xubuntu148hey. what is different between Ubuntu and Xubuntu?01:56
pleia2xubuntu148: different desktop environment and default applications02:00
xubuntu148in your opinion better or worse?02:00
pleia2it depends on the user02:01
xubuntu148How do you mean?02:02
pleia2everyone has their own preferences, one is not "better" than the other02:05
xubuntu346hello all02:08
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!02:19
calichei'm new in the world of free software02:20
xubuntu346thank you02:21
calichenot speak English02:23
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Guest52352need helpz, xubuntu problem04:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:44
Guest52352i have a 38 gb hard drive, installed xubuntu, it says 4.1 gb free space is left04:45
Guest52352in "file system" folder04:46
Unit193Type  df -h  in a terminal window.04:46
Unit193/dev/sda1           36G   16G   18G  48% /    Is example output from mine.04:47
Guest52352mine says 36g 30g 4.2g 88%04:48
Unit193Did you download anything big or somesuch?04:49
Guest52352i updated and stuff, downloaded a few songs, nothing big04:50
Unit193du -xk | sort -n | tail -20    That'll show you the 20 biggest dirs on the filesystem.04:51
Psykusgrr, had an awesome look going on my old xubuntu install, now can't remember what themes I used, though I have a screenshot. really should have backed things up04:54
Unit193Heh, that's typically a good idea, though now you have to look for ones that work with GTK2 and GTK3.04:55
Unit193Not much I can say other than "Looks great", and "Did you check xfce-look and gnome-look?"04:57
Psykusit might be atolm with a different window decoration...yeah i'm looking around now04:57
Unit193Fri, 04 May 2012 00:57:49 -040004:57
Unit193Woops, wrong button. >_>04:57
foobArrrwhy is there "Greybird" and "greybird" in my theme list?05:08
Unit193One is a symlink to be compatible with upgrades.05:09
Unit193ls -l /usr/share/themes |grep -i greybird05:10
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Jonne_anyone know how to properly get compiz to autostart with the session? i put it both in xfce4-session.xml and application startup, but it still won't start with it enabled half the time06:47
Kingsyguys, I am having a weird problem. A windows width is stuck at the width of the screen. I can resize the window vertically.. but horizontally it just wont move.. anyone had this before?08:20
xuserxcan anyone help me ? i want to use ubuntu customization kit to remaster a xubuntu12.04 .iso but i have the same error >>>>Failed to copy resolv.conf, error=108:39
xuserxdoes anyone know how can i fix that error?08:40
xuserxplease help me08:40
xuserxany ideas?08:41
xuserxthis is the build.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/966443/08:42
xuserxcan you help me?08:44
xuserxcan you help me?08:54
mips1911sorry, no idea08:55
xuserxi tried uck 2.4.6 but the same error08:56
xuserx2.4.6 svn08:57
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malvdoes anyone know how to fix right click slowness issues?10:43
malvnm, figured it out10:44
* taxman smashes malv's head with a super fast pendrive10:45
scarecrowhey guys, i have a trouble running compiz+emerald on xubuntu 12.04. Windows decoration doesn't work, can i fix that?11:08
ochosiscarecrow: i think emerald is quite a dead project11:10
ochosiscarecrow: apart from that, you can try to set /usr/bin/emerald (or whatever the command was) in compizconfig-settingsmanager (or whatever it's called) in the window-decoration setting11:11
ochosiscarecrow: or just try alt+f2 "emerald --replace"11:11
scarecrowi tried that, no success, i will try the first one, the interesting think is that working on 11.1011:12
ochosias i said, it's a dead project, so there are a gazillion possible reasons for it to stop working11:12
ochosicompiz otoh is actively developed for ubuntu11:12
ochosiyou can also try to use metacity instead11:13
ochosi(our default theme has both, emerald and metacity support)11:13
aquixso I can use metacity to get compiz working with xfce?11:16
scarecrowthanks ochosi, i will try now11:16
ochosiaquix: yes (or compiz-gnome, as the package is called, iirc)11:17
ochosiscarecrow: good luck11:17
aquixhmm. I'll look into it. Compiled emerald and it's running fine. Thanks for the tip11:19
