GH0If someone could help me with this, it would be much appreciated: http://www.overclock.net/t/1253630/network-connections-randomly-stop-working/0_5001:00
GH0Pretty sure that it is my server, and I don't know if it is a hardware or software issue.01:00
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GH0Why would ifconfig report rx packets being dropped, but ethtool reports 0 packets being dropped?01:24
level15_hi, all, my grub refuses to let me boot, anyone can help me with a "error: no such device: somu-uuid-number" error?01:38
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stuqcan someone give me advice on how to get nepomuk working in the latest kubuntu - kde v. 4.8.2?02:17
stuqnepomuk and desktop indexing has *never* worked for me, even in fresh installs....02:18
stuqis nepomuk *supposed* to work?  or is it still a work in progress?02:18
stuqI'm going through system settings, and the buttons for turning nepomuk on are greyed out02:19
stuqis nepomuk using soprano still, or is it virtuoso now?02:25
amasonstuq: works for me with the latest kubuntu or at least it works for everything i've tried to do with  it so far02:38
amasonlooks like it's using virtuoso02:39
stuqamason: hmmm. virtuoso doesn't seem to be running02:40
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stuqdidn't it used to use soprano or something?02:40
stuqor am i just confused?02:40
amasonstuq: to be honest i don't really pay much attention to it because it just does it's think. It says in the advanced settings that the process shows up as virtuoso-t02:41
amasonperhaps that hasn't been updated..02:41
amasoni think it needs strigi to run properly02:42
amasoni know i used to have to disable that because it chewed my cpu02:42
stuqin a fresh install, this should all just come in as a whole package, yes?02:42
amasonbut that seems to have been fixed02:42
amasonyeh i did a fresh install on a laptop yesterday and that all seemed to work out the box.02:43
amasoni still have the laptop next to me so i can test if you want02:43
stuqhmm. this install is a few months old, but totally up-to date, and very little messing with it02:44
stuq"file indexing service is not running'02:44
stuqnot good02:44
stuqbut i see no way to turn it on02:44
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amasonSystem Settings -> desktop search  doesn't allow you to ?02:46
stuqamason: no...02:47
stuqif i un-enable / re-enable nepomuk file indexer nothing happens02:47
stuqand under the details link in basic settings02:48
stuq'resume file indexing ' is greyed out02:48
stuqit claims to be calculating indexed files, but i've let that sit for a few hours and it never returns any results02:48
amasonso if you go to System Settings -> startup and shutdown -> Service Manager02:50
amasonare all the nepomuk modules running there ?02:50
stuqi see one nepomuk service02:51
stuqnepomuk search module02:51
stuqlisted as running02:52
stuqamason: thanks for giving it a shot02:55
stuqbed time for me...02:55
YumeHi.. I Have some trouble with my fresh kubuntu 12.04,,02:57
* amason yawns02:58
YumeHi.. I Have some trouble with my fresh kubuntu 12.04,, How to install gcc without internet connection?02:58
amasonYume: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=install+debian+packages+offline03:02
YumeThanks, Im sorry, I just still newbie in linux03:04
amasondon't apologise. just do what you do with any other operating system. We are here to help when google can't03:05
Yumethen, what packages and dependencies should i download from debian packages?03:09
amasonyou should be able to get it to download the deps too. is it just gcc you need >03:11
amasonor do you want to do something specific ?03:11
Yumeyup, just gcc for now.. I have 2 PC, Linux and Windows,, I cannot get online using my linux PC since my dial up modem cannot work in my linux PC. My plan is get the *.deb (gcc installer) using my windows pc and installed that package on my linux pc03:18
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inchok78hello all. just installed kubuntu 12.04 and well...04:50
inchok78here i am04:50
inchok78connected to the internet using a wired connection to an XP using ICS... irc working fine but cannot get to websites... rekonq says "Socket operation timed out" all the time. any pointers? thxxx04:52
edgy_inchok78: may be you are using a proxy?04:54
inchok78for some reason irc works and web does not. and I have not done anything fancy, just enable ICS05:01
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forgeauswhy does the screensaver lock not let me use my password to come out of it?06:54
forgeausI disabled it for now but when I type my password it doesn't let me unlock06:54
skramer_Since I upgraded to Precise, I get frequent crashes of plasma-desktop. .xsession-errors says: "bool DBusMenuExporterDBus::AboutToShow(int): Condition failed: menu". So could it be related to the menu widget??08:11
