Praxiaardmark, re:Komodo have you actually used that with Ruby and RVM?00:00
SanceyAlguém fala português para poder me auxiliar em uma dúvida?00:01
phaidrosaardmark: mounted RW ?00:01
aardmarkpraxi - no, I haven't used it with ruby00:01
mnogueiraSorry but i couldnt find fedora channel00:01
mnogueiraMay someone help me, im getting trouble to install fedora 16.00:01
Praxiaardmark, komodo edit looks pretty and exactly what I want, but so far seems to be a bear to get to work with RVM & Ruby hehe00:01
phaidrossimplew: I vaguely can remember, that first you create pertitions, choose encrypted partitions, then use those in the menu above the table00:01
wylde /msg alis list *fedora*00:02
aardmarkphaidros -- maybe that's my problem! I can't create a folder on the drive. I'll remount as RW00:02
phaidrosmnogueira: #fedora00:02
phaidrosmnogueira: /join #fedora00:02
phaidrosaardmark: sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/ding00:02
clarkmThe sound on flash is often choppy / distorted when running chrome. Everything seems to be fine in firefox - is this a known issue? I'm running 12.04 with chrome 20.0.1123.2 dev and flash 11.2 r31 plugin.00:02
mnogueiraok thanks00:03
phaidrosSancey: english is channel language, sry00:03
Andrilanyone else getting Blue Man Group on Youtube videos?00:03
Zopiac_Andril: It's a problem with flash switching the RGB channels to BGR00:03
phaidrosclarkm: the video in flash is often choppy / distorted when running chrome or firefox or any other browser :D00:03
phaidrosclarkm: flash is an illness :/00:03
dashavooAndril: I've been getting that for at least a couple of months00:04
Sanceyphaidros, Yes, i'am not speak inglish00:04
phaidrosSancey: trey #ubuntu-es00:04
phaidrosSancey: or #ubuntu-pr (not sure)00:04
Andrilreal headache after a beautiful upgrade00:04
derspanksterA minor thing but I have no splash screen during 12.04 boot. Booting with a SSD.00:05
phaidrosSancey: -pr doesnt exists, sry00:05
clarkmphaidros: haha, true - that's why I never full screen! But seriously, this time the sound from flash is actually unlistenable... as in, it isn't the normal sync choppiness.00:05
phaidrosclarkm: I always do: curse loud and heavy, close tab, forget flash content00:05
clarkmIt's a high-pithched distortion sound00:06
phaidrostho, funny phenomenon00:06
osmosiswhat version of python does 12.04 come with?00:06
clarkmIt's weird cause firefox never has this problem00:06
phaidrososmosis: 2.7.300:06
taxmani found a trap on 12.0400:07
phaidrosderspankster: nothing to do with ssd, just install some ubuntu-splash or themel, cant remember wich was fore splashscreeens00:07
phaidrostaxman: orly?00:07
BlueJayWayBe not afeard, indeed.00:08
derspanksterphaidros: I sometimes see a splash when shutting down but never at boot.00:08
jribtaxman: a trap eh?00:08
taxmanwhen you finish the install and change your only one user's permission to "normal" , the hell is raising00:08
ichatcan anyone help me setting up xorg to  vga settings so i can than install the  nvidia drivers...  i cant login to the 'ctrl alt f4'  console,  and i cant boot into grafical mode on   xubuntu and ubuntu  desktops...  gforce 6  laptop...00:08
phaidrosderspankster: reinstall splash package00:08
taxmanhahaha, it's a bit funny00:08
phaidrostaxman: there is still grub ;)00:09
OerHeksderspankster, me too, ssd boot too fast and go straight into login :-D00:09
derspanksterphaidros: I'll check on that , yes ssd is very fast00:09
phaidrosOerHeks: oh, true, now that you mention it, I only see my splash screen for the encryption phrase of the hdd .. hah! thats why :)00:09
phaidrosderspankster: forget it, you wont see it00:09
taxmanmy fast pendrive is fast enough for my 12.0400:10
phaidrostaxman: hm, depends on the IO ;)00:10
ichatcan anyone help me setting up xorg to  vga settings so i can than install the  nvidia drivers...  i cant login to the 'ctrl alt f4'  console,  and i cant boot into grafical mode on   xubuntu and ubuntu  desktops...  gforce 6  laptop...00:10
phaidrosichat: your question is very confuse, repeating it might not help00:10
derspanksterWell, I really didn't care about the splash - just thought I'd mention it - I thought it might be related to the SSD but have seen no docs to confirm it.00:11
phaidrosderspankster: well, one other ooption: crypt your hd, then you'll see the splash for entering the passphrase :)00:11
derspanksterphaidros:  Yes, my test box is booting from a mechanical drive and 12.04 on it shows splash.00:12
phaidrosderspankster: btw, I think it is ubuntu-plymouth-theme-*00:12
ichatphaidros - my questing it really simple... i cant but into grafic mode (all white screen an than it stops..... but duing ubuntu it wont let me escape to the   cli promt either...  - than i tried to go into recovery mode and added   vga=771  to my  boot conf.... as per wiki discripting... but that is ignored also... in they end it leaves me with a complete useless new ubuntu install00:13
compdocif I were to clone a drive running Ubuntu and copy it to a few systems, do I need to worry about duplicate uuid's or anything that might compromise the systems?00:13
derspanksterphaidros: Thanks for the insight.00:13
phaidrosichat, where is your question?00:14
ichathow do i fix it00:14
phaidrosichat: choose failsafe mode from boot loader00:14
taxmanthe 12.04 may refuse to install. if you don't connect the network cable and let it communicate with the mothership00:14
OnlyodinXChat thinks it's fun to do a /who on every channel I join, and it's causing freenode to disconnect me. Any easy way to turn it off?00:15
phaidroscompdoc: nope, not that I can think of00:15
ichatphaidros - and than?00:15
mkquisthope this is on topic, but can gimp 2.8 be installed on natty?00:15
phaidroscompdoc: other than hostname & ip (if set fixed), as mac adresses are hw depending00:15
phaidrosmkquist: look for a ppa with gimp 2.8 and see if they have packages for natty, if not, upgrade :)00:16
ichatwith 10.4 it was easy i just had to remove xorg.conf   now it doesn't even exist00:16
graftis there a gimp 2.8? more importantly, does it have single-window mode?00:16
mkquistgraft: yes00:16
mkquistgraft: apparently so00:16
icerootis there a way to block ip-adresses on all ports WITHOUT iptables?00:16
graftmkquist: no kidding00:16
doki_penwho do i get this? http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/graphics/nip200:16
doki_penhow do i get it00:16
phaidrosichat: I am not sure what the exact problem might be, but uninstalling graphics driver might help for a start, it seems you driver is pivking a resoltion to high for your screen (hence the white screen)00:17
mkquistgraft: its out, just not sure on what it can be installed  =(00:17
icerootdoki_pen: sudo apt-get install nip200:17
phaidrosiceroot: hm, try reading about hosts.allow and hosts.deny00:17
icerootphaidros: thanks for the hint, i will do some research00:18
doki_peniceroot: says it doesn't exist00:18
ichatphaidros - its a fresh install i din't install any driver yet00:18
phaidrosdoki_pen: apt-get update00:18
doki_penE: Unable to locate package nips00:18
iceroot!info nip200:18
ubottunip2 (source: nip2): spreadsheet-like graphical image manipulation tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.26.3-1build1 (precise), package size 5997 kB, installed size 10937 kB00:18
doki_peniceroot: thanks00:18
icerootdoki_pen: nip2 not nips00:18
phaidrosichat: sry, I am out of ideas00:18
BrokenCoghello, I just started an update, but the laptop lid was closed suspending the computer.  I can re-boot and get a command line, but the video driver must be corrupt.  What is the command line to manually re-start the upgrade???  any help to avoid a reinstall would be great.00:18
ichatthere used to be a ncruses guy to manually change xorg settings?00:19
doki_peniceroot: no dice. i don't get it00:19
kesavAny one knows how to fix the ubuntu 12.04 USB audio00:19
icerootdoki_pen: if it still not come up check if the universe repo is enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list00:19
icerootdoki_pen: and then run sudo apt-get update first00:19
phaidrosBrokenCog: update or dist upgrade?00:19
icerootdoki_pen: and you are on 12.04?00:19
kesavI just bought bose companion 5 and connected to my ubuntu 12.0400:19
kesavI can't get it work.  No audio at all..00:19
phaidroskesav: please check #alsa00:20
Djeff-oHello, I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 and I can't format a usb stick to ext2, ext3 or ext4 using gparted. When I do, a red icon with an exclamation mark appears. When I unplugg it and re-insert it again i get the error message: "Error mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail  or so"00:20
doki_peniceroot: no, 11.10, but I just switched the webpage and it says it's available. I think this is a case of rackspace messing with me00:20
BrokenCogphaidros, dist upgrade yes, via the software center thingy ... sorry not uber on Ubuntu myself, it's my wifes laptop.00:20
doki_peniceroot: looks like they have their own apt mirrors00:20
phaidroskesav: and tailf /var/log/messages when plugging in the card and look if it is detected and what system does.00:20
iceroot!info nip2 oneiric00:20
ubottunip2 (source: nip2): spreadsheet-like graphical image manipulation tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.24.1-2 (oneiric), package size 5912 kB, installed size 11384 kB00:20
Zopiac_Praxi: I can't even get zoneminder to bloody install T~T00:20
icerootdoki_pen: also universe, just enable universe00:20
phaidroskesav: for special hardware #alsa is the place00:20
iceroot!universe | doki_pen00:20
ubottudoki_pen: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:20
doki_peniceroot: i have universe00:21
icerootdoki_pen: sudo apt-get update00:21
Jordan_UDjeff-o: Can you pastebin the output of "dmesg"?00:21
PraxiZopiac_, I installed it from source on a fresh server, the package in the repositories wasn't very useful00:21
phaidrosBrokenCog: on temrinal do "sudo apt-get install -f" and afterwards "sudo do-release-update" if that doesn help "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" depending on the state of the update one might work00:21
doki_peniceroot: i've done that, I haven't edited sources.list00:21
icerootdoki_pen: i dont know what mirror.rackspace.com is, try to use the real repos00:22
ichatphaidros - i may have fixed it00:22
phaidrosichat: great :)00:22
ichati removed lightdm  forcing it to go to non grafical mode......00:22
iceroot!text | ichat00:22
ubottuichat: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode00:22
phaidrosichat: well, not a solution, but a login screnn tho :)00:22
doki_peniceroot: right.. that is what rackspace has on their default ubuntu image.  I Just realized that..00:23
BrokenCogphaidros thanks, I'll try it now.00:23
BrokenCogphaidros so it returned that bpkg --configure -r was needed ... looks like it's getting back on track.  thanks for the tip.  I need to learn this apt-get system ... Slackware has something a bit different.00:25
phaidrosBrokenCog: apt-get is nice, aptitude even more handy sometimes .. and *very* convenient compared to slack ;)00:25
Djeff-oJordan_U,  http://pastebin.com/PzZnQEJP00:26
taxmanaptitude is obsolete on 12.04. i have tested it00:26
iceroottaxman: aptitude is still the better tool from both00:27
taxmanthere is no gnome classic on 12.04 either00:27
phaidrosBrokenCog: what actually happend, is that apt realized that the underlying tool (dpkg) wasnt finished in some state and told ya the right command to let dpkg finish its current job. afterwards run that apt command again, as not all dpkg jobs might have been queeued yet00:27
xangua!nounity | taxman00:27
ubottutaxman: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:27
phaidrostaxman: well, really? my aptitude works as always00:27
BrokenCogphaidros roger.00:27
ubottuSELinux is available on Ubuntu, but not officially supported. Ubuntu uses another security framework by default, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor00:27
xanguataxman: that it's not preinstalled doesn't mean obsoloete00:27
iceroottaxman: there are some tools which are better then the default but they are not installed by default (gimp, vim, zsh, aptitude)00:28
iceroottaxman: mostly because of disc-space by the iso00:28
phaidrosichat: I dont agree on vim and zsh!00:28
phaidrosiceroot: ^^00:29
icerootphaidros: vim is better then vi of course00:29
phaidrosvim is a sickness ...00:29
* phaidros runs ducks and covers enjoying the flames00:29
icerootphaidros: compared to vi00:29
icerootphaidros: no its a silly try for a flamewar so nithing will happen00:29
phaidrosanyone say "eeeemaaaacs"00:29
taxmanunity is not a bad idea on 12.04. it takes only about 500mb of ram00:29
icerootphaidros: stop it please00:29
phaidroswho needs zsh anyways ;)00:30
Myrtti!offtopic | phaidros00:30
ubottuphaidros: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:30
taxmanon 11.04, my gnome takes about 1gb of ram00:30
icerootphaidros: people which like a good interactive shell00:30
phaidrosMyrtti: I was helping for ~2 hours and do a joke, before saying good bye, stop parenting me ;)00:30
icerootphaidros: with a very powerfull globing00:30
phaidrosiceroot: yes, you are right, sure.00:31
phaidrosbad trolling is bad and I wish everyone a good night ;)00:31
phaidros(shame on me)00:31
Myrttiphaidros: if you've helped for two hours, you should know better then ;-)00:31
Myrttiphaidros: good night00:32
phaidrosMyrtti: dont let me troll you, don't you dare!!00:32
Tecancan someone help me?00:32
Tecanwith peergaurdian00:33
tychuswhat is it00:33
Tecana program to help privacy00:33
taxmanfrom china?00:33
Tecanisps so i dont get fucked up the ass00:33
xangua!language | Tecan00:34
ubottuTecan: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:34
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:34
Tecansorry ubottu00:34
aardmarkfor anyone out there that has encountered this issue: I've been having a tough time figuring out how to transfer ~100GB of data from my Mac to my Ubuntu box, and coming across several lame issues. Best resolution: direct ethernet link between the Mac and the Ubuntu box, and I'm able to transfer roughly 1GB per minute00:34
aardmarkcould probably go even faster if I wasn't using SCP, but hey - this is much less painful than shuttling a thumbdrive00:35
taxmanmac has thunderbolt00:35
tarwichaardmark: Why didn't you boot into Target Disk Mode and read from that? Was it slower? (might have been, not sure)00:35
aardmarkusing target disk mode over ethernet with ubuntu00:36
aardmarktaxman: my mac doesn't have thunderbolt00:36
tarwichNegative. Mac has a mode called target disk mode where the mac functions as a glorified USB stick — allowing you to copy to and from it by plugging it into a usb or firewire port.00:37
tarwichaardmark: Sorry, I should have used your name! :-|00:37
aardmarktarwich: oo mount the drive over USB in target mode... that'd have been interesting - I thought it only worked over firewire00:38
aardmarktarwich: I'll have to try that00:38
tarwichaardmark: checking...00:38
ztag100tarwich, Is there a way to do that with ubuntu?00:38
aardmarktarwich: that'd have probably been faster because SCP does the encryption with the transfer00:38
tarwichztag100: negative. It's a mac bios thing.00:39
taxmanmac has no bios00:39
tarwichtaxman:  LOL… Let's not get into wars over technicalities on something off-topic.00:39
ztag100It would be cool00:39
tarwichaardmark: TDM does not work with USB http://osxdaily.com/2010/04/07/how-to-boot-a-mac-in-target-disk-mode/00:40
aardmarktaxman: btw - Mac is built off of Unix, which has BIOS.00:40
aardmarktarwich: ahh - ok... woulda been cool tho00:41
aardmarkwell.. I guess as of 2010 (when the article was posted)00:41
ztag100Isn't BIOS seperate from OS?00:41
tarwichBIOS is the basic input output system that is used to coordinate between your things like a keyboard and the operating system. All computers have a BIOS, but some people think of BIOS is the user-friendly screens that come up on a PC00:43
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ztag100tarwich: isn't BIOS something on the motherboard, not something reliant on the Os?00:45
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic00:45
Jordan_Uztag100: tarwich: aardmark: and anyone else: Please move the discussion about semantics and Apple hardware / Firmware to #ubuntu-offtopic.00:46
Alex_Keeadvise please eq for all system00:46
Alex_Keeubuntu 12.0400:46
hellllppppmeeeeHow do I make my system's performance as apart of my ubuntu desktop background?00:48
tarwichhellllppppmeeee: I use conky for that. You can install it from the software manage or apt-get00:48
ztag100Do alot of people use Software Center00:49
ZarathustI'm trying to upgrade from lucid to latest (12.04). However sudo do-release-upgrade says "No new release found"00:49
hellllppppmeeeetarwich: brilliant, thank you00:49
Zarathustlsb_release -a does tell me that I run 10.0400:49
SyphirXso i have a major problem00:49
Zarathustwhat should i look for?00:50
taxmani can see load and temperature and change cpu government on the fly, on unity of 12.0400:50
SyphirXDuring the LiveCD test, i had two of my three monitors working00:50
SyphirXnow that I have it installed, its only detecting one00:50
SyphirXAnyone have any clue on how to fix this?00:50
taxmanmy unity almost works as well as old gnome classic00:50
Alex_KeeGuys are there any full bass and EQ support for asus xonar DS ?00:51
Alex_Keesound is so ulgy :(00:51
taxmanasus sonar? no, thanks00:51
Alex_Keewhat no thanks?00:51
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Alex_KeeI`m asking about support and advise for system equlizer support00:52
taxmancan you control asus sonar by alsa and pulseaudio?00:52
Alex_Keetrying to control by alsa00:52
taxmanhardware eq or software eq?00:52
taxmanmedia players have software eq already00:53
Alex_Keewell if its available to control sowtware FOR ALL SYSTEM not for one software it could be useful00:53
taxmanit's hardware eq00:53
taxmanyou need the driver from asus00:54
Alex_Keehahah ))) thanks i think that its not exist00:54
Alex_Keepity :(00:54
Alex_KeeThere is some sweet things like FLEX BASS GX mode etc... that works in win platform00:54
taxmani will stay with normal ac97/intel hda00:54
Alex_Keebut for nix couldnt find (00:55
ozpyHi. I was running ubuntu USB drive on Mac. Now it00:55
Alex_KeeAnd when I listen to the music from facebook or something like this - eq is apsent(00:55
taxmani am running ubuntu 12.04 on a fast and small pendrive, no hdd or other storage00:56
bazhang!ot | taxman00:56
ubottutaxman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:56
ozpyI was running ubuntu 11.04 usb drive on Mac. Now it's froze. how to shut it off? On/off switch does not work and can't pull the battery out00:56
ulkeshozpy, have you held down the on/off switch?00:57
SyphirXAnyone have any ideas as to why dual-monitors would work during LiveCD but not even detect the second once installed?00:57
ozpyulkesh: thanks! It worked. My mistake.00:57
tarwichozpy: I have yet to see a computer that ulkesh's solution doesn't work on. Even mac. It is supposed to take about 10 seconds of holding the button down.00:57
ozpytarwich: i didn't hold it long enough00:57
ozpyIt's fixed. Thanks00:57
ulkeshnp, glad to help!00:57
ulkeshgood luck00:58
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cannonballI'm downloading and compiling a portion of the exim tarball (the test suite utilities).  On my 11.04 box with openssl 0.9.8 it compiles just fine.  On my 12.04 box with openssl 1.0.1, it fails to compile, complaining about various SSL_* functions when compiling.  Anybody else see openssl issues on the upgrade from 11.* to 12.04?00:58
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SyphirXCan anyone help? Any ideas would work wonders right now.01:00
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tarwichSyphirX: Well I have an idea, but it's not great. Perhaps during the install you downloaded updated drivers that no longer support the feature.01:00
SyphirXI did the standard install but once it restarted, the second monitor just wasnt being detected01:01
SyphirXits even saying my computer is a laptop in the display settings01:02
tarwichSyphirX:  And it's not?01:02
SyphirXits a desktop computer01:02
SyphirXAlbeit custom built01:02
tarwichSyphirX: Still… It shouldn't say that… Sorry, man. There has to be a way to fix your hardware mappings, but I don't know Ubuntu well enough. I only answered because I felt bad for you.01:03
walbertSyphirX: My desktop shows the same thing, with nvidia's binary drivers - but it works fine01:04
Jordan_USyphirX: Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log?01:04
drPoOis it possible to make custom collections of wallpapers to cycle through in the day?01:04
lotus-bladeho do you fix /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lncurses in 12.0401:05
Jordan_USyphirX: And possibly boot from the LiveCD again and post the /var/log/Xorg.0.log from there?01:05
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Jordan_Ulotus-blade: What command gives you that error?01:05
SyphirXHow do I open bash? Unity is being a bitch.01:05
walbertlotus-blade:  try sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev01:05
Jordan_U!language | SyphirX01:05
ubottuSyphirX: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:05
citizenkeysi installed proftpd using apt-get install proftpd.  when i did, i chose the wrong mode (inetd) instead of standalone mode.01:05
Jordan_USyphirX: Search for "gnome-terminal".01:06
SyphirXMy apologies. Crappy day compounded with this.01:06
citizenkeysso i removed proftpd.  but now when i try to reinstall it with apt-get install proftpd, it doesn't ask me which mode to use.01:06
wyldecitizenkeys: use apt-get purge , so it will remove configurations before you re-install01:07
SyphirXI cant even SU01:07
SyphirXpermission denied01:07
wyldesudo -i01:07
SyphirXpermission denied for /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:08
tucemiux_mobanyone knows of an "official" fix to the dreaded waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration...01:08
walbertSyphirX: What brand of Linux are you accustomed to using?  Debian derivatives, expecially Ubuntu, have a tendency to do things differently - perhaps there's a guide that could help you.01:08
SyphirXDebian but it01:08
SyphirX's been forever01:08
IdleOneSyphirX: use sudo -i for extended admin privs but please be careful01:09
walbertSyphirX: try gksudo gedit /var/log/Xorg.0.log from the Terminal (bash).  To get to bash, hit your meta key, and start typing "terminal"01:09
Xenethtucemiux_mob, The main reason I think for the extra time is because it's a script in the gnome/unity that is doing it, so that must first load.  If you enter the configurations in the network file, that may speed things up.01:09
wyldeSyphirX: or if you're in a gui you can just ctrl+alt+t to open the terminal.01:10
tucemiux_mobXeneth, you mean if I configure dhchp manually?01:10
walbertwylde: pow, you just made a couple hours of idling in this channel completely worth it :)01:10
wyldewalbert: :)01:11
Djeff-oHello, I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 and I can't format a usb stick to ext2, ext3 or ext4 using gparted. When I do, a red icon with an exclamation mark appears. When I unplugg it and re-insert it again i get the error message: "Error mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail  or so"01:11
Djeff-odemesg output  http://pastebin.com/PzZnQEJP01:11
Xenethtucemiux_mob, correct.  I have never done it on a system with a GUI, so there may be some side-effects, but worth a try.01:11
wyldeDjeff-o: typically usb thumb/pen drives are foramtted fat01:11
connellyhey all, I'm pretty sure that a problem I'm having is bug #969535 and it looks like they have a fix for it in -proposed - how do I download that fix?01:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 969535 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu Precise) "[power]: gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in engine_get_icon_priv()" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96953501:11
SyphirXYou know what? I give up. I can't do it. I thought I'd give Linux a shot again but if I have to go through this again (Dealt with the same thing on OpenSUSE/Ubuntu/etc on my laptop years ago) it's not worth it. Not until Steam comes out.01:12
SyphirXSorry to waste your time.01:12
Djeff-owylde, yes, and i can format it in fat 32, but not in ext201:12
SyphirXReinstalling Windows, have fun. I appreciate the help but... I can't. Not today.01:12
cookiemon5terSyphirX, good luck01:13
wyldeDjeff-o: ext2 is not the same as fat. Just curious why you want to format it as extX anyway.01:13
ulkeshPoor sap, was about to suggest to him he run Ubuntu on a VM on Windows like I do :)  I get the benefits of Ubuntu, full acceleration, and can still game when I want01:13
* leonel Ola pessoal ... alguem ai?01:13
IdleOne!br | leonel01:14
ubottuleonel: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:14
leonelThanks so much friend !01:14
tucemiux_mobXeneth, my config is pointing to eth0, i'm using eth1 and disabled inboard nic, lets see if it worked, rebooting now01:14
tucemiux_mobulkesh, you game in ubuntu or winblows?01:15
Djeff-owylde, lol, i guess i could have it in fat32, but i want to know why i cant format it to ext2...01:15
cookiemon5tertucemiux_mob, he games in linux and uses windows for cmd01:15
ulkeshtucemiux_mob, I game in Windows...I'd like to run Ubuntu natively, but a VM seems to work almost as well.01:16
ulkeshlol cookiemon5ter01:16
tucemiux_mobulkesh, woohohooooooooooooooo01:16
wyldeDjeff-o: I don't know the specifics offhand. Just that FAT is universally accessible by most if not all OS's.01:16
tucemiux_mobcookiemon5ter,  but can you use the acceleration on ubuntu on a vm?01:16
ulkeshI have nice wobbly windows, but I haven't tried gaming in Ubuntu as a VM.01:17
cookiemon5tertucemiux_mob, not sure i've only used linux for the last 11 years01:17
cookiemon5terwindows broke on me in 2001 and never looked back01:18
ulkeshI'm eager to see what Valve does with Steam on Ubuntu.  I hope it brings more development to this side.01:18
cookiemon5ternever been into gaming so i had it easy i suppose01:19
tucemiux_mobulkesh, only reason i ever boot to windows is to synchronize my phone but it looks like pretty soon that's going to be the end of it, im going to upgrade my phone01:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:19
tucemiux_mobgaming is actually FASTER in ubuntu, the main game i play is UrT, ubuntu uses my weak card a lot better than windows,  but with every upgrade I have to tweak something, right now my drivers are broken01:20
Ben64tucemiux_mob: UrT?01:20
ulkeshProbably Unreal Tournament01:21
tucemiux_mobUrban Terror, it works on ubuntu01:21
Djeff-owylde, thank you for your time... I just thought if i only use this particular usb stick on ubuntu it should be better to have it formated to extX.01:21
Ben64Unreal Tournament = UT01:21
tucemiux_moburban terror is open source and free01:21
=== bill is now known as Guest11428
jostenI just upgraded from 11.10 to 12.4.  I'm having problems with the dash.  In the previous version, once you opened and application, the dash would hide.  Now the dash stays in view.  If I change the settings for it to be hidden, it stay that way even on the desktop.  Any cures?01:22
LinuxMonkeyanyone heard of a fix to the Unknown LVM metadata header errors yet?01:22
mnogueirasorry again, but there is no one in fedora channel01:22
tucemiuxok ive got my rig upgraded, nic working good, how do you change the theme? I can't see items in the taskbars01:22
mnogueiraPlease guys, may you help me with my not much hard problem01:23
OerHeksmnogueira, not an ubuntu problem., is it?01:23
ejvthere's like 400 people in #fedora, lies01:23
tucemiux!ask | mnogueira01:23
ubottumnogueira: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:23
mnogueiraProblem installing fedora 1601:23
tucemiuxfedo who?01:23
mnogueiraThe graphical installer specifically01:23
cookiemon5termnogueira, ##linux is a good channel01:23
tucemiux!ot | cookiemon5ter01:23
ubottucookiemon5ter: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:23
Ben64mnogueira: that is not within the scope of this channel. If you want to install ubuntu we could help you out01:23
mnogueiraOk ok, but can i first tell you guys, my problem?01:24
ejvtucemiux is supreme commander of the triggers ha01:24
tensorpuddingi'm pretty sure there are people in #fedora01:24
mnogueiraand if you could not help me.. then i go away01:24
IdleOnemnogueira: don't waste your time, ask in #fedora or ##linux01:24
tensorpuddingmaybe no one is talking though01:24
bazhangmnogueira, fedora is not supported here01:24
ejvim curoius now, let him ask :D01:24
tucemiuxsorry monsta, im trigger happy01:24
Ben64ejv: you could go join #fedora :P01:24
ejvi'm in there already01:25
IdleOneejv: you can join either of those channels to help him there01:25
ejvnice find on urban terror, thx tucemiux01:25
tucemiuxejv, youre welcome, look for me on the weekends and i'll camp you till you cry!01:26
ejvtucemiux: what's the more recent, better looking FPS that runs on Ubuntu?01:26
tucemiuxzombie survivor mode01:26
dorshello, i'm trying to get HUD to work in this ubuntu 12.04 but the ppa seems offline, i get a 404 for  http://ppa.launchpad.net/unity-team/hud/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/source/Sources and the other urls related to HUD, any ideas? thanks01:26
tucemiuxejv, try the software center, it's incredibly revamped, has a huge inventory, havent had a chance to check it out yet01:27
ejvjoin offtopic tucemiux01:27
ejvbefore i get spanked, they are... retentive here :D01:27
tucemiuxis it possible to install theme on ubuntu and have them appear on the themes menu??01:27
tucemiuxejv, thats ok, i do the spanking around here01:28
IdleOneI'm gonna mute you both very soon01:28
ejvi can't pick your brain on open source fps'es here, join offtopic !01:28
tucemiuxejv, sorry but im more into ubuntu, what works on ubuntu and the like01:29
jostenI have had a lot of questions answered on here.  What is going on now?01:29
tucemiuxhow do you search the software center?01:29
LinuxMonkeyjosten still answering questions and asking some too01:30
ejvyea i get that, i wanted your opinion on the other fps's that happen to run on ubuntu, if you have experience in that realm that is; if you change your mind: -> #ubuntu-offtopic01:30
jostenLinuxMonkey: Sorry.  Thanks.01:30
LinuxMonkeytucemiux:  search bar in the top right hand corner (white rectangle with a magnefying glass)01:31
tucemiuxLinuxMonkey, thanks, i had to maximize the screen to see it01:32
jostenDidn't know if I was connected or not.  Sorry.01:32
tucemiuxthats a big flaw, if you make the software center smaller, you dont have a horizontal bar01:32
jostenLinuxMonkey: be back in a few01:33
wyldetucemiux: in the software center?01:33
tucemiuxanyone knows if it's possible to install themes in ubuntu?01:33
ulkeshThe software center seems to have a min res, around 640x480 or so...everything repositions well for me...at least in 12.04.01:34
tucemiuxwylde, yeah i made the window smaller and couldnt see the search square, i didnt have a horizontal bar01:34
wyldetucemiux: the only somewhat stable way I've found so far is using ubuntu-tweak01:34
tucemiuxwhat's ubuntu-tweak? what does that thing do?01:34
monvillalonIM looking for way to add a repo, but only use it for cherry picked packages…. I can't seem to google fu it01:34
wyldetucemiux: you could file a bug about it :)01:34
tucemiuxReconfiguring X.org video drivers is not possible: /etc/X11/xorg.conf is invalid.01:35
=== Garr255 is now known as Guest16586
wyldetucemiux: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/ their project is hosted in Launchpad as well.01:35
tucemiuxwylde, ok but im wondering what does ubuntu tweak has?01:36
chsadoscan anyone help me... first time ubuntu user: installed ubuntu 12.04 onto my 2nd HDD on my computer (D:) have win7 installed on C:  i used the webui.exe to install ubuntu onto D: and when i restart i get the option to select windows or ubunty - i select ubuntu and it tells me im missing files or something.... i can get a screen shot if this isnt making any sense01:36
wyldetucemiux: it lets you use themes you can find in the repos.01:37
monvillalonchsados: I've nerves heard of webui.exe do you mean Wubi?01:37
chsadosi assume so.. its the small file you download from the website that downloads ubuntu and installs it through windows01:38
tucemiuxwylde, thanks im goign to look into it but for now im going to fix my video drivers01:38
wyldetucemiux: alrighty.01:38
Jordan_Uchsados: I would recommend that you uninstall Wubi and install Ubuntu in a normal dual boot.01:38
MauhdeebHaving a weird problem opening Windows share that wasn't present on 11.10. Keeps asking for the username and password but if I enter them it says "opening" and eventually falls back to asking again01:39
chsadosim thinking the problem is im not installing it on the C drive01:39
wylde+1 on Jordan_U 's recommendation.01:39
MauhdeebAnyone seen this behavior?01:39
chsadosi dont want to install it on C: bc i am going to format C and reinstall windows after i get ubuntu functional i want ubuntu on my D drive and windows on my C01:40
conkyhelpi just installed conky. im trying to use a some conky scripts (conkytransmission), but i dont see a .conkyrc file after install and reboot. does anyone know how to customize conky?01:40
Jordan_Uchsados: First, remove Wubi using Add/Remove programs from Windows.01:41
chsadosi guess reformat D again?01:41
wyldeconkyhelp: are you enabling show hidden files?01:41
monvillalonchsados: Wubi , creates a virtual disk , its not a "real" ubuntu installation as I understand it.  Its tied to Windows because it lives inside a Windows file, its a weird thing that I don't recoment01:41
conkyhelpwylde: ls -al, yes01:41
chsadosahhh i see monvillalon01:41
monvillalonchsados: Install from scratch01:41
chsadosproblem is i dont have cd/dvd drive on comp and my thumb drive is in a friends hand (gave her first 2 seasons of game of thrones :D)01:42
wyldeconkyhelp: alrighty, just checking :)01:42
chsadosso i currently have no way of installing it via iso01:42
=== decaf is now known as Guest71519
* taxman has a dozen of fast pendrives for ubuntu01:42
monvillalonchsados: As Jordan_U said , remove with windows installer, get a dvd, reboot computer with dvd inside, install.  Btw if you are not versed in the ways of the multi boot create a backup :)01:43
Jordan_Uchsados: Do you absolutely need to install it now, or can you wait until you have a blank CD or a flash drive?01:43
chsadosi can wait.... if i must01:43
=== Guest71519 is now known as decaf
Jordan_Uchsados: Then I recommend you just wait.01:44
chsadosi wont have any internet connectivity until my cat6 cable comes from ebay anyways... ubuntu doesnt like my netgear wireless dongle01:44
monvillalonchsados: I see no other way, there is a network install but its not worth the trouble01:44
ulkeshchsados, I would suggest VirtualBox as an option as well, depending on what you're trying to do (if you're just trying out Ubuntu, it can be a good way to go if you have enough RAM)01:44
monvillalonchsados: ulkesh idea is great if you just want to try it out01:44
chsadosi just want ubuntu for secure browsing/usage CISPA got me all pissy01:45
kionI am trying to install postgresql on a remote server that I can ssh into, after sudo apt-get install postgresql, it says it is installed but it is not… any ideas?01:45
monvillalonchsados: As for the dongle, read a little about ndiswrapper ( maybe there is something newer )01:45
=== Guest71605 is now known as Bogdaniel
Ben64chsados: OS doesn't really matter for secure browsing. you should look into a VPN or something along those lines01:45
chsadosyea ive read hours on end about it... its a dead end w my particular browser01:45
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest86184
Peloevening folks , I have  my brother with me , he's having issues with his acer aconia 100 tablet since he upgraded to andriod 4.0.3,  he uses it to stream media from his home pc over wifi and now the videos are getting shoppy has hell , it does the same on my network , can he downgrade back to 3 ?01:46
chsadosi have VPN and all that jaz... just want to get away from MS and have ubuntu installation with a hidden trucrypt volume01:46
chsadostrucrypt works w linux yes?01:46
kionChsados it works perfectly under linux01:46
wyldeconkyhelp: http://conky.sourceforge.net/docs.html  did you check for .conkyrc in /etc/conky/.conkyrc  ?01:47
Pelosorry , wrong channel01:47
conkyhelpwylde: yes, its not there either. only conky.conf01:47
wyldeconkyhelp:  hmmm ok.01:47
chsadoson another note.... what r advantages over i2p vs tor?01:47
WickedWiccanWhere do i go to ask questions about ubuntu arm01:48
wyldeconkyhelp: ok, could try 'locate conkyrc' I suppose01:48
conkyhelpwylde: file not found01:49
hellopeiyanghello everyone, i am a beginner01:49
OccupyDemonoidhellopeiyang, Hello, do you need help with something?01:51
chsadosis this ubuntu on android dual core smartphone vaporware or is it gunna actually happen?01:51
ki4roany ham radio operators here tonight?01:51
wyldeconkyhelp:  ... or maybe I could actually read the link I posted to you lol. /etc/conky/conky.conf is the sample configuration, 'cp /etc/conky/conky.conf /home/$USER/.conkyrc01:51
ulkeshki4ro, I'm a tech class, but haven't talked on the radio in years01:52
conkyhelpwylde: im trying to get this running using my install of conky http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/conkytransmission?content=12900101:52
taxmanki4ro, no more, they are playing knoppix01:52
usahey how do I get gnome 2 on ubuntu 12.04??01:52
ki4roulkesh: Hello.  Do you use logging software?  If so which one?01:52
ki4rotaxman: What's knoppix?01:53
ulkeshki4ro, nope, sorry01:53
digitaljdamn i wish my name was rinzler01:54
ki4roulkesh: Okay.  Thanks.  7301:54
wyldeconkyhelp: line 1 in the instructions. Do you have conky installed?01:54
rinzlerdigitalj: Got it first! :D01:54
rinzlerdigitalj: also grabbed d-_-b01:55
conkyhelpwylde: obviously..., its installed, i can run it, but there is no .conkyrc so the install script will not allow me to customize it. i try to create an artificial / fake one, and no effect01:55
digitaljWell aren't you special01:55
javierf_Hi! Are changes in shutdown dialog or time menu (pictures: http://linuxconfig.net/media/featured/ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin-review.html) real in ubuntu 12.04? I installed every actualization from beta2 but don't get them. Do I need to trigger them?01:55
=== steve-o_ is now known as GeoGeek
digitaljI bet you own internet.com or something with how things are turning out01:55
usahey how do I get gnome 2 on ubuntu 12.04?? I hate unity I can't do anything with it there are no options..!01:55
Fyodorovnausa, gnome 2 is not in 12.04 there is a fallback gnome that looks somewhat and can be tweaked to be close to it. run sudo apt-get install gnome-shell and you will also get the gnome 3 desktop as a choice as well.01:56
=== root is now known as Guest73254
wyldeconkyhelp: alright, then I should assume you installed transmission-cli and edited the preferences there.... according to the instructions, install.sh should create the sample .conkyrc for you, so it isn't then?01:56
thoongcan i change color scheme in ubuntu - say instead of orange highlight to blue highlight. blue seems to be choice for many os.01:57
conkyhelpwylde: yes, exactly. this is the problem01:57
GeoGeekHey all. I have a database publishing project I need to do. Want to use it as an opportunity to learn some new linux tools. I need a good database frontend  that can output data tagged for a page layout program. Any recommendations? I am looking at Kile to do layout but the data fields would need to be tagged on the way out of the database.01:57
