SarvattRAOF: your 7600go system is still working?04:27
RAOFYeah, last time I checked.04:27
Sarvattall my darn old nvidias are dead, but they were the busted 8xxx series :(04:28
RAOFI shall check again.04:28
tjaaltoni have a gf8600gt04:29
RAOFNow I'm interested.04:30
RAOFIt doesn't take much to check.04:30
RAOFI've just turned it on, so that means it should be booted in an hour or so.  It's got a super-degraded btrfs root.04:31
Sarvattyeah it might be prudent to just plain blacklist nvfx from using unity given the number of bugs04:31
SarvattRAOF: shouldn't you be on a plane already to make it in time for monday? :P04:33
Sarvattmlankhorst is arriving at SFO close to the same time you are i think, told him to look for the guy who looks like he's been on a plane for 30 hours :)04:34
Sarvatthaving to figure out another countries public transport after a long flight really sucks04:35
RAOFWell, unity works on nouveau as of Precise circa 3.2.0-17ish.04:35
RAOFAlso, wow.  This is so old that Do has managed to claim <super><space>!04:36
Sarvattha! pleasant surprise i bet04:36
brycehBART's pretty straightforward04:37
Sarvattis it still 7.11 mesa?04:37
RAOFNo, 8.0.104:38
Sarvattif i got told i had to take a tram in budapest after that flight i wouldn't be happy :)04:38
RAOFbryceh: Yeah, it looked like it should be possible for me to navigate.  I've arranged to meet mlankhorst so we can get lost together if necessary.04:38
SarvattRAOF: or you could share a cab, i'm sure ya can expense USD $4004:41
Sarvattthe orlando cab was $50 every time by myself and didnt have any problems04:41
RAOFI actually rather like taking a train after a plane ride.04:41
RAOFSarvatt: Yeah, but there was no public transport in Orlando.04:42
broderhmm...i think the most difficult thing to know about bart is that you should keep your ticket after you enter, because you have to present it again when you leave04:43
RAOFThen I should be right at home; that's the case on Sydney trains as well.04:45
broderi think it's also always the case that trains only come to/go from the sfo stop in one direction, so hard to screw that up04:48
broder(but you might have to change trains if they're only running south)04:48
RAOFAs long as things are halfway-decently signposted I think I can manage :)04:52
Sarvattmlankhorst: did you email marianna? you seriously might want to to be sure you have a room since you registered so late04:52
tjaaltoni'll arrive at 2pm tomorrow, lots of time to spend..04:57
Sarvattwish i was going, participating remotely really sucks04:58
tjaaltonoh you're not, wtf!04:59
RAOF !!!05:01
mlankhorstRAOF: did you? :)06:02
RAOFmlankhorst: email Marianna?  Yeah, can't change roomies at this point.06:03
RAOFWhich is a pity, but y06:04
RAOFou'll probably get someone more interesting than me :)06:04
Sarvattoh i wasnt suggesting emailing marianna to change roomies, that ended like march 30th06:09
Sarvattmlankhorst just registered for attendance yesterday and not sure she's still setting up rooms that late :)06:09
tjaaltonwhee, xserver segfault after switching back to my session06:23
tjaaltonof course there's no crash dump06:24
erapplesdid anything recently change with edgers or quantal?08:14
erapplesi can't get a 3d desktop anymore08:14
tjaaltonbug 992745, fixed in quantal08:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 992745 in libxfont (Ubuntu) "X doesn't load in Quantal, downgrading libxfont1 to Precise version fixes it : could not open default font 'fixed'" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99274508:17
erapplesthank you tjaalton 08:17
erappleswas this also affecting 2d desktops?08:17
tjaaltonalso that same change was pushed to edgers recently08:17
erapplescuz that does work08:18
tjaaltonnot sure08:18
tjaaltonso if you have that update then it's something else08:18
erappleswhen was it pushed?08:18
tjaaltonmay 1st to edgers08:19
erapplesprob diff bug then08:20
erapplesi'm purging edgers and resetting my x packages08:21
tjaaltonquantal edgers though, not precise08:21
erappleshmm, i only just upgraded the repo earlier today i think08:22