ochosiaquix: in my experience metacity is more stable than emerald, that's why i wouldn't recommend emerald to anyone11:23
aquixI'm a newcommer to xfce from mint 11 and was confused by using metacity with compiz, but it's a better solution. I know emerald is unsupported.11:25
aquixxubuntu 12.04 is such a sweet release. I have run it since it came out and are very impressed..11:29
aquixand I can't stop saying so :)11:29
Kingsyguys, I am having a weird problem. A windows width is stuck at the width of the screen. I can resize the window vertically.. but horizontally it just wont move.. anyone had this before?11:43
metalsI just downloaded Calibri font but it doesn't have any install button12:03
metalswhere can I add that?12:03
Myrtticopy it into your .fonts directory12:03
metalswhere is it?12:04
metalshow can I reach such folders?12:04
Myrttiit's in your homedirectory, it's a hidden directory12:05
drceither in /usr/share/fonts or ~/.fonts...to see the hidden dirs in thunar, CTRL H12:06
drcand probably you'll have to make the ~/.fonts, I don't think its there by default12:06
drcHINT:  It's NOT ~/.fontconfig :)12:07
metalsdrc: couldn't find it12:11
drcmetals: couldn't find which one?12:11
VoveriusIt's possible to install XFCE 4.10 on Xubuntu 12.04?12:11
metalsdrc: the folder12:11
drc<which> folder?  The one in /usr/fonts or the home directory?12:12
metalsI found Home12:12
mips1911Voverius, soon the packages are still building, 9 left to go12:12
metalsbut not /usr and stuff12:12
drcmips1911: Still in the holding pattern on the install?  :)12:13
mips1911Voverius, https://launchpad.net/~mrpouit/+archive/ppa once all thepackages are finished building12:13
mips1911drc, yip and keeping an eye on those package builds12:13
metalsdrc: can't I just search that?12:13
drcmetals: Read my earlier post...You'll have to make the .folder in the home directory12:13
drcopps .fonts folder12:14
mips1911ooh, 6 packages to go!12:17
drcso...tomorrow ? -)12:17
aquixmetals, make a folder called    .fonts  in your home directory, if you don't have it alreaduy .. then run this command in the terminal          sudo fc-cache -fv12:18
drcmetals: Have you made the new folder?12:18
mips1911noooo, xfwm failed to build12:19
metalsdrc: yeah, and I pasted the fonts there12:19
metalsdrc: I can see that in the word processor12:19
drcso...the font works for you?12:20
aquixmetals, in terminal to refresh the fonts                 sudo fc-cache -fv12:20
metalsdrc: thanks, yeh12:20
metalsaquix: thanks12:20
metalsaquix: I did that in the Terminal12:20
drcThe Mission Accomplished...it's Miller Time (tm)12:21
aquixthen the font should show up.12:21
drcaquix: it did :)12:21
aquixthats a good thing :)12:21
metalsone other thing12:21
metalsI want Persian as well12:21
metalsI mean Layout12:22
aquixa rug?12:22
metalsno, cat :)12:22
aquixa rug?:)12:22
metalsKeyboard layout12:22
drctoo much hair, gets in the keyboard12:22
metalscool people here12:22
metalsI can't find it in the Control Panel12:23
aquixI know little about keyboard layouts, but it should be in settings12:23
drcI'm ignorant as well12:24
aquixyeah, it's in the settings under keyboard. I use english for the system but have a norwegian keyboard layout, but I set it during install and haven't really thought about it.12:26
metalsfound it12:26
metalsfirst Kubuntu12:26
metalsthen Ubuntu12:26
metalsand today Xubuntu12:27
metalsXubuntu seems good12:27
metalsbetter than Ubuntu12:27
drcCan't make up your mind?12:27
aquixit is. I came from mint 1112:27
aquixas long as it's a buntu :P12:27
metalsUbuntu wouldn't go on Stand By12:27
metalsI was on Mint Lisa as well12:27
metalsLisa is classy but... weak12:28
metalsI am very new to Linux12:28
drcmetals: 12.04 'buntus all have hibernation disabled by default, if that's what you meant12:28
metalsI was Microsoft's slave for a ong ime12:28
aquixyeah. xfce is my saviour as a gnome 2 refugee :)12:28
metalsStand By12:28
drcah, that should work12:29
metalsSuspend ya may say12:29
metalsit would turn off for a second and would come back12:29
aquix3 choises I think. suspend, hibernate and turning of the screen.12:30
slim_hello all, i have 2 language installed but i can' find how to enable language input switcher, ?12:32
slim_i'm using xubuntu 12.0412:32
metalsslim_ have ya restarted your machine afterwards?12:34
slim_metals: not yet i try now12:36
