jrwrencan I remove a bootloader from my first system disk and will the bios look to the second disk for a boot loader?01:32
snap-ljrwren: I think it depends on the bios, and what you're using (IDE, SATA, etc)01:33
snap-lI don't think there's a hard-and-fast rule in the bios for what boot order it would handle01:34
jrwrenICH10 AHCI SATA01:47
snap-lPyweek is underway02:02
jrwrenwhat is it?02:04
snap-lIt's a one-week Python game writing competition02:57
rick_h_heh, Chris submitted lococast to reddit, upvotes appreciated: http://www.reddit.com/r/Python/comments/t995y/lococast_podcast_episode_24_pyramidrelated_content/13:19
snap-lGood morning14:02
snap-l(and done too)14:02
brouschgreg-g: bought a canoe to replace the kayak?15:33
brouschspeaking of, have you been out on the bay?15:49
greg-gon the bay? nope, not since I went to alcatraz with my parents 4 years ago16:00
wolfgerI miss the parties here17:31
wolfgerChrysler's firewall sucks :-p17:31
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wolfgergah. Looks like I've semi-bricked my phone. Anybody familiar with cm7 on Captivate by any chance?18:29
wolfgerphone boots and can use wifi (but won't remember wifi password on reboot), but looks like it's not reading sim card at all. I have no phone number, no apn, etc. I now have a very small wifi-only tablet :-p18:30
brouschnever ran into that20:41
greg-gwolfger: eek. never rooted my phone so can't help other than to feel bad :/22:16
snap-lHey, look what the internet brought in: wolfger22:55
rick_h_dammit, how can I test this if the page to test against isn't going to be avail online?23:10
jrwrenrick_h_: https://bmark.us/recent/jrwren?count=50&page=7  i can't just jump to a page offset, but if I start at zero and page 7 times I can :(23:29
rick_h_jrwren: https://bmark.us/jrwren/recent?count=50&page=723:29
rick_h_api is username/$action23:29
jrwrenyet something was throwing out what i just pasted.23:30
jrwrensomehow that is what got put into my browser.23:30
jrwrenI'll pay closer attn next time23:30
rick_h_jrwren: hmm, yea let me know23:30
jrwrentry to figure what did it.23:30
rick_h_bascically recent/jrwen got you the root/recent with jrwren as a tag23:30
rick_h_like https://bmark.us/recent/python23:31
jrwrenwhich is not at all what I wanted, but somehow what got there.23:31
rick_h_hmm, yea let me know and I'll tweak it. All tests green so probably missing some edge case somewhere23:31
jrwrenoh wait.23:31
jrwrenclick mine at the top.23:31
jrwrenthen click next to page.23:31
rick_h_oh yep, so the pagitation stuff is generating urls wrong23:32
jrwrenshould I file a bug, and where should I? github?23:32
rick_h_filing it now23:32
jrwrenok, thanks.23:32
jrwrenyou are too nice to file it yourself.23:33
jrwrenyou should be making end users do it :)23:33
rick_h_I'm in the middle of something atm, but I'll make sure I get to that this week. I owe you and greg-g bug fixes23:33
rick_h_almost have my new readability port done though so trying to clean it up23:33
jrwrenman, you don't owe me nothing!23:33
rick_h_heh, broken is bad :)23:34
jrwrenif anything, I should be sending you a patch.23:34
rick_h_heh, well if it makes you feel better it's probably a swapping of prams in a single string in the PagerModel JS23:34
rick_h_at least first guess23:35
rick_h_nvm, it's not that simple doh23:36
rick_h_bwuhahaha, if even forking fails...NIH to the max! https://github.com/mitechie/breadability23:57

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