snap-lGood God, I'm at the 2/3rds mark for Lococast, and it's 52 minutes in.03:20
snap-lgood morning10:55
rick_h_bah, morning11:15
snap-lrick_h_: Episode edits winging their way to you.11:20
rick_h_snap-l: woot! thanks11:27
rick_h_phew, 50% off oreilly books for anti drm day and I'm out of things to buy yay!11:38
brouschoooooh 50% off all o'reilly books11:43
snap-lGod bless identi.ca: http://identi.ca/conversation/93003333#notice-9334492112:21
brouschi am caught up on podcasts12:24
snap-lbrousch: I think your podcatcher is broken12:24
brouschi started skipping podcasts with topics i don't care about12:25
snap-lbrousch: Ah, there's a plan12:25
brouschand many of them have died. no python or django podcasts any more12:25
shakes808Morning all13:07
shakes808It's FRIDAY BITCHES!13:10
snap-lvirtual machines are awesome.13:16
snap-lThat is all13:16
snap-lhttp://www.dicecreator.com/qr-code-dice-cease-desist/ <- Ass clown of the day13:33
snap-lhttp://codigocube.com/ <- Dumbass game that has the patent-pending QR code cube.13:34
brouschwhy would you want qrcodes on dice?13:40
brouschthe only way you could read them is with a phone13:40
brouschthis seems annoying and illogical13:40
snap-lAnd it's so NOVEL of an idea that NOBODY would EVERY think of it13:41
snap-lDifference is dicecreator.com actually made a shipping product13:41
brouschi'm going to put qrcodes around a spinner and make a fortune!13:41
snap-lThat patent is stupid13:41
shakes808interesting video on the bottom of the page13:42
brouschsnap-l: this is hurting my head13:44
snap-lEven better, it's a pending pattent application13:44
snap-lIt's the equivalent of someone asking where their desk is because they filled out an employment application13:44
brouschplays best on iphone but the video's file name is .wmv13:45
brouschi assume you all are going to see Wierd Al at the Fox Theater on Saturday14:40
brouschthe Michigan Garrison of the 501st Storm Troopers Legion will be there14:41
snap-lLive music from the DSO on WRCJ14:48
snap-lbrousch: Having to give it a pass unfortunately14:49
snap-lDad-in-law's b-day on Saturday.14:49
snap-l(btw: that wrcj stuff is going on now)14:49
brouschtake him to the concert. everyone loves weird al14:53
shakes808:( I wsh I could go14:58
snap-lWow, just got my first #ff on twitter.14:58
shakes808Tickets are too expensive and already have things going on this weekend :(14:59
shakes808snap-l: ? What is #ff?14:59
brouschColonelPanic001 is the only non-lameoid14:59
snap-lFollow Friday14:59
rick_h_snap-l: nice15:00
shakes808My girl and I might be going to this concert later on this year :D http://www.ticketmaster.com/Rockstar-Energy-Drink-Mayhem-Festival-tickets/artist/142369215:00
snap-lshakes808: awesomesauce15:01
shakes808I just hope Slipknot is still AMAZING live15:01
shakes808I seen them YEARS ago and they were one of the best performances I have seen in a long time15:02
snap-lshakes808: I'm sure they are, even without Paul Gray15:02
snap-lfor some reason, I thought Clown passed on, but I"m mistaken15:03
krondorIn a 32-bit world, you're a 2-bit user.  You've got your own newsgroup alt.total-loser : love me some Weird Al!15:03
greg-glol at ticketmaster: category = "alternative rock"15:03
krondorthough that song is now showing its age15:03
snap-lkrondor: I have a feeling it's not hard to update15:04
shakes808greg-g: lol15:04
snap-lsame number of syllables.15:04
* greg-g lives in a 128-bit world15:05
* snap-l wishes he had two-bits to rub together.15:05
brouschkrondor: i have a weird al pentiums t-shirt from when i saw him way back in 200015:05
greg-gI assume everyone has seen this, right? http://shop.oreilly.com/category/deals/day-against-drm.do15:06
greg-gbrousch: nice!15:06
brouschit still loks decent even though i wear it once a month15:06
snap-lgreg-g: Seen it, and pillaged it.15:06
shakes808Do you get the MUG discount on top of that?15:07
snap-lshakes808: Pretty sure you only get to use one at a time15:08
shakes808snap-l: :*(15:08
snap-lbut if you want to use the mug discount in lieu of the DRMFREE discount, be my guest.15:08
greg-gwhat is the MUG discount?15:09
greg-gI mean, how much?15:09
snap-l(Actually, it might be more than that, now that I think of it)15:09
shakes808would like to get the 85% off ;)15:10
brouschsnap-l: i think ours is 40% of print books and 50% off ebook. code DSUG15:10
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, OK15:10
brouschlooks like a generic code15:10
snap-lWe got the DSUG2, which is buy-one, get one free15:11
snap-lbut DSUG is pretty much a known quantity15:11
brouschyou're right, i have both of those15:11
brouschalso have 36% off manning if anyone cares15:11
shakes808Man, the discounts are flying out of control ;)15:12
brouschthey give the same discounts to any user group15:13
greg-gok, I'm sorry, but this is just quirky, The book "The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression" is available in DAISY format (DAISY is the format for blind readers)15:14
greg-g"With well over 100 beautiful photographic illustrations in both black-and-white and color, as well as numerous charts, graphs, and tables, this book..."15:15
greg-g... is worthless in the DAISY format15:16
snap-lYou never know. :)15:16
greg-gI mean, granted, DAISY support sophisticated descriptions of images (think alt-text)15:16
greg-gsnap-l: you have silenced me.15:17
greg-gsometimes, rescheduling a task's due date (to tomorrow/next week) feels productive in and of itself15:22
snap-lNot all "blind" folks have lost all of their sight15:23