thoongpreferbably with gui.01:57
kioncan anybody hel me install postgresql?01:57
wyldeconkyhelp: then you should be seeking help from the author of that package.01:59
thoongi dont hate unity. but i dislike global menu and close,min, max on the left. is there a way to get it back the other side?02:02
arulmozhiI hav installed so many packages through online. and I used APTonCD to backup those packages. but now can't restore them.  when click the load button in Restore window of APTonCD it throws errors into the console[http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=31246]. is there any way to add the backuped packages back to var/cache/apt and make ubuntu that the packages are there in. Last time APTonCD worked for me on Karmic Koala(9.10). Internet speed is very02:02
arulmozhi slow here. I can't download all again. help me out.02:02
FloodBot1arulmozhi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:03
ubottuStarting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263302:03
wyldeconkyhelp: see if 'cp ~/.conkytransmission/example.conkyrc ~/.conkyrc' creates it, that's all the install script does if you don't have one anyway.02:03
agu10^http://tinyurl.com/7zg74b7 <- Inception on Linux Facebook02:03
bazhangagu10^, dont spam here02:04
agu10^uh sorry02:04
Static2009Is there somebody that may be able to help me connect an Ubuntu client to Windows server 2008?02:05
arulmozhi@FloodBot1: wat about pics??02:05
MonkeyDustearlier today, somebody here posted a link for ubuntu-fix or fix-ubuntu, can someone post it again?02:07
x_XPI need some help with upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04 on DELL E6400 laptop. Can someone please help guide me trough since I am running to some serious problems02:08
conkyhelpwylde: bloody hell, it created it, but it broke conky lol!02:08
arulmozhiI hav installed so many packages through online. and I used APTonCD to backup those packages. but now can't restore them.  when click the load button in Restore window of APTonCD it throws errors into the console[http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=31246]. is there any way to add the backuped packages back to var/cache/apt and make ubuntu that the packages are there in. Last time APTonCD worked for me on Karmic Koala(9.10). Internet speed is very02:08
arulmozhi  slow here. I cant download all again. help me out. sorry for posting aggain. but pls help me out anybody???02:08
wyldeconkyhelp: figures >.<02:08
FloodBot1arulmozhi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:08
conkyhelpwylde: thanks for your help, ill fiddle with the script to see if i can fix the conkyrc file02:09
wyldeconkyhelp: np02:09
thoongnight thanks for the help.02:10
spybrookDoes anybody know why the youtube web page wont work with 12.04?02:10
LinuxMonkeyspybrook: works fine for me02:11
GeoGeekspybrook: Youtube works fine for me.02:11
spybrookI can view hulu...02:11
GeoGeekclear your cache02:11
LinuxMonkeyspybrook: did you install the restricted package?02:11
wyldearulmozhi: did you make an actual cd/dvd with aptoncd?02:13
spybrookI think I have the restricted package...will verify02:13
=== Garr255_ is now known as Guest4227
arulmozhiwylde: no I hav the iso image02:14
arulmozhino cd or dvd02:14
wyldearulmozhi: at any rate mount the disk/disk image in the packages directory should be the debs you require to re-install.02:14
wyldearulmozhi: that's fine just mount the iso.02:14
arulmozhiimage mounted. the??02:15
wyldepackages directory on the iso.02:16
arulmozhiwylde: yeah it is there...02:16
=== james is now known as Guest10566
Guest135hi room. anyone able to advise how i can check the usb speed/connection of an external hdd on a remote server using putty. i tried hdparm but it can only seem to access the internal hdd :/02:16
DatzHi, how do I get the workspace switcher to 4 horizontal windows in gnome-session-fallback?02:17
wyldearulmozhi: If you wanted to avoid manually installing you could write a script or get someone to help write one. Otherwise probably manually install.02:17
wyldearulmozhi: but at least you don't have to re-download everything :)02:17
ki4roAny active amateur radio operators here?02:18
arulmozhiyes thats ok. but on script side wat it has to do???02:18
nwp_Can anybody help me? http://paste.ubuntu.com/965988/02:18
wyldearulmozhi: I you may find help scripting in #bash, or maybe someone here can help. I'm barely proficient with basic bash scripts.02:19
LinuxMonkey!details | nwp_02:19
ubottunwp_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:19
myersgdas ist gut..ja?02:19
vectory__Guest135: try lsusb -v02:19
a7i3nHate to say it... but I actually like Unity... there I said it... I feel better now... :)02:19
arulmozhiwylde: thanx for the help...02:20
LinuxMonkeya7i3n: many of us do :)02:20
nwp_I installed Precise the other day, but I cannot use networking with the 3.2 kernel02:20
wyldearulmozhi: hmmm wait I had a thought, when you made the disk, did you tell it to make a meta package?02:20
nwp_I get the pastebinned message in dmesg02:20
myersgunity...love it, I had problems with light dm not picking up my background, I fixed it, thanks02:20
iHarpQuestion:   Why would opening a game. 1. Open Ubuntu Software center    2. Place me on the default screen without prompting me to download anything?02:21
nwp_So I rebooted into old 3.0 kernel and am using that at this point02:21
wyldearulmozhi: does one of the packages have aptoncd-metapackage in the name?02:21
a7i3nI'm an old geezer... I remember editing settings by hand on my first linux install on a bondi iMac...02:21
nwp_I just want networking to work with 3.2 kernel02:21
LinuxMonkeyiHarp: did you use the search menu, it may have been a uninstalled game thus asking you to install it02:22
SarahsButtHow does one update GRUB?02:22
Fyodorovnaa7i3n, lol on fondness for unity, nice change from other comments.02:22
a7i3nI've despised Unity for a long time but I have to give credit: Canonical did a great job on 12.0402:22
wyldearulmozhi: if so open a terminal where the packages are and 'sudo dpkg -i aptoncd-metapackage*'02:22
LinuxMonkeySarahsButt: iin what sense do you want to update it?02:23
Datzis there a way to get gadgets onto the gnome-session-fallback bar?02:23
a7i3n<--- Windowmaker user for just about forever...02:23
iHarpLinuxMonkey: I just installed it lastnight. Didn't do anything but, "apt-get update". Came back today and now it wont open.   After reinstalling the bin file it now sends me to ubuntu software center02:23
SarahsButtLinuxMonkey: It's just old and needs an updating. I heard 2.8 just came out no?02:23
Sky_testchmod wat does it do02:24
iHarpchanges permissions02:25
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:25
JoenI've been trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 all day. I'm not using a CD or USB stick (as I don't have any large enough unfortunately), so I mounted the downloaded .iso file with Daemon Tools. The setup said it could boot without a CD by configuring the boot or something. So when it was done, I rebooted and then I got this: "(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system"02:26
JoenI have searched on google with other people with this problem, but none of the solutions work for me.02:26
=== Garr255 is now known as Guest46290
SarahsButtJoen: where are you trying to boot linux from? are you using windows right now?02:26
JoenWhen I reboot now, the Windows boot manager shows Ubuntu and windows02:27
iHarp" I'm not using a CD or USB stick"   then what are you using?02:27
JoenBut when I pick Ubuntu it goes through the logo screen and then shows that02:27
vectory__he used the cd, virtually02:27
JoenThe setup from the iso image said it was able to edit the boot configuration so it booted from it from boot.02:27
SarahsButtCan't you just use Wubi?02:28
yugnipjoen try plop http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanagers.html02:28
LinuxMonkeySarahsButt: nope grub2 is still on version 1.9902:28
Guest135thank you vectory__ :)02:28
vectory__Joen: the cd expects to still be there after reboot, where else would it all the files from needed for install (or did it copy a lot to disk)02:28
ki4roAny active amateur radio operators here?02:28
LinuxMonkeySarahsButt:  you must be thinking of Gimp 2.802:29
JoenSo how exactly do I use this boot manager?02:29
wylde!mini | Joen02:29
ubottuJoen: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:29
SarahsButtLinuxMonkey: My mistakae it seems. Thanks for the clear up.02:29
yugnipjoen plop instruction http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-from-usb-without-bios-support-via-plop-cd/02:30
iHarpLinuxMonkey: Any idea after what I posted up there? ^^02:30
JoenThanks, I'll try plop and then see if I have any CDs or USBs that are small enough for the small image.02:30
yugnipi believe with plop you can also use a floppy?02:31
Jordan_UJoen: I would definitely go with the minimal install image rather than trying to mess with plop (in fact I'm not sure how plop is a solution at all).02:31
LinuxMonkeyiharp thats very odd, ive never come across that02:31
blockywhat does it mean when booting the livecd says Can not mount /dev/loop1 on /cow02:32
Jordan_UJoen: Make sure to also remove Wubi through Add/Remove programs in Windows.02:32
JoenI don't have Wubi.02:32
Jordan_UJoen: "The setup said it could boot without a CD by configuring the boot or something." That's wubi.02:32
iHarpAnyone know why a freshly installed game would send me to ubuntu software center without prompting me to download anything?02:32
JoenBut I didn't install anything. I just mounted the iso image.02:33
iHarpGame = Savage XR02:33
wyldeJordan_U: he was attempting to install from a mounted iso.02:33
yugnipJordan_U: i must have misunderstood, i assumed the issue was unable to boot from usb02:33
Jordan_Uyugnip: No, the issue is that his USB drive is not large enough for the normal Ubuntu image.02:33
JoenActually, I am unable to find mine.02:34
JoenI can buy one tomorrow if it's necessary, but I'd just prefer to get it going to tonight without it if possible. So now I'm going to look for a CD.02:34
Guest135re my previous question anything i can run on putty to see what mode (pio, udma6 etc etc) an attached usb drive is in? id usually use hdparm for this but it's not liking working on an external hdd.02:34
wyldeJoen: for the minimal you only need 30MB :)02:34
JoenWould an external hard drive work?02:35
JoenThrough USB02:35
Jordan_UJoen: Yes.02:35
blockyhow reliable is Install ubuntu alongside widows 702:35
blockyI just clicked it thinking it would allow me to review the partitioning changes...02:35
Jordan_UJoen: It's easier to configure if the drive uses fat32. With an external drive that's large enough I would definitely go with the normal rather than minimal install image.02:36
iHarpblocky: I do it. I've had relatively no issues.02:36
blockyrelatively no :P02:36
JoenCan the filesystem of the hard drive be messed up if I use it?02:36
Jordan_UJoen: Instructions here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows02:37
wyldeblocky: I have no issues....but then I haven't used windows for almost a year now :)02:37
Jordan_UJoen: Not unless you select an explicit option to wipe the drive, which would be very difficult to do accidentily.02:37
iHarpblocky: Standard issues such as finding the right drivers and such, but that has notthing to do with windows02:37
oscar76hi! anybody knows  where to find instructions to  instal ubuntu on a tablet?02:37
haileyI'm unable to figure out what to do with this BCM4311 wireless NIC.02:37
blockyhow does it choose which partition to shrink, or even which device02:38
wylde!broadcom | hailey02:38
ubottuhailey: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:38
aaasi cant ping my windows computers from ubuntu, after disabling the firewall on the windows machine and pinging by ip not hostname, windows machines see ubuntu machine fine02:38
iHarpblocky: Is it installed yet?02:38
LinuxMonkeyLol ive installed it alongside windows 7 2 weeks ago with no issues, today I formated the drive and installed ubuntu over the entire disk :)02:38
wyldeLinuxMonkey: +102:38
blockysays retrieving file 16 of 5702:39
iHarpBlocky open up disk utilities and take a look at what your hard drive looks like/02:39
rinzlerdoes anyone know of a way to incite the distribution update from terminal? for the 11.10 update, my vps told me a command that would upgrade the distro automatically, but I don't know how to make it see the update. I only have ssh access...02:39
blockyI ran the installer, not the livecd02:39
blockylivecd gave me an error about /cow02:39
wylderinzler: do-release-upgrade?02:39
LinuxMonkeywylde only issue I have is the complaint of Unknown LVM metadata headers but its just a bug02:39
iHarpI prefer the manual approach.02:39
rinzlerwylde: command not found02:40
wyldeLinuxMonkey: yeah, you reported it I hope? Or at least added extra info if you could? :)02:40
iHarpSetup windows with minimal resources. Add 6G of swap space for my 4G of ram. And the rest of my drive goes to ubuntu02:40
blockycan I import thunderbird emails from windows?02:40
iHarpedit* 100G  goes to my free FAT space02:41
LinuxMonkeywylde its allready reported on a major scale.lol02:41
tohuwWhen invoking ftp from the CLI, how can I get all files in a given folder?02:41
oscar76iHarp: 6G of swap !  wish I had 6G to spend !02:41
wyldeLinuxMonkey: alrighty, just making sure :)02:41
aaasblocky do you have imap or pop?02:41
haileyI'm unable to figure out what to do with this BCM4311 wireless NIC with  3.2.0-24-generic  kernel.  Any advise?02:41
hilikushow can i change the permission on a drive that is automounted. it is in /media/foo and its owned by my user but i need to either change the owner or give go+r. just doing chmod or chown doesn't work for some reason02:41
wylderinzler: you're upgradin TO 11.10 or FROM 11.10?02:42
aaashilikus i think you need to change the options in /etc/fstab02:42
hilikusaaas: its not in fstab, its a removable drive that's automounted02:42
rinzlerwylde: FROM. I was citing my upgrade TO in my original question.02:42
blockyaaas, pop but nvm that02:42
blockyI have Unable to install GRUB in /dev/mapper02:43
shawn_hi,do you guy use ubuntu 64bit or 32bit?02:43
napalm54Hey all, For QT Creator is it best to install through the Ubuntu software center or from debian package from the official website?02:43
taxman64 bit02:43
blockyExecuting 'grub-install /dev/mapper' failed. This is a fatal error.02:43
iHarposcar76: How much ram and hard drive space do you have02:43
aaashilikus ok then you have to check the udev stuff...umm /etc/defaults/udev.... i cant remember where the file is02:43
bandit5432depends on the laptop its 32 on the desktop its 6402:43
tohuw!best | napalm5402:43
ubottunapalm54: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:43
k_szeWhat's the best utility to simulate low bandwidth and/or high latency network connection on (X)ubuntu? I don't mind command line.02:43
wylderinzler: ok thanks, just wanted to be clear is all :)02:43
shawn_is 64bit better for AMD64 CPU02:43
taxmanbut it's a fusion of 64- and 32- bit for 12.0402:43
tohuwnapalm54: sorry, wrong factoid. Your answer is: it depends on what you are looking for.02:44
taxmanlook at mtrr, it's set up for 32-bit02:44
shawn_TO taxman  : thank you02:44
bandit5432my laptop only supports 32bit and i have 12.04 installed02:44
aaasblocky well the profile should be universal (I think) so if you point it to yoru profile it shoudl be able to read your mailbox02:44
taxmaninside 4gb of space02:44
k_szeI want to simulate high latency between my LAN and my Xubuntu box.02:44
taxman12.04 is not like a pathetic 64-bit linux02:44
napalm54tohuw: I guess I am wondering if there are any drawbacks to using the ubuntu software center vs .deb from the official website02:44
blockyaaas, thanks, I'll try that once I figure out why grub has failed02:44
aaasblocky is there an "import" feature in thunderbird02:44
wannaI just installed 12.4 and can't get my wireless connection working on my laptop. Got any sugestions?02:44
agu10^ubuntu is like worse than web OS !02:45
OerHekstaxman, it is, 64 bit is multi-arch02:45
oscar76iHarp: I only have 512M and 2G free disk.  I have to stop using Transmission ;)02:45
rinzlergetting: "mosh : Depends: libprotobuf5 but it is not installable" how do I correct this?02:45
blockywhy would it be installing grub to /dev/mapper, what is /dev/mapper?02:45
taxmaniirc, it's debian's multi-lib like solution02:45
=== Guest86184 is now known as Bogdaniel
blockyit's asking me to choose a different device to install the bootloader on02:46
taxmanOerHeks, i prefer to use a pure 64-bit linux, just my taste02:46
oscar76iHarp: I was just wandering if 6G for swap is a little too much02:46
tohuwnapalm54: In general, using distribution-specific packages mean it has been compiled and tested on that distribution. It also often (but not always) means the package is not the latest release. Typically, you are trading bleeding-edge for tested compatibility. Examine the versions, check the project's official documentation and the distribution's provided documentation (if any), decide.02:46
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest26432
shawn_taxman: I just can't make a decision  to migrate from 32bit to 64bit.....02:46
taxmanshawn_, my 12.04 is 64-bit and i can watch youtube without issues02:47
blockyanybody know what device I should install grub to?02:47
SarahsButtblocky: sda102:48
shawn_but what will happen when you install some package without 64bit build? xD02:48
iHarposcar76: It's not too much.. there is actually a formula to it02:48
oscar76blocky: preferably your first hd, and never a removable disk i guess02:48
OerHeksshawn_, it will run on ubuntu multiarch02:48
blockyparted is saying /dev/sr0 unrecognized disk label02:48
Datzwhat's up with the dependency problems when I try and install php5 on 12.04 gnome-session-fallback?02:48
Guest135re my previous question anything i can run on putty to see what mode (pio, udma6 etc etc) an attached usb drive is in? id usually use hdparm for this but it's not liking working on an external hdd.02:48
blockyhow can I get a list of options02:49
iHarposcar76: for 2G you would want atleast 4G; For 3 you would want 5 and for 4 you  would want 602:49
Somniohi! anyone on the mood to answer a couple of questions about gnome-shell on Ubuntu?02:50
Ycareneis there a way to force a package to ignore dependency conflicts and make it install.02:50
wyldeYcarene: yes, but it's not recommended.02:50
rebeis it possible to change terminal font size to float number like 10.5 instead of whole 10 or 11 ?02:50
YcareneI think it'd be fine for what I want at least.02:51
shawn_OerHeks, do you mean the 64bit ubuntu can run 32bit program?02:51
iHarprebe: Never tried that..lol good question02:51
OerHeksshawn_, yes, since 11.10 ubuntu is supporting multi-arch02:51
DatzCould someone tell me what these dependency problems are about when trying to install php5: http://pastebin.com/eq8cpUq102:52
OerHeksno need for ia32 libs02:52
blockyAnyone know what it means when the LiveCD dumps you to BusyBox shell?02:52
DatzOerHeks: that's not directed towards me?02:53
shawn_OerHeks, Thank you, btw. how to shift my 32 ubuntu to 64 ?  should I re-install the  whole system02:53
oscar76iHarp: really? good to know.   For me it stills sounds so much.  Maybe because my hd is only 80G :(02:53
OerHeksDatz, no, it was ment for shawn.02:53
shellcode28how u create another hard disk02:53
Ycarenewylde - how do I do it with apt-get, I can't get --nodeps to work.02:53
OerHeksshawn_, only reinstall possible.02:53
oscar76shellcode28: you mean another partition?02:54
wyldeYcarene: moment, I don't know off the top of my head. I only did it once a very long time ago heh.02:54
oscar76shellcode28: when you are installing ubuntu or afterwards?02:54
iHarposcar76: Yea, you are looking at about 1G02:54
shellcode28I have already ubuntu02:55
shawn_Thanks,OerHeks&taxman,  When you get notice that 'shawn_ has quit()'  It means I am reinstalling ubuntu xD02:55
blackmatrix_nyhi all...why does netstat not show process for apache running on port 80...It just displays - for it02:55
shellcode28I already have ubuntu*02:55
SarahsButtshellcode28: download Gparted02:55
shellcode28I have gparted lol02:55
oscar76shellcode28: you can use Partition Manager or Gparted, but be careful02:55
SarahsButtshellcode28: that's what you gotta use02:56
iHarp<< uses Gparted02:56
shellcode28I have Gparted02:56
taxmani trust only fdisk for performance proof02:56
taxmanfdisk can control each detail02:56
oscar76iHarp: do you know if is it a hd size limit for ubuntu?02:57
OerHeksshellcode28, be sure the partition is not mounted.02:57
shellcode28OK,how can u tell if is not mounted02:57
wyldeYcarene: you may need to use 'apt-get download <packagename>' then force the installation with dpkg....still checking02:57
shellcode28so do i have unmount?02:58
alFReD-NSHAnyone got any explanation why screendump 7 doesn't work?02:58
alFReD-NSHalfred@ubuntu:~$ sudo screendump 702:58
wyldeIf anyone else knows off the top of their head feel free btw! :)02:58
alFReD-NSHcouldn't read /dev/vcs/a702:58
=== Garr255_ is now known as Guest20383
oscar76shellcode28: use df on the shell02:58
LinuxMonkey!enter | alFReD-NSH02:58
ubottualFReD-NSH: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:58
oscar76shellcode28: or mount -l02:58
taxmanshellcode28, gnome disk utility can tell you02:59
LinuxMonkeyhahaha taxman you beat me to it02:59
LinuxMonkeyabout disk util02:59
blackmatrix_nyshitty netstat02:59
alFReD-NSHThe tty that the x org is run on, is it 63?03:01
blackmatrix_nywhy couldn't they just port the unix netstat to linux...just like google03:01
LittleBallOfHatealFReD-NSH: 703:01
alFReD-NSHLittleBallOfHate: but it doesn't exist in /dev/tty703:02
wyldeYcarene: once you have the package you can 'dpkg --force-depends -i <packagename>'03:02
LittleBallOfHatealFReD-NSH: what do you mean?03:02
alFReD-NSHw8 it does03:03
=== SushiDude is now known as Guest34778
alFReD-NSHbut it doesn't exist on /dev/vcs703:03
alFReD-NSHThere is vcs for 1 to 6, and also 6303:04
JonEdneyNoob Question incoming!03:04
JonEdneyCan I download WIN fonts and use them on Ubuntu?03:05
oscar76JonEdney: you can use ttf fonts03:05
kioncan anybody explain me what are locales?03:05
LittleBallOfHateJonEdney: ttf-mscorefonts or something like that03:06
Ycarenewylde - Meh, I can't even install it as source, looks like pidgin is dead in ubuntu/ming.03:06
alFReD-NSH JonEdney: install wine and ruin your whole font eco system!(sarcasm...)03:06
vectory__kion: i gather you mean localization03:06
XlaitsAnyone a wiz on jnlp files?03:06
wyldeYcarene:  it is? I haven't bothered with any messengers as of yet.03:06
kionVectory: on my terminal there is something called locale03:06
JonEdneyOh Wine.  I forgot about that program.  Thank you/03:07
XlaitsI can't seen to open any...03:07
iHarposcar76:  None that I know. Files can be up into the terabyte range. The Wikipedia limit for a volume is 16 Terabytes.03:07
LittleBallOfHateJonEdney: mscorefonts if you want things like Tahoma in X03:07
vectory__kion: a local is a localization setting, changing inpuit/output to a given languageset, i.e. keyboard layout03:07
blackmatrix_nysudo apt-get remove netstat ...I cant even remove this shit03:07
bobweaversudo apt-get --puge remove foobar03:08
bobweaversudo apt-get --purge remove foobar03:08
XlaitsHey, can anyone help me get my firefox to open jnlp files? It's really important...03:08
oscar76iHarp: tnx, I'll get me a bigger hd !03:08
iHarpgo for it! :p03:08
shawn_kion, locale means something related to language, timezone...etc.03:09
LittleBallOfHateXlaits: aren't those java related?03:09
=== Guest34778 is now known as SushiDude
LittleBallOfHateXlaits: java webstart or something like that?03:09
XlaitsLittleBall ofHate: Yeah, exactly.03:09
iHarpxlaits: I shot my firefox.. Chome loves me more..lol03:09
LittleBallOfHateXlaits: openjdk kind of sucks, look up how to install oracle's java03:10
LittleBallOfHateXlaits: might help03:10
XlaitsiHarp, is there even a Chrome for Ubuntu?03:10
LinuxMonkeyXlaits: did you try renaming them to .xml lol03:10
XlaitsLittleBallOfHate: I've tried doing it myself... and failed...03:10
blackmatrix_nydo the authors of linux netstat fred bumgarten and alan cocks ever show up here...I want to slap them with their stupid netstat tool03:10
XlaitsLinuxMonkey: Haha, I need them open in java...03:10
iHarpjust go to google.com then look for the download chrome.. then download the deb file and it will put you through the ubuntu software center03:10
Ben64!language | blackmatrix_ny03:10
ubottublackmatrix_ny: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:10
XlaitsiHarp: thanks, I'll try that.03:11
L3topXlaits: a jnlp file is a web file that connects to a (java) jar file.03:11
bobweavernetstat is awesome and so is allen cox03:11
LinuxMonkeyoh kk Xlaits03:11
blockyis it possible that on this motherboard, IDE devices are listed as SATA03:11
blackmatrix_nybobweaver, you must know little about networking then my friend03:11
Xlaitsl3top: I know that already...03:11
bobweaverblocky:  yes there are bugs like that03:12
blackmatrix_nybobweaver, what kind of networking tool gives you the message 'Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info03:12
blackmatrix_ny will not be shown...'03:12
L3topIs this file on a server or local Xlaits?03:12
bobweaverblackmatrix_ny:  try    netstat -antp03:12
oscar76blocky: It happens to me too03:13
XlaitsL3top: Originally, Server. But I managed to download said file, because firefox is an arsehole.03:13
blackmatrix_nybobweaver, still cannot identify a simple application like apache running on port 80 'LISTEN      -        '03:13
blockyI think this installation is choking because of something to do with the hard drive configuration03:13
shawn_firefox is good03:13
blockythere are 3 SATA disks and 2 more on IDE03:14
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: try lsof -i403:14
bobweaverumm blackmatrix_ny  are you sure apache is running ?03:14
blackmatrix_nybobweaver, you are asking me if I the pc is plugged in or not...cmon man03:15
L3topXlaits: so presumably the server works correctly, it is just firefox having a problem?03:15
blockyWhen the livecd boots, I get [sdg] attached SCSI removable disk03:15
XlaitsL3top: That is correct.03:15
L3topXlaits: and do you have oracles jre or the openjre installed?03:15
blockythen it drops to a shell and says Mount a filesystem03:15
blockyCan not mount /dev/loop1 on /cow03:15
XlaitsL3top: Whatever Pangolion installed. (Meaning OpenJRE)03:16
L3topXlaits: I am not sure it makes a difference, just a thought if you cant get it rolling in anything else...03:16
bobweaverblackmatrix_ny:  lets see the out put of     sudo apt-get install pastebinit && ps auc03:16
bobweaverblackmatrix_ny:  lets see the out put of     sudo apt-get install pastebinit && ps aux | grep [a]pache203:16
blackmatrix_nyhuh ?03:16
blackmatrix_nyi will show you the output of ps -aef | grep -i apache03:17
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: try "lsof -i4"03:17
blackmatrix_nyI dont install shit from nowhere man...03:17
blockyI don't have any SCSI disks ,this is a fairly recent pc, core 2 duo03:17
bobweaver!info pastebinit | blackmatrix_ny03:17
ubottublackmatrix_ny: pastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3-2ubuntu2 (precise), package size 15 kB, installed size 172 kB03:17
LittleBallOfHateblocky: sata is identified as scsi03:17
iHarpGreat repo for linux games: http://www.lgdb.org/games/popular03:18
Xlaits_L3top: Sorry, firefox crashed.03:18
blackmatrix_nybobweaver, http://pastebin.com/UuTi0T8Q03:19
bobweaverblackmatrix_ny:  sorry cant look I have bo gui :P03:19
blackmatrix_nybobweaver, a what ?03:19
L3topUnderstood... I was just suggesting that if you cannot get it going otherwise, you may need the oracle jre Xlaits. Just a thought.03:19
bobweaverblackmatrix_ny:  a gui a graphical user interface03:20
aaashow far along is samba4, can i install this instead of samba?03:20
blackmatrix_nybobweaver, so you cant view the url in a browser ? I dont get it03:20
FRodrigues_Is there a site that i can see if a graphic card is working all right in 12.04?03:21
Xlaits_L3top: True, but I've tried installing it myself... and I fraggn' fail at it...03:21
LittleBallOfHateFRodrigues_: what card?03:21
bobweaverblackmatrix_ny: I am installing links now03:21
FRodrigues_LittleBallOfHate:  ati radeon hd 320003:22
blackmatrix_nybobweaver, installing links ? ok I get it...you're joking right lol03:22
L3topXlaits_: what version of ubuntu are you on03:22
taxmanwhy not japanese w3m?03:22
taxmanw3m > elinks > links > lynx03:22
LittleBallOfHateFRodrigues_: should work fine, may need to install additional drivers though03:22
Xlaits_L3top: As stated subtly before, Precise Pangolion...03:23
L3topXlaits_: 32 or 6403:24
blackmatrix_nynetstat a tool written by dimwits03:24
blackmatrix_nycan't wait to get on my UNIX box tomorrow03:25
Xlaits_L3top: I believe 32.03:25
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: hey03:25
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, yes sir03:25
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: netstat -an doesn't work?03:25
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: or lsof -i4?03:26
bobweaverblackmatrix_ny:  there is no link there03:26
ki4roAny active amateur radio operators here?03:26
blockyis there any guides anywhere on how to boot the livecd? I'm having a lot of problems03:26
L3topXlaits uname -m03:26
L3tophttp://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk-7u4-downloads-1591156.html   lets try again, go ahead and grab the sdk03:26
Fyodorovnaki4ro, On the ubuntu support channel that is what is done here.03:27
L3topIf you want Xlaits_03:27
zigIm trying to add a user to the system and i want my new user to inherit my alias commands. How may i do this?03:27
bobweaverblocky:  the 1st thing I do is check the md5sum if that is all good I then setup my bios to make sure that cd is reading 1st if that is what I am booting from. the bot will send you more info03:27
bobweaver!md5sum >> blocky03:27
Xlaits_L3top: i68603:28
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, both commands+options don't catch the apache running on port 8003:28
LittleBallOfHatezig: cp your .bashrc .profile or .zshrc to their home03:28
bobweaver!md5sum > blocky03:28
ubottublocky, please see my private message03:28
L3topok grab the 32 bit Xlaits_03:28
blackmatrix_nybobweaver, you give ubuntu a bad name man...stop playing03:28
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: but ps aux|grep apache shows it running?03:28
L3topI will grab a smoke while it dlds03:28
Xlaits_L3top: RPM or tar.gz?03:28
ziglittleBallofHate - from root user profile?03:28
blockywell I think the iso is okay because I used it to install on my laptop03:28
L3toptar.gz Xlaits_03:28
blockyit's possible it was corrupted when I copied it to my flash drive03:28
LittleBallOfHatezig: whoever you log in as and have the aliases setup as03:29
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, yea...and my worry is that what other processes (trojans) is it not catching if it misses a big fish like apache03:29
zigfor now, i only have root account. want to create new user and still have alias. I will try that and get back with you03:29
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: and /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default is configured to put it on 80?03:29
blackmatrix_nyanother reason to migrate to openbsd for more security03:30
LittleBallOfHatezig: make sure permissions are right when you copy03:30
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: openbsd rocks03:30
zigwhat should they be?03:30
LittleBallOfHatezig: just owned by the new user03:30
blockywhat's the best way to create a bootable flash drive from an existing ubuntu system03:30
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, cmon dude...I know apache is running...http://pastebin.com/UuTi0T8Q03:30
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: just checking, i wasn't watching the whole convo03:31
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, yea...I'm a stickler for security and ubuntu is making me feel invaded03:31
Xlaits_L3top: about a minute left. Thanks for this.03:31
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: check /tmp for odd executable files please03:31
ClientAlivewhen I installed 12.04 server not long ago, I choose "use landscape to manage the system" during installation. From what little I've seen I'm starting to question that decision. Apart from paying for the service, is there any good reason for me to use it?03:32
L3topXlaits_: take a look at this to begin with http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/webnotes/install/linux/linux-jdk.html#install-3203:32
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, I actually developed a scanning script on my AIX box and wanted to port it to Ubuntu but the netstat tool is so weak on ubuntu linux03:32
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: if it's not showing stuff running you've got more problems than netstat03:32
L3topXlaits_: and we are going to uninstall the openjre03:33
bobweaver!usb > blocky03:33
ubottublocky, please see my private message03:33
Xlaits_L3top: Awesome. Maybe Minecraft will run better from this as well...03:33
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, you lost me there buddy ? what should be showing stuff running ?03:33
bobweaverblocky:  np03:34
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: netstat. I'd bet you've been rootkitted03:34
blockyunity is starting to grow on me, or at least I find it less loathsome than before03:34
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, lol...ok getting a bit ahead of yourself but please elaborate03:34
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: only time i've EVER seen processes not listed in normal tools03:34
arooni-mobilecurious about the benefits of adding a second hard drive (SSD) to my computer.  i mostly program and surf the web... dont know how bug a difference id see from a 7200rpm 500gb drive that i have in my lenovo t420 now.03:35
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: check /tmp for executable files. I'd bet you got pwned and the reverse shell that allowed them to rootkit you is there03:35
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, tcp6       0      0 :::80                   :::*                    LISTEN      -03:35
Xlaits_L3top: ok, DLed.03:35
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: LOL03:35
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: it's listening on ipv603:36
haileyI have installed 12.04 on this Compaq Presario V6000 and with it fully updated, I am unable to get the BCM4311 wirless NIC to work, doesn't seem possible.  I thought maybe if I could revert to one of the 2.6 kernels, I might have a shot but after the upgrades I can only boot the 3.2.0-24 kernel and I can only guess that this BCM-4311 is useless with this kernel.  Anyone know what can bee done here?03:36
=== Garr255__ is now known as Garr255
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, I get that...my problem is why is not the PID or process name is not displayed but only '-' is displayed03:36
bobweaverhailey:  please open terminal and enter in    lspci -nn | grep 14e4       then paste the part in red plz03:36
bobweaverhailey:  like [14e4:4313]03:37
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: that was netstat -an output?03:38
foobArrris there a way to block screensaver activation when a movie player is running? caffeine can do that, but it's not working for me on 12.04.03:38
bobweaverfoobArrr:  it is under system settings battary03:39
bobweaverhailey:  I have no browser what is the part that was in red ?03:39
hailey02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN [14e4:4311] (rev 01)03:40
bobweaverhalakar: nm03:40
L3topXlaits_: please dpkg-query -l "openjdk*"     and tell me if any are installed03:40
bobweaverhailey:  lsmod | grep -e b43 -e wl03:40
L3topXlaits_: also dpkg-query -l "*jre*" and tell me if any are installed03:41
bobweaverhailey:  which one shows up the wl or the b43 or nothing ?03:41
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: and forgive me, I'm drunk03:41
haileylsmod | grep -e b43 -e wl Returns nothing.03:41
Xlaits_L3top: http://pastebin.com/afJTk1Tg03:41
bobweaverhailey:  apt-cache policy dump b43 && apt-cache policy dump wl03:42
bobweaverhailey:  get anything back ?03:42
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, yea you should have said that first03:42
waheedhey guys, I need a sticky notes program like the one in windows seven that sticks "keep visible" to the desktop, I tried many from the software centre and all of them are trivia03:43
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: I know my shit though :)03:43
L3topXlaits_: sudo apt-get remove openjdk*03:43
haileybobweaver: nada03:43
Xlaits_L3top: Purge?03:43
bobweaverhailey:  sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter && sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer && sudo modprobe b43 && sudo iwlist scan03:44
bobweaverhailey:  do you have wireless ?03:44
L3topXlaits_: I am not sure. Lets do this instead... sudo apt-get -s remove --purge openjdk*          and pastebin the result. I want to see what all it wants to chunk out.  (-s will do a simulation)03:45
Psykuswhere would I start trying to troubleshoot the display not turning off after an amount of idle time on a laptop? i have the power settings set to turn off the display after 5 minutes instead of using a screen saver, and it just makes the screen black but doesn't actually turn off the screen03:46
haileyI seem to have wlan0 now.  Let me  see of there is anything I can do with it.03:47
=== Guest26432 is now known as Bogdaniel
blockyanyone know of a way to get win7-like resizing of windows to the left and right half of the screen, super key + left/right arrow?03:47
shaneohey guys whats a good app for pasting from teminal to ubuntu pastebin03:47
Xlaits_L3top: Alright. I did the former. I'll do the latter now, just to be sure.03:47
LittleBallOfHateblocky: that's the onlhy thing I miss from windows 703:47
LittleBallOfHateblocky: you figure it out, let me know03:47
wyldeblocky: ctrl+super+ left or right03:47
bobweaver!info pastebinit > shaneo03:47
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest32270
blockyI've got the up and down set in keyboard shortcuts03:47
L3top!pastebinit | shaneo03:47
ubottushaneo: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com03:47
blockywhich is a start03:47
Xlaits_L3top: Done, and done.03:47
shaneothanks L303:48
shaneothanks L3top03:48
zigwhat is the thing called at the left of the command line like… root@
LittleBallOfHatezig: prompt03:48
LittleBallOfHatezig: PS103:48
L3topXlaits_: lets move that tar.gz to /usr/share03:48
blockywhat on earth... the partition manager shows everything as a subfolder of /dev/mapper03:49
twig11How can I add images to be shown in the default desktop backgrounds list in the Appearance settings? I found instructions saying to add an image to /usr/share/backgrounds, then navigate there from the Appearance settings app and select it, but it still doesn't show up in the selection of default backgrounds. What's the trick to getting an image included as a background which any user can choose from the defaults and have shown as the lightdm background as wel03:49
Xlaits_L3top: Permission denied...03:50
LittleBallOfHateXlaits_: sudo?03:50
Xlaits_L3top: it would be helpful if I was using the command line...03:50
zigwell, when i log in as my new user, i dont have a promt, it just says $03:51
zigis this normal?03:51
LittleBallOfHatezig: make sure their shell is set the same as yours03:51
Xlaits_L3top: Or knew the command for that period...03:51
