JamesTaitHappy Star Wars Day! *8OD08:52
mandelmorning all!09:39
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ralsinagood morning!12:39
czajkowskivery quiet in here this week12:40
ryeczajkowski: yes, time after time i type something then erase to check whether the ssh session is stale12:42
ryeeven though i have byobu with clock12:42
ryeralsina: O_O12:47
ryeralsina: i thought it is being unsubscribed12:47
ralsinarye: nope12:47
ralsinarye: try it though, I may be wrong about it.12:47
ralsinarye: but it will have metadata for all the files, and the files will not be there, so it will delete them, IIRC12:48
ryeralsina:  2012-05-04 15:48:04,455 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.AncestorsINotProc - INFO - Got MOVED_FROM on path '/home/rtg/Test', unsubscribing udf <UDF id '4531f4bf-ae1b-40ae-91b9-57257fe023f2', node_id 'f2b7b7fc-01d8-4053-a6fd-c9e2fed47a81', generation 19606L, active True, real path '/home/rtg/Test'>12:48
ralsinarye: OTOH, II did not RC I just looked very foolish ;-)12:48
ralsinarye: that is moving, not deleting. So I am only half wrong so far ;-)12:48
ryeralsina: well....12:49
ralsinarye: stop syncdaemon, move it, start syncdaemon12:49
ryeralsina: deleting a folder is impossible w/o deleting all the contents, and these all will propagate to sd through inotify12:49
ralsinarye: yes, but try moving it while syncdaemon is not running, which is what I described in the mail12:49
ralsinarye: typically caused by mounting a removable media as a UDF and then failing to mount12:50
ryeralsina: i understand you12:51
ryeralsina: this will happen only if the root folder continues to exist12:51
ralsinaohhhh right12:51
ralsinarye: you are right, I was wrong12:52
ralsinarye: I will send a clarification12:52
ryeralsina: and in this case we need to do some clever checking of the mountpoint, to tell whether it vanished vs everything was deleted12:52
ralsinarye: I think if everything inside a volume disappeared withouth SD seeing it, we can assume it's dangerous enough that12:54
ralsinasomething smarter should be done12:54
ralsinarye: and thanks for catching that!12:54
ryeralsina: hm, that would also work12:54
ryeralsina: that would also work pretty well12:55
ralsinarye: so, the triggering condition would be "a volume with nothing in it", which is easy to detect12:55
ryeralsina: a volume that has nothing in it and it used to have something12:56
ralsinarye: right12:56
ryeralsina: otherwise all empty volumes will be unsubscribed and I have a test udf which is almost always empty12:57
ralsinarye: right12:57
ryeoh, windows7 can mount NFS shares12:57
ralsinarye: yep12:58
ralsinarye: but it used to be very very flaky12:58
ralsinarye: at least when it was called unix services or windows it was12:59
ralsinahi dobey13:07
ralsinarye: maybe you have an answer for this guy http://askubuntu.com/questions/130691/problem-with-file-synchronization-for-huge-amount-of-files-using-ubuntu-one-in-113:11
ryeralsina: bug #978903 definitely13:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 978903 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Precise) "[precise] Client is stuck due to Upload executing before MakeFile" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97890313:16
ryeralsina: as per file sync is deactivated - what does that?13:16
ralsinarye: nothing, AFAIK13:16
ralsinarye: it may be a crashed SD13:16
ralsinarye: because of OOMkiller or something13:16
ryeralsina: when there's no SD control panel shows file sync is stopped13:17
* rye greps13:17
ryeralsina: also, verterok's tritcask going OOM...13:17
ryebug #98737613:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 987376 in Ubuntu One Client "Tritcask fails to load data file bigger than address space." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98737613:17
ralsinarye: could be13:18
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mandelralsina, buenas!13:41
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ralsinahola mandel13:45
mandelralsina, today we have the 1-1 so feel free to let me know when it is ok for you13:46
ralsinamandel: in a bit!13:46
mandelralsina, whenever you want :)13:47
