes show up as a single file...00:01
fosterdvmaildir = each email is a file to itself00:02
thomasfosterdv, Sorry for the delay ribs finished :) Had to have some family time there. Anyways, I belive mailboxes show up as a single file.00:30
EduFrazaoHi all00:32
jkylesetting up rsyslog server on ubuntu. the server is receiving remote logs, but outputting them to /var/log/rsyslog instead of my specified /var/log/remote.log00:33
jkylehere's the conf snippet: https://gist.github.com/259070300:33
EduFrazaoim new on ubuntu. I need to install the libreadline5-dev, but I cant found it with apt-cache search. I have only libreadline5, libreadline6 and libreadline6-dev. I need to add another repos on apt-get? Im using Ubuntuserver 11.1000:34
thomasjkyle, I did this before using some sort of 'finger' and doing something with the /etc/mail dir.00:37
jkyleshould be able to do it all in rsyslog00:38
ruben23hi guys any help regarding running a particualr script, what shoudl be done-------> http://sites.google.com/site/kjalleda/mysqlreplicationconsistency00:42
thomasI can't find the rsyslog lol00:44
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pedahzurEduFrazao: What version? libreadline5-dev was only available in hardy through natty.01:01
EduFrazaopedahzur, yes... On 11.10 it is deprecated... but it is needed by vmware vcap....01:02
EduFrazaoI think that I will need to downgrade my virtual machine...01:02
pedahzurEduFrazao: Are you locked in to VMWare?  Could you use KVM?01:04
EduFrazaopedahzur, im using cloud-foundry =/01:04
pedahzurEduFrazao: Ah.  They should have support for recent Ubuntu versions.01:04
EduFrazaofrom vcap user manual: Note that the recommended version is Ubuntu Server 10.04-2 LTS.01:04
jkyleyay, got it01:12
wiherekis the ssl private key bound to the machine that created it?01:16
jkylewiherek: no01:18
thomasuanyone know the ls command which list list all the mail files by size and date last modified?01:25
fosterdvthomas, did you ever figure it out?01:25
fosterdvI also stepped away for lunch, sorry about the delay.01:26
bazhanghttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man1/ls.1.html thomasu01:26
thomasuWell, I figured out that I use dovecot for email and I have each email file in my /var/spool/mail directory. From there if I can ls it in a way to show date last modified I'd be set :P01:27
fosterdvI didn't know that reflects logins.... well, that's cool :P01:27
fosterdvI was trying to figure out how to do it myself, it's been a while since I checked for things like that... but, if you save your maillogs, future reference... when you're going through your users, you could also attempt using grep -r 'username' in the maillog, and look for anything showing the last time they accessed the account.01:29
fosterdvor at least attempted... :P01:29
thomasuyeah this is a pain but i'm close :)01:31
fosterdvNice, :D01:31
fosterdvMail is always a pain in my experience..01:31
Patrickdkmail just takes time01:32
fosterdvThat it does.01:32
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tohuwWhen invoking ftp from the CLI, how can I get all files in a given folder?02:42
fosterdvls ?02:44
tohuwI mean get, as in the command. In other words, I need to download all files, and I don't have access to the parent.02:44
tohuwqman__: thank you.02:45
qman__mget *, specifically02:45
qman__or any other wildcard02:45
tohuwtwb: I hate ftp with bleeding daggers, but this isn't my server, or even my project. I'm merely stepping in to provide a few solutions, then exiting stage left.02:47
twbFair enough02:51
DatzCould someone tell me what these dependency problems are about when trying to install php5: http://pastebin.com/eq8cpUq1  I have gnome-session-fallback installed as well.02:52
tohuwqman__: Why, when I mget -i *, does it still ask me about every file?02:57
twbProbably because the basic ftp client is crap -- you might get better behaviour with lftp or something02:58
twbOr better would be rsync, scp, &c of course02:59
qman__yeah, I don't know02:59
qman__sftp's works better02:59
tohuwugh. I may just tell the vendor I'm not providing the solution to the client until they give me ssh access.02:59
tohuwSeriously, ftp? Even the IIS teams I work with treat me better than this. :(03:00
twbtohuw: +103:00
slideIm getting a cp: reading 'file': Input/output error but running fsck on the drive shows no errors03:00
twbI'm about to email a customer saying "upgrade your switch so it supposed key-based SSH"03:00
qman__sounds like a good plan to me03:00
slideis there something more i can run to check it?03:01
twbslide: did you check dmesg, system logs, smart self-test?03:01
tohuwHah... mget refused to download directories because they aren't regular files.03:01
tohuwMy path is clear.03:01
twbtohuw: usually you need a client that can walk the tree a la -r03:01
qman__slide, you can use dmesg or smartctl to find out if it's a hardware error or a filesystem one03:02
slidetwb, yes, i am getting an error in the syslog, gist.github.com/776739c3c680a9bbc2c503:02
qman__looks like the drive is dead03:03
qman__grab what you can and hope you have a backup03:03
slideits just that one file03:03
qman__means that section of the disk is what's bad03:03
qman__but it's only going to get worse03:04
