ok2cqris there any way how to force lanuchpad to rebuild packages which have been builded successfully?15:07
soaringskyok2cqr: what is the reason?15:07
ok2cqrI uploaded to repo Lazarus and freepascal15:09
ok2cqrand didn't realize  that lazarus must be rebuilded after new fpc is builded15:09
ok2cqrso all packages are builind right now and my Lazarus will be builded with older fpc15:10
ok2cqrbecause newer version is currently building15:10
soaringskyok2cqr: wait for the other builds first15:11
soaringskyok2cqr: then upload again with a higher version number15:12
ok2cqryes, I know but I already uploaded all packages :(15:12
ok2cqrthat is what I didn't want to do :-(15:12
soaringskyok2cqr: otherwise delete and reupload everything15:13
ok2cqrsoaringsky, OK, I'll try. Thank you!15:21

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