ralsinamandel: as soon as this Guns'n'Roses playlist ends13:51
* ralsina has priorities ;-)13:51
ralsinamandel: just kidding, starting mumble13:52
mandelralsina, on, starting it :)13:53
* alecu pictures ralsina dressed up as axl rose.13:53
alecumandel, ^13:53
ralsinaalecu: ja!13:54
ralsinaas axl rose in 2012? COmpletely doable.13:55
ralsinaI don't have the hair though: http://cache.blippitt.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/axl-rose.jpg13:57
dobeyginger with cornrows14:01
dobeyralsina: if you were going to oakland, we could totally get you hooked up with that hair14:01
dobeymaybe we can get sil drunk and get him some braids14:01
czajkowskioh lord!14:02
czajkowskidont know which is funnier *maybe* get him drunk or *braids*14:02
* ralsina misses Arch package management. It was crap, but it was *fast* crap.14:48
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* alecu is not working today15:03
dobeythisfred, ralsina: que pasa?15:04
dobeybriancurtin: i think that's all. alecu/gatox are off today15:05
briancurtinDONE: some reviews on review day, installer work, sent binaries and installer off for signing15:05
briancurtinTODO: catch up on some bugs (syncdaemon as root, get_rootdir error)15:05
briancurtinBLOCKED: None15:05
briancurtinNEXT: mandel15:05
mandelDONE: research regarding fevents. FF project. ralsina 1-115:05
mandelTODO: more FF. Some reviews.15:05
mandelBLOCKED: no15:05
mandelmmcc, please15:05
mmccdone: finished refactoring, windows VM finally works, started looking15:05
mmccat SSO client macos bugs15:05
mmcctodo: keep looking at sso client bugs. They're packaging related and15:05
mmccone is network-sensing15:05
mmccblocked: none15:05
mmccnext: go dobey go15:05
dobeyλ DONE: more backports work15:05
dobeyλ TODO: reviews, more backports work, SRUs, u1db packaging/buildsys15:05
dobeyλ BLCK: none.15:05
dobeythisfred: go15:05
thisfredDONE: bug 987412 TODO: adding tags functionality to u1todo BLOCKED: no NEXT: ralsina15:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 987412 in U1DB "support indexes on non-string types" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98741215:05
ralsinaDONE: fun with SSL debugging, managementastic stuff, weekly call, varied 1-1s, doctor's appointment. TODO: some coding, hopefully, watch the avengers with gatox tonight, ubuntuone-installer debugging. BLOCKED: nop15:06
ralsinano comments? EOM it is.15:09
* mmcc doesn't get to watch TV anymore, but bug 994254 is making up for it15:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 994254 in Ubuntu One Client "unable to update / upgrade ." [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99425415:13
ralsinammcc: we get all the funny ones, yes15:15
briancurtinhaha. Python occasionally gets some good reports like that, and a few from spambots that sell viagra. they usually get closed with "works for me" as a resolution15:21
mmccworks for me :D15:22
ralsinabriancurtin: now, looking at that bug... "Google (false authentication , go daddy or Thawte instead & there turned off)"15:26
ralsinarye: do you have a lucid box? Could you check that the SSL certificate in one.ubuntu.com appears as valid? :-)15:26
* ralsina feels like he's reading rabbit entrails though15:26
* briancurtin brb in a few minutes15:29
dobeymmcc: why did you vote "resubmit" on your branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-client/refactor-platform-event-logging/+merge/10430115:30
mmccdobey, I misunderstood what that vote meant, and then didn't see a way to edit it15:31
dobeymmcc: vote again and change it to "abstain"15:31
mmccdobey: ok15:31
mmccdobey, done.15:32
dobeymandel: are you going to review that branch?15:32
mandeldobey, which one? https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-client/refactor-platform-event-logging/+merge/10430115:34
mandeldobey, I can if no one else is doing it15:34
mandeldobey, oh, I was added, sure I'll do it15:35
dobeymandel: well there is a "Pending" for you on it :)15:35
mandelmmcc, you have conflicts in https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-client/refactor-platform-event-logging/+merge/10430115:35