qman__ddrescue may be able to save some of it, but that's just gambling03:04
slideis there a tool that will actually tell me what areas are bad etc?03:05
twbslide: your drive is dead/dying; make sure your backups are up to date, and then schedule a replacement ASAP03:05
qman__the error told you03:05
twbslide: what that's saying is there are so many bad areas already, there are no spare areas left to allocate replacements from03:05
qman__modern drives manage themselves, they decide where to store data on the actual disk and they automatically handle a certain amount of bad sectors03:06
qman__when you start getting unreadable files, it's beyond that point03:06
slidewow its been run for 14000 hours03:07
tohuwNight all. Datz, If it's an option on that host, backup, purge apache (or at least apache-mpm* and apache-php*) and any php-* packages, install php5, see how it feels about that. Otherwise, figure out how to resolve the conflicts your installed apache-mpm packages are causing: dpkg -L name_of_package.03:08
qman__slide, that's actually not very good, one of the disks in this machine is at 46319 hours03:08
twbI bet it's a green drive03:16
Datzthanks tohuw03:18
qman__could be anything, my newly rebuilt file server, less than a year old, already lost three drives and a fourth will come soon, already has an offline uncorrectable sector03:21
qman__fortunately this time around they didn't all go at once03:21
qman__so I could RMA and replace03:21
qman__and those are samsung hd103sj03:22
twbSee I buy whitebox junk so I don't have those problems ;-P03:24
slidenah i dont think its a green drive03:25
slideSeagate Barracuda LP03:25
twbqman__: we used to explicitly request disks from different batches, and/or different manufacturers, to try to avoid them all dying at the same time03:26
twbI don't think we bother anymore03:26
slideok backing up now03:33
slideluckily had a drive with just about the exact amount of space free heh03:33
twbYou should consider using md raid in future03:33
slideim poor03:33
grendal-primeok got about 100 or so servers at this point...some physical..mostly vm's03:35
twbhow much is your data worth?03:35
twbHow much is your TIME worth to try to recover it from a dead rive?03:35
grendal-primewe want aaa type of server..nis...03:35
grendal-primeim thinking nis..seems simple..03:36
twbnis is dead03:36
grendal-primeisnt there something that works directly with pam though03:36
slideno im so poor i can barely afford food sooo extra hds arent really viable ha03:36
twbYou should not use nis on any untrusted network, because it allows ANYONE on the network to see ALL your passwords03:36
grendal-primeslide where are you03:36
grendal-primewhat kind of drives do you need03:36
twbgrendal-prime: you should look at LDAP, which is the only actively maintained solution.03:36
twbgrendal-prime: to do it properly you should be using kerberos, but that's a huge pain so at least use LDAP.03:37
slidei dont NEED drives, ive got a few hundred gigs left, hopefully i can save up before they fully fill up03:37
grendal-primei have a pile if drives03:38
twbI dunno about .us but in .vic.au there are recycling shops that take three-year-old machines and refurbish them with linux, and sell them too poor people for like $1003:38
grendal-primetwb i do something similar03:38
grendal-primein my spare time..03:38
grendal-primewhich i dont have much of now03:39
grendal-primebut i charge more like 100 or so03:39
grendal-primeand people bring me their hardware03:39
twbI think that's the site03:39
grendal-primeslide you want me to send you some hd's03:39
twbMaybe they just throw them away and there's a different mob, I'm not sure03:40
slidehrm tempting heh but no thanks :)03:41
slidethank you though03:41
seoaquahas anyone used boa webserver? the server is not running,with no errorlogs03:47
twbI think I used it for about three minutes03:47
seoaquahas anyone used boa webserver? the server is not running,with no errorlogs03:50
grendal-primei got an adaptec filer sitting here03:54
grendal-primeok so ldap server...03:55
grendal-primethat filer by the way is  a noisy fkr03:55
grendal-primeand heavy, prolly cost 100 bucks to ship to florida from cali03:56
twbgrendal-prime: yes, you will need to do some reading03:58
footvillais there some sort of application i think i heard of it that u can installed on your ubuntu server03:58
twbgrendal-prime: unfortunately most of the LDAP documentation is written by cargo-culters who don't know what they're doing03:58
footvillaand external monitor like cpu usage, hd space and system health?03:58
twbfootvilla: there are many.  collectd is what I use.03:58
twbfootvilla: nagios and munin are also worth investigating03:59
grendal-primefootvilla, there are hundreds of things for that04:00
grendal-primehtop is probaly the easyest quickest most usefull04:00
twbgrendal-prime: ah, he said "external" which threw me off04:01
grendal-primebut its curses based you log into the server and watch it04:01
grendal-primeyour probaly right...nagios though..man that thing scares people off like crabs.04:02
footvillanagios free?04:02
grendal-primewe monitor all our ubuntu servers ..and i dont know why they never fail04:02
grendal-primenagios free ya..04:03
grendal-primeso is zabbix04:03