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skramer_Since I upgraded to Precise, I get frequent crashes of plasma-desktop. Here is the output of .xsession-errors just when the crash happens: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/05/09/Screen6.png11:12
skramer_I´m not sure if it is related to the menubar widget. Anybody has the same problem / could help me fix it?11:13
Peace-skramer_: rename your ~/.kde11:14
skramer_Peace-: but this would mean I loose all my settings, wouldn´t it?11:17
Peace-skramer_: rename is not delete11:18
skramer_Peace-: of course....11:18
Peace-skramer_: first you test if with a fresh .kde you can get the crash11:19
skramer_Peace-: ok, I´ll give it a try - will be back in a minute11:19
georgeperkinsI am using a 3D CAD application (Siemens NX) with dockable dialogs. The dock button is there at the top-left of each window in Ubuntu Unity, but not there on kubuntu. Actually I think it is there but covered by the window icon. Any ideas on a fix for this?11:19
Peace-georgeperkins: screenshot?11:20
skramer_Peace-: I renamed .kde & restarted KDE, but still plasma-desktop crashed...11:28
Peace-skramer_: i would install a fresh kubuntu11:28
Peace-reinstall every kde package11:28
georgeperkinsPeace-: I need to dock the constraint navigator to the resource button on the side. I'll try to get an equivilent screen shot from Unity11:28
Peace-georgeperkins: oh wait i will se the picture11:29
skramer_Peace-: I will consider the latter one, re-installing the kde packages. Still strange the problem did not exist in Oneiric, even I had installed KDE 4.8.2 fro m backports ppa back then...11:30
Peace-skramer_: it could be a bad installation11:31
phoenix_firebrdanyone tried this "ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp" for gimp ?11:33
Peace-phoenix_firebrd: luckly i use krita11:33
phoenix_firebrdPeace-:  me too :), just want to try 2.811:34
phoenix_firebrdPeace-: i was checking the repository for the EA games, but i couldnt find it11:35
Peace-georgeperkins: i am waiting your screnshot11:36
georgeperkinsPeace-: sorry, on the way11:39
georgeperkinsPeace: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34083125@N06/7164089320/in/photostream thats the kubuntu shot11:39
georgeperkinshave to log off IRC to get the unity screenshot11:39
georgeperkinsPeace-: I wonder if it could be something to do with X server11:40
georgeperkinsbe right back11:40
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georgeperkinsPeace-: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34083125@N06/7164163482/in/photostream11:47
Peace-georgeperkins: opening11:47
georgeperkinsthats in kubuntu11:47
georgeperkinssee the tiny pin icon11:47
Peace-georgeperkins: this application is a gtk application?11:49
georgeperkinsPeace-: I'm not sure to be honest. I'll try to find out11:51
Peace-georgeperkins: i guess it's a gtk application11:51
georgeperkinsPeace-: ok11:51
Peace-georgeperkins: btw you have some problem ?11:52
Peace-can you explain better you have said you have the left dock if am not wrong11:52
Peace-in the unity instead on kubuntu the left dock is not always visible?11:52
georgeperkinsPeace-: no the application works very well, it is just very annoying that I cannot pin the dialogs to the bar on the left in Kubuntu11:53
georgeperkinsPeace-: which means I get lots of floating dialogs11:53
Peace-mmm strange problem11:54
Peace-i mean if an application works it should work on kde or in another dessktop11:54
georgeperkinsPeace-: indeed.11:54
Peace-georgeperkins: btw have you ... tried to click with right ?11:55
Peace-   11:56
FloodBotK1Peace-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:56
Peace-UPS dog11:56
georgeperkinsI believe the 'pin' button is being covered by the 'x' menu icon, because when I close the dialog I see the pin button for a fraction of a second11:56
Peace-georgeperkins: wait11:56
Peace-georgeperkins: right click on your window11:57
Peace-georgeperkins: you should be able to see this menu http://simplest-image-hosting.net/png-0-gg205811:57
georgeperkinsPeace-: yes I see that menu11:57
Peace-georgeperkins: you should be able to do that from that menu11:58
Peace-i guess11:58
georgeperkinsPeace-: Unfortunatly not. I will investigate the 'special window settings' in that menu11:59
Peace-georgeperkins: can you tell em again tthe name of this program ?11:59
georgeperkinsSiemens NX 8.012:00
georgeperkinsOfficially suported on Suse/red hat, so I thought it would work ok with plasma12:00
Peace-georgeperkins: it should work ,btw this a kwin problem even i think it should be solved in that menu12:01
Peace-georgeperkins: you can ask to kwin developer12:01
Peace-georgeperkins: #kde12:01
Peace-georgeperkins: you can find him very often in that channel12:02
georgeperkinsPeace-: excellent, thaks for the help12:02
Peace-georgeperkins: btw you know you can group your windows12:04
Peace-georgeperkins: for example12:04
Peace-georgeperkins: here i have firefox and konversation together http://simplest-image-hosting.net/png-0-kk205812:05
