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OmNomDePlumeAlanBell, my Welsh friend.00:19
OmNomDePlumeAre you following the snooker?00:19
ali1234why does vlc have an indicator?00:23
ali1234and when they were designing it, why did they think it would be a good idea to include a control for playback speed?00:24
gordi would assume vlc has an indicator because it had a system tray icon00:54
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AlanBellwell I think I have stayed up long enough now02:38
* Laney phases back in02:55
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Knightwisemorning everyone06:45
MartijnVdShowdy, Knightwise06:48
popey  morning06:57
MartijnVdSevening popey06:57
Knightwisepopey: Can i book you for an interview on a wednesday evening ?07:03
KnightwiseI've been chasing and staling you for quite some time :p07:03
Knightwisehey MartijnVdS good morning07:03
popeyKnightwise: hey, tricky, i am in oakland, so evening for you is daytime for me07:11
Knightwisei was thinking somewhere wednesday , in two weeks ,07:28
popeyoh sorry07:28
popeythought you meant this wednesday07:29
popeyand now bed07:29
Knightwisehow about :  Sunday the 13th at 9am07:29
KnightwiseWednesday the 23rd between 1900 and 2200 hours (i'm gmt plus 1)07:30
matttpretty interesting blog post: http://me.veekun.com/blog/2012/05/05/python-faq-webdev/09:20
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:35
jacobwgood morning brobostigon09:43
brobostigongood morning jacobw09:43
* jacobw is digesting this week's political occurances09:45
brobostigonthe start of the con-dem downfall, yes.09:45
jacobwi was distressed by seeing a link of google news to a telegraph article entitled 'how boris johnson could become to next conservative prime minister'09:46
brobostigonthat would be funny, him pm.09:47
SuperEngineeror as Mark Shuttlewoth said: "We know that we are sort of dancing naked through a minefield and there are much bigger institutions driving tanks through,"09:47
jacobwi was like, 'what?! i've been out of the UK for a few days, what's happening?!'09:47
tsimpsonboris would never become PM, we only take a joke so far ;)09:47
brobostigonyeah :)09:48
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matttthat'd be downright scary :(10:27
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matttboris being PM is a bit like GWB being president10:27
matttand no one needs to see that again10:27
jacobwit would be embarrassing10:32
gordonjcphow do I get the thing that lets me enter a path up, in the file viewer in 12.04?10:45
ali1234press ctrl-l10:54
gordonjcpali1234: ah, thanks10:55
gordonjcpit's annoying that the thing on the toolbar is gone10:55
jacobwi like it11:41
AlanBellmorning all11:49
Flashtekwhat an annoying buglet that was..12:17
Flashtekkernel issue stopped my WiFi from working... which meant I was unable to upgrade the kernel via WiFi to fix the problem to get WiFi working to upgrade to fix the problem to......12:18
Flashtekgood job I have ethernet available on this laptop too...12:18
Flashtekhey maddog32013:01
ali1234considering that was only fixed yesterday, why can't i reproduce it in ubuntu?13:03
maddog320hi all13:11
gordonjcpchristel: happy birthday, btw!13:18
Neoti_Laptophello all.... been a while.. hows peeps13:35
* SuperEngineer breathes deep sigh of relief -after yonks of me asking "why not" - my sister has just "converted" her netbook to Ubuntu14:03
SuperEngineer ...next stop -the desktop pooter14:04
* SuperEngineer develops evil plan14:04
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SuperEngineerssshhhhhh .... gosh - the channel is quiet today15:19
* dogmatic69 bangs some pots15:21
* DJones lets off the fire alarm.... Everybody out15:21
SuperEngineerrun! oops - sorry - walk calmly to nearest exit15:22
SuperEngineerhttp://www.bbc.com/news/technology-17916879   BBC short interview with Mark Shuttleworth - good reading15:24
SuperEngineerbut don't read it till you've calmly waled to nearest exit & left the building15:29
currymonsterAnybody know how to change default boot entry in grub?15:58
tombroughpre grub 2 default =16:13
tombroughpost grub 2 set default =16:13
currymonstertombrough: where do i find the config file?16:13
tombroughif its ubuntu16:14
currymonsteryup it's ubuntu16:14
tombroughgood luck ;-)16:14
currymonsterdamm i cant figure it out16:19
DJonescurrymonster: I've not used this, just found it be searching, but sounds a fair bit simpler https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StartUpManager16:21
currymonsterDJones: thanks, i'll try that16:21