LittleBallOfHatezig: if you copied your rc file there03:51
L3topWhat directory is it in currently Xlaits_03:51
jribzig: how did you create this user?03:51
Xlaits_L3top: Downloads03:51
L3topPerhaps we should move to pm so as to not flood the channel.03:51
ziguseradd zack03:52
jribzig: use adduser, not useradd03:52
Xlaits_L3top: Yeah...03:52
LittleBallOfHatezig: you missed lots of options03:52
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, sorry to break it to you but no you dont03:52
=== jsec[AFK] is now known as jsec
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: you come up with something?03:52
LittleBallOfHateblackmatrix_ny: I can admit being wrong03:52
jrib!away > jsec03:52
ubottujsec, please see my private message03:52
zigso should i deluser?03:52
jribzig: that would be the easy solution03:53
blackmatrix_nyLittleBallOfHate, when I get the proper unix netstat03:53
zigwhat options would you recommend i adduser with?03:54
jribzig: you don't need any options with adduser03:54
LittleBallOfHatejrib: useradd03:55
jribLittleBallOfHate: ?03:55
LittleBallOfHatejrib: he's creating a new user not adding to groups03:55
jribLittleBallOfHate: adduser creates a new user as well03:55
zigoh wow, adduser is much nicer03:55
LittleBallOfHatei like to make sure things are how I want them :)03:56
mohithi there. i need help. i have downloaded 12.04 twice, ripped the cd and tried to use it but eerytime, it turned out to be wubi. is anyone else finding a similar problem?03:56
zigand that way also set my prompt up how i was used to03:56
wyldemohit: uhhhh... if you don't wany wubi, boot from the cd?03:56
paulus68I run 12.04 server with 2 nics, under vmware 1 nic is comming up automaticly the 2nd doesn't but can be launched manually how do I get the 2nd nic up automaticly?03:57
jribzig: one of the differences is that adduser will automatically copy the contents /etc/skel/ into your user's home03:57
footvillahey guys is there like a package that installs some sort of system monitor? that you can access remotely03:57
mohitthe problem is that i have tried to download the installer iso but when i brn a cd from it, it turns out to be wubi03:57
footvillato check on system health cpu03:57
bobweavermohit:  I know that this might sound silly but what happens when you turn the computer on with the cd in the drive . if it goes too windows you have to boot you cd in the 1st order of boot or load the boot menu if you have one03:57
zigyes, that was what i was looking for.03:57
zigi have the alias, and the promt im used to. Thanks.03:57
wyldemohit: all the install images have wubi on them.03:58
blockyhmm okay same problem as before, grub-install /dev/mapper failed03:58
bobweavermohit:  all that can be done from the bios unless this is a mac ?03:58
blockyWhy is it not assigning regular drive numbering?03:58
Psykus<Psykus> where would I start trying to troubleshoot the display not turning off after an amount of idle time on a laptop? i have the power settings set to turn off the display after 5 minutes instead of using a screen saver, and it just makes the screen black but doesn't actually turn off the screen03:58
twig11How can I add images to be shown in the default desktop backgrounds list in the Appearance settings? I found instructions saying to add an image to /usr/share/backgrounds, then navigate there from the Appearance settings app and select it, but it still doesn't show up in the selection of default backgrounds. What's the trick to adding an image to the default set so any user can choose it and have it also show up as the lightdm background?03:58
mohitok. its not a mac. an acer runing on windows vista03:58
Psykusfigured this out by the way, xfce's power manager wasn't working correctly03:58
Psykushad to set the monitor settings in the screensaver menu instead03:59
mohitwoud you have an idea, why the boot freezes when i try to use the cd?03:59
bobweavermohit:  have you checked the md5sum ?03:59
wyldemohit: reboot with the cd in the drive. If it doesn't load from the cd you'll have to edit bios settings, or possibly hit f12 while the bios loads.03:59
* paulus68 I hate vista03:59
mohiti checked the bios and it is set to boot from cd as the first preference.04:01
hariomI want to run my python script which has module import from the non standard location python (so python won't work but /opt/mylib/bin/python). I want to run this every 24 hours and any output of this should go to /var/log/myscript.log file. What should be the content of the cron script and where to keep it04:01
Wildbatis there a tools for tidying up indent for php/html ?04:01
hariom* 23 * * * /opt/mylib/bin/python /home/user/myscript.py > /var/log/myscript.log 2>&1       Is this correct?04:01
paulus68mohit: does the cd work on another pc/laptop04:02
mohithowever i have not checked md5sum. how should i do that? i am trying to get back into ubuntu installed on my computer after installing vista04:02
bobweaver!md5sum | mohit04:02
ubottumohit: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:02
mohitpaul, dont have another comp to work on.04:02
dr_willisi was thinking the ccd had some sort of 'verify' item in its boot menus.. but that checks  the md5's of  the files. not the whole iso04:03
haileyAfter reboot, the BCM4311 works.  For some reason, I have to use CLI commands to connect, but it works.  Thanks all04:04
mohitwill be back after checking md5s. thanks guys!04:04
bobweavernp hailey  enjoy04:04
paulus68mohit: ok if you burn another iso for instance server version, does it allow you to install server edition just a thought04:04
paulus68I run 12.04 server with 2 nics, under vmware 1 nic is comming up automaticly the 2nd doesn't but can be launched manually how do I get the 2nd nic up automaticly?04:05
mohitthink no harm in trying. will try that as well. right now downloading from alternate source as well04:05
dr_willispaulus68:  quick fix.. put command in rc.local to  set it up. ;)04:06
=== jd is now known as Guest97419
paulus68dr_willis: how do you do this?04:06
dr_willispaulus68:  look at /etc/rc.local  its a script that gets ran at the end of the boot  process.04:07
dr_willisafter all the other services start04:07
simonphi all. why network upgrade from lucid to precise is still not possible? http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts still don't have precise...04:07
Guest97419updated 12.04 now am stuck in "low graphics" mode and any selection I pick goes to *checking battery state"  how do I get back to booting the os04:07
blockydoes anyone know why the livecd creates a partition called /cow?04:08
Guest97419* you can response to "JD"04:08
dr_willisblocky:  cant say ive noticed that.04:09
blockyit's a filesystem called /cow which is mounted as /04:09
blockyin the filesystem04:09
* Xlaits_ looks confused04:09
blockysomething weird is going on with my system, I can't seem to get a bootloader installed04:09
Guest97419updated 12.04 now am stuck in "low graphics" mode and any selection I pick goes to *checking battery state"  how do I get back to booting the os04:09
dr_willisGuest97419:  you mean you can boot to the desktop. but its in low gfx mode?04:10
bobweaverGuest97419:  what is you gfx card ?04:10
paulus68dr_willis: what do I enter there?04:10
dr_willispaulus68: whatever commands you need to configure what it is you are trying to configure.04:11
Guest97419can not get to desktop...do not know gfx card...sony vaio...pentium 404:11
hnszHello. I'm having a slight problem. I have no windows just what is in them. Also I haave a problem with certain flash videos. They have undiscernable video with only the basic colours. Others are fine. I don see how the two things are related but they started at the same time.04:11
dr_willisHow can it be in 'low graphics mode;' if its snot getting to the desktop....04:11
Guest97419It starts up to "Ubuntu" and logo buttons04:11
bobweaverGuest97419:  are you looking at that computer can you talk here and type stuff on that one ?04:11
bobweaverGuest97419:  how many operating systems are installed on this computer ?04:12
Guest97419then goes to low graphics mode...am on separate pc...can't access anyting but black screen04:12
dr_willishnsz:  if you mean you  have no window borders/decoration - thats a sign that compiz crashed..  try 'compiz --replace' in a terminal if  you  can04:12
Guest97419only one os...PP 12.0404:12
bobweaverGuest97419:  press ctrl+alt+f104:12
bobweaverGuest97419:  sign in04:12
paulus68dr_willis: so basicly when I add there the command to bring the eth1 card up I will be good to go ?04:13
dr_willispaulus68:  yes. be sure its befor that last exit command in the file. and dont start anything that will take over the shell, or start things in the background. (common mistakes i see people make in here)04:13
Guest97419okay will try...be back soon04:14
user1hi, how to isntall bugzilla3 in ubuntu 10.04 server LTS, pls help me...04:14
paulus68dr_willis: just entering the things to bring the eth1 up and that's it04:14
dr_willisuser1:  if its not in the repos. or a PPA. use the source.04:15
* paulus68 **** never to old to learn**** thanks dr_Willis04:15
Guest97419woo hoo04:15
Guest97419that worked!04:15
bobweaverGuest97419:  np you need to fix you gfx driver thou04:15
user1dr_willis, can u send me the link how to install bugzilla304:16
bobweaveryou can install bugzilla unser dev tools on mozilla04:16
dr_willisuser1:  nope.. ive never used it.. the stndard routine is. check the repos.. check for  ppas or if all else fails resouirt to using the source for apps not in the repos.ppas04:16
kameroncan someone help me with some basic drive mounting? I'm having a problem accessing the mounted drive by anyone except root.04:17
Guest97419ok bob...will do that...i know how to do that...not the cnl/alt/f1 thingy...but woo hoo anyway04:17
dr_williskameron:  what filesystem is the FS in question04:17
bobweaverGuest97419:  glade too see that you are happy :)04:17
kamerondr_willis, ext4.04:17
dr_williskameron:  then you need to set the proper ownersshiop or  permissions on the files   and dirs you  want the users to  access.04:18
Guest97419had the power go out yesterday and mucked up all the computers...lost a modem...had to fix win7 ip address...router settings...and it was a pain...but this...this is easy04:18
paulus68dr_willis: small question do I just enter ifconfig with all the parameters or would the syntax be different?04:18
mohitGuys MD5s are matching. trying different instances but have a feeling that there is something fundamentally wrong with what i might be doing!!04:18
kamerondr_willis, i have a drive that's completely blank and users can't create a directory or do anything. i'll paste my fstab for you to see.04:19
dr_willispaulus68:  same as you would use in the shell. since rc.local is ran as a shell script04:19
kamerondr_willis, http://paste.ubuntu.com/966145/04:19
paulus68dr_willis: but no need to add sudo I presume just to be sure04:19
dr_williskameron:  you set permissions/ownership  on the mountpoint after you  mount it.. that  sets the permissions for the 'root' of the drive. OR make a directory and chown/chmod that. and let theusers access tghat dir04:19
Guest97419btw...do you suppose the outage or the update messed up the graphics?04:19
dr_willispaulus68:  rc.local  IS ran by the system.. so  its  allready  ran as root04:19
bobweavermohit:  please explain too me like I ma a 7 yr old how you are trying too do this . (sometimes I act like a 7yr old) :)04:19
kamerondr_willis, all my drives i can access just fine except for the ext4 drive mounted to "StoreSwap"04:20
dr_williskameron:  it all depoends on the filesystem in use and the ownership/modes/permissions of the drives filesystemjs04:20
Guest97419thanks bob  thanks much04:20
dr_williskameron:  the other drives are what filesystem?04:20
kamerondr_willis, ext4 and ntfs04:21
dr_willisntfs - is setable at mounttime - because it does NOT support the normal linux  permissions.04:21
dr_willisthats the only  way to set the permissions.ownership on ntfs.04:21
mohiti downloaded the iso file "ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso" burned it to a dvd successfully and am trying to boot from dvd (have set it as first preference in bios). the boot just freezes. i have done this with 4 dvds now.04:21
dr_willisfor normal linuxx filesystems you normally follow the standard permission 'rules'04:22
bobweavermohit:  where does it frezze ?04:22
kameronmohit try adding option "nomodeset" when you boot.04:22
dr_willismohit:  you  are burning a cd image to  a dvd disk: no  cd disks? why not try a usb flash:04:23
bobweavermohit: meaning .... do you get a spash screen anything or does it just go to windo z ?04:23
kamerondr_willis, i see what i did wrong. i didn't set permissions of the folder it's being mounted to. it's working now. thanks!04:23
dr_willismohit:  how did you burn it to  disk04:23
dr_williskameron:  the permissions of the 'folder' after its mounted.. is a reflection of the permissions of the root of  the drive.  BEFOr  the mount.. the permissions dont matter.04:23
kamerondr_willis, that was my problem04:24
mohitafter getting through bios.it dosnt go to windows. a "_" in the top left corner of the screen just flashes as the dvd tries hard to read. after a while, as i eject th dvd, the boot quickly jumps to windows.04:24
dr_willisi always just make a directory called 'UsersStorage' on the root of  the drive and chown/chmod  that.. the useres dont need to  see the LOST+FOUND directory :)04:25
mohiti used imgburn for one and cdburnerxp another time on a different pc04:25
bobweavermohit:  what kind of computer is this ?04:25
L3topdid you check the md5sum mohit?04:26
dr_willismohit:  id try a usb boot. and test out  those disks on a differnt pc.  Ive  heard of  mixxed results burning the cd iso  image to a blank  DVD also.,04:26
mohiti tried burning a CD as well. exactly the same result.04:26
mohitacer aspire 693004:26
mohitok. let me try a usb boot04:26
=== peps is now known as Guest49748
wormI have a small problem on ssh.04:30
hnszHow can I invoke a fsck?04:31
wormI used ssh to connect to another's computer, but the wall command cannot show him any information.04:31
wormI want to tell him something by a pop-up window, but how?04:31
bobweaverworm:  notify-send "this is a message about foo "04:32
hnszthat's cute :)04:32
wylde!fsck | hnsz04:34
ubottuhnsz: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot04:34
aaasi cant ping my windows machines from ubuntu or my dd-wrt router, any ideas?04:35
hnszwylde: Thanks04:35
wyldehnsz: np04:35
wormaaas: Any error message? Type ifconfig to see your network status.04:35
aaasworm network is fine, i can get out to internet on all boxes04:36
aaasworm ping error is "destination host unreachable"04:36
aaasworm firewall disabled on both sides04:36
wormaaas: That means you might have the wrong ip address of them.04:37
bobweaveraaas: are you on wifi ?04:37
aaasworm bobweaver no04:37
aaasnot on wifi04:37
aaaswindows machines can ping each other04:37
aaasdd-wrt sets static ips of all machines04:37
aaascant ping by hostname or ip04:37
bobweaverare the other  machines up ?04:37
aaasbobweaver yes04:38
wormaaas: can you paste your ifconfig here?04:38
bobweaveraaas:  what does traceroute do ?04:38
aaasbobweaver traceroute to where?04:38
aaasworm one sec04:38
bobweaverto the other machines aaas04:39
violinapprenworm:  before calling notify-send, you have to: export DISPLAY="0.0"04:39
violinapprenworm: correction:  it's :0.0 not 0.004:39
aaasbobweaver unknown host04:39
aaasbobweaver ill try from the router04:39
hnszI have not windows. Reboots don't work.04:39
aaasbobweaver same from routers04:40
hnszI do have the unitybar and the menubar04:40
bobweaveraaas try angry ip scanner ?04:40
aaasangry ip scanner?04:41
aaasworm http://pastebin.com/0T6S2MfX04:41
blockyokay now I've done something really bad04:42
wormaaas try ping -b04:42
blockyI changed a bios setting from SATA enhanced to SATA compatible and now when I power on the machine it just says Express Gate04:42
blockycaps lock doesn't even work04:42
aaasworm works04:43
hnszblocky: bios reset?04:43
wyldeblocky: can you get back into bios to fix it? If not you're going to have to reset the bios :)04:43
blockyno, can't even get to bios04:43
wormaaas: Have you received some "DUP"?04:43
hnszblocky: check your motherboard manual :)04:43
aaasworm "dup"?04:43
blockywhat the hell asus, not cool04:43
wyldeblocky: yep, what hnsz said04:44
wormaaas: something like time **ms (DUP!) or duplicates.04:44
wyldeblocky: just because you CAN change a bios option, doesn't mean you should! lol >.<04:44
aaasworm no04:45
wormaaas try arp.04:45
blockywylde I don't think it's supposed to lock up04:45
wormaaas:  it will show you the ip address and the mac address of the computers connected to yours.04:45
aaasworm windows machines show (incomplete) for hwtyp hwaddress flag amsk04:45
wormaaas then arping the ip address of the router and the windows machine.,04:46
wyldeblocky: I would imagine not04:46
rychusjdoes anyone have any advice on how to fix a duplicate source.list entry?04:47
wormaaas: If everything works well, the reply of them included a broadcast and a lot of unicasts.04:47
aaasworm shows same info as 'arp' alone04:47
=== Guest32270 is now known as Bogdaniel
bobweaverrychusj:  sudo apt-get --fix-broken update04:47
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest98362
rychusjbobweaver: tried it and still getting the same message04:48
wormaaas: How many broadcasts?04:49
aaasworm how do i know04:49
wormaaas: is that arping but not arp?04:50
blockymotherboard manual doesn't address this problem04:50
hnszblocky: Which motherboard?04:50
blockyasus p5q pro04:50
wyldeblocky: look for "bios reset"04:50
bobweaverrychusj:  could you use paste.ubuntu.com and paste the error that you are getting and also    cat /etc/apt/source.list04:50
aaasworm ah ok sorry, from router i get nothing04:51
wormaaas: at the end you can see the broadcasts and responds .(After you typed ^C)04:51
aaasworm 65 broadcasts04:52
wormaaas: no respond?04:52
aaasworm no, same from router #204:52
wormaaas: can you try to ping those things again?04:52
aaasworm same with ubuntu machine04:52
hnszblocky: you know what a jumper is?04:53
aaasworm from ubuntu -> windows #1 ('destination host unreachable'04:53
aaasworm same with router #1 and #204:54
aaasworm routers -> ubuntu ping fine04:54
blockyhnsz, yeah I found it, back in bios now, thanks04:54
hnszblocky: On the bottom you have two pci slots, right to those slot are three little pins on pin 1 and 2 there is a jumper. You have to put the jumper on pin 2 and 3 and then back on pin 1 2 again04:54
rhizmoewhat can i use for arin lookups? like whois -a used to be04:54
wormaaas how about and
aaasworm windows #1 to #2 ping fine04:55
aaasworm what about them?04:55
blockyI think there is some sort of RAID I was not aware of here04:55
rychusjbobweaver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/966172/04:56
rychusjbobweaver: is cat/etc/apt/source.list a terminal command?  not sure how to get to that04:56
hnszblocky: Itś scary isn it :p04:57
blockyI have no clue what is happening with this system04:57
bobweaverrychusj:  yes it is but there is a space like   cat   /ect/apt/sources.list04:57
blockyhnsz, yeah I was panicked04:57
blockyI've installed grub to two locations so far, still can't get linux to boot04:57
blockyseem to have found a disk that boots windows though04:58
wormaaas: I am not sure what's up then... So sorry. Can anyone else help aaas?04:58
=== torm3nt is now known as Oddman
aaasits ok worm thanks for trying...it might be dd-wrt..the fact that i can do windows to windows and ubuntu to routers seems like it's not a perticular machine04:58
=== James is now known as Guest33870
rychusjbobweaver: ok got it http://paste.ubuntu.com/966177/05:00
dem0nhey does anyone know where i can grab an irssi file that will work with ubuntu 12.04 for ARM processors for android phones?05:00
dem0ni tried installing irssi .deb file but it didn't work becaue it was for i38605:01
lotuspsychjedem0n:you got a 64-bit machine?05:01
ziganybody recommend a certain ftp app?05:02
Onlyodinftp is good05:02
Onlyodinoh, you want a gui?05:02
paquistaumalguem brasileiro ??05:02
paquistaume aee05:02
paquistaumnunca usei isso cara05:02
gaelfx64-bit should run fine on an AMD E-450, right?05:02
paquistaumé um chat sobre que ?05:02
dem0nlotuspyschje: i am embarrased to say i don't know, i don't think so i am new to the whole android and ARM scene05:02
lotuspsychjedem0n: sudo apt-get install irssi05:03
blockywhat does ubuntu livecd do when it sees a RAID configuration?05:03
gaelfxpaquistaum: spanish?05:03
paquistaummuy poco05:03
lotuspsychje!raid | blocky05:03
ubottublocky: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:03
paquistaumeu sou novo no ubuntu05:03
gaelfx!es | paquistaum05:03
ubottupaquistaum: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:03
paquistaumi need help05:03
zigeu portuguese y espanol05:03
wyldedem0n: I image you could cross compile it.05:03
paquistaumpow ai complica05:04
paquistaummuito intessante aqui05:04
bobweaverok rychusj  can we see a ls /ect/apt/sources.list.d/05:04
MechanisMHi I'm unable to install new kernel. Upgrade fails on http://paste.ubuntu.com/966180/05:05
dem0nwydle: ya you are probably right...05:05
lotuspsychjedem0n: what kind of android is it? tablet?05:05
paquistaumZIG !05:05
dem0nlotuspsychje: android bionic (phone)05:05
lotuspsychjelemme see05:05
paquistaumalguem mais fala portugues para poder me ajudar ?05:06
gaelfxMechanisM: I don't see any errors there05:06
MechanisMgaelfx it's stops for a hours on it.05:06
gaelfx!pt | paquistaum05:06
ubottupaquistaum: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.05:06
pibarnaspaquistaum: ubuntu-br05:06
MechanisMgaelfx until I kill process in htop or killall command05:06
dem0nya i am just trying to find an irc client that will work with ubuntu for ARM processors i would prefer it be "irssi" but any command line irc client will do really05:06
MechanisMgaelfx tried via synaptic and command line05:07
blockyI think there was some sort of mirroring in place on two identical 1tb drives, and when I clicked Install alongside windows, ubuntu blew out one of them05:07
wyldedem0n: I was actually just looking up how to do it.05:07
rychusjbobweaver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/966184/05:07
gaelfxMechanisM: did you try cleaning the cache and redownloading the package?05:07
MechanisMI have settings to remove cache each time05:07
gaelfxMechanisM: so it redownloaded the package each time? maybe try changing mirrors05:08
=== varun is now known as Guest27898
MechanisMgaelfx yep it redownloaded each time. I'm using main repos. not mirrors05:09
lotuspsychjedem0n: did you try droid xchat?05:10
dem0nlotuspychje: i am actually looking for an irc client for linux ( i have ubuntu 12.04) installed on my android bionic phone05:11
wyldedem0n: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/irssi05:11
dem0nwylde: do you think any of those will work on ubuntu for android phones?05:12
dem0nbecause its a different processor05:13
snadgedammit ubuntu.. y u remove memtest86 from desktop install image? :|05:13
dem0noh wow maybe i didn't notice the descriptions...05:13
wyldedem0n: not sure, can't say I've had the oppotunity to try :)05:13
blockyokay is anyone familiar with /dev/mapper05:13
wyldedem0n: there's debs for armel and armhf05:14
snadgenow i have to go out of my way to create a custom memtest86 usb key.. instead of just using my ubuntu one05:14
=== rinzler is now known as stats
wyldedem0n: click the 0.8.15-etc link under Precise and scroll to Package files.05:15
=== stats is now known as Guest82060
=== Guest82060 is now known as rinzler
ziganybody know why my index.php file is downloading instead of being parsed?05:15
wyldezig: php isn't configured correctly05:16
blockyI figured out what has gone wrong but I have no idea how to fix it05:17
foolshzig or php isn't installed at all05:17
blockywhere am I supposed to install grub?05:17
aaasworm problem was wierd...i changed the  motherboard on one of the windows machines...this made the mac address change, so the router did not assign the proper static ip because mac changed, at the same time other windows machine was logging in with eth instead of wifi and it's ip changed too05:18
aaasworm so i had the wrong ip all along because it changed on me on two machines05:18
foolsh@blocky over writing the MBA is usually safe or do you mean which hard drive? In that case /dev/sda05:19
=== Karmaon is now known as imgayy
=== imgayy is now known as Karmaon
blockyI'm giving up on ubuntu for the night05:21
blockythere is some weird bios raid and I've already messed it up05:22
blockydon't think I've nuked any data yet05:22
foolsh@blocky I usually make a small /boot partition to install any boot centric files and make it bootable duh. then create a raid to mount root on /05:23
blockyokay this system has two 1tb drives, with something called /dev/bootmapper05:24
ziglotuspsychje: thanks. just reinstalled php5 and worked liek a charm.05:24
blockyand inside that there is a 1tb ntfs and a slightly smaller ext4 and a swap05:24
optimusi need help05:26
RestringereGot a question: I just found out my CPU (Dual Core Intel) supports 64 bit, will using Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit improve performance if I have just 2 Gigs of Ram?05:26
foolsh@blocky mmm mmm mmm you should sit down take a deep breath plan it out on paper and maybe test it out first with another system and back every thing up before you get stuck some where in the install and can not boot any more.05:27
optimusi just upgrade vmware workstation and worstation stop working05:27
blockyyeah, that's the problem, I'm not sure what he wants in terms of raid05:27
blockyI managed to boot back into win7 by selecting one of the two drives as the boot device in the bios, but windows is showing a 1tb corrupt drive in my computer05:28
blockyparted wasn't able to read it either05:28
blockyso I'm leaving it for the night, until I can be more sure of what I'm doing05:28
dem0ni found irssi for Linux ARM processors in a .deb file that works great!05:29
KM0201optimus: you'd have better luck w/ that asking in #vmware ... thats not really an ubuntu problem05:29
wyldedem0n: \o/05:29
dem0nhere is the address incase anyone here ever needs it05:29
foolsh@blocky either way a smallish 100~200mb partition on the first hard drive and a raid on the rest is what I usually do to make booting a safe bet.05:29
dem0nman that feels good!05:29
foolsh@optimus `sudo apt-get purge vmwarepackagename` and then a reinstall might fix that.05:32
rychusjcany anyone help me with this error i get with sudo apt-get update? http://paste.ubuntu.com/966209/05:33
gaelfxMechanisM: sorry, domestic issue05:33
ludkilleri got the follwing Error While Installing Virtual Box Guest Addition on Ubuntu 11.0405:33
ludkillertopic. This channel is logged. Use of this channel implies acceptance of terms at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/TermsOfSe05:33
ludkillernot this error05:33
ludkillerwrong clipboard05:34
gaelfxMechanisM: so it hangs when trying to write the config for 3.2.0-23?05:34
MechanisMgaelfx now I can't even intsall new gimp 2.8 coz of this issue with kernel.. it's tries to install each time. and each time fails05:34
foolsh@Restringere 32bit verses 64bit is not as much about performance, as it is about dealing with bigger numbers at higher precisions05:34
gaelfx64-bit should run fine on an AMD E-450 proc, right?05:34
MechanisMyep I did paste and linked for it. the last lines is where its stops and freezes05:34
ludkiller"the hearders for the Current Running Kernel Were Not Found .If the Following Module Compilation Fails Then THis could be the Reason"05:35
wilee-nileefoolsh, the @ does not notify the nic type the first few letters and hit tab.05:35
gaelfxMechanisM: maybe you should try re-installing 3.2.0-23?05:35
foolshwilee-nilee: Ah thanks05:36
LKJhello! everyone05:36
wilee-nileefoolsh, no problem. :)05:36
foolshgood ol` tab key05:36
MechanisMgaelfx I don't even have it. it's from other system. installed in other hdd05:36
MechanisM2 ubuntu on diffirent hdds05:37
gaelfxMechanisM: well, if you don't even have that kernel, then perhaps that's the reason that it hangs when trying to config. What do you mean by "it's from other system. installed on other hdd"?05:37
MechanisM3.2.0-23 from some other ubuntu while current one has only 3.2.0-2405:37
gaelfxMechanisM: do you have two separate /boot folders?05:38
MechanisM2 hdds and 2 ubuntus installed on each hdd. I think no. I'm currently disconnected other hdd05:38
ubuntu_hello i need help with this fdisk: unable to read /dev/sdb: Invalid argument05:39
rile_bre|2.../ is off a lil ..but any news for magic jack on linux platvorm .....???05:39
gaelfxMechanisM: I think the problem is with having two separate installs on two separate HDDs on one system, since the update is trying to write config for a kernel installed on a different HDD05:40
dr_willisi normally  decide on one of  the installs to handle grub., or let each instrall keep its grub  on its own hd - then select what hd to boot at powerup05:41
dr_willisyou can have ubuntu not search for other os's - if you wanted to keep it from having the other os  in its menus05:41
MechanisMgaelfx how can I fix it? I don't actually need second ubuntu I can remove it.05:41
ubuntu_hello i need help with this fdisk: unable to read /dev/sdb: Invalid argument05:42
gaelfxMechanisM: dr_willis can probably help you better than I can05:42
dr_willisdelete the other os/ubuntu and rerun update-grub on  the one you  are keeping. it should clean out the menuu  itemss05:42
dr_willisubuntu_:  check  'sudo fdisk -l' and see if sdb is even  shown05:42
MechanisMdr_willis I'm disconnected other hdd so it's like removed. Now I can update-grub?05:43
MechanisMIt will fix update to new kernel?05:43
dr_willisMechanisM:  that should clean  out the extra entries05:43
dr_willisno idea aboit  fixing any  updates...05:44
ubuntu_dr_willis: no it's not there05:44
dr_willisubuntu_ then either the hd is dead, bios is  not seeing it. or its not really  sdb ..05:44
foolshubuntu_: Or bad hard drive cable maybe?05:44
ubuntu_dr_willis: disk utility is showing it but giving an error when i am trying to format it05:45
MechanisMdr_willis the main problems is I'm unable to install new kernel. Upgrade fails on http://paste.ubuntu.com/966180/05:45
dr_willisubuntu_:  id do a clean reboot. then see what gparted sayd about it.05:45
ilaoscan anyone help me change the dm?05:46
ilaosi have kdm now and if i install slim and dpkg-reconfigure it to use slim05:46
ilaosit won't apprea05:46
ubuntu_dr_willis: ok i am going to try this05:46
ludkiller_apt-get update  problem05:47
customizeHelp me customize my 10.04 ubuntu please :) conky themes appreciated,etc...05:47
ludkiller_Some Index Files Failed TO download05:47
dr_willisilaiho:  from a console, try starting it by  hand. sudo service kdm stop, sudo service slim start   (i think)05:47
ludkiller_apt-get update Error some Index Files Failed To Download .They have been Ignored or Old ones Used Instead05:48
dr_williscustomize:  conky homepage has 1000's of examples. and theres several ubuntu-conky-theme-generator tools at the omgubuntu! and webupd8 blog site05:48
ludkiller_please help05:48
=== ludkiller_ is now known as ludkiller
=== Guest98362 is now known as Bogdaniel
dr_willisludkiller_:  servers could be down. or outdated05:48
ludkillerthey are not05:48
ludkilleri just used other version of linux05:48
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest58105
ludkillerand it worked05:49
ubuntu_dr_willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/966223/05:49
dr_williswhat mirrors was it using.. be sure the 2 are using  the same. or just try  differnt mirrors05:49
dquirk"/etc/gdm3/Init/Default" does anyone know of lightdm equivalent?05:49
c4pt-otccan anyone help me I am trying to use programs that need opencl on ubuntu05:49
c4pt-otcwhen i try running ./clinfo it doesnt seem to work (and programs that use opencl dont work either)05:50
MechanisMdr_willis now update-grub is freezed.. any command relative to kernels is freezed..05:50
c4pt-otcI installed AMDAPP 2.6 and catalyst 2.605:50
c4pt-otc(and catalyst 11.12)05:50
MechanisMdr_willis I did update-gruband just freezed. no any output. can't stop it.05:51
dr_willisubuntu_:  if its having issues with the partion table that can be very  bad. IS this a empty drive: or is there imporntant data on it:05:51
ubuntu_dr_willis: no there is nothing important in it05:51
dr_willisMechanisM:  can ssh in to the box.   or get to the console. see what dmesg says if any  errors.05:51
foolshludkiller_: There are many many different mirrors and servers out there. A dump to paste bin of the out put would be help a lot here.05:51
ubuntu_dr_willis: i just want to format it for further uses05:51
dquirk"/etc/gdm3/Init/Default" does anyone know of lightdm equivalent?05:52
dr_willisubuntu_:  you may want to zero out  the drive with dd and repartion it..  what have you  done to the drive recentl? anything?05:52
ubuntu_dr_willis: cleaned the drive using clean command of disk part utility in windows05:53
dr_willisubuntu_:  no idea what that does..  could be it left it unpartioned.  if gparted is having a hard time seeing partions on it. you  may want to 'zero' the drive via 'dd' and try making a new  partion table.05:54
dr_willisthat will totally  erase the  hd.05:54
MechanisMdr_willis how to stop freezed command "update-grub"?05:55
dquirkAnyone have any ideas?05:55
ubuntu_dr_willis: how can i do that with dd05:55
dquirkI would appreciate?05:55
L3topdquirk: what are you trying to accomplish?05:56
dr_willissudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX   - replaceing X with the proper drive letter.. and DONT make a mistake.. dd will erase the  hd.. a typo = wrong drive ..05:56
dr_willisubuntu_:  if  the /dev/sdX device is not showing up properly. that would point to  a hardwware issue.05:56
dquirkI am trying to change color gradiants for my macbook air.05:57
foolshdquirk: for the desktop wallpaper?05:57
dr_willisdquirk:  so you are wanting to change the lightdm wallpaper? or  did  i  miss somthing05:57
beejusoftware center does not allow me to edit reviews,shows "error communicating with server".Internet works well.05:57
dquirk"/usr/bin/nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/Dithering[DFP-2]=1"05:58
dquirkI am trying to add that.05:59
beejusoftware center does not allow me to edit reviews,shows "error communicating with server".Internet works well.05:59
ubuntu_dr_willis: how to create a new partition table on it06:00
lolzerhi can i share my wifi connection on my laptop which is running ubuntu to my desktop (running windows xp) via ethernet cable??06:00
sajuGetting error while trying to mount # mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/sda2   mount: you must specify the filesystem type06:00
dr_willisubuntu_ gparted will ask to  make one.  usse the 'dos' type  for it. (the default option)06:00
sajuhow find filesystem type of /dev/sda2  ?06:00
foolshubuntu_: if every thing else fails see if the bios has detected the drive correctly, if not check your hard drive cable. And remember everything dies sooner or later06:00
lolzerhi can i share my wifi connection on my laptop which is running ubuntu to my desktop (running windows xp) via ethernet cable??06:01
dr_willis!ics | lolzer06:01
ubottulolzer: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing06:01
ubuntu_dr_willis: dd: opening `dev/zero': No such file or directory06:01
dr_willislolzer:  if its gigabit you can use a normal cable. if not it need to  be a  crossover cable06:01
ubuntu_dr_willis: ohh sorry06:01
beejusoftware center does not allow me to edit reviews,shows "error communicating with server".Internet works well.06:01
ziganybody know how i can get my ftp account to be able to edit my .htaccess file?06:01
dr_willisubuntu_ its /dev/zero i belive06:01
dr_willisbeeju:  sounds like the  server is down,06:01
beejudr_willis, it allows me to write reviews and submit06:02
dr_williserror implies its a server issue.. not  a lot  we can do about  it.06:03
lolzerthanks dr_willis06:03
foolshsaju: 'mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/sda2  -t TYPE'     See 'man mount'06:03
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount06:04
beejudr_willis, ok, thnx ...am waiting06:04
sajuhow find filesystem type of /dev/sda2  ?06:04
dr_willissaju:  sudo blkid     may give a clue,,   or sudo fdisk -l06:04
saju<foolsh> i dont know06:04
lolzerdr_willis  "When that window opens, select "Auto eth0"" i cant find the Auto eth0 ??06:05
dr_willisor try -t auto for the type.06:05
dr_willislolzer:  what are you talking about.06:05
VPMaking a flash drive bootable from Maverick using the iso of Precise (12.04) is OK?:)06:05
saju<dr_willis>  fdisk -l http://dpaste.com/742455/06:05
lolzerin the wired there is no Auto eth0 for me .. do i have to make one??06:06
user1how to install bugzilla in ubuntu 10.04 LTS server, pls help me...06:06
lolzerdr_willis,  in the wired there is no Auto eth0 for me .. do i have to make one??06:06
foolshlolzer: edit /etc/network/interfaces file and comment out the 'auto eth0' and 'iface eth0 inet dhcp' lines06:06
dr_willissaju:  sda2 is an extended partition..you dontmount it.. it holds OTHER partions..  see the fdisk output.06:07
foolshlolzer: you made need to reboot for that to take effect idk06:07
dr_willissaju:  sda1 and sda6 are the only linux partions you have.06:08
saju# mount -t auto /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1  mount: you must specify the filesystem type06:08
sajugetting same error06:08
ubuntu_dr_willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/966258/06:08
dr_willistry ext4 or ext3 for the type perhaps06:08
saju<dr_willis> i have ubuntu 12.04 installaed on /dev/sda6,       I want to create a LVM on /dev/sda106:08
lolzerhmm k thanks foolsh .. i ll try it out now06:08
VPMaking a flash drive bootable from Maverick using the iso of Precise (12.04) is OK?:)06:09
gaelfxVP: can't see anything wrong with that06:09
saju<dr_willis>  fdisk -l http://dpaste.com/742455/    showing a start symbol on  /dev/sda1,  can i use /dev/sda1 for LVM,  is it affect ubuntu 12.0406:09
gaelfxVP: but to be safe, you may want to use unetbootin instead of startup disk creator06:09
=== manticore is now known as Guest85812
dr_willisubuntu_ and how big was that hard drive?06:10
zykotic10VP: fyi with precise you can just cat the iso to a usb and it should work.06:10
ubuntu_dr_willis: 50 Gb06:10
gaelfxzykotic10: but he's on Maverick, not Precise06:10
dr_willisubuntu_ output seems to show it was only able to zero out 1.5gb of it.. try gparted on it now and see if you can partion it.06:11
=== pete_ is now known as cbx33
zykotic10gaelfx: what VP is on doesn't matter, it's the ISO image that matters06:11
ubuntu_dr_willis: same as before06:11
=== edk141 is now known as edk|away
gaelfxzykotic10: gotcha. Thought you were saying using precise as the OS, not the iso06:11
VP1gaelfx: zykotic10: Thank you very much06:12
dr_willisubuntu_:  sounds like the hd may be habing hardware issues to me. how old is it?06:12
VPgaelfx: zykotic10: Thank you very much!06:12
ubuntu_dr_willis:around 4 y06:14
gaelfxubuntu_: sounds like it's time for an upgrade06:14
foolshubuntu_: replace that cable first before you give up06:15
ubuntu_gaelfx: so what is the expected life of a sata hdd06:15
L3topThere is no answer to that question ubuntu_.06:15
ubuntu_foolsh: yeah i am going to try that06:15
gaelfxubuntu_: depends on usage, but as foolsh said, you may want to try replacing the cable, or at least testing it on a different device like a CD/DVD ROM06:16
ubuntu_dr_willis: gaelfx foolsh  thanks for you support06:17
dr_willisa 50gb hard drive thatss 4 yrs old: they made them that small back then? ;)06:17
gaelfxthat's what she said06:18
