superflyMay the Fourth be with you!07:52
charlvnhi all, it's friday!08:37
dLimitMay the 4th be with you!09:40
charlvndLimit: may the source be with you11:31
dLimitThe source surrounds us and penetrates us and binds the OS together.11:34
charlvnthe source is shared by all electronic life forms11:37
charlvnit flows over the interwebs11:38
charlvnand if you are silent you can hear it whistling between the binary trees11:38
zerefqt vs GTK vs wxwidgets, anybody with experience?13:31
charlvnqt yes, not the other two13:32
charlvnso hard to compare :/13:32
tumbleweedused them all, but none of them very much13:32
zerefthinking of making a cross platform game...13:33
zerefi'm leaning towrds qt13:33
tumbleweedwhat language?13:34
charlvnafaik qt looks good in both kde and gnome13:35
charlvnnot sure about the other two but i assume these days it doesn't matter much13:35
zerefqt on windows?13:36
charlvnqt works on practically anything13:37
charlvnalthough never tried it on osx13:37
charlvni heard a whole lot of hype about qt on mobile devices but don't have any experience with that either13:38
tumbleweedQt does a lot to help you write cross-platform code, but that'll benefit C++ more than Python13:40
tumbleweedall 3 of those options work fine on widnows, OSX, linux13:40
charlvnin python qt is only used as a gui lib13:42
charlvni think13:42
tumbleweedwell, you can use all the other bits if you want to, but why would you :)13:44
charlvnyeah exactly13:44
zerefcool, thanks guys13:52
superflyzeref: if you're writing a game, why not PyGame?14:56
tumbleweedyeah, our experience from pyweek is that to get a python game to be user-friendly cross-platform (easy to install for users) you pretty much have to stick to pygame and write your own widgets (or bundle a pure-python widget library)14:57
mazalAfternoon all15:28
mazalI am using xchat , where can I set it to automatically join certain channels ?15:29
bakumanhi mazal15:31
bakumanmazal : Network List -> edit the relevant network -> Favourite Channels15:32
mazalaaaah , found it !!!!15:32
mazalI didn't find that , but I saw when I right-click on the channel name ( at the left) I get the option to set to auto-join15:33
mazalLo superfly15:35
mazalNow I just need to find where I can put in my identify password to run automatically15:35
superflymazal: is there not a field in the IRC network configuration?15:37
mazalNot that I can find no15:37
mazalProb looking in the wrong place :P15:38
superflySadly, I can't tell you where to look, as I don't use X-Chat, but I do recall it being possible.15:41
superflymazal: did that work?15:48
mazalNope superfly , I couldn't find the setting16:04
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magespawnGood evening everyone18:21
mazalEvening magespawn18:33
magespawnI don't believe we have met before18:34
mazalI was here quite a while back , but can't remember you from then no18:35
magespawnI first came about two years ago, but only recently have I been coming regularly18:36
magespawnWhere you from?18:37
mazalI'm from Cullinan , small town about 40km east of PTA18:38
mazalYou ?18:38
magespawnI have been there. Originally JHB, now I live in Hluhluwe,KZN18:39
magespawnI think I did my code 10 there when I was Tech in Pretoria.18:43
mazalNow we can't even do licensing here anymore18:44
magespawnAhhh one of those things18:45
mazalMy system is noticeably slower after today's update :-(18:54
magespawnRight back again19:09
mazalTime to crash19:10

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