georgeperkinsPeace-: that sounds like a good backup solution, thanks.12:05
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georgeperkinsPeace-: I have to go for a few minutes, thanks again for the advice12:06
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KrzysiekMy Kubuntu want start today... I see black screen with 1 flashing point, if i press ctrl+alt+del pc just resrting and black screen with flashing point back again.12:52
KrzysiekCan i fix it somehow? Or just reinstall?12:52
Krzysiek(yeasterday i only update kde to newest, but boot without problem after reboot)12:53
lordievaderKrzysiek: What kind of graphics card do you have?12:54
Krzysieknvidia 8600, not sure now12:54
Krzysiekor 960012:55
Krzysiekyea, nvidia 960012:55
lordievaderKrzysiek: Hmm well I'm not sure if the same happens for nVidia, but the kde update screwed up my ATI driver, a reinstall of the driver fixed it.12:55
Krzysiekis any way to get into terminal now, to do something?12:56
lordievaderRecovery mode12:58
Krzysieklordievader: how cen i go there?12:58
KrzysiekI do not see grub menu12:58
Krzysiekafter start pc12:59
lordievaderKrzysiek: Wait grub fails to load?12:59
KrzysiekI do not have nothing, start pc and only see black screen with white flashing point12:59
lordievaderHmm, that is probably grub failing to load.13:00
Krzysiekcan i fix it from live cd? (get access to edit) ?13:00
lordievaderI'm not sure on how to fix your problem, but you can indeed mount the hdd from a live cd.13:01
lordievaderBut make sure when you are editing files that you are on the hdd and not on the cd.13:01
BluesKajhiyas all13:02
Krzysiekok, will try, thanks for help lordievader13:02
Krzysiekhi BluesKaj13:02
BluesKajhi Krzysiek , lordievader13:03
lordievaderHey BluesKaj how are you today?13:03
BluesKajfine , lordievader and you ...but I need coffee , brb13:03
lordievaderIm doing well, trying to fix a problem with my gfx card though...13:04
lordievaderGetting a login screen seems a lot better than a black screen XD13:06
BluesKajlordievader, ok , which card again ?13:06
lordievaderOh it was the laptop, I installed Kubuntu on it yesterday and it seems to be a bug in the kde update, it breaks the ati driver....13:06
lordievaderThe laptop also has an ati card.13:07
BluesKajlordievader, kde 4.8.3 ?13:07
lordievaderI guess that is the one, oh no wait 4.8.2 is installed now...13:08
lordievaderLet's see if there is an update and see if it will break it again XD13:09
lordievaderHehe, the update didn't throw off the ati driver :)13:21
lethuhello, I have disabled the kscreensaver but I still get a screensaver triggered after a certain number of minutes13:21
lordievaderlethu: Have you installed another screensaver, for example xscreensaver?13:22
lethuI had installed xscreensaver previously especially to prevent a system lock when the above mentioned screensaver starts13:23
lethuand it worked for a while13:23
lethubut not anymore so I have uninstalled xscreensaver13:23
lordievaderAnd in the settings it is turned off?13:25
BluesKajlethu, it helps to have the energy savind settings as nondefault in power management13:25
glishkdeartwork comes bundled with some screensavers13:26
lethuBluesKaj, if you are referring to the screen energy saving in the power management section, I have disabled it as well13:26
* Krzysiek start reinstall ;/13:26
lethuin fact I have disabled everything in the power management settings exept for the brightness setting13:27
BluesKajlethu, ok , is this a laptop?13:27
lethuBluesKaj, yes13:27
BluesKajthought so , the scrn svrs seems to have a mind of it's own on some laptops despite the settings that one enters13:29
lethudo you think there might be a solution for this?13:31
BluesKajto what time do you have the scrnsvr time set ?13:33
lethuBluesKaj, it is set to 1 minute but grayed out (disabled)13:34
lethuthe unwanted screensaver starts after around 30 minutes I would say13:35
BluesKajsometimes the battery power sensor stops any activity and overides any timers to prevent anymore power drain ....my old acer used to do that13:35
lethumhh, mine is acer as well13:36
BluesKajlethu, ok , now that's odd13:36
markus_Hey guys, i need help with "amarok"..i added some folders to my music collection, but how can i play my music now without creating a new playlist?13:36
lethuBluesKaj, so I should perhaps disable the power management daemon?13:37
BluesKajmarkus_, i wish i knew ...that's whay i don't use amarok , it treats tou like you're awindows user13:37
BluesKajtreats you13:38
markus_which program are you using instead? :p13:38
BluesKajmarkus_, there's probly a configureplaylists setting hidden somewhere in the menus , but I can't seem to find it13:39
urlwolfTrying to use a different keyboard layout (ES) doesn't work. I see the icon changing, but the keys are still US. Any idea why?13:40
markus_aww man that's just ridiculous...13:41
BluesKajamarok is like wmp . it the devs assume you don't know what you want so it does it for , like creating playlists everytime youchoose a song13:41