grendal-primeyou need alerting?04:03
twbzabbix is PHP though IIRC04:04
grendal-primephp rocks04:04
Datztohuw: purged apache2, installed php5 without problem, then installed apache2 without problem; everything works.. Don't know what the problem was before. Might have purged some dep for a package I have installed and broken something I will find out about later. :)04:04
grendal-primeanyone tells you other wise they are high04:04
footvillawell running a webserver04:05
footvillaalerting would be nice04:05
twbfootvilla: performance monitoring or availability monitoring?04:05
footvillaalso would like to see if the webserver gets overloaded or howmany people browsing the website04:05
footvillaa little of both twb04:05
grendal-primeid recommend ntop04:06
grendal-primenetwork throughput and from where04:06
grendal-primeeasy setup web graphs..we use it alot04:06
footvillasomething simple that i can remotely log in04:07
footvillamem usage / network usage / cpu usage etc04:07
grendal-primeit will give you very good statistics on nework traffic04:07
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grendal-primefootvilla, if you want to quickly see whats happening..very directly monitor..htop is the thang04:08
grendal-primeapt-get install htop04:08
grendal-primethen ssh into the box and type htop04:08
grendal-primesee what it gives you..that may be exactly what you want..you want something that logs tracks and charts stuff..you will need to look into something else04:09
grendal-primeorion..zabbix, nagios..04:10
footvillayea logs tracks and charts04:10
grendal-primemuch more setup usually04:10
footvillabut also i could log into w/ username04:10
footvillagui interface04:10
grendal-primei would recomend you do the htop thing anyway..you can highlight processes and kill them04:11
grendal-primeand see live..each proc how much is being used...what is top and you can scroll through all the processes with your arrow keys04:11
footvillayea installed htop04:12
grendal-primeand run strace on any processs and see the actual data that is being processed by the kernel directly04:12
grendal-primeand it runs from you smart phone as well.04:12
grendal-primeanything that ssh's in04:13
grendal-primethat thing has saved me a lot of hassle04:13
footvillanice! thanks grendal04:13
grendal-primeits the first thing i install on all the linux boxes04:14
grendal-primein fact...heheh  if its not installed...i know i prolly didnt build the box04:15
grendal-primetwb, soo im looking at the webmin module for ldap. looks pretty straight forward.  (the management and sups at my regular gig love that thing)04:16
twbDo not use webmin.04:16
grendal-primeyou are just full of way to practical bummer type responces04:17
twbSpecifically regarding the webmin ldap users & groups modules, note that it requires full root bind privileges, and only speaks RFC 2307/bis -- which is manageable apart from password expiry.04:17
grendal-primeunfortunatly,  there is something we do that has become amazingly simple with that tool.  to the point where it was required on most of the servers04:18
twbRFC 2307 relies on the client to enforce locked/expired/needs-reset passwords, so anyone that has root on their own box can simply ignore them.04:18
twbgrendal-prime: we used to use webmin, too, for the same reason.  We fixed that by taking our webmin custom modules and just running them under a thin hand-written shim instead of under webmin.04:19
grendal-primewe only use it on isolated networks though04:19
grendal-primealso its one of those things were very few people have access to the admin of the tool..most have access to one module04:19
grendal-primewe are security audedted regularly by an outside source..we pass all the time..you just have to lock that bitch down..04:21
grendal-primebut i digress04:21
grendal-primesoo you dont like the way that it works with ldap though04:22
grendal-primethis is getting irratating04:25
grendal-primewe got an emp that is leaving.04:25
grendal-primewe have to change 100 or so admin passwords..04:25
grendal-primeand that blows..and ..we may wind up with 100 more servers.04:26
grendal-primei want to get this nailed down now.04:26
grendal-primewas thinking about radius as well04:27
grendal-primebut that seems somewhat complicated04:28
Knightwisemorning everyone04:35
Knightwisehey pehden04:37
Knightwisedoes anyone have an idea how to change the default port on Owncloud away from port 80 ?04:37
andolKnightwise: A quick look at ownclouds suggests it just being PHP running from Apache, etc? Shouldn't it just be to change the Apache port config then?04:41
Knightwiseyeah , but i opened up the apache config in webmin and it doesnt show owncloud as a seperate virtual host.04:43
twb14:25 <grendal-prime> we have to change 100 or so admin passwords..04:49
twbgrendal-prime: key-based auth04:49
twbWith monkeysphere they can be revoked; alternatively you can cheat and use the ssh blacklist patches (but they're Ubuntu/Debian-specific)04:50
grendal-primeya its not that simple though04:53
twbgrendal-prime: not in your current setup, no05:06
twbBut here, when someone leaves, I add their SSH key to the blacklist .deb and it's automatically installed on all hosts by the unattended-upgrades package05:06