dr_willisthat seems... weird,06:18
gaelfxif I were to install 64-bit on an AMD E-450, could it have 4 threads or just 2?06:19
zykotic10gaelfx: 32 vs 64 bitnesses, has nothing to do with threads...06:20
gaelfxzykotic10: ok06:20
dr_willisi was thinking that was a odd use of the term 'threads'06:20
gaelfxI do tend to use words in odd ways06:21
dr_willisdo you mean 'cores' ?06:23
gaelfxdr_willis: well, the E-450 has 2 cores, but it can have up to 4 threads, I just wasn't sure if the 'bitness' would have any affect on that06:25
=== edk|away is now known as edk141
foolshhttp://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bobcat/AMD-E%20Series%20E-450.html          Says two threads I guess because its not hyper threaded06:26
gaelfxthe processor I have right now is an Atom N450, which has one core, but two threads, however, it's capable of running 64-bit OSes06:26
dr_willisand the os shows it as having 2 cpus?06:27
gaelfxdr_willis: yeah06:27
foolshmy p4 has to threads, but is not dual core and shows up as two cpus06:27
gaelfxdr_willis: but I'm running 32-bit right now06:27
dr_willisi basically always go 64bit on any hardware that can run 64bit06:31
dr_williscant think of much reason to not do it that way - these days06:31
zozydr_willis: afaik the officially recommende version is 32 bit on desktops06:32
dr_williszozy:  thats been discussed befor. and was supposed to be changed to 64bit i heard.. its more of a 'idiot proofing' attempt - if someone has NO clue what 32/64bit means.. its saying 'if yoou dont know. go 32bit'06:33
=== edk141 is now known as edk|away
dr_willistheress also supposed to be a move to using the PAE kernel by default on 32bit installs.06:34
zozyi see06:34
dr_willisso we wont get the  'why is ubuntu not seeing all my 8gb of ram' questions ;)06:34
ubuntu_dr_willis: i got it working by erasing the mbr although it's now only 4606:34
dr_willisubuntu_:  you mean 46gb?  that dd command should of erased the mbr also..06:35
dr_willisunless you dd'd th wrong disk..06:35
ubuntu_sudo fdisk if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=106:35
dr_willisthat basically does the same as my earlier dd command.. only mine does the whole disk06:36
dr_willisim not sure if i would trust that disk very much,06:36
ubuntu_dr_willis: this this i plugged it into my windows machine then disk management did the work06:37
dr_willisbbl. got a job to do.06:39
beejuhow to disable the external drive pops out at the bottom on Gnome,it reduces the space on desktop06:40
beejuhow to disable the external drive pops out at the bottom on Gnome,it reduces the space on desktop06:42
foolshwhy do they think saying it twice will make me understand what they mean the first time06:43
zrutyDoes pidgin support webcams?06:45
gaelfxzruty: nope, and there's no reason to expect it to any time soon06:45
zrutygaelfx: OK, thanks. Is there a multi-protocol messenger that supports webcams?06:46
gaelfxzruty: http://developer.pidgin.im/milestone/Voice%20and%20Video%20Support and it hasn't changed in the past 3 years or so06:47
foolshWasn't there a messenger that did v4l?06:47
foolshits been a while06:47
gaelfxzruty: I thought empathy supported webcams?06:47
gaelfxfoolsh: totally possible, but I wouldn't have expected much to come of it06:48
beejuhow to disable extenal HDD pops out at the bottom of desktop on Gnome.It frustrates me as it reduces space on desktop.06:48
gaelfxright now, I'm just hoping Skype et al make decent web clients so that the issue of cross-platformness becomes more moot06:49
=== Guest58105 is now known as Bogdaniel
beejuhow to disable extenal HDD pops out at the bottom of desktop on Gnome.It frustrates me as it reduces space on desktop.06:49
gaelfx!patience | beeju06:49
ubottubeeju: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:49
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest49992
foolshI have seen skype for linux, google hang out and tiny chat all work so it's no wonder anything else stalled.06:49
zrutygaelfx: Thanks! I will check it out06:49
foolshbeeju: to be honest, I don't understand the question could you maybe explain more about the issue06:51
gaelfxzruty: no problem06:51
gaelfxbeeju: the most confusing part is your use of the phrase "pops out," it makes me think it's going down the street for a drink06:52
beejufoolsh, on gnome desktop, when u mount an external drive, an small window with "open files" and "eject the drive" appears at the bottom of the dektop.06:53
mlitzHi. I just installed the recent version of xubuntu. My termin colors have changed. Directories were always blue, now they are a kind of grey or something. Can I switch back to the color scheme of the older ubuntu versions?06:55
AxD09mlitz: open ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc and remove all the custom color lines06:55
gaelfxis it .bashrc that controls the colors of output in terminal?06:55
gaelfxthere ya go06:56
beejugaelfx, we need to drink  a carton of  beer for not to be frustrated when using modern Ubuntu.With more and more technicals,actually Ubuntu goes to its younger age.06:56
foolshbeeju: sorry, I've never seen that behaviour before you try running gconf-editor and searching the apps/gnome* settings06:56
mlitzAxD09: Ah I will try that!06:57
mlitzAxD09: Worked perfect! Thanks a lot! :)06:58
AxD09mlitz: np06:58
gaelfxgoodbye, #ubuntu06:58
g0rbyGood morning,  could some one help me unbrick my system? :)06:58
g0rby I was 1/2 way through a 12.04 upgrade from 11.04 It had got to the part where things were asking to be configured in a terminal and my power went down. Now when i reboot I get the error mountall: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version 'GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by /lib/libply.so.2) General error mounting filesystems. A maintainance shell will now be started06:58
foolshbeeju: also the desktop/gnome directory06:59
alankilag0rby: the command dpkg --configure -a is what you need06:59
alankilalet's hope you can get that to execute06:59
g0rbycool, but i ifconfig lists nothing06:59
g0rbyeven though i have cable connection06:59
alankilaforget about that, your first priority is to finish the upgrade07:00
beejufoolsh, I got the idea. To remove that window I need to click "three times" at top left  of it. Good idea!07:00
sasori2501hey all.  trying out 12.04. and really trying to give unity a go.  anyways, anyone know how to apply how the files in folders layout can be applied system wide??  the old way doesnt work ne more.07:01
g0rbyalankila: thx for help, when i run that it winges about read only file system07:02
alankilag0rby: okay, mount / -o remount,rw then07:02
g0rbyshould i reboot to recovery mode then try it?07:02
alankilamight also have to fsck it07:02
g0rbyalankila: it runs now but then dies "errors were encountered processing:" (lots of packages)07:03
g0rbysome pretty important ones07:04
g0rbylike module-init-tools07:04
alankilag0rby: okay, try to run it a few times, if it makes no progress, try apt-get -f install07:04
unique1guys pls i need help with my ubuntu07:04
g0rbyI see the package "mountall" which is present in the error message at boot, mabe try something with that?07:04
alankilathe downside is that it might want something from network though, but the key here is to, one way or other, identify the problematic bits and force the upgrade to finish07:04
unique1when i download files and try to install them i get errors07:05
alankilathe downloaded archives are at /var/cache/apt/archives, so you can also try dpkg -i them directly07:05
unique1or even how to run my installed files07:05
sreunique1, which files ?07:05
unique1what command to use07:05
unique1i downloaded termsaver07:05
unique1and installed it07:05
unique1but dunno which command to run it07:05
unique1btw termsaver is a terminal07:06
nibbler_unique1, dpkg -L $packagename shows you the content of any package07:06
sasori2501anyone know how to apply how the files in folders layout can be applied system wide??  the old way doesnt work ne more.07:07
sreunique1, open a terminal and run termsaver07:07
g0rbyalankila: cool, think we are getting there with apt-get install -f lots of shizz happening07:07
unique1sre when i open terminal, which command to use to run the teamsaver?07:08
alankilag0rby: yes... alternate between these commands, then do apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade07:08
sreunique1, termsaver07:08
alankilawith luck you will reach the finishing line of complete upgrade and after sync + reboot things should be good again07:08
sreunique1, important that the program have been installed and also located in $PATH07:08
unique1sre say i have the prog on my desktop07:09
unique1open terminal and enter cd Desktop07:09
unique1then what next?07:10
* alankila *really* hopes that debian would switch to "set packages up as early as possible" logic, instead of installing 500 and then setting them all up, because interruptions between the replace and setup seem to be so catastrophic07:10
unique1cd teamsaver07:10
alankilaneed to be going now.07:10
unique1what next??07:10
foolshunique1: you said you had errors trying to install it didn;t you?07:11
unique1i installed already the termsaver i had errors with terminator term07:11
homepagesudo what?07:11
unique1but i still dunno how to run the termsaver i installed07:12
unique1i do sudo python setup.py07:12
fidel_homepage: what are you trying to do?07:12
sreunique1, wild guess is that you now have the source files in a folder located in your Desktop folder. That is not a adequate installation07:12
g0rbyalankila: apt-get dist-upgrade is doing loads of stuff, but apt-get-upgrade wanted to get stuff from the net07:12
unique1i do sudo python setup.py install07:12
unique1yes i have the files for the termsaver on my desktop with a build inside also07:13
hariomHow to know if the cronjob I have setup is running?07:13
g0rbyalankila:  but ive seen it go through the problematic packages, think its going to be ok after this :)07:13
hariomI see the output from "crontab -l " and it shows the task I setup07:13
subdesignhariom, set it first time for 5 second07:13
fidel_hariom: check syslog07:14
hariomsubdesign: How do you setup for seconds?07:14
unique1sre i did, cd desktop, cd termsaver-0.1 any idea what next command to use and run the termsaver??07:14
subdesignhariom, lot of article on google about that :)07:14
hariomsubdesign: I think it is for min, hour, week, month, and day in a week only07:15
subdesignhariom, http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2011/07/cron-every-5-minutes/07:15
fidel_afaik cron needs at least 1 min - so under 60 sec is not recommended07:15
drake01anybody using terminus font on xterm. it behaves odd on xterm.. It'll display dmaind and d;d instead of 'main' and ';07:15
hariomfidel_: yea07:15
drake01on rxvt and other terminals it works fine..07:15
drake01Help Please!!07:16
hariomsubdesign: Cron job cannot be used to schedule a job in seconds interval. i.e You cannot schedule a cron job to run every 5 seconds.07:17
newbyhow can i set the kezboard szstemwide_07:17
hariomsubdesign: That is coming from the link you suggested. So until the script do that thing, at least cron can't do that07:17
foolshunique1: http://www.termsaver.info/07:18
sreunique1, the solution :D thanks to foolsh :)07:18
subdesignhariom, i usually check cron in 5 min cycle for php dev, and have no problem with it07:19
hariomsubdesign: 5 min is fine, not 5 seconds. as fidel_ suggested, syslog shows the cron job activity07:20
subdesignahh sorry i misspelled07:21
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matthewL whoami07:24
erle-how can i get regular scrollbars instead of ubuntu thin scrollbars?07:24
newbyhow do i set the keyboard settings on german systemwide_07:26
dh33p4ni want a very light desktop environment on ubuntu, can someone help me choose one..07:26
sreerle-, http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/how-to-disable-overlay-scrollbars-in.html can be helpful07:26
=== fork is now known as Guest20282
newbydh33p4n, lxde07:26
=== B|tchX is now known as B\tchX
foolshdh33p4n: yeah lxde not pretty but light and fast07:27
dh33p4nthanks newby, foolsh.07:27
pedahzurTrying to install Ubuntu 12.04 server under kvm (on CentOS 6.2).  Starts the install, retrieving version info, then says "ERROR    Couldn't find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree."  Any tips?  Googling didn't help much.07:28
zrutyHow can I force a package to update to new version?07:30
erle-sre, thanks07:30
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usbhelpHi all, I'm getting the following error: unable to enumerate USB device on port 5. The device I'm plugging in does not get recognized in lsusb. A quick fix I've found is boot into console mode, and type sudo service gdm restart. This makes ubuntu recognize the device and works again. I'm looking for a more permanet fix for this problem, as well as try to understand why this is happening.07:31
Atom_I am planning to buy LG 23" E-60 Series LED Monitor (E2360V). Does ubuntu support the 1920 x 1080 resolution?07:31
erle-sre, thats exactly what i needed, just didnt know the name of that feature07:31
linusasus6please is this a command in terminal to restore the mbr, I use the cd that come with my computer but it still promp me the error grub rescue no such partition07:32
DensverGuys I have a similar problem , after I installed Ubuntu Dual boot with Windows , when I select , windows from Grub , I get a black Screen for a few seconds and it is back to Grub , anyone knows how to fix it07:34
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subdesignAtom_: sure07:35
subdesignAtom_, you VGA?07:35
Atom_subdesign, sorry07:36
Atom_subdesign, will you please explain?07:36
=== Guest55425 is now known as christoffer2
=== md_5|away is now known as md_5
subdesignAtom_, what is your video card type?07:37
zykotic10Atom_: resolution depends on two things 1) your monitor 2) your video card07:37
Atom_subdesign, I've dell 1564 laptop.07:37
bshow to update my 11.10 ubuntu to the new version?07:37
Atom_subdesign, I want to attach laptop with LG monitor07:37
sasori2501please... if someone could help i would be much obliged,, i cant find the solution and its driving me crazy.  how do you apply folder settings system wide????07:38
subdesignAtom_, if you sure the laptop can bring your new monitor, then ubuntu also can handle07:38
zykotic10Atom_: if you have gnu/linux currently installed you can use the command "lspci | grep -i vga" to find your video card07:38
onatshi guys, I'm having trouble installing ubuntu 11.10 on a machine that i setup RAID on07:38
christoffer2Where do I start to look for problems when Unity settings doesn't find my second display? ...I'm using a Nvidia Geforce GTX 46007:38
christoffer2it did work during installation07:39
christoffer2Ubuntu 12.04 that is07:39
Atom_zykotic10, its VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller07:39
ljsoftnethow do i setup wireless gamepad controller?07:40
subdesignAtom_, check manufacrurer site for info or use  sysinfo app like AIDA (Win)07:40
Atom_subdesign, ok let me check thanks07:41
usbhelpHi all, I'm getting the following error: unable to enumerate USB device on port 5. The device I'm plugging in does not get recognized in lsusb. A quick fix I've found is boot into console mode, and type sudo service gdm restart. This makes ubuntu recognize the device and works again. I'm looking for a more permanet fix for this problem, as well as try to understand why this is happening.07:41
bshow to update my 11.10 ubuntu to the new version?07:42
Wildbat /join #andriod07:42
ljsoftnethow do i setup wireless gamepad controller?07:42
zambawhen running gnome classic, how can i change the key bindings?07:42
subdesignAtom_, usually theres a parameter about maximum resolution, if you find the vga card type07:42
foolshusbhelp: so what is the device? are you plugging it in a hub? or using an extension cable? give more info07:43
zykotic10ljsoftnet: how does teh wireless connect to your computer?07:43
ljsoftnetzykotic10 usb07:43
zykotic10ljsoftnet: well, plug it in and see if /dev/input/js0 appears07:43
ljsoftneti tried jstest-gtk it detects it as /dev/input/js007:44
ljsoftnetzykotic10 i tried jstest-gtk it detects it as /dev/input/js007:44
usbhelpfoolsh, it is a wireless usb. no extension cable. directly into high speed 2.0 usb port07:44
zykotic10ljsoftnet: so what is the issue then?07:45
Oasahi all. I cant login sometimes. I restart and then i can log in. At times where i cant login. It just says "logging in". Am using precise and i have an ati-intel dual graphics system. I have prop drivers installed. Any idea how to fix?07:45
ljsoftnetzykotic10 when i play GFCE i can press some buttons buttons but there at the wrong place07:46
Pitelwhat is the default IM client in 12.04?07:46
zykotic10ljsoftnet: does GFCE (whatever that is) has any configuration for joystick?07:47
OasaPitel: Empathy07:47
Atom_subdesign, I am checking the manual and found this http://dpaste.org/892au/07:47
foolshusbhelp: try plugging it in and running 'dmesg' does it appear to be recognized without restarting gdm?    If so maybe '/etc/init.d/networking restart' will work without having to restart gdm?07:47
ljsoftnetzykotic GFCE is a nes emulator, there is a configuration for gamepad but it cant detect the button i press07:48
bshow to update my 11.10 ubuntu to the new version?07:48
zykotic10ljsoftnet: don't know then, good luck.07:48
bbbbbbbbI had some issues with pulseaudio, then I removed it using this guide: http://jechem.blogspot.de/2010/10/how-to-remove-pulseaudio-on-ubuntu-1010.html it worked fine at first, then once I muted it and then when I tried to unmute it the computer still won't make a sound. how do I get my sound back?07:49
Mkaysi!upgrade | bs07:49
ubottubs: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade07:49
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nokiamasterHi. Ubuntu 10.04lts. How do I install latest version xsane-0.998 (Image Scanner) Ubuntu package manager xsane 0.996 older version, and I need latest version to work with my network scanner.07:51
foolshbbbbbbbb: open a terminal and run 'alsamixer' high light the channel you want to contral and press 'm' to toggle the mute bit07:51
zambai have a huge problems with applications staying in its viewport when running gnome classic07:51
ribi zambaaaaaaaaaa07:51
zykotic10nokiamaster: see if the version you want is in a PPA07:51
zambaif i have thunderbird running in viewport 2 and then move to viewport 3, then thunderbird is moved to viewport 107:52
zambaand that, frankly, is annoying07:52
usbhelpfoolsh: now it's being recognized no problem after my fix, so I can't test this. it's hard to reproduce the error. i had this once when i first installed my ubuntu distro, and a second time after a few unrelated system crashes.07:52
bbbbbbbbfoolsh: awesome, thanks!07:52
foolshbbbbbbbb: I use this guide when I want replace pulse  http://howto.blbosti.com/2010/04/ubuntu-make-alsa-default-instead-of-pulseaudio/07:53
foolshusbhelp: ok then good luck sorry I can't help07:54
ribicomo va?07:54
linusasus6how to install a tgz on a live cd07:54
ribisorry my is carlos07:54
zambagod damn.. ubuntu has made a mess of things07:54
ribican you go to the la go?07:54
zambanow i've lost the titlebar07:55
ribiyes i do07:55
usbhelpfoolsh, thanks!07:55
ribisorry my name is carlos07:55
ribii have got two brothers07:55
ribiand you?07:55
Sonic132Anyone tell me how to apply Cinnamon and whether or not it's a good idea? Found a video on Youtube and it said, when it was posted anyway, that it was in early development. Is that still the case?07:56
ribii phone you later07:56
zykotic10linusasus6: is your tgz a slackware package?07:56
ljsoftnethow do i use jstest-gtk?07:56
akhileshsomebody please tell me how to increase the desktop resolution in linux mint?08:00
jsobyhi folks. does anyone know how i can make Wine windows maximizable again in 12.04? Google is of no help :/08:00
zykotic10!mint | akhilesh08:00
ubottuakhilesh: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:00
akhileshubottu:ok same problem i am getting in ubuntu!!!!!!!!!08:01
ubottuakhilesh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:01
ljsoftnethow do i use jstest-gtk?08:02
foolshakhilesh: let me guess you can't get your monitor above 800x600?08:02
akhileshuboottu:but do you know anyone ,who will resolve my problem?08:03
akhileshfoolsh:i have sis graphic chipset hence!!08:04
akhileshfoolsh:do you have any answer for this bad problem????08:06
akhileshfoolsh:please help..08:07
pvh_sahey there, there seems to be a problem between winff and ffmpeg on 12.04. the presets in winff don'twork with the supplied version of ffmpeg. anyone else having this?08:07
foolshakhilesh: You have a bug that rarely rears it's ugly head, to fix it you will have to edit the dreaded /etc/X/xorg.conf file that probably doesn't even exist on your harddrive yet08:07
cfochhello: I'm a little pea.08:07
zykotic10pvh_sa: all presets or presets for MP4?08:07
ljsoftnethow do i use jstest-gtk?08:07
foolshakhilesh: is your resolution stuck at a very low setting?08:08
akhileshfoolsh:i did that all thing, what you are saying,but no response!!!!08:08
pvh_sazykotic10, the presents for DVD are off (use a -mv0 argument that doesn't work)08:08
icerootfoolsh: akhilesh /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:08
zykotic10pvh_sa: sorry was just asking about MP4 specifically.  Don't know about other issues with ffmpeg, good luck.08:09
foolshakhilesh: sorry yes X11 sorry thanks iceroot08:09
akhileshfoolsh:now what do i do????08:11
restingi'd configured vsftp to listen on port 2121..but on client side its not able to connect to it..08:11
restingam i missing some steps?08:11
foolshakhilesh: alright give me minute to find some resources but the good news is that the xorg.conf file we make to night should last you the life of the computer you're using08:12
llutzresting: sudo lsof -i :2121                does it really listen? what error clientside? what errors in the serverlogs?08:12
akhileshfoolsh:ok, i am waiting for your answer!!08:13
sdi_hallo alle zusammen08:13
sdi_hab da ein problem hab ubuntu 12.04 und hab mit remastersys eine dist gemacht und nun seh ich das ich die nicht installieren kann hab dan eine backup.iso gemacht das selbe kann nicht installieren kein installer da08:15
restingllutz: yes..its listening…i'm using filezilla…it just says connection timed out08:15
restingno logs in vsftpd.log08:15
=== the_real_crimper is now known as crimper
sdi_kann mir da bitte jemand helfen ?08:16
llutz!de | sdi08:16
ubottusdi: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!08:16
sdi_ah ok wusste ich nicht danke08:16
llutzresting: any filtering (iptables-)rules active?08:17
linusasus6zykotick10 it is my-sys I try to install08:17
restingllutz: i did sudo iptables -L | grep ftp…it shows  tcp anywhere anywhere…i guess there's no filtering?08:18
llutzresting: if you use "ftp" it uses port 2108:19
zykotic10!tab > linusasus6 sorry i'm not familiar with my-sys, and see it's not an ubuntu package - good luck08:19
ubottulinusasus6, please see my private message08:19
llutzresting: means 2121 still filtered08:19
restingllutz: oo…so i have to manually set a rule?08:20
llutzresting: yes08:20
restingllutz: ic..ok…will look that up..thanks08:20
llutzresting: you should check if you can't use sftp instead of ftp, which would be much saver than ftp with obfuscated ports08:21
foolshakhilesh:  I will be right back I'm going to test this xorg.conf file on my system first and then tell you how use it, if it works.08:21
zykotic10llutz: +1 ftp must die08:22
linusasus6good night then will try to find a windows 7 disc tommorrow then thank anyway sorry that you not support my-sys, my computer sick I need to reinstall it like I buy it to send it for repair see ya another day near future08:22
repozitorwhere is the synaptic pakage manager?08:22
zykotic10repozitor: install it08:22
repozitori search it on dash home, but coudln't find it08:22
restingllutz: yes i can use sftp…oo…so i could change ssh port and its effectively changing both ports?08:22
fidel_repozitor: afaik its no longer installed by default08:23
erik4levelsHi all, I can't run the installer nor the live cd from usb stick on my Lenovo w52008:23
fidel_repozitor: why couldnt you install it?08:23
WrigleyPeterepozitor: synaptic is not installed by default anymore, you need to install it via ubuntu software center08:23
llutzrepozitor: "both ports"? ssh/sftp has nothing to do with ftp, except parts of the name08:23
llutzresting: ^^08:23
llutzsry repozitor wrong nic08:23
repozitorfidel_: i think 12.04 by defualt should have it, no need to install08:23
erik4levelsIs there a way to run the installer from within gnome?08:23
fidel_repozitor: its pretty simple to test isnt it?08:24
ljsoftnethow do i use jstest-gtk?08:24
WrigleyPeteerik4levels: what do you mean by cannot install?08:24
restingllutz: i read that sftp is basically ftp over ssh..08:24
fidel_launch it from cli - if you end up with: command not found - its most likely not installed. if so - install it08:24
erik4levelsIt starts (I can select language etc) and then just turns blank08:24
fidel_or use apt to check if its installed or ....08:24
zykotic10repozitor: synaptic was removed in 11.10 wasn't it?08:24
llutzresting: yes, it uses ssh and also the ssh-port08:24
repozitorllutz: 10.10 have by default, i think, yes?08:24
erik4levelsIt's an optimus nvidia laptop but I disabled all optimus stuff in the bios08:25
repozitorzykotic10: sure08:25
erik4levelsI've been reading a lot about it, trying with acpi disabled etc08:25
erik4levelsI'd rather not use the i386 version08:25
fidel_erik4levels: i had to use acpi=noirq with my dell xps15z with optimus to be able to isntall ubuntu. maybe that worth a try08:26
repozitorwhere i can find my system application, such ax proxy manager, system monitor ....08:26
erik4levelslet's try, thanks for the tip!08:26
repozitorfidel_: ^^ :D ?08:28
fidel_repozitor: please try to use normal language and somehow full sentences. i dont know what the above should tell me08:28
fidel_its "chat-rubbish" which might confuse and doesnt contain any relevant info ;)08:29
repozitorfidel_:ok, i mean that in 10.10 i open my system application from menu bar, but 12.04 dosn't have this property08:29
fidel_repozitor: and whats the question now?08:30
repozitorhow to open them in 12.04? :D08:30
repozitori search in dash home, but couldn't find them08:31
fidel_repozitor: its up to you - launch them by terminal - launch them by alt+f2 - by a special launcher (i.e. Kupfer which is my personal choice)08:32
fidel_repozitor: that depends on the user & the desktop-environment -> so it might differ what you prefer based on the fact if you are using unity, gnome-shell or whatewver else08:33
fidel_consider kupfer - its a pretty good launcher (bot not installed by default either)08:33
K-4UHello eveybody. Can somebody help me with a 256 color problem in screen? I already put the config values in my .screenrc, but still no 256 colors :(08:34
foolshakhilesh: Ok you need to put this    http://paste.ubuntu.com/966431/     into the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf and restart X. please note customising the xorg.conf to accommodate a system I have no physical contact with is messing with dark powers. So the xorg.conf file I provide is minimal and should get you to 1024x768@75hz which is fairly common. If when you try this fix you do not get to the desktop or your monitor makes funny noises tur08:34
foolshn off your computer start it in safe mode and remove the xorg.conf file.08:34
repozitorfidel_: when i use alt+F2  dash home appear for me :((08:34
repozitori hate unity :|08:35
fidel_repozitor: i cant help you with unity - as i dont use it.08:35
jrpis there an easy way to specify on the command line what apt-repo i want to install from?08:35
fidel_repozitor: then dont use it08:35
repozitorjust gnome-shell :X08:35
akhileshfoolsh:thanks dude!!! great help..08:35
repozitorfidel_:do you use gnome-shell?08:35
zykotic10K-4U: probably depends more on the terminal you are using, but does screen actually support 256 colours?08:36
fidel_repozitor: yep i do use gnome-shell & kupfer as launcher08:36
K-4Uzykotic10: I´m using putty now.. I´ve got it working if i don´t use a screen session, but with screen, it´s a no-go08:36
zambai have a small problem with gnome classic.. all new applications/windows are automatically moved to viewport 1 when i move past the viewport they're currently in08:36
zambaoh, nevermind.. this only goes for thunderbird and chromium08:37
foolshakhilesh: after you get up to usable resolution you really need to find the real values for HorizSync and VertRefresh that are for your monitor usaully you can google the model number and find them.08:37
AxonetBEI have a webserver running on Ubuntu 9.10, is it easy to update to a newer version of ubuntu without breaking to much things?08:37
fidel_AxonetBE: do run a backup first - as noone can garanty you that there will be no issues08:37
K-4Uzykotic10: Here´s the issue.. i´m on a train now, using tethered internet to connect to my server at home.. The connection isn´t that good, so i need it to keep my working shell open at all time, even if i disconnect08:38
akhileshfoolsh: okkkkkkkk08:38
repozitorfidel_: what is suitable for progammer?08:38
AxonetBEfidel_: Ok and how do I update then?08:38
fidel_repozitor: i dont get your question - maybe ask the channel not just me08:39
Qalqii started using ubuntu classic since gnome 3 was having problems with my amd card. Does anyone want to know if this issue is resolved08:40
repozitorfidel_:ok, tnx for replying :)08:40
zambahow can i remove the animation when switching desktop?08:41
Qalqioops. my question was i wanted to know if this isssue was resolved?08:41
K-4Uzykotic10: Sorry.. did you say something in the past 5 minutes? My internet went out..08:42
akhileshfoolsh:can i get agin high resolution? my laptop give 1280*800 resolution in windows 7...08:43
akhileshfoolsh: sorry it's again instead of agin.08:44
DamienCassou6 months ago I connected to this chat and complained about unity. Later I just installed Cinnamon. Today I connect to congratulate. Unity works *much* better and I'm an happy user now. Thank you so much08:45
howlymowly_hi poeple..  short question: Does anyone here know, whether gimp 2.8. will be included in the ubuntu repositories? and if so, how long will it take?08:46
DarwinSurvivorakhilesh: sorry, got here late, but have you checked the back of the monitor for the values foolsh is asking for? Many monitors have a sticker on the back with all the specs08:47
xuserxcan anyone help me ? i want to use ubuntu customization kit to remaster a xubuntu12.04 .iso but i have the same error >>>>Failed to copy resolv.conf, error=108:47
ljsoftnetwhere can i get jscalibrator for ubuntu 12.04?08:47
DamienCassouhowlymowly_: I don't think this is a standard procedure at ubuntu to publish packages for new releases. We have seen exceptions, but you'd better use a PPA08:49
xuserxhis is the build.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/966443/08:49
xuserxcan you help me?08:49
howlymowly_DamienCassou: thx08:50
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pvh_sahey there, i'm trying chromium on 12.04 on person.com - it gets stuck loading person.com - anyone else see this?08:54
dr_willisother browsers work?08:54
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
zambawhere has the sound preferences applet gone to in gnome shell/classic?08:54
pvh_sadr_willis, yes, firefox works.08:54
rile_breany one ...magic jack an ubuntu ...maybe ...some trick to us it ..( maibe wine ) or such ?????08:55
ljsoftnetwhere can i get jscalibrator for ubuntu 12.04?08:55
dr_willisrile_bre:  last i heard about that was basivally a big 'nope..' from the wine devs.. but thaat was a year+ ago. check the appdb08:55
dr_willis!find jscal08:55
ubottuFile jscal found in cacti, joystick, ldap-account-manager, mahara, mantis, ntop-data, nurpawiki, phpldapadmin08:56
rile_brety dr_willis08:56
dr_willisi was thinking jscal - calebrted my sticks ages ago08:56
dr_willispvh_sa:  as a test you could change the useragent to be the same as what firefox uses08:56
mystblade9How do I create a custom launcher?08:57
dr_willismystblade9:  make a custome .desktop file for it - is one way.08:57
dr_willisexamples and guides on them at the askubuntu.com site i recall. or look at ones on your system,08:57
mystblade9Isn't there any GUI for it?08:57
dr_willisnever really noticed.. or needed one.08:58
dr_willisi normally take gedit.desktop and just copy andd edit it08:59
necrusehello can someone help on dovecot08:59
x_XPI need some help with upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04. Could  someone please help to guide me trough this, since on my own I am running to some serious problems.08:59
dr_willisi find it easier to do clean installs09:00
ljsoftnetwhere can i get jscalibrator for ubuntu 12.04?09:00
dr_williswouldent you have to upgrade to 11.10 then too 12.0409:01
dr_willis!find jscalibrator09:01
ubottuPackage/file jscalibrator does not exist in precise09:01
dr_willisljsoftnet:  try jscal perhaps09:01
x_XPlet me explain my problems are I backup my home folder copying files to the external USB HDD and After upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10  on DELL E6400 laptop I could not login with my user-name and my password all I could do login as a Guest . Then I upgraded  this  to 12.04.  I was able to pass the login screen only after removing  the .Xauthority file in my home directory and after reboot I was not able to access any of my files and deskto09:01
dr_willisx_XP:  the can only login as guest seems to be a known issue with lightdm, i had same issue. using gdm however worked fine,09:02
ljsoftnetdr_willis how do i use it, you know the steps on how to use it?09:02
ljsoftnetdr_willis i've already installed it09:02
dr_willisljsoftnet:  start with man jscal  - i havent used a joystick in years09:02
barnabas02X_XP: download ultimatebootcd, and save your data, then reinstann ubuntu09:03
vexaxvhey guys what is the "opt" directory for?09:03
pvh_sadr_willis, i tried trashing my chromium profile, re-importing firefox settings, same problem. so i tried a second time, deleted chromium profile, did not import firefox - works fine.... so its got to do with something that gets imported i think09:03
foolshvexaxv: optional software09:03
dr_willisvexaxv:  optional software, stuff often compiled  on the system. not using the apt0get packages09:03
vexaxvso is it an ideal place to put source games?09:03
dr_willisvexaxv:  for a single user - you could just keep them in your HOME.09:04
vexaxvk thanks09:04
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x_XPbarnabas02:  i do have backup done of home folder by copying it to USB HDD  of my 11.04 then i upgraded it to 11.10 and 12.04 what i wanted to achieve was to be able do backup of 12.04 and then transfer it to ne installed 12.04 on SSD and restore data t09:09
=== ips|malc_ is now known as ips|malc
barnabas02X_XP: Ső, you would like to do another backup? Or you are ready to reinstall the system.09:10
dr_willisid just restore my home. :)09:13
x_XPbarnabas02:  i do have  bodger upgrade to 12.04 on HHD and new instalation of 12.04 on SSD with copied home folder from USB HDD backup but id didnt work as i expected i was hoping to do everything on old HDD then backup data and restore to SSD09:13
dr_willisbut put the files in a subdir. if yiur old settings are causeing issues.09:14
barnabas02X_XP: Putting files in abother folder, or renaming the most upper directory is a good idea.09:15
barnabas02Then boot from ssd, and copy the files back.09:16
x_XPbarnabas02:   will this  give me my previously installed programs back??09:17
dr_willisno it will not. the users data is more impoirntant then installed apps09:17
foolshx_XP: oh no no no that's not what the home folder does09:17
dr_willisif you still have your 12.04 install with  the deb files cached in /var/apt/cache (i think) you could back them up and use them to  reinstall/save download bandwith09:19
dr_willis or is it /var/cache/apt09:19
x_XPfoolish: so why bother to upgrade if you cannot get enything to work other then Thunderbitd and firefox ?>09:19
foolshIsn't there a way to save the state of apt to file and restore with it later09:20
restingi'd added a rule to iptables…do i have to 'restart' it?09:20
x_XPfoolish: if it is i do not know how09:21
foolshx_XP: thats why i'm with dr_willis reinstall every time, would be done by now.09:22
vexaxvdoes anyone in here make there own unity shortcuts with the .desktop files?09:22
restingok i'd flushed iptables and ftp works on port 212209:23
restingbut putting the rules back it fails09:24
restingi have the rule as ACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere            tcp dpt:212209:24
xuserxdoes anyone know how to fix uck error> Failed to copy resolv.conf, error=1?09:24
xuserxplease help me09:24
xuserxbug https://bugs.launchpad.net/uck/+bug/94648009:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 946480 in uck (Ubuntu) "Remastering Precise fails on resolv.conf" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:25
xuserxubottu: how can i fix this error?09:25
ubottuxuserx: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:25
intorehi, i installed ubuntu 11.10 but there are some big problems. Sometimes it logout itself and shows the login screen.09:25
dr_willisintore:  more likely the Desktop is crashing.. goingback to the login screen when X restarts.09:26
dr_willisnot logging out09:26
x_XPfoolish: reinstall ubuntu    ok with me       but  then to reinstall all your applications  this is to hard for me to comprehend why to do this every 6 months with new Ubuntu?09:26
xuserxcan you help me?09:26
dr_williskeep an eye on that bug report to see when the bug gets fixed. or if the comments in it -  mention a work around.09:27
jarcois there a stream of the ubuntu summit next week?09:27
foolshxuserx: Hmm I'm not really sure but the /etc/resolv.conf file is a trivial little thing. If you're having trouble with it make sure it exists, if not just create a blank one and try your process again09:27
intoredr_willis, sorry?09:27
xuserxthis is the build loghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/uck/+bug/94648009:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 946480 in uck (Ubuntu) "Remastering Precise fails on resolv.conf" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:27
DarwinSurvivorxuserx: http://video.ubuntu.com/live/09:27
intoredr_willis, i  don't understand. it logout and it shows me the login screen without my commands09:28
xuserxwhat is that url http://video.ubuntu.com/live/?09:28
jarcoI assume that url was directed at me09:28
foolshx_XP: every six months p-ha I'm still using natty I'll upgrade when the unity/gnome fiasco settles down09:29
iHarpHow do I uninstall a game that I installed from a .bin file?09:29
DarwinSurvivorxuserx: sorry, that was meant for jarco09:29
DarwinSurvivorjarco: http://video.ubuntu.com/live/09:30
jarcoyeah thx DarwinSurvivor09:30
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: that depends what the .bin file *did*09:30
jarcoIts just to see what EA has to say.09:30
REK_007how to install Avast on ubuntu AMD64 ?09:30
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: do you have a link to it?09:30
akemiHarp, the bin might have an uninstall parameter.09:30
xuserxetc/resolv.conf does not exist09:30
DarwinSurvivor!antivirus | jarco09:31
ubottujarco: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus09:31
dr_willisintore:  its not 'logging out' its crashing. so you need  to determine why its crashing.09:31
akemtry -h/--help etc.09:31
foolshxuserx: 'sudo touch /etc/resolve.conf'09:31
iHarpit opened an installer. which installed. It left an uninstaller. But now when I try to run them nothing happens09:31
iHarpIt opens ubuntu software center09:31