DJonesI can't seem to find it for 12.04 though16:22
yothsoggothPerhaps this will be helpful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Configuring_GRUB_216:23
SuperEngineerDJones: I used to use StartUpmanager a lobng time ago - till I found [the hard way] what happens when the original option you chose changed to a different image - system fail -reinstal grub from live Cd needed16:25
DJonesSuperEngineer: From what I can see, it went out of fashion when grub1 went of fashion16:26
SuperEngineerDJones: it certainly is out of fashion... I'm glad.16:27
SuperEngineerbut grub is still cool16:27
SuperEngineerdisclaimer - "other boot managers are available"16:28
Flashtektombrough = the tombrough I know from  #DCLUG ?16:29
* SuperEngineer is glad to hear it's not in 12.04 repsitory16:29
jacobwlilo is really old now16:38
moreatibut it's heavily patched, so it doesn't leak16:39
SuperEngineerHow to regain control of the panel's notification area in 12.04 http://imagebin.org/211313  ;)16:41
jacobwyes, there's a whitelist of applications that can display system tray icons16:48
SuperEngineerjacobw: [no white list needed] just dconf editor and 5 taps of a keyboeard ;)16:49
jacobwsystray-whitelist ['update-notifier','foo','bar']16:52
SuperEngineerdconf editor 'all'16:53
SuperEngineer'all' being added to correct key of course16:53
SuperEngineerhmmm... found a new bug in bug in 12.04 screen display - I can see it walking across screen now - its got wings as well!16:58
SuperEngineernew bug fixing method - blow at bug - it flies away ;)16:59
penguin42ah yes, a mobile ,17:00
SuperEngineercruel tricks time [popy's away in USA]... you post a single liner that says....17:06
SuperEngineerOMG - Minecraft's been bought by Microsoft  and closed down!17:06
* SuperEngineer sniggers17:06
penguin42OMG - Rhythmbox in QQ only plays Jonathan Cage17:07
SuperEngineer[yeh, cruel I know]17:07
SuperEngineerGoogle has blacklisted Mark Shuttleworth!17:08
SuperEngineer[or is that just too cruel for a popey to read when jetlag goes]17:09
DJonespopey: Like the photo you posted of a Quetzal on twitter17:10
DJonesAnd for all you Pi fans http://themagpi.wordpress.com/ popey TheOpenSourcerer  etc17:12
SuperEngineerAnd for allyou fans of good quotes [MarkShuttleworth in BBC News interview]....17:15
SuperEngineerWe know that we are sort of dancing naked through a minefield and there are much bigger institutions driving tanks through”17:15
DJonesSuperEngineer: I thought that was a wonderful line17:15
* SuperEngineer goes looking for a minefield - feels like doing some naked dancing17:16
* DJones passes the mind bleach around17:16
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arsenhere's an interesting one - anyone have any experience of setting up a webcam security system? like one or two webcams, hooked up to some simple ubuntu box, rsyncing images to a web server every min or something?17:45
DJonesarsen: I set up a live webcam using "motion" a few years back, that worked reasonably well, I didn't do any syncing to a webserver, but I hgad access via a web browser17:47
DJones!mn Star Wars - [The Clone Wars - Secret Missions 01] - Breakout Squad, by Ryder Windham (epub).rar17:48
lubotu3DJones: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:48
DJones!mn Star Wars - [The Clone Wars - Secret Missions 02] - Curse of the Black Hole Pirates, by Ryder Windham (epub).rarUgh17:48
lubotu3DJones: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:48
DJonesarsen: There's also this that may help http://popey.com/blog/2010/12/20/my-ubuntu-webcam-setup/17:48
arsenDJones   - yeah i read something about that17:49
arsenoh cool.17:49
DJonesThats the right cut & paste17:49
arsenbasically my parents are building a house, i fancied setting up a webcam to do security on site, and also for later on to do a timelapse video :)17:49
arsenthe site has internet, which is abnormal, so i figure some small machine (pogoplug or something?) plus a webcam or two, and rsync to my webserver for watching! :)17:49
DJonesSounds an interesting project17:51
arsenyeah, figure it could be fun17:51
arsenthere's a site office (a little pikey trailer..) with internet, gona see what i can whip up, get it setup and running and courier it to them to plug and go!17:52
DJonesHeh, sombody will probably point the camera in the onsite toilet :)17:53
arsengona get two, one facing the house so i can get criminals and a timelapse of the house going up17:53
arsenand one of the entrance :d17:54
arsenbe nice if i can goto the house's website and view its progress too.17:54
