ryanakcaSco/wn 2500:09
bulldog98rbelem: is the active meeting on now?00:10
ryanakcaRiddell: Alright, I'll look at that. Wouldn't strict dependency on python-sip version require a new python-poppler-qt4 version every time python-si is uploaded?00:10
Riddellryanakca: half strict00:14
Riddellafiestas http://community.kde.org/Plasma/Active/Development00:51
Riddellafiestas: /join #ubuntu-uds-room-20400:51
afiestas /join #ubuntu-uds-room-20400:52
afiestasups xd00:52
* bulldog98 is off for sleep01:03
Riddellthanks Blizzz 01:22
Riddellthanks bulldog98 01:22
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BluesKajhiyas all13:02
shadeslayerhi BluesKaj13:12
BluesKajhey shadeslayer 13:13
BluesKaj12.10 here and I assume 4.8.3 is default 13:14
BluesKajshadeslayer, got my test HDD setup and running , without a hitch , which surprised me a little :)13:15
shadeslayeryou upgraded to 12.10 already?13:15
BluesKajyup, still got 12.04 on the main drive13:16
shadeslayerI'm going to stick with 12.04 for a bit13:17
BluesKajthis is an older IDE drive from 2005 , perfect for experimentation 13:17
BluesKajWD1600.is solid as a rock .however, the main HDD is a Seagate which I'm not so confident about13:22
apacheloggershadeslayer: btw, did you collect data on where we spend time when testing?14:48
shadeslayercan I get back to you on that after the 1st of June? :D14:49
shadeslayerquassel seriously needsa way to highlight a certain subset of channels so that I can switch to them quickly14:51
shadeslayer  /join is too slow14:51
apacheloggershadeslayer: zomg14:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: huh?14:54
* shadeslayer is unsure why apachelogger is so fascinated14:54
apachelogger1st of june14:55
apacheloggertooling should have been done like months ago14:55
shadeslayeryes, and we should have had a tooling meeting months ago14:56
apacheloggerbut without data that doesn't make sense anyway :P14:57
apacheloggeris image size being discussed at uds?15:11
apacheloggersven423: http://i.imgur.com/cfRfi.png15:16
sven423layout bug... *checking*15:16
apacheloggersven423: also is the dialog to pop up on first start?15:17
sven423apachelogger: yes, as the services not are being initialized on startup these days15:17
sven423any not once the user opens them15:18
apacheloggerso I'd think it should wait there until I try to use it15:18
apacheloggeras it is right now the dialog seems utterly out of context and confusing15:18
sven423I completely agree15:19
sven423and *damn* I don't have that layout problem here15:20
sven423ah, on resizing15:21
apacheloggerit is default for me15:24
apacheloggerand not only me :)15:24
apacheloggersven423: seems the window size is not locked to the minimum widget size (or there is none to begin with ^^)15:25
sven423apachelogger: i hate designing dialogs... calling adjustSize() on it should make it readable for you by default too, right?15:41
apacheloggeronly if the hints are proper15:42
apacheloggerplus it still doesn't prevent the user from resizing it below the minimum size15:42
apacheloggerhence I would tryto get minimum right, that way you get the right size at any rate15:43
sven423apachelogger: how do I get the minimum the right(TM) way?15:44
apacheloggerdunno, I am library author :P15:44
apacheloggeralso gotta leave right now15:44
apacheloggerI'll look into it later15:44
sven423k, gonna play with it a bit15:45
shadeslayerRiddell: ping15:50
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brestowsHi ! 16:30
brestowsgtk application crash in Kubuntu 12.04 how to fix?16:31
Riddellhi shadeslayer 16:31
shadeslayerRiddell: see pm :)16:31
brestowskubuntu 12.04 oxygen-gtk theme gtk application crash :( this bug KDE ?16:48
nixternalwhat are the kubuntu folks talking about today at uds?17:29
macoponies, if harald has anything to say about it17:31
nixternalhe is more of a unicorn person than a pony person17:35
micahgis he at UDS?17:35
nixternaldoubt it17:35
Riddellpackaging now /join #ubuntu-uds-grand-ballroom-g17:41
Riddellimages next17:41
BluesKajRiddell, speeches ?17:44
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yofelbah, I'm totally out of sync with the UDS schedule this time -.-18:13
yofelRiddell, shadeslayer: did I miss anything particulary important in the packaging session?18:14
shadeslayerI barely caught that one18:14
shadeslayeryofel: likewise18:14
RiddellDarkwingUDS: where are you today?18:16
nixternalseed files, what does (foobar) mean? ie. a package wrapped in parentheses19:20
Ezimnixternal, is not foobar a music player?19:20
Ezimcan be wrong19:20
nixternalno no, want to know the purpose of the parentheses in seed files19:21
Ezimnixternal, okey. no clue :).19:21
Riddellnixternal: it's Recommended19:22
Riddellnot Depends:19:22
nixternalahh, groovy thanks19:22
Riddellnixternal: so if it can be removed and still consider the result "kubuntu" then it can be a recommends19:22
nixternalperfect. creating custom seeds for a custom client distro. this way using a simple script & live-build can be done by anyone19:23
* nixternal notes how simple it is to build a custom debian, slack, arch, centos distro, but not an ubuntu distro19:24
nixternal^^ Task makes the ubuntu one a pain. with the other ones i listed, i don't need my own local mirror19:25
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RiddellDarkwingUDS: I'm by the intel desk in the foyer23:56

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