greg-gsnap-l: right, same kind of terminology with deaf (though, they usually say "deaf and hard of hearing")15:23
* greg-g dated an ASL interpreter for 4 years15:24
snap-lYeah, absolutes aren't the norm.15:24
* greg-g nods15:25
brouschawesome http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2012/05/04/the-heartland-institute-sinks-to-a-new-low/17:23
greg-ggrrr, dislike my phone, always running out of "memory"17:34
brouschstorage or ram?17:39
greg-ginternal storage17:42
greg-ghence the quotes around "memory" (I hate when systems use words either incorrectly or vaguely, TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG SO I CAN FIX IT! I CLEARED MY MEMORY BUT YOU SAY IT IS STILL FULL!"17:43
brouschi had that on my old droid. can you move apps to SD?17:43
greg-ga combination of small internal storage (2 gig, I believe) and crappy Virgin Mobile apps I can't uninstall/move to SD card17:44
greg-gmoved all I can :/17:44
brouschswitch to the mobile web version to replace some of the apps17:44
brouschlike FB17:44
greg-gbut, there's also the other apps I've installed that don't allow moving. New rule: apps must allow moving.17:44
greg-gyou think I have FB installed.17:44
brouschi assumed virgin installed it for you17:45
brouschalong with ESPN Preview and Blockbuster17:45
greg-galso, how can you switch to the mobile web version if you can't uninstall the app?17:46
brouschhm, a good point17:48
greg-gat least with a new Windows computer you can uninstall the stupid adware crap Dell installs.17:49
brouschgreg-g: shouldn't you be out marching with the other freetards? http://www.fsf.org/news/coalition-against-digital-restrictions-management-ready-to-go-for-may-4th-day-against-drm17:50
greg-gbrousch: I already did my march, I'm on the 7-9am shift17:50
brouschgreg-g: are you using the optimus on virgin? i almost went that route17:51
greg-gcheap, decent coverage (not in Montana/Wyoming, but oh well), Android. done.17:52
brouschwell not quite done if you keep running out of space17:55
snap-lgreg-g: Check out ting.com17:55
snap-lI'm still in the honeymoon phase, but liking it so far.17:56
greg-gsnap-l: yeah, did the math, I would save like $2-3/mo, not worth the switch yet17:56
greg-gbut, totally my next jump17:56
greg-gbrousch: good point ;)17:57
snap-lOK, who is the idiot who decided to distribute java code in a .exe file?17:58
brouschi was concerned about coverage (especially around fremont) and the speed of the phone. space never entered my thoughts17:58
shakes808snap-l: Wednesday at the CHC, I got the enemy sprites to show up and it seems to run a lot better on a Linux distro than it did on the Windows. Here is the link to the source: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13889126/Python/FINAL222.tar.gz18:00
shakes808rick_h_: *COUGH* spaces ;)18:01
snap-lshakes808: Cool. Will check it out either this weekend, or next18:05
shakes808sounds good18:06
shakes808I am going to be going through it at some point and see if I can clean up the code.18:06
shakes808It will be something some what familiar to me and get me used to working within VI18:06
shakes808going to go through the videos that rick_h_ put together and seee what I can do :D18:11
brouschah crap crap crap. tedxgrandrapids in on thursday and i haven't made any business cards for my groups18:20
snap-lUgh, Beastie Boy rapper MCA passed away.18:21
brouscha day of mourning18:22
rick_h_not to be a bad guy...but man that's one band I can do without ever hearing again18:26
snap-lWe've already established that you hate music. ;)18:27
* snap-l starts making rick_h_ a mixtape18:27
* widox cranks up some Beasie Boys18:31
brouschbeastie boys rock18:40
shakes808older BB were good. The new stuff was just mediocre18:42
shakes808Back with Paul Revere and Brass Monkey and Boomin' Granny and Girls18:44
shakes808Pretty much the whole License to Ill album18:45
shakes808Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. SPOCK18:52
snap-lI like Paul's boutique and Check Your Head19:05
snap-lhaven't listened to anything since, though19:05
snap-lsave for Intergalactic Planetary19:05
shakes808in luei of MCA's death, Beastie Boys Pandora radio station is created..... Insane in the membrain. INSANE IN THE BRAIN19:06
snap-lshakes808: Please turn in your internet connection. You're no longer welcome. ;)19:07
shakes808I don't have the music box do hickey19:08
greg-gman I hate having to rewrite documents20:08
greg-gespecially when the first one had all the necessary politicing/schmoozing language that is so hard to write20:08
greg-g(as in, I think it didn't save to U1 from work, so I don't have it here)20:08
snap-lOh, that sucks20:12
snap-lno remote access to the machine that might have it?20:12
greg-gnope, I even shut it down (I bring home the power cord for ease of coffee shop goings and I took the battery home to see if it would work on my x200s, it did not)20:13
brouschdropbox ftw20:16
greg-gyeah, I saved it in U1, like all work docs20:17
greg-gor so I thought20:17
greg-gthat's the weird part20:17
greg-gchecked the web interface, not there20:18
snap-lgreg-g: U1 can be a PITA if it doesn't actually sync20:36
snap-lhave had several instances where it got into a syncing loop20:37
brouschanyone read these? http://pragprog.com/titles20:58
snap-lbrousch: They're a good publisher for more tutorial-based books20:59
rick_h_brousch: which ones?20:59
rick_h_I've read several of them20:59
shakes808have a good weekend all21:07

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