jarcoDarwinSurvivor: hey. that wasnt for me :)09:31
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: please post a link. .bin files are like .exe files in windows and it is 100% impossible to know what they did without inspecting it09:32
iHarpvery strange09:32
intoredr_willis, in syslog?09:32
DarwinSurvivorgah, autocomplete is failing me today :(09:32
iHarpWell before I post let me clarify.09:32
DarwinSurvivor!antivirus | REK_00709:32
ubottuREK_007: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus09:32
foolshxuserx: or sudo touch /path/to/etc/resolve.conf09:32
dr_willisintore:  could be, its hard to tell09:32
x_XPfoolish:  I was happy with 11.04 but Ubuntu was spamming me with messages to upgrade and i did cave in  what is the best way to do it start again from beginning ubuntu and applications  or is there any backup which preserve applications and data09:33
REK_007DarwinSurvivor: yeah well I know that .. I need to scan another PC's HDD using ubuntu09:33
xuserx/etc/resolv.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/966539/09:34
intoredr_willis, i found this line May  4 11:21:57 dello gnome-session[1390]: Gdk-WARNING: gnome-session: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.#01209:35
iHarpIve only recently had this issue. In the past (this week) the .bin file opened the game and I played it seamlessly.  I turned my computer on today and tried to play the game but when I try to open it I get sent to ubuntu software center. Clicking on the uninstall shorty does nothing. USC doesn't prompt me to download anything either.09:35
iHarpsorry for the big post09:35
foolshx_XP: You can turn off the upgrade option is config file some where its what I do for the system I sell because it makes my job easier09:35
DarwinSurvivorREK_007: avast appears to support 32 bit only on linux (according to their website). You could try another scanner such as ClamAV, or run Avast off of a 32-bit live-cd (32bit ubuntu will run fine on 64bit hardware)09:35
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DarwinSurvivoriHarp: .bin files are notorious for bypassing the package manager and messing up system files. If you ran the .bin as root (by using sudo) then it will may be *very* difficult to undo. If you ran it as a normal user, it may not be that hard09:36
REK_007well i guess I will have to do that .. i dont have a 32bit now..have a 64bit installed so wanted to know if a way was there to install 32bit one on 64bit.  anyway thanks for the help DarwinSurvivor09:37
x_XPfoolish:  thanks 4 your help but this doesnt help me i done upgrade and i am where i am now not better off09:37
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: but once again, we won't be able to help you at all unless you tell us what it was!09:37
enzotibhi, i'm using 12.04 with LXDE. When I want to open a .tex file with texmaker in pcmanfm, texmaker starts with a blank document09:37
DarwinSurvivorREK_007: if you have a 32bit install CD you could boot off of it, or you could use a virtual machine (like VirtualBox) and scan using that09:37
DarwinSurvivorenzotib: please pastebin the .tex file09:38
enzotibDarwinSurvivor, it do not depend on the tex file, every tex file I try to open from filemanager, is not passed to texmaker09:39
iHarproot :(09:39
iHarpany suggestions?09:39
iHarpIt's really not a big deal for me to just reinstall ubuntu. all the important stuff is backed up.09:39
DarwinSurvivorREK_007: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=781251 may help you09:39
DarwinSurvivorenzotib: have you tried using the "open" dialog in texmaker? That will rule out quite a bit of stuff09:39
foolshx_XP: for me a fresh new install of ubuntu is like the new car smell at the dealership, new, fast, and ready to take me places.09:39
xuserxi have the same error>>..Failed to copy resolv.conf, error=109:39
xuserxany ideas?09:40
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: reinstalling is probably the best bet. There is some stuff you can do using chroot's to find out what the .bin *probably* did, but you can never really be certain09:40
foolsh'rm -rf /home/xman/tmp/remaster-root/etc/resolv.conf' maybe and try again09:40
enzotibDarwinSurvivor, from texmaker (open dialog) it works, and also works from terminal: texmaker file.tex09:41
enzotibDarwinSurvivor, it is a filemanager->application interaction problem, I think09:41
iHarphttp://www.newerth.com/?id=downloads&op=displayDownload&category=1&file=xr_setup-1.0rc3-cl_lin_prod.bin is the link to the download page. It's the game savage09:41
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: I would also *HIGHLY* recommend NEVER using .bin installers EVER. I think quake3 is the only .bin I've ever seen that didn't completely destroy system it was installed on.09:41
iHarpSo how else would I get a game like this on my system if it only comes in a bin file?09:42
x_XPfoolish:  for me I am on the  limited data mobile broadband only and my options are liited to what i can  download each month, it could take me few months to get my application back and running again09:42
x_XPthat why i did upgrade09:43
x_XPfoolish:  for me I am on the  limited data mobile broadband only and my options are liited to what i can  download each month, it could take me few months to get my application back and running again09:43
bogdomaniahi guys.. please don't kill me if i'm asking this Q in the wrong place.. how can i use ubuntu family fonts in LaTeX ? using LaTeXila atm..09:45
iHarpi can't believe you asked that in here....09:45
iHarpjust kidding :p09:45
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: http://www.newerth.com/smf/index.php?topic=13970.0 "someone" made a .deb, but I would contact newerth and ask then to submit their game to the regular repos or at the very least create an official PPA for the game09:45
taxmanbecause he is too old09:46
* taxman runs away...09:46
iHarpDarwinSurvivor: cool, thanks09:47
iHarpLinux = Dangerous freedom09:47
DarwinSurvivorenzotib: I'm going from memory here (been a couple months since I used thunar), but you should be able to use a custom command to open a file from the file browser. Try using that and manually selecting the texmaker binary as the application you wish to use. That will tell us if the setting is simply wrong, or something else isn't working09:47
enzotibDarwinSurvivor, ok, i could try09:48
dr_willisi really have to wonder what all you installed x_XP  i mean 12.04 just only recently got released.09:48
DarwinSurvivorenzotib: type "which texmaker" into the terminal to find out where the binary is09:48
xuserxi cant fix that error09:48
iHarpWith linux I have complete freedom to destroy my machine anytime I want.. Screw you microsoft..lol09:48
murlidharhttp://pastebin.com/XzwHh9t4 ... i am not able to update the repository .. how can it be fixed ?09:48
yabanizeHey, i just installed ubuntu alongside windows using the live cd, but when i rebooted, windows booted instead and i didnt even see grub, how do i fix this"?09:49
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)09:49
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: If you like to mess around with ubuntu but want to keep your machine working, consider creating a VirtualBox image to play around with. VirtualBox allows you to take a "snapshop" of the guest system and then revert to it in SECONDS if you screw it up :D09:49
x_XPdr_willis: I was talking about running  applications i hat in 11.0409:49
dr_willisyabanize:  you have more then 1 hd:09:49
mrecis there any way to fix the tap sensitivity with ubuntu 12.04? the default settings are unusable and very annoying09:49
mrectouchpad - tap sensitivity09:50
dr_willisx_XP:  any upgrade will download the apps anyway. so you did not save much bandwith,09:50
mrecsynclient settings did not really fix the problem09:50
iHarpDarwinSurvivor: Ive had to reinstall a few times.. sounds like the better choice.09:50
yabanizeNo, i have 1 hd, but 6 partitions according to windows disk manager09:51
x_XPdr_willis:  thats  right i do have only few Mb left for the rest of this month09:51
dr_willisx_XP:  if bandwith is that critical - you may want to setup a 12.04 box ti work as an 'apt-cacher-ng' server to cach all the debs you download. that way they get ddownloaded once then every pc on the lan can get them from the cache09:51
yabanizeNo, i have 1 hd, but 6 partitions according to windows disk manager09:51
dr_willisI just hit up the Free WiFi spots around time. :)09:51
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: I keep my main install fairly simple and well tuned and clone/create virtual machines when I want to play around with new stuff09:51
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dr_willisyabanize:  so grub did not get instgalled to the wrong hard drive09:52
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest6078
dr_willisyabanize:  id say follow that !fixgrub factoid and reinstall/repair grub.09:52
yabanizeIt is ONE hard drive, multiple partitions, as ubuntu made some09:52
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
yabanizeI think its installed correct but how to i tell it to boot to grub instead of windows bootloader09:52
DarwinSurvivorhanthana_: one of the common mistakes is installing the bootloader to a partition instead of the drives MBR.09:53
foolshyabanize: sounds like you need to set the boot flag for the partition where ubuntu installed to you can use a boot-able cd such the UBCD to do this.09:53
iHarpDarwinSurvivor: Experience is the best method of learning.. I think i have learned a valuable lesson (again) tonight09:53
yabanizeI used the 'install along side windows' option, didnt change anything09:53
dr_willisi dident think grub neeeded the boot flag. and if grub is on the mbr of the only hd.. then it should be booting grub anyway09:53
hanthana_DarwinSurvivor, :)09:53
iHarpsee you guys later.. about to nuke my drive again09:53
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: lesson #1 of Linux: Never use .bin installers :D09:54
yabanizeHere are my partitions, see the bootable one is c: http://d.pr/i/FI5A09:54
DarwinSurvivorI had the ATI .bin driver installer hose my machine 3 times in a row before I learned that lesson :(09:54
iHarp /bow09:54
dr_willis.bin = such a vague and annoying extension09:54
iHarp,bin = evil?09:55
xuserxdoes it exists a irc channel for ubuntu customization kit?09:55
x_XPdr_willis:  how come that with upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 and then from 11.10 to 12.04 only firefox and thunderbird got carried on ? nothing else .09:55
AruzsiHow can I "clone" an Ubuntu 12.04 to some other machines? I think about different UUID, MAC etc.09:55
dr_willis  .bin (self installing exeutables) are very annoying09:55
dr_willisAruzsi:  ive done it with dd befor, ;)09:55
DarwinSurvivoriHarp: absoluetly. If the author was too lazy to not create either a .deb or a compilable source .zip/.tar.gz then they were probably too lazy to make a .bin that can be trusted09:55
dr_willisx_XP:  i never upgrade. i always do clean installs.09:55
Aruzsidr_willis: Yes, some years ago ...09:55
Aruzsidr_willis: Now it doesn't work: Grub2, fstab, udev, etc ...09:56
dr_willisAruzsi:  hmm i did it via dd with 11.04 and it worked09:56
foolshI would still try setting the boot flag for the 140.97 partition before I did any thing else. I've seen grub get put in strange place by the installer before.09:56
dr_willisbut i did an exact image from a usb to  a single hd system09:57
x_XPdr_willis: thanks for that i will remember your anwser for long time now09:57
HyperbyteAruzsi, I believe you can just configure fstab to recognise a partition by label rather than uuid.09:57
Aruzsidr_willis: I tried to using rsync. I mentioned the problematic parts ...09:57
yabanizeHow do i put a boot flag on there?09:57
DarwinSurvivorAruzsi: 2 easiest ways are to either "dd" clone the entire drive (make sure drive #2 is at least as big as drive #1) or copy the system over as normal and reinstall grub09:57
dr_willisi never used rsync Aruzsi , i just did a simple install to a 8gb flash. then cloned it via dd to a few other flash drives. then a internal sata once.09:57
foolshyabanize: you'll need a third party program09:57
HyperbyteWhich gimp version is included with 12.04?09:58
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: Wat about MAC or anything else?09:58
yabanizeultimatebootcd ?09:58
dr_willis!info gimp09:58
ubottugimp (source: gimp): The GNU Image Manipulation Program. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.12-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 4611 kB, installed size 12814 kB09:58
foolshyabanize: I use the gparted live cd09:58
DarwinSurvivorhanthana_: sorry, autocomplete fail AGAIN :(09:58
AruzsiI've got a 16GB SSD and the target drive is 32GB09:58
Hyperbytedr_willis, ah.  Thanks. :)09:58
hanthana_DarwinSurvivor, nop09:58
dr_willisAruzsi:  in that case. i would do the dd. then use gparted to resize the partions09:58
AruzsiSo I don't want to lose the +16GB with dd09:58
yabanizehow about gparted on an ubuntu live cd?09:58
murlidharany can help me fix the problem of updating the repository. i am not able to update the repos ...09:58
yabanizeor live usb i should say, gparted09:59
dejan_hi to all...09:59
DarwinSurvivorAruzsi: MAC as in Macintosh or network card identifier?09:59
dr_willisAruzsi:  or make a 2nd partition in the new space09:59
* nikolja Dobar dan o09:59
foolshyabanize: sure you can right click and set flags09:59
Aruzsidr_willis: Not too bad idea! But UUID, etc ...09:59
murlidharhttp://pastebin.com/XzwHh9t4 the pastebin of my apt-get install .09:59
yabanizegreat :D iloveyou09:59
dr_willisAruzsi:  i dont recall uuid being an issue..09:59
yabanizebrb while i do this09:59
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: MAC address09:59
dr_willisffstab is easy to edit anyway09:59
dr_willisi dont recall any other issues doing the dd clone image.09:59
foolshat least wait till it works then love me10:00
Aruzsidr_willis: I have to copy the system to about 30 machines.10:00
dr_willisset your uuids to like 000-000-000  ;) so its easy to change them10:00
Aruzsidr_willis: hmmm....10:00
DarwinSurvivorAruzsi: MAC addresses are stored in the network hardware itself, when linux boots up it re-checks it anyways (if it even bothers to care what it is).10:00
dr_willisAruzsi:  you may want to check out mondo/mindi - it can setup a netboot enviroment where you 'restore' from  images on the network10:00
foolshAruzsi:  or drbl does the same thing10:01
DarwinSurvivormurlidhar: did you do an upgrade or a full install for 12.04?10:01
murlidharDarwinSurvivor: no i did a fresh installation.10:01
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: and what about LAN card (NIC id?)10:01
dejan_Looking for someone that can give me sugestions - i instaled Ubuntu on my HP pavilion dv7 notebook and i have terible overheating problems... is there any way to fix that overheating isue without loosing my laptop performance? if not, can someone teach me how to format Ubuntu, clear all, and go back to win7... ty10:01
DarwinSurvivormurlidhar: ok10:01
taxmani have upgraded my 12.04 to the last10:02
dr_willisAruzsi:  networks are normally set to dhcp. so why would that be an issue10:02
vanlong441Have you ever seen GNOME Shell integrated perfectly into Unity 2D on Ubuntu 12.04 (with HUD and Unity Dash and everything else work as they should)? Wait no more, the how-to is here! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197090410:02
enzotibDarwinSurvivor, it works with /usr/bin/texmaker %F10:03
DarwinSurvivorAruzsi: don't worry about the MAC addresses. Linux reads the code directly from the hardware at boot time and doesn't even store in on the HDD10:03
dr_willisvanlong441:  that sounds nasty ;)10:03
Aruzsidr_willis: I don't know.10:03
DarwinSurvivorenzotib: ok, then thunar probably has texmaker's binary configured wrong in the settings. File a bug report against texmaker and tell them that it's not being set properly in thunar's "available applications" list10:04
dejan_Looking for someone that can give me sugestions - i instaled Ubuntu on my HP pavilion dv7 notebook and i have terible overheating problems... is there any way to fix that overheating isue without loosing my laptop performance? if not, can someone teach me how to format Ubuntu, clear all, and go back to win7... ty10:04
murlidharDarwinSurvivor: can the problem be fixed ? i don't even know why it happened ?10:04
dr_willisAruzsi:  so the answer is -  its not an issue. ;)10:04
enzotibDarwinSurvivor, it's not thunar, though, it's pcmanfm10:04
murlidharDarwinSurvivor: happened so suddenly. been using the new distro for the past one week without any problems.10:05
DarwinSurvivorenzotib: sorry, either way you should file a bug report (but against pcmanfm :P )10:05
DarwinSurvivormurlidhar: looking of the log still10:05
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: NIC will be identified.10:06
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: I think10:06
DarwinSurvivormurlidhar: can you go into "software sources" and change your default server? That will tell us if it's your computer (which we can fix) or the server itself (in which case we just leave it changed)10:07
Naemdarhaving ethernet port issues.  its auto selecting 1000 full and I am not sure how to set it to just go 100 full10:07
murlidharDarwinSurvivor: will try. one second10:07
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: why do you want to slow down your ethernet?10:07
foolshNaemdar: is that an issue?10:07
HowDoIMy Internet went out right as I asked about crashes on Intel Ivy Bridge graphics, did it post?10:08
murlidharDarwinSurvivor: well the main server is working fine it seems ....it is updating without giving any errors so far.10:08
murlidharDarwinSurvivor: i was using india server earlier ...seems like its a server problem.10:08
dejan_can someone tell me how to delete ubuntu 12.04 and go to win 7? how change HD to NTFS and make boot from dvd - win 7... PLS10:08
dr_willisdejan_:  #windows will tell you how to install windows.10:09
dr_willisdejan_:  use fdisk, or gparted, or a live cd to delete all the partions on the hd you want to use. remake a ntfs partion.10:09
dr_willisactually the windows installer i think can do that...10:09
NaemdarI did the ethtool thing as a website suggested but for some reason I can't enter the commands like it says10:10
dejan_ok ty for tips... will google those....10:10
DarwinSurvivormurlidhar: must be. If you have any contact info for them (try visiting their website) you might want to just let them know you were having issues, that way they can get it fixed :)10:10
captinehi all.  is anyone having stability issues with Skype.  running 2.2beta in ubuntu 12.04 and from time to time, my entire system locks up when starting skype.  have to hold the power button in and do a hard reboot10:10
rumanhi everyone10:10
NaemdarI just don't think the cable can support those speeds cleanly it keeps dropping10:10
NaemdarI know the cable will run clean though at 10010:11
murlidharwill try to find out how to contact the server .10:11
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: please explain WHY you are trying to change the settings and also post a link to the page you are following so we can make sure it's correct10:11
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foolshcaptine: I always test the RAM when I get system lockup's 9 times outta 10 thats the culprit.10:12
=== bw__ is now known as Sliss
NaemdarThe port is dropping connection if I try to do more than one or 2 things at once10:12
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: if the cable is not allowing the full bandwidth speed, the kernel will automatically reduce the bandwidth to a stable speed10:12
yabanizehey um its me again im in gparted now and i added the boot flag to the partition and it didnt do anything10:12
yabanizei mean when it booted it was the bios saying insert device or something10:13
foolshyabanize: dang reinstall grub my friend10:13
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: please post the output that is indicating the "port" is dropping as there is probably something else going wrong10:13
yabanizeso how do i do thaat10:13
DarwinSurvivor!fixgrub | yabanize10:13
ubottuyabanize: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)10:13
DarwinSurvivorjust follow the RestoreGrub instructions10:14
foolshyabanize: or do you mean it your in gparted right now and adding the flag did nothing?10:14
foolshyabanize: in that case click apply and reboot10:14
yabanizeIt didnt do nothing it just wouldnt boot at all, like the bios saying it cant10:14
add1ctusanyone could help me with : https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/195847 ?10:14
foolshyabanize: yup reinstall grub10:14
HowDoIBrand new Ubuntu install has periodic hard lockups with Ivy Bridge Intel i5-3570 using the built-in HD4000 graphics.  I can't find anything in bug reports or known issues.  Am I missing something, new chipsets untested with Intel drivers, or could my hardware be malfunctioning?10:14
yabanizewindows was installed before ubuntu10:15
foolshyabanize: that's how it's done most of the time10:15
yabanizeGreat, wow that boot-repair looks pretty great10:15
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: are you only using that page for troubleshooting, or is that how you are setting up your connections?10:16
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: basically, why are you not simply using NetworkManager?10:16
NaemdarI can't find the duples and speed settings for some reason10:16
yabanizeYou people are so helpful:)10:17
acehi there, i have a cron fragment file in /etc/cron.d but it doesn't seems to be called10:17
billybigryabanize cross your fingers, it's failed me a few times, but saved me once or twice :)10:17
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: also, what is your network configuration? Is the machine simply connected to a router that connects to an internet modem?10:17
yabanizethanks to you all10:17
Naemdaryea, a simple network10:17
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: what happens when you simply use network manager?10:17
NaemdarNo duples or speed settings, just mac and mtu10:17
Naemdarduplex rather10:17
yabanizewill boot-repair choose the right partition to be bootable too?10:18
yabanizeshould i tick restore mbr?10:19
Naemdaripv4 settings tab doesn't have duples or speed either10:19
* taxman giggles10:19
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: you should not have to mess with duplex or network speed unless you are doing VERY, VERY advanced custom routing (I'm talking university experiments here)10:21
raph_aelhi, how can i change the theme without unity ? (ie  have another color theme for epiphany and others) thanks10:21
thoongwhy is ubuntu still encouraging people to use 32 bit , arent we all progressing to 64 ?10:21
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: if your network is flaky, there is a REASON and that needs to be fixed10:21
nastasa little help please. When i do a normal boot after the login screen, my desktop is flickering and anything i click turns to black. When i boot in ubuntu safe mode, everything seems ok. any ideas?10:22
DarwinSurvivorthoong: because Skype and a few games don't have native 32 bit compilations, so you need to install a bunch of extra libraries to use them on 64 bit systems.10:22
thoongbut in ubuntu you dont have to hunt individual libraries like fedora, you have ia32 lib bundle?10:23
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: please pastebin the output of "dmesg" as that will contain any hardware problems ubuntu is encountering. If you suspect the ethernet cable is bad, REPLACE it, they are quite cheap and a bad cable will only get worse!10:23
pvh_sawhere should i put a .desktop file for a new application i have installed? ~/.local/share/applications ?10:24
zz_paddyhi everytime i install a different version of unbuntu i keep getting either an error or it is corrupt any way i can fix this ?10:24
gaelfxzz_paddy: check the md5 of the downloaded iso10:25
gaelfx!md5 | zz_paddy10:25
ubottuzz_paddy: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows10:25
zz_paddyim using the windows installer10:25
zz_paddybasically making a dual boot10:25
zz_paddyso no idea where the file is downloading to lol10:25
DarwinSurvivorzz_paddy: wubi?10:26
gaelfxzz_paddy: wubi is notoriously unreliable10:27
add1ctusI'm having a problem with dual monitors with X Screen. One of my screens is only white with an "x" pointer and is not usable. I think it might be Unity / Compiz / Nautilus making the problem (as I could find out with googling). Any fixes?10:27
AruzsiIs there a Grub2+fstab expert?10:27
NaemdarI know cable is cheap just didn't really have an issue with it until I got the new mobo and such10:27
thewazirI am having problem in installing updates from package manager10:27
AruzsiI want to change from UUID to LABEL ...10:27
=== dj is now known as Guest19994
thewazirit says package operation failed10:28
Aruzsior even better: to ancient /dev/sd...10:28
raph_aelhow to access unity settings without being in unity ? ie what is the name of the app10:28
zz_paddyi agree gaelfx but its the only way i can install linux atm computer doesnt hav a cd rom or doesnt read a usb on start up10:28
Guest19994when i am upgrading  it is showin errors10:28
icerootAruzsi: and why?10:28
add1ctusraph_ael : tried myunity?10:28
icerootAruzsi: why not using UUID?10:29
Aruzsiiceroot: because it doesn't work for me now10:29
Aruzsiiceroot: from the new SSD10:29
thewazirI am getting this error - dpkg: error processing icaclient (--configure):10:29
thewazir subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 210:29
iceroot!doesntwork | Aruzsi10:29
ubottuAruzsi: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.10:29
=== Guest19994 is now known as dj__
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: the problem started with a new mobo? DEFINITELY time to pastebin the output of "dmesg"10:29
raph_aeladd1ctus: yes, but it doesn't solve my problem :) thanks for help10:29
DarwinSurvivor!pastebin | Naemdar10:30
ubottuNaemdar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:30
foolshyabanize: Did you get grub fixed?10:30
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: use the pastebinit command. You'll need to install it first, then just run10:30
elbrinkeHi Guys, I would like to know how i can compile Ubuntu TV on 12.0410:30
HowDoIDarwinSurvivor, what would one look for if there is an error in dmesg output? "error..." or something like that?10:30
Aruzsiiceroot: I want to clone my 16GB SSD to a new 32GB. That's all.10:30
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: use the pastebinit command. You'll need to install it first, then just run "dmesg | pastebinit" and it will pastebin the output FOR you :)10:30
Aruzsiiceroot: and I want to clone to another 30 machines.10:31
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: it's hard to tell, someone that isn't used to looking at it would find it difficult to spot the difference between a stern warning and a full error10:31
dns53elbrinke aren't there instructions on the website?10:31
icerootAruzsi: dd or clonezilla are your friends10:31
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com10:31
Aruzsiiceroot: dd not! 16 ->32GB10:31
DarwinSurvivoruse pastebinit and you'll have a pastebin url in 5 seconds :)10:31
elbrinkedns53: nope when i try the instructions as on website https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTV/Contributing it does not compile10:32
Aruzsiiceroot: I've got the rsync-ed 16GB and I want to use it on 32GB10:32
elbrinkenot sure if we are talking about the same website?10:32
icerootAruzsi: resize the partition? or just have a 16gb partition there?10:32
H474r1Hi all10:33
icerootAruzsi: clone it with dd and resize it with gparted or use clonezilla directly10:33
Aruzsiiceroot: sda1 -swap sda2 - root10:33
Aruzsiiceroot: OK resizing what about UUID, grub2, etc hw specific things?10:33
=== rbrooks_ is now known as rbrooks
Aruzsiiceroot: dd won't work because of UUID10:34
NaemdarI think I have it, there is no domain10:34
add1ctusI'm having a problem with dual monitors as seperate X Screens. One of my screens is only white with an "x" pointer and is not usable. I think it might be Unity / Compiz / Nautilus making the problem (as I could find out with googling). Any fixes?10:34
NaemdarSome popup about network discovery disabled10:35
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: domain?10:35
thewazirI am facing issue with ICAclient 12 and nowupdates are not installing10:35
H474r1is there a minimal/stripped down version of Ubuntu10:35
pvh_sahow can i make a custom application launcher in 12.04?10:35
yabanizeWhy is this happening10:35
yabanizeubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install /dev/sda /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).10:35
Naemdarits default and ubuntu doesn't like it10:35
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: is you are simply trying to connect your computer to a router, you shouldn't even have to open network manager, it should just auto-connect. please be specific about what you are trying to set up!10:35
add1ctusH474r1: try lubuntu ?10:36
NaemdarA simple network.  Nothing complicated10:36
NaemdarI did swap to a different cable10:36
dj__can anyone help me , i am geting error while upgradin my ubuntu , this is the error i am getting http://pastebin.com/AkmyWRWM10:36
Aruzsiiceroot: so how can I change to LABEL from UUID?10:36
add1ctusH474r1: http://lubuntu.net/10:37
NaemdarIt may be fixed I will open up a torrent to see if it dropps the connection10:37
foolshadd1ctus: You are way out in the deep water. Multi monitor works more intuitively in Xinerama mode rather than seperate X sessions.10:37
dns53Aruzsi extfs tune i believe10:37
add1ctusfoolsh: tried using xinerama, but it doesn't work at all... (can't even see the login screen)10:37
ludkillerhey i need help on programming?10:38
foolshadd1ctus: The white screen and X are there because nothing is running to serve up a desktop envorinment10:38
Aruzsidns53: partitions are already named10:38
Aruzsidns53: grub2 config, fstab?10:38
yabanizeHey help please? trying to install grub,  ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install /dev/sda,,,,           and it returns /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).10:38
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: what model of router are you using? If it's dropping while torrenting, it may be a problem with your router10:38
dj__http://pastebin.com/AkmyWRWM can anyone check this error which am getting while upgrading an tell me what shalli do10:39
add1ctusfoolsh: so it's hard to get it work on x screen and i should try xinerama?10:39
dns53Aruzsi i missed some of the conversation, so you have an existing installation on a disk and you want to move it to a new bigger drive?10:39
DarwinSurvivorNaemdar: some older routers don't have large enough stacks to deal with the number of connections a torrent application uses, so you may need to adjust the "maximum connections" limit on your torrenting app10:39
Aruzsidns53: Yessss!!!10:39
Aruzsidns53: It is a very, very simple task - was some years ago ...10:39
alice_bcdo you  know  how manage an iphone 4s in ubuntu?10:40
foolshadd1ctus: Become more familiar with the xorg.conf file and I'm sure xinerama can work. it's just what you ask is so advanced I would have to literally be sitting beside you.10:40
dj__when i upgrade my system i get this error http://pastebin.com/AkmyWRWM  please anyone help me10:40
Aruzsidns53: After that I have to reconfigure the machine - hostname, IP, etc ...10:40
nastasi can only boot in ubuntu safe mode. in normal mode i have screen issues. any idea?10:41
add1ctusfoolsh : i've spent all day yesturday on xorg.conf... and the outcome always was either only one screen working, or nothing working at all.10:41
dns53Aruzsi so create a partition with the same partition layout, copy the partitions with dd, run the resize command ie run resize2fs, reinstall grub, change /etc/fstab10:41
Aruzsidns53: but it will be a new task after the system was booted succesfully10:41
dj__nastas even i have the same problem10:41
totesmuhgoatsNaemdar: what DarwinSurvivor said, sometimes setting the timeout can also relieve the burden, but there are <100 dollar routers these days that offer a lot of headroom there, might just wanna consider an upgrade10:41
thoongdoes the livecd supports lvm?  is cleaner with one partition, esp. limited if you re on mbr.10:41
Aruzsidns53: grub: using UUID10:41
add1ctusfoolsh : i'll try to make xinerama work again, if i run into some problems i'll be here10:41
nastasdj__:  any progress so far?10:41
Aruzsidns53: fstab is almost empty (except /proc)10:42
samba35what ubuntu server irc  #ubuntu_server or ?10:42
totesmuhgoatsi have an asus rt-n16, 400 mhz, 128 mb ram, under $60 last i checked10:42
dj__nope i tried to upgrade but no progress10:42
totesmuhgoatssamba35: /msg alis help10:42
tBagWhat is freqency AMD Barthon 2500+10:42
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foolshadd1ctus: Paste bin your xorg.conf let me peek at it10:42
dns53Aruzsi so what is the problem? grub thinks the root partition is wrong?10:42
Aruzsidns53: Yes!10:42
add1ctusfoolsh : http://paste.ubuntu.com/966641/10:43
totesmuhgoatstBag: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athlon#Barton_and_Thorton10:43
thoonglvm on livecd?10:43
totesmuhgoatslooks like 1833 mhz10:43
Aruzsidns53: Grub2 started and I can choose from te menu and after it I got error messages because of the mismatching UUID10:43
NaemdarLooks like I am going shopping for a new gig e cable this weekend.  I appreciate your patience.10:43
yabanizefoolish: i try to use sudo grub-install /dev/sda or /sda6 but it says cannot find deivce for /boot/grub10:43
RothronHey guys. The ubuntu installer picks a video sync that my monitor can't display, so I can't even install the thing. (12.04)10:43
add1ctusfoolsh: it might be messed up since i tried lots of stuff yesturday, and i was trying to force a different resolution on my working screen also (i'm pretty new to linux)10:44
tBagtotesmuhgoats, thx10:44
Aruzsidns53: of course I can retype UUID for only one boot10:44
DarwinSurvivorI hope Naemdar realizes that both his router AND computer need to support 1Gb before the link will go above 100Mb and that it still won't make his torrents any faster10:45
dns53Aruzsi you need to rebuild the init file system and re-run grub, or you could change the uuild of the root file system to match10:45
Aruzsidns53: If I typed correctly that 100 numbers the system starts complain about wrong FS or fstab.10:45
foolshadd1ctus: ok here's mine I use Xinerama with no problems http://paste.ubuntu.com/966642/   might want to ajust those monitor timings and you could use mine10:46
Aruzsidns53: Where I can edit MANUALLY UUID for grub? I don't have Ubuntu install CD/DVD10:46
dj__i am not able to upgrade my ubuntu can anyone help me?10:46
add1ctusfoolsh : thanks, i'll see what can i do and i'll let you know10:46
Aruzsidns53: I've got systemrescuecd10:46
Aruzsidns53: I'm a little bit fed up with totally automatic setup.10:47
dj__ i am not able to upgrade my ubuntu can anyone help me?10:47
DarwinSurvivorAruzsi: grub doesn't use the UUID's, it uses the (hdX,X) format, the UUID's are mostly used in /etc/fstab so the kernel knows where to mount stuff AFTER grub has passed control over to it10:50
dns53Aruzsi i don't believe you need to enter the uuid of the root partition, instead you can use the path, my command line was BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-3.2.0-24-generic root=/dev/mapper/vg0-root ro quiet splash vt.handoff=710:50
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AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: There is UUID in my Grub2 menu which was genereated automatically.10:51
DarwinSurvivorAruzsi: really? weird...10:51
dns53Aruzsi but you don't need to use it, specify root=/path10:51
RothronI have my installer as an usb key. Is there a way to specify a resolution my monitor can display?10:52
=== Guest6078 is now known as Bogdaniel
DarwinSurvivorRothron: LCD or CRT?10:52
add1ctusfoolsh: I noticed you're using twinview and not xinerama? I tried doing that through nvidia-settings and I get the following error message : http://paste.ubuntu.com/966651/10:52
dns53Rothron i believe you can, when the boot menu comes up there are options10:52
Aruzsidns53: If I specify by /dev/sdaX grub complains10:53
dns53Rothron press f2 i believe and it will tell you what you can do10:53
Aruzsidns53: the search command10:53
RothronDarwinSurvivor: LCD10:53
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dns53Aruzsi so partitions and not lvm or dmcrpt or anything strange?10:53
DarwinSurvivorRothron: is ubuntu not using the native resolution of the LCD?10:53
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: Yes, weird! Absolutelly10:53
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: 12.04 Server10:53
RothronI didn't see any boot menu. I got a short view of a little keyboard icon = a little man icon and then it lost sync10:53
RothronDarwinSurvivor: nope10:53
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JonathanEllisI am having problems with Chromium-browser and google-chrome both crashing on Ubuntu 12.04. Error messages from the terminal are here http://pastebin.com/kmNwGLzj      I googled this problem and found these bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/949439     and     http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=101160         I now don't know if this is a problem with chromium, google-chrome, ubuntu.10:54
DarwinSurvivorAruzsi: is it possible for you to pastebin the exist menu.lst. We may be able to write the new one for you instead of trying to walk you through i10:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 949439 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "chromium-browser crashes on some urls" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:54
DarwinSurvivorAruzsi: is it possible for you to pastebin the exist menu.lst. We may be able to write the new one for you instead of trying to walk you through it10:54
Aruzsidns53: I've got 2 partitions: sda1 -> swap; sda2 -> root10:54
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: no menu.lst10:54
ciphergothHave upgraded to 12.04 and suffering from a weird problem: when I start our in-house time tracker application - written in Java with Swing - it appears in the list of icons but the window doesn't seem to be on the desktop.  Is there anything I can do?10:54
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: it is Grub2!!!!!10:54
DarwinSurvivorAruzsi: ah10:55
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: :(10:55
JonathanEllisI am running chromium-browser version 18.0.1025.151 (Developer Build 130497 Linux) Ubuntu 12.0410:55
pvh_sahey there, is there any way to get that 'default applications' launcher that was standard on 11.10 on 12.04? the one which said 'listen to music' etc10:55
AruzsiDarwinSurvivor: I know simple Grub and I hate Grub2!10:55
foolshadd1ctus: You're right I keep calling that a hold out from my slackware days. try commenting out 'Option         "metamodes" "CRT-0: nvidia-auto-select +0+0, CRT-1: 1280x1024 +1280+0"'10:55
DarwinSurvivorRothron: if you open the "Displays" dialog inside configuration settings, what resolutions are you allowed to pick from?10:55
dns53Aruzsi root(hd1,1) i think10:55
Aruzsidns53: hd0,110:55
gaelfxJonathanEllis: generally, an "undecided, incomplete' bug report is not a good source to go on10:56