BluesKaja lot of ppl like amarok , maybe they've discovered how to handle the playlist problem , but i wish they'd share the fix with the rest of us13:43
markus_yes that would be great13:43
markus_google won't tell me more13:44
BluesKajgoogle is becoming more useless to linux users ever since they dropped google linux13:44
BluesKajok ,my rants are done for today ...time to get back to a more rtational state :)13:46
markus_okay. i will try "clementine" now13:48
urlwolfhow's calligra working for you guys? Anyone using it?13:50
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PVaretHello, guys. Where can I get a list of the packages installed in a clean Precise install?14:35
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jwm123TOHello: I have kde installation problem: no folderview widget.  can anyone help with this?14:47
sararight click on desktop and select add widget14:49
jwm123TOsara, thanks but folder is not available in my list of widgets14:50
sarajwm123TO  ok14:50
jwm123TOthe problem is that the folderview widget is in some sense not installed.  I have downloaded a .deb package for it, but it seems to depend on libkonq5 which I have also had problems installing14:51
BluesKajjwm123TO, which kubuntu version?14:52
jwm123TOI'm waiting to upgrade to 12.0414:52
BluesKajhave you tried the search box in widgetview ?14:53
jwm123TOBluesKaj, how exactly would I do that?14:53
jwm123TOwhen I search through that alt-f2 box, all I get is the debian package14:54
BluesKajchoose add widgets , thenthen type folder in the categories search box14:55
BluesKajoops oops :)14:55
jwm123TOBluesKaj, there is no folderview widget on my system.  So searching doesn't find it14:56
BluesKajjwm123TO, have you updated /upgraded lately ?14:57
jwm123TOi haven't done the 12.04 upgrade but I'm otherwise up to date14:57
BluesKajand you have a plasma panel etc15:00
BluesKajwhich kde ?15:01
jwm123TOwidgets, activities, etc. working properly15:01
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jwm123TOthe problem is particular to the folderview widget15:03
BluesKajjwm123TO, , I think you should upgrade to at least 4.8.0 , if you add the backports to your sources.list/package manager and do a apt-get-dist-upgrade15:03
jwm123TOBluesKaj,  I'll give that a try can you spell it out a little more15:04
Vabihello, i've asus n53sn notebook, and i'm trying to force any graphi card to work15:04
Vabiany ideas?15:04
BluesKajjwm123TO, sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports , then update and upgrade15:05
Vabiive tried this nvidia-xconfig and restarting xserver15:07
PVaretOk, anyway -- I'll make a clean install in a VM and see for myself, I guess. :)15:07
PVaretBye, all.15:07
Vabibut it only broke everything15:07
maduramy machine does not shutdown after a hibernate, but if i shut it down manually then it resumes ok whats the problem?15:10
BluesKajVabi, have you tried using the additional drivers in kmenu>apps>system?15:13
Vabiblueskaj, yes, i'vetried, and there is nothing in it, empty list15:18
BluesKajVabi, ok , open a terminal , glxinfo | grep OpenGL15:19
kildieselporque todos  ablan ingles15:19
Vabi12 * "Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0"."15:20
Vabiblueskaj, and once "Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig"15:21
BluesKajVabi, ok , let me check some modules15:21
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BluesKajVabi, run this ,  sudo lshw -C video| grep driver15:23
VabiBluesKaj, yeah, ok i always had problems with that shit :< if it's important, i have nvidia optimus in my notebook, and i don't give a fuck which card would be used, but i would really appreciate if it will work in some way15:25
VabiBlueskaj, "configuration: driver=nvidia latency=015:25
Vabi       configuration: driver=i915 latency=0"15:25
Vabithat's my computer answer15:25
BluesKajVabi, you have 2 graphics cards , you need the app called bumblebee to control them15:27
BluesKajVabi, and pls watch the language ..it's not necessary15:27
VabiBlueskaj, ok, sorry, so bumblebee will repair that?15:28
BluesKajat least it looks to me like you have the dual gpu setup , from the responses to the those commands15:28
Vabiyes BluesKaj, i know that i have dual gpu, thanks for advice, ill try bumblebee15:31
Kalidarnis it possible to use the overlay scrollbars on KDE?16:27
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phoenix_firebrdwhat is dconf? does deleting /.config/dconfig affect kde?17:11
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, i don't even have that file17:18
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: thats a folder17:18
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: autocomplete is not working in qt creator17:18
BluesKajwell . I tried the path in ~/ and no such file/dir17:19
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: then it must be safe to delete :)17:19