twbWhen I get around to adding my PPA to my customer's machines, they'll get it, too05:06
twbOf course, that won't stop a malicious staffer from adding back-doors in advance.05:07
grendal-primeon a side note ...did you know that margaritas at this hour (even in california) is something that is frowned upon?05:08
grendal-primeand...there is no more wine05:08
grendal-primeim going to sleep05:08
grendal-primei have to. because of this bezar social glitch05:09
grendal-primenight all05:09
fosterdvtwb, are you still around?05:27
twbfosterdv: what do you want05:28
fosterdvI was wondering if you know anything about installing ProFTPD on Ubuntu Server 11.04, and why it might be hanging during installation?05:29
adam_groaksoax: if you get a min, would you be able to push the debdiff attached at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openldap/+bug/990742  against openldap into -proposed?05:29
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 990742 in cyrus-sasl2 "slapd fails to upgrade: requires libsasl2-2 (>= 2.1.24) installed" [Undecided,Fix committed]05:29
twb12:45 <twb> http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie05:30
twbfosterdv: last time I ran ftpd it was vsftpd05:30
fosterdvAh, okay... thanks anyways.05:32
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ruben23hi guys any helphow to make this run on my ubuntu-server do i need some additonal component to do this..? ---> http://sites.google.com/site/kjalleda/mysqlreplicationconsistency06:26
sht3hi everyone. this is more of a generic linux question but here it goes.. I have a server with a large mdadm raid array used for a file server and the os (ubuntu) running off of a single SSD. what i notice when the server is under any load is that commands will hang when I run them. commands like df, who, ps.. pretty much anything. I thought it would be related to disk IO but the OS SSD is not used by the file server so this doesn'06:36
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sht3i can literally run "time who" like 20 times, and 8/10 times its < 0.1 real, sometimes up to 6 seconds though.06:37
Knightwiseanyone have any experience with Mumble server ?06:45
ttxadam_g: the value would be have an environment that you can evolve06:56
ttxadam_g: devstack is a start and an end to itself, it uses specific branches and installs in non-LHS compliant places06:57
ttxI'd very much prefer if the devs (at least those running Ubuntu) would use Juju to bootstrap an all-in-one locally, which would use proper Ubuntu packages... and could potentially be made to evolve into a multi-node setup by adding new nodes and relations06:58
ttxIt sounds like a worthwhile target to encourage devs to run Juju & proper Ubuntu packages, as that's where the mindset starts06:59
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ttxadam_g: so I think it warrants its own session. Something like "Promote OpenStack charm as a dev/tester bootstrap environment"07:34
koolhead17ttx, +107:35
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viegasfhhello everyone07:47
viegasfhI have just installed Ubuntu Server 12.04LTS and I have noticed that it takes longer to boot than 10.04LTS07:48
viegasfhis there a way to get disable the logging that shows in the screen at startup?07:48
viegasfhI have already tried to search on google but only found how to disable sound on startup07:50
viegasfhcan someone help me with this?07:50
twbviegasfh: what kind of logging07:53
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viegasfhwhen you boot you get the screen where you can pick either normal boot or the safe mode07:59
twbviegasfh: on a server install?08:00
viegasfhafter that all the dmesg logs show up on the screen08:00
viegasfhI want it to go straigth to the login screen, and skip this one08:00
viegasfhyes, server install08:00
viegasfhok with the desktop08:00
viegasfhdon't get that on the desktop08:00
twbviegasfh: if you're getting that, there is something wrong08:00
viegasfhand never noticed that on 10.0408:00
viegasfhI am running it on vmware08:01
_rubenand you cant *skip* it, as what you see is realtime08:01
viegasfhwell, not really skip, but stop it from showing on screen08:01
viegasfhI can always go to the logs and see what went wrong08:01
viegasfhI checked the logs and the system seems to be running ok08:03
viegasfhit is just that it has been a long, long time since  I noticed all the logs on screen, in similar fashion to CentOS or Red Hat08:03
viegasfhor FreeBSD08:03
lynxmanmorning o/08:52
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cultavixgood morning09:04
twbI guess if you remove "splash" from grub options but keep "quiet" it will not output much09:05
twbI remove both so that I actually see *useful* bootup messages09:05
Jeeves_root@otrs:~# lsb_release -a09:09
Jeeves_No LSB modules are available.09:09
Jeeves_Distributor ID:Ubuntu09:09
Jeeves_Description:Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS09:09
Jeeves_root@otrs:~# do-release-upgrade09:09
Jeeves_Checking for a new ubuntu release09:09
Jeeves_No new release found09:09
Jeeves_That's odd09:09
xnoxJeeves_: lts->lts upgrades start with 12.04.1 (NB!)09:10
* xnox it's always been like this.09:10
Jeeves_Ehm, not that I know off.09:11
Jeeves_But ok.09:11