mandelmmcc, can you fix those?15:35
dobeyneed to run a few errands and get some lunch. bbiab15:36
mmccmandel, argh, yes. will fix after 1-1 with ralsina now15:36
mandelmmcc, sure15:37
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dobeymandel: can you check mmcc's branch again? looks like he fixed the conflict17:27
dobeyugh, and why is this sso branch 1200 lines17:31
dobeyugh i think this quantal vm is not usable. will have to re-do an upgrade from precise later17:33
dobeyla la la18:00
dobeywell blah18:00
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thisfredralsina: what is the best way to iterate over the items in a QListWIdgets? There is items() but that expects a QMimeData argument, which I don't know what to pass in for, because huh what?18:14
ralsinathisfred: uh... give me 1'18:15
ralsinathisfred: .item()18:16
ralsinafor i in range(listwidgetthingie.count()): whatever.item()18:17
ralsinafor i in range(listwidgetthingie.count()): whatever.item(i) // I mean18:17
thisfredthat is mildly unpythonic ;)18:18
thisfredbut it works18:18
ralsinathisfred: there is an iterator thingie but it's C++ to the core :-)18:18
ralsinathisfred: you could even do a all_items = listWidget.findItems('', QtCore.Qt.MatchRegExp)18:20
ralsinathisfred: or create the obvious generator that yields the items. All caveats about the universe imploding if you add/remove items apply18:21
thisfredralsina: yeah, and of course that's what I need to do :)18:23
SpamapSQuestion about lp:ubuntone-storage-protocol .. it has no release-3_0_0 tag .. was it branched before 3.0.0 was released?18:25
mmccmandel, dobey's right. check it at your convenience…18:30
mmccmandel, that is: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-client/refactor-platform-event-logging/+merge/10430118:30
dobeySpamapS: huh?18:30
dobeySpamapS: oh, yes, the tags are on the stable-3-0 branch18:30
dobeySpamapS: we are branching the stable series at the beginning of the cycle, and make all releases from the stable series18:31
dobeymmcc: i think he's gone to the pub or something :-/18:31
mmccdobey, yeah I guess it's just past beer thirty over there18:32
dobeyyeah, it's 20:33 in Espana18:33
briancurtini wish 1:30 was beer thirty18:33
briancurtinrather, 13:3018:33
mmccbriancurtin: heh. the rangers-capitals game tomorrow is 12:30, that's gotta be close enough…18:36
SpamapSdobey: yeah, I see that. It made it fairly hard to determine that a certain merge into 3.0.0 was released or not18:36
SpamapSI would expect trunk to have all the tags :-P18:36
dobeySpamapS: why? LP has the stable-3-0 branch linked for the precise release, doesn't it?18:37
dobeySpamapS: is this for the SRUs I did?18:38
SpamapSYeah I found that later18:38
SpamapSdobey: yeah, they're releasing now :)18:38
SpamapSwell, the oneiric ones anyway18:39
dobeyi haven't done any others yet :)18:39
SpamapSdobey: what I mean by the confusion though, is that it seems odd that trunk wouldn't have all of the tags from the stable 3.0.0 branch, plus more.18:40
dobeySpamapS: yeah i understood what you meant18:41
dobeyi don't think there's any solution to that though18:42
ryeyay! 2.0.1 is in oneiric!18:42
ryejoshuahoover: ^18:42
mmccwrt. ralsina's email from earlier today, can someone catch me up on what UDF means? from context it sounds like a secondary synced folder? is it "user-defined folder"?18:46
ralsinammcc: exactly18:46
ralsinammcc: we always sync ~/Ubuntu One, but the user can choose other folders to sync, those are UDFs18:46
mmccralsina: aha thanks.18:46
ralsinammcc unless they are folders he gets from another user, those are "shares"18:46
mmccralsina: so that I understand this removal issue, the problem is it's hard to know whether a directory is empty because it's a vanished mount point or it's just been cleaned out while we weren't watching?18:49
ralsinammcc: exactly18:49
mmccralsina, ok. I think on macos we could do the right thing for removable storage… at least for 99% of users.18:50
ralsinammcc: cool, we need to think about those things18:51
ralsinammcc: anyway, currently it's not possible to sync outside the user's home, so it's not as bad (unless you can mount things arbitrarily in mac?)18:51
