thafreakI'm SO glad to be done with that class...13:24
thafreakall grades submitted, now I can wipe my laptop and install 12.04 :)13:24
_bbbdid that last weekend14:12
_bbbon my wintendo14:12
_bbbunity is still there =)14:12
jrgiffordugh, i hate IRC bots. :\14:19
jrgiffordthey are so... un-user friendly.14:20
* canthus13 is too user friendly.14:22
thafreakcanthus13 is a bot...should have known14:38
thafreakcan anyone recommend decent external esata enclosures?14:39
thafreakI've always used the backplane kind, you mount in the case, and then fill trays with drives14:40
thafreakbut I'm thinking I'm going to do something differnt this next time...14:40
thafreakfyi, I installed owncloud from ubuntu repos, and was impressed how well it just worked out of the box15:01
thafreakwant to try installing it from source and running it as a fastcgi process though, cause apache is a hog15:02
thafreakActually, I take that back...I have it running on the same box I'm testing out lubuntu and x2go15:03
thafreakseems x2go and chromium are using up most of the ram, apache isn't even near the top15:03
thafreakmysqld is using more ram than apache surprisingly15:04
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thafreakso, anyone know what ubuntu group might have dominion over remote desktops?20:34
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