SlissOn ubuntu apache with php> I query shotwell db to get an image location for display. I always get a read error in the apache error log. Can I somehow add the www-data user to a group so it does have read permissions to a home dir? It only works if www-data is the owner of all my photo's and this is not desirable. I also tried linking the photo dir to a dir inside the www but this didn't work either. What is the best approach to this?10:56
DarwinSurvivorAruzsi: oh yeah, I forgot all about that :(10:56
thoongwould ubuntu be coexist with different linux like fedora without mucking grub?10:56
dr_willispvh_sa:  try using hud to search fir it.. hit alt  then enter  default10:56
Aruzsidns53: Grub2 not accept hd0 for search command!10:56
thoongi have tbyte, want more os on it toi play10:56
gaelfxJonathanEllis: you also need to update your Chromium10:56
DarwinSurvivorSliss: do you understand *nix permissions (rwx, etc)?10:57
gaelfxJonathanEllis: mine is 18.0.1025.16810:57
dr_willisthoong:  ubuntus grub2  can see other oss and set them in the menu. or add your own entrues10:57
terminalclienthey all, just started using a VPN on my laptop but I can't SSH in with the VPN on from my android phone, can anyone help with this?10:57
pvh_sadr_willis, thanks. it doesn't seem to do anything... do you know if there is a way to 'tag' applications? so if i type 'listen', it will find my music player?10:57
Slissyes i do DarwinSurvivor. But I have the feeling apache behaviour is in the way10:58
Aruzsidns53: So using UUID wasn't my choise.10:58
gaelfxAruzsi: you need to make sure which device you actually want to boot from. fdisk -l I believe will show you a list of available drives10:58
thoongthanks.. i have huge tb. wanna filled them up with os.10:58
dr_willispvh_sa:  nope. ive just been experimenting wuth hud.10:58
DarwinSurvivorSliss: apache does not need read permissions on your home folder, only execute permissions. the read permissions are only required on the folders that actually contain photos10:58
pvh_sadr_willis, it is rather cool, isn't it?10:58
Aruzsigaelfx: I-ve got only one SSD10:58
realoptymm yes what is the latest version that excludes unity??10:59
gaelfxAruzsi: but you need to know what grub thinks it's called10:59
DarwinSurvivorSliss: execute allows apache to ENTER the folder, read allows it to see what files are in it10:59
SlissDarwinSurvivor: I have to use shotwell as a normal user over the same images I want to display via apache10:59
Aruzsigaelfx: and it is booting into grub2 menu10:59
RothronDarwinSurvivor: I'm running TwinView. My Monitor shows up as Unknown and the resolution is 3200x1200, the only one. I suspect i need to run non-nvidia drivers to find the information.10:59
pvh_sadr_willis, if i find time though i want to put some effort into app integration - so i can connect my synapse with gnote, etc10:59
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity10:59
SlissI will double check all settings10:59
JonathanEllisgaelfx: Where did you get your updated chromium? I have installed all the updates from the ubuntu repo. Is there another repo I should add or did you build it from source?10:59
gaelfxAruzsi: and what shows up on the grub menu?10:59
Aruzsigaelfx: I've got many menu items11:00
DarwinSurvivorRothron: please list what video card you have, what the native resolution of your monitor is and what driver(s) you are using11:00
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:00
gaelfxJonathanEllis: when I installed chromium, it added the google repo, so it updates straight from google. how did you install your chromium?11:00
JonathanEllisgaelfx: From the ubuntu software centre. How did you install yours?11:01
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity11:01
gaelfxJonathanEllis: I installed mine from Software Center11:01
skulltipwhat is the install ubuntu 12.04 username and password? I managed to log out and switch to ubuntu 2d on the install CD.. it's asking for a username and pw11:01
gaelfxJonathanEllis: hang on a sec11:01
Aruzsigaelfx: If I choose the default I got a new submenu with the possibility of some old kernels11:01
gaelfxJonathanEllis: did you try sudo apt-get update?11:02
DarwinSurvivorSliss: what permissions is shotwell giving the folders and photos by default? (ex: rw-rw-r--)11:02
Aruzsigaelfx: error: no such device: <uuid>11:02
thoonglike unity too, but i hope ubuntu wouldnt ditched it future, much like fedora with bluecurve... when they graft addons to gnome, they will have to perpectually support  it when gnome undergoes changes.11:02
gaelfxAruzsi: did you reinstall grub using livecd/usb?11:02
Aruzsigaelfx: of course I can change it but not permanently11:03
Aruzsigaelfx: I did it11:03
skulltipmaybe root and root?11:03
RothronDarwinSurvivor: VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT520 [GeForce GT520] (rev a1)    native resolution is 1600x1200.  Driver is nvidia version 280.1311:03
DarwinSurvivorSliss: if you *think* you have the permissions set up right and it still isn't working, please pastebin /var/log/apache/error.log (I *think* that's the right path)11:03
Aruzsigaelfx: because of wrong UUID the grub will be wrong11:03
gaelfxJonathanEllis: sorry, I was wrong, I forgot that I went to chrome.google.com11:03
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:03
gaelfxJonathanEllis: try that, it should offer to add itself to the repos11:03
gaelfxJonathanEllis: after you choose the correct settings or w/e it should open up software center for you11:04
add1ctusfoolsh : Finally both of my screens work, but now I get an error message when I log in, and also Ubuntu asking me if I want to send error report. error message and xconf.org pasted on http://paste.ubuntu.com/966666/11:04
terminalclientanyone know how to SSH into a box behind a VPN?11:04
Aruzsigaelfx: I don't have Ubuntu install except the iso on an external USB HDD11:04
Ztaneis there any known bugs why touchpad should stop working now in unity; I have now encountered twice with precise that screen lock & release, the touchpad does not move mouse cursor, though scrolling works...11:05
add1ctusfoolsh: and if you could also explain me how to force both screens on 1280x1024 resolution.. nvidia-settings doesn't allow me to put 1280x1024 on one of the monitor, while it worked perfectly on windows11:05
gaelfxAruzsi: if Ubuntu is not installed, why are you getting a grub prompt?11:05
Ztanebefore that, I had it working for over a year without any such problems11:05
Aruzsigaelfx: but I can mount the Ubuntu's FS11:05
foolshadd1ctus: Hang on a minute11:05
add1ctusfoolsh : will do11:05
Aruzsigaelfx: Ubuntu was installed11:05
Aruzsigaelfx: on a different machine11:06
gaelfxAruzsi: where was ubuntu installed?11:06
Aruzsigaelfx: I rsynced it11:06
Ztanealso, touchpad is disabled when typing has been turned OFF bc it was buggy on my machine.11:06
Aruzsigaelfx: I changed the drive11:06
Aruzsigaelfx: fdisked it11:06
Aruzsigaelfx: mkswap+mkfs.ext411:06
Ztanevery annoying to have to hit control-alt-bs every second day...11:06
Aruzsigaelfx: re-synced the FS11:07
gaelfx!enter > Aruzsi11:07
ubottuAruzsi, please see my private message11:07
DarwinSurvivorRothron: hmm, that video card should work by default (I have a GT430 which was one of its predecessors)11:07
DarwinSurvivorRothron: can you post a screenshot of your issue?11:07
JonathanEllisgaelfx: I have the google repo from when I installed google chrome. I will check which version of google-chrome I have11:07
gaelfxAruzsi: on what drive is ubuntu actually installed? or are you just using a liveusb?11:07
Aruzsigaelfx: sda11:08
gaelfxAruzsi: I mean the physical drive11:08
AkusariHello People!11:08
Aruzsigaelfx: sda is a 32GB SSD11:08
RothronDrawinSurvivor: I can take a photograph of the screen, but I don't see how that will be helpful?11:08
gaelfxAruzsi: ok, and this SSD is in the computer you're using now, right?11:09
Aruzsigaelfx: the full FS is on my external USB drive11:09
Aruzsigaelfx: Yes11:09
JonathanEllisgaelfx: I have google-chrome 18.0.1025.168 and I was already having this problem. I have added some more update settings to my software sources. I will check for more updates and see if anything offers to update.11:09
gaelfxAruzsi: what full FS?11:09
RothronDarwinSurvivor: I thought since I have the installer on an usb key, I could change it to somehow pick a different resolution & refresh. Something that my screen can sync to.11:09
AkusariI've created a bugreport today: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/994414 If somebody could set importance to low it would be pleased :-)11:09
Aruzsigaelfx: full FS: It was rsynced the original (16GB) SSD11:09
DarwinSurvivorRothron: I'm just having a hard time picturing what you are experiencing. Maybe you could describe it once again?11:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 994414 in linux (Ubuntu) "SD-Card slot empty but Kernel think it's attached" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:09
gaelfxJonathanEllis:  I had a similar problem a couple days ago, but the most recent update seems to have fixed it. Could you give me a url that crashes so I can test it?11:10
Aruzsigaelfx: rsynced from the original ...11:10
DarwinSurvivorRothron: ubuntu should be auto-detecting your screen when lightdm loads (and again at login time actually). There shouldn't be any need to manually set it at all11:10
gaelfxAruzsi: ok, but you realize that rsyncing doesn't copy bit-by-bit, right? and thus that any booting information might be put in the wrong place?11:10
foolshadd1ctus: try using this one, the "trick" is to make X think it has two identical monitors. At least that's what I have to do for my setup.11:11
gaelfxAruzsi: why not just do a fresh install on the new SSD?11:11
JonathanEllisgaelfx: Its no particular url that crashes it. Sometimes it happens randomly. Usually its when I try to login to google services with multiple sign on.11:11
Aruzsigaelfx: I knew it won't boot in the very first time because no boot record on the new SSD so I "re"installed grub211:11
foolshadd1ctus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/966671/11:11
gaelfxJonathanEllis: ah, that is a scenario I can't test. The GFW generally makes things like that impossible11:11
foolshadd1ctus: sorry left out the url11:11
DarwinSurvivorRothron: did you mention something about Twinview before? If you only have 1 monitory, why are you using TwinView?11:12
Aruzsigaelfx: Because I need that machine and I don't want to reinvent the wheel from the scratch11:12
Aruzsigaelfx: and I want in a sort time more 30 machines11:12
RothronDrawinSurvivor: From the 64-bit installer iso, I created a bootable usb-key. When I stick it in and boot from it, I first see a low-resolution image of something that looks like a keyboard an equals-sign and circle with a person inside. That lasts for about a second, and then both my monitors report that the signal is out of range.11:13
Aruzsigaelfx: do you understand my base task,11:13
gaelfxAruzsi: well, clearly rsync isn't going to make this any faster if you can't get it to work on one machine11:13
Aruzsigaelfx: Why?11:13
gaelfxAruzsi: you are trying to make the install process faster by duplicating the install from one machine to 30 others, right?11:13
Aruzsigaelfx: My problem is: UUID now11:13
Dr_willisyou can set the uuid of a FS via the tune2fs command, or edit the fstab so it matches.11:14
Aruzsigaelfx: maybe will be more like NIC MAC or NIC identify11:14
DarwinSurvivorRothron: you put the iso onto the usb key (using unetbootin or similar), or *installed* ubuntu to the usb key?11:14
Aruzsigaelfx: Yes11:14
RothronDarwinSurvivor: I have two monitors. I'm currently running 11.10 but since I've done major upgrade so many times, I wanted to do a clean install.11:14
dns53Aruzsi tune2fs /dev/hdb1 -U `uuid`11:14
gaelfxAruzsi: did you see what Dr_willis said?11:14
foolshadd1ctus: Well?11:15
Dr_willisi dont recall the uuid being an issue when i cloned my installs. but i was going from a 8gb usb to a larger usb for the most part11:15
add1ctusfoolsh: replaced the config with the one you gave me, restarted lightdm, still same.11:15
RothronDarwinSurvivor: I used usb-creator-gtk11:15
Aruzsidns53: the new UUID is not the problem. The problem is: how can I tell that to GRUB?11:15
JonathanEllisgaelfx: Update manager is now installing chromium 18.0.1025.168 so hopefully that might fix it11:15
Aruzsigaelfx: about what?11:16
gaelfxJonathanEllis: probably the same update I put on a couple days ago, let me know if it works11:16
_dev0_Hi all, How can I make the screen brighter? I have a notebook lgp430 and FN Keys Of Laptop Brightness Does Not Work, any idea? I already tried this GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor splash"11:16
gaelfxAruzsi: tune2fs11:16
DarwinSurvivorRothron: does it work correctly if you only connect 1 monitor?11:16
dns53Aruzsi chroot to the partition and run update-grub and get ubuntu to update the grub config?11:16
RothronDarwinSurvivor: I'll check it out.11:16
DarwinSurvivorRothron: also, have you verified the integrity of the usb install image?11:16
Aruzsigaelfx: what can I do with tune2fs?11:17
DarwinSurvivor!md5 | Rothron11:17
ubottuRothron: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:17
inashdeenhi there, how do i convert an AVI format video to AMV video on ubuntu 12.04. thanks11:17
Aruzsidns53: I tiried it.11:17
dns53Aruzsi change the uuid to the old uuid?11:17
Dr_williswhats an 'amv' video?11:17
Aruzsidns53: I tried11:17
gaelfxAruzsi: match the UUID to what grub wants11:17
Dr_willisset the UUID to 000-000-000-000 for everything. ;)11:17
gaelfxor that :P11:17
foolshadd1ctus: look at your xorg.conf again and see if it add a second monitor section after a restart11:17
Aruzsigaelfx: OK. In which config file???11:17
foolshadd1ctus: if you notice mine only has the one monitor section11:18
Aruzsidns53: UUID is now the old one.11:18
inashdeenDr_willis : it is a video format11:18
gaelfxAruzsi: I think it's in /etc/default/grub, but I'm not sure11:18
NaemdarI feel totally stupid now.  The port was negotiating to 1000 half, that was screwing up the performance.  I installed the pci nic and the problem is gone.11:18
Aruzsigaelfx: I'm absolutelly sure it isn't there.11:18
Dr_willisinashdeen,  so i gathered.. but where did it come from?  cant say ive heard of AMV except for 'anime music video'11:18
add1ctusfoolsh : yep, only one monitor, display and screen section11:18
gaelfxAruzsi: maybe /etc/grub.d/grub.cfg ?11:19
Dr_willisinashdeen,  normally one uses ffmpeg, or mencoder. but  the details of what codec and otehr settngs to use is the imporntant part11:19
Aruzsigaelfx: but I check again ... I have to boot into systemrescuecd ...11:19
Dr_willisgaelfx,  i thought update-grub rescanned the uuids and set them up11:19
RothronDarwinSurvivor: It matches ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso in http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/MD5SUMS11:19
gaelfxDr_willis: totally possible, but it seems he's tried that and it's still not working11:19
inashdeenDr_wilis: it is not as popular as AVI or mp4. but here is an example http://soft29.com/amv_converter.html11:19
gaelfxinashdeen: mkv ftw!11:20
Dr_willisinashdeen,  when in doubt check the ffmpeg/mencoder faqs and look for presets for winff, and avidemux, and arista11:20
foolshadd1ctus: could try setting the monitor HorizSync 31.0 - 83.0 and VertRefresh 56.0 - 76.0 to the benq values and rm ./.nvidia-settings-rc11:20
gaelfxAruzsi: sorry, /boot/grub/grub.cfg11:21
DarwinSurvivorRothron: ok, can you reboot with the USB and use the built-in checksum checker to make sure the installer didn't get corrupted while being copied to the USB drive?11:21
inashdeenDr_willis : was looking in ffmoeg. apparently ffmpeg doesnt support it11:21
Aruzsigaelfx: it is a generated file ...11:21
add1ctusfoolsh : i did set horizsync and vertrefresh, but i get "cannot remove './.nvidia-settings-rc': No such file or directory11:21
Dr_willisinashdeen,  im suprised anything supports it.. its a closed codec. but  theres some info at --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMV_video_format11:22
Aruzsigaelfx: so it will be right for just a test11:22
RothronDarwinSurvivor: I could probably, if the menu wasn't out of sync. But I'll try with a single monitor when I'm able.11:22
foolshadd1ctus: thats ok restart X11:22
Dr_willisinashdeen,  and its possible that theres some extra ffmpeg options not in the default ffmpeg that would support it.11:22
Dr_willisinashdeen,   The AMV code has been sent upstream to the main FFmpeg project[5] and the mainline version of FFmpeg now decodes and encodes AMV.11:22
RothronDarwinSurvivor: Thank you for your help.11:23
add1ctusfoolsh : changed, still same.11:23
inashdeenDr_willis : still new in ubuntu and not really happy with im seeing. :( btw, thank you11:23
Dr_willisi used the wikipedia search lense ;)11:23
DarwinSurvivorRothron: no problem. let us know how the reboot goes!11:23
Dr_willisinashdeen,  demand a refund?11:23
gaelfxsorry, my battery died11:24
inashdeenDr_willis: what does that mean?11:24
gaelfxAruzsi: did you find it?11:24
Dr_willisinashdeen,   i just used a  unity 'lens' to search wikipedia and find the info without ever leaveing unity. ;) nifty feature those lens11:24
foolshadd1ctus: The thing is, that if use mine http://paste.ubuntu.com/966642/  it should give you what I use which works great11:24
add1ctusfoolsh : so, should i put that one and restart?11:24
foolshadd1ctus: worth a shot11:25
Aruzsigaelfx: in/etc/defaul/grub not consosts of any UUID11:25
add1ctusfoolsh : used the monitor/screen/device sections from there, will restart now11:26
foolshadd1ctus: I would just dump the whole thing in there a try it verbatuim11:26
Dr_willis# Uncomment if you don't want GRUB to pass "root=UUID=xxx" parameter to Linux11:27
terminalclientanyone know how I can SSH into my laptop when it's behind an OpenVPN?11:27
Dr_willismakes me wonder how grub sets the root if its not using UUID then,11:27
gaelfxAruzsi: did you check /boot/grub/grub.cfg?11:27
Dr_williswouldent the VPN then need to have some sort of port forwarding enabled same as if the laptop was on a 'real' network?11:28
Aruzsigaelfx: Yes!11:28
Aruzsigaelfx: there is the wrong UUID11:29
foolshadd1ctus: Well?11:29
add1ctusfoolsh: one of my monitors now shows "mode not supported"..11:29
terminalclientDr_willis all port forwarding has been done, but still can't SSH in11:29
gaelfxAruzsi: ok, so change the UUID to the one you see there11:29
Aruzsigaelfx: for a test?11:30
foolshadd1ctus: ok change VertRefresh to 60 - 75.0 instead of 60.0 - 85.011:30
add1ctusfoolsh : i think that they're both around 59 - 75 hz(not 100% sure on which one is 75hz though), and they both support 1280x1024 (at least did in windows)... is it set to those amounts in the config? (not sure if vertrefresh is the refresh rate)11:30
Aruzsigaelfx: because any kernel update will rewrite it.11:30
navajoanyone using openbox?11:30
add1ctusfoolsh : restarting now again11:30
foolshadd1ctus: you read my mind11:30
foolshadd1ctus: now?11:31
gaelfxAruzsi: check what Dr_willis suggested, uncomment #GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID=true in /etc/default/grub11:31
jarcoare there standard some lenses on ubuntu?11:32
add1ctusfoolsh : still the same... one on 1280x1024 and one on 1024x768, and i still get the error message11:32
foolshadd1ctus: dang it11:32
gaelfxAruzsi: also I was saying before you should use tune2fs to change the uuid of the drive to match the one you found in /boot/grub/grub.cfg11:33
=== Guest48972 is now known as gauravgrt1
gaelfxAruzsi: but no need to do both, I'd try Dr_willis suggestion11:33
Aruzsigaelfx: OK11:33
Aruzsigaelfx: And I have to reinstall GRUB?11:33
foolshadd1ctus: I told you, you were way out in the deep water lol11:34
Dr_willisanytime you change the grub confgs you rereun update-grub and it remakes the grub boot files11:34
add1ctusfoolsh : i know, that's why i came here.. the shallow ones get googled :D11:35
add1ctusfoolsh : wow... i think i have it sorted out, brb for a restart11:35
gauravgrt1hey how to install latest nvidia drivers for my ubuntu 12.04...how do i find out information abt my hardware so that i can install the proper  drivers...11:35
Dr_willisgaelfx,  that option seem to just change to the   root=/dev/sdb2  syntax:wq11:38
add1ctusfoolsh : just checked nvidia-settings and the 1280x1024 resolution was available for the both monitors.. i changed it, worked.. i saved the settings to xorg.conf, restarted and it works now flawlessly, but the error message is still here11:38
gaelfxAruzsi: I would check if it works without reinstalling first11:38
foolshadd1ctus: give me link to the error message again11:39
Aruzsigaelfx: hmmmm...11:39
add1ctusfoolsh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/966666/ the error message is there (but the xorg.conf is different now)11:39
Isumihello. why does bugzilla depends on x11-common etc? I thought it was a web-based application11:39
gaelfxDr_willis: does it remake /etc/default/grub as well? I thought only /boot/grub/grub.cfg?11:39
foolshadd1ctus: k11:40
Aruzsigaelfx: let me see ...11:40
add1ctusfoolsh : or actually , it's a bit different error message this time.. let me restart and pastebin it again11:40
foolshadd1ctus: al right11:40
PitelCan I somehow set Nautilus to show items in more compact view? I want large icon, but I don;t want them to be in grid with large unused space between them.11:40
william_hello from seoul, s. korea. cinnamon loads but i get these weird errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/966729/11:41
gaelfxPitel: you might be able to find somet kind of setting in gconf-editor related to that, but I highly doubt it11:41
Pitelgaelfx: I know it was possible in older version.11:41
gaelfxPitel: how did you do it in the older version?11:42
Aruzsigaelfx: what is the right command reinstalling grub2? I don't want to use my theory.11:42
gaelfxAruzsi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:42
gauravgrt1hey how to install latest nvidia drivers for my ubuntu 12.04...how do i find out information abt my hardware so that i can install the proper  drivers...11:42
Pitelgaelfx: it was just called "compact view" but it worked different then what it does now.11:42
gaelfxAruzsi: sorry, can't remember it off the top of my head, and it takes more than one command to do it I know11:42
add1ctusfoolsh : http://paste.ubuntu.com/966732/11:43
gaelfxPitel: different how? to me, it looks like icons in a tight list11:44
foolshadd1ctus: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1563603   says 'sudo nvidia-xconfig' then 'gksudo nvidia-settings' and close nvidia-setting then restart11:44
Pitelgaelfx: it was like large icon view, but not in the grid, the items was just more "stuffed".11:45
Dr_willisgaelfx,  you edit /etc/default/grub :) so thats where you put the changes it then applies to the grub.cfg11:45
gaelfxgauravgrt1: install the post-release updates version of the driver found in SystemSettings->Hardware drivers11:45
SlartibartIs it somehow possible to enable mount for users without sudo, so that they can mount - some - devices? Is pmount the closest?11:45
Rothrondarwinsurvivor: Same thing happened I'm afraid. Just getting som sort of pre-splash screen and then it drops out of sync.11:45
gaelfxDr_willis: yeah, but do kernel updates actually re-write the /etc/default/grub settings?11:46
jpdsgaelfx: No.11:46
skulltipgot 3/4 way thru the 12.04 install (unity 2d), and now the system seems frozen with raster across the screen11:46
gaelfxjpds: thanks11:46
add1ctusfoolsh : tried it, still the same error message11:46
gaelfxPitel: sorry, I don't really understand. You wouldn't happen to have a screenshot, would you?11:46
william_crap, brb, going to buy cereal. still having a cinnamon prob: http://paste.ubuntu.com/966729/11:46
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foolshadd1ctus: ok also it says in your homedir look for the .config dir rename the file called monitors.xml. Logout, login11:47
=== appi_uppi is now known as appi_johnny_uppi
Pitelgaelfx: looking for it...11:47
virparai got an error11:48
virparahow to get rid of that11:48
KM0201virpara: what were you installing, and how were you installing it?11:48
Pitelgaelfx: http://martin.ankerl.com/files/compact8.10.gif this11:48
Dr_willisgaelfx,  it shouldent. without asking at least.. now a grub2 update could ask to change the file and revert to package mainteners default and so forth11:48
Aruzsigaelfx: after chroot the grub-install /dev/sda doesn't do anything11:49
foolshadd1ctus: did you get my last message?11:49
virparai am compiling osd lyrics 0.4.211:49
add1ctusfoolsh : yes, i did.. trying to figure out how to rename files through terminal though :D11:49
KM0201Pitel: why does that GIF keep jumping like that?11:49
foolshadd1ctus: mv ./oldfile ./newfile11:49
Dr_willisAruzsi,  if you do it right - you dont need to chroot. grub-install has options where chrooting is not needed11:49
PitelKM0201: dunno, but both frames have the layout I want11:50
add1ctusfoolsh : done.. should i do the nvidia steps again?11:50
add1ctusfoolsh : or just restart?11:50
skulltipmaybe i should try the alt installer, is that text based?11:50
PitelKM0201: i couldn't find any bether screenshot. all have the grid layout I don;t want :)11:50
tim__bhi, i'm having trouble installing wine on ubuntu 12.04 64bit using the repo (official and ppa), there's trouble11:50
foolshadd1ctus: just restart I hope11:50
tim__bwith the gettext packages11:50
gaelfxAruzsi: did you try changing the SSD's UUID with tune2fs? or uncommenting the line in /etc/default/grub?11:50
AruzsiDr_willis: I'm absolutelly not sure I did right.11:50
AruzsiDr_willis: grub.cfg wasn't changed ...11:51
gaelfx!problem | tim__b11:51
ubottutim__b: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:51
gaelfxer.. oops11:51
gaelfx!details | tim__b11:51
ubottutim__b: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:51
add1ctusfoolsh : i love you sir. everything is as it should be finally11:51
foolshadd1ctus: awesome now I'm out11:51
Dr_willisAruzsi,  if your system to fix is mounted at '/media/fixme'  then a command similer to --> sudo  grub-install --boot-directory=/media/fixme' i THINK will reinstall grub to that hd.11:52
Dr_willisactually it may be --boot-directory=/media/fixme/boot  (im not sure) rereading the docs11:53
heikoheikoheikoI want to list all files in the current directory and all subdirs recursively and sort them by size. can ls do that? the manpage mentions -R --recursive, but doesn't go into detail. it tried ls -RlhS, but that sorts for each dir individually.11:53
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=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest31130
Dr_willisAruzsi,  theres also a gui boot-repair utility11:54
=== dude is now known as Guest19922
tim__bso again: i'm having package conflicts trying to install wine (tried ppa and offical repo) using aptitude on an ubuntu 12.04 64bit installation, here's a pastbin with the aptitude output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/966752/11:54
dwqUbuntu 12.04 AMD64 with Unity. I locked the screen, and now when I got back I see the mouse but everything else is black. I wrote my password and the mouse shows that there's text underneath so I guess it got unlocked, but still , everything except for the mouse is black.11:54
AruzsiDr_willis: I think it is not enough11:54
=== chris_ is now known as Guest47687
dwqIs there any process I should kill so it restarts and maybe I'll be able to see something?11:55
jribtim__b: read the release notes about aptitude and multi-arch11:55
jrib!notes | tim__b11:55
ubottutim__b: Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) release notes can be found here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.0411:55
Slartibart'which mount' says '/bin/mount'. So why do I get 'mount: only root can do that' even after adding '%admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/bin/mount' to /etc/sudoers?The user is an admin group member.11:56
Dr_willisAruzsi --> sudo  grub-install --boot-directory=/media/fixme/boot has worked for me in the past.   no need to chroot11:56
Guest19922I just downloaded and installed ubuntu studio 11.x (latest) and then upgraded to 12.04 when it was released.  Now it takes xfce like 20 seconds to load past the login window's background screen and actually start the desktop environment.  It was almost instant with the last version.  What's up with that?11:56
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
Guest19922and it takes forever to log out, too.11:56
AruzsiDr_willis: It is grub2!11:56
Dr_willisAruzsi, grub-install is for grub211:56
Guest19922I'm talking 25-30 sec.  I'm running 6 gigs ram.. there's no excuse for this.11:57
AruzsiDr_willis: I think I confused the system. There are grub and grub2 dir!!!!11:57
Dr_willisAruzsi,  you some how installed grub1? :) not sure about that.11:57
=== Guest19922 is now known as blurp
DarwinSurvivorRothron: sorry missed you comment up there.11:57
Dr_willisbut when you have grub2 the commands basically setup aliass from the old grub1 commands to the newer grub2 commands11:57
tim__bthanks, jrib, should fix my problems :)11:57
DarwinSurvivorRothron: so it's not even working with just 1 monitor attached?11:57
RothronIt behaves exactly the same as when I had two monitors connected.11:58
gaelfxDr_willis: you said before that you had no troubles with cloning systems, how did you clone them?11:58
AruzsiDr_willis: the two dirs are absolutelly different!11:58
craigbass1976Did something cups-ish change in 12.04?  localhost:631 doesn't bring me anywhere, and I expected the cups config11:58
Dr_willisgaelfx,  i just dd'd the flash drive to a bigger flash and  booted it. and reran gparted to resize the existing pariton i belive.11:58
gaelfxDr_willis: I mean, did you use rsync or what?11:58
DarwinSurvivorRothron: is it usable enough to run tests on or is the display completely useless?11:58
jribcraigbass1976: upgrade or fresh install?  Works for me but I did an upgrade11:58
Dr_willisgaelfx,  just used dd and gparted i recall.. been a while.11:58
craigbass1976jrib, fresh11:58
gaelfxDr_willis: thanks, I'm an idiot and never would have realized that that's the way to do it11:59
jribcraigbass1976: I can't comment then :)11:59
gaelfxDr_willis: would cat work as well?11:59
RothronDarwinSurvivor: It's an LCD so unless it gets something it can sync to it shows nothing. Just the message box.11:59
AruzsiDr_willis: I'm very creative but now I'm confused at all. Which command, which cfg, which generates which one, etc.11:59
RothronDarwinSurvivor: If I had a CRT I could probably get something, but those are hard to come by these days.11:59
craigbass1976jrib, oh, come on.  You can comment.  Come up with a good one.  I'll take funny over correct most days.  :)11:59
DarwinSurvivorRothron: darn, sometime's they'll kind of "pan" around :(11:59
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gaelfxAruzsi: would you be opposed to trying to clone the other drive again?12:00
Dr_willisgaelfx,  one neat trick was if i moved the new copy pendrive to a 2nd pc.. (so one pc didenthave 2 pen drives with the same uuids) i could boot that pc. run update-grub and it would see the pendriveinstall. so IF i had any issues i could use that pc to boot the pendrive and try to fix things.12:00
RothronDarwinSurvivor: Maybe if I try VGA instead of DVI.12:00
DarwinSurvivorRothron: worth a shot12:00
Dr_willisAruzsi,  you could be testing this out in virtualbox. :) save some time.12:00
Aruzsigaelfx: Does it mean go back totally?12:00
DarwinSurvivorRothron: I'd also try completely formatting the USB drive and recreating it to make sure it's not corrupted.12:00
JasseThello folks, is anyone else here having issues with IM's, both empathy and pidgin, that they keep disconnecting from gtalk and fb chat?12:01
jribcraigbass1976: something cats in hats something something?  heh, check that you have "Listen localhost:631" in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf12:01
AruzsiDr_willis: Yes, you're right but I thought it would be shorter.12:01
heikoheikoheikoIs there any system about what is put in "Accessories" and what in "System"? why is firelight in Acessories and baobab in System? both do the same.12:01
blurpI've been waiting for over two minutes for gnome to load on this box... what's wrong?  It's been like this ever since the update to 12.04.12:01
yeatsJasseT: I am not having that problem if it helps you troubleshoot (with pidgin on multiple installations of 12.04)12:02
gaelfxAruzsi: http://askubuntu.com/questions/2724/best-way-to-clone-an-installation-copying-to-identical-hardware12:02
gaelfxAruzsi: I think you should either use clonezilla or, more simply, use dd to copy the first install to the second hard drive12:02
gaelfxAruzsi: but I will tell you that I think rsync is not really meant to do what you're using it to do12:03
JasseTyeats: just figured I'd ask around a bit before looking in to it12:03
=== ac is now known as vilcobra
JasseTto see how common of an issue it is12:03
Aruzsigaelfx: what is the problem with rsync?12:03
Aruzsigaelfx: except booting?12:03
gaelfxAruzsi: rsync is just for creating copies of files in different locations, not so much for cloning drives12:04
inashdeenDr_willis: apparently found a quick fix here. http://bytessence.com/bmpxc.html. the linux version produce ffmpeg error. but the windows version works on wine12:05
DarwinSurvivorRothron: sorry, but unfortunately I have to go now12:05
craigbass1976jrib, are there any new security measures in 12.04 that might be getting in my way?  I believe I saw selinux somewhere, and I remember how fun that used to be back on Fedora 3 or 412:06
isnnnnwhat is the best way to make a disk image before upgrading to 12.04?12:06
Aruzsigaelfx: cloning is my problem. old UUID != new one.12:06
isnnnndd or is there a faster way?12:06
william_I'm having a problem with Cinnamon on Ubuntu 12.04. Cinnamon loads but I get these errors in Terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/966729/12:06
jribcraigbass1976: don't know.  Have you checked if cupsd is actually running? (ps -ef | grep cupsd)12:06
DarwinSurvivorRothron: If VGA doesn't work, all I can think of is trying an onboard output (if your motherboard has any) or maybe usind a cd instead of a usb (but that's a long shot)12:06
craigbass1976jrib, says it is12:06
icerootAruzsi: then change to the new uuid12:06
DarwinSurvivorRothron: so long12:06
gaelfxAruzsi: is there any reason you can't give dd a try? Because currently, we've gotten nowhere and taken a long time getting there12:06
icerootAruzsi: blkid will show you the new uuid12:06
jribcraigbass1976: netstat -lnp | grep 631   shows it listening on the right port?12:06
craigbass1976jrib, nothing... hrmmm12:07
gaelfxiceroot: he's trying to clone an install using rsync12:08
craigbass1976jrib, unix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     19842    816/cupsd           /var/run/cups/cups.sock is without the grepping12:08
gaelfxiceroot: and he wants to do this 30 or so more times after this12:08
icerootgaelfx: if i am correct his issue is "after cloning the uuid is not the same to the system will not start"12:09
=== gloscon is now known as khyati
Aruzsiiceroot: Yes12:09
icerootgaelfx: fix = blkid and edit /etc/fstab12:09
Aruzsiiceroot: fstab is empty and system complaining12:10
icerootAruzsi: then create one12:10
gaelfxiceroot: fair enough12:10
iceroot!fstab | Aruzsi12:10
ubottuAruzsi: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions12:10
Aruzsiiceroot: why? Empty not missing!12:10
qwdI manually edited crypttab, fstab and maybe something else to ass a second harddrive. Now when rebooting I get Busybox shell after decrypting the main harddrive. Can someone help me out here? Ubuntu 12.04 AMD64.12:10
icerootAruzsi: then file one12:10
gauravgrt1i have installed when i see the 'additional drivers' it says "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system"...can anyone tell me why is that12:10
Aruzsiiceroot: and don't forget: it is working on the original machine!12:10
icerootAruzsi: i am not sure if grub is storing the uuid to in some configs12:11
gauravgrt1i have installed ubuntu 12.04  on my laptop when i see the 'additional drivers' it says "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system"...can anyone tell me why is that12:11
jribcraigbass1976: and you said you had "Listen 631" in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf?  Have you tried restarting the cups service and looking for interesting output?  Looks like cups logs to /var/log/cups/, check that out too12:11
icerootAruzsi: if that is the case, change to the new uuid there12:11
Aruzsiiceroot: then how can I cahnge it????12:11
icerootAruzsi: editor like gedit or vi12:12
icerootAruzsi: and the new value is shown by "blkid"12:12
olbaidiabloAnybody running 12.04 on a netbook?12:13
Aruzsiiceroot: not how. where? permanently. Somehow Ubuntu found it in install time.12:13
gaelfxolbaidiablo: yes, what's your question?12:13
icerootAruzsi: or just run "sudo update-grub2" imo its reading the new uuid also12:13
olbaidiabloJust finding it kinda slow12:14
Gosset_Inofensiuhi, i would like to change the language in lightdm, isn't there the possibility?12:14
gaelfxolbaidiablo: what netbook are you using?12:14
Aruzsiiceroot: update-grub2 in the chrooted env?12:14
gaelfxolbaidiablo: also, you do know that netbooks are generally slower12:14
Aruzsiiceroot: it sounds well12:14
olbaidiabloAcer aspire one zsu 15012:14
icerootAruzsi: if /boot is mounted there you can of course run the update htere12:15
qwdHow can I edit fstab and crypttab from Busybox shell?12:15
gaelfxqwd: nano?12:15
olbaidiabloTrue... But I had been running easy peasy for a while with no prob12:15
zigAnybody know how i can get my ftp user to be able to edit remote files? Say from within an IDE? Im  positive it has to do with user/group perms12:15
qwdgaelfx: Busybox doesn12:15
qwdt seem to have nano12:15
gaelfxqwd: vim?12:16
Aruzsiiceroot: ok. Some minutes.12:16
qwdgaelfx: no12:16
gaelfxqwd: divine will?12:16
olbaidiabloI was just wondering if it was unity. Or if I should change to lubuntu12:17
gaelfxolbaidiablo: you'll probalby notice lubuntu is a lot snappier, yeah12:17
olbaidiabloI'll have to try that... Thanks12:18
gaelfxolbaidiablo: it also might take a while to adjust to the gui, but it could be worth it. It does feel like there's a bit more space in lubuntu desktop12:18
zigAnybody know how i can configure my user to be able to edit remote files from ftp? Im positive its problems with users/groups permissions.12:18
Gosset_Inofensiulightdm doesn't allow you to choose the session language?!?!?12:18
blurpis lubuntu just ubuntu with lxde?12:18
gaelfxblurp: yes12:18
Gosset_Inofensiublurp yes12:18
Piciblurp: yes12:18
blurpso..  every time you change desktop environments you're changing distros..  lol12:18
gaelfxolbaidiablo: you know you can just install lubuntu-desktop package and select that session from the login, right?12:19
Gosset_Inofensiucan anybody answer my question please?12:19
gaelfxblurp: lubuntu is still ubuntu, you're just changing DE's12:19
blurpgaelfx, I was just getting to that point :)12:19
craigbass1976blurp, yes, be careful.  There's xpubuntu that installs windows.  :)12:19
=== chopin_ is now known as jkeiper
gaelfxGosset_Inofensiu: restate the question12:19
blurpwell, I run ubuntu studioi with xfce.. is that xubuntu studio?12:20
zigDoes anybody have a moment to check into my question before i leave?12:20
zigI hate my 9-512:20
gaelfxcraigbass1976: I think I had a nightmare like that once. There's actually a Chinese made version of Linux designed to look almost exactly like windows xp, down to the default wallpaper12:20
gaelfxit makes me physically ill12:21
cookiemon5terzig, just add yourself to the group and give yourself permissions12:21
jribzig: well, what files?  Can the user edit them if logged in through ssh or locally on the computer?12:21