mmccralsina - you can definitely do whatever mounts you want in macos, but *I expect* 99.9% of people don't.18:52
mmccand the system handles removable storage and always puts it in /Volumes/18:53
ralsinammcc: so if we are in there, we can assume it's a removable device18:53
ralsinammcc: on linux that usually would be /media, too, so same idea18:53
mmccyes, to be exact - if it's in there (and it's not a symlink to /) then we know it's not the boot drive…18:53
dobeyoh man18:55
dobeythe internet is full of lulz18:55
dobeyralsina: well, we can use the proper API to dtermine if something is local or not18:56
dobeyralsina: remote filesystems don't go in /media, for example18:56
dobeyor mounted zip files18:58
ryeAn error has occurred during the check: Success19:04
rye^ my windows kvm images are corrupted19:04
dobey-ESUCCESS is my favorite error19:05
dobeyError: faild to fail!19:06
ryethey are bootable but cannot be cloned or converted19:07
ryei guess i have hit the bug with qemu-img19:07
ryeand qcow219:07
ralsinadobey: yes, we can examine the path looking for mountpoints19:09
ralsinadobey: and flag the volume as "on a removable device, treat carefully"19:09
dobeyralsina: or we could just use the simple glib or gio API which does everything already :)19:10
ryeok, this is definitely bad, deleted snapshot - disk became truncated19:10
ralsinadobey: sure :-)19:10
mmccralsina, dobey, from apple's docs, there is plenty of API to check if a given path is on a volume that is removable / ejectable / local, etc19:11
mmccmuch smarter than my first thought to just make assumptions about /Volumes :)19:12
ralsinaI wonder how syncdaemon reacts to unmounting while it's running19:12
ralsina"hey a lot of files disappeared but I got no delete events!"19:13
mmccralsina me too - that's actually easier to solve (again on macos), since we can register callbacks for eject / unmount events19:13
ralsinammcc: on linux too, but they are async, so there is a good chance of weirdness19:14
mmccthis actually leads into something I wanted to discuss - it looks like the most straightforward way to get good mac integration is to write some C (or ObjC) extension modules. Is there any reason I should be trying to avoid that?19:20
mmccbuilding them right can be a little tricky but it's not a huge deal… just wondering if there were any reasons I wasn't thinking of…19:21
dobeywhat do you mean by "good mac integration" there?19:23
dobeyto get the notifications of mount points?19:23
mmccdobey, right now, I mean to access the equivalent of NetworkManager19:24
mmccbut the device add/eject callbacks are in C, and the volume info API is ObjC (although there is a 'bsd layer' C API too)19:24
dobeyhmm. what are we doing exactly for network on windows right now? just acting like there is always network and failing when things fail?19:25
mmccthat's what the darwin code does now. it looks like on Windows, it accesses windll.wininet.InternetGetConnectedState19:27
mmccwhich looks like the right thing19:28
dobeyso it's basically using some magical ctypes stuff19:28
mmccthatis, ctypes.windll.19:29
mmccso I guess at least for now I might be able to do the same thing and avoid building my own extension modules…19:29
dobeywe'll probably need to do that on osx too, but i guess there isn't API in Python that already wraps it19:29
mmccsorry, already wraps what?19:30
dobeyalready wraps the NSWhatever API19:31
mmccah, ok. so if we're OK adding a dependency on PyObjC, we can get all the Cocoa frameworks bridged for us, then we just do "from Foundation import NSWhatever" and we're off19:34
mmccI've written a couple apps like that, it's not bad.19:34
dobeywe'll probably need to do that. ralsina?19:36
mmccwell, it's something to think about. It depends on the number of times we need to call ObjC api. C api should be easy with ctypes19:41
mmccand although PyObjC is continuously developed and used for a few shipping products, no one maintains it full-time.19:43
ralsinadobey: reading backlog19:43
ralsinammcc: yes ctypes is fine19:43
dobeymmcc: so it's about time for pyobjc to make it into the core library? :)19:44
