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njinHello, is right it detect it as eth1 ?10:21
njin[    4.711204] eth1: Broadcom BCM4328 802.11 Hybrid Wireless Controller
lilstevienjin: this is on an arm device yes?10:22
lilstevienjin: in any case yes, it normally detects as eth1 if you need it to show up as wlanX when loading the module specify iface_name=wlanX10:23
njinlilstevie: thanks10:24
Juzami have a fresh installation of precise. my system is idle ("no" cpu usage, io) but with the precise kernel my system load is between 0.3 and 1. with the natty & oneiric kernel everything seems ok. the system load is around 0 when idle. any ideas what is causing the high load?13:02
ohsixyou can use perf top to see what's going on with the idle, the paradoxical observation is though; if your machine is really idle, and the kernel can put the cpu into one of the deep cpu sleep modes more often, you will have relatively "high" cpu usage when idle13:15
Juzamcan disable the deep cpu sleep modes to test this?13:31
ohsixset the governor to performance13:31
ohsixbut powertop can tell you the residency for all the sleep modes13:31
Juzamhmm seems to stay around 113:35
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ailoWhere can I edit boot parameters in the source? I'm probably asking the wrong question, since it's so hard to find info searching the web19:01
ailoI'd like to know where for instance the threadirqs boot option can be enabled/disabled19:01
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dileksLinux v3.4-rc6 released22:27

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