blurpActually, I have the 'lubuntu' theme and an 'lxde' theme, and the lubuntu theme is basically the same, but seems much cleaner, graphically.  lxde alone seems to have different fonts and such, but seems a little faster than lubuntu.12:21
zigYes if i use vi through ssh12:21
Gosset_Inofensiulightdm doesn't allow you to choose the session language?!?!?12:21
zigI need to use Coda on a mac.12:22
taxmanthe font is never an issue for me. i always use my own gold font collections12:22
gaelfxblurp: you should try installing openbox. it's wild12:22
blurpI'm about to uninstall some session managers, lol. got too many.12:23
blurpI have no use for gnome, even with 6 gigs of ram.12:23
taxmanit's combine all best fonts on mac, linux, bsd and windows12:23
blurpI'm using enlightenment on bodhi atm.  It's awesome.  1.6 ghz, 1 gig of ram, and flashy AND snappy all at once.  It's really impressed me.12:23
blurpI've been meaning to try openbox.12:24
taxmani got kicked on #bodhi12:24
gaelfxcraigbass1976: http://www.ylmf.org/12:24
blurphaha, why?12:24
taxmanbecause they are borgs12:24
qwdPlease take this to offtopic, some of us are here for support,12:24
taxmane17 looks like a xxxx on bodhi12:24
blurpI've tried like 20 distros on this little lappy in the last 3 weeks, and bodhi is the only one that looks decent, supports my hardware, AND didn't give me hell trying to install it from usb.12:25
blurpokay, I'm done.12:25
qwdI manually edited crypttab, fstab and maybe something else to add a second harddrive. Now when rebooting I get Busybox shell after decrypting the main harddrive. Can someone help me out here? Perhaps I need to edit fstab and crypttab again but I don't know how to from BusyBox. Ubuntu 12.04 AMD64.12:26
Aruzsiiceroot: It seems working!!!! :-D12:26
Aruzsiiceroot: System was booted!12:26
taherAbdohi there , i want to burn an OS image on a CD , how?12:26
blurpis anyone else having issues with the update to 12.04 making logging in/out take 100x as long?12:27
gaelfx!iso | taherAbdo12:27
ubottutaherAbdo: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.12:27
Aruzsiiceroot: and grub.cfg was re-generated for new UUID12:27
gaelfxoops, sorry12:27
gaelfx!burning | taherAbdo12:27
ubottutaherAbdo: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto12:27
icerootAruzsi: great12:27
blurpor he could be using windows..12:27
taherAbdogaelfx : yes iso12:27
icerootAruzsi: as you see, for every problem there is a fix :)12:28
gaelfxtaherAbdo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto12:28
blurpif so, google 'iso burning software free' and download something.  Then use it.12:28
gaelfxblurp: that;s what the howto is for, it covers burning in Windows12:28
shlunkhi all12:29
blurpI'm new here.12:29
blurpI just like to encourage googling simple stuff whenever possible :D12:29
gaelfxblurp: no worries12:29
zigHow may I reply to someone on here like you guys do me? So that you see red LOL12:30
jribzig: just write their nick in the front (you can use tab for completion)12:30
craigbass1976zig, type their name12:30
icerootzig: just write the nick infront of the text12:30
iceroot!tab | zig12:30
ubottuzig: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.12:30
blurpit's called a highlight.12:30
gaelfxblurp: I personally try to avoid it since those who know how to do it probably already have, and those who don't know how to do it probably won't bother12:30
craigbass1976zig must be seeing red about now...12:30
shlunki'm on 10.10, and when i run update-manager, it only gives me the option of upgrading to 11.0412:30
zigAgghh hah!12:30
shlunkbut that doesn't let me upgrade12:30
gaelfx!eol | shlunk12:30
ubottushlunk: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:30
zigcraigbass1976: yes12:30
zigjrib: yes12:30
zigiceroot: THanks guys.12:31
Aruzsiiceroot: Yes! And thanks for everybody who tried to help me solving this. I'm documenting it step-by-step for the next time.12:31
gaelfxshlunk: 10.10 is at it's End of Life, there will be no more updates to it ever again12:31
shlunkwill it not allow me to upgrade at all??12:31
shlunkthat's a bit disappointing :(12:32
jribshlunk: upgrade to 11.0412:32
gaelfxshlunk: you can upgrade to 11.04, 11.10 or 12.04 at the moment12:32
shlunkit won't allow me to do that, to any newer version12:32
jribshlunk: why not?12:32
gaelfxshlunk: though most people will tell you it's best to do a fresh install of the newer version12:32
shlunkfirstly, it only offers 11.04 as an upgrade path12:32
rothronDrawinSurvivor: or the autodetection works better.12:32
shlunkbut when i try that, it fails12:32
jribshlunk: yes, you need to upgrade to 11.04 first12:32
jribshlunk: fails how?12:33
drvanonhey guys, i am have installed windows xp on my virual box and everything is working fine but the registration is failing me. I have internet connection but it doesn't detect it, altough i can go to google.com12:33
shlunki'm just trying it so i can paste the error it gives12:33
gaelfxdrvanon: I think you need #virtualbox. This here is for ubuntu support12:33
gaelfx(is that the right room name?)12:34
shlunkupgrading to 11.04 seems to crash while "setting new software channels"12:34
jribgaelfx, drvanon: #vbox (not sure if #virtualbox will also get you there)12:34
gaelfxjrib: thanks12:35
jribshlunk: what does "seems to crash" mean?12:35
gaelfxjrib: it will12:35
shlunkjrib: so far it's hanging - in the past, it has crashed12:35
blurpas in the same thing xchat does when I try to get a full chan list on this server12:35
shlunki don't have a record of the error that appeared12:36
rothronDarwinSurvivor: I'm up and running on 12.04 now. Either my monitor is more liberal about what it accepts in the VGA or the autodetection works better.12:36
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest30485
rumanhello every one...12:36
jribshlunk: did you make sure you were up to date on 11.10 first?  Did you follow the directions on the wiki?12:37
jrib!upgrade > shlunk12:37
ubottushlunk, please see my private message12:37
LinuxMonkeyAnyone know of a good streaming server? I got a popcorn hour machine and I need it to be able to access video's on this system12:37
shlunk10.10 is up to date, yes12:37
jribshlunk: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list*12:38
gaelfxLinuxMonkey: I'm not sure about streaming, but I'm enjoying NFS as a way of watching movies from one computer on another12:38
taxmanwait... i think 10.10 is end-of-life at 10/201112:38
jribtaxman: it's eol yes12:38
gaelfxtaxman: you mean was12:38
zambai have a problem with raid-1 on ubuntu.. after every boot, the raid is degraded and assembled at /dev/md0_0 instead of assembling it at /dev/md012:38
shlunkok, this is the error i get when upgrading:12:38
shlunkAn unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade:12:38
zambahow can i permanently fix this?12:38
shlunkE:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.12:38
iceroottaxman: 18 month later12:38
shlunkhere's my sources.list:12:39
aleksandarhi all I updated to latest version but printscn aint working now - it just clicks but screenshot application isn't called obviously12:40
jribshlunk: please go read the wiki about upgrading your version12:40
aleksandaris there any patch or guid how to fix this ?12:40
jribshlunk: wait -- those are natty repositories but you're on maverick12:40
craigbass1976shlunk, yes, read it well.  I'm finishing up a borked lucid to precise at the moment.  It went horribly wrong.  I'm not sure what I missed on the wiki, and don't care at this point, but I wish I'd have been paying closer attention.12:41
blurpsounds like somebody herped when they shoulda derped.12:41
rumananyone please ,tell me the name of any Dialer for call center which can work on ISDN12:41
craigbass1976ruman, wvdial is the only dialer I've ever played with, but that was on a regular phone line12:42
shlunkhmm, ok, my sources.list has just changed  - seems to have maverisk repos now12:42
gaelfxI really think fresh installs are the way to go. If you make a separate /home partition and then set up the application backups in Software Center, it should make things incredibly easier, especially when migrating to a new machine12:43
sabertis there any irc support in pidgin12:43
gaelfxsabert: yes12:43
=== David_LoKo_ is now known as David_LoKo
fidel_sabert: #pidgin ?12:43
gaelfxsabert: but I prefer irssi12:43
qwdUbuntu 12.04. In busybox after editing crypttab and fstab. Trying to edit fstab and crypttab from busybox, don't know how. Any advice?12:43
shlunkthe upgrader is changing my sources.list, and then leaving it incorrect when it dies12:43
shlunkbloody thing12:44
taxmanwhat's gwibber for? anyone knows?12:44
gaelfxshlunk: I don't think anything can fix its mistakes after it dies12:44
gaelfx!info gwibber | taxman12:45
ubottutaxman: gwibber (source: gwibber): Open source social networking client for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.0-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 152 kB, installed size 790 kB12:45
rumancraigbass1976: means we can not run any dialer server on ubuntu server with PRI(ISDN)12:46
merajhey any body can tell me,how to check internet speed for laptpp through gprs connection?12:46
jribshlunk: did you put the repositories that the wiki tells you to?12:46
merajwawowe_ hw to check internet speed for gprs connection?12:47
taxmanis gprs still alive?12:48
taxmannot in here12:48
taxmanwe use 3g/4g nowadays12:49
aleprovenciohello guys, I'm trying to use an apple keyboard on linux and would like to know if there is any way i can swap my *right* command and option keys as I do for their left correspondents with "setxkbmap -option altwin:swap_lalt_lwin"12:49
taxmanwi-max is dead too12:49
rumanis any dialer software is available for ubuntu for ISDN line  for call centers (Calling purpose )12:50
wrinkliezanyone know why my system monitor stopped showing all processes?  now it only shows, like 2 at a time, and it keeps adding and removing the 2 that i do see12:51
nirhow can i configure sound12:51
jribaleprovencio: have you checked for other options in altwin?12:51
nirlatency ?12:51
fidel_wrinkliez: does top/htop in terminal shows a different list of processes?12:52
fidel_they should for sure ;)12:52
jribaleprovencio: you can read /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/altwin and see if any of the other options do what you want (or you can see how the left is swapped and do the same for the right)12:53
fidel_wrinkliez: can you reproduce that issue after restarting the system-monitor?12:54
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=== gaurav_ is now known as gauravgrt1
wrinkliezfidel_ lemme see.  I haven't used ubuntu in a while, but system-monitor is supposed to show me all applications right?12:54
=== Bogdaniel is now known as Guest54971
add1ctusIs there a way you can make the Unity video lens to search all Youtube videos, not only shows / education / movies?12:55
fidel_wrinkliez: i assume you are talking about: gnome-system-monitor right?12:55
fidel_wrinkliez: in case yes - there is a view-sub-menu where you can select some view options12:55
wrinkliezfidel_ yes12:55
fidel_my random guess: you selected: only active processes12:56
wrinkliezfidel_  aaaah therei t is. gotcha12:56
wrinkliezexactly.  thanks dood.12:56
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest17923
aleprovenciojrib, yeah already did that and "swap_ralt_rwin" was the natural way of thinking but that does not work12:57
jribaleprovencio: well swap_ralt_rwin isn't in that file.12:57
aleprovenciojrib, yeah it's not, but as i can do swap_lalt_lwin i thought it could be that12:58
jribaleprovencio: ok.12:58
BLZbubbahello there, i configured twinview in my X config, and now I have two launchers, and the mouse is "sticky" in the middle of the screen.  is there an easy way to get rid of that middle launcher?12:59
DaghdhaHi. What decides where a volume is mounted in the Disk Utility. I have a disk and when i use the 'mount volume' button it goes to /media/backup12:59
jribaleprovencio: but you understand you're just calling sections of that file now?12:59
aleprovenciojrib, yes12:59
LinuxMonkeyBLZbubba:  yes there is12:59
BLZbubbacontrol panel "display" also won't start, it wants to report something back to the ubuntu devs every time i try to use it13:00
LinuxMonkeygo to your Display tab, yes i know you will only see 1 monitor, turn off sticky edge and set the launcher placement13:00
jribaleprovencio: well you can continue with that path.  Should be easy to modify the existing function you use now.  Are you sure one of the others there doesn't do what you want?  I end up just using xmodmap to accomplish what you are trying to do (but on my laptop which I do not have access to now)13:00
pwasekOn ubuntu 12.04 did the change anything with the smbldap-tools i cannot find certains in the folder after i install the package13:00
LinuxMonkeyBLZbubba:  then you will have to fix that as its the only way i know how to unset those13:01
reonfusHi, I'm NEWBIE with linux (included Ubuntu). I tried to update 11.10 to 12.04 but I couldn't. It was corrupted (I used Update Manager) with information:13:01
reonfus"W:Nie udało się pobrać gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/pl.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_universe_i18n_Translation-en  Encountered a section with no Package: header ,13:01
reonfus E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead."13:01
reonfusI used this indtruction too http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1946302&highlight=MergeList but it caused the same problem.13:01
reonfusAny advise??13:01
LinuxMonkey!enter | reonfus13:02
ubottureonfus: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:02
johan`Soo, seems like something's happened to Xorg. It gives me a crash dump but when I do "sudo startx > crashlog" and then "cat crashlog" nothing shows up - even though I can clearly see everything echoed on screen. Any help?13:02
reonfusLinuxMonkey and ubottu sorry, i will remember this for the next time13:03
sburjanHello. I have a Dell XPS 15 and after a clean install of 12.04 and my Laptop doesn't recognize my intel grapfic card, and I can't use my external display. The Additional Driver doesn not list any Intel, only a Nvidia. This laptop has Optimus technology13:03
LinuxMonkeyBLZbubba: when you try to open Displays does it give you an error message, if so can you paste it to pastebin and give us the link13:03
LinuxMonkey!paste | BLZbubba13:03
ubottuBLZbubba: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:03
BlauskaerMjohan: A signle > only captures strout streams, include 2>$1 (I think?) to pipe stderr to stdout13:03
aleprovenciojrib, xmodmap seems to do more specific stuff, even though setxkbmap seems to be more mainstream13:03
jribaleprovencio: you can use either to do what you want13:03
aleprovenciojrib, but not both together right?13:03
jribaleprovencio: well... uh.. I guess you could13:04
BLZbubbaLinuxMonkey: RANDR extension is not present13:04
johan`BlauskaerM: Alright, I'll try that... Do you literally mean for me to type "startx 2>$1 some-file-name" (without the quotes)?13:05
aleprovenciojrib, alright, thanks a lot for your help!13:05
add1ctusIs there a way you can make the Unity video lens to search all Youtube videos, not only shows / education / movies?13:06
tailfhi. is this formatting the right thing to gzip multiple files together?  tar -cvzf file1 file2 file3 /home/directory ?13:06
BlauskaerMjohan`: "startz > crachlog 2>$1"13:06
BlauskaerMSee if you get any content in the file now13:06
waelkdhye guys , would someone explain to me what is libexec13:07
saugkrafthallo :)13:07
LinuxMonkeyBLZbubba: try the following : sudo apt-get install libxrandr213:07
waelkdi need to modify some plugins from a gui  but system keeps telling me i should do that from libexec13:07
johan`BlauskaerM: Hm, nah, I get the following error: $1: ambiguous redirect13:08
BlauskaerMjohan`: Will try it13:08
BlauskaerMOne moment13:08
BlauskaerMjohan`: Dont include the $13:09
BlauskaerMmy bad13:09
BLZbubbaLinuxMonkey: already installed, and X says it is initializing RANDR13:09
BlauskaerM"startx > crashlog 2>1"13:09
johan`BlauskaerM: Oh, alright, thanks13:09
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LinuxMonkeyBLZbubba: did you enable Xinerama by any chance?13:10
BLZbubbaheh i at least tried the first couple pages of google suggestions :)13:11
johan`BlauskaerM: Yeah, it... Hm, that's interesting. I didn't get any output so I wrote "startx 2>1 crashlog" in desperation and now X started13:11
LinuxMonkeyok BLZbubba  i have to ask..lol both monitors connected to the same card?13:12
BlauskaerMjohan`: Is there a -v flag or debug flag that you can use?13:12
johan`BlauskaerM: ... And there we go, I got an Xterm session up and wrote unity and now I have a unity session. How weird.13:12
BlauskaerMjohan`: hehe :P13:13
johan`BlauskaerM: Seriously, I'm not even gonna try and find out what happened. Thanks anyway :-)13:14
mi3I just installed ubuntu 12.04, and when I do sudo apt-get update, it downloads the sources packages, thats ok for the 1st time, but then when I do apt-get update the 2nd time, it still downloads the packages again, any suggestions?13:14
iRabbitmi3: try apt-get dist-upgrade13:14
AkegataI have a package installed that I'm trying to remove, but dpkg hangs (it just stops working) when I try to install it. Is there any other way to get rid of the package? Using --force-all doesn't help.13:15
BlauskaerMjohan`: If it works, why spend time fixing it? ;)13:15
mi3it says its the newest version13:15
iRabbitmi3: apt-get update just updates the distro list. It will never not yield any output13:16
iRabbit*err package lists13:16
mi3iRabbit, but it downloads the packages.bz2 files again and again!13:16
tailfhow does one access the rubbish bin in ubuntu?13:16
BLZbubbaLinuxMonkey: looks like it is conflicting with the screen rotation13:16
iRabbitmi3: yep... what are you trying to do?13:17
mi3the packes.bz2 are downloaded again and again, thats my problem, iRabbit13:17
LinuxMonkeyahhh BLZbubba so you rotated a screen.lol now there's an odd bug13:18
iRabbitmi3: sounds like your system is updated. I wouldn't worry too much about it then13:18
SuperKayhello 1700 people! :D13:18
* SuperKay feels like the president, complimenting so much people13:18
Laziktailf: ~/.local/share/Trash/¸13:19
mi3iRabbit, give me a solution, man, I am low on data usage, its not gonna help if it keeps on downloading those packages again13:19
tailfLazik: thanks. it is surprisingly difficult to find that on google13:19
iRabbitmi3: comment out source list they are pulling from then13:19
LinuxMonkeymi3: doing an apt-get update will download the package lists again, its what that command is supposed to do.13:21
BLZbubbaLinuxMonkey: hmm maybe that isn't it... I changed xorg.conf to use 'Option "RandRotate" "on"' -- which worked.  but I still get the missing randr error when I try to run the display settings13:21
BLZbubbaso it is looking like xrandr2 is afu maybe13:21
mi3LinuxMonkey, but the packages are already downloaded, they should only be updated, it keeps on downloading those 5-6mb bz2 files again and again!!13:21
mi3and that is irritating, that really is, it should only download those files once!13:22
pungi-manhey mi3!!!13:22
mi3pungi-man, shut up!13:23
pungi-manserious business is going on!!!13:23
newerWhat diff between gnome shell and gnome 313:23
bazhangnewer, gnome shell and unity are shells in gnome313:24
mi3LinuxMonkey, do you have some suggestions to overcome this nasty problem?13:24
bazhangpungi-man, chit chat elsewhere13:24
yeatsmi3: apt-get update refreshes your package cache, so what you're seeing is expected behavior13:24
shlunk;( why can't i upgrade13:25
yeatsmi3: if you're trying to update all your install packages, you want apt-get upgrade (or apt-get dist-upgrade)13:25
newerso,can i just install gnome shell ?13:25
mi3yeats, downloading the bz2 files again [ each file size is 4-6 mb] is not expected , it never happened in the previous versions!13:25
bazhang!notunity | newer13:25
ubottunewer: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic13:25
pungi-manshlunk, try this: sudo apt-get upgrade -fmy13:25
neweri see13:26
iRabbitmi3: find which package list those specific files come from and comment them out in sources.lst13:27
LinuxMonkeymi3: this is not a nasty problem, it downloads the complete index of those repositories each time you run apt-get update. it did this in previous versions too, it always have.13:27
yeatsmi3: also, if you don't want/need the sources, you can comment out the 'deb-src' lines in /etc/apt/sources.list13:27
LinuxMonkeythat too13:27
mi3can I just delete that sources.list??13:28
mi3maybe I should, its just irritating, and I am also low on data usage, cant afford this13:28
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LinuxMonkeyyou dont want to delete it, just comment them out. then you wont be able to update your system but its the choice your making13:29
mi3now, xchat hanged!13:30
digitalcakeNeed help with unknown error from ubuntu backup program,  http://pastebin.com/XHpD1eDe13:32
mi3iRabbit, I deleted that sources.list, now what can I expect?13:35
LinuxMonkeymi3: you can expect that you will NOT be able to update/upgrade your system13:35
LinuxMonkeyor install any packages from the repositories13:36
zykotic10LinuxMonkey: don't forget not being able to install anything new...13:36
mi3LinuxMonkey, not true, I am updating my packages yayyyy13:36
wolfricany suggestions for a console file manager like lfm?13:36
mi3I changed the servers, and the packages.bz2 files are being downloaded13:36
iRabbitdont feed the troll13:36
zykotic10wolfric: not sure what lfm is... but for console file manager i use mc13:37
mi3I am not a troll13:37
intorehi, i have to configure my laptop ubuntu 11.10 to authenticate against an ldap server using a user registered on ldap server. The main problem is that i don't know how to mount the folder of the user i created in samba like [homes] and also to fix login error as you can see in this paste: http://pastebin.com/E9Q0ZjP9. hope someone can help me. thanks13:37
mi3its really happening, iRabbit , should I show you my screenshot?13:37
DasEi!puregnome | san13:38
ubottusan: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome13:38
DasEisan : also applies to a vm13:38
mi3LinuxMonkey, I aint a troll, I delete the sources.list, then I ran update-manager, then I changed the servers[actually I selected choose server], then I clicked on check, and now its updating13:38
gauravgrt1how do i get which version of nvidia drivers are installed?13:39
ubottuSteam can be run under Ubuntu by installing WINE and running the installer from http://www.steampowered.com/ as normal. Application support in WINE can be found in #winehq13:39
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ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/13:39
zykotic10gauravgrt1: check nvidia-settings is easiest way13:39
WoahImaSharkThis' where I come if I need help installing ubuntu, right?13:40
mi3WoahImaShark, right13:40
mi3installing as well as using ubuntu, WoahImaShark13:40
WoahImaSharkAlrighty, so I just ask away or is there anything I have to do?13:41
zykotic10!ask | WoahImaShark13:41
ubottuWoahImaShark: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:41
mi3!ask | WoahImaShark13:41
LinuxMonkeyzykotic10: you beat me to it.lol13:41
omeis there any sort of network log by defualt ?13:41
omemy system was compormized and someone was talking to me through my speakers!!13:42
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
omeis there anyone where that I can look for the connections log and figure out at least the IP address of attacker ?13:43
WoahImaSharkAlright, so whenever I try and install the newest version of ubuntu on a computer that had an earlier distribution (10.XX) it fails every single time, the screen just goes black with the loading cursor over the black background and I can't click anything13:43
zykotic10!nomodeset | WoahImaShark13:43
ubottuWoahImaShark: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:43
nyuszika7hHi, is there an easy way to get the real user name and/or ID of the person from a shell script that has the setuid bit set?13:43
gaelfxinstalling to an SSD and HDD, should I put / on the SSD, /home and /tmp (and swap) on the HDD?13:44
WoahImaSharkzykotic10: Thank you!13:44
ezrawafter upgrading to 12.04 I don't have the little gear icon in the top right and ctrl-alt-L doesn't lock my screen. can't find anything use on google13:44
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joel135hello, #ubuntu! where are the default "master pages" (themes for LibreOffice Impress) stored?13:45
mi3yayy, I did it, now its updating normally, thanks for that file btw, LinuxMonkey , iRabbit , thank you very much!13:45
joel135i trid both googling and reading man pages. no luck13:45
ang3lon3rociao a tutti ce qualche italiano??????13:46
Guest64918Hello.    I'm on 12.04, then it crashed after 2 days. now im no longer able to login. my password is right, because when i intentionally 'mis-spell' my password it tells me its wrong. but when its right, it just reloads the login screeen -  PLEASE Help13:46
SidewinderHere comes the list..13:46
ang3lon3rociao a tutti ce qualche italiano??????13:46
ThinkT510!it | ang3lon3ro13:46
ubottuang3lon3ro: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:46
ang3lon3rook tnx13:47
fellipehi, how can I configure to run /usr/bin/mirall in background everytime I log in into unity in ubuntu 12.04 ?13:47
skulltipwonder why my install is hanging midway and it displays screen full of raster 'garbage'?13:48
gaelfxskulltip: did you check the md5 of the iso?13:48
skulltipyes it is fine13:48
gaelfxskulltip: what hardware are you installing?13:48
skulltipi've tried umm.. lubuntu too..13:49
gaelfx*installing on13:49
skulltipamd dual core, HP, 4Gb ram and 640Gb sata hd13:49
digitalcakeNeed help with unknown error from ubuntu backup program,  http://pastebin.com/XHpD1eDe I'm on 12.0413:49
magic_alhi all. i am trying to mount an iso with execution permissions. but it wount work, can anybody give me a hand with that?13:49
skulltipinternal nvidia 6100LE13:49
mi3there is some error that causes the sudo apt-get update utility to download packages.bz2 files again and again, the server name is ubuntu.wikimedia.org, best suggestion, dont download from that server, use some other download servers please, It has happened to me, and some people on irc decided to call me a "troll", even though I was correct13:49
skulltipi meant onboard13:49
fellipehi, how can I configure to run /usr/bin/mirall in background everytime I log in into unity in ubuntu 12.04 ?13:49
Balreignfellipe, probably with the "Startup Applications"13:50
gaelfxfellipe: add it to the startup commands13:51
skulltipsame thing on unity 2d install, freezes after screen rasters up13:51
skulltipi tried alternative, but no idea how to set up wireless !$#@!13:51
skulltipguess i could bring to my mom's and hardwire/finish install there with alternative13:52
zykotic10skulltip: fyi alternate can only use WEP or open wireless13:52
alexandrosgr123i have a problem13:53
=== tarun is now known as c2tarun
alexandrosgr123i installed 12.0413:53
alexandrosgr123but i still can't get in13:53
zykotic10alexandrosgr123: all on one line please13:53
alexandrosgr123i still have mbr from windows13:53
ThinkT510!enter | alexandrosgr12313:53
ubottualexandrosgr123: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:53
alexandrosgr123should i rewrite them?13:53
gaelfx!grub | alexandrosgr12313:54
ubottualexandrosgr123: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:54
alexandrosgr123no, i had windows before i install ubuntu13:54
gaelfxalexandrosgr123: the instructions for getting grub on are still the same I believe13:54
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crazydiamondHi. How do I find X config file, where used keyboard layouts are listed?13:55
Sidewinderdigitalcake, Since no one else seems to know your answer, I'll take a WAG; it looks to me like possibly a bad install of "Duplicity". If that's so, perhaps a removal and reinstall of Duplicity. If it has worked for you before, I'm full of it. :-)13:55
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tadohey all - my wireless is always disabled at startup, and i need to enable it manually. at the same time, my bluetooth is disabled and it shows "bluetooth is disable by hardware switch". i have no physical switch on my laptop, does anyone now how to fix it? here my rfkill list, after i had manually enabled wireless http://paste.ubuntu.com/966936/13:55
digitalcakeThanks Sidewinder13:56
digitalcakeI will give that a try13:56
magic_alhi all. i am trying to mount an iso with execution permissions. but it wount work, can anybody give me a hand with that?13:56
SidewinderHope it helps. :)13:56
gaelfxtado: for bluetooth, you probably need to enable it in the BIOS13:56
zykotic10magic_al: is this for wine?  why is execute an issue, i wouldn't think it would be?13:57
tadogaelfx: anything specific i should be looking for?13:57
fourmi-integreeany of you have experienced windows in a virtualBox on linux to run photoshop ??13:57
gaelfxtado: a Bluetooth setting in the BIOS13:57
tadogaelfx: fair enough :) before i restart, any idea for the wireless part?13:57
gaelfxtado: I'm not so great with wireless, sorry. But it might help other people help you if you told us what wireless card you have13:58
LinuxMonkeyfourmi-integree: what version of photoshop?13:58
Guest64918Hello.    I'm on 12.04, then it crashed after 2 days. now im no longer able to login. my password is right, because when i intentionally 'mis-spell' my password it tells me its wrong. but when its right, it just reloads the login screeen -  PLEASE Help13:58
gauravgrt1can anyone help me in installing latest nvidia drivers for 12.04....i have nvidia "VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 [GeForce GT 540M] "....additional drivers utility shows that there are no proprietary drivers are used in this system13:58
magic_alzykotic10: no it isnt for wine. i got a program for installation as an image. and the programm ist made for liunx. i mounted it with a programm and tried to install it. but i failed because the installer wasnt able to create folders. then i looked up the installer-manual and there is quoted that the mount has to be made with execution permissons13:59
auronandace!matlab | magic_al14:00
ubottumagic_al: MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks. More info and install instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB14:00
magic_alzykotic10: and that example: mount -o exec/media/cdrom014:00
zykotic10magic_al: perhaps copy the ISO to you HD then?  that's odd, sorry, i don't have any "real" suggestions (but if it's trying to create folders on the ISO that obviously going to fail14:00
=== geek is now known as Guest87506
magic_alzykotic10: tried that already... same problem14:00
zykotic10magic_al: then it's not an issue with the ISO... good luck.  I'd try getting support from the program itself then.14:00
magic_alzykotic10: no it just tried to create a folder in the bin folder for installing the files14:01
tadogaelfx: where do i check that?14:01
gaelfxtado: lspci | grep Wireless14:01
zykotic10magic_al: are you running the installer with sudo (gksu if it's gui)?14:01
Sidewindermagic_al, Did you try to invoke the install program with sudo?14:01
tadogaelfx: 02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 100014:01
qwdUbuntu 12.04. In busybox after editing crypttab and fstab. Trying to edit crypttab and fstab from busybox, don't know how. Any advice?14:01
zykotic10Sidewinder: ;)14:01
SidewinderGreat minds..14:02
zykotic10Sidewinder: ... and fools seldom differ.  ;)14:02
SidewinderThere is that.. :(14:02
justdaveso I have a box that isn't detecting the display resolution properly.14:02
justdaveI found this: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-change-display-resolution-settings-using-xrandr.html14:03
justdaveand the steps given there for changing it temporarily work fine14:03
fourmi-integreeany of you have experienced windows in a virtualBox on linux to run photoshop ?? photoshop version ? CS3 // portable maybe !14:03
justdaveit says to make it permanent to put it into gdm's startup script14:03
justdaveexcept 12.04 doesn't use gdm, it uses lightdm14:03
justdavewhere would I put that for lightdm?14:03
magic_alzykotic10: how can i execute a installer file within the terminal? (no i didn't try) sorry i am new with linux14:03
taxmani always adjust my desktop's color, gamma and dpi to the best status14:03
cdavisIs there a way to "blacklist" a usb device from ubuntu so that it is only available to virtualbox guests?14:05
taxmanthen my font display is sharp like a knife, and clear like an crystal ball14:05
ZigAnybody know the correct way to change/add permissions to an ftp user so they are able to edit files through ftp?14:05
fourmi-integree<LinuxMonkey> any version CS3 or +14:05
Pimohttp://www.pimux.it/panic/1.jpg help me14:05
justdavethe kernel seems to be figuring it out fine, grub's menu and the Ubuntu splash screen come up at the correct resolution.  It's just after Ubuntu itself takes over that it decides it can't figure out the resolution and uses a generic default (1024x768, which looks horrible on a 16:9 screen)14:05
Pimoxubuntu 11.0114:05
jfroebeI'm running an Ubuntu 12.04 server (x86-64) LXC container on an Ubuntu 12.04 server (x86-64) host with a bridged network (eth0 bridged with br0 - container is using br0) - it works fine except when I try to use iptables - when I do, I can access the bridged ip/ports no prob but I'm unable to connect to localhost even though I can bind to it. I'm trying to use iptables from within the container.  Any ideas?14:05
FloodBot1Pimo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:05
SidewinderZig, Probably within your ftp server program's config files?14:06
Zigim using vsftpd14:07
ZigSidewinder: i use vsftpd14:07
ZigSidewinder: Im almost positive its a permission problem14:07
alexandrosgr123i installed boot repair but i get this error.   Please enable a repository containing the [grub2] packages in the software sources of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (sda5). Then try again.14:07
zykotic10magic_al: sorry, i'm on the way out the door.  someone should be able to help you - you need to use sudo or gksu probably (like 100% probably).14:07
ZigSidewinder: However, my ftp user is part of the www-data group and all the files in my apache root are owned by www-data. i dont get it.14:08
alexandrosgr123what i do?14:08
magic_alzykotic10: thanks anyway :)14:08
SidewinderZig, Yes that's the one I use; somewhere in it's config files are all sorts of parameters. Did you read all of it's readme/info files?14:08
SidewinderWith vftpd, that is.14:09
=== shymega is now known as Guest63849
ZigSidewinder: no, i guess i should though... I didnt have to the last time i set it up though. I really think its a matter of chown correctly14:09
SidewinderZig, I know nothing about Apache, never used it, sorry..14:09
ZigSidewinder: no problem14:10
SidewinderZig, Wish I could've helped, more.. :)14:10
magic_ali try to install a programm. "./install" starts the installation but i need to do it as root. "sudo ./install:" returns "command not found", whats wrong here?14:12
SidewinderZig, I think the file you're lookin' for is in /etc/vsftpd-conf14:12
ZigSidewinder: I did edit that slightly. Ima look again.14:12
SidewinderZig, Back it up before you go muckin' with it. :)14:12
alexandrosgr123i installed boot repair but i get this error.   Please enable a repository containing the [grub2] packages in the software sources of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (sda5). Then try again.14:12
OerHeksalexandrosgr123, grub2 is in the  universe repo, enable this in sources14:13
serardHello ! Is there a PPA for 3.3.3 kernel ?14:13
BenderHello, I can't boot ubuntu on my laptop. I have installed with acpi=off option (if not = kernel panic) but now adding acpi=off won't boot anyway. I have a dell xps1340 with 2 videocard in hybridsli.14:14
llutzZig: "owned by www-data" and "www-data group" are different things14:14
BenderI can see "Starting load fallback grphics devices [fail]14:15
llutzZig: to edit those files, they have to be group-owned by www-data and group-writable14:15
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
Zigllutz: I have a folder inside root that i made root, through vhosts14:15
jbwivhow does one control what shows up in the available sessions in lightdm?14:16
jbwivat the login screen?14:16
v0lksmanhas anyone seen a fix for flash playing with a blue hue in Chrome only?  Not a problem in Firefox... (12.04)14:16
Zigllutz: i went chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/siterootdir/14:16
unique1how does one install download files from firefox, pls i need help14:16
jbwivunique1, what sort of files?14:16
llutzZig: group-writable? and btw, you don't want all your files being writable by your webserver14:17
Shogooterrrrrr can anyone tell me if its possible at all to install xfcd desktop on ubuntu distro?14:17
unique1anyone knows how to install files, jbwiv like i downloaded a tar.gz file and extracted the file to desktop, how do i install the file via terminal?14:17
Zigllutz: How do i check if group is writeable?14:17
llutzShogoot: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop14:17
hdave@shogoot - sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop14:17
llutzZig: ls -l file14:17
llutz!permissions | zig14:18
ubottuzig: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions14:18
jbwivunique1, it depends. what sort of project is it?14:18
m477_I downloaded poppler source code and I dont know how to install it14:18
jbwivguys, at one time I used xinerama, so only Ubuntu 2d was supported. However, I've recently switched to an AMD card which supports my three monitors with compositing, so Gnome 3 is working well. I want to try Unity, but it no longer shows up in my lightdm menu...only Unity2d. How can I get Unity to show up again?14:18
Zigubottu: Thanks, I'm on that brink of understanding them. Just a little more study will push me over.14:18
ubottuZig: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:18
dzragonIm getting desperate. Not able to get more than 60hz on my Syncmaster 2233rz with Geforce 460SE 1gb. Anyone with the know-how care to help? I'd settle for anything above 75hz.14:19
thomast12Hello, on my Ubuntu Server public_html root is naviagable... IE people can browse all of the folders under it.  How do I fix this? Thanks14:19
dzragonUsing Ubuntu 12.04 updated to date.14:19
jribthomast12: that's a configuration option with apache.  See #httpd14:19
a_gnthomast12: turn off indexes in apache config file14:20
Shogootllutz, didnt know xubuntu had xfcd14:20
martianthomast12: alter your site's config or put a .htaccess in to revoke that permission, but yes #httpd is the place14:20
Sidewinder!compile | m477_14:20
ubottum477_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall14:20
thomast12jrib a_gn martian ok thanks everyone I will take a look14:20
Shogootllutz, could swear xubuntu was whole distro14:20
dzragonGnome Classic, with no goodies used, Nvidia Settings as sudo gives a short flicker when i press "120hz" mode, but nothing changes and writing it to xorg.conf does nothing either14:20
llutzShogoot: oops, i misread you (xfce)... whatis xfcd?14:21
magic_alhow can i execute a scribt as root? when i enter "./install" the script is executed. when i type "sudo ./install" it returns "sudo: ./install: command not found"14:21
Shogootthe desktop....14:21
llutzShogoot: what desktop? xfce you mean?14:21
dzragonDoes it help to take the Ubuntu cd and bang it against ones head?14:21
jribmagic_al: what are you trying to accomplish?14:21
martianShogoot: yeah, it's XFCE not XFCD14:22
ezrawafter upgrading to 12.04, the little gear icon to logout/shut down is missing14:22
Shogootargh. sorry typo....14:22