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: can you check if the package "dconf-service" is installed?17:21
BluesKajyes it is17:22
BluesKajDConf is a low-level key/value database designed for storing desktop17:22
BluesKajenvironment settings.17:22
BluesKajThis package contains the DConf service, which applications talk to17:22
BluesKajusing D-Bus in order to obtain their settings. It is mostly used by the17:22
BluesKajGSettings backend.17:22
FloodBotK1BluesKaj: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:22
BluesKajpretty important17:23
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ya, tried to purge it , it pulled up some gtk apps also'17:23
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: let me try a restart17:24
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, why are you fooling with d-bus ?17:24
BluesKajplaying with fire17:24
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: the autocomplete in qt creator is not working, so i found a solution here http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/1667117:25
nixternalphoenix_firebrd: you have a gnome/gtk app that relies on dconf. do you have ~/.cache/dconf/user?17:25
nixternalfor me it is probably thunderbird/firefox17:26
phoenix_firebrdnixternal: let me check17:26
nixternaldeleting won't effect anything. whatever gnome/gtk app you have installed that uses dconf will just recreate it17:26
phoenix_firebrdnixternal: ya17:26
lordievaderGood evening17:26
nixternalphoenix_firebrd: dconfig/dconf has nothing to do with qtcreator17:27
nixternaldo you use tbird or firefox at all? if so, that is probably why that is there17:28
phoenix_firebrdnixternal: my real problem is auto complete is not working in qt creator17:28
nixternalphoenix_firebrd: if you have ~/.gnome2, ~/.gimp-*, ~/.mozilla and such, that is where your dconf is coming from17:28
nixternalphoenix_firebrd: yeah, i don't use qt creator, so i am afraid i wouldn't be of much help there. i use vim and ctags for that.17:29
phoenix_firebrdnixternal: it worked fine when i was using qtsdk from the nokia site, i had to remove to resolve dependency issues, now i have installed qt sdk from the repository, now i get this problem17:29
phoenix_firebrdnixternal: someone suggested a solution here http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/1667117:30
nixternalthat is odd that dconf would effect it, but i guess qt creator utilizes it for storing key:value pairs or something17:33
phoenix_firebrdi am going to try a restart brb17:34
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj:  nixternal  problem solved17:43
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i deleted the dconf folders in /.config and /.cache and restarted17:45
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: nixternal thank you guys17:45
* BluesKaj shrugs ... what did I do / :)17:46
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: you are helpful all the time17:47
kildieselque tranza ya yege17:55
akSeyahi folks :)17:55
lordievaderakSeya: Hello17:58
akSeyatell me one thing.. i'm trying to use MapsGL (on google maps) but chrome says that it don't work on my computer..17:59
kildieselablen en español17:59
akSeyai'm running chromium 18.0.1025 on kubuntu 12.0418:00
lordievader!es > kildiesel18:00
ubottukildiesel, please see my private message18:00
akSeyado I need to install something else?18:00
lhgergoi have a question18:02
lhgergoi have just installed precise18:02
lhgergoand started using kopete18:02
lhgergoand there's no tray icon for kopete at all18:02
lordievaderIt is in the little mail icon18:03
lhgergoI tried kde-telepathy too, but the situation is the same18:03
DarthFroglhgergo:  There's a small upside-down triangle to the right of your tray.  Click it.18:03
lhgergoI can't find the indicator there18:04
lhgergoI definietly had it in 11.1018:04
lordievaderlethu: When kopete is open you got a little email along with your clock, if you click it you can go to kopete.18:04
kildieselyo tengo el kubunut 12.0418:04
kildieselI have the kubunut 12.0418:04
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lordievaderlhgergo: Maybe you need to enable it, to do so go to the behaviour tab in kopete's settings18:05
lethulordievader, I think you have talked to the wrong person18:05
lordievaderlethu: Oh I see, sorry.18:05
lethulordievader, np :)18:05
lordievaderlhgergo: In there check the "show system tray icon"18:06
giova_kdeQuauno di voi usa normamente ibreoffice?18:06
giova_kdeHo un probema nela gestione dei colori nei menu.18:07
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.18:08
lhgergoit works18:08
lelamal___!it | giova_kde18:08
ubottugiova_kde: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:08
lordievaderCould it be considered a bug that it is disabled by default?18:08
giova_kdeI OK.18:08
giova_kdeI have ibreoffice write18:09
trooperhi. I'm looking for a screencast app for kde. preferably something in the repos. suggestions?18:10
akSeya!translate alguem sabe se preciso de algum outro software no meu Kubuntu para usar o MapsGL do Google Maps com o Chromium?18:10