Sarvattyeah edgers totally changed when i put mesa 8.1 in on the 2nd, and all drivers arent in edgers yet for quantal so you need both precise and quantal added to sources to use it08:26
Sarvattaka i started updating it again instead of ignoring it for months08:27
Sarvatti dont know why 3d only would be broken but its plausable that mesa is busted on your gpu because its crack and not the stable mesa branch that was in there before08:28
Sarvatti'm using it now that i'm updating it and gen6-7 intel is fine at least08:30
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brycehheh, love it when bug reports quit ubuntu due to -nvidia being broken... then come back and say, "Well, the driver doesn't work on OpenSUSE either..."22:00
Prf_JakobSarvatt: ah looks like i dropped the ball on the suspend bug.22:39
Prf_JakobSarvatt: Should I still file a bug in launchpad to get the fix included?22:39
SarvattPrf_Jakob: crap man, I completely forgot too, I'm sorry. you said just suspending inside the VM was enough right? I just kicked off a 12.04 install in player to try to reproduce it22:46
Sarvatthmm can't wake it from suspend22:51
Sarvattah yep hit it22:55
Sarvattargh, freaking 2 factor auth to log in launchpad from inside the vm, no yubikey handy  :)22:56
Sarvattits ok i'm filing it now22:57
Prf_JakobShould I do something, like a me to on the bug?23:05
Sarvattok http://pad.lv/994888 is a skeleton for now, about to try the package with the fix you said was needed now and put that info there and fill it out some more. it would be much appreciated if you could mention that you pointed out the fix and had run through VMware QA on the bug so its more easily accepted as a SRU :P23:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 994888 in xserver-xorg-video-vmware (Ubuntu) "Unrecoverable crash when suspending from inside a virtual machine" [Undecided,New]23:05
Prf_JakobSarvatt: ok bug updated, very short but it should get the point across.23:17
Sarvattthanks, i'm still writing up the SRU paperwork of doom (hate this part)23:18
Sarvattthere we go https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-vmware/+bug/99488823:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 994888 in xserver-xorg-video-vmware (Ubuntu) "Unrecoverable crash when suspending from inside a virtual machine" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:20
Sarvattnow to get it packaged up properly and find a sponsor to upload it :)23:20
brycehSarvatt, yeah the yubi key business is annoying me.  I'm going to have to reengineer my desk around this23:35
Sarvattbryceh: whatever you do, dont buy a nano23:35
Sarvattand expect to use it in a laptop with 2 usb ports :P23:35
Sarvattbryceh: did you get one already?23:35
brycehwhat's wrong with the nano?23:36
brycehyeah I already got one, just the regular23:36
Sarvattits so hard to get out, it went flying trying to remove it the second day i had it and i still havent found it23:36
Sarvattplus its extra easy to hit the button if you breathe near it compared to the big ones23:37
Sarvatti had to disable the first slot (the short tap)23:37
brycehyeah gonna have to run a usb extension cord.  currently when I need to enter a password I have to first stand up and walk across the room to the computer...23:37
Sarvattbryceh: i just generated about 50 keys with the website and saved those23:38
Sarvattnote: dont try to do that with google authenticator.. puts your device out of sync and invalidates it23:38
Sarvattbryceh: summit is going to be all kinds of fun for the people that dont interact with more than launchpad day to day23:39
Sarvattevery visit to summit.ubuntu.com to look at blueprints or use the etherpad needs 2 factor auth :)23:39
Sarvattlaunchpad is the only SSO thing that isnt stupid requiring a new 2 factor auth every browser startup that i've seen23:40
Sarvattcant even access ubuntuone without it every time anymore23:40
brycehI got a usb hub I'm going  to mount to my desk above my mouse, near where I keep my usb keys and camera.  think it'll be an all around win23:41

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