xnoxlts->lts upgrades need testing & ironing upgrade bugs out.09:11
twbxnox: oh is *that* why09:11
twbI didn't realize that was official policy, I thought it was just me being sensible09:11
Jeeves_xnox: I thought that was why we had beta's and stuff09:11
twbJeeves_: .0 releases are always bullshit09:12
* xnox and 0day SRU & updates....09:12
twbI don't mean in ubuntu, i mean in anything09:12
ttxDaviey, zul, adam_g: thread for you @ https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg11152.html09:52
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spajderixI broke my OS, and now I'm desperatly trying to fix this, to make long story short I made it to the point where apt-get install -f wants to fix a lot of packages but after retrieving them I get: E: Couldn't configure pre-depend libc6 for findutils, probably a dependency cycle. Anybody knows how to fix this?12:00
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zulgood morning12:58
SandbagCan any one in here recomend an irc server daemon for ubuntu server?13:07
SandbagI read that ircd-hybrid is no longer updated13:07
zuljamespage: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-ubuntu-testing/+bug/99457213:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 994572 in openstack-ubuntu-testing "Builds failing" [Undecided,New]13:09
jamespagezul: not done that yet13:10
jamespageneed to switch to maas first - sorry13:10
zuljamespage: yeah just filed a bug to nag you13:10
mardraumSandbag: the one you know best man. since you are interested in hybrid, which was popular on efnet, maybe you want to look at ratbox.13:10
SandbagThanks mardum - thats the one I was lead to.  Here goes nothing...13:13
Sandbag*mardraum even ;)13:15
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xpistosHello all. I can't find the .torrent for Ubuntu Server 12.04. Can anyone put me in the right direction?13:59
hallynSpamapS: were you going to look at bug 988394 (upstart job woes)14:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 988394 in autofs5 "Reboot hangs because /etc/rc6.d/S40umountfs chokes on non-existent mounts" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98839414:00
xpistosoh wait14:00
xpistosI think I found it - http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/ubuntu-12.04-server-i386.iso.torrent14:00
SpamapShallyn: looking now14:29
SpamapShallyn: looks like slangasek commented. I think he's right. the stop on should be 'stop on deconfiguring-networking'14:36
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zulhallyn: starting the libvirt merge now15:29
hallynzul: cool15:32
ttxadam_g: around ?15:56
hallynkirkland: around?15:59
claude2if i have a running process referencing a symlink, then change what that link points to, does anyone know what the still-running proceses sees?16:00
hallynkirkland: fwiw, for q i'm about to merge debian's seabios.  previously we always had our own.  but since we'll merge debian's qemu-kvm too (hopefully)...16:00
hallynwell, maybe i should wait until after the uds session16:00
hallynall right you've convinced me, i'll wait :)16:00
hallynclaude2: if by 'referencing a symlink' you mean it has opened the file it points to, then it won't see a change16:02
hallynthe open file is to the target inode16:02
claude2awesome. thanks hallyn16:03
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JamesBHowdy... I've used aptitude to add the apparmor package, but aa-status still says apparmor module is not loaded16:19
JamesBThis is with 12.0416:19
JamesBAny idea why this might be?16:19
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hallynJamesB: shouldn't even have needed to add apparmor package....  how did you install the system?16:21
JamesBIt's just a standard Linode install16:23
JamesBDo you think they screwed it up somehow, then?16:23
hallynDunno - what does 'grep -i apparmor /boot/config*' show?16:25
hallynand what is in /proc/cmdline16:25
JamesBroot=/dev/xvda xencons=tty console=tty1 console=hvc0 nosep nodevfs ramdisk_size=32768 ip_conntrack.hashsize=8192 nf_conntrack.hashsize=8192 ro  devtmpfs.mount=116:26
JamesBand there is no directory /boot/config16:26
JamesBlsb_release -a shows 12.04... however oddly uname -a shows kernel 3.0.1816:27
JamesBwhereas Wikipedia suggests it should have kernel 3.2.14... very strange really16:28
hallynYeah I'm guessing the xen kernel there doesn't have apparmor enabled16:28
hallynmount | grep security ?16:29
hallynthen look under that directory.  (hopefully it's /sys/kernel/security)16:29
hallynif it doesn't have 'apparmor' then the kernel doesn't have it16:29
hallynask linode if they can enable it i guess...16:30
JamesBmount lists nothing16:33
JamesBHow very annoying. Rackspace didn't have these screwy kernel problems. Teach me to try saving $5 :P16:34
jkylehow can I get the dependencies for a .deb?16:50
gary_posterjkyle, look at apt-cache16:51
jkylefor a .deb file?16:52
gary_posterhm, of a .deb, jkyle; may or may not work, but worth a check16:52
gary_posteryeah prob not sorry16:52
jkyleyeah, it searches for a package with name "foo.deb"16:53
Tzunamiidpkg -I file.deb16:54
oalI upgraded my server to 12.04 but it no longer connects to the internet after a reboot. Any ideas?16:54
resnooal: does it have an ip/ nic is active and working?16:54
resnocan you ping it?16:54