mmccdobey: hmm. if that means Ronald would get some donations to spend time on it, then sure :)19:48
dobeyit means Python core library is where good modules go to die :P19:49
briancurtinin the same vein, i'd eventually like to put pywin32 in as well19:54
ralsinabriancurtin: is there any chance of we ever getting a pywin32 egg?19:55
ralsinabriancurtin: I never managed to build it because it needs the full VS (not the express one)19:55
briancurtinralsina: i could look into building one if it would help19:56
ralsinabriancurtin: would make it possible to skip one manual step in the env setup, maybe19:56
ralsinabriancurtin: so, not important, now that we all have it setup ;-)19:57
thisfredralsina: one more fun question: can I prevent a qlistwidget from selecting the first row automatically?19:57
briancurtintrue. it is unfortunately one of the harder installers to find for python projects19:58
ralsinathisfred: of course19:58
ralsinathisfred: in fact, it only does that if the list has kbd focus19:58
ralsinathisfred: you want it to be selectable still?19:58
thisfredmaybe I did something stupid to cause it, but it always does it on startup19:58
thisfredralsina: yeah it should be selectable19:58
ralsinathisfred: setCurrentItem(None) IIRC19:59
thisfredralsina: ah19:59
thisfredralsina: but when do I do that: the selection seems to happen after my __init__ is executed19:59
thisfredis there an onLoaded signal?20:00
ralsinathisfred: ok, do you have any other widgets visible?20:00
thisfredgive t20:00
thisfredhem focus?20:01
ralsinathisfred: no, there isn't20:01
ralsinachange the tab order so another widget is focused20:01
ralsinayou can do that from designer20:01
thisfredralsina: awesome, works20:02
ralsinathisfred: try it first. I have been known to lie.20:03
thisfredI did :)20:03
ralsinaNice to know my devs know me.20:06
mandelmmcc, dobey approved20:12
mmcchi mandel, thanks20:14
thisfredralsina: for all your help, I give you: ONE FREE REVIEW! Limited time offer. Void where prohibited. May cause drowsiness and prolonged vomiting. Patent pending.20:18
ralsinathisfred: I have to skip in about 12 minutes to take my son to see The Avengers ;-)20:18
thisfredralsina: fair enough :)20:18
ralsinathisfred: so it will be there for you on MONDAY20:18
thisfredralsina: no hurry20:18
thisfredmaybe dobey can tear me a new one in the meantime20:19
dobeythisfred: you are a miserable human being.20:21
thisfreddobey: I try20:21
dobeythisfred: no i take that back, you're not human. you're dutch.20:22
thisfreddobey: In that case, please pay extra close attention to the XML! :P20:22
thisfreddobey: I'd ask gatox, but he's argentinian, so he doesn't work on days that end in 'day'20:23
thisfredor however they determine public holidays there ;)20:24
ralsinathisfred: he's on swap today. And also coming to see the avengers with me ;-)20:29
dobey548 lines? crikey20:29
thisfreddobey: chill, half of that is XML you can skip20:29
thisfredralsina: have fun!20:30
dobeyand the other half is python i can skip? :)20:30
thisfreddobey: sure, rubber stamp it. It won't come back to haunt you some day. Probably.20:30
dobeyisn't this supposed to be a well documented demo app?20:31
thisfreddobey: ehhh, I didn't want the diff to get overly long? :D20:31
thisfreddobey: working on that for my next branch20:32
thisfredalso, it's python, so fairly self explanatory.20:32
* thisfred hides20:32
dobeyeh whever20:33
dobeypronounced with a Harvard wh20:33
thisfredI'm still hearing your inner valley girl20:35
dobeyit's too ghetto to be valley girl20:36
* mmcc has a spike with ctypes-based macos network detection working20:57
ralsinaEOW for me. Have fun people!20:58
mmccbye ralsina, have a great weekend21:00
dobeythat was no 12 minutes!21:01
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dobeylater all. have a good weekend!21:38
briancurtinsee ya dobey21:42
thisfreddobey: since you asked: https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/u1db/u1todo-whats-up-doc/+merge/10481121:50
thisfredoh nm: have a great weekend!21:50
* thisfred off too21:50
mmccbye everyone22:05

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