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AminosAmigoshi :)14:09
AminosAmigosany one tried cinnamon ?14:09
AminosAmigosgood evening :)17:56
fak_hergood evening aminos17:56
AminosAmigoshow r u ?17:56
fak_hernot bad17:57
fak_heru ?17:57
AminosAmigosi want to ask if anyone knows how to activate the scrolling with the mouse ?17:58
AminosAmigoswhile surfing the net17:58
fak_heraminos : do you mean you don't have the scrollbar on your browser ?18:12
fak_herwhat is ur browser?18:14
AminosAmigosOn winbug :p when you press the middle button and move the mouse down or up it dows the sameas scrolling with the mouse wheel18:14
AminosAmigos* same as18:14
fak_herahhh u want do the same thing on ubuntu ?18:15
AminosAmigosif possible18:17
fak_herwhat is ur browser ?18:25
fak_heropen ur browser18:27
fak_hergo to edition18:27
fak_herand tick active or use the automatique scrolling18:29
fak_herdid u found it ? sorry cause my ff is french18:29
fak_herso ?18:31
AminosAmigosYEp THANK YOU !!!18:33
AminosAmigosBy the way can you point me to references about How Live CD works ?18:38
AminosAmigoscuz i could not find anything "easy" to understand :)18:39
fak_herhow install ubuntu with the live cd ?18:43
AminosAmigosnope i mean the technology it self18:44
fak_heri dont know, sorry18:45
AminosAmigosOK no prob i ll keep looking18:46
AminosAmigosthnx geekette86 :D18:46
geekette86ur welcome hope it help18:47
geekette86u wanna make live CD AminosAmigos18:54
AminosAmigosI have Live Cd and usbs but i wanted to know how they work because it's really COOL :)18:55
AminosAmigos:o This one is much better :)18:57
AminosAmigosThanks A LOT18:58
geekette86;-) ur welcome Bro18:58
DelphiWorldhey ;)à20:45
DelphiWorldsalut neo31 ;)20:45
DelphiWorldou est anis ;)23:18
DelphiWorldneo31: Tu est La ?23:21
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