ubottuakSeya: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:10
giova_kdebut text non in use, in menu,  are dark.18:10
akSeya /me says does anyone know if I need another software on Kubuntu, so I can use MapsGL from Google Maps on Chromium?18:10
* akSeya says does anyone know if I need another software on Kubuntu, so I can use MapsGL from Google Maps on Chromium?18:10
akSeyaI was trying to fool you guys :(18:10
giova_kdeQuacuno di voi usa ibreoffice writer18:11
akSeyabut seriously.. any idea about mapsGL? technically my hardware supports it18:12
lordievaderakSeya: If no one responds, no one knows, you could try it later again or on the ubuntuforums.org or something. Does it work in other browsers?18:13
luc4_macHi! I don't know if I'm in the right place but, has anyone noticed wired connection loss of the system randomly? It immediately automatically comes up if I plug the mouse in again.18:13
akSeyalordievader, it works in other operational system18:13
akSeyai'm installing some mesa packages to try out.. brb18:15
lordievaderluc4_mac: I have not noticed anything like that.18:15
lordievaderakSeya: Yes ok, but does it work in for example firefox/linux or chorme/linux18:15
luc4_maclordievader: the problem is that I don't even know where to go, might be a problem of KDE, Kubuntu, Kernel… whatever...18:15
akSeyathat's why I think I may be missing some package on kubuntu18:16
akSeyagoing go restart X server18:16
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lordievaderluc4_mac: I'm not sure either where to start with that, perhaps someone else here knows or you could try the ubuntuforums.org18:17
luc4_maclordievader: it is like the system was going to standby… but it wakes up too fast, so it is not possible. Thanks anyway!18:18
trooperI used to get random disconnects using wireless. It was some issue with the network plasmoid I'm using to connect with. its fixed itself after the last upgrade18:18
lordievaderWifi can get you into heaps of other problems of why it is disconnecting.18:20
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Shano56has anyone used LinuxLive USB Creator18:40
lordievaderShano56: No I have not, I have used the unetbootin though, or however the utility may be called.18:41
EzimShano56, we have usb-creator for kubuntu and also unetbootin is really good.18:41
Shano56i will try unetbootin then :)18:41
Shano56space used to preserve files across reboots should be 0 correct ?18:44
lordievaderShano56: Not sure, didn't that have to do with persistant installs?18:45
kildieselentren a #kubuntu-12.0418:46
Shano56no clue lordievader :/18:49
Shano56I left it at 018:49
Shano56im hoping to instal this as a dual boot18:49
Shano56with win 718:49
EvilResistancekildiesel, english?18:49
EvilResistancein english*18:49
Shano56evilresistance: im asuming he meant "enter #kubuntu-12.04"18:50
EvilResistanceShano56, that's my assumption too :P18:50
Shano56just checked it out. its only him in there :p18:50
EvilResistancein theory i could get the IRCC to stab that channel but meh18:51
EvilResistanceif of course that channel were registered XD18:51
Shano56evilresistance are you using kubuntu right now?18:51
EvilResistanceShano56, i'm on a Windows machine (doing some dev in an asp.net app), but my primary is Ubuntu 11.04 + kde-standard18:52
* EvilResistance didnt have the drive space to put kubuntu-desktop on18:52
Shano56what irc client do you recommend?18:52
Shano56for kubuntu :)18:52
* EvilResistance is partial to xchat or cli-based irc clients18:52
EvilResistancebut meh18:52
* EvilResistance is weird like that18:52
Unit193Many like quassel.18:53
EvilResistanceyeah, quassel wasnt responsive enough for my uses L:P18:53
lordievaderI like my irssi setup here18:53
Shano56well im about to install kubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd6418:53
Shano56suppose i will try xchat18:53
Shano56wish me luck! :)18:54
lordievaderGood luck!18:54
Shano56I had an archos 80 G9 1.0 ghz18:55
EvilResistanceShano56, xchat'll need GTK runtime18:55
EvilResistanceits not a kubuntu-included package18:55
Shano56it broke, so i sent it in for a waranty replacement, and they upgrade it to 1.5 ghz for free :)18:55
Shano56okay thanks!18:55
Shano56hey guys19:28
Shano56to download chrome do i want .deb or .rpm19:30
Shano56or will neither work19:30
EzimShano56, yes you need the deb file19:32
designbybeckMy latest firefox doesn't seem to be spell checking in the latest kubuntu19:32
Ezimfrom there site19:32
designbybeckI went into about:config and set the spell to 219:32
designbybeckbut that didn't seem to do the trick...any ideas?19:33
Shano56okay. i have a problem.. I installed kubuntu from usb, and it never gave an option for dual boot19:33
Shano56seems I can no longer boot windows 719:33
EzimShano56, :) good. you are no fulltime linux users.19:34
Shano56I would be okay with that, however computer is shared with girlfriend and her mom :/19:34