metalsStanding By12:36
aquixhave I said I love xubuntu 12.04 lately?12:38
aquixawesome release12:38
drcit'll do....12:39
metals_it doesn't suspend on Xubumtu as well12:41
drcit's your machine/setup...works on mine12:42
metalsI have a deasktop12:42
metalsworked well on Kubuntu12:42
metalsnor on Ubuntu nor this12:42
Kingsyguys, I am having a weird problem. A windows width is stuck at the width of the screen. I can resize the window vertically.. but horizontally it just wont move.. anyone had this before?12:51
aquixKingsy, no idea. do you run compiz btw?12:55
Kingsyaquix: nope12:56
aquixit's weird alright. I have noe idea how to fix it.12:56
aquixKingsy, ever watched the tv serie Kings?12:57
aquixit's a good show. well worth a watch.12:58
starn have they fixed gstreamer in 12.04 yet?13:27
craigbass1976I had a lucid to precise upgrade go terribly wrong yesterday.  After a reinstall, I'm almost back up.  How the blazes to I get a custom app launcher (it's going to point at a shell script) into a panel?13:56
craigbass1976Wizard, Hey!14:02
Wizardcraigbass1976: Rigth click on a panel, select "Launcher"14:03
craigbass1976Are you saying that's how to add the launcher I'm after?14:03
WizardIt is possible to choose existing (system provided) one, or create your own.14:04
WizardAnd thanks for warning, I was considering updating lucid → precise today.14:04
craigbass1976Wizard, it might go fine for you.  I find that over the course of an Ubuntu instance, I end up having to grab stuff from other repos and I imagine one of those is what blew me out of the water.  I do have this nice fresh feeling now, like from a fabric softener commercial, since the incident.  :)14:05
Wizardcraigbass1976: I have ubuntu/powerpc here, Xubuntu doesn't even provide images for ppc.14:06
WizardSo I'm a bit affraid.14:06
WizardOK, lunch, brb.14:07
xubuntu735hi how can i upgrade trough command line from 10.04 to 12.04? thx14:12
drcxubuntu735: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes14:17
drcactually https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades is more precise :)14:19
drcI can't find anything Xubuntu specific for LTS upgrading, but as the underlying system is Ubuntu, the general cavaets listed in the above link should help14:24
drcespecially " It is generally recommended that users of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS wait until the first point release, due in July, before upgrading. ?14:26
xubuntu735i have great problem with visual upgrade (it chashes and does not start) so my solution is to use commmand line? which?14:28
koegsxubuntu735: do-release-upgrade14:38
xubuntu735 do-release-upgrade Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/bin/do-release-upgrade", line 10, in <module>     from UpdateManager.Core.DistUpgradeFetcherCore import DistUpgradeFetcherCore   File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/UpdateManager/Core/DistUpgradeFetcherCore.py", line 27, in <module>     import tarfile ValueError: bad marshal data14:38
xubuntu735at line 27 import tarfile14:40
xubuntu735any solutions14:58
xubuntu735any other solutions?14:59
holsteinxubuntu735: a fresh install is always a solution.. i would try from the command line15:00
aquixis there a ppa for xfce?15:10
babbleaquix: there is - I'll find it for you, or I have built packages on Sourceforge15:31
babblehere's Lionel Le Folgolc's PPA: https://launchpad.net/~mrpouit/+archive/ppa15:33
babbleMy builds are here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/babble777.u/files/xfce-4.10-daily/15:33
aquixbrilliant.   thanks15:35
babbleaquix: if you want, mine install everything in /usr/local so you can easily roll back to the official ubuntu packages by just uninstalling one package (mine)15:37
aquixhow about https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/xfce-4.1015:38
babblethat will be official when the builds actually finish15:39
babbleif you look, there aren't any published packages there yet15:39
aquixyeah, saw that. I'll try one of yours. thanks15:40
babble(It may be that Lionel's source packages are different from whatever the Xubuntu dev team is doing, so changes will need to get rolled in before the dev team ppa actually publishes anything)15:40
babblein my build series, the amd64/i386 packages marked FINAL are the release code.15:41
