mips1911mr_pouit, looks like xfwm4 failed to build12:18
mr_pouitmips1911: amd64 packages are expected to fail to build (unmet dependencies), as some base libs (libxfce4ui, exo, garcon, xfconf) haven't been built yet12:47
mr_pouitand according to lp the builds will start in ~13 hours, so I can't retry the builds of other components until then12:48
mr_pouitI almost never use ppas, and each time I use them i've to wait nearly two days to get everything built... that's funny12:53
drcThat's life in the fast (as in impatient) lane :)12:54
mips1911mr_pouit, thanks for the explanation.12:58
mips1911I'll just soldier on with open for now, it's treating me well :)12:59
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