EzimShano56, try sudo update-grub219:34
lordievaderShano56: Are you sure, usally it just detects the other os'es installed and gives you the option of dual-boot.19:34
macoif you do "sudo fdisk -l" you can see if the partition is still there?19:35
Shano56fdisk: invalid option -- '1'19:36
lordievaderShano56: It is a l as in link19:37
PiciShano56: thats a lowercase L not a 1.19:37
Shano56my bad19:37
Shano56i see /sda1 - /sda619:38
macoany of them labeled NTFS or FAT or VFAT?19:38
Shano56sda1 and sda1 are "HPFS/NTFS/exFAT"19:39
Shano56on the boot menu, i saw an option for windows 8, however I have long since removed windows 8 :/19:39
Shano56is there a way to view the boot list?19:39
lordievaderShano56: You could try the grub-customizer for that: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166413419:40
Shano56okay, what was required for xchat ?19:42
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Shano56nvm figured it out19:54
Shano56it was gtk19:54
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oratedHello! What can be the command-line alternative to Ctrl+Alt+L keyboard shortcut to lock session?20:24
=== PasNox_ is now known as PasNox
oratedqdbus org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver.Lock and something related to krunner, but I'm not sure ...20:26
=== PasNox_ is now known as PasNox
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jimmy51_i upgraded to 12.04 yesterday.  now i can't have dolphin view in List or Details view.20:51
jimmy51_apparantely i can't change the view type at all in dolphin after the upgrade.20:52
jimmy51_anyone else see this?20:52
lordievaderjimmy51_: It changes fine here, perhaps you can run it through a terminal, maybe something pops up.20:53
jimmy51_lordievader: hmnm... nothing showing up in the terminal when i click to change view types.20:54
jimmy51_lordievader: it just does nothing at all, other than fill me with rage20:54
cagacanhi all20:55
jimmy51_lordievader: interesting... if i run with kdesudo the views change as expected20:55
cagacanI have a libreoffice-impress related question; is it possible to introduce sections and have section names as slide footers (like in 2010 office PPT?)20:56
lordievaderjimmy51_: Take a look at your settings, the root user uses it's own settings.20:56
jimmy51_lordievader: looks like Configure Dolphin -> General -> Behavior -> "Remember view properties for each folder" is required20:59
jimmy51_lordievader: "Use common view properties for all folders" leaves me with the view setting changing nothing20:59
lordievaderjimmy51_: Odd option, but it works now?20:59
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jimmy51_lordievader: yes, although now i have to set it on each folder20:59
designbybeckI don't see a .fonts folder in myh home directory, but I know I have additional fontswhere might those be?21:00
designbybeck...and I have more fonts than is showing up under /usr/share/fonts21:00
jimmy51_lordievader: seems like there is something wrong... the "use common" option used to let you set it in any folder, and it affected all folders21:00
lordievaderjimmy51_: That ain't normal though, btw, in both modes it just works for me...21:01
jimmy51_lordievader: yeah... seems like something broke during the 12.04 upgrade.  it worked fine yesterday morning.21:02
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lordievaderjimmy51_: You could try renaming your /home/$USER/.kde/share/config/dolphinrc file21:03
=== amichair__ is now known as 77CAAXFT3
lordievaderjimmy51_: That will probably reset the settings.21:03
emhpthere is for me but i always have a ton of lag. because im shsing from work to my home machine, and im goind it behind a wireless acdess point that sucks.21:04
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emoops sorry wrong channel. Actually it was because of the lag that I didn't realise I was not longer in the channel i was typing for. :)21:05
jimmy51_lordievader: didn't do anything.  i closed and re-opened dolphin after renaming.  do i need to logoff/login?21:05
lordievaderjimmy51_: I guess so21:05
lordievaderNot sure21:05
TNZfrFirefox problem since few days ...21:05
cagacanI have a libreoffice-impress related question; is it possible to introduce sections and have section names as slide footers (like in 2010 office PPT?)21:06
TNZfrhi all (oops)21:06
emDo any of you know if the latest kubuntu will hav a package in the repos for pyopencl?21:06
TNZfrin fact, it was flash problem ... solved installing flashplugin-installer instead of adobe-flash package21:07
TNZfrjust for info21:07
BluesKajem, if you mean python-pyopencl , then yes21:07
lordievaderTNZfr: Isn't that the same thing?21:08
emBlueskag but does it still depend on NVIDIA stuff so that Ati users are left with nothing?21:08
jimmy51_lordievader: thanks.  can't log off until tomorrow but i'll be sure to try it.  for now the setting per folder seems to be working enough.21:08