babble(I probably need to go in and clean up the daily builds at some point)15:42
tehmolehi, everyone15:55
babblehi tehmole15:58
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Marzatahow do you add ntp servers in xubuntu 12.04?16:33
drcI don't see a gui for it, but I expect you could just edit /etc/ntp.conf16:42
drchttps://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/NTP.html  it's an oldie but a goodie16:45
Marzatathere was a gui for that in 11.1016:46
drcdunno, I just did a quick check, couldn't find it, so....16:47
drcthere is a gui to <use> ntp, but you can't set the servers there.16:48
bzolt4nHi! I wold like to ask for help, my touchpad doesn't work in Xubuntu 12.04, but it works is Ubuntu 12.04. I looked for everywhere to solve the problem, but not found.16:48
Sysibzolt4n: doesn't work at all or doesn't behave as it should?16:49
bzolt4ndoesn't work16:50
bzolt4ni try to enable and disable in setting, not help16:50
bzolt4ni try to pull out my usb mouse, then restart, but not workin too16:50
Sysitry running "synclient TouchpadOff=0" in terminal16:50
Sysidoes it work?16:52
bzolt4nno :(16:52
bzolt4nin the mouse settings, I see PS/2 Synaptics TouchPad, i don't know it is helpful16:53
drcbzolt4n: You didn't set anything in Removable Drivers and Media>Input Devices >Mice did you ?16:54
drcbut if sysi's command didn't work, I'm stumped16:55
bzolt4nNo i didn't set anyhing16:57
drcbzolt4n: that PS/2 Synaptics Touchpad is enabled/checked isn't it?16:58
bzolt4nyes, it is enabled16:58
bzolt4ni tried to disable/enable maybe it will work, but nothing happend16:59
bzolt4ni don't undestand why works in ubuntu, and not in xubuntu16:59
drcbut if sysi's command didn't work, I'm stumped (redux :)16:59
bzolt4nbut i thank you try to help :)17:01
Sysibzolt4n: does "lsmod | grep synaptics" give any output?17:01
Sysihrm, actually evdev is used now17:01
cowskullCould anyone please help me, I just installed xubuntu and cannot detect one of my hard drives17:02
bzolt4nI inserted and nothing happend17:02
draimusI have a tech question.  Just insalled Xubuntu 12.04 on an office system (corporate lan w/ primarily windows domains).  I cannot get thunar or gigolo to connect to any windows shares.  I just get the user/domain/password dialog over and over.  Works fine from my Ubuntu 11.04 install.  Any suggestions?17:24
draimusfor clarification I am switching from an old Ubuntu to the latest Xubuntu.17:24
holsteindraimus: what are the errors in gigolo?17:27
holsteinsounds like permissions to me17:27
draimusI don't get an error.  Just the dialog over and over until I cancel.17:27
holsteinmight need smbclient17:28
holsteini would refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/SambaClientGuide ..see if you can get some error output17:29
draimussmbclient is installed (I'm guessing it was installed during OS install)17:29
holsteindraimus: i would mount the share in the commandline and report errors17:31
draimusAfter installing cifs-utils I can do a mount -t cifs just fine.  GUI method still doesn't work (gvfs?)17:32
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arpad2on my pc since 12.04 starting Playonlinux gives crash report19:25
RestringereI have a technical question19:58
RestringereI have a Dell Vostro 1500, Dual Core Intel 2.0 ghz, 2 Gigs of DDR2 ram and plenty of hard drive and Geforce 8400M GS mobile chipset.19:59
RestringereHowever Ubuntu 12.04 running Xubuntu is very slow, the graphics are jerky19:59
RestringereFor example, when I highlight things in a web browser there is a lag and this lag and jerkiness happens everywhere20:00
Restringeremy Memory usage never really exceeds 40-60% even running tons of Chromium windows and having LibreOffice and a movie playing etc...20:01
RestringereBut the graphics are jerky and slow20:01
RestringereI have the Proprietary nVidia X-Server drivers, the latest version..20:01
RestringereWhat should I do to improve the responsiveness of the desktop?20:01
RestringereCan I scale back some XFCE graphics, how can I bring it to a bare minimum level and tweak things to get it just right?20:02
RestringereWould getting more Ram help?  Like to 4 Gigs?20:02
RestringereI dont have any of these problems using Windows XP...20:03
RestringereAny suggestions, help???20:03
RestringereExpert opinions?20:03
