jelmerhey mgz08:40
mgzis it samba thing this week jelmer?08:41
jelmermgz: yes08:41
* jelmer waves from göttingen08:41
james_whi jelmer08:43
jelmerhey James08:43
vilahi all09:20
lifelessmgz: hi09:21
lifelessmgz: did you see my query about .buffer on python3 ?09:22
mgzhey lifeless, no, I didn't09:23
mgzwhere should I be looking?09:24
lifelessI addressed it to wgz, couple days back09:31
wgzI see it.09:38
wgz...I'm not completely clear on what's okay with the new io library either, but do need something other than TextIOWrapper09:42
wgzas I understand it, python 3 now turns off the newline translation itself, and does it in the text io instead09:43
lifelessyah, have a look at what I put in 0.0.809:43
wgzand .buffer does look okay to me.09:43
* wgz pulls09:43
lifeless(or trunk) and let me know how it plays on windows09:43
wgzhm, I'm not crazy about type checking the read(0) return09:46
wgzbut I guess it's a neat hack09:46
wgzI get some failures on trunk but they all seem to be tags related.09:48
lifelessyou have testtools 0.9.15 ?09:48
wgz...nope, apparrently not, will update09:49
wgzso, the other option it seems io wants for detecting the stream type would be `isinstance(stream, io.RawIOBase)` for byte streams09:52
wgzbut that's assuming people who write their own little classes subclass it, which people are not in the habit of doing with python09:53
wgzor `isinstance(stream, io.TextIOBase)` which then promises a buffer attribute09:54
wgz...which I now note it says " is not part of the TextIOBase API and may not exist on some implementations" in the docs09:55
wgzthe io module has been a pain whenever I've need to do anything with it09:55
wgzpossibly should call detach() rather than just using the buffer?09:56
lifelesswgz: I'm not sure, happy to take recommendations10:15
lifelesswgz: there was a pycon presentation I found10:16
mgzI shall try poking people/things this evening and see what falls out10:16
lifelessthat talks about using buffer (its presenting the io module)10:16
mgzah, I'll look for that as well later.10:16
lifelessits on slideshare or something too10:18
lifelesswhich is where I found it10:18
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LeoNerdI have one bzr branch that stores some C library code; it has a src/ and an include/ directory17:46
LeoNerdIs there some way I can "mount" those two dirs in the same place in a different branch's checkout?17:46
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bsdLeoNerd: you can check out a branch within a branch18:48
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LeoNerdbsd: Yes, but just some subdirs of it..?20:32
bsdLeoNerd: check out 'bzr help view'20:34
LeoNerdAh OK thanks20:34
KombuchaKipAre there any plans to port the nautilus-bzr integration to Thunar, the native Xfce file manager?21:09
jelmerKombuchaKip: not that I'm aware of21:13
KombuchaKipjelmer: Thank you.21:14
jelmerKombuchaKip: the nautilus-bzr is also pretty crappy atm, so I'm not sure if it's worth porting21:15
jelmerKombuchaKip: it might be a good idea to extend rabbitvcs to support bzr21:16
KombuchaKipjelmer: Yes, that's another option.21:17
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Noldorincan bzr push remember FTP passwords?23:22
Noldorinalso, what's the bzr equivalent of "git checkout" ?23:25
mwhudsoni guess switch, mostly, but well23:26
mwhudsongit checkout does a few things23:26
Noldorinmwhudson, i thought switch was a loom plugin though?23:27
Noldorinthat's what it says in bzr help :-S23:27
mwhudsonloom wraps switch i think23:28
mwhudsonbut it's in core23:28
Noldorinoh right23:28
Noldorinmight be nice to show that in bzr help, but i got it now :-)23:28
Noldorinmwhudson, incidentally, bzr switch gives me a maximum recursion depth error23:29
Noldorinbzr 2.623:29
jelmerNoldorin: bzr-loom?23:31
Noldorinjelmer, 2.3.0dev23:32
jelmerNoldorin: uninstalling it might fix it23:32
mgrandiok, so i'm really confused on how i'm supposed to resolve conflicts in bzr. I'm using this external tool, which seems to want to resolve all the changes into the '.BASE' file, but then bzr doesn't have an option to use the .BASE file, only OTHER and THIS23:32
Noldorinjelmer, cheers.23:32
mgrandihow should i be using these third party tools then? or what file should i be editing?23:32
Noldorinjelmer / mwhudson any idea bout saving the the FTP password btw?23:32
mwhudsonNoldorin: i think it's possible, maybe involving ~/.bazaar/authentication.conf23:33
mwhudsonbut i certainly don't know23:33
Noldorinwill have asearc, ta23:33
jelmerNoldorin: you can stick it in netrc or authentication.conf23:33
mwhudsonNoldorin: bzr help authentication maybe?23:33
Noldorinjelmer, netrc? i'm on windows23:33
Noldorinjelmer, but yeah authentication.conf sounds good. cheers23:35
Noldorinwhere does it belong on windows?23:35
Noldorinoh wait; think i've found it23:36
mgrandi*pokes about merging conflict question*23:37
jelmermgrandi: sorry, I have no idea about that23:39
mgrandiwell how does everyone resolve conflicts is what i'm asking23:39
mgrandiwhat file do you edit?23:39
Noldorinjelmer, btw, i am thankfully git-free at the moment, so no need for bzr-git fix yet...23:39
Noldorinjelmer, if someone wanted a project (like a mirror of mine) in git, could they pay you to fix up bzr-git though? ;-)23:40
mgrandiwhats wrong with bzr-git? seems to work fine for me o.o23:40
Noldorinit's broken for commits where files get moved23:41
Noldorinand some other slightly unusual cases.23:41
Noldorinand some other slightly unusual cases.23:41
mgrandi(the only featured i'd like to see is native push support rather then dpush with rebasing the tree)23:42
Noldorinmgrandi, i'm pretty sure that's impossible due to the differences in how bzr and git work with commits23:42
mgrandijelmer mentioned its possibly by just storing information in a magic file that git can't represent natively =P23:43
Noldorininformation that git can't represent natively in a magic file, you mean?23:43
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mgrandior something along those lines23:44
Noldorinyeah, might work... he knows how it works, naturally23:44
jelmernative push support can indeed be done with a magic file where metadata that can't be represnted in git is stored23:46
Noldorincan someone pay you to do that too? :-)23:50

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