oalresno: nope16:55
resnoif its disappeared, can you login on the phyiscial machine?16:55
oalresno: yes, I have logged in to the physical machine, ifconfig tells me it has no ip16:56
resnodo you know which eth is your connection on?16:56
oalI'm not a command line ninja, so maybe this is just a one liner to get it fixed16:56
oalresno: eth0?16:56
resnoifconfig eth0 up16:56
resnoi think that should do it16:57
oalresno: no difference, I'm afraid16:57
resnohow did it respond?16:58
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oalNo errors or anything, it just ran the command16:58
TzunamiiSounds like a driver issue16:58
resnoand so it begins... :(16:58
Tzunamiijkyle: Did you get my response earlier?16:58
oalresno: This is a hp laptop (yes, a laptop, but I use it because it gives me an hour extra before it suddenly cuts off).16:59
oal... in case of a power outage17:00
gary_posterhallyn, we had an unusual lxc-start-ephemeral issue today: dhcp leases file didn't exist.  We already wait up to 30 seconds for it to exist.  Should we just up the timeout, or would something like lxcip help, or would you be suspicious of something else?  If it helps, the pertinent bit in the script is http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/967318/ .  The last "if" in the excerpt was false.17:00
oalI'll try to reboot it and see if it magically fixes itself17:01
oalWow, it did...17:03
resnooal: cool17:08
stgraberjjohansen: hey there. Are you aware that the kernel currently in quantal gives stacktraces when starting an LXC container (seems to be related to apparmor/audit), /etc/init.d/apparmor reload is also very slow and complains about the network rules17:11
stgraberjjohansen: (I know it's very very early in the quantal cycle and I shouldn't be expecting things to be stable/working at this point ;))17:11
stgraberI guess I'll just install Precise's kernel for now17:11
jjohansenstgraber: nope I haven't poked at quantal at all17:11
jjohansenstgraber: but thanks for the heads up, that means something upstream is probably broken17:12
* jjohansen hasn't checked that recently either17:12
stgraberjjohansen: ok, let me pastebin my dmesg, maybe you'll see something obviously broken in there :)17:12
stgraberjjohansen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/96735117:13
jjohansensigh, yeah audit. eparis pushed out a patch changing lsm audit that affected apparmor and /me never got a chance to look at/check it :(17:14
stgraberjjohansen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/967358/ is what apparmor reload gives me on quantal :)17:16
jjohansenstgraber: yeah it seems the kt dropped a patch when it failed to apply17:17
* jjohansen will kick them for not pinging /me to fix it17:18
stgraberok :)17:18
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Gallomimiacan someone explain to me how to get an apache install going? i don't even know what to enter into apt tools to see if it's installed :/17:23
jpdsGallomimia: sudo apt-get install apache217:24
Gallomimiaahhhhh twooooo17:25
Pinkamena_Di am running ubuntu server for about half a year now and recently this has been happening maybe a day or so of server uptime : May  4 11:51:57 xseries kernel: [174049.008015] INFO: rcu_bh_state detected stalls on CPUs/tasks: { 7} (detected by 6, t=4653300 jiffies)17:26
Pinkamena_Danyone know how to fix?17:26
Gallomimiawhat release of ubuntu server is running?17:27
Pinkamena_Dthe one before the most recent 11.something17:27
Pinkamena_Di know thats not helpful uhh17:27
Gallomimiano it is. it only came out 1 week ago17:27
Gallomimiasome people like to wait more than 1 week before upgrading17:27
Pinkamena_D11.10 generic17:28
Gallomimiathe more adoption a product has, the bigger upswing there is between tested bugs and found bugs upon release (as in, by users instead of testers)17:28
Pinkamena_Danyways that error shows up every 15 minutes or so, and i cant do anything on the server. Background htings like the web server and ftp server keep working, but if i type any commands they do nothing. i have to reboot it17:29
hallyngary_poster: i think using lxc-ip would be best17:29
zulhallyn: merging libvirt is not fun17:29
Pinkamena_Di can paste the whole syslog is that would help17:30
hallynzul: i know :)  did you look at my old 0.9.9 merge for a start?17:30
hallyni assume you're doing 0.9.11 now or somesuch17:30
zulhallyn: no i just went straight to 0.9.1117:30
zulhallyn: 32 lines for chanelog entry so far17:31
hallynzul: do you see any bits there that we can push back to debian?17:31
zulone or two patches so far17:31
hallynwhy do we use libvirtd for group when debian continues to use libvirt, for instance?17:32
gary_posterhallyn, that's what I thought.  We can make a version of lxc-start-ephemeral that does this.  That won't help Precise though, right?  Not sure if a fix for this kind of problem would even be considered SRU material, and if so, I's guess that a solution that added an entirely new script would not be an easy sell.17:32
hallyni think it greatly improves a bug in lxc-start-ephemeral to use lxc-ip for it, and therefore we may be able to get lxc-ip in as part of that fix17:33
hallynstgraber: ^ what od you think?17:33
stgraberhallyn: reading backscroll17:33