arsenlooks like popey has done exactly what i was aiming for.18:10
arsencould probably add an rsync / cron delete to clean up archived and ensure it's backed up elsewhere.18:11
arsenso now i need some hardware!18:13
SuperEngineerthe answer is not always in the bottom of a beer glass - sometimes it is! - drink plenty - you will eventually find that glass with the answer at the bottom ;-)18:25
arsenso a dreamplug and logitech c910 :D18:35
arsensounds cool.18:35
arsendreamplug is awesome, can deffo see some uses for that afterwards!18:35
SuperEngineer...but a Ubuntu glass is likely to have that answer at the bottomm of the 1st glass ;018:36
awilkinsAnyone else already getting flash content that refuses to play on the latest available Flash player?19:17
penguin42haven't seen any, but most of mine is youtube19:18
DJonesawilkins: have you got an example website19:20
awilkinsI also keep getting pages on the register downloading the SWF files instead of playing ads19:21
DJonesThat works for me19:21
TheOpenSourcererAnd me.19:21
penguin42fine here19:21
awilkinsOk, something is up then19:21
TheOpenSourcererEvening all vtw19:21
penguin42hmm, but is that using Flash for me?19:21
penguin42I'm not getting any right click menu on that19:22
TheOpenSourcererI am.19:22
TheOpenSourcererSays about Flash Player
DJonesI don't get a right click menu when in Chromium19:23
* TheOpenSourcerer is using Firefox19:23
* penguin42 is using Chromium19:24
DJonesswitching to firefox gives me the same right click menu19:24
penguin42I suspect it's using HTML5 rather than Flash19:24
DJonesBut version
penguin42yeh, same version here in ff19:25
DJonesI think I had an update earlier today19:26
SuperEngineerDear BBC Weather feed site: you cannot convince me it is currently: Sunday at 19:00 BST: sunny. 10°C (50°F).... I win - you loose20:05
DJonesSomewhere it'll be 10C and 1900 BST20:06
SuperEngineer..but 24 hrs ahead?!20:08
* SuperEngineer is pretending it's stll Saturday btw20:10
Monotokoit's okay, bank holiday tomorrow!20:10
SuperEngineer...but either way way- it aain't 19:00 - unless t'internet has *really* slowed down20:11
SuperEngineerMonotoko: if it's still Saturday - how can the bank hol be tomorrow?20:13
* SuperEngineer still wants it to still be yesterday20:13
SuperEngineer[makes the weekend last longer]20:14
matttSuperEngineer: what are you on about20:14
MonotokoSuperEngineer, ahhh fair point ;)20:14
MonotokoI once had a bug where my computer told me it was 105:3020:15
SuperEngineer...I'm gauging a "response" as to what might happen if, on Tuesady a.m., I decided to stay in bed & convince the boss that -he- is wrong, not me ;)20:16
matttlike that advert20:16
SuperEngineer...&so far - sounds promising20:16
matttwhere they weird the boss out, and send him home20:17
SuperEngineeryou got it!20:17
MonotokoTell no-one to turn up... then when he rings "You woke me up! This better be good, I'm having my Sunday morning lie in"20:19
SuperEngineerMonotoko: [anyone got a horse custume & near boss's addess? - that would do it!]20:20
SuperEngineerooo - well I never - just checked calendar & it's actually *Friday* evening20:25
* SuperEngineer wondewrs if that might be pushing luck too far... ;)20:25
penguin42SuperEngineer: You don't have the password to your ntp server do you?20:44
penguin42oops: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/apple-security-blunder-exposes-lion-login-passwords-in-clear-text/1196320:54
Monotokopenguin42, you read HN? :P20:57
DJonesbigcalm: Which one are you looking for20:58
DJones !ccsm only has an extra "s"20:59
lubotu3DJones: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:59
penguin42Monotoko: No, that one came via /.20:59
Monotokopenguin42, ahhh... it's at the top of HN at the moment as well XD21:00
lubotu3To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz21:01
bigcalmI need more than 4 workspaces21:01
* penguin42 always runs with 921:01
bigcalmI was told to look at that21:01
SuperEngineeron the assumption that tomorrow is Saturay ;21:04
SuperEngineer0 - i'll see yuz all tommorrow :021:05
DJonesbigcalm: That myunity does the job very simply21:05
bigcalmDJones: just installed, worked a treat. Thanks :)21:10
DJonesYou're welcome21:10
ali1234linking to arch linux documentation on ask ubuntu questions... lol21:14
awilkinsUgh, Ralink driver code is rubbish21:25
awilkins"if this, then do thing x. else, also do thing x"21:25
* awilkins slaps ralink with a wet haddock21:25
MooDooevening all21:31
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