GridCubeRestringere, sadly video drivers for linux aint that goo20:03
GridCubeyou could, a) try other drivers20:04
RestringereCan I install the latest nVidia Linux drivers?20:04
GridCubeRestringere, yes20:04
GridCubeyou could b) try disabling composing20:04
GridCubeRestringere, go to the nvidia page and search for the latest linux drivers, they have a how to20:04
RestringereWould increasing RAM help?20:05
RestringereMoving to 64 Bit Linux?20:05
Sysivery probably not20:06
RestringereThats why the new GIMP 2.8 is all funky on me?20:06
RestringereLike all the lags, its just the Drivers for Video?20:06
GridCubemaybe no, i dont know20:07
GridCubebut very probably, yes20:07
RestringereOk, how to I roll back if things get screwed up?20:08
RestringereJust run the basic Canonical drivers again?20:08
Restringerefrom the "Extra Drivers" dialog?20:08
GridCubeyes, or you can delete xorg.conf form /etc/X1120:09
GridCubethat would revert things to generic drivers20:09
RestringereGoing to try then returning back to the room in 10 mins20:10
Restringerewish me luck20:10
autif1is there a transparent cursor theme for ubuntu (for touchscreens for example)20:18
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RestringereNothing happened20:18
autifonce more with the right nick20:18
autifis there a transparent cursor theme for ubuntu (for touchscreens for example)20:18
Restringereran the nvidia drivers with "sh ./ driverbinaryname"20:19
Restringereand nothing happened20:19
Restringerechanged it to executable and everything20:19
GridCubeRestringere, you need to run it from a tty with no X running20:20
GridCubeautif, this should work http://gnome-look.org/?xcontentmode=3620:23
GridCubenotice the should20:23
nexinarusSo im doing a distribution upgrade to 12.04 and during the 'installing the upgrades' part it's stalled for about 2 hours on "ttf-mscorefonts-installer: downloading http://downloads.sourceforge.net/corefonts/trebuc32.exe" (300kb file), what should I do?20:24
GridCubehit the skip button20:25
nexinarusunfortunately theres no skip button20:25
nexinarusif I push ctrl+c on the console it says "this will abort the operation and may leave the system in a broken state. Are you sure?". bit of a gamble hah20:27
GridCubethats weird, it should just cancel the current process, thats why the skip button20:27
GridCubeyou could... unplug your internet and the download should fail20:27
nexinarusooh good point!20:28
GridCubebut then everything else should also fail20:28
GridCubeif you are doing an upgrade from the internet20:28
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!20:28
autifGridCube thanks!20:28
nexinarushmm so ctrl+c or turn off net.. hmm20:29
GridCube:) found a nice one autif20:29
Phips-thx ^^20:29
GridCubenexinarus, dont know20:29
nexinarusah ill try net option.. here goes nothing20:29
autifGridCube: I did not, but it is a good resource - I just need to figure out how to disable the icons at startup - completely - these themes make the icons looks like something or another20:30
GridCubeautif, you mean desktop icons?20:30
Phips-I have a question: when I want to install xubuntu as second OS. Is that only able with booting a live CD or can I do tht like the normal ubuntu, like a programm?20:31
GridCubeyou can disable them from the desktop configuration, last tab is icons (first one is wallpapers), there you disable your icons, i like to keep the live media icons on, because if no live media in the computer they dont show, and if i plug a pendrive it shows an icon there :D20:31
GridCubePhips-, you can do wubi installs aswell20:32
Phips-and what is that o.O :d20:32
GridCubebut keep in mind that NO ONE did wubi tests on xubuntu that we know off, it should work just like ubuntu does, but we don't know20:32
GridCube!wubi | Phips-20:32
ubottuPhips-: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe20:33
knomeGridCube, we did whole 4 wubi tests for 12.04 ;)20:33
GridCube4! AMAZING!20:33
Unit193I'd not recommend that in general, ever. :P20:33
knomeiirc 2 for alpha2 and 2 for final20:33
Phips-thx for links ^^20:33
nexinarus1ah crap disabling net & hitting ctrl+c failed lol, both did nothing dangit20:33
GridCubenexinarus1, :(20:33
nexinarus1i installed xubuntu with wubi, works sweet20:34
GridCubei don't know then, id recommend you to do a clean install20:34
