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MarkB1has there been any reports of "removed kernel packages", after a reboot from a 11.10 => 12.04 upgrade?   Wierd, but happened to me19:58
foxwolfbloodMarkB1: hmm?19:59
MarkB1only memtest, to boot to!   Used 64-bit knoppix to chroot, re-install linux-kernel package --19:59
foxwolfbloodnot that i know of.19:59
foxwolfbloodthat shouldn't happen19:59
MarkB1the upgrade was so vanilla, that I have no idea why this happened...19:59
MarkB1but /boot was empty, except for memtest20:00
foxwolfbloodMarkB1: thats really strange20:00
MarkB1foxwolfblood: no kidding20:00
foxwolfbloodmaybe it didn't finish or something20:00
foxwolfbloodMarkB1: or errored on installing the new kernel packages20:00
MarkB1if I knew the Launchpad bug-tracking URL for the upgrade, I would take a look....20:00
MarkB1possibly, but why not error then, on the re-install?  (from knoppix64 chroot)?20:01
foxwolfbloodjust happened?20:01
foxwolfbloodsometimes there is just issues20:01
MarkB1foxwolfblood: well, perhaps the upgrade process should not remove the _last_, most recent kernel -- ever -- and still proceed ot install the upgrade's kernel20:02
foxwolfbloodlike MarkB1 i can agree with that20:03
foxwolfbloodmy /boot is shared with other distros so i don't even mount it20:03
MarkB1well, my /boot is inside / (root)20:03
MarkB1everything else is an LVM partition20:03
MarkB1bac: bac?20:04
MarkB1if I knew the Launchpad bug-tracking URL for the upgrade, I would take a look.... (for reports of no kernel after the upgrade)20:04
foxwolfbloodhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager-core is this it?20:05
MarkB1bac: thanks, will check20:07
bacMarkB1: my /boot has packages going back to november.  i don't think the upgrade cleans up /boot20:09
MarkB1bac: mine was cleaned out....20:10
MarkB1only memtest remained20:10
MarkB1however, it could be I was cleaning up, and accidentally deleted the kernel.... unlikely, but possible  :-/20:10
bacMarkB1: you do love to tinker20:11
MarkB1not that much, this is my main / only work machine20:11
bacMarkB1: so are you recovered now?20:11
foxwolfblooddont mind me asking, what part of NC are you guys in, im in charlotte20:12
bacnorth chatham, just south of carrboro20:12
MarkB1I rotate between Yadkinville and north Chatham (15-501 S)20:12
MarkB1use Kubuntu 12.04 (now, was 11.04 => ....)20:12
holsteinfoxwolfblood: im in asheville20:13
MarkB1bac: yes, I spent Weds a.m. trying to figure out the hard way (grub2 + a copied kernel) to do, what was 10x easier with Knoppix + chroot20:13
* bac needs to get back to asheville20:13
foxwolfbloodalthough, ill be in cullowhee soon (hopefully)20:14
MarkB1foxwolfblood: great!   fun Mountain Heritage Day there, in Sept ???20:14
foxwolfbloodMarkB1: hmm?20:14
foxwolfbloodgood idea20:15
MarkB11 day festival for the region, a lot of fun20:15
MarkB1on campus at WCU20:15
holsteini went to school there20:15
foxwolfbloodholstein: well you know why i'm probably being in that area :P20:16
foxwolfbloodlike a month left of HS20:16
foxwolfbloodnow i need to try to not fail :/20:16
holsteineh.. failing now is better than later20:16
foxwolfbloodholstein: oh that was more of a joke :P20:17
holsteinyou mean, that you dont fail?20:18
foxwolfbloodholstein: do i seem like someone that fails to you?20:21
holsteinyou seem exactly like someone i know nothing about :)20:21
holsteinbut im glad to meet you20:21
foxwolfbloodholstein: but this is IRC, we all have at least one thing in common!20:21
holsteini mean no disrespect, nor to imply you are going to fail20:21
foxwolfbloodholstein: :D20:22
foxwolfbloodim just being myself, a bit random and silly :P20:22
holsteini do feel like i wish i had messed around more in high school, and got more serious in college, instead of the other way around20:22
foxwolfbloodholstein: haha, i did mess around a ton 9th and 10th grade :P20:23
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