alexandrosgr123@OerHeks i selected precise univerce source code but didn't work,which one should i select ? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/337/screenshotfrom201205041.png/14:22
llutzShogoot: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop                 will install all the things you might need for a working xfce-desktop14:22
magic_aljrib: i have a installation script of a programm. if i run it not as root the installer is not able to create the folder needed for the installation.14:22
jribmagic_al: ... what program?14:22
Varsuchidzragon: that always helps -:)14:22
magic_aljrib: matlab14:22
auronandace!matlab | magic_al14:22
ubottumagic_al: MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks. More info and install instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB14:22
dzragonVarsuchi: hehe :P14:23
vectory__matlab for linux? :314:23
vectory__am i dreaming?14:23
jribmagic_al: sudo ./install  should work if you are in the right directory.  If you're not sure what's wrong, try passing the full path to sudo: sudo /home/jrib/whatever/install14:23
AvdutDude use scilab..14:23
Avdutits the ultmate option for14:24
Varsuchimagic_a: sudo ./scriptname works...14:24
dzragonI managed to get it to work with another monitor about 4 years ago or more, then got it to work at 85hz (max for a monitor i had, crt, back 4 years ago) out-of-the-box, in Mandriva14:24
dzragonbut not once since or before... :S14:24
AvdutIts open source ..14:24
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:24
OerHeksalexandrosgr123, what did you do to get this error ?14:25
magic_alVarsuchi: no it does not. as i said i tried that already.... "sudo ./install"14:26
magic_alVarsuchi: alex@alex-laptop:~/Matlab714_MacUnix_iso$ sudo ./install14:27
magic_alsudo: ./install: command not found14:27
vectory__magic_al: is matlab for linux free?14:27
Varsuchiare you certain that install is in that director?14:27
magic_alvectory__: no i got it from my university14:27
Varsuchii know the command syntax works, i use it all the time.14:28
magic_alVarsuchi: yeah i looked it up several times14:28
DasEimagic_al: set as executable ? which file-ending ? a tarball ?14:28
Varsuchisudo chmod +x install14:28
vectory__magic_al: did you read the README?14:28
Varsuchisudo ./install14:28
magic_alDasEi: how can i set it as executable?14:28
Varsuchichmod +x install14:28
DasEisee Varsuchi, I lean back , thx Varsuchi14:29
vectory__Varsuchi: u+x ;D14:29
Varsuchi+x would work.. lol14:29
magic_alchmod: changing permissions of `install': Function not implemented14:29
DasEimagic_al: as root oc14:29
magic_alDasEi: lehn dich zurück ;)14:29
KingBeastgood morning everyone14:30
Varsuchimagic_al is this directory that you are working in, is it writable?14:30
magic_alchmod: cannot access `install': Permission denied14:30
vectory__shouldnt he be using checkinstall?14:30
magic_alVarsuchi: it is a mounted iso-image14:30
Varsuchimagic: i would move it to a temp directory, and then run all the commands we have suggested.14:31
vectory__run `bash ./install'14:31
vectory__... to circumvent the permission bit14:31
Benderany help? I can't boot a fresh installed 12.04 cause of video card problem14:31
vectory__install is just a bash script after all14:31
Varsuchigood idea vectory14:32
vectory__Bender: sure, why dont you be a bit more precise14:32
llutzif its just a bash-script, why don't you run it simply with "sudo bash ./install"?14:32
Shogootnice. xubuntu in use with xfce. Is it possible to delete all finle taht make gnome and unity work and not get them as option at booting? i dont want to get back to the unity thingy14:32
dashavooI wish to express my sadness that the 32bit release is still the default download option... that was a waste of an hour downloading :(14:32
vectory__llutz: thats what i said14:32
vectory__minus the sudo14:32
Sidewinder!nomodset | Bender14:33
* dashavoo will pay more attention in 6 months time14:33
magic_alvectory__: script starts but still cant create the needed folder14:33
Varsuchidashbvoo i almost did that too14:33
vectory__magic_al: is there a readme file?14:33
Varsuchimagic: i bet its trying to create a folder in the archive. you need to extract the files locally and run the commands we suggested.14:33
lealwhy they changed download back to 32bit14:34
Bendervectory__, ok: I have fresh installed ubuntu 12.04 on a laptop with 2 graphic card (integrated+discrete) and I can install only with acpi=off. Now I try to boot but adding acpi=off avoid the kernel panic but I have problem with the video card. It fails loading the drivers i suppose.14:34
vectory__Varsuchi, magic_al: should be enough to cd / && sudo bash /path/to/install14:34
xuserxccan you help me to fix this error > im using ubuntu customization kit > error:Failed to copy resolv.conf, error=1 >https://bugs.launchpad.net/uck/+bug/94648014:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 946480 in uck (Ubuntu) "Remastering Precise fails on resolv.conf" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:35
vectory__Bender: or a conflict in the drivers, can you get to text console?14:35
BenderSidwinder, nomodeset doesn't work :( it sasi the "the interrupt for the nvidia gpu at PCI :3:0:0 appears to ge edge-triggered....etc etc14:35
Shogootnice. xubuntu in use with xfce. Is it possible to delete all the files that make gnome and unity work and not get them as option at booting? i dont want to get back to the unity thingy14:35
llutzcd / && ...    funny ideas today14:35
Bendervectory__, yes booting with acpi=off in a recovery mode, and then accessing to a root shell. Wanna me to do that?14:36
magic_alok all: i copied all files within the mounted image to my hard drive and now i was able to execute the install script with sudo. works now....14:36
vectory__llutz: :S14:36
dashavooxuserx: I dealt with that the other day, let me launch up the vm to remind myself what I did14:36
magic_althank you anyway14:36
isnnnnI just started a release upgrade over ssh. will the upgrade continue even if I close the ssh session?14:36
auronandace!purexfce | Shogoot14:36
ubottuShogoot: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »14:36
isnnnnshould have asked before :p14:36
xuserxdashavoo: can you help me please?14:36
Carpe|DiemI have installed Ubuntu Business desktop and it contains VMware View 5. However, I cannot find VMware View 5 for other Ubuntu releases. What the deal with this? Can't I obtain the package?14:36
romicaplease! how I can recovery data in LibreOffice Calc. I close without save.14:37
llutzisnnnn: if you haven't used tmux/screen, no14:37
dashavooxuserx: I will, give me a moment14:37
Shogootauronandace, thanks man!14:37
vectory__Bender: no, i was just asking to see what options you have. youll need root console to solve the problem, i guess, to run stuff like lsmod and nopaste it14:37
Varsuchitold ya :)14:37
Varsuchiit cant create files in a mounted disk image..14:37
nischayn22 HI, could anyone please answer to this Question http://askubuntu.com/questions/124119/has-the-ubuntu-heating-problem-for-sony-vaio-users-been-solved14:38
dashavooxuserx: I'll type the instructions in a PM if that suits you?14:38
Sidewinderromica, If you closed without saving, you're probably outta' luck. :(14:38
vectory__isnnnn: if its running in screen or via nohup, yes14:38
glebaronwaelkd, http://lists.macosforge.org/pipermail/macports-users/2007-August/005071.html14:39
Bendervectory__, ok I'm on it...but how to use nopaste?14:39
romica<Sidewinder> there is some to do14:39
vectory__romica: turn of "hide files" in file explorer, maybe there is ~unnamed or whatever, tmp save14:39
vectory__Bender: sudo apt-get install nopaste; lsmod|nopaste14:39
Sidewinderromica, Perhaps it saved a 'temp' copy; go to File, Open, and see if anything pops up.14:40
Varsuchianyone know of a good free dynamic dns service?14:40
PiciVarsuchi: Not really on-topic for here, try #ubuntu-offtopic14:40
vectory__only i know14:40
Varsuchiis it free?14:40
Bendervectory__, pastie.org/385931914:40
Varsuchiit looks like its not free. I seem to remember it being free14:41
romica<Sidewinder> there is nothing there File-Open14:41
dbtmrohi guys. how about the new nvidia driver...14:41
vectory__romica: change to view all files14:42
Sidewinderromica, I don't know what else to suggest, other than what vector said, above ^.14:42
dbtmrostill not working properly14:42
wiehanHi. I am running Precise and had pretty much a clean setup. Then ran pppoeconf to setup my ppoe/dsl as per usual - it worked fine until I rebooted. Now my wired network isn't even working, i.e. it says: "unmanaged" Please assit me14:43
vectory__Bender: dont show it to me, i have no idea what to do with it -_- i only know thats where your loaded drivers are listet, or modules better to say14:43
vectory__Bender: would be interesting which cards you have, anyhow14:44
ProgsterI just upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04, and whilst my nx client can log in to my ubuntu box, it can't launch unity 2d (I've checked all of the posts about this, and I've unity 2d working fine before). Anyone else run into this?14:44
VarsuchiProgster: any error messages? etc?14:45
compdocwiehan, maybe pppoeconf disabled network-manager14:45
romica<vectory__> please, where is  "hide files" in file explorer14:45
wiehancompdoc: No, "NetworkManager is already running (pid 910)" and wireless is working14:46
Bendervectory__, ok a nvidia GT218 [GeForce G210M] + C79 [GeForce 9400M G] in Hybrid SLI14:46
Varsuchiromic: seriously?14:46
ProgsterVarsuchi: the first time I logged in, I got error messags saying couldn't laucnh unity 2d14:46
ProgsterI then when to the box physically and reinstalled freenx14:46
Varsuchiprogster: have you removed unity and re-installed? cna you use untiy on a live cd?14:46
compdocwiehan, check the file:  /etc/networkmanager/networkmanager.conf, and see what managed=14:46
vectory__romica: sec plz14:46
ProgsterUnity works fine when I'm physically on the box14:47
romica<vectory__> I think I found it14:47
ProgsterIt's only thru NX that I hav problesm14:47
jbwivhow can one easily create another X session as the same user? I want to try out another desktop but don't want to have to log out of my current session14:47
* Progster regrets updating14:47
VarsuchiProgster: i see. I have never used FreeNx  so I doubt i can be of assistance. sorry.14:47
vectory__romica: in nautilus: edit>settings>"show hidden files", dont know the exact english term, mine is german :>14:47
Sidewinderromica, vectory__ wants you to turn on "Show Hidden Files", in your file mgr. program.14:47
llutzjbwiv: startx -- :114:48
vectory__romica: oh, ok :314:48
Varsuchior ls -a from command line :)14:48
ProgsterI want to try running this script again (http://notepad2.blogspot.com/2012/04/install-freenx-server-on-ubuntu-1110.html), but how do I first completely uninstall freenx?14:48
jbwivllutz, I get an error when running as my user. I suppose you have to be root?14:48
econdudeawesomeHowdy all. What has replaced tsclient?14:48
llutzjbwiv: no14:48
Fixxarplease dont run things as root14:49
Fixxarthat isnt the quick fix you want14:49
romica<vectory__> I found it but is a plain text document (text/plain) with a linck inside14:49
wiehancompdoc: http://pastebin.com/VKkyyKYi14:49
llutzjbwiv: don't run that from inside a xsession, run from console14:50
jbwivllutz, ok, thanks14:50
econdudeawesomehow do I share my hard drive when connecting with remmina client?14:50
shubbarAll people on youtube look like Megamind. They're all blue.14:51
compdocwiehan, right, so its not managing whats listed in /etc/network/interfaces. can you pastebin /etc/network/interfaces?14:51
wiehancompdoc: will do now, just want to say thanks for the help14:51
=== Piezochem is now known as Pyrat
compdocwiehan, I havent helped you yet14:51
auronandaceshubbar: hardware accelleration14:51
shubbarauronandace, but video on Vimeo work ok.14:52
shubbarauronandace, could be a flash problem14:53
wiehancompdoc: http://pastebin.com/YLGADx3t14:53
vectory__romica: you can open that with your spreadseeht app, i guess. just drag n drop14:53
glebaronProgster, how did you originally install the freenx you are using?14:53
qwdhow do i mount an encrypted lvm partition from ubuntu livecd?14:53
compdocwiehan, please also pastebin /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules14:53
auronandaceshubbar: yes, it is a flash problem, its to do with hardware accelleration14:53
ResQuei am trying to use apt-get to install some software, but it just sticks on the Waiting for headers 0% any ideas14:54
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/14:54
wiehancompdoc: http://pastebin.com/DMpHe01n14:54
econdudeawesomeHello! Anyone know how to share local files using Remmina or VNC, or must I switch back to tsclient?14:55
DaveHello, I could use a little tech support14:55
shubbarResQue, try changing the server14:55
=== Dave is now known as Guest48338
zer0her0where is the default tmux.conf located, it's not in the location stated by the man page.14:55
ezrawafter upgrading to 12.04, the little gear icon to logout/shut down is missing. anyone know how to get it back14:55
=== nikolja is now known as nikolja|odsutan
Progsteranyone can help me with this nx issue?14:56
compdocwiehan, that all looks ok, but you might try setting managed=true in /etc/networkmanager/networkmanager.conf and rebooting14:57
compdocif that doesnt help, change it back14:57
wiehancompdoc: ok, will try thx14:57
glebaronProgster, how did you originally install the freenx that you are currently using?14:58
ProgsterI believe it was thru a script. It was such a while ago that I honestly don't remember14:58
MirkoKawhat does grub's kernel line option $vt_handoff do exactly? with it the virtual terminals (tty) are all black14:58
glebaronProgster, well you can try: sudo apt-get --purge remove freenx-server14:59
bobweaverhello there where would one look too find out when he is not getting a gui ?14:59
Progsterk that seemed to work14:59
Progsterlemme try rebooting/reinstalling14:59
whoeverneed sone help my screen does not enter standby after te set time , my screen still has the backlight with a blanck screen . on ubuntu 12.04  can someone assist ?15:00
MirkoKabobweaver: check the file /var/log/Xorg.0.log look for (EE) lines15:00
bobweaverMirkoKa:  what am I looking for there is something about x11 fonts that it is not there15:01
DanielConvissorfigured out how to enable automatic reboot for unattended upgrades.  but when the reboot happens, it's immediate.  is there a way to make the reboot wait x minutes?15:01
Varsuchithe more i dig into unity the more I like it.15:02
qwdCan someone help me access an encrypted lvm partition from the Ubuntu live cd? I already unlocked it in nautilus but when i click the lvm partition it says "error mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root"15:02
Varsuchiits actually a pretty nice interface.15:02
compdocunity is getting better with each release15:02
samek_i have newly formated ext4 on lvm /dev/mapper/abak-home and it's already 27G space used.. i have nothing on this partition except lost+found and another directory named samo which takes 24KB.. df -h reports this /dev/mapper/abak-home  1.8T   27G  1.8T   2% /home15:02
Varsuchihold super key (windows key) and hit right twice15:02
samek_any idea?15:02
Progsterlooks like it's uninstalled... trying to reinstlal now15:03
Varsuchigives you all the unity shortcuts15:03
christafohey guys, having a real hard time getting radeon x1600 to work with 12.0415:03
christafoany ideas?15:03
romica<vectory__> I cant go on, I dont know were to se it. I found the folder name it: .libreoffice and inside is another folder name it: 3 and inside is : user and inside are many others15:03
MirkoKaDanielConvissor: try the shutdown command like "shutdown -r +10" will reboot in 10 minutes15:03
Varsuchiactually just hold super key15:03
ikoniaVarsuchi: who are you talking to ?15:04
romica<vectory__> I can se there is one name it: backup that is empty15:04
=== samek_ is now known as samek
christaforadeon x1600 and 12.04, advice anyone?15:04
ikoniachristafo: check what ati xorg drivers support it15:04
ikoniachristafo: that would be the first port of call for me15:04
Varsuchiikonia: no one in general. is that not allowed ?15:04
christafohow do i do that?15:04
bobweaverpaste.ubuntu.com/967079   << /var/log/X.org.0.log15:04
ikoniaVarsuchi: it's just noise15:04
mi3how can I remove unity on 12.04?15:04
ikoniachristafo: look on the ati linux website15:05
blockyDoes anyone know if it's possible to get three finger tap to emulate a simultaneous mouse button 1 and 2 click, aka paste15:05
ikoniami3: open the package manager and remove it, same as any other package15:05
bazhang!notunity | mi315:05
ubottumi3: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic15:05
SidewinderVarsuchi, Also, it makes the channel more difficult to follow. :-)15:05
romica<vectory__> but going back in 3 there is a text doc name it: .lock and this doc contain many lines, like adresses15:05
DanielConvissorMirkoKa: yes, that works when doing it manually.  but i'm asking about the unattended-upgrades system.  i want it to reboot automatically if needed.  but want it to call +10 so users get some warning.15:05
mi3ikonia, I am installing mate packages, I dont want gnome fallback as well as unity, any suggestions?15:05
ikoniami3: remove what you don't want15:06
MirkoKablocky: what's wrong wth Shift-Insert ?15:06
mi3ikonia, ok, so the same applies for gnome? hmm15:06
Pitelhow can I assign user to group?15:06
ikoniami3: to any software within ubunut, you don't want it, uninstall the package15:07
PitelIt seems impossible with current user management settings.15:07
blockyMirkoKa, thanks I didn't know about that15:07
crankharderanyone know where the super small server usb iso is located?15:07
mi3thank you15:07
crankharder( the network install iso )15:07
iceroot!minimal | crankharder15:07
ubottucrankharder: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:07
llutz!mini | crankharder15:07
mi3gnome fallback mode is similar to gnome 2 or gnome 3? any suggestions?15:08
ikoniami3: suggestions about what ?15:08
mi3gnome fallback mode is similar to gnome 2 or gnome 3?15:08
mi3or is it something else?15:09
auronandacemi3: gnome-fallback is meant to be similar to gnome215:09
ldiamondI installed 12.04 and I'm going mad because of Unity. Would anyone please tell me how I can add a custom application shortcut to the launcher? An application with options, parameters and all...15:09
ikoniami3: neither really, it's a fall back mode for gnome, the base concept is around the gnome2 legacy layout, but it's still built on gnome315:09
sergiu-devi want to install ubuntu for example, but doese it have the hide-tray botton to hide all windows ?15:09
ikoniami3: don't depend on gnome-fallback though15:09
mi3ok......thanks, I am installing mate, love it, then I will remove unity15:09
modernbobldiamond: you can use classic mode and keep unity.. looks just like old gnome 215:09
sergiu-devlike in windows 715:09
ezrawafter upgrading to 12.04, the little gear icon to logout/shut down is missing. anyone know how to get it back?15:10
ldiamondmodernbob, but is it stable and all?15:10
modernbobI am using it right now15:10
ldiamondmodernbob, how do I use classic mode then?15:10
modernbobhold on15:11
iceroot!classic | ldiamond15:11
ubottuldiamond: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity15:11
iceroot!nounity | ldiamond15:11
ubottuldiamond: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic15:11
WoahImaSharkzykotic10: I tried using the nomodeset thing from a 12.04 CD, but still had the same problem as before15:11
mi3ldiamond, use mate, its a fork of gnome 215:12
mi3I am doing the same thing, ldiamond15:12
Sidewindericeroot, Do those factoids also apply to 12.04?15:12
ldiamondmi3, I read that mate is buggy15:12
ikoniami3: please don't tell people to use forks of gnome 2 - gnome 2 is DEAD15:12
mi3ldiamond, well, the latest release version 1.2 has loads of bug fixes, and I have experimented with it on my friend's pc, it works perfectly, so I am trying it on my pc15:13
=== Tyzual is now known as tyzual
mi3ikonia, err ok15:13
ikonialdiamond: don't waste your time as gnome2 is dead15:13
mi3ikonia, but the fork is not dead lol15:13
ikoniami3: yes, it is15:14
vectory__yeah, lol15:14
K4kI'm experiencing a strange issue where Thunderbird does not show up in the Alt-Tab switcher. I'm searching through launchpad and have not found any reports of this issue, has anyone else seen this behavior?15:14
ikoniami3: the code base is dead15:14
modernbobldiamond: http://scottlinux.com/2011/03/05/ubuntu-11-04-change-from-unity-to-classic-gnome/15:14
vectory__K4k: is it minimized to tray?15:14
mi3err, ikonia , atleast the mate guys are bringing back the dead15:14
Sidewinderldiamond, Just in case the factoids that iceroot gave you don't apply to 12.04, you can see here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/gnome-classic-in-ubuntu-12-04-its-like-nothing-ever-changed/15:14
ikoniami3: the code base is DEAD,15:14
mi3ikonia, and improving it... :)15:14
krababbelmi3: heresy15:14
K4kvectory__: no, I keep it up at all times on virtual desktop 1 in my right most monitor.15:14
bobweaverikonia: stop being so hard on people15:15
ikoniami3: never mind, you don't understand, use it and prepare to be disapointed15:15
ikoniabobweaver: I'm sorry what ?15:15
modernbobSidewinder: thats a good site too15:15
mi3ikonia, you enjoy your meals with unity, I will enjoy mine with mate or lxde , am getting comfy with both lol15:15
Sidewindermodern, Prolly be the one I use when moving from 10.04 to 12.04. :-)15:15
blockyanybody tried the new single-window gimp?15:16
K4kvectory__: I found the one about it being minimized in launchpad but I don't know if this is related or not since I'm not minimizing it. And the window does re-appear when I go to the mail notifiation in the top right corner and click on the folder with a new email notification.15:16
romica<Sidewinder> I cant go on, I dont know were to se it. I found the folder name it: .libreoffice and inside is another folder name it: 3 and inside is : user and inside are many others.  I can se there is one name it: backup that is empty.  but going back in 3 there is a text doc name it: .lock and this doc contain many lines, like adresses15:16
ikoniami3: I don't use unity15:16
mi3ikonia, then which DE?15:16
neattoast!offtopic | blocky15:16
ubottublocky: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:16
ikoniait doesn't matter what I use15:16
MirkoKaDanielConvissor: seems the immediate reboot is hardcoded, but you can probably easily change it. see file /usr/bin/unattended-upgrade at line 871 (ubuntu 12.04), the line that says subprocess.call(["/sbin/reboot"]) replace reboot with the shutdown command15:16
BlouBlouhow can I see my scanner's ip adress?15:16
vectory__K4k: thats what i ment by rtay15:16
bobweaverBlouBlou:  angry ip scanner ?15:16
mi3ok, so enjoy your experience on some other DE, we will sit back and enjoy mate, even if you think its dead15:17
BlouBloubobbyaldol: no, I'm installing it and I need to know it15:17
blockyoh sorry, is there a gimp channel?15:17
icerootmi3: it is dead because of no security updates just fixing to get it stable15:17
bobweaverblocky:  on the gnome network there is15:17
K4kvectory__: it's not "minimized" it shows in that tray icon by default when opened15:17
icerootblocky: irc.gimp.net  #gimp15:17
mi3iceroot, is that so? I am getting chills man15:17
ldiamondWow, the super key press and hold shortcuts don't even display anymore...15:17
ezrawldiamond: me too15:18
mi3chills are running down the spine now, ikonia , iceroot15:18
ezrawstuff is just missing15:18
mi3ikonia, iceroot should I cancel the package downloads??15:18
ikoniami3: do what you want15:18
ikoniami3: you know bnest15:18
mi3iceroot says we wont get updates from mate developers, ikonia15:19
mi3is that true?15:19
icerootmi3: no security updates15:19
BlouBlouso, is it possible to check a scanner's up adresss? (it's a step to install it)15:19
ikoniami3: do your research15:19
WoahImaSharkAlrighty, so new problem... Every time I run the Ubuntu 12.04 installer off of my flash drive, be it through the try ubuntu or other option, it just goes through the installation like normal and then I reboot it acts like it was never installed.15:19
icerootBlouBlou: see the manual of the scanner15:19
mi3ikonia, iceroot can you meet up in offtopic channel, if possible?15:19
neattoastWoahImaShark: Try reimaging the flash drive15:19
bobweaverBlouBlou:  did you even look at angry i[p scanner ?  there are many more15:20
neattoastWoahImaShark: If that doesn't work, try re downloading the image and then reflashing the flash drive.15:20
Quantum_IonI will wait 2 months to upgrade to 12.04 LTS it needs to marinate a little longer15:20
=== dark is now known as Guest2399
Progsterok I reinstalled and now even though I can confirm that freenx is running, now I can't even connect to it :(15:21
BlouBloubobweaver: have never tried it, could you tell me how to?15:21
compdocQuantum_Ion, works well so far15:21
bobweaverBlouBlou:  google angry ipscanner it is super easy to install15:21
c3lI have a custom script being run from /etc/xdg/autostart/custom.desktop, I know that the script is recognized because it partly works. but some commands do not seem to get executed, for instance xset, and xrandr commands. however when I run this script manually it all gets executed as expected. what might the problem be?15:21
bobweaverBlouBlou:  I have no gui at this yime or I would make you a video15:22
Quantum_Ioncompdoc, Final release is after July 1st I heard15:22
neattoastc3l: Did you run the commands in background?15:22
ldiamondgnome-panel saves the day!15:22
neattoastor mate15:22
kapzhi! my ubuntu install(s) are lagging after updates, any idea to pinpoint issues?15:22
ldiamondDid anyone care to tell Shuttleworth that Unity is junk?15:22
neattoastit's not.15:23
Quantum_Ionkapz, What version ?15:23
bobweaver!ot | IdleOne:15:23
ubottuIdleOne:: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:23
ldiamondneattoast, seriously,  can't even have a custom application launcher.15:23
ldiamondneattoast, even windows XP allows that.15:23
kapz12.04 64 bit...although 32 bit is doing fine...15:23
Quantum_Ionldiamond, That is why I dont want to upgrade yet damn Unity15:23
sipiorldiamond: complain elsewhere.15:23
MarcNDoes Ctrl-Alt-0 work for anyone? Should minimize a window, but doesn't15:23
neattoastldiamond: true...15:23
neattoastldiamond: but neither does gnome-315:23
bobweaver1diamond google unity quicklist plz15:23
Quantum_Ionkapz, That is why I am waiting until final release of 12.04 LTS After July 1, 201215:23
BlouBloubobweaver: don't worry, I found a good post, it doesn't seem very hard to install. :)15:24
oCeanbobweaver: stop sending people to google please15:24
Quantum_IonEveryone always complains about Unity15:24
bobweaveroCean:  Oo15:24
whoeverhi all how do i add a scrip to start at boot i tried sudo update-rc.d <scriptName> defaults and i got a responce that i had already added it, but when i restarted the daemon wasn't started. can someone assist15:24
kapzQuantum_Ion, you lost me there....I thought what I am using is the stable version the LTS one.15:24
Quantum_Ionkapz, Yeah but it needs to marinate for a while like 2 -3 months15:25
=== tyzual is now known as l30495
kapzoh, the Mint way...15:25
Whitor-Hi all. Having a problem with the Dash. It doesn't have the scroll handle when I expand groups. my other windows (such as this xchat window) do have the scroll handle. Its not a huge problem, but it is pretty annoying.  Any ideas?15:25
c3lneattoast: no, however im not sure I understand what you mean, I simply listed my commands in an executable file with first line #! /bin/bash, each command on a separate line. is this doomed to fail?15:25
=== l30495 is now known as tyzual
ldiamondbobweaver, are we back in the stone age?15:25
bencchow can I write to a file as root? The following doesn't work: sudo echo "something" > /some/protected/file15:25
neattoastc3l: try putting an & at the end of each line.15:25
Quantum_IonI think bob weaver is an autobot not a deceptacon15:26
icerootBlouBlou: echo is only working with tee if you need sudo15:26
icerootBlouBlou: sorry wrong nick15:26
neattoastbencc: sudo su, and then your commands15:26
kapzbut I agree with you...ubuntu is effed up now, it installed nicely on one laptop but on other one it was a big pain in the ass15:26
icerootbencc: echo is only working with tee if you need sudo15:26
Quantum_Ionbobweaver more then meets the eye ?15:26
icerootneattoast: please dont suggest sudo su because its wrong15:26
oCeanbencc: echo test | sudo tee -a somefile15:26
Quantum_Ionit's sudo -s15:26
Sidewinderbencc, Try gksudo gedit 'the-file-name'.15:26
Whitor-I have the thin bar indicating that there is material to be scrolled through ... and if I click precisely, I can grab it.. but the handle that pops up on other windows would be nice to have15:27
c3lneattoast: thanks, Ill try that15:27
Quantum_IonAutobots and Deceptacons15:27
MarcNbencc, because of the way the command is parse.  Try this:   sudo "echo 'something' > /some/protected/file"15:27
Quantum_Ionsudo -s nano is more like it15:27
neattoasticroot: just su then :)15:27
=== Whitor- is now known as Whitor
bobweaverMarcN:  you need permissions looks like drop to root with sudo -i15:28
icerootneattoast: root is not enabled by default so su is not working15:28
icerootneattoast: we already showed the correct solution15:28
MarcNbencc, bash treated it as: sudo echo "something"  (so the echo was in root context) and then the unpriv bash did the output redirect to a file you don't have permissino for15:28
neattoasticeroot: I know.15:28
=== tyzual is now known as TyzuaL
oCeanMarcN: your suggestion will not work, I already suggested bencc to use the pipe-and-tee option15:29
c3lneattoast: that didnt fix it15:29
Quantum_IonIt cant be that complicated15:30
neattoastc3l: you want these commands to run on boot?15:30
benccoCean, MarcN: this works for me:       sudo su -c 'bla bla'15:30
c3lneattoast: are they at boot? I thought they where at login? maybe they are too early in the login stage, so that my options get overridden by my desktop environment?15:31
neattoastc3l: sorry, i mean login15:31
icerootbencc: can we stop this very wrong sudo su thing?15:31
oCeanbencc: echo test | sudo tee -a somefile  is the way to go15:31
c3lneattoast: the important thing is that I want to set my screenlayot, im running with two monitors and run xrandr to set the screens correctly aligned. the script works if I run it manually.15:32
=== laurence is now known as Guest54883
neattoastc3l:  what about .xinitrc15:32
Guest54883whats all this about?15:32
sirriffsalotI'm using KVIrc, but am having difficulty disabling these notifications of who is joining... Where do I do this exactly? I have the notifyer turned off completely and yet it goes on15:32
Guest54883is anyone else hear running jolicloud?15:32
oCeanGuest54883: this is the ubuntu tech support channel15:32
neattoast!help > Guest5488315:32
ubottuGuest54883, please see my private message15:32
spartan2276How can I run this application kde-config-tablet?15:33
c3lneattoast: I also want the script to run for all users. I think .xinitrc is user-specific, right? however, should I use .xinitrc for single user-configurations?15:33
drPoOcan anybody point me to a tutorial for formatting a drive into ntfs from the command line15:33
Guest54883gonna go over 2 windows 7 cya15:33
Quantum_IonGuest54883, They use Ubuntu here15:34
benccoCean: ok. thanks15:34
ikoniaab bobweaver15:36
lazyfingersis anyone able to explain why setsockopt requires a pointer to an option's value and a size of the variable with option's value? why is it necessary to put value into separate variable at all? thanks in advance.15:37
salahgoHi all, i just made a fresh install if Ubuntu 12.04 on a laptop, didn't install pretty much stuff, updated it to the new kernel 3.2.0-24, rebooted it. After boot, i couldn't load any GUI nor desktop15:37
salahgoeven startx fails15:38
SidewinderdrPoO, Formatting ntfs is done best from Windows, I believe. Not that it won't work with gparted.15:38
lazyfingerssorry, mischan15:38
salahgoany idea please?15:38
Quantum_Ionikonia, haha I always thought bob weaver was a bot15:38
trekkmei wanna mount a drive to my home using the volumemanager, got a fstab entry for it, but vou15:38
trekkmelume manager keeps mounting it to /media15:39
ChingyHiya - I'd like to get some help with a printer issue.  I have a printed which has a role of thermal paper  (80mm wide) but when I go to print, it tries to print it as an a4 page.  Which means I have a column of left hand text. Can anyone help? :(15:40
c3lI have a script that runs xrandr to set up my display layout. how can I run this script automatically when I log in? also, how do I make this script run for all users?15:40
Quantum_IonChingy, How old is your printer ?15:41
Chingybrand new15:41
Chingyits an Epson T2015:41
salahgoAny idea why xserver won't start after this last update of kernel?15:41
salahgothe 3.2.0-24?15:41
MirkoKac3l: putting a script that calls xrandr into  custom.desktop worked for me. maybe your desktop environment or gfx card configurator (like nvidia.settings) reset it again15:43
icerootsalahgo: just a guess, you installed an nvidia/amd driver and maybe compiled it by hand and now it does not fit to the kernel-version it was build for15:43
salahgolool bingo!15:44
Chingyan idea on the printer front?15:44
salahgoi uninstall it?15:44
MirkoKalazyfingers: probably because there are many options (with different sizes) and the function should have dozends of parameters. anyway, better ask a C or network programming group15:45
the-ermDoes anyone know of a way to set power-settings where your machine will auto suspend if it's inactive for say ... 20 minutes.15:45
the-ermxfce has the settings available, but appears unity doesn't.15:46
compdocwhen my 12.04 boots, the lcd screen shows a message that the rez or refresh rate is wrong. but when its finished booting, the logon page shows up fine. Is there a way to see or change the screen setting the system uses while its booting?15:46
c3lMirkoKa: hm, interesting. would you mind sharing your script and custom.desktop? also, what desktop environment are you running? I am not using 3rd party drivers, and I run xubuntu.15:47
salahgoiceroot: how come i can't startx in the previous version of the kernel?15:47
SmasherXI have repaired a failed upgrade except for the fact that several disk drives are locked - I can't read them and it says I dont have permission; Also Disk Utility is blank - no drives shown even root (ubuntu)15:48
drPoOI want to format a HDD that will be readable by a Windoze machine. Should I use mkfs.vfat or mkfs.msdos ??15:48
salahgoiceroot: amazing! u just knew what i did, & now that i unistalled it, it works awesomely!! Thanks man! ^^15:49
longtaildrPoO: you should be using NTFS15:50
icerootsalahgo: try always to use the driver from the repo instead of selfbuild drivers against a specific kernel version15:50
WhereIsMySpoonHey guys, how do i get fsync on ubuntu? Or is it not available15:50
icerootWhereIsMySpoon: rsync?15:51
salahgoiceroot: copy that! Thank you! ;)15:51
WhereIsMySpoonrsync is something completely different15:51
drPoOlongtail, i am doing this on an old 10.04 server without internet connection and all i have is mkfs.vfat and mkfs.msdos15:51
WhereIsMySpoonBasically what I was looking for was a way to call the sync command on a remote device15:51
WhereIsMySpoonsay a mass storage device15:51
WhereIsMySpoonand i was told fsync works15:51
MirkoKac3l: http://pastebin.com/gqQfADPZ15:52
drPoOlongtail, it really doesnt matter to me15:52
drPoOlongtail, do you have a good tutorial you could point me to15:52
WhereIsMySpooni can do 'man fsync' but the actual 'fsync' command doesnt exist15:52
longtaildrPoO: ah, well since your data is not important and you feel the need to use something without journaling which can lead to data loss, go ahead.15:52
c3lMirkoKa: cool, thanks15:53
icerootWhereIsMySpoon: gnulib has fsync functiion15:53
icerootWhereIsMySpoon: gnulib: /usr/share/gnulib/lib/fsync.c15:53
icerootWhereIsMySpoon: http://linux.die.net/man/2/fsync15:53
=== liquid is now known as Guest92294
WhereIsMySpooniceroot, hm ok ill install that, but why can i do man fsync and not the fsync command?15:54
icerootWhereIsMySpoon: fsync is a function not a command15:54
Guest92294guys how to give permission to a folder, i want to use it on vm machine?15:54
WhereIsMySpoonGuest92294, chmod15:54
icerootWhereIsMySpoon: the manpage says fsync() not fsync15:54
WhereIsMySpooniceroot, er15:55
MirkoKaWhereIsMySpoon: the man page is in the manpages-dev package15:55
WhereIsMySpoonhow can i use it15:55
DaghdhaHi, igetting a 'virtualbox - error in suplibOsInit' error.15:55
MirkoKaWhereIsMySpoon: C programming15:55
WhereIsMySpooni see15:55
WhereIsMySpoonthat isnt useful15:55
FloodBot1WhereIsMySpoon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:55
MirkoKaWhereIsMySpoon: what are you trying to do?15:55
tsimpsonWhereIsMySpoon: please lay off the enter key15:56
WhereIsMySpoonMirkoKa, sync a remote device15:56
WhereIsMySpoonas in i use 'sync /media/blah' and it runs the 'sync' command on that device15:56
MirkoKaWhereIsMySpoon: a storage device? you perhaps mean the rsync command?15:56
WhereIsMySpoonrsync is for pushing files to a device15:56
SmasherXAnybody know how to help reattach disks after a failed ubuntu upgrade from oo to pp?15:57
Progsterok I'm back to where I was before15:57
WhereIsMySpoon       rsync — a fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool15:57
icerootWhereIsMySpoon: rsync is also a daemon15:57
ProgsterI can connect, and I'm launching ubuntu-2d, but I still can't see the freakin sidebar15:57
WhereIsMySpooniceroot, ..ok?15:57
Progsteris there a way to force the sidebar to come up, or to detect if it's not loading?15:57
WhereIsMySpooniceroot, i dont know much about daemons15:58
WhereIsMySpoonother than that they're for helping processes/programs to do stuff15:58
DanielConvissorMirkoKa: thank you for the idea of changing the reboot command to shutdown in the unattended-upgrade script.  guess i'll do that for now and contact the file author / open a ticket to add an option for adding a delay.15:58
lglhello, i have a little problem15:59
=== erkan^ is now known as zippo^
lglwhen i try to boot my ubuntu 12.04 i just get to tty1 login promt15:59
lglnot to X15:59
MirkoKaWhereIsMySpoon: I still don't get what you are trying. syncing the files of your local and remote machine (like synching address books) or flush disk buffers to ensure that files are really written?15:59
WhereIsMySpoonMirkoKa, flush disk buffers15:59
lgli press ctrl alt f7. and it is halted16:00
lglnow im in the terminal16:00
lglany idea?16:00
gauravgrt1QUESTION :how can i get the nvidia drivers for my graphics card GeForce GT 540M...16:00
MirkoKaWhereIsMySpoon: ssh remote_machine sync will call the sync command on the remote machine, of course you need to have ssh installed and configured16:01
shib112@lgl...try restarting gdm16:01
lglits is stuck at checking battery state16:01
WhereIsMySpoonMirkoKa, its a mass storage device16:01
WhereIsMySpoonI can't ssh to it16:01
MirkoKaWhereIsMySpoon: ok, sorry don't know16:01
Guest92294use additional drivers16:01
lglshib112: i tryed to restart the computer.. same.. how do i restart gdm?16:01
WhereIsMySpoonsudo service gdm restart16:01
lgli try16:02
auronandacelgl: 12.04 uses lightdm by default16:02
WhereIsMySpoonlgl, and thats the same for any service, 'sudo service <service_name> restart'16:02
WhereIsMySpoonyou can change 'restart' for 'start', or 'stop' as well16:02
WhereIsMySpoonMirkoKa, D:16:03
JMichael|worki am having problems getting ia32-libs installed on a system recently upgraded to 12.04. does anyone know what to do about this?16:03
lglgdm unknown service16:03