nexinarus1cheers GridCube20:35
GridCube:) good luck nexinarus120:35
Phips-ehy, the "wubi" works at Win-XP station?20:41
Phips-oh I have it ^^20:42
martianHey folks, thinking of making the switch to xfce as it seems my old ubuntu 11.04 desktop isn't getting nice updates like gimp 1.820:43
martianSo how do you install a theme in this thing?20:43
martianJust copy to ~/.themes?20:43
martian#whydidIevenask :)20:44
SpiKe_Spiegeland then you select the appropriate theme in the Xfce parameters20:44
Phips-when I install this: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/windows-installer is that the 64-bit version?20:45
SpiKe_SpiegelHowever, I'm not sure that Gimp 2.8 will be in Ubunt 12.04 repos20:45
* GridCube knows that unity themes need a special programs and tinkering with the system because "theming" is not supported20:45
GridCube!info gimp20:45
ubottugimp (source: gimp): The GNU Image Manipulation Program. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.12-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 4611 kB, installed size 12814 kB20:45
Phips-GridCube: @ me or @ martian? :)20:46
martianSpiKe_Spiegel: well, it's in the unofficial (webupd8) repos but only for 12.x... it's more of a matter that the times are changing and it's a sign that I should look in to my next UI20:47
martianI can't handle unity :-P20:47
SpiKe_Spiegelmartian, so Xfce is a good choice ^^20:47
GridCubePhips-, I have literally no idea of how wubi works20:47
martianSpiKe_Spiegel: I've always liked it; just never had a reason to bother switching20:48
Phips-GridCube: ok ^^20:48
GridCubebut if i have to guess, ill say that you cant run linux amd64 if you are not running windows amd6420:48
GridCubebut really don't know20:49
Phips-mh ^^20:49
GridCubeill recommend you to do a clean install20:49
Phips-with the CD?20:49
GridCubeit can install alongside windows fairly easy20:49
GridCubeyes Phips-20:49
GridCubeor a pendrive20:49
GridCubei havent burn cds in a long time :P20:50
EvilResistancewhat's the default mail application in xubuntu?20:50
Phips-GridCube: ok thx for help ^^20:50
Phips-Thunderbird, and is that right that you use conqueror as brwoser?20:51
autifGridCube: yes, I meant desktop icons. It seems like I need to run xsetroot -cursor someting something from somewhere in the X startup - I just can;t get where - if I sleep 30 seconds and then start - everything is just fine20:51
GridCubeare you not using xfce?20:52
autifI am20:52
autifbut I think this is at a lower level - at X's level20:52
autifso, I do not need themese20:52
autifor I need transparent theme - which does not seem to exist20:53
autiffor a touchscreen20:53
autifthis is the next best thing20:53
Phips-wish you good day, see you soon bye20:55
starnwhy are my youtube videos blue tinted? like people are blue?21:09
GridCubestarn, because of hardware acceletarion21:11
Sysiright click -> settings -> uncheck hardware acceleration21:11
GridCubedisable it21:11
Sysibecause flash sucks21:11
GridCubebecause video drivers for linux sucks too21:12
starnsure it's not ffmepg stuff? and Sysi flash does suck haha21:12
GridCubestarn, no, its just flash21:12
GridCubeand video drivers21:12
starni remember having this issue april 1 and fixed it.. not fully sure how.. i think i had to do something with gstreamer or ffmepg21:12
* GridCube shrugs21:13
starnbe right back switching OS's..21:13
t0rx__Anyone know the PPA for the mainline kernel on 12.04 to update to 3.3.4 via apt-get?21:15
GridCube!kernel | t0rx__21:16
ubottut0rx__: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)21:16
drc This Smurfiness is funny...on the same hardware with the same nvidia driver, I get it with slackware/salix and fedora but not with X/Ubuntu, debian or Linux Mint.21:16
GridCubeja, i got it in this machine21:17
t0rx__ubottu: my video card has drivers that are in the 3.3.4 kernel but not enabled by default.  Thus I need to recompile with them enabled.  So I'm guessing I need to get the ubuntu 3.3.4 NOT the kernel.org version?21:18
ubottut0rx__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:18
starnhmm.. can't remember what i did to fix blue youtube videos.. i use chrome.. and i am pretty sure it had to do with unofficial flash stuff... for my computer will not let me select or deselect hardware acc.21:56
