valoriethefinn93: were you at LFNW?08:03
valorieif so, we didn't meet up08:03
thefinn93i ended up in portland that weekend08:03
valoriehope that was fun?08:03
thefinn93it was08:03
valoriebecause LFNW was a blast08:03
thefinn93i bet08:04
thefinn93i wish i coulda gone08:04
valoriewhat kept you from coming up?08:04
thefinn93well i had made plans to go to portland a while before08:06
thefinn93and i relized that LFNW was that weekend far too late08:06
valorieI hear ya08:06
valoriesorta sucks that it is/was on release weekend08:06
thefinn93will you be at OSCON?08:07
valorieotoh, we could hand out fresh CDs08:07
thefinn93im most likely gonna go08:07
valoriedef. will be at CLS08:07
valorieOSCON isn't as much fun as it used to be08:07
valoriebut I'll see what the sched looks like08:07
valorieI'll be in town at least part of that week08:08
thefinn93when is CLS?08:08
thefinn93it's right before isn't it?08:08
valoriethe weekend before08:08
valorieat the same venue08:08
thefinn93alright, i'll try n make it08:08
valoriemuch more fun if you care about community08:08
valoriesmaller, much more FOSSy, etc.08:08
thefinn93sounds fun08:09
valorieit really is08:10

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