jimmy51_lordievader: my brain can't handle the tile view.  i was about to taze my computer until it showed in list view21:09
BluesKajTNZfr, make sure libflashplayer.so is located in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins21:09
TNZfrnormally yes, but with adobe-flash, firefox crashes and not with falshplugin-installer ... may be due to installation options21:09
TNZfrI tried to reinstall adobe-flash without success21:10
BluesKajem , dunno , since I use nvidia21:10
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BluesKajTNZfr, this my procedure for flashplayer ..it's a bit diferent thn the default , but it works here. http://paste.kde.org/473978/21:14
TNZfrthx, ... reading21:15
BluesKajTNZfr, once downloaded to your Downloads folder , this command works as well ,open a terminal, 'sudo cp /pathto/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins21:17
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TNZfrBluesKaj: you can deposit the plugin into ~/.mozilla/plugins too ;)21:20
TNZfrthat's the way I update my maemo5 version21:20
BluesKajTNZfr, the procedure is from a setup used in 11.10  as a workaround, when the flashplugin was using a wrapper for 64 bit which didn't work very well21:23
BluesKajToops ...too late21:23
urlwolfwhat is the easier way to let kwallet manage my rsa_pub key?21:25
urlwolfthat is, I want something similar to 'pageant' on windows, you input your passwd once, and the key stays on memory21:25
urlwolfall dolphin sftp sessions use it21:25
urlwolfis this possible?21:25
FloodBotK1urlwolf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:25
lordievaderurlwolf: Just found that out, ssh-add21:26
lordievaderurlwolf: Perhaps you also need to run ssh-agent21:26
BluesKajurlwolf, http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2008/11/3-steps-to-perform-ssh-login-without-password-using-ssh-keygen-ssh-copy-id/21:29
lordievaderI'm off to bed, cya all.21:32
urlwolfBluesKaj: this I did already, but it's valid only for the terminal21:32
urlwolfI want dolphin to use the key for sftp21:33
em!info python-pyopencl21:36
ubottupython-pyopencl (source: pyopencl): module to access OpenCL parallel computation API. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.92-1ubuntu2 (precise), package size 512 kB, installed size 2304 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)21:36
BluesKajurlwolf, once it's logged in , you can drag files , by opening dolphin in the target pc21:36
emdoes this depend on NVIDIA ^21:36
emis Kubuntu 12.04 nice?21:36
BluesKajem, Imlike it better than 11.10 ..fewer bugs21:37
emBluesKaj: okay cool21:40
emBluesKaj: does it matter for Kubuntu that 12.04 is LTS for Ubuntu21:40
AngelForgetkubuntu 12.04 is very very good21:41
emAngelForget: that's excellent. I'm going to install it then.21:42
mokush_em: yes, kubuntu 12.04 is also lts21:43
BluesKajem , python-pyopenc does depend on nvidia21:43
emmokush_: okay21:43
emBluesKaj: even in 12.04 ?? :(21:43
emBluesKaj: are you sure it depends or just recommends?21:43
BluesKajem, http://wiki.tiker.net/PyOpenCL/Installation/Linux/Ubuntu21:43
emthat looks like for older than 12.0421:45
BluesKajit is , but that's all I could find21:46
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goddardhow can i access bluetooth for pairng a device?22:48
nicklas_anyone runs latest kubuntu here? and tried calligra? is it as good as libreoffice, has all the features, including full ms support? new kubuntu comes with the calligra so ...22:50
goddardnicklas_: just try it and download it22:51
goddardit is different that is for sure22:51
goddardi would say no though22:51
nicklas_goddard: at work atm, gonna install kubuntu tomorrow i think, been running gentoo and sabayon for a long time now, did use kubuntu in the past22:52
goddardKDE is powerful and the number of tutorials and packages for debian based systems is nice22:52
nicklas_anyone knows if philip5 still works with his repos btw?22:52
nicklas_ive gotten tired of all the work you have to put down with complicated dists, so moving back to easier to use dist land, and decided for something ubuntu22:53
nicklas_goddard: read some comparison, dont think calligra had support for the later ms formats, but libreoffice had, thats why i wondered why libreoffice had been replaced with calligra22:54
BluesKajnicklas_,   calligra  replaces  libreoffice ? , how so ?22:57
goddardnicklas_: i think because it is more intergrated into the KDE enviornment23:00
goddardlibre doesn't look as pretty23:00
goddardit doesnt matter though23:02
goddardi have both installed23:02
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jeff1234heyy dudes23:29
u19809hi all, I run 3.3.4 kernel on precise pangolin. I have this wireless logitech keyboard that after a few minutes goes 'offline'. Only a off/on can reactivate the keyboard. this did not happen in 3.0 kernel of oneric. Help !23:44
Resistance!crosspost | u1980923:48
ubottuu19809: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.23:48

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