starnlike under settings for flash the menu buttons don't work i can't click them i can tab through them but it wont let me use space or enter to select them it lets me use enter to close though.21:57
starnfixed it!! it was mplayer / libvdpau122:02
Sysivdpau is the thingy doing hw-acceleration22:03
starnso to fix blue smurf people on youtube just remove mplayer and libvdpau122:03
knomeor use the html5 version?22:04
starnit was acting up in html5 even.22:04
Sysireally funky drivers22:05
starnindeed. i have nvidia..  i've been in html5 trail for awhile..22:05
starni've noticed some videos force me to use flash though. what up with that22:06
Sysisome videos are just not available in html5(webm/h264/something)22:07
starnah well i fixed my issue. i don't see why mplayer would effect chrome and flash videos.22:07
starnholy crap.. i even fixed my musictube problem.. o.O huh welp i'm done for the day.22:08
RestringelThis is the guy with the Vostro 1500 trouble22:11
RestringelI found an interesting solution22:11
starnnow than i tried to use compiz w/e for 3d desktop.. and now i'm unable to log into my normal desktop. any suggestions?22:11
RestringelTo speed things up - as a result of very buggy Nvidia drivers - I dropped the color bit depth to 56K, turned off advanced GPU features and22:12
RestringelWow, it works better, less jittery22:12
RestringelI'll probably have to wait until 12.10 to see massive improvements22:12
RestringelAnyone have anymore Nvidia related performance tweaks?22:14
xubuntu433hi, is there a way to change/switch my keyboard layout in us,greek and vise versa?22:36
GridCubexubuntu433, theres a keyboard switch button for the panel, if its not there already you might have to install xfce goodies22:40
LiquidBluesI'm having a problem getting Xubuntu 12.04 to boot from CD or USB.  Is there a way to start the install from the OS already on it?22:41
GridCubei dont understand22:41
LiquidBluesI've made a CD-ROM and it won't boot into the install.  Same for USB.22:42
LiquidBluesSo, just trying to find a way around it.22:42
xubuntu433found it, thank you very much!22:42
knomeLiquidBlues, it's possible, but you can't install to the same partition you are running from22:42
LiquidBluesYeah, that makes sense.22:42
GridCubeLiquidBlues, you can try the alternate cd22:42
LiquidBluesGridCube: What does that do for me?22:42
GridCubeit doesnt load a graphical interface and its faster22:43
LiquidBluesSounds promising.22:43
LiquidBluesSo, how do I select the options that come with the GUI install?22:43
GridCubeno, you need the alternate ISO22:44
LiquidBluesRight.  So, I download and burn that.22:45
LiquidBluesBut the regular iso gives me install options on the gui.22:45
LiquidBluesAnd you're saying I don't have those on the alternate.22:45
GridCubeLiquidBlues, you have all the same options, just not graphically, textually22:46
LiquidBluesAh, okay.  Grand idea.22:46
LiquidBluesI'll give it a whirl.22:46
* GridCube thinks he really has to make his alternate tutorial22:46
LiquidBluesYeah!  What the hell?22:47
Viva_CaligulaI jus installed the latest xubuntu and I can't login normally22:59
Viva_Caligulathe splash displays, but there's a gray square where the login prompt should be23:00
Viva_CaligulaI'm connected with irssi running in a root shell right now23:01
Viva_Caligulaannybody know how to fix the login manager?23:01
pleia2Viva_Caligula: fresh install, or an upgrade?23:02
Viva_Caligulafresh install23:02
pleia2hmm, haven't seen that one before23:02
Viva_CaligulaI tried versions before the current one, but after karmic, and the supported ones refuse to install23:03
Viva_CaligulaI have a dual boot with karmic atm (old install), bu they don't share a /home23:03
Viva_Caligularunning dpkg didn't help23:05
pleia2I'm not finding much, but as a datapoint it's using lightdm as the login manager, so that may help find some clues23:05
pleia2Viva_Caligula: maybe take a look at /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log23:05
Viva_Caligulathe system is borderline unresponsive when started normally23:06
Viva_Caligulait responds to the mouse jerkily with up to 5 seconds of delay, and won't shut down, or bring a terminal up23:06
Viva_Caligulapleia2: is nano installed by default?23:07
pleia2Viva_Caligula: yep, or vi23:07
pleia2(er, I think vi..)23:07