Gallomimiadoes this have anything to do with it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/85568417:34
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 855684 in linux "The machine locks up hard on heavy load [SATA errors]" [Undecided,Invalid]17:34
GallomimiaPinkamena_D: seems this bug is related and possibly means it's a kernel bug17:36
stgraberhallyn: not sure what's the qestion/problem here. AFAIK lxc-start-ephemeral doesn't currently provide you with the IP address, so I don't see how you'd justify adding lxc-ip through an SRU17:37
stgraberunless I'm missing something here17:37
Pinkamena_Dso, is thewir anything i can do17:37
Pinkamena_Dthat does look like almost the same bug17:38
Pinkamena_Di assums the 0 is replaced with a 7 in mine because thats the cpu core that is stalled?17:38
gary_posterstgraber, it needs to get an ip address, so it can ssh into the container, in the absence of lxc-attach.  it currently gets the ip address with a dhcp lease parsing hack.  using lxcip, we hope, would be less hacky and more robust.17:40
GallomimiaPinkamena_D: find more. perhaps someone who knows more about the cpu stall bug will pipe up in here17:41
gary_poster(you are correct that it does not provide the user with the IP address; it is a consumer of the IP address)17:42
stgrabergary_poster: right, but looking at the dhcp lease file isn't something the lxc package does at the moment, it's something you're doing. So you should be carrying lxcip if you want to have it reliable, I don't see a reason for us to SRU it in the lxc package17:42
stgraberwe certainly want that fixed in 12.10 though and hopefully we'll have an official python module then17:42
GallomimiaPinkamena_D: compare your kernel version to the versions discussed in that bug. i think it's ubuntu cause google got searched. but make sure. there seems to be a fix present17:42
stgraberand can then backport 12.10's LXC to 12.0417:42
gary_posterstgraber, lxc-start-ephemeral is in ubuntu's lxc; is the distinction you are making that it is not upstream?17:43
stgrabergary_poster: no, the distinction I'm making is that lxc-start-ephemeral doesn't deal with IP addresses at all, so the fact that looking at the dhcpd lease file isn't reliable isn't an LXC bug17:45
stgraberadding lxcip to lxc post-release would be adding a new feature, not fixing a bug17:45
hallynstgraber: i'd argue that ssh'ing into the container is a core part of lxc-start-ephemeral.  when that doesn't work it's broken/worthless17:47
gary_posterright, that's kind of where I was about to go17:47
stgraberhallyn: IIRC lxc-start-ephemeral gives you the container name and the matching lxc-console call, not it's IP and ssh command17:48
hallynstgraber: it does also do that, but it's main purpose was to be able to run a command in a ephemeral container as in 'lxc-start-ephemeral <args> -- dosomething'17:50
hallynstill i certainly agree adding a new program is not to be taking lightly :)17:51
hallyngary_poster: any ideas on why the leases file wasn't created?17:51
stgraberhallyn: oh, now that I actually looked at lxc-start-ephemeral code, what you two are saying makes sense :)17:51
stgraberhallyn: so yeah, adding lxcip instead of messing with the lease in17:51
stgraberlxc-start-ephemeral sounds good17:51
hallynsru time might of course still disagree :)  but it's definately the less hacky fix17:52
stgraberyeah, and I know some people will be happy to have lxcip in 12.04 ;)17:53
stgraberhighvoltage: ^ :)17:53
rocketsPsi-Jack, are you here :-D17:53
gary_posterhallyn, the only thing I could figure was that the (EC2) machine was under heavy load (seven other lxcs initializing and running things inside them) and 30 seconds was not enough.  I've gotten two of those failures today so I'm trying to simply bump the timeout up to 60 to test that hypothesis.17:53
GallomimiaPinkamena_D: did you find out what kernel your server is running?17:55
gary_posterhallyn, stgraber: fixing with lxcip: cool, we can make a first stab at it if that helps.  I'll file a bug now.17:55
Pinkamena_Dhow do you find that out17:57
Gallomimiahm. i'm not too sure. i'm a bit of a noob.17:58
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Pinkamena_Dme too17:58
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Pinkamena_Dbe back in a little bit...17:59
Gallomimiaalright let's be noob together. go find out how in some manuals. i think a related command is called uname17:59
bazhanguname -r17:59
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Gallomimiaty bazhang17:59
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Gallomimiaamazing. i completely couldn't remember uname until you caused me to think about it Pinkamena_D.18:01
highvoltagestgraber: hehe18:03
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RamJettHow do I make sure all the dependencies, like network, database, etc. are running before a service starts. I'm having a problem with glance-registry loading before the network dev and database is up. So I then have to go in and manually start after a reboot18:13
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Patrickdkjust edit the upstart script in /etc/init to make sure it depends on networking and database18:15
PatrickdkI did that for postfix, to depend on dovecot being up, works so much better now18:15
