len-dtUSB 1 and 2 are problems for audio/midi anyway.00:00
ailoNah, normal boot. Damn!00:00
ailoThose docs are never complete. They always figure you know what you need to do before you do it, to a degree00:01
len-dtI was playing around with my USB ports... plugging in a memstick in different ones to see what irqs it uses.00:02
len-dtAll 6 use the saem one.00:02
len-dtThey all seem to be 23:          0          0   IO-APIC-fasteoi   ehci_hcd:usb100:03
len-dtYet it lists usb 1 to usb 500:05
len-dtailo, I checked my MB doc and it says I only have the 6 ports...00:07
len-dtI think ehci is USB2 and uhci is usb1.1, driver wise.00:08
len-dtAnyway, I said all that to say it appears that for this MB at least, USB2 inputs get routed from which ever hardware port they use to the same driver. I wonder what happens when I plug in two USB2 devices.00:11
len-dtailo, Paul at ardour in answering a user question says "@Edward: you are correct: a2jmidid -e is the best option, for all cases actually. It has better timing (jitter & latency) characteristics than the code which implements the "seq" and "raw" options of the ALSA backend. Eventually, the functionality of a2jmidi will be more easily available. It also provides "better" port names (well, more human readable ones anyway)."00:18
ailoThere's some controversy around jackd2 also, I believe00:23
ailoBut, hopefully they will get all that stuff mended in the future00:23
ailoIf there is one setup that is optimal for everyone, and includes all available functionality, then that is the way to go00:24
len-dtailo, right now I don't seem to be getting any midi out from hydrogen...00:27
ailoI really want to have the thcp server running, but alas, I need to learn all about networking to do it it seems.01:23
len-dtailo, Ran hydrogen with both it's own drums as well as an external synth (yamaha TG100) with no noticeable timing issues. Both drums sounded at the same time.01:23
len-dtI did two ways, alsa only and a2j only.01:24
ailolen-dt: Try recording the external sounds. Timing is very noticable for me01:24
ailoI was unable to sample 1-2 sec of a beat01:25
ailoIt never timed right, no matter how I tried recording it01:25
ailoLike a drunken drummer01:25
len-dtRight now, I can't get either midi seq or raw to work right now, so I will reboot.01:25
len-dtAh! can't make changes to the settings while hydrogen is running.01:28
ailoFinally :P, some progress..02:01
len-dtailo, using midi seq. setting hydrogen to play it's own sound as well as output to midi port. recording hydrogen on left and TG100 on right using audacity. On playback sounds fine.02:02
len-dtI will now reset up everything for just alsa midi.02:03
len-dtUnless you can see some error in my test method ailo.02:04
len-dtDoes system load make a difference? I am using -p 128 and pulse bridging is enabled too. My midi card is an ensoniq pci card.02:06
acmeinc1i'm coming in late, but is there somethign I need to be aware of midi-wise?   i plan to lay some stuff down this weekend for testing.  it looks like u guys were testing lag times w/ midi, and I was wondering if the default settings were causing a problem.02:09
ailolen-dt: It may depend a lot on the device. Could be that pci is much more reliable than usb02:11
len-dtSo far I have not had a problem, ailo seems to have timing problems on midi outputs to real devices.02:11
ailoacmeinc1: For me, I get really audible timing errors when sending alsa midi to an external usb synth02:12
len-dtailo, I agree. My earlier comment about USB ports was something to the effect that many MB seem to have an internal USB hub for all their ports02:12
len-dtOr at least mine.02:13
acmeinc1ok, thx for the clarification.02:13
ailoI finally got network boot going. I had a dhcp server running already, which I had no idea about. After I fixed that, it was terribly easy. Now, I can install all my machines through the network :D02:14
len-dtailo, All? you make it sound like you have a flock02:15
ailoI have a bunch of older machines, but a couple of newer ones too02:15
len-dtailo, my installs are all different.02:15
ailoI will install Debian and Ubuntu on all of them. Control using vnc or ssh02:16
len-dtI have four, one is real old. So it gets a real light one. The server has server and my Yf's has desktop.02:17
len-dtBoth mine have US.02:17
len-dtHmm, five.02:18
len-dtailo, is your usb midi port midi only or part of an audio i/f02:32
len-dtAnd I guess I should also ask USB1.1 or 2.0? And do you have any other USB devices plugged in?02:34
len-dtailo, I think I will run the recommended a2jmidid -e option.02:38
ailoIt's midi only. A synth module called Roland xv-505002:48
ailoI have a usb midi i/o device as well. M-audio, that requires firmware02:48
ailoLast time I had to use my firewire midi to the synth module, so I could use jack midi02:49
len-dtailo, I was just wondering if there was more than one USB device being used at the same time and if that may be an issue.02:50
ailoNo, this was entirely just the fault of alsa + this usb device02:51
ailolen-dt: rtirq script was just updated after recent discoveries http://www.rncbc.org/jack/#rtirq13:00
len-dtailo, when will it make it into the repos?13:12
len-dtailo, I guess I should be asking what package it is a part of right now.13:13
len-dtailo, it looks like it only ran in runlevel 34 the new one sets RL2-513:26
len-dtIt uses a different method of finding tasklets.13:31
len-dtI'll have to try it with my netbook which still has some xruns at -p 12814:03
len-dtHi Ho, off to work.... later.14:05
len-dtscott-work, just before I'm gone. The comment on #ubuntustudio about starting  Yoshimi. a2j fixes that and the -a may break something else. I assume it makes an alsa midi port instead of a jack midi port.14:09
len-dtIn any case, that would be the .desktop file for  Yoshimi.14:10
scott-worklen-dt: i noted that in my evernote file :)18:58
len-dtMr. holstein is a good teacher.20:08
holsteinlen-dt: i hope so20:09
holsteini try and be realistic in the support channel20:09
len-dtIt is hard to figure where to start with a machine I have never seen and a set of software I'm not sure of.20:10
holsteinand the hardware config can be so different20:10
len-dtspeaking of which, is it true with fire wire that the only way to feed pulse is with jack bridging?20:11
holsteinlen-dt: i can try some tests20:12
holsteini remember having issues way back20:12
holsteini was assured at the time that i wasnt though ;)20:12
len-dtOne of the users seemed to think that firewire doesn't provide any alsa ports.20:12
holsteinlen-dt: remind me and i'll try20:13
holsteinwhen im near "the rig"20:13
holsteinthat'll be a while though20:13
len-dtif I remember ;-)20:13
holsteinim not sure when ill take the time to switch from 10.04 on there20:13
len-dtIt does take some time. Don't use the upgrade option in ubiquity... it failed for me when trying to upgrade from 11.10 xubuntu to 12.04.20:15
holsteinnah.. i'll do a fresh install20:16
len-dtThat was what I intended. The upgrade option in ubiquity was where the fresh install option normally was.20:17
len-dtI hadn't seen it before20:17
holsteinim the kind of guy who will go buy a hard drive and save the old one for a few months or so20:17
len-dtThis machine still has the old stuff on it. my netbook I backed up my home dir and reinstalled.20:18
holsteini think i still have an old pata drive somewhere with "64studio" written on it20:19
len-dtI therefore still have gcdmaster on a second boot if I want to use it.20:19
len-dtI had the live cd for that but never installed it. It seemed to be flaky at the time... might have been my hardware too. Then I found audio slack and used that.20:20
holsteinthat was the first distro i was able to get firewire working in20:21
len-dtI think I started pre-USB... that was what I had the ensoniq card for. The MB was sub GHz. too.20:22
len-dt8 tracks and 600MB was a lot :-)20:23
len-dt(hard drive that is)20:25

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