knomei think nano is ;)23:07
knomeat least..23:07
knomeand it gives me less shivers23:07
Viva_Caligulahmm, since I'm in a root shell, I don't think I can switch terminal windows23:08
Viva_Caligulaalt + f<number> just gives a black screen23:08
* nanotube >_>23:08
Viva_CaligulaI have to dc to look at the file, anything in particular I should look for?23:09
pleia2warnings, errors23:11
pleia2start at the bottom23:11
Viva_Caligulaokay, brb23:11
Viva_NeroI see some stuff about shutting down and sigterm, after a gap in the timestamps, but I think that's from me having to force a hrad shutdown23:18
Viva_Neroother than that, nothing seems out of place23:19
Marzataany plans for xfce 4.10 ppa?23:23
Marzataor an update?23:23
muzzolwhich notify system is used by xubuntu?23:24
muzzolis compatible with 'notify-send' command?23:24
xubuntu708I need some help with my xubuntu 12.0423:24
Unit193muzzol: xcfe4-notifyd23:25
xubuntu708what do u mean23:25
muzzoli user notify-send to show some messages23:26
xubuntu708were do i have to ask some help regarding my update of 12.023:26
muzzoland i would like to know if xubuntu system is compatible with that command23:26
knomexubuntu708, here.23:26
Unit193muzzol: I use it with irssi.23:27
muzzolok, thanks Unit19323:27
LiquidBluesI have an exciting new problem!23:27
LiquidBluesI'm using the alternate cd23:28
LiquidBluesIt gets me to the "Install Xubuntu" prompt.23:29
LiquidBluesI select it and then the screen goes black and, after a bit, the CD stops spinning.23:30
Punk_Unityim having trouble installing themes from xfce-look.org23:37
Unit193What are you doing with them?23:41
Punk_Unitytryign to download them and install them23:42
Punk_Unityim running precise23:43
Viva_NeroOkay, running the irc client on a different computer now, so I'm free to mess with the broken install23:43
Unit193Punk_Unity: So you just don't know how? Alright, make a dir in your home folder named .themes23:43
ubottuTo change your theme in Xubuntu, go to Settings Manager » Appearance (GTK+ theme) or Settings Manager » Window Manager (xfwm4 theme) to change the theme - find more themes at http://xfce-look.org/ or http://gnome-look.org/ (for GTK+ themes)23:43
Punk_Unityi did that23:45
Punk_Unitybut there arent any i really like in stock format23:45
Punk_Unityi go to that site and download them, extract them... and i dotn see the new ones in settings23:45
Punk_Unityim also running compiz23:45
Punk_Unityi added the folder .themes to my home folder23:46
Punk_Unitybut i dont see it23:46
Viva_NeroI've not figured out my login troubles yet23:47
Unit193It's hidden, did you open Appearance in the settings manager? I don't know where themes would mesh with compiz.23:47
Viva_Neroit'll boot to a splash, but where the login prompt should be is a gray square, and the system goes near-unresponsive23:47
Punk_Unityjust wanted to let you know what i had going on, thanks... let me get into settigns manager, 1 sec23:48
Viva_Nerolightdm's log file didn't have anything that stood out23:48
Punk_Unityok, im in Appearance23:48
Punk_Unityi dont see any of the themes that i downloaded23:49
Punk_Unitylike orta, and so on23:49
=== Unit193 is now known as TheMaster
Punk_Unityok, i see the .Themes folder now23:51
Punk_Unityshould i extract the tar.gz files into that folder?23:51
TheMasterHas to be '.themes'23:51
Viva_Nerois there a different login manager I can install/set as the default?23:52
Punk_Unityactually its a zip file23:52
Punk_Unityits .themes sorry23:52
TheMasterViva_Nero: Yep, you can use whatever you want, GDM, slim, lightdm, LXDM, etc.23:52
Viva_Nerowhat did jaunty use?23:52
Viva_NeroI prefer having to type out the username as well as the pass23:52
TheMasterSlim and LXDM need that, and I *think* you can get that in LightDM.23:53
Viva_Nerowikipedia says lightdm is used for 11.10 onward, not for sure what was used before23:55
TheMasterGDM was.23:55
Punk_Unityok, so if i download the orta zip file... what should i do next?23:56
Punk_Unityfrom xfce-look.org23:56
Viva_Neroif I just do apt-get install GDM from a root shell, will it install and load instead of lightdm?23:57
TheMasterFor me it works to extract it to .themes.23:57
TheMasterViva_Nero: It'll ask what you want to use as default.23:57
Viva_Nerorebooting it, one sec23:59

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