Patrickdksince postfix won't start if dovecot auth file doesn't exist18:15
RamJettWhere do I get documentation on the /etc/init/*.conf syntax. I've messed with it, but something isn't right.18:16
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RamJettI changed "start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE!=eth2)" it was "start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE!=lo)" .. I still have the problem18:18
RamJettIt also has "respawn" set. Which seems to work for glance-api .. but not glance-registry18:20
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JamesBIs there any way with AppArmor to determine what file a DENIED dac_override capability is for?18:35
adam_gRamJett: what version of glance are you using? that was fixed upstream to retry database connection on startup, to avoid what you are seeing18:48
Aisonafter upgrade to precise, I get this error when I try to start mysql server18:48
Aisoninit: mysql pre-start process (7861) terminated with status 118:48
Aisonno idea what's up18:48
RamJettadam_g: glance 2012.1 . It's what is latest LTS 12.04 . I will see what the upstream looks like18:51
adam_gRamJett: its the same. what does /var/log/glance/glance-registry.log show during its failed startup?18:51
RamJettadam_g: Not sure right now on exact error, but something about not being able to bind, syslog log says "init: glance-registry main process (1435) terminated with status 1" ..rep 11ist times "glance-registry respawning too fast, stopped"18:55
RamJettglance-registry error .. Error configuring registry database with supplied sql_connection ... (OperationalError) could not connect to server: Connection refused"18:57
RamJettadam_g: biggest difference than most I think. I'm running with postgresql instead of mysql that most online docs use18:59
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adam_gRamJett: hmm, yeah, the workaround to get glance started up with database retries is mysql-specific. can you file a bug? we should get get that fixed for postres too19:08
thomasuanyone familiar with dovecot here?19:08
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RamJettSo I put a 3 second sleep in there so the respawn won't fail because of respawn too fast. But I will see about filing a bug for it. I imagine all the openstack processes are complaining on startup20:11
RamJettadam_g: Do you know where the mysql specific bug got filed? So I can do in the same place.20:14
adam_gRamJett: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/5938/20:48
adam_gRamJett: the fix is outside of packaging/upstart and in the actual glance-registry itself20:48
adam_gDaviey: around?20:50
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stgraberhallyn: hmm, I'm sure I saw someone mention this in the past, but why exactly isn't "lxc.aa_profile = unconfined" working in 12.04?22:15
hallynuh, it is.  should be.22:15
hallynnot for lxc-execute22:16
hallynoh no, that is the only one that *does* work for lxc-execute :)22:16
stgraberroot@castiana:~# sudo lxc-start -n ubucloud-precise22:16
stgraberlxc-start: No such file or directory - failed to change apparmor profile to unconfined22:16
hallynoh, right,22:16
stgraber(noticed that when trying the examples from my upcoming blog post ;))22:16
hallyni think jjohansen was pushing a fix22:16
hallynjjohansen: ^22:16
stgraberI'm talking about LXC nesting, but for cgroup-lite to work, I need to move to unconfined (easier than writing a custom profile for it)22:17
jjohansenstgraber, hallyn: yep its one of the fixes that is coming22:17
stgraberjjohansen: cool, I'll work around it for now by linking an apparmor profile that's working with nesting then.22:18
hallynstgraber: jjohansen: ppa:serge-hallyn/userns-natty shoudl soon have a new quantal kernel with eric's userns patches ready for testing, btw22:21
hallynjjohansen: what's the approx eta on the unconfined fixes/22:21
jjohansenhallyn: hrmm, let me pester kt22:22
jjohansenhallyn: well it will depend on the timing of the next kernel upload, I expect next week to mess things up a little22:26
hallynok, thanks.  (i just ahd figured it would've happened this past week)22:27
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stgraberhallyn: still working on my apparmor profile for nested containers, I think we should include it in the lxc package for quantal once it's done, so people have an example of an alternate profile22:38
hallynstgraber: sounds great22:45
RamJettDoes anyone know a good Fiber 1000base NIC that works with Ubuntu? It needs to be Multi Mode23:07
Patrickdkramjett, pretty much any?23:12
Patrickdkjust get an intel one :)23:12
RamJettNice. I've always used ImageStream routers in the past if I needed them with fiber, but the company I'm working with now needs me to get it from Dell. Dell just told me .. the do not know any 1000base fiber .. let us know a part number and we'll see if they are one of our vendor. They did mention Intel being one23:15
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stgraberhallyn: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/05/04/lxc-in-ubuntu-12-04-lts/ <-- will be appearing on Planet